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matics for the British Museum, v2rr., b. 1854), Moors in

Spain. 1887 43oO

Speeches and Table Talk of the Prophet Mohammed. 1882 .. I75Q

assisted by Gibb and Gilman, Turkey [Story of the Nations]. 437O

Poole (W. F.), Librarian of the Chicago Public Library}, LL.D.,

An Index to Periodical Literature, to 1852. 1853 588D

[For complete Index to 1886, edited by Poole and Fletcher, see in Reference

Poona. See Brassey's Last Voyage, 862K. India, &c.

Poor, Annals of the, by Richmond. 1855 64?

of London and their Homes, by Hill. 1875 n6gZ

Relief in different parts of Europe, edited by Emminghaus. 1873 2 45^

The English, their Social and Economic History, by Mackay... 337 R

The, Poor Rates, Law, &r. See Alison's Europe, 139-450. All the Year

Round [Poor Laws in England], v. 4, 1764) ; [Board of Poor Laws
in England], v. 16, 17767 ; [Shelters for the Poor], v. 42, 18227 ; [Poor
in London], v. 53, 18137 ! t lne unseen Poor], v. 55, 18157. Bitter Cry
of Outcast London, 55iM. Blackwood [Poor Rates], v. 5, R.L.
Brougham's Political Speeches [Laws], 6o6R. Chambers' Miscellany
[Annals of the], 624R. Chambers [Relief of, at Home and Abroad], v. 59,
19597. Contemporary Review [Lazarus at the Gate], v. 45, 20557, [Poor
Man's Gospel], v. 45, 20557 > [Laws], v. 45, 20557. Cornhill [French
System of relieving], v. 6, 2867 ; [Dwellings of, in Towns], v. 30, 3107.
Escolt's England and its People [Law], ioi7F. Fortnightly [Rural,
in England], v. i, 20917 ', [Homes of], v. 38, 21287 '> [in Eng-
land, Housing of, in Towns], v. 40, 21307 ; [in London, Reforms
for], v. 41, 21317 5 [Education of], v. 43, 21337 '> [in English Coun-
try Parishes], v. 43, 21337 > [in London, Bible Classes for Boys], v.
45, 2I 35J J [Housing of the], v. 49, 21397. Eraser [Laws in
Ireland], v. 4, 7147 ; [Medical Relief for], v. 74, 7847. Good Words,
v. 4, 21747 ; [How to relieve], v. 7, 21777 ! [District Visiting of], v. 17,
21877. Johnston's Public Charity in France, I047F. Leisure Hour
[Houseless], v. 15, 26257. McCulloch's British Empire, -ji-2\\. Mac-
millan [and Charity], v. 15, 9457 ; [in London], v. 20, 950} ; [Thoughts
of a Guardian of], v. 22, 952J. Malthus' Population, I093-4F. Mar-
tineau's Thirty Years' Peace, 4496. Nineteenth Century [Dwellings
of], v. 13, 22237 5 [in London, Dwellings of], v. 14, 22247 '> [in London,
Work in an East End District], v. 18, 22287 '> [Housing of], v. 17, 22277.
Pike's Crime in England, 307-8H. Quarterly [New Laws, in England
in 1835], v. 52, 11827 ; [Laws of Scotland], v. 75, 12057 I [Lodging
Houses for], v. 82, 12127 ', tjn England, Statistics concerning, 1883], v.
157, 12877. Roger's Reminiscences [Guardians of the, Scandalous

Administration], 14520 ; Work and Wages [Laws], no2F and
Blackwood [Poor Relations], v. 107, 1777- Wale's
Law Relief], 327R. Rates, Taxes, Government, &c.

