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164-90. Ellis' Sketching from Nature, io67M. Nature [Binocular],

y. 26, 26867. Drawing, Art, &c.

Perspiration. See Brown's Science for All, 6286, &c.
Persuasives to Early Piety, by Pike ....................................... 6oZ

PERU, Conquest of, by Prescott, 2 vols ..................... 527-8!! and 388-90

- Travel and Exploration in the Land of the Incas, by Squier, ill.

- See also Blackwood [Conquest of], v. 62, 1327. Brown's Countries of the
World [Republic of], i62D ; Races of Mankind [Peruvians], 1550.
B yam's Western Republic, 707^ Conder's Alodern Traveller [and
Chili], sssZ. Coote's Wanderings, 8ioK. Del Mar's Precious Metals
[Ancient], 8gg. Gallenga's America, 756K. Help's Life of Pizarro
[Conquest of], giftO. Inman's Faiths, 96Ka. Leisure Hour [Oroya
Railway], v. 29, 26397. Lubbock's Primitive Man [Peruvians], 6726.
Nadaillac's Pre-Historic America, 8g7F. Saturday Review [War in,
renewed 1882], 54, R.L. ; [in 1883], v. 55, R.L. Stanford's Compen-
dium, 85iK. Walpole's Pacific, 795K, &c.

Perugia. See Fortnightly [Notes in], v. 6, 20967, &c.

Peruvian. ..S> Squier's Peru [Ancient Cities], 762K, &c.

Peruvian Bark. See Once a Week [and the Trees], v. 8, 22687. Quinine, &c.

Pessimism, Modern, by Thomson [Present Day Tracts, vol. 6] ...... 239T

- See also Contemporary [on the Stage], v. 48, 20587. Lee's Dialogues,
1325H. Macmillan, v. 36, 9667 ; [Consolations of], v. 50, 9807. Tul-
loch's Philosophy, 724A, &c.

Pestalozzi (7- H., Swiss Philanthropist, b. 1746, d. 1827). See Blackwood [Sy-
em of Education], v. 66, 1367. Once a Week, v. 4, 22647, & c -



Pesth. See Cornhill [Pageant at], v. 16, 2967. Penny Magazine [City of], v. 5,
i 43 B, &c.

Pestilence. 6V<r Chambers [Rationale of], v. 20, 1936.7. Quarterly [Directions
in Case of], v. 46, 1176], c.

Pet Animals, &c., Beeton's Book of Home Pets, illustrated !93R

See also Boy's Own Annual [Out of the Way], v, 5, 29557 ; v. 7, 2957.7.

Chambers [Some uncommon], v. 54, 1954}. Good Words [Fate of], v.
13, 2183.7. Home Amusements, 949^!. Once a Week, y. 2, 22627.
Temple Bar [Animal], v. 41, 1371.7. Boy's Own Annual [Price of
Pets], v. i, 2961.7. Wood's Petland, 53R. Home Pets, Names of
Animals, e.g., Cats, Dogs, &c.

Pet, or Pastimes and Penalties [a Story for Children], by Haweis 976R

Peter (Saint, Apostle, b. 10 B.C., crucified 67 A.D.), Epistle of, Com-
mentary by Plummer 2 54Q

First Epistle of, Commentary by Leighton. 1821 135^1

Footsteps of, being the Life and Times of the Apostle, by Mac-
duff. 1881 2i;T

- Life of,. by Lee. 1853 387^

See also Barnes' Notes, icAT. Brand's Antiquities, 1005-7^!. Edinburgh

Review [Patrimony of Peter], v. 112, 472.7. Ewald's Israel, 66K. Good
Words [Life and Times of], v. 17, 2187.7. Haweis' Christ and Christian-
ity, u86M. Leisure Hour [Was he ever at Rome?], v. 30, 26407. Robin-
son's Scripture Characters, i52K. Poole's Index, R.L., &c.

Peter of Alexander. See Ante-Nicene Library.

