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Practical Thoughts, by Kevins i6^gZ

Practical View of Christianity, by Wilberforce 83Q and i66gZ

Practical Wisdom, or Counsels of Eminent Men to their Children I93Q
Raleigh. Burleigh. Sidney. Strafford. Osborn. Hale. Bedford.

Penn. Franklin, with Lives of the Authors.
Practical. See in connection with this word various subjects, e.g., Art, Science,

Religion, Philanthropy, &c.
Pradt (AbbS de, French Prelate and Dipltwatist, b. 1759, d. 1837). See

Napoleon and his Detractors, 644F, &c.

Praed(Mrs. C.)- See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Praed (W. A.). See Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 47 6D.
Praed (W. M., Poet, b. 1802, d. 1839). See Contemporary, v. 20, 2O3oJ. Gris-

wold's Poets and Poetry of England, 472!). Harper's Index,

i64oja, &c.

Praeger (F.) 7>-., History of Music, by Naumann, ill., 2 vols 928-90

Praetorian Guards. See Niebuhr's History of Rome, 88H, &c.

Prague. See Green's German Pictures, 3336. Harper [Glimpses of], v. 56,

i6s6J. Laurie's Mediaeval Education [Prague University], 3o6R.

Leisure Hour [and its Memories], v. 7, 2617^. Once a Week, v. 3,

2263J, &c.
Prairie and Forest, or the Game of North America, by Gilmore.... I593R

Prairie Traveller, by Marcy. 1859 , 4i8T

Prairies. Across the, and over the Alleghanies, by Peyton. 1870. 1591 R

Commerce of the, by Gregg, 2 vols. 1844 795-6Q

Experiences, in handling Cattle and Sheep, by Shepherd. 1884 7i6K

See also Blackwood [and the Swamp], v. 54, R.L. Chambers [and their

Inhabitants], v. 55, 1955 J. Good Words [Sketches on], v. 19, 2189!.

Living Age [Commerce of], v. 3, 30331 ; [Camp Life on], v. 160, 3190').

Stanford's Compendium [Prairie Regions], 8soK. America, United

States, &c.

Praise. See Quiver [Influence and Power of], v. 26, 3296!, &c.
Pratinas. See Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome, 4740.



Pratt (Anne, Botanist}, Common Things of the Sea Coast, ill. 1856
_ Dawnings of Genius, or the Early Lives of some Eminent Per-

sons of the Last Century. 1841 .................................... 2O5Z.

_ Poisonous, Noxious, and Suspected Plants of our Woods and

Fields [S.P.C.K.], illustrated ....................................... 38D-

_ Wild Flowers [S.P.C.K.], coloured plates, 2 vols. 1857 ......... 846-;Z

Pratt (F. E.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 16407 a.

Pratt (J.), B.D., Ed., Life of David Brainerd. 1834 .................. 966Q

Pratt (S. J.), Actor and Bookseller, b. 1749, d. 1814), Liberal

Opinions, or the History of Benignus; 4 vols. 1783 ......... 1239-42^

Pratten (B. P.) and others, 7>., Writings of Justin Martyr and

Athenagoras [Ante-Nicene Library]. 1879 ..................... 376A

Prawns. See Once a Week [Prawning on the Sussex Coast], v. 17, 22777.

Temple Bar [and how to catch them], v. 18, 13387. Shrimps, &c.
PRAYER Book, Lectures on the, by Massingberd. 1864 ............ 580*

- Does God Answer ? by Edgar. 1883 ................................. 642M

Prayers, and Offices of Devotion for Families, by Jenks. 1847 ...... 43Z

- and Meditations, by Johnson. 1806 .................................... 632M

- during the Reign of Queen Elizabeth. 1851 ....................... 227A

- from the Plymouth Pulpit, by Beecher. 1 870. ... ..................... 633M

- Great Necessity of Public Prayer, by Beveridge. 1708 ............ loZ

- in the Congregation, by Beecher. 1868 ................................ 223Q

- The Mercy Seat, or Thoughts suggested by our Lord's Prayer,

by Spring ................................................................... 47oM

