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Kendall Adams, 2 vols 1899-1900^

Pitman (R. C.), LL.D., Alcohol and the State, a Discussion on the

Problem of Law as applied to the Liquor Traffic. 1877 836M

Pitmen. See All the Year Round [Dialect of a Real Pitman], v. 17, 17777.

Chambers [Past and Present], v. 63, 19637.
Pits. See Time [and Miners], v. 19, isogj.

Pitt (C., Poet, b. 1699, d. 1748), Poetical Works and Life, by John-
son [Poets of Great Britain]. 1807 3702

Pitt (Sarah). Sec Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue, &c.
Pitt (Rt. Hon. W., Earl of Chatham, Premier, 1766, b. 1708, d.

1778), Anecdotes of the Life of, 3 vols. 1810 913-50

Beauties of, consisting of Selections from his Speeches, by

Howard 12372

by Sergeant [English Political Leaders]. 1 882 1 2420

Life of, by Tomline, 3 vols. 1822 44O-2F

See also Alison's Europe, 121-320. Creasy's Etonians, 14200. Cunning-

ham's Eminent Englishmen, 27F. Edinburgh Review [Correspond-
ence] v. 4, 3647 ; [Character of], v. 67, 4277. Ewald's Statesmen,
47iF. Trevelyan's Life of Fox, 26oF. Fitzgerald's Kings and Queens
of an Hour [Early Loves of], 84F. Fraser [and Canning], v. 60, 6707 ;
[Last Ten Years of], v. 66, 6767. Froude's Ireland, 205-60. Green's

T^ 1- -L T-l 1- tT TJ ' T_,l!~-.l_ ^T7 T _ -1 >_ fT" _1_ ^ _ - . ^1_

English People, 192!!. Harris' Radicals, no6F. Lecky's Eighteenth
Century, T7iH. Macaulay's Essays, 15310; Miscellaneous Writim
[5300. Alahon's England, 217-90. Nicoll's Great Orators,

Century, T7iH. Macaulay's Essays, 15310; Mi
15300. Mahon's England, 217-90. Nicoll's <
Quarterly [Correspondence of], v. 36, n66J ; [Life of], v. 66,
Thornton's Foreign Secretaries, 2o8H, &c.
'Pit'k8.C'a.s(Otte0fthe Seven Greek Sages, b. 652, d. 569 B.C.). See Peter's Poetry

of Greece and Rome, 4740, &c.

Pitts (J. Linwood), F.S.A. (Ncrmandy), Guernsey and its Bailiwick, a
Guide and a Gossip, with Notices of Sark, Herm, Jethou

and Alderney, with maps and illustrations. 1889 428H

[Historic Possibilities, Old Government House, Guernsey versus The
Riviera, Guille-Alles Library, Laws, Geology, Trade, &c.]

Guernsey under Queen Victoria, a Brief Jubilee Record of Fifty

Years of Loyalty, Peace, Prosperity and Progress. 1887 ... 707!)

How Guernsey Kep. the Jubilee [Guernsey Pamphlets, vol. i],

1887 707!)

and Cotgreave (A.), The Guille Alles Library, Guernsey, a

Short Account of its History and Formation, with some
Reference to its Contents [Guille-Alles Library Series], 1889 I924R

Ed., Patois Poems of the Channel Islands, the Norman French

Text, edited with Parallel English Translation, Historical In-
troduction and Notes, first and second parts [Guille-Alles
Library series] 440- 1 D

Sermon on the Mount, and the Parable of the Sower, translated

into the Franco-Norman Dialect of Guernsey, by G. Metivier
[Guille-Alles Library series] 18582

Witchtcraft and Devil Lore in the Channel Islands, Transcripts

from the Official Records of the Guernsey Royal Court, with

an English Translation and Historical Introduction. 1886... 4420*

Pittsburg. See Harper [Illustrated], v. 62, 1642.7.

Pitv. See Lecky's Morals, 384M, &c.



Pius II. (Pope, b. 1405, d. 1464). See Leisure Hour [Private Life of], v. 21, 26317.
Macmillan, v. 27, 9577- Saturday Review [Autobiography of, Sup-
pressed Passages], v. 57, R.L., &c.

Pius VI. (Pope, b. 1717, d. 1799). See Edinburgh Review [Life of], v. 31, 3917-

Pius VII. (Pope, b. 1800, d. 1823). See Alison's Europe, 125-370, &c.