[60 5 ]


Poore (B. P.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Poore (G. V.), M.D., Our Duty in Relation to Health [Inter-

national Health Exhibition]. 1884 ................................ 990M

Popery and Scriptural Christianity, by Hulme. 1852 .................... 54Q

- as Opposed to the Knowledge, Morals, &c. , of Mankind. 1833 i825Z

- The Antichrist, a Sermon by Croly. 1848 ........................... 573M

Popes, History of the, in the i6th and i;th Centuries, by Ranke,

transla'ted by Kelly. 1843 .................................. 32;A and 3ioD

translated by Foster, 3 vols. 1851 ... I75-7M

- Lives of the, from the Rise of the Roman Church to Gregory

XII. [R.T.S.], 4 vols ................................................... 177-SoZ

- My Recollection of the last Four Popes, by Gavazzi. 1858 ...... 3I9M

- Recollections of the Last Four Popes, by Wiseman. 1858 ...... 326A

- Rome as it became under the Popes, 2 vols. 1843 .............. 3i7-i8A

The, and the Hohenstaufen, by Balzani [Epochs of Church

History]. 1889 ......................................................... 26iT

- The Pope, the Kings and the People, the History of a Move-

ment to make the Pope Governor of the World, by Arthur ... 453-4F
- - See also Chambers [Palace of], v. 13, IQ33J. Contemporary [Exiled], v. 24,
2034J. Epochs of Church History, 258 and 26iT. Fortnightly Re-
view [Temporal Power of the Pope and Catholic Italy], v. 44, 2I34J. Gib-
bon's Roman Empire, Sa-sH. Inman's Ancient Faiths, gsK and g6Ka.
Juvenile Plutarch, n/iZ. Kurtz' Church History, yo6A. Leisure
Hour [Election of], v. 22, 2632]. Living Age [Poet], v. 161, jigij.
Macmillan [and Cardinals], v. 36, g66J. Mehagen's Universal History,
I3-I5H. Once a Week [The Pope as a European Sovereign], v. 2,
2262J. Quarterly [The Pope and the English Ministers], v. 88, i2i8J ;
[Infallibility of], v. 128, 1258.7. Roscoe's Leo the Tenth, 766-70.
Sunday at Home [Popes in Great Britain], v. 14, 28647. Papacy, &c.

Pope (A., Poet, b. 1688, d. 1744), Essay on Man [an Ethical and

Religious Poem]. 1774 ................................................ io63R

- 7>., Homer [Family Classical Library], 3 vols. 1833 .......... H44-6Q

- Iliad of Homer. 1805 .................. 3O9Q, 8n-i2R, 505-6 and I574Z

Odyssey of Homer, 2 vols. 1769 ................................... 813-41-1

- Poems, Life by Dyce [British Poets], 3 vols. 1864 ................. 453-5Q

- Poetical Works and Life, by Johnson [Bell's Poets of Great

Britain], n vols. 1807 ..... .' .......................................... 355-65Z

2 vols. 1821 ........................ . ....................... 426-70

with an Account of his Life and Writings. 1866

- by Stephen [English Men of Letters], 1880 ........................... 10790

- See also Blackwood, v. 104, 174!- Cunningham's Eminent Englishmen,
2sF. Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760. Edinburgh Review,
v. 160, 52oJ. Fraser [and Twickenham], v. 61, 77iJ. Jones' Poets,
662M. Knight's Old Booksellers, 14510. Living Age [as a Moralist],
119, 3I49J. Macmillan's Magazine [and the Poetry of the Eighteenth
ntury], v. 58, g88J. Merydew's Love Letters, v. i, 676F. Poole's
Index, R.L. Quarterly [Works and Character of], v. 32, n62j. Sat-

._ rt7i__.:_ ___ 1 /~* ____ .! ____ ' TPJ:^: ___ n _. __ i _ _ TI T

Century], v. 58, gSSJ. Merydew's Love Letters, v. i, 676F. Poole's
d Chan
ape's E
2 R. 11

Writer, 6 9 8F ; Ethics of Diet, 8 45 M, &c. '

urday Review [Elwin and Courthope's Edition], v. 53 and 55, R.L.
Stephen's Hours in a Library, uo2R. Thomson's Friendships, 5650.
Timbs' Works [at Twickenham], 8^,~,Z. Williams' English Letter-

Popping the Question. See All the Year Round, v. 31, i7QiJ. Chambers, v.
59, I959J. Steven's How Men Propose, 2oi4R. Courtship, Mar-
riage, &c.

Popular Antiquities, by Brand, revised, &c., by Ellis, 3 vols. 1845. IO05-7M

[Popular Culture. See Morley's Miscellanies, 84303, &c.

Popular Customs, Sports, &c., of the South of Italy, by Macfarlane.