- See also Bickersteth (E.), 53Q. Contemporary, v. 20, 20307. Good Words

[and natural Law], v. 14, 21847. Hamilton's Lectures, 4oZ. Inman's
Faiths, g6K. 7 onnson (S.), 632^!. 7hn s on's Works, 993H. Ken's
Divine Love, 4Q. Knight's Pictorial Bible, ioi-4M. Knowledge
[and Weather], v. 3, 25837. Mortimer's Light in the Dwelling
[Family], 3goM. Stoughton's Religion in England [Prayer Book, The],
92-4^1. Sunday Magazine [Does it do anything], v. 13, 24707 ',
[Success in], v. 13, 24707 ; [Essentials of], v. 14, 24717. Wilson's
Our Father in Heaven, i65Q. Sunday Magazine [German War-
Prayers], 24577, & c -

Preacher, The, containing Sermons by Eminent Living Divines ..... 267-73!^
C. Bradley, B. Noel, T. Dale, Busfield, Hall, H. Melvill, H. S. Plumtre,
W. Dodsworth, H. M. Neile, ]. H. Evans, C. Benson, W. Blood,
R. C. Dillon, 7. Vaughan, ]. Sankey, W. 7ay, H. Blunt, ]. Topham,
Dr. Fletcher, Dr. Raffles, Dr. Thorpe, ]. P. Alcock, Chalmers,
7. E. Tyler, E. Bickersteth, Dr. Rudge, E. Rice, 7. Goode, ]. M.
Cumming, S. Ramsay, D'Arblay, G. Bowers, W. Stone, H. Stowell,
E. Irving, Dr. Holloway, T. Lewis, H. Pening, W. Dealtry, &c.

Preacher's Cabinet of Illustrations, by Thring .......................... 49 1 M

- Classics of the English Church, with Introduction,.by Kempe.... 581-20

Donne, Barrow, South, Wilson, Butler, 58 iQ. Bull. Horsely, Taylor,
Tillotson, Andrewes, 5820.

- Lives of Early Methodist Preachers, edited by Jackson. 1837 I4IO-I2Z
- Manual, by Sturtevant. 1875 ............................................. 141 A

Preaching, Apostolical, by Sumner. 1820 ................................ I73K

- Colloquies on, by Twells. 1889 ................................. ...... I24OM

- Lectures on the History of, by Ker, edited by Macewen. 1888. H92M

- The Study, Helps for Preachers, from English, American, and

Continental Sources. 1873 .......................................... 499-A-

- See also Academy [Mahaffy on Decay of Modern], v. 21, R.L. Carpen-

ter's Prophets of Christendom, 9350. Century [for our Times], v. 9,
17797. Contemporary [Ordinance of], v. 4, 20147. Fowler's American
Pulpit [American], 78K. Eraser [Modern], v. 79, 6897. Good Words
[on the Stage], v. i, 21717. Hood's Preachers, 54iM. Punshon
(W. M.), 9360. Quarterly [Village], v. 59, 11897. Quiver [Silent
Preachers], v. 22, 32927 ; [Great Preachers], 33017. Saturday Review
[Modern], v. 53, R.L. Sunday at Home [Underground Preaching], v.
12, 28627. Taylor's Scottish Pulpit, 635A. Temple Bar, v. 70, 14007.
Sermons, &c.



Pre-Adamite Earth. See Temple Bar, v. 3, 1333!. Antediluvian World, Earth,
World, Geology, &c.

- London, a Lecture, by Nash. 1879 674D

Precedence. See Chambers [Matters of], v. 51, I952J. Escott's England and

its People, ioi8F. Temple Bar [Conventional], v. 56, 13867. Etiquette,

Customs, &c.

Precepts. See Mushet's Symbols, 42oM, &c.

Precious Stones, by Church [South Kensington Handbooks]. 1883. IO47M
See also All the Year Round, v. 5, 17657. Ansted's Minerals, 6zoQ. Argosy

[Various], v. n, nj. Boy's Own Annual, v. 5, 29557. Cornhill [Myths

of], v. 48, 328 J. Emanuel's Diamonds and Precious Stones, n63M.