Pius VIII. (Pope, b. 1761, d. 1830). See Quarterly, v. 105, 12357.

Pius IX. (Pope, b. 1792, d. 1878). See Arthur's The Popes, c., 453-4F. Cham-
bers [at Home], v. 50, 19517. Living Age [and Napoleon III.], v.
64, 30947. Quarterly, v. 82, 12127 \ t an d Sardinia], v. 97, 12277.

Pizarro (F. , Spanish Warrior, conquered Peril, b. 1475) assassinated

1541), Life of, by Helps. 1869 9l6O

See also Del Mar's Precious Metals, 8ggF. Prescott's Peru, 388-90, &c.

Places, i.e., Towns, Countries, Sac. See under Names of Places required, or in
Harper's or Poole's Indexes, Gazetteers, &c.

Plagiarism. See Leisure Hour, v. 23, 26337. Longman [Ethics of], v. 8, 9987.
Macmillan [and Coincidence], v. 15, 9457- Once a Week [Notes on], v.
22, 22327. Saturday Review [ofW. H. Davenport Adams], v. 56, R.L.

Plague of London [1665], by Defoe 643!^, 141 and i65oZ

Plague, The. See All the Year Round [at Eyam], v. 22, 17827. Blackwood
[Albano during], v. 102, 1727. Chambers [in old Times], v. 31, 19427.
Cornhill [and Pestilence, History of], v. n, 2917. Fraser [of the
I4th Century], v. 5, 6157. Quarterly, v. 33, 11637; t a Contagious
Disease], v. 33, 11637. Sunday Magazine, v. 15, 24727. Millingen's
Medical Curiosities, gz/K, &c.

Plagues of Egypt. See Sund; y at Home, v. 5, 28557, & c -

Plaice, The. See 7ardine's Ni tu-alists' Library, 68oQ. Fish, &c.

Plain and Pleasant Talk about Fruits, Flowers and Farming, by

Beecher. 1859 592R

Plain Speaker, Opinions on Books, &c., by W. Hazlitt. 1870 75R

Plain- Speaking. See Good Words, v. 21, 21917, &c.

Plain Work. See Chambers, v. 42, 19477.

Plains. See Longman [Across the], v. 2, 9927, &c.

Plan (B. Du), Gentleman of Alais, Deputy-General of the Reformed

Churches of France [1725-1763], by Bonnefon. 1878 14640

Planche (F. D.), Cricket as now Played [Crawley's Hand Books] ... U49M
Planch^ (7- R.). See Once a Week [with Portrait], v. 27, 22377. Temple Bar

[Theatrical Recollections of], v. 3^, 13667.
Planchette. See Chambers [a Three-Legged Impostor], v. 45, 19497- Once a

Week, v. 17, 22777. Spiritualism, c.
Planck (G. J.), Introduction to Sacred Philology and Interpretation. loQ

Planetary and Stellar Studies, by Gore. 1888 552R

System, by Nichol. 1850 7oiD

[Wonders of the Heavens] 8o8Z

Planets. See Brown's Science for All, 6286. Century [and the Moon], v. 7,
18797. Contemporary [New and Near the Sun], v. 34, 20447. Dun-
kin's Midnight Sky, 2O4D- Excelsior [the Planetary System], i93iR.
Gentleman's Magazine [Great], v. 28, 7487. Harper [are they In-
habited], v. 33, 16137. Humboldt's Cosmos, 483 and 486R. Know-
ledge [the Ring of Small], v. 4, 25847 ; [Planetary Movements], v. 5,
25857 5 [Life in other Worlds], v. 7, 25877. Lardner's Lectures, 756!).
Nature [of the Season], v. 20, 268o7 ; [outside Neptune, Telescopic
Search for], v. 33, 26937. Cassell's Family Magazine [Letters from
the], v. 13, 23627. Astronomy, Stars, &c.

Plantagenet (Richard). See Chambers [The Royal Bricklayer], v. 59, 19597.
Plantagenet and Tudor Sovereigns, and English Freedom

[Forster's Debates] 28iO

Plantagenet's Well. See Gentleman's Magazine [a True Story of the Days of

Richard III.], v. 10, 1307.
Plants, British, Names and Synonyms of, by Warburton. 1889 ... l888Z

Flowering, Young Collector's Handbook of, by Britten, illus. ... i844Z

Geography of [Religious Tract Society] 84iZ.

