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Pulpit Analyst, by Parker, Vol. i. 1866 438M

Cyclopaedia. 1875 6o2A

and Christian Minister's Companion, Skeleton of Sermons,

&c., 4 vols. 1844 I39-42K

containing Skeletons and Sketches of Sermons. 1845 455A

Eloquence, by Campbell. 1824 3Q

Memorials, Photographs and Sermons of twenty Congregational

Ministers, edited by Evans. 1878 28oK

Metropolitan Tabernacle, Sermons by Spurgeon [1867]. 1868.... i66K


Table Talk, by Ramsay 2IQT

The Methodist Pulpit, South. 1859

See also Edinburgh Review [British], v. 72, 4327. Fraser [of the Nineteenth

Century], v. 30, 6407. Hood's Preachers, 541 M. Once a Week
[Modern], v. 10, 22707. Percy Anecdotes, 9292. Quarterly [Elo-
quence], v. 29, ing}- Scribner [Bondage of], v. i, 18517. Winged
Word [Pulpit Set Free], i92 3 R, &c.

Pulpits. See Quiver [some Curious], v. 30, 33007. Sunday at Home [some old],
v. 34, 28847 ". [some Notable], v. 35, 28857, &c.

Pulse, The. Nature [Frequency of, and Forces varying it], v. 6, 26667 \ [Pulsa-
tion in the Veins], v. 32, 26927. Penny Magazine, v. 3, 141 B, &c.

Pulsford (J.), Christ and His Seed Central to all Things, a series of
Expository Discourses on Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians

Pulsometer, The. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, &c., gD.

Pulszky (Augustus [Dr. Juris], Hungarian Professor of Law), The

Theory of Law and Civil Society. 1888 I2O2H

Pulszky (F. and T.), White, Red, Black, Sketches of American

Society in the United States, 2 vols. 1853 I2I3R

Pumps. See English Mechanic, v. 47, 10470. 7y ce ' s Dialogues, 6Q5Q. Ure's
Dictionary of Arts and Manufacturers, gD, &c.

Pumice. See Humboldt's Cosmos, 487^, &c.

Pumpkins. See Cassell's Family Magazine [How to Cook], v. 9, 23587. Garden-
ing, Vegetables, &c.

Punch, or the London Charivari, from Vol. i. 1841 R.L.

[There are also afeiv odd vols. in the Lending Library.}

^ See also All the Year Round [in India], v. 7, 17677 ', [in Austra-
lia], v. 9, 17697. Fortnightly [History in], v. 46, 21367. Living Age
[Punch, Biography of], v. 56, 30867. Timbs' Works, 857Z, &c.

Punch, the Puppet. See All the Year Round [and the Puppets], v. 27, 17877.
Cornhill [and Pulcinella], v. 44, 3247. Harper [Story of, with illustra-
tions], v. 42, 16227. Timbs' Works[Antiquityof, &c.],857Z. Puppets, &c.



Punch's Letters to his Son, &c., by Jerrold. 1853 .................... 793 R

Punchard (E. G.), M.A., Commentary on the Epistle of St. James

[Ellicott's School Commentaries] .................................... 2 S3Q

Punctuation. Sec All the Year Round, v. 55, 18157. Girl's Own Annual
[Viewed in a New Light], v. 4, 2554.}. Knowledge [and Printers], v. 4,
2584J ; [Notes on], v. 4, 2584.], &c.

Punic Wars. See Smith's Rome and Carthage, iSigZ, &c.

Punishment and Prevention of Crime, by Du Cane. 1885 ......... 287 R

- Sec also All the Year Round [Punishments in Old Times], v. 42, i822j.
Andrew's Eighteenth Century, 281 R. Blackwood [in the Arm}-],
v. 15, R.L. ; v. 58, J28J. Boy's Own Annual [Peculiar], v. 5,
2 9557- Brand's Antiquities [Obsolete], zoojM. Chambers [in the
Days of Old], v. 31, I942J. Cpmpayre / 's Pedagogy, 2g6R. Eden's
China, 8i3Q. Edinburgh Review [of untried Prisoners], v. 39, 3997.
Gray's China, 52o-iK. Hill's Repression of Crime, ipisF. Inman's
Faiths, g6K. Knight's Pictorial Bible, ioo-4M. Leisure Hour [Old
English Modes of], v. 13, 2623], Nineteenth Century [Experiments
in], v. 6, 22i6J ; [Inequality in], v. 14, 22247. Penny Magazine
[Obsolete], v. 6, 1446. Pike's Crime in England, so/.SH. Timbs'
Works [and Sin], 8 5 6Z, &c.