Peter the Great (Emperor of Russia, b. 1672, d. 1725), and Russian

Empire, by Voltaire, translated, 2 vols. 1778 345-6O

Life of [Family Library]. 1832 10740

Sec also Blackwood [and Syria], v. 127, 197.7. Chambers' Journal [Statue of],

v. 3, 19237. Chambers Miscellany [Life of], 628R. Living Age [in
England], v. 47, 30777 ; [Court of], v. 77, 31077 ; v. 162, 31927. Penny
Magazine, v. i, 1306. Quarterly, v. 158, 12887. Scribner's Monthly,
v. 19, 18697. Russia, &c.

Peter (W., Barrister and Poet, b. 1788, d. 1853), A.M., Ed., Speci-
mens of the Poets and Poetry of Greece and Rome, by
various translators. 1847 474^

Contents. Greek Poets : Homer, Hesiod, Callinus, Archilochus, Tyr-
tajus, Aliman or Alimaeon, Stesichorus, ^Esop, Solon, Alcseus, Sappho,
Erinna, Pittacus, Mimnermus, Ibycus, Theognis, Anacreon, Simonides,
Timocreon of Rhodes, ^Eschylus, Pindar, Pratinas, Epicharmus, Ono-
macritus, Sophocles, Crates, Euripides, Empedocles, Bacchylide?,
Euenus, Aripnron of Sicyon, Eupolis, Simmias of Thebes, Pherecrates,
Philonides, Moschion, Plato the Philosopher, Plato the Comic Poet,
Callistratus, Aristophanes, Aristotle, Hybrias of Crete, Perses, Nicos-
tratus, Mnasalcus, Speusippus, Antiphanes, Anaxandrides, Eubulus,
Alexis, Aristophon, Diodorus of Sinope, Hermesianax of Colophon,
Philemon, Menander, Temocles, Diphilus, Apollodorus of Gela,
Clearchus, Theophilus, Nossis, Anyte, Diotemus, Asclepiades of Samos,
Simmias of Rhodes, Sotades, Phasdimus, Theocritus, Nicias, Leonidas,
Poridippus, Aratus, Lycophron, Hegesippus, Euphorion, Antagoras,
Callimachus, Nicarnetus of Samos, Dioscorides, Apollonius of Rhodes,
Cleanthes, Rhianus, Damagetes, Alcaius of Messene. Bion, Theo- -
dorides, Tymnasus, Moschus, Polystratus, Antipaterof Sidon, Meleager,
Archias, Philodemus, Zonas of Sardis, Antipater of Thessalonica,
Crinagoras, Antiphilus, Leonidas of Alexandria, Philip of Thessalonica,
Parmenis of Macedon, Xenocritus of Rhodes, Marcus Argentarius,
yEmilianus Nicaeus, Tullius Geminus, Onestus, Lucian, Dionj-sius,
Philostratus, Strato, Rufinus, Carphylides, Lucillius, Gregory of Na-
zianzen, Palladas, 7ulian Praefect of Egypt, Musseus, Agathias, Mace-
donius, Paul the Silentiary, Marianus Scholasticus, Demochares, uncer-
tain authors.

Uoman. Poets : Enniu?, Plautius, Terence, Lucretius, Catullus La-
berius, Virgil, Horace, Tibullus, Propertius, Ovid, Manilius, Seneca,
Persius, Lucan, Silius-Italicus, Statius, Martial, 7 uvena 'i Claudian,
Ausonius, Avienus.
See also Griswold's Poets and Poetry of England, 4720, &c.



Peter Parley's Kaleidoscope, or Parlour Pleasure Book, by Goodrich 3il>

See Parley (Peter).

" Peter Plymley." See Smith's Works, 95 iH, &c.
Peter "Williamson. See Chap-Books, 1321!!.

Peterborough, by Poole [Diocesan Histories] 1841^

See also Leisure Hour [and round about it], v. 10, 2620], Rimmer's Old

Country Towns, 1349!^. Saturday Review [Cathedral, Tower of], v.

59, R.L., &c.

Peterborough (Bishop of, and his Clergy). See Edinburgh Review, v. 37, 3977,
Peterloo. See All the Rear Round [Sabreing of Manchester Workmen], v. 17,

I777J. Heaton's Reforms [Massacre], 4560, &c.
Peters (Charles), Ed., Girl's Indoor Book, containing Practical

Help to Girls on all Matters [Religious Tract Society] 1257!!

Girlhood. Needlework. Music. Art. Elocution. Health. Recreation.