1846 I482Z



Popular Delusions, by Mackay, 2 vols. 1850 9O3-4M

Popular Epics of the Middle Ages of the Norse-German and

Carlo vingian Cycles, by Lucllow, 2 vols. 1865 1218-9Z

Popular Errors Explained, by Timbs. 1860 447T

Popular Fallacies regarding General Interests, translated by Porter.

1849 523T

Popular Physiology, by Lord. 1834 14647

Popular Readings in Prose and Verse, edited by Carpenter, 5 vols...ioo-3Ta

Popular Romances of the West of England, edited by Hunt, illus.

Popular Superstitions and the Truths contained therein, by Mayo.

1852 90iM

Popular Tumults, Sketches of. 1847 I238Z

Popular. In connection with this word, see also subject required, e.g.,
Astronomy, Education, Government, Readings, Superstitions, c.

Popularity. See Fraser [Essay on], v. 54, 6647, c.

Population and Wealth of United States, by Tucker. 1843 IO39F

Principles of Population, by Malthus, 2 vols. 1807 IO93-4F

See also Alison's Europe, 121-460. Blackwood [Surplus of, Great Britain],

v. 21, R.L. Capital and Labour, insF. Chambers, v. 57, 19577.
Gumming' s China, 789-90]^. George's Progress and Poverty, I023F.
Harper [Changes in], v. 38, 16187. Hunter's Indian Empire, 485!^.
Lansdell's Central Asia, 830 K ; Russian Central Asia, 828-9 K. London
Quarterly [Has the Newest World the Oldest ?], v. 63, 8537. M'Cul-
loch's British Empire, 7iiH. Macmillan [Malthusian Principle of], v.
49, 9797- Medhurst's China, IO44F. Pike's Crime in England, 307-8H.
Quarterly [and Emigration], v. 45, 11757; [of Great Britain and
Ireland], v. 53, 11837. Rogers' Work and Wages, no2F. Science
Gossip [Influence of Geology on], v. 24, 24237. Stanford's Com-
pendium, SsoK, c.

Poquelin De Moliere <7ean-Baptiste). S^e Moliere.

Porcelain and Glass, Manufacture of [Lardner's Cyclo.]. 1832 346T

Pottery, Mediaeval and Modern, by J. Marryat. 1868 936D

English, by Church, illustrated io6oM

See also All the Year Round [and China, Curious old], v. 34, 17947. Art

7ournal [Dresden, Manufacture of], v. 3, R.L. ; [and other Clays,
Methods of Preparing], v. 9, R.L. ; [Art Manufactures, 1882], v. 35,
R.L. Brown's Science for All, 6286. Harper [Painting], v. 61, 16417 ',
[a Collection of Chinese], v. 70, 16507. Harper's Magazine, v. 77,
1 ^577- Household Words [and Pottery], v. 4, 17447. Wheatley's
Pottery, c., 9320. Potter}', c.

Porches, Church. See Quiver, v. 30, 33007. Architecture, c.

Porcupine, The. See Knowledge [Canadian], v. 5, 25857. Penny Magazine, v.
5, I43B. Natural History, &c.

Pork. See All the Year Round [English], v. 2, 17627. Beeton's Household
Management, 997M. Chambers [American], v. 58, 19587. Smith's
Foods, 38oR, &c.

Porpoise, The. See Buckland's Curiosities, 597Q. 7 ardine ' s Naturalists'
Library, 66gQ. Leisure Hour, v. 31, 26417. Nature [Intellect of], v.
8, 2668 T. Once a Week, v. 16, 22767. Scribner [Shooting], v. 20,
18707. "Fishes, &c.

Person (Richard, Classical Critic, Librarian of the London Institution, 1805, b.
1759, d. 1808). See Chambers, v. 36, 19447. Creasy's Etonians, 14200.
Leisure Hour, v. n, 26217. Nicoll's Great Scholars, ggiQ, c.

Port Royal, France. See Edinburgh Review [Port Royalists], v. 73,4337. Fraser
[and the Port Royalists], v. 60, 6707. Leisure Hour, v. 24, 26347.
Living Age [Beard's History of] v. 69, 30997.

Port Royal, 7amaica. See All the Year Round, v. 52, 18127. Chambers [Great
..- Earthquake of], v. 60, 19607. 7 ama i ca > West Indies, c.