Murray's Diamonds, TogsM. Simonin's Mines, 632-36. Diamonds,

Pearls, Jewellery, Gems, &c.
Precious Thoughts, Moral and Religious, gathered from Ruskin's

Works, by Tuthill. 1879 826R

Precocity and Genius. See Nineteenth Century, v. 19, 22297, &c.
Predestination. See Contemporary, v. 20, 20307. Quarterly [Copleston on],

v. 26, 11567, &c.
Predictions, See All the Year Round [Fulfilled], v. 24, 17847. Blackwood,

v. 4, R.L. Chambers [Scientific and commercial], v. 57, 19577* Timbs'

Works [Historical], 8 5 6Z, &c.

Preece (William Henry), F.R.S. See Nature, vol. 40, 27007.
Prefaces. See Living Age [and Dedications], v. 61, 30917.
Prehistoric Europe, a Geological Sketch, by Geikie. 1881 865F

World, by Becket, translated by Safford 5*3^

See also Adam's Underground World, 592(3. Chambers [Man], v. 63, 19637.

Dawson's Fossil Men [in Europe], io23M. Leisure Hour [Homes in
Switzerland, v. 22, 26327. Nature [Archaeology], v. i, 26617 5 [Giants]
v. 27, 26877 ; [Cemeteries] v. 32, 26927, &c.

Prejudices. See Cornhill [International], v. 34, 3147. Macmillan [and Prin-
ciples], v. 22, 9527. Quiver, v. 30, 33007, &c.
Premature Interment. 'See Timbs' Works, 8s6Z, c.

Prendergast (T.), The Mastery of Languages, or the Art of Speak-
ing Foreign Tongues Idiomatically. 1869 1032!!

Prentice (G. D.), Poems of, edited with Biographical Sketch by

Platt. 1887 778M

Works of. See Harper's Index, 164073. Poets of America, 4680, &c

Prentiss (Elizabeth, Author of Stepping Heavenward], Life and

Letters of, by G. L. Prentiss, illustrated. 1883 93iO

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Pre-Raphaelitism [by Ruskin]. 1880 847R

PRESBYTERIAN Church in the United States, Constitutional

History [1705-1788], by Hodge 272A

in Ireland, by "Reid, 3 vols. 1867 2II-3M

throughout the World, containing Portraits and Biographical

Notices of Knox, Chalmers, Calvin, Luther, William of

Orange, &c. 1875 27iA

See also Brown's Propagation of Christianity [Missions], v. 2, 26sA.

Brodie's British Empire, 212-4}!. Burton's Scotland [1648-1747],
336-7H. Clarendon's History of the Rebellion, 299-3020. Contem-

pprary Review [The Progress of Presbyterianism], v. 54, 20647. Fort-
nightly [Union of Church], v. 43, 21337. Green's English People,
190-91 H. May's Democracy, 3gH. Rogers' Scotland, 949-5 iF.
Stoughton's Religion in England, g2-gM. Wilson's Dissenters,

, &c.

Prescott (M. N.). Works of. See Harper's Index, i6 4 o7a.
Prescott (W. H., American Historian, b. 1796, d. 1859), Biographi-
cal and Critical Essays. 1855 I56T

Biographical and Critical Miscellanies. 1856 5?8D

[Irving, Scott, Cervantes, Chateaubriand, Bancroft, Moliere, Ticknor, &c.]
Conquest of Peru, 2 vols 527-SH and 388-90



Prescott (W. H.) History of the Conquest of Mexico, with a View
of Ancient Mexican Civilisation and the Life of Cortes

524-6H and 386-70

Reign of Ferdinand and Isabella, the Catholic, of Spain 390-910

Philip the Second, King of Spain, 2 vols. 1856 ... 392-30

Lifeof, by Ticknor. 1864 577l>

See also Calderon De La Barca's Mexico, 737K. Fraser [In Memoriam], v.

59, 66gJ. Harper, v. 28, i6o8J. Leisure Hour, v. 6, 26i6J. Living
Age [Ticknor's Life of], v. 80, snoj, &c.
PresCOtts of Pamphillon. See Good Words, v. 14,21847.