Etiquette. Cookery. Literature. Education. Remunerative Work.

Girls' Allowances. The Higher Life.

Peters (F. IL), M.A., Tr., Vassili Verestchagin, Painter, Soldier,

Traveller, Autobiographical Sketches, 2 vols. 1887 539-40 F~

Peters (Hugh). See Chambers' Journal [with Portrait], v. 35, 1944.7.
Petherick (J.), F.R.G.S., Egypt, The Soudan and Central Africa... 637K
Petigru (J. L ). See Living Age, v. 77, 31077.

Petitions. See All the Year Round, v. 31, 1791.7. Gentleman's Magazine, N.P.
[Some Prayers and Petitions to Pray], v. 6, 7267. Stubbs' History [Right

Of], 2II-2O, &C.

Petland Revisited [Pet Animals, &c.], by Wood. 1884 53lv

See also Pet Animals, &c.

Peto (Sir S. M., Railway Contractor, b. 1809), M.D., Taxation, its

Levy and Expenditure, Past and Future. 1866 ioi6I r

Petofi. (Alexander). See Once a Week [Poems of], v. 16, 22767, &c.

Petra, Cairo and Damascus in 1839, by Kinnear. 1841

See also Century [Photographers' Visit to], v. 9, i88ij. Leisure Hour [Ad-
venture in], v. 7, 2617!. Penny Magazine [Ancient City of], v. 5,
i43B, &c.

Petrarch (F., Italian Poet, b. 1304, d. 1374), by Reeve [Foreign
Classics]. 1878

Life of, by Mrs. Dobson, 2 vols. 1797 426-7F

See also Blackwood [Letter to Posterity], v. 3, R.L. Contemporary, v. 24,

2034.7. Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730. Macmillan
[Life, Times and Works of], v. 28, 958}. Poole's Index, R.L., &c.

Petrel, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 647(3. Birds, c.

Petrifactions and their Teachings, by Mantell. 1851 I26R

Petroleum Region of the Caspian in 1883, by Marvin, ill. 1884 ... 8o5K

See also Chambers [Russian], v. 63, 19637 ; [in Americal, v. 37, 1945.7.

Fraser [and Oil Wells], v. 92, 7027. Good Words [and Coal], v. 4, 21747.
Leisure Hour [in Pennsylvania], v. 15, 2625.7 ; v. 34, 26447. Science
Gossip [Origin of], v. 3, 24117. Somerville's Microscopic Science, noR.
Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures [as Fuel, Oils, c.], 8-gD.
Good Words, v. 25, 21957. Playfair's Social Welfare [the Light of the
Poor], 336R, &c.

Petrology, Study of Rocks, by Rutley. 1 879

Pets. See Pet Animals, &c.
Petticoat Lane. See All the Year Round, v. 48, 18087. Guernsey Magazine
[and its History], v. 12, 23927. Once a Week, v. 8, 27687, &c.

Pettigrew (J. B.), F.R.S., Animal Locomotion, &c. [International

Scientific Series]. 1883.., 354^

Pettigrew (T. J., Antiquary, b. 1791, </. 1865), F.S.A., F.R.S.,
Chronicles of the Tombs, a Select Collection of Epitaphs
[Bonn's Library]. 1864 ic>58R



Pettigrew (T.) Life of Lord Nelson, 2 vols. 1849 4I5-6F

On Superstitions Connected with the History and Practice of

Medicine and Surgery. 1844 SggM

Pevensey Castle. See Once a Week [Day at], v. 13, 22737, &c.

Peyton (J. L., Traveller^. 1824), Adventures of My Grandfather,

J. R. Peyton. 1867 7ioK

History of Augusta County, Virginia. 1882 344-D

Over the Alleghanies and Across the Prairies. 1 870 1 591 R

- The American Crisis [The Civil War, 1861], 2 vols. 1867 399-4000

Peyton (T.), Glasse of Time, in the First Age. a Poem of 1620

[Reprint]. 1886 .' 723M

Peyton (W. M.), Memoir of, byj. L. Peyton. 1873 4 2 8F

Pfeffel (G. C., German Fabulist, b. 1736, d. 1809). See Longfellow's Poets and

Poetry of Europe, 4730, &c.