Punjaub. -See Academy [Legends of], v. 26, R.L. Blackwood [in 1857], v. 89,
T59J. Edinburgh Review, v. 89, 449J. Holmes' Indian Mutiny. 47oH.
Quarterly [War of], v. 78, i2o8J. Temple's India, 486K. India,
Panjab, &c.

Puns. See Chambers [upon Names], v. 21, 1937.!. Leisure Hour [and Pun-
ning], v. 23, 26337, &c.

Punshon (W. M., Weskyan Minister > b. 1824, d. 1881), LL.D.,

Preacher and Orator .................................................. 936O

- Life of, by Macdonald. 1887 ............................................. 6uF

- See also Quiver, v. 10, 3280.7, &c.
Pupil Teacher. See Teachers, Students, School, &c.

Puppets. See Blackwood [of all Nations], v. 75, 1457. Chambers [Popular],
v. 27, 19407. Household Works [Pedigree of], v. 4, 1744!. Saturday
Review [German Puppet-show], v. 59, R.L. Punch, &c.

Purcell (H., Musical Composer, l>. 1658, d. 1695), by Cummings

[Great Musicians]. 1881 ............................................. I22OO

- - See also Matthew's History of Music, 9430, &c.

Purchase System in the Army. See All the Year Round, v. 20, 17807.

Army, &c.

Purgatives. See Man and his Maladies, 93gK. Medicine, &c.
Purgatorio, The, by Dante, translated by Dugdale. 1883 ......... SogM

Purgatory. See Contemporary Review [and Modern Revelations], v. 44,

20547. Fraser, v. 62, 6727. Occult Sciences, igssR, &c.

Puritan Captain, or the Story of Miles Standish, by Abbott ........... 977O

- Nomenclature, Curiosities of, by Bardsley. 1880 .................. 92oM

- Revolution, the Chief Actors in the, by Bayne. 1878 ............ 294A

Puritans and their Principles, by Hall. 1851 ........................... 9oK

- Early, from the Reformation to the Opening of the Civil War in

1642, by Marsden. 1853 ............................................. 7O3A

- Later, from the Opening of the Civil War, in 1642, to the Ejec-

tion of the Non-Conforming Clergy in 1662, by Marsden ..... 7O4A
or, Protestant Nonconformists [1517-1688], by Neal, 2 vols. ... 409-ioA

- - See~also Anderson's Memorable Women [Puritan Times], 831-20. Bisset's
Parliamentary Government, sisH. Bryce's American Commonwealth
[influence of], sij-gH. Cornhill [and Church of England], v. 21, 3017.
Edinburgh Review, v. 42, 4027. Green's English People, igo-iH.
Macmillan's Magazine, v. 58, 9887. May's Democracy, sS-gH. Quar-
terly [in the Highlands], v. 89, 12197. Wilson's Dissenters, iSS-giK.

Purnell (Thomas). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Pursuit of Knowledge under Difficulties [Lib. Ent. Know.]. 1830. 1243^

Purves (D. L.), Biography of Swift [Swift's works] ..................... 5870

22 [625]


Pusey (E. B., Theologian, b. 1800, d. 1882), D.D., Dr. Pusey's
Challenge respecting the Doctrine of the Real Presence,
Answered by Harrison, 2 vols. 1871 555-6A

See also Academy [Obituary], v. 22, R.L. Contemporary [and Ultramontanes],

v. 14, 2024}. Edinburgh Review [Sermon, November sth, 1837], v. 66,
426J. Fortnightly Review [and the High Church Movement], v. 39,
2i2Qj. Fraser [and the Court of Appeal], v. 70, 68oJ ; [and Dr.
Temple], v. 80, 6907. Good Words [and the Oxford Movement], v.
24, 2I94J. Mozley's Essays, 1024!!. Poole's Index, R.L. Quar-
terly Review [and the Church], v. 154, 1-484], &c.

Pushing on in Life. See Good Words, v. 21, 2i9iJ, &c.

Pushkin (Alexander, Russian Poet.}. See Blackwood, v. 57, 1277. Fraser, v.
96, 7o6J, c.

PUSS in Boots. See Home Treasury of Old Story Books, 2863X. Nineteenth
Century [Folk Lore of], v. 13, 22237.

Putnam (A. P.) Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640 Ja.

Putnam (G. P.), A.M., American Facts, Notes and Statistics of

the United States. 1845 IO46F

Ten Years of the World's Progress, a Supplement to the Work

of that Title, a Comprehensive Record of Facts in the Annals

of Nations from 1850 to 1 86 1. 1861 2i6R

Monthly Magazine of American Literature, Science and Art,

vol. I to 10, illustrated. 1853-1857 1290-99!!