Prescriptions. See Beeton's Household Management, 997M. Medicine, &c.
Presence of Mind. See Chambers, v. 3, 19237, &c.
Present Day Tracts on Subjects of Christian Evidence, Doctrine and

Morals, by Various Writers, 8 vols. 1883-1887 :
Vol. i. Christianity and Miracles at the Present Day, by Cairns. His-
torical Evidence of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the
Dead, by Rowe. Christ the Central Evidence of Christianity, by
Cairns. Christianity and the Life that now is, by Blaikie. Ex-
istence and Character of God, by Row. Success of Christianity

and Modern Explanations of it, by Cairns 2 34T'

Vol. 2. Christianity and Secularism compared in their Influence and
Effects, by Blaikie. Agnosticism, a Doctrine of Despair, by
Porter. Antiquity of Man historically Considered, by Rawlin-
son. Witness of Palestine to the Bible, by Blaikie. Early Pre-
valence of Monotheistic Beliefs, by Rawlinson. Witness of Alan's

Moral Nature to Christianity, by Thomson 235!"

Vol. 3. - Age and Origin of Man Geologically Considered, by Pattison and
Pfaff. Rise and Decline of Islam, by Muir. Mosaic Authorship
and Credibility of the Pentateuch, by the Dean of Canterbury.
Authenticity of the Four Gospels, by Wace. Modern Material-
ism, by Wilkinson. Christianity and Confucianism compared in

their Teaching of the Whole Duty of Man, by Legge 236!*"

Vol. 4. Christianity as History. Doctrine and Life, by Porter. Religious
Teachings of the Sublime and Beautiful in Nature, by Rawlinson.
Ernest Renan and his Criticism of Christ, by Elmslie. Unity of
the Character of the Christ of the Gospels, a proof of its Historical
Reality, by Row. Vitality of the Bible, by Blackie. Evidential
Conclusions from the Four Greater Epistles of St. Paul, by

Howson . . 2 37"T

Vol. 5. Zend-Avesta and the Religion of the Parsis, by Mitchell. Author-
ship of the Fourth Gospel, by Godet. Present State of the
Christian Argument from Prophecy, by Cairns. Origin of the
Hebrew Religion, an Inquiry and an Argument, by Conder.
Philosophy of Mr. Herbert Spencer Examined, by Iverach.
Man not a Machine, but a Responsible Free Agent, by Row. . . . 238T
Vol. 6. Adaption of Bible Religion to the Needs and Nature of Man, by
Blaikie. Witness of Ancient Monuments to the Old Testament
Scriptures, by Sayce. Hindu Religion, a Sketch and a Con-
trast, by Mitchell. Modern Pessimism, by Thomson. Divinity
of Our Lord in Relation to His Work of Atonement, by Arthur.
Lord's Supper, an Abiding Witness to the Death of Christ, by

Muir 2 3QT

Vol. 7. The Christ of the Gospels, a Religious Study, by Meyer. Ferdi-
nand Christian Baur and his Theory of the Origin of Chris-
tianity, and of the New Testament Writings, by Bruce. Man,
Physiologically Considered, by Macalister. Utilitarianism, an
Illogical and Irreligious Theory of Morals, by Thomson. His-
torical Illustrations of the New Testament Scriptures, by Mac-
lear. Points of Contact between Revelation and Natural Science,

by Dawson 24oT

Vol. 8. Claim of Christ on the Conscience, by Stevenson. Doctrine of the
Atonement Historically and Scripturally Examined, by Stough-
ton. Resurrection of Jesus Christ in its Historical, Doctrinal,
Moral and Spiritual Aspects, by Edgar. Buddhism, a Com-
parison and a Contrast between Buddhism and Christianity, by
Reynolds. Auguste Comte, and the Religion of Humanity, by
Thomson. Ethics of Evolution Examined, by Iverach 24iT



Presentiments. See Cornhill, v. 14, 294]. Quiver, v. 12, 32827, &c.

Presents. See Penny Magazine [Usages regarding], v. 3, 1416.

Preserved Meats. See Chambers [and Meat Biscuits], v. 18, I935J. Fraser, v.
45, 6557. Once a Week [and Vegetables], v. 12, 22727. Meat, c.