Pfeiffer (Ida, German 7*raveller, b. 1797, d. 1858), A Lady's Voy-
age Round the World, trans, by Sinnett [Travellers' Library] I272R

A Visit to Iceland [National Illustrated Library], 1852 I32IR

the Holy Land [National Illustrated Library]. 1852... I3I4R

Woman's Journey Round the World, translated [National

Illustrated Library]. 1850 1322*1

Biography and Travels of, illustrated. 1879 ^7 J Q

Phaedimus. See Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome, 4740, &c.

Phsedrus (Roman Fabulist, fl. 14), with the Appendix of Gudius,

translated by Smart [Family Classical Library]. 1831 H25Q

Phantasmagoria. See lire's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, 8D, &c.
Phantasms of the Living. See Fortnightly, v. 39, 21297, &c.

Phantastes, a Faerie Romance, by Macdonald I875-6Z

Phantom World, or Philosophy of Spirits, Apparitions, &c., by

Calmet, edited by Christmas, 2 vols. 1850 9o8M

Phantoms. See All the Year Round [of Regatta Island], v. 21, 17817. Cham-
bers [Horse], v. 26. 19397', [of Deadmoor Tower], v. 45, 19497;
[Armies], v. 48, 19507. Good Words [Isles], v. 13, 21837.

Pharaohs (Kings of Egypt). See Bartlett's Palestine, 634 K. Beke's Sinai in
Arabia, 5976. Robinson's Scripture Characters, 151 K. Sunday at
Home [the Bible], v. 15, 28657. Egypt, & c -

Pharisees. See Ewald's Israel, 6sK. Good Words [Rebuked], v. 2, 21727.

467 M, &c.
Pharmacopoeia, British [A description of the various Medicines in

use], published by the Medical Council. 1877 822M"

Pheasant, The. See Fraser, v. 49, 6597. 7 ar dine's Naturalists' Library, 646 and

6570,. ^Nineteenth Century [Pheasant-Shooting], v. 14, 22247. Mow-

:nny Magazine [Horned, of Indiz~
9, 1476. Science Gossi]
24217. Stonehenge's Rural Sports, 68iT, &c.

bray's Treatise, I73R. Penny Magazine [Horned, of India], v. 5,
I43B ; [Common], v. 9, 1476. Science Gossip [a Chapter on], v. 20,

Phelps (A.), D.D., Man's Renewal, or the Work of the Holy Spirit.. 226Q

My Study and other Essays 1886 IO59R

[Future Retribution, Inspiration, Slavery, &c.]
Phelps (C. A.), Life and Services of General Grant and a Sketch of

Colfax. 1868 6790

Phelps (E. S.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 164073. Fiction Class List follow-
ing the General Catalogue, &c.

Phelps (S., Actor, b. 1804, ^.1878), Ed., Complete Works of Shakes-
peare, with Notes, &c., engravings by Browne 4I5-6D

- Life and Life Work of, by W. M. Phelps and Robertson. 1886 6i9F

See also Saturday Review [Life of], v. 62, R.L. Shakespeare's Works, 4150.

Stirling's Old Drury Lane, 1338^, &c.


Phenomena of Death, Heat, c. See Timbs' Works, ^6Z, c.

Pherecrates. See Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome, 474!),

Phidias (A thenian Sctilptor, JJ. fifth century, B.C ). See Blackwood [and the
Elgin Marbles], v. 114, 1847. Living Age [Works and Faith of], v.
143, 31737, &c.

Philadelphia. See Century [A Ramble in Old], v. i, 18737. Chambers [Visit
to], v. 22, 19377. Harper [Old], v. 52, 16327. Leisure Hour [in 1871],
v. 20, 26307. Living Age [Bar of], v. 65, 30957. Quiver, v. 19, 32897.
Scribner's Monthly, v. 2, 18527 ; [Fair-mount Park], v. i, iSsiJ ; [Cen-
tennial Exhibition], v. 12, 18627. Sunday at Home, [and Princeton in
1761], v. 19, 28697, &c.