Putrefaction and Infection, Essays on the Floating Matter in the

Air, by Tyndall. 1881 5O7R

See also Good Words [and Disease, Living Organisms related to], v. 27

21977. Ure's Dictionary, 8D, &c.

Puzzles. See All the Year Round [Puzzle Mania], v. 44, 1804.7. Boy's Own
Annual, v. 9, 29597. Cassell's Book of Amusements [Mechanical],
i25gH. Chambers [Philosophical] v. 42, 19477. Dalton's Evening Amuse-
ments, I526Z. Every Boy's Annual, [1867], I302H ; [1869], I303H ;
[1874], I304H. Knowledge [the Hog Puzzle] v. i, 25817 ; [the Three-
Square], v. i, 25817 ; [Logical], v. 3, 25837. Leisure Hour [Symme-
trical], 26477, &c.

Puzzledom, Excursions into, by Tom Hood and his Sister, Mrs.

Broderip 1 260! I

Py croft (J., Incumbent of St. Mary's, Barnstaple, b. 1813), M.A.,

Oxford Memories, a Retrospect after Fifty Years, 2 vols. 1885 598-9F

Pye (H. 7-)- See Hamilton's Poets Laureate, 9270.

Pyle (H.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 164073.

Pym (H. N.), Ed., Memories of Old Friends, Letters, &c., of Caro-
line Fox [1835-71]. 1882 8330

Pym (7 onn > Republican Statesman, b. 1584, d. 1643). See Clarendon's History of
the Rebellion, 297-3000. Gardiner's History of England, 463-90.
Green's English People, 191 H. Knight's England, 149!!. Leisure
Hour [with Portrait], v. 20, 26307. Stoughton's Religion in England,
92M. Poole's Index, R.L., &c.

Pyramid, The Great, Its History and Gleanings, by Marks 4O2M

Pyramids. See Adam's Land of the Nile, 75sQ. Becher's Mexico, 738K.
Bellow's Europe, isggR. Blackwood [Record of], v. 52, R.L. ; [Who
Built them, and When?], v. 94, 1647. Cassell's Magazine [Great
Pyramid Standards of 7ustice and Measure], v. 5, .23457*, [A Visit
to the], v. 7, 23477. Este's Recreations in Science, 497R. Fraser
[Builders and Historical Epochs of], v. 16, 6267 ; [Exterior and Interior
Mathematical Characters], v. 16, 6267. Good Words [and Egyptian
Life Four Thousand Years ago], v. 8, 21787. 7^ nCe>s Egypt, 554-5^
Knowledge [the Great], v. 1,3, 4, and 5, 2581 and 2583-57. Leisure
Hour [the Great, Ascent of], v. 33, 26437. Madden's Shrines, 342-3^
Marvels of Art, I227Z. Once a Week, v. 24, 22847. Rawlinson's
Egypt, 4280. Sunday at Home [a Night at the], v. 7, 28577 > v - 35>
28857. Wilson's Egypt, 3750, c.

Pyrenees and Pan, by Russell. 1871 i39iR



Pyrenees, Beam and the, by Costello, illustrated, 2 vols. 1844 ... 4O5-6K

Summer and Winter in the, by Mrs. Ellis 3Q2K and 793Q

The, a Description of Summer Life at French Watering Places,

by Blackburn, illustrated by Dore. 1 88 1 338O

to Spain, by Eyre. 1865 1449^

Sec also All the Year Round [Watering Place in], v. 28,^17887. Blackwood,

v. 62, 132.7. Fortnightly Review [Health Resorts in the], v. 34, 2124],
Fraser [Excursions in the Eastern], v. 59, 669]. Green's French Pic-
tures, 3348. Leisure Hour, v. 13, 2623.7. Once a Week [Gaming
Houses in], v. 28, 2288J. Science Gossip [Ferns of the], v. 20,
242 1 J, &c.

Pyrites. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, 8-qD.

Pyrometer. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, 8D, &c.

Pyrotechny, Art of, by Brown 86oD

See also Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, 8-gD.