20 [593]


Plants, Geological History of, by Dawson. 1888 549R

Origin of Cultivated Plants, by Candolle. 1884 6;R

Plant Life, Freaks and Marvels of, by Cooke 774F

Popular Papers on Botany, illustrated. 1881 8oR

Wonders of, by Herrick, illustrated. 1884 i65R

Power of Movement in, by Darwin, illustrated. 1880 2oR

Talks About, by Lankester, illustrated. 1879 8aR

The, a Biography, by Schleiden. 1848 772F

Young Collector's Handbook of Flowering Plants, by Britten.... iS^qZ,

See also All the Year Round [British], v. ro, 1770] ', [Plant Lore], v. 56,

i8i6J ; [Disappearing] v. 58, i8i8J. Blight's Land's End, 82oQ.
Brown's Science for All, 6266. Cassell's Magazine [Unlucky Plants],
v. 2, 2342 J. Chambers [Climbing], v. 18, 19357 ; [Sleep of], v. 39,
19467 ; [Fresh Water] v. 40, 19467 ; [Habit in Plant Life] v. 59, 19597 ;
[Instinct in] v. 60, 19607. Cooke's Ponds and Ditches, 62iQ. Corn-
hill [Muscles in], v. 6, 286] ; [Nutrition of] v. 7, 287,!. Geikie's Pre-
historic Europe, 86sF. Gentleman's Magazine [Inner Life of], v. 31,
75iJ. Girl's Own Annual [Useful], v. 3, 25537. Good Words [Life
and Curiosities of], v. 7, 21777 ; [Without Earth] v. 23, 2193 J. Fort-
nightly [and Insects], v. 27, 21177. Harper [Excrescences formed by
Insects upon], v. 72, 16527. Humboldt's Nature, 29!?.. 7 esse>s Glean-

ings [and Seeds], 5790.. Knowledge [New Mode of Growing], v. i,
25817; [Climbing in Trees], v. 7, 2587!. Leisure Hour [Popular
Names of], v. 5, 26157. Living Age [Habits of], v. 122, 3152 ; [Life
on], v. 126, 31567. Lubbock's Scientific Lectures [and Insects], 782F.


Names of], v. 5, 26157. Living Age [Habits of], v. 122, 3152 ; [Life
v. 126, 31567. Lubbock's Scientific Lectures [and Insects], 782F.
Macmillan [Grouping of], v. 30, 9607. Maling's Handbook for Ladies,
493T. Nature [Carnivorous], v. 10, 26707 ; [Biology of], v. 14, 26747
[Self-Fertilization ol], v. 14, 26747 5 [Sexuality of], v. 15, 2675) ; [Phy-
siology of], v. 23, 26837 ', [Power of Movement in], v. 25, 26857 [Ex-
citability of], v. 26, 26867 ; [Cultivated], v. 27, 26877 5 [Absorption of
Water by], v. 30, 26907 ; [Ascent of Water in], v. 30, 26907 ; [and their
Defences], v. 34, 26947 ; [Colourless Specimens of], v. 35, 26957. Oakey's
Home Grounds [Planting], 948M. Once a Week [Useful Monstrosities
of], v. 7, 22677. Penny Magazine [Fecundity of], v. i, 1396; [Color
and Order of], v. u, 1497. Quarterly [and Animals], v. 126, 12567.
Rhind's Vegetable Kingdom, soO. Science Gossip, v. 1,24117; [on
Preserving], v. u, 24157; [the Hypothectical], v. 15, 24187*, [Varia-
tions in], v. 23, 2423]. Somerville's Microscopic Science, noR. Sunday
Magazine [Make and Growth of], v. 12, 24697. Timbs' Works [and
Trees], 854Z. Wallace's Darwinism, 2i2iR. Transactions of the
Guernsey Society of Natural Science [List of Flowering Plants found
wild in Guernsey], 201 2R. Botany, Flowers, Gardening, &c.

Plassey, Battle of. See Adam's Battles, 2416, c.

Plastering, Cements, &c., by Dobson. 1872

Plasters. See South's Household Surgery, 18572, &c.

Plate, The River. See Brass.ey's Voyage in the Sunbeam, i682R. Cruise of
H.M.S. Bacchante, 786K. Stanford's Compendium, 8srK, &c.