Presidents of the United States, by R. W. Lincoln. 1852 576D

See also Bryce's American Commonwealth, 5i7-pH. Harper [Early], v. 68,

16487. Nineteenth Century [Presidential Election in the United
States], v. 24, 22347. Freeman's Essays [Presidential Government],
4i6H. Cassell's Family Magazine [and President Making], v. 15,
13657. Names, e.g., Grant, Lincoln, &c.

PRESS, New York, Progress of American Journalism, from 1840 to

1870, by Maverick, illustrated. 1870 !O3iH

English Newspapers, by Fox Bourne, 2 vols. 1887 ... 1282-3!!

Pictorial, its Origin and Progress, by Mason Jackson, ill 982!!

Spirit of the Public Journals [1823], a Selection of Humorous

Tales, Essays, &c

See also Alison's Europe, 119-460. Blackwood [Influence of], v. 36,
R.L. Chronicles of Newgate [Severity of the Press Laws], v. 2, 3310.
Contemporary [Influence of on the Government], v. 49, 20597. Corn-

hill [Sharpshooters of], v. 7, 2877 ; [French History, to Death of
Mazarin], v. 27, 3077 ; [French History, Reign of Louis XIV. and
XV.], v. 28, 3087 ; [Louis XVI.], v. 29, 3097. Edinburgh Re-
view [Abuses of], v. 22, 3827. Escott's England and its People, ioi7F.
Fortnightly, v. 42, 21327. Fraser [and the Tories], v. 8, 6187 ; [American
Political], v. 52, 662J ; [and Politics], v. 92, 7027. Gentleman's
Magazine [and Parliament], v. 25, 7457. Green's English People,
i<)2H. Leisure Hour [Errors of], v. 16, 26267. Martineau's Thirty
Years' Peace, 4496. May's Democracy, 3gH. Quarterly [Libel and
the Freedom of], v. 117, 12477. Routledge's Popular Progress
[Freedom of the], 1034F. Pitman's Phonographic Reporter [Correc-
tions], i893Z. Sells' and May's Press Guides, R.L. Newspapers,
Periodicals, &c.

Press, Hydraulic. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, 8D.

Pressense (E. De, Eminent French Protestant, b. 1824), D.D.,

Contemporary Portraits, translated by Holmden. 1880 59lO

[Thiers, Voltaire, Strauss, L'Ariege, Dupanloup, Monod, Vinet, Verney,
Robertson, c.]

- Jesus Christ, His Times, Life and Work. 1866 38K

Religions before Christ. 1862 39K

Study of Origins, or the Problems of Knowledge, of Being and

of Duty, translated by Holmden. 1883 644H

The Ancient World and Christianity, translated by Holmden ... IIQ4M

Church of the French Revolution [1789-1802], translated

by Stroyan. 1869 3290

Early Years of Christianity, History of the First Three

Centuries of the Christian Church, translated by Holmden, 4
vols. 1879 :

Vol. i. The Apostolic Age , I97M

Vol. 2. The Martyrs and Apologists igSM

Vol. 3. Heresy and Christian Doctrine I99M

Vol. 4. Life and Practice in the Early Church 2ooM

Pressgang. Sec Chambers [of last War], v. 21, 19377 ; [Story of], v. 57, 19577.
Pretender, The. See Burton's Scotland [1648-1747], 336-7^ Mahon's England,

i84-6H. Stuart (Prince Charles Edward). Chevalier, The, &c.
Pretenders. See Chambers [Claimants to Royalty], v. 63, 19637.
Pretentiousness. See Chambers' 7ournal, v. 60, 19607.
Priaulx Family of Guernsey. See Jacob's Guernsey [part 2, p. 287], 3626.

Sarnia, 14160, &c.

Price (Professor Bonamy, Economist, b. 1807). See Temple Bar, v. 83, 14137) &c.
Price (E. C.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Price (L.), A Manual of Photographic Manipulation. 1858 IO97M



Price (T. , Gardener), The Modern Gardener I496Z

Price (Thos., Chaplain to the Convicts at Woolwich), Wisdom and

Genius of Shakspeare. 1839 IIO5H

Prices. Set Academy [Mulhall's History of], v. 29, R.L. Contemporary [in
England in 1885], v. 47, 2O57J ; [Low, and Depression in Trade], v. 47,
2 57J- Quarterly [High and Low, Tooke on], v. 29, 11597.