Port Wine. See Once a Week [Word to Port Wine Drinkers], v. 14, 22747.
Thudichun's Alcoholic Drinks, 9 86M. Wine, &c.

Porter (Anna M., Norelist, b. 1781, d. 1832). See Fiction Class List following
the General Catalogue.



Forter (G. R., Secretary of the Board of Trade, l>. 1792, d. 1855),
F.R.S., Progress of the Nation in its various Social and
Economical Relations from the beginning of the Nineteenth

Century to the Present Time, 3 vols. 1836-43 2I3-5R

Tr. Popular Fallacies regarding General Interests, by Bastiat ... 523T

Forter (Miss J., Novelist, Sister of Anna AT., l>. 1776, d. 1850), Ed.,
Sir Edward Seaward 's Narrative of his Shipwreck, and Dis-
covery of certain Islands in the Carribean Sea [Travellers'

Library]. 1853 !28oR

See also Fraser [with portrait], v. n, 621 J. Fiction Class List following the

General Catalogue, &c.

Forter (J. L., Traveller, />. 1823), A.M., Five Years in Damascus... 15 50- 1 R
Forter (J. S., Professor of Sacred Criticism], Principles of Textual
Criticism, with their Application to the Old and New Testa-
ments. 1848 452A

Forter (W., Major-General Royal Engineers'], History of the Corps

of Royal Engineers, 2 vols. 1889 423-4!!

Knights of Malta, or the Order of St. John of

Jerusalem, illustrated. 1883 54iH

Forteus (B., Bishop of London, 1787, b. 1731, d. 1808), D.D., Evi-
dences for the Truth and Divine Origin of the Christian Reve-
lation 63Z

Fortfolio Papers, by Hamerton. 1889 n68M

[Essays on Art. Biographies of Artists, c.].

Portfolios. See Girl's Own Annual [A Gossip on], v. 10, 25607, &c.
Portia, Shakespeare's. See Blackwood, v. 129, iggj. Shakespeare's Female

Characters, 4igD, c.

Portland.. See Chambers [and the Breakwater], v. 29, 1941 J. Cornhill [Isle of],
v. 46, 326J. Good Words [Visit to Portland Prison], v. 14, 21847.
Household Words [Island], v. 17, 1757]- Leisure Hour [and its
Quarries], v. 10, 26207. Once a Week [Harbour of Refuge], v. 2,
22627 ; [Three Days at], v. TO, 22707, c.

Porto Rico. See Edinburgh Review [Flinter's Ac:ount of], v. 60, 42oJ. Nature,
v. 29, 268gJ. Tyng's Stranger in the Tropics, i643R, &c.

Fortrait of an English Churchman, by Gresley. 1840 335^

Portraits of the Principal Reformers of the Sixteenth Century. 1835 269^
Portraits. See Blackwood [in this Style], v. 100, 1707. Contemporary [English
National], v. 9, 20197. Cornhill [Portrait Art of the Renaissance], v.
47> 3 2 7J- Dyce and Forster Collections, 1036M. Art 7 ourna l [Ex-
hibited in London from 1760 to 1880], v. 35, R.L. Harper's Index,
164073. Photography, c.

Portsmouth. See All the Year Round, v. i, 17617 '> [Easter Monday at], v. 19,
17797. Art 7ournal, v. 34, R.L. Land we Live in, 4646. Leisure
Hour [New and Old], v. 24, 26347. Once a Week [Dockyard of], v. 7,
22677. Penny Magazine [Description of], v. 6, I44B, &c.

See also Molloy's London under Charles II., 26oO. Charles II., &c.