Philanthropy, Leaders in Modern, by Blackie, with Portraits

[R.T.S.] 7o2O

See also Blackwood [Eminent Philanthropists], v. 49, R.L. Chambers [Mis-
chievous], v. 55, 19557. Chronicles of Newgate [in Newgate], v. 2,
33iD. Muller's Noble Deeds, c., Q2Q. Names of Philanthropists,
e.g., Wilberforce, Howard, Shaftesbury, Nightingale, &c. Peirce's
7uvenile Delinquents (United States), logoF. Temple Bar [Modern],
v. 48, 30787. Tweedie's Earnest Men, 6220. Sunday Magazine,
v. 3. 2 453J> &c -

Philemon, Epistle to, Commentary by Barry 253Q-

[Barne's Notes] 8M

Philemon {Writer of Comedies, 339 B.C.). See Peter's Poetry of Greece and

Rome, 474D, &c.

Philharmonic Society. See Leisure Hour [Few Recollections of], v. 37, 26477.
Philip (St., Apostle}. See Robinson's Scripture Characters, i52K, &c.
Philip II. (Kino of Spain, b. 1527, d. 1588), and Antonio Perez,

by Mignet. 1846 , 3580

History of, by Watson, 3 vols. 1785 43O-2F

Reign of, by Prescott, 2 vols. 1856 392-30

See also Blackwood, v. : 79, 1497. Cornhill [Episode in the History of], v. 18,

2987. Dixon's Royal Windsor, 327H. Froude's England, 193-2030.

Leisure Hour [of Spain], v. 5, 26157. Living Age [and Don Carlos],

v. 56, 30867 ; [in England], v. 141, 31717, &c.

Philip III. (the Pious, King of Spain, b. 1578, d. 1621), History of,

by Watson and Thomson, 2 vols, 1793 436-7F

See also Edinburgh Review [and Henry IV.], v. 154, 5147-

Philip V. (King of Spain, b. 1294, d. 1322). See Fraser [Times of], v. 29, 6397.

Philip, King of Macedonia. See 7osephus, 67H. Mitford's Greece, 105-7^

Niebuhr's History of Rome, 87H. Greece, &c.

Philip of Thessalonica. See Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome, 4740.
Philip (R.), Christian Experience, or a Guide to the Perplexed. 1834 5gZ.
Philippa. See Clayton's Female Warriors, 6430, &c.
Philippart (J.), Memoirs of Charles John, Prince Royal of Sweden H7F

Philippians, Epistle to the, Lectures by Airay. 1864 59A

See also Commentaries, &c.

Philippine Islands, Twenty Years in the, by La Gironiere. 1853... I267R

See aho Blackwood, v. 3, R.L. Living Age [and Manilla], v. 32, 30627. '

Nature [Earthquake in 1876], v. 18, 2678}. Stanford's Compendium,
8 5 3K, &c.
Philips (A., Poet, b. 1671, d. 1749), Poetical Works, and Life by

' Johnson [Bell's Poets of Great Britain]. 1807 379^

Philips (C.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64o7a. Fiction Class List following

the General Catalogue.
Philips (J., Poet, b. 1676, d. 1708), Poetical Works, and Life by

Johnson [Bell's Poets of Great Britain]. 1807 3472.

Philistines, The. See Beke's Sinai in Arabia, 5976. Ewald's Israel, 63-4!^.

Smith's Prophets, 466M, &c.
PMlleo (C. W.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i6 4 o7a.



Phillimore (C. M.), Era Angelico [Great Artists]. iSSi 10970

Phillimore (Lucy), Sir C. Wren, His Family and Times. 1881 ... 585^"
Phillimore (Sir R., fudge, b. 1810, d. 1885), D.C.L., Principal

Ecclesiastical Judgments, delivered in the Court of Arches

[1867-75]- 1876 495A

Phillip (J., Scotch Painter, b. 1817, d. 1807). See Frith's Reminiscences, 6i5F.
Pllillips (Mrs. A.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Phillips (B. and W. A.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Phillips (C.), Curran and some of his Contemporaries. 1818 2o6F

See also Edinburgh Review [Speeches], v. 4, 364.7. Quarterly [Poems and

Speeches], v. 16, H46J.

Phillips (E. C), Havelock and Clyde [World's Workers]. 1885 .. 11450
Phillips (J., Geologist, b. 1800, d. 1874), F.R.S., Life on the Earth,

its Origin and Succession. 1860 i6iR

See also Replies to Essays and Reviews, 663 A.