Plate, Gold and Silver, &c. See All the Year Round [Hall-Marking of], v. 44,

O T -__-> /-*-Tl _-J /- ..!-_ Til-..- .AC /~k.___.__l-_

[and Plate
ture], 8D, &c."

Platform Echoes, or Leaves from my Note-Book of Forty Years

[Temperance Notes], by Gough. 1885 13000

Platinum. See Somerville's Microscopic Science, noR. Ure's .Dictionary

of Arts and Manufactures, 8-gD, &c.
Plato (Greek Philosopher, b. 429, d. 347 B.C.), by C. W. Collins

[Ancient Classics for English Readers]. 1879 IC95Q

Introduction to the Dialogues of, by Sewell. 1841 i6iT

Republic of, translated into English, with Analysis and Index, by

Jowett. 1888 r. I200H

Summary and Analysis of the Dialogues of, by Day [Bohn's

Library]. 1870 II73H


Cnpps' College and Corporation Plate, I034M. Quarterly
late Buyers], v. 141, 12717. Ure's Dictionary [Plated Manufac-


Plato, Translations from the Protagoras, &c I993 R

Translation of the Apology, Crito, &c I 994^-

Works of, literally translated by Gary, Davis and Burges [Bohn

Library], 6 vols. 1877-1881 :
Vol. i. Apology of Socrates. Crito. Phaedo. Georgias. Protagoras.

Phoedrus. Thesetetus. Euthyphron. Lysis 1167!^

Vol. 2. The Republic. Tirrueus. Critias n68H

Vol. 3. Meno. Euthydemus. Sophist. Statesman. Cratylus. Par-

menides. Banquet 1 169!-!

Vol. 4. Philebus. Laches. Hippias. Two Alcibiades. Theages. Rivals.

Minos. Clitopho, &c njoH

Vol. 5. The Laws ii7iH

Vol. 6. Epinomis. Axiochus. Eryxias. Virtue. Justice. Sisyphus.
Demodocus. Timaeus Locrus, with Lives of Plato, by Diogenes

Laertius, Hesychius and Olympiodorus 1172!!

See also Compayr^'s Pedagogy, 2g6R. Contemporary Review [Myths of],

v. 2, 20127. Fortnightly [Authenticity of Works of], v. 8, 20987.
Fraser [Works of], v. 7, 6i7_J. Humboldt's Cosmos, 484R. Josephus,
6jH.. Lecky's Morals, 384M. Lewes' Philosophy, 571-2!!. Living
Age [Against the Atheists], v. 5, 3035] ; [Foreshadowings of Christian-
ity in], v. 87, 3117.7. Macmillan [Study of], v. 24, Q54J. Malthus'
Population, I093F. Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome, 4740. Pres-
sens^'s Ancient World and Christianity, H94M. Science of Thought,
58sH. Talks with Socrates, iggsR.
IPlatonic Friendship. See Chambers, v. 59, 19597, &c.

Platt (J.), Business. 1876 235R

Platts of Oldham. See Fortunes made in Business, io33Fa.

Plautus (T. M., Roman Comic Poet, b. 254, d. 184 B.C.) and

Terence, by Collins [Ancient Classics for English Readers].... IO97Q

See also Fortnightly, v, 7, 20977. Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome,

474D. Posnett's Literature, 394R, &c.

Play, Work, and Health, by Acland. 1856

See also Cassell's Pastimes [Playground Games], 1262!!. Good Words

[Grounds for Poor Children], v. 8, 21787. Macmillan [London Play-
grounds], v. 46, 9767. Richardson's Health, &c., I403Z. Amusements,
Recreation, &c.

Playf air (Right Hon. Sir Lyon, Scotch Chemist, b. 1819), K.C.B.,

Subjects of Social Welfare. 1889

See also Nature [Address before British Association], v. 32, 25927, c.