Priestley (T., Chemist and Unitarian Minister, b. 1733, d. 1804),
LL.LX, Experiments and Observations on Different Kinds of

Air. 1775

See also Huxley's Science and Culture, 7790. Brougham's Philosophers,

597R. Macmillan, v. 30, 96oJ. Quarterly [Cavendish, Black and
Watt], v. 77, 12077, &c.

Priestley (Joshua), Mental and Moral Excellence, and How to

Attain it; Memorials of John Hessel. 1861 7iiO

True Womanhood and Memorials of Eliza Hessel. 1859 7ioO

Priests, Women and Families, by Michelet, trans, by Cocks. 1846 41 iM

See also Bungener's France, 316-70. Ewald's Israel, 6$K. Eraser [in the

Congregation], v. 72, 6827 ; [in the School], v. 73, 683J. Inman's
Ancient Faiths, 9sK. Knight's Pictorial Bible, ioo-4M. Quiver [and
Kings], v. 15, 3285 J, &c.

Prima Donna, The, Her History and Surroundings, from the Seven-
teenth to the Nineteenth Century, by Edwards, 2 vols. 1888. 678-9F

Prime (A. J., S. I. and W. C.). Works of. See Harper's Index, i6 4 oja.

Primer of American Literature, by Lawrence. 1880 I2O7Z

Primeval World of Switzerland, by Heer, 2 vols 732-3F

Primitive Manners and Customs, by Farrar. 1879 IOI4M

Times. See Antediluvian World, ioi7M. Dew's Ancient and Modern Na-
tions, 53H. Nature [Primeval Alan and Working Men Students], v. 30,
26907. Schmidt's Mammalia, 385!^. Wood's Ireland, 383^ Pre-
Historic Times, Antiquities, Man, &c.

Primogeniture. See Fraser, v. 82, 692J. Nature [and the Evolution Theory],
v. 27, 2687]. Quarterly [and Entail], v. 83, i2i3j, &c.

Primrose, The. See Brown's Science for All, 6276. Buckley's Science [Life of
a Primrose], 514!?.. English Illustrated Magazine [and Cowslips], v.
2,19927. Gentleman's Magazine [Polity of a], v. 27, 747.!. Science
Gossip, v. 3, 2411! ; [and Violets], v. 16, 24197. Flowers, &c.

Primrose League. See Saturday Review [Catholics and the!, v. 61, R.L.
Nineteenth Century, v. 20, 22307. Time [Truth about the], v. 17,
15077, &c.

Prince Consort. See Albert.

Prince of Wales in India, by Gay. 1877 I5O9R

Tour, a Diary in India, by Russell, illus., 2 vols. 1877 ... 603!*

Princess and People, Progress of our Times, illustrated by the

Life and Work of the Prince and Princess of Wales [1863-

1889], by Burdett, with portraits, autographs, &c, 1889 I4I2H

of Wales. See Names, e.g., Albert Edward, &c.

Rupert. See Every Boy's Annual [1886], isosH, &c.

Princes. See All the Year Round [Thirteen Princes of Wales], v. 8, 17687.
Chambers [Princes of Wales and their Marriages], v. 39, 19467. Dixon's
Royal Windsor [and Princesses of England], 325-8!!; H.M. Tower,
[The Young Edward V. and the Duke of York], 321-4^ ' Fraser
[Origin of Prince of Wales' Feathers], v. 103, 7137. Poole's Index,
R. L. Names of Princes, c.

Prince (J. C.), Dreams and Realities, in Verse and Prose. 1850 356Q

Prince Edward Island. See Harper, v. 55, i635j. Murray's British America,
400-2T, &c.

Prince of Wales' Island. See Brassey's Last Voyage, 862K, c.