Phillips (I. R.), Local Taxation in England and Wales, edited by

Probyn. 1882 3O3R

Phillips (W., Mineralogist, b. 1773, d. 1828), F.L.S., Elementary

Mineralogy, augmented by Allan. 1837 559^

Manual of British Discomycetes [Int. Scien. Series], illustrated 398R

Speeches, Lectures, and Letters. 1870 1050!!

Phillpots (Henry, Bishop of Exeter). See Blackwood [Letters to Canning], v.

21, R. L. Fraser, v. 2, 6i2J.

Philo. See Fraser [The Jew], v. 90, 7ooJ.

Philodemus. See Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome, 474D.

Philology General or Developmental, by Latham. 1878 9O3R

by Peile [Literature Primers]. 1877 !2ioZ

Elements of Comparative, by Latham. 1862 IO2OH

Sacred, with Interpretation, by Planck, translated by Turner loQ

See also Bartlett's Glossary, 1870. Buckle's Civilization, i85-8O. Farrar's

Families of Speech, Q44R ; Language, 945R. Fraser [Greek and
Roman], v. 48, 6s8J ; [A Few Words on], v. 87, 6g7j ; [Ups and
Downs in], v. 97, 707.7. Gouraud's Cosmophonography, 1230. Harper
[Our Debt to Cadmus], v. 46, i626J. Harper's Index, i64oja. John-
son's Works, 993H. Muller's Works, I04I-2R. Nature, v. i, 2661 J ;
[Recent Progress in], v. 22, 26^2], Stanford's Compendium of Geo-
graphy and Travel. Language, c. See Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome, 4740, &c.

Philopcemen (Greek General, b. 252, d. 183 B.C.). See Plutarch's Lives, 447F
and ii32Q, &c.

Philosopher's Stone. See Mackay's Delusions, 904^!. Occult Sciences, igssR.
Chambers, v. 7, I927J, &c.

PHILOSOPHY, Works relating to : (See also Natural Philo-
sophy and Physics, Mental Philosophy, Moral Philosophy,
Religion, Logic, Scepticism, Utilitarianism, Will, Emotions,
Passions, Social Economy, Spiritualism, &>c., also under sub-
jects, e.g., Sleep, Health, Magic, Names of Philosophers, &c}.
Philosophers, English, V.D. :

Hartley (D.) and Mill (J.), by Bowen 12300

Bacon (F.), by Fowler 12290

Smith (A.), by Farrer 12310

of the Time of George III, by Brougham. 1855 597R

Philosophical Classics for English Readers, edited by Knight. See
Knight (W.), LL.D. Classics, &c.

Enquiry into the Origin of our ideas of the Sublime and

Beautiful. 1770 641!!



PHILOSOPHY Works relating to (continued.}

Philosophical Essays by Stewart. 1818 596II

Works of John Locke [Bonn's Library]. 1854 lOio-iR

Philosophy, a Study of Spinoza, by Martineau. 1882 9760

and Religion, by Dick 2QQ

Modern Theories, by Tulloch. 1854 724A

Biographical History of, by Lewes, 4 vols in 2. 1852 !75o-iZ

Greek, History of, by Zeller, translated by Alleyne, 2 vols.. 538-9^!

History of the Outlines of, by Zeller, trans, by Alleyne

and Abbott. 1886 1196!!

History of, by Enfiekl. 1837 2o6D

from Thales to Comte, by Lewes, 2 vols. 1880 571-2!!

Ancient Philosophy, 57 iH. Modern Philosophy, 572!!.

Moral and Political, by Paley, 2 vols. 1803 590- 1 H

Higher Ministry of Nature, &c., by Leifchild. 1872 389M

of Bacon, by Craik, 3 vols in 2. 1 846 1 522-3Z

History and Social Evolution, by Doherty. 1874 iH

Laughter and Smiling, by Vasey. 1877 II24R

Life and Philosophy of Language, by ScLlegel, trans-
lated by Morrison. 1847 2O2OR