Plays, Famous, by Molloy. 1886 H96R

Jonathan Wild, &c. [Fielding's Works] 1795^

with Remarks by Mrs. Inchbold I752-4Z

See also All the Year Round [Bills], v. 26, 17867 ; [Examiner of], v. 32,

17927 ; [Famous], v. 58, 25187 ; v. 59, 25197 ', [Strolling Players], v. 28,
17887. Art 7ournal [Out-Door], v. 37, R.L. Chambers [in Old
Athens], v. 19, 19367. Cornhill [Advice on Play- Writing], v. 2, 2827.
Fortnightly [and Old Players], v. 15, 21057. Fraser [Life of a Strolling
Player], v. 34, 6447. Gentleman's Magazine [Players and Lookers-on],
v. 2, 7227. Macmillan [Old, who Wrote our], v. 30, 9607. Temple
Bar [At the], v. 19, 13497. Drama. Stage. Theatre, &c.

Pleasant Days in Pleasant Places, by E. Walford, illus. 1878 8i5Q

Half- Hours for the Family Circle, Facts, Stories, Hints, &c.,

by Timbs 1 6gT

Pages for Young People, by Newcombe, 2 vols. 1872 I53-4T

Ways in Science, by Proctor. 1878 443^

Pleasure. See All the Year Round [Cheapness of], v. 13, 17737. Chambers
[and Pains, Maxims of], v. 45, 19497. Contemporary [and Desire], v.
19, 2029!. Lecky's Morals, 384M. Saturday Review [under Difficul-
ties], v. "56, R.L., &c.



Pleasures of Hope [Campbell's Poems] 326Q

of Life by Lubbock, part I. 1887

part II. 1889

Memory, Poems, by Rogers. 1 796 35Q

Pleiades, The. See Nature, v. 33,^26937. Astronomy, Stars, &c.

Pleurisy. See Man and his Maladies, g3gK, &c.

Plimsoll Act, Failure of. See Saturday Review, v. 56, R.L., &c.

Pliny the Elder (Roman Naturalist, b. 23, killc^i during the destruction of
Pompeii, 79). See Humboldt's Cosmos, 484R. All the Year Round
[Prescriptions of], v. i, i76ij. Living Age [Death of], v. 61, 3091 J.
Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 652(3. Lecky's Morals, 384^!.

Pliny the Younger (Roman Consul, b. 61, d. after 109), Letters of,

by Church and Brodribb [An. Clas. for Eng. Read.]. 1093 and u68Q

Melmolh, 2 vols. 1805 443-4^""

See also Lecky's Morals, 384^!. Fortnightly, v. 13, 2io3j.

Ploughs. 6V<?Munn's Draining [Cotgreave's Draining Plough], 25gR. Kitto's
Palestine, 6ioB. Leisure Hour [Ancient and Modern], v. 24, 26347.
Chambers [at a Ploughing Match], v. 37, I945J. Once a Week
[Londoner at a Ploughing Match], v. 7, 22677. Farming, &c.

Plover, The. See Chambers [About plovers' eggs], v. 50, 19597. Jardine's
Naturalists' Library, 6460,. Jones' Bermuda, 823F.. Once a Week
[Shooting], v. 17, 2277J. Saturday Review [Plover Shooting], v. 61,
R.L. Science Gossip [the Golden], v. 6, 2412], Birds, &c.

PlUGS (M.) British Ferns, an Introduction to the Study of the Ferns,
Lycopods, and Equiseta Indigenous to the British Isles,
coloured plates. 1866 i87R

Rambles in Search of Wild Flowers, and How to Distinguish

them, numerous coloured plates. 1879 74^-

Plum, The. See Breuil's Fruit Trees, I78R. Kitto's Palestine, 6ioB.

Plurn. Puddings and Pan-Cakes. See Argosy, v. 34, 34j. Cookery, &c.

Plumage. See Leisure Hour [of Birds and Butterflies], v. 29, 2639).

Plumbers. See Illustrated Carpenter and Builder, from vol. i, 2g8iJ, &c";

Plumley (G. S.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i6 4 oja.

Plummer (A.), M.A., Commentary on the Epistle of St. Peter

[Ellicott's School Commentary] 2 54Q

The Church of the Early Fathers [External History]. 1887 253!;

Plummer (W. S.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Plumptre (C. J.), King's College Lectures on Elocution. 1881 ... 1040!!
Plumptre (E. IL, Theologian, b. 1821), D.D., A Popular Exposition

of the Epistles to the Seven Churches of Asia. 1877 442M

Commentary on St. Luke [School Commentary] *38Q

Matthew [School Commentary] 136 and I37Q

the Acts [School Commentary] I4OQ

Second Epistle of St. Paul to the Corinthians [School

Commentary] 257^)

Life of Thomas Ken, D.D., illustrated, 2 vols. 1888 7O4-5F

Movements in Religious Thought. 1879 65Q

[Romanism, Protestanism, Agnosticism.]