Pyrrh.US (King of Epirus, b. 318, killed at Sie^e of Argos, 2726.0.). See

Josephus, 68H. Plutarch's Lives, 447F and 11320,, &c.
Pythagoras (Greek Philosopher, ft. 540-510 B.C.). See Zeller's Greek Philo-

sophy, 538-gM.

id Pythoness. See Chambers, v. 37, 1945.7. Se ,

Pythonic and Demoniac Possession in India and Judea. See Living Age, v. 19,

WUACKERY. See All the Year Round [Some Notable], v. 55, i8i 5 7;
[Ancient], v. 59, 1819!. Ashton's Eighteenth Century Waifs, igsiR.
Inman's Faiths, 95-6Ka. Once a Week [and Quackery, in America],
v. 27, 22877 i [Old, Essay on], v. 36, 22967. Penny Magazine [and
Quack Medicines], v. 7, 1456. Scribner [Spiritual], v. 3, 18537.
Temple Bar [and Quacks], v. 2, 13327 ; [of the Eighteenth Century], v.
37, 13677. Ticknor's Medical Philosophy [Exposition of], U453Z, &c.

Quadrilateral, The. See Cornhill, v. 5, 2857. Leisure Hour, v. 13, 26237.

Quadrupeds. Sec Book of Nature, 390-16. Cooke's Woodlands, 622Q.

Chambers, v. u, 19317. Nature [Bell's History of British], v. 9, 2669}.
Animals, Natural History, &c.

The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 663Q. Natural History, &c.
Quail, The. See Chambers, v. 2, 19227. Macmillan [Shooting in America], v.


Quagga, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 663Q. Natural History, &c.
il, The. See Chambers, v. 2, 19227. Macmillan [Shooting in America], v.
54, 9847. Saturday Review [Shooting], v. 60, R.L. Watson's Sylvan
Folk, 2ii2R. Birds, &c.

Quakers and George Fox, by Bickley. 1884 .............................. 262!"

- Fighting, A True Story of the War for our Union, by Duganne. 4150

- Quaker Laws of Plymouth, U.S ........................................ 4i?O

- Religious Peculiarities of the, by Gurney. 1824 ......... .......... 339^1

- See also All the Year Round [School at Ackworth], v. 49, 18097 ; [White],

v. 55, 18157. Burns' History of Parish Registers, 536H. Edinburgh
Review [Mad], v. 23, 3837. Good Words [in Scotland], v. 13,' 21837 '-
[in Norway], v. 9, 21797 ; [and Convicts], v. 19, 21897. Green's
English People, igi-sH. Harper [Early, in England], 16457 '> [7hn G.
Whittier], v. 68, 16487 ; [Early, in England and Pennsylvania], v. 65,
16457. Knight's England, isoH. Living Age [Decline of Quakerism],
v. 64, 30947 ; [Modern], v. 163, 31937. Macmillan [and Quakerism], v.
34, 9647. Maurice's Kingdom of Christ, 407-8 M. Routledge's Popular
Progress, IO34F. Saturday Review, v. 57, R.L. Stoughton's
Religion [1800-80], g8M. Temple Bar [Quaker's Spiritual Diary], v. 17,
I 347ji [in Ireland], v. 61, 13917- Wilson's Dissenters, iSg-giK.
Society of Friends, c.

Qualitative Analysis. See Nature, v. 6, 26667.

Quantity. See Clifford's Exact Sciences, 392R.

Quarantine. See Beckmann's Inventions, 69;Q. Chambers, v. 61, 19617.
Fraser [Reports of General Board of Health on], v. 47, 6577. Harper
[and Ventilation], v. 18, 15987. Quarterly [and Contagion], v. 27,
11577, &c.

Quarles (F., Poet, b. 1592, d. 1644), Enchiridion, containing Institu-

tions, Divine and Moral. 1856 .................................... I934R

- Sec also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 476D, Sc.



Quarles (J-> Son of above, Royalist Captain aitd Poet, b. 1624, d. of Plague 1665).

See Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760, c.
Qviarries and Quarrymen. See Adams' Underground World, 5920,. Harper

[The Cape Ann], v. 70, i6soj,
Quarter Sessions. See Escott's England and its People, ioi7F. Fraser [From

Charles I. to Charles II.], v. 95, 7057 ; [Under James I., William and

Mary and Queen Anne], v. 96, 7o6J. Penny Magazine, v. 8, 1468, &c.

Quarterly Review, from vol. I. 1809:

Vol. i, 1809. Sir Philip Sidney. Swift. Reliques of Burns. Walpole's

Anecdotes of Painters. Curran's Speeches, &c "3iJ&

Vol. 2, 1809. Intolerance the Disgrace of Christians. William Tell. Cha-
racter of Fox. Madness and Melancholy. Campaign in Spain.
Fox's Works. Domesday Book, c i i32ji

Vol. 3, 1810. Fables and Satires. Claims of the Irish Roman Catholics.