Magic, by Salverte, edited and translated by Thomson... 598-9H

Painting, by Twining. 1849 " 938D

Religion and History, by Fairbairn. 1880 3o8M

Shakespeare, by Rankine. 1841 64C/T

Sir W. Hamilton, edited by Wright. 1853 597H

the Human Mind, by Stewart, 2 vols. 1818 573-4H

Mind, by Brown, 4 vols. 1846 575-8H

Douglas. 1839 579H

Moral Feelings, by Abercrombie. 1836 667T and I422Z

Seasons, Illustrating the Perfections of God, by Dun-
can, 2 vols. 1855 ' 300 i M

William Shakespeare. 1863 648T

Organic, or Man's True Place in Nature, by Doherty, 5 vols 566-oH

Episcomology, s66H. Ontology, 567!!. Biology, s68H.
Sociology, 56gH. Method, 570!!.

- Proverbial, by Tupper. 1838 4840

Sacred, Gleanings from Natural History and the Works of

Creation. 1850 I92Q

Schools of Ancient Philosophy [R.T.S. ] 15^4Z

Synthetic, by F. H. Collins, with a Preface by Spencer. 1889 587?!

Data of Ethics [Principles of Morality], by Spencer. 1880. 592!!

See also Academy [and Modern Theories in], v. 26, R.L. Alison's

Principles of Taste, 628-9?!. Argyle's Unity of Nature, 7Q2F.
Beattie's Truth, &c., 645 H. Beckett's Laws of Nature, 694(3.
Blackwood [Christian], v. 113, i83j. Boyce's Study of History, aH.
Brown's Ethics, 243^!. Compayr's Pedagogy, 2o6R. Contempor-
ary Review [and Theology], v. 2, 2oi2_J. Cunningham's Eminent
Englishmen, 2i-8F. Dallinger's Creation, 8230. Davy's Life,

2O9-icF. Edinburgh Review [of Perception], v. 52, 4i2j ; [History

" . . 3 i 43J-

England and Its People, ioi8F. Ewaid's Israel, 6sK. Franklin's

of], v. 56, 4i6J ; [Mental, Douglas on], v. 70, 43oJ. Escott's

Works, 941 H. Fortnightly [Course of Modern Thought], v. 27,
2ii7_J. eraser [in England and Germany], v. 4, 6i4j ; [Doctrine
of Final Causes], v. 16, 626]. Gasparin's Human Sadness [Mental],
26Q. Haddocks Somnolism and Psycheism, 635H. Hamilton's
Metaphysics, 6oo-iH. Human Progression, I035F. Inman's
Faiths, 0.6K. Janet's Final Causes, 652H. Life of I. Kant, 332F.
Kant's Reason, &c., 654^ and 666T. Lange's Materialism [Modern
623H. Lecky's Morals, 384^!. Locke's Human Understanding



PHILOSOPHY Works relating to- (continued}.

626-7!!. McCosh's Emotions [Mental], noK. Macnish's Sleep,
955M. Mackintosh's Works, 6oiD. Mahan's Laws of Thought,
604.H. Martin's Chinese, i52iR. Mill's Discussions, 646-8!!.
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IP llilo Stratus (Greek Sophist, fl. znd Century). See Dana's Household Book of

Poetry, 4760. Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome, 4740.
Philp (R. K.), Reason Why [Natural History], illustrated. 1860 ... 35R

Enquire Within Upon Everything 96oM

Philpot (J.), B.C.L., Examinations and Writings of. 1842 232A

PhipSOll (Emma), The Animal Lore of Shakespeare's Time, includ-
ing Quadrupeds, Birds, Reptiles, Fish and Insects. 1883 ... 929^!
.Phiz. See Browne (Hablot K.), in Supplement.
Phocion (Athenian General, b. 402, executed 317 B.C.). See Plutarch's Lives,

Phcebe. See Howson's Companions of St. Paul, 35oM.

Phoenicia, by Rawlinson [Story of the Nations], illustrated. 1889... I553O

See also Bellow's Europe, isggR. Contemporary [Phoenicians in Greece],
v. 34, 20447. Donnelly's Atlantis, ioi7M. Edinburgh Review
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Posts and Telegraphs, 563R, &c.

Phonographic Reporter, or Reporter's Companion i893Z

Teacher and Key. by Pitman [Pitman series]. 1889 iSgiZ

Phonography, British Orations and Introduction, by Adams [Pit-

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