See also Exell's Monthly Interpreter, v. i, 6igA.

Plumtre (E. W.), M.A., Bible Educator, 2 vols y6-7A

Plurality of Worlds, an Essay. 1853 7690

See also Brewster's More Worlds than One, 239_M. Proctor's Other Worlds

than Ours, 44oR. Miller's Heavenly Bodies, ssiR, &c.

Plutarch (Greek Biographer and Moralist, b. 50, d. 120), Plutarch's

Lives, translated by Langhorne, illustrated, 7 vols. 1831-2 :

Vol. i. Biographical Sketch of Plutarch, Theseus, Romulus, Lycurgus,

Numa, Solon, Publicola, Themistocles, Camillus ii3oQ

Vol. 2. Pericles, Fabius Maximus, Alcibiades, Caius Marcius Coriolanus,

Timoleon, Paulus yEmilius, Pelopidas, Marcellus "3 I Q



Plutarch. Plutarch's laves (continued).

Vol. 3. Aristides, Cato the Censor, Philopcemen, Titus Quintius Flamin-

ius, Pyrrhus, Caius Marius, Lysander, Sylla U3 2 Q

Vol. 4. Cimon, Lucullus, Nicias, Marcus Crassus, Sertorius, Eumenes,

Agesilaus' II33Q

Vol. 5. Pompey, Alexander, Julius Caesar, Phocian H34Q

Vol. 6. Cato the Younger, Agis, Cleomenes, Tiberius Gracchus, Caius

Gracchus, Demosthenes, Cicero, Demetrius H350

Vol. 7. Antony, Dion, Marcus Brutus, Artaxerxes, Aratus, Galba, Otho.. ns6Q

translated by Langhorne, with Notes and a Lite of Plutarch, 6

vols. 1823 445-50F

4 vols 789-92]^

See also Compayre's Pedagogy, 2g5R. Lecky's Morals, 384^!. Mitford's

Greece, &c. Quarterly, v. no, i24oj.

Plutarch, Revolutionary, Distinguished Characters of the French

Republic, 3 vols. 1806 96iQ

Plutarch, Juvenile, Accounts of Celebrated Children 1I7IZ

Plutonic Rocks. See Lyell's Geology, 726-7(3. Geology, &c.

Plymouth. See Fraser [History of], v. 87, 6g?J. Leisure Hour [Breakwater],
v. i, 2611 J ; [and the British Association], v. 26, 26367; [Old Mayors
of] i v. 26, 26367. Sunday at Home [and its Religious Associations], v.
24, 28747. Devonshire, &c.

Plymouth Brethren [1800-1880]. See Stoughton's Religion, ggM. Religion, &c.

Plymouth Church, U.S. See Beecher's Life, 650], &c.

Pneumatics and Hydrostatics, by Lardner [Lardner's Cyclop.]. 1832 7OiQ
for Beginners, by Tomlinson [Weale's Series]. 1867 7 J 5Q

See also Cassell's Populir Educator, 164-90. Chambers [Scheme of Pneu-
matic Tube Dispatch], v. 36, 19447. Joyce's Dialogues, 695(3.
Lardner's Natural Philosophy, 468 and 474R. Nature [Pneumatic
Tubes], v. 3, 26637. Natural Philosophy, &c.

Pneumonia. See Man and his Maladies, g^gK, &c.

JPo, River. See Macmillan, v. 27, 9577. Italy, &c.

Poacher, Amateur, by Jefferies. 1881 786R

Poaching, Poachers, c. Sec Argosy, v. 2, 27. Contemporary, v. 44, 20547.
Cornhill [and Game Laws], v. 16, 2967. Fraser [on Mount Blanc a
Dozen Years Ago], v. 80, 6907. Stonehenge's Rural Sports, 68iT, &c.

Poe (E. A., American Poet and Novelist, b. 1811, d. 1849), Fall of

the House of Usher, &c. 1889 1936!*.

Poetical Works. 1856 ' 327(3

[The Raven, Lenore, The Bells, Anabel Lee, &c.]