Portsmouth (Louise De Keroualle, Duchess of, Mistress of Charles
II., b. 1649, d. 1734), 1649-1734, or How the Duke of
Richmond gained his Pension, and a Preface by Mrs. Craw-
ford. 1887 643F

Portugal and Galicia, with a Review of the Social and Political State

of the Basque Provinces, by the Earl of Carnarvon. I448R and 637Z

Spain, History of [Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopcedia], 5 vols. 1832 22-6O

See also Alison's Europe, 119-460. Blackwood [Politics ofj, v. 70, 1407 ;

[Country Life in], v, 128, 1987 ; [Portuguese in East Africa], v. 144,
2147. Fortnightly [Through], v. 40, 21307. Fraser [Portuguese Bull
Fight], v. 34, 6447 ; [Wine Country of], v. 36, 6467. Froissart's
Chronicles [Ancient], 312-50. Harper, v. 63, 16437. Hunter's In-
dian Empire, 485]^. Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe [Lan-
guage and Poetry], 4730. Madden's Shrines, 343K. Maunder's
Treasury of History, i8s6Z. Penny Magazine [Commercial History
and Resources of], v. 8, 146B. Stanford's Compendium, 8s4K, &c.


Posidippus. See Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome, 4740, &c.

Positivism. See Contemporary [and Christianity], v. 8, 2oi8J ; [Religion of], v.
27, 2037J. Escott's England and its People, ioi8F. Fortnightly
[History of, during 1884], v. 43, 2133.!. Saturday Review [Prospects
of] v - 53, R.L. , [Positivists 1 Religion], v. 58, R.L. ; [Positivists and
Politics], v. 61, R.L. Westminster [Positivist Philosophy], v. 62, R.L.

Posnett (H. Macaulay), Comparative Literature [Int. Scien. Series]. 394R

Post and Telegraph, Past and Present, with an Account of the Tele-

phone and Phonograph, by Tegg. 1878
ce. See All the Year Round [Mails], v. i, 1

Post Office. See All the Year Round [Mails], v. i, 17617 ; [Provincial], v. 9,
17697. Chambers [Curiosities of our], v. 25, 19397 ; [Life Assurance and
Annuities], v. 61, 19617 ; [a Year's English Postal Work], v. 63, 19637.
English Illustrated [English], y. i, 19917 1 [Parcels and Telegraphs], v.
5, 1 995J- Fraser [in Great Britain, General], v. 39, 6497 ; [Insurance],
v. 90, 7007. Girl's Book [Clerks], 1257!!. Household Words [Money
Orders], v. 5, 17457 ! [Chinese Postmen], v. u, 17517- Leisure Hour
[Savings Bank], v. 10, 26207 5 v - J 7> 26277 '> [-French], v. 23, 26337 J
[General, London], v. 25, 26357 5 [in many Lands], v. 35, 26457.
Living Age [Inquiry], v. 2, 30327. Martineau's Thirty Years' Peace,
449B. Once a Week [Past and Present], v. 12, 22727. Peto's Taxa-
tion, &c., ioi6F. Quarterly [London, Mechanism of], v. 87, 12177.
Roberts' Social History, 3oiH. Saturday Review [English, Parcels
Post], v. 56, R.L. Wynter's Human Hive, 244R. Wynter's Social
Bees [General], nsgR. Tegg's Posts, &c., 563 R, &c.

Postage, History of Penny Postage, by Sir Rowland Hill and G. B.

Hill, 2 vols. 1880 ............... '. ..................................... 3i6-;F

- See also All the Year Round [Cheap], v. 25, 17857. Chambers [Stamps], v.

58, 19587. Coles' Public Life, I94-5F. Fortnightly [Penny Universal],
v. 46, 21367. Fraser [Report of Select Committee on], v. 18, 6287, &c.
Postage Stamp Catalogue and Collector's Guide, by Viner. 1887. QioD

- Stamps, Young Collector's Handbook of, by Ogilvy, illustrated.. i844Z
- - See also Boys' Own Annual [New, issued during 1880-1], v. 4, 29547.

Houseman's Museum [Collecting], g2R. Knowledge [Forgeries of], v.

4, 25847. Leisure Hour, v. 8, 26187 \ v - I2 > 26227.
Postal Cards versus Envelopes. See Chambers, v. 47, 19507, &c.
Post-Diluvian History. See Dew's Nations, 53H, &c.
Post-Mortem Examinations. See Newth's Necroscopy, I455Z.
Postures, a Means of Describing Movements. See Warner's Physical Expres-

sions, 393R, &c.
Potash.. See Penny Magazine [Manufacture of, in Canada], v. 10, 1486. Ure's

Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, 8-gD, c.
Potato, The. See Beeton's Household Management, 997M. Chambers, v. 4,

19247 5 [Supply of], v. 60, 19607. Cooke's Fungi [Potato Disease], 383R.