Princesses, Lives of the English Princesses, by Strickland. 1866.. 5I-8F

of the House of Stuart, Last Four, by Strickland. 1872 5oF



Princesses of Wales, Lives of the, by Finch, 3 vols. 1883 ......... 932-40

- See also All the Year Round [Princesses in the Past], v. 56, i8i6J. Cham-
bers [Princesses married to Subjects], v. 47, 19507. Edinburgh Review
[Hints on the Education of], v. 7, 367]. Fitzgerald's Family of George
III., 74-sF. Fraser [Leaves from the Life of a Princess], v. 38, 6487.
Girl's Own Annual [Princesses of Wales], v. 5, 2555J, c.

Principles. See Compayre's Pedagogy, 2g6R. Sidgwick's Fallacies, agiR, &c.

Pringle (T., Scottish Poet, b. 1789, d. 1834). See Dana's Household Book of
Poetry, 4760. Griswold's Poets and Poetry of England, 4720, &c.

Prinsep (V. C.), Imperial India, An Artist's Journals, illustrated ... 8l6K

Print Works. Sec Penny Magazine [Lancashire, Day at], v. 12, 1506.

Printers. See Chambers [Printers' Blunders], v. 58, 1958.7. Living Age [Famous
English], v. 134, 3164,7. Pastime Papers [of Olden Times], ig96R.
Quarterly [Printer's Devil], v. 65, 11957. Knowledge [On some
Printers' Pranks, by Proctor], v. 12, 2592}. Printing, &c.

PRINTING-, Caxtonandthe Art of [R.T.S.] .............................. i5o6Z

Colour Printing, by Richmond ............................................. H7oM

its Antecedents, Origin, History and Results, by Stark. 1855 ... I284R
- See also Academy [Bibliography of], v. 26, R.L. All the Year Round [Com-

positor's Work, Lessons in], v. 39, 1799.7. Art Journal [Carbon Process
in], v. 20, R.L. ; [Engraved Borders], v. 35, R.L. Chambers [Early,
in China], v. n, 1931.7 ', [in Colours], v. 21, 19377 ; [Autographic], v.
57> J 957J- Chambers' Information, 25-60. .Harper [Early], v. u,
I 59*J '> [Origin of], v. 37, 1617.7. Knight's Caxton, 2oiZ ; Life of
Caxton, i844Z. Leisure Hour [Inside a Printing Office], v. 12, 26227 ;
[Notes on Compositors], v. 12, 26227 ; [The Walter Printing Press], v.
21, 26317 ; [and Binding, the Revised Bible], v. 34, 26447. Penny
Magazine [Compositor's Work], v. 2, 1406. Pike's Crime in England,
3O7H. Richmond's Lithography, &c., ii7iM. Saturday Review [In-
vention of. New Light on], v. 61, R.L. Timbs' Inventions, 258R.
Ure's Dictionary, 8D ; [Printing and Numbering Cards and Marks of
Correction], 8D ; [Printing Ink, Machinery, Blocks, &c.], 8-gD.
Pitman's Phonographic Reporter [Marks of Correction], iSgsZ, &c.

Prior (Sir J., Irish Naval Surgeon, b. 1787, d. 1869), F.S.A., Life

of the Right Hon. Edmund Burke. 1854 ........................ 6o7R

Prior (M., Poet and Diplomatist, b. 1664, d. 1721), Poetical Works

and Life, by Johnson [Bell's Poets of Great Britain]. 1807... 328-oZ

Poems, Life by Mitford [British Poets], 2 vols. 1860 ............ 456-7Q

- See also Contemporary, v. 20, 20307. 7 ones> Poets, 66aM. Leisure Hour,

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Discipline, &c., by Buxton. 1818 ....................................... 322R

Prisons and Reformatories at Home and Abroad, being the Transac-

tions of the International Penitentiary Congress [1872], edited

by Pears. 1872 ........................................................ 4I9H

- Her Majesty's, by one who has tried them, 2 vols. 1881 ......... 307-80

- London, by Dixon. 1850 .................................................. 6o6Z

of London, by Mayhew and Binny. 1862 .............................. I26D

See also Ashton's Fleet, 904F ; Reign of Queen Anne, 68F. Century
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