Poetical Works of, with a Memoir by Ilannay, illustrated 728M

Select Works, Poetical and Prose, with a Memoir by Stoddard... 729^!

Life, Letters and Opinions, by Ingram, 2 vols. 1880 925-60

See also Blackwood [Tales of], v. 62, 1327. Dana's Household Book of

Poetry, 4760. Fortnightly Review, v. 34, 21247. Leisure Hour, v. 3,
26137 ; [Old English Moral Poems], v. g, 26197; Once a Week [and
his Writings], v. 25,22857. Poets of America, 4680. Scribner [Was
he Mad], v. 10, 18607 ; [and Irving], v. n, i86iJT ; [Last Days of], v. 15,
18657. Temple Bar [and his Biographers], v. 68, 13987. Fiction
Class List following the General Catalogue, c.

POETRY, POETS, &o. Works relating to : (See also
Ballads, Literature, Songs, Sonnets, names of Poets, e.g.,
Byron, Burns, Moore, Tennyson, also names of Countries, &c. )

Poems and Ballads, by Swinburne. 1878 747 M

- 1889
British Female Poets, by Bethune. 1865



POETRY, POETS, &C., Works relating to (continued).

Poems, Comic Poets of the Nineteenth Century, selected by

Adams .' 68iM

of Rural Life, &c., by Clare. 1820 646T

The late English Poets, by Stoddard. 1867 68;M

Poetesses, English, Critical Biographies, by Robertson. 1882. 6350

Poetic Interpretation of Nature, by Shairp. 1877 5^4Q

Poetical Quotations, by Watson 4640

Tributes to the Memory of Abraham Lincoln. 1865 7I2M

Works of John and Charles Wesley, edited by Osborn. I868.754-66M

Milman, Bowles, Wilson and Barry Cornwall 4821}

Thomson, Beattie, West and Bampfylde, illus. 1853.. 345Q

Poetry, Anti-Jacobin 324Q

Household Book of, collected and edited by Dana. 1858 ... 476D

Indian, by Arnold. 1881 5i3l>

of Flowers and Flowers of Poetry, edited by Osgood. 1841. 73iM

the American Civil War. See Chambers' Journal, v. 38, 1945.7.

Eraser's Magazine, v. 67, 677]. Greeley's American Conflict, 294!).
English Language, illustrating the Seasons, edited by

Jenks. 1856 475L>

Sacred Poetry of the Hebrews, by Lowth, translated by

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Selections from Blair, Gray, Dodd, &c 478Z

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England in the Nineteenth Century, by Griswold... 47 2 D

- Europe, with Introductions and Biographical

Notices, by Longfellow. 1845 473^

Greece and Rome, edited by Peter. 1847 474^

at Play, a Handbook of Humorous Recitations, edited by

Langbridge, 2 vols. 1888 !4io-iR

Birds, by Robinson. 1883 737M

[A list of birds mentioned in poems, with references and notes.]

Chronologically arranged [Chambers' Course] 5o6R

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in the Garden, by Crommelin. 1886 I32OH

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the British Poets, by Johnson, 4 vols. 1854 788-910

[Johnson's Works] qoj-gT,

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POETRY, POETS, &C., Works relating to (continued).

Poets. The Modern Italian Poets, Essays and Versions, by

Howells, with Portraits. 1887 ................................. 14080

- Six Chief Lives, from Johnson's Lives of the Poets and

Macaulay's Life of Johnson, edited by Arnold. 1878 ... 9620
- Witty and Humorous side of the English Poets, by Elliott ... 514!)
See also under the following names of Poets for their works :
Akenside (M.), 3 83Q- Alfred (King), 868R. Arnold (E.), 5i 3 D,
8nM and 332(3. Arnold (M.), 651-3^!. Bailey (P. J.), 772M.
Bampfylde ( J.), 345(3. Beattie (J.), 345 and 392(3 and 4772. Beckett
(S. B.), 77 6M. Bell (R.), 686M. Bloomfield (R.), 654-5]^ and


I75/Z. Browning (R.), 274, 280-5 ar >d 286Q. Bryant (W. C.),
6/3M and 48iZ. Buchanan (R.), 674^! and 335(3. Burns, 52iD and
393'SQ- Butler (S.), 348-9(3 and 396-7Q. Byron, 519!), 31


398-407(3 and 63iT. Campbell (T.), 4330, 408(3. Chambers (R.),

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