Girl's Own Annual [Fried], v. 7, 25577. Good Words [Potato Disease],

v. 25,21957. Knowledge [Something about], v. i, 25817 ; [in Ireland], v.

5, 25857. Leisure Hour, v. i, 26117. Living Age [Potato Rot], v. 14,
30447. McCulloch's British Empire, 7H-2H. Nature [Potato Dis-
ease], v. 6, 26667 ; [Invigoration of, by Crossing], v. 31, 26917 ; [Origin
of our], v. 34, 26947 ; [Introduction into England, Tercentenary of], v.
35, 26957. Penny Magazine [Products ofj, v. 12, i^oB. Science
Gossip, v. 6, 24127 ; [The Potato Disease], v. 8, 24137 ; [History of],
v. 10, 2414!. Vegetable Substances, 609(3. Vegetables, Food, &c.

Potenger (Ensign A. D., of Guernsey). See Sarnia [p. 52], 14160.

Potomac, The. See Featherstonhaugh's Canoe Voyage, 726K. Leisure Hour

[Up the, 1814], v. u, 26217, De-

pots and Pans. See ;A11 the Year Round [Pottery], v. 56, 18167, &c.
Potsdam. See Leisure Hour [Royal Palace at], v. 15, 26257. Time [and its

Princes], v. 19, 15097, &c.
Potter (E. T.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i6 4 o7a, &c.

Potter (J., Archbishop of Canterbury, b. 1674, d. 1747), D.D., Anti-
quities of Greece, with a Life of the Author, by Anderson,
and an account of the Greek Authors, by Dunbar, 2 vols. 1832 874-5!^

Potter (R., Classical Scholar, b. 1721, d. 1804), M.A., Tr., ^ischy-

lus [Family Classical Library]. 1833 .............................. H52Q

- - Euripides [Family Classical Library], 3 vols. 1832 .............. II4I-3Q

21 [60 9 ]


Pottery and Porcelain, Medieval and Modern, by J. Marryat. 1868 936D
- the Precious Metals, by Wheatley. 1886 ........................... 932!)

- French, by Gasnault and Gamier, illustrated. 1884 ............... IO62M

- Painting, a Course of Instruction in the Various Methods of

Working on Pottery and Porcelain, by Miller, illustrated ... IO6QM

- See also Academy [Art _ of the Old English Potter], v. 25, R.L. All the

Year Round [Unique], v. 50, iSioJ. Art Journal [and Porcelain,
Marks on], v. 7, R.L. ; [Ancient History of], v. 10, R.L. ; [Moorish,
Persian and Rhodian Glazed], v. 29, R.L. Bourke's Snake Dance, &c.,
yiyK. Brown's Palaeolithic Man, gosF. Chambers [Visit to the Derby-
shire], v. 10, igsoj. Church's English Earthenware, io6iM. Contem-
porary [Old and New], v. 45, 2O55J. Harper [and Porcelain], v. 48,
i628J ; [Cincinnati, Decorative], v. 62, i642j ; y. 77, 16577. Lei-
sure Hour [Art, at Lambeth], v. 34, 26447. Living Age [and Por-
celain, History of], v. 26, 30567 ; [in Fiji], v. 160, 3190}. Longman
[Prehistoric], v. 6, 8g6J. Nadaillac's Prehistoric America, Bg-jF.
Penny Alagazine [History of a Teacup], v. 8, 1466. Saturday Review
[Japanese, Bowe's Marks and Seals], v. 54, R.L. South Kensington
Science and Art Handbooks. Ure's Dictionars", 8D. Wedgwood's
Teacup, &c., 8s6Z. Wright's The Celt, the Roman and the Saxon,
15200. Keramics, Earthenware, Porcelain, &c.

Pottinger (Major Eldred). See Kaye's Indian Officers, 14540.

Pottinger (Sir H.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Poucliet (F. A.), M.D., The Universe, or the Infinitely Great and

the Infinitely Little, illustrated. 1882 ............................. 72iF

Ploughkeepsie Seer. See Fraser [and his Revelations], v. 37, 6477.

POULTRY Book, The, by Tegetmeier, illustrated .................... 6646

- Domestic, &c., by Mowbray, illustrated. 1842 ..................... I73R

- edited by Doyle, coloured illustrations. 1854 .................. &25F

for Prizes and Profit, by Long

- Keeping for Pleasure and Profit, by Roland. 1888 ...... 828F and iQiR

- Ornamental and Domestic, and their Management, by Dixon,

&c. 1855 ................................................................. 6iR

- The Henwife, by Hon. Mrs. Arbuthnot, coloured illus. 1887 ... ig8R

- their Breeding, Rearing, Diseases and General Management, by

Dickson, with additions by Loudon, illustrated .................. I72R

- See also All the Year Round v. TO, 1770 J. Beeton's Home Pets, igsR.

Boy's Own Annual [Poultry Run], 29577 and v. 10, 29607. Cassell's
Family Magazine [How to Keep], v. 9, 23587 ; Pastimes, I262H.
Chambers [Show], v. 35, T944J ; [Yard], v. 39, ig46J ; [Poultry-Farming,
will it Pay?], v. 58, 19587. Eggs, &c., 555Q. Harper [Breeding, a
Lady's Enterprise], v. 47, i627j. Health Lectures [as a Food], 83gM.
Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 657(3. Jesse's Gleanings [the Hen],
579Q. Macmillan [Keeping, as a National Industry], v. 41, 97 ij.
Martin's Domestic Fowls, 74iZ. Girl's Own Annual [Poultry Farm-
ing], v. 10, 2560.7.
Pounds ( T . ), Recollections of, by Hawkes. r 884 ....................... 93O

- See also Boy's Own Annual, 1885, 29577.
Poussin (Nicolas). See Fortnightly, v. 17, 21077.

Poverty. See Blackwood [of London], v. 57, 1277. Chambers [Pleasures of], v.

9, 19297. Fraser [Crime, and Emigration], v. i, 6u7- Nineteenth

Century [What is the Pinch of?], v. 7, 22177. Quiver, v.'n, 32817.

Reaney's East End, I997R. The Poor, c.
Powder. See Chambers [Through the Powder Mills], v. 24, 19387 ; [Magazines

at Purfleet], v. 41, 19477 Gunpowder, &c.

Powell (B. H. Baden, Natural Philosopher, l>. 1796, d. 1860), M.A.,

Creation, and its Records. 1886 ................................. u8oM

- Historical View of the Progress of the Physical and Mathematical

Sciences [Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopaedia]. 1834 ............... 47 iR

- History of Natural Philosophy from the Earliest Periods to the

Present Time. 1842 .................................................. 72iQ



Powell (B. II. Baden), Order of Nature Considered in Reference to

the Claims of Revelation. 1859 443^

Study of Evidences of Christianity [Essays and Reviews] 662A

The Connection of Natural and Divine Truth, or the Study of

the Inductive Philosophy considered as subservient to
Theology. 1838 I34K

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Powell (M.) See Manning (A.)

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Powell (Lieut.-Col. T. S., of 'Guernsey), C.B. See Sarnia [p. 70], 14160.

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Years Amongst the Cannibals of New Britain, illus. 1883... 782 K

Power and Liberty, by Tolstoi, translated by Smith 15270

Wisdom and Goodness of God, by Chalmers [Bridgewater

Treatise]. 1853 26oM

Power (Cecil). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Powers (H. N. and S.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.
Powers (Hiram, the Sculptor). See Living Age, v. 15, 3045).
Poynter (E. J., Historical Painter, b. 1836), R.A., and Buxtpn
(H. J. W.), M.A., German, Flemish and Dutch Painting

[Illustrated Text Books of Art]. 1881 IO79M

and Head (P. R.), Classic and Italian Paintings [Illustrated Text

Books of Art]. 1880 loSoM

Practical Essays, by Bain. 1884 26iR

Common Errors on the Mind. Errors of Suppressed Correlatives. Civil

Service Examinations. Classical Controversy. Aletaphysics and

Debating Societies. University Ideal. Art of Study. Religious

Tests. Parliament, &c.

Practical Natural History. See Boy's Own Annual, v. i, 29517. Natural His-
tory, &c.
Practical Piety, or the Influence of Religion on Life, by More, 2 vols. 4i6-7M

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