Nelson. Ballads. Song Writing. Herculaneum, &c "33J

Vol. 4, 1810. British and Foreign Bible Society. Reply to Calumnies
against Oxford. Pitt. Depreciation of the Currency. Chalmers'
Caledonia. Sadler's State Papers, &c 1 134 J

Vol. 5, 1811. India. Chinese Language. The License Trade. Russian

Arm}'. Bullion Report. Voyage to Surinam, &c IJ 35J

Vol. 6, 1811. Jamaica in 1808-10. Refutation of Calvinism. Spanish In-
quisition. Oxford University. Hindu Infanticide. Ford's
Dramatic Works, &c 1 136 Ji

Vol. 7, 1812. America. Travels in Iceland. Spanish Colonies. Home

Tooke. Travels in Brazil. Capital Punishment, &c ii3?J

Vol. 8, 1812. Education. Calamities of Authors. French Campaign in
Russia. Cardinal Wolsey. Gustavus Adolphus. Colman's
Poetical Vagaries 1 1 38 J

Vol. 9, 1813. Artificial Memory. British Fisheries. Paley. John Knox.
Malta. Persia, Armenia, and Asia Minor. Colman's Vagaries
Vindicated, &c 1J 39J-

Vol. 10, 1814. History of Dissenters, &c. United States. Greek An-
thology. Hobhouse's Albania. Bossuet. Fdnelon, &c 1140^

Vol. u, 1814. Light. : History of the Azores. English Poets. Letters of
Lord Nelson to Lady Hamilton. Voyage Round the World.
Waverley, &c U4ij

Vol. 12, 1814-15. On Improving the Condition of the Poor. Shipbuilding.
Bonaparte's Russian Campaign. Chalmers' English Poets. De\v.
Oriental Memoirs. Guy Mannering, &c 1 142 J

Vol. 13, 1815. History of Fiction. Life of Wellington. Mungo Park.

Irish Grand Jury Laws. Louis XVIII. Battle of Waterloo, c. ii43j

Vol. 14, 1816. Ceylon. Bonaparte. Mendicity. Melanchthon. Jeremy
Taylor. Kingdom of Cabul. Wordsworth's Poems. Culloden
Papers. Elgin Marbles, &c H44JJ

Vol. 15, 1816. The Poor. Insanity and Mad Houses. Baptismal Re-
generation. Works on England. Population and Production.
History of Persia, &c 1 145 J

Vol. 16, 1817. England and Ireland. Shakespeare. Savings Bank.
Cowper. British Fur Trade in North America. Napoleon.
Landscape Gardening, &c "46J

Vol. 17, 1817. East India College. French Theatres. Tonga Islands.
Java. Discoveries in Africa. Himalayas. Malthus on Popula-
tion. France, &c * *47 J

Vol. 18, 1817-18. Haydn and Mozart. Parliamentary Reform. Voyage to

Hudson's Bay. Poor Laws. Corea. Bengal Native Infantry, &c. iM^J

Vol. 19, 1818. Evelyn's Diary. Power of Russia. Greenland. Turkey.

Iceland. Vaccination, &c "49J

Vol. 20. GENERAL INDEX to the first Nineteen Volumes 1150 J

Vol. 21, 1819. View of America. Natural Theology. Church-of-Eng-

landism. Marco Polo. State of the Law of Copyright, &c IT 5iJ

Vol. 22, 1819-20. British Monarchism. Cape of Good Hope. Ashantee.
Radical Reform. Ancient Greece. Burckhardt's Travels in
Nubia, &c 1 152 J

Vol. 23, 1820. Van Diemen's Land. Translation of the Bible. Emigration
to Canada. Maryborough. Roads and Road Making. Vie

privee de Vcltaire, c 1153!

Vol. 24, 1821. Errors relative to Insanity. Wesley. Italian Tragedies.

Adulteration of Food, &c H54J



Quarterly Review (continued}.

Vol. 25, 1821. Cromwell. Henry Martyn. Depressed State of Agricul-
ture. Gothic Architecture. North-West Passage. Normandy,

&c * 1 155 J

1821-2. Central Africa. Predestination. Travels in Palestine.
Weights and Measures. Population. Ancient Greeks. Kit-
Cat Club, &c H56J

Vol. 27, 1822. Last Ten Years of George II. Camoens. Society and
Manners in America. National Debt. South Africa. War be-
tween Great .Britain and the United States, &c "57J

Vol. 28, 1822-3. Religious Sects. Indian Archipelago. Slave Trade.
Poor Laws. Egypt, Nubia, &c. Irish Melodies. Marriage and
Divorce. Napoleon. Navigation Acts, &c 1158 J

Vol. 29, 1823. Peninsular War. French Tragedy. High and Low Prices.

Spain. French Comedy. Witchcraft. Friar Bacon. Slavery, &c. TI 59J

Vol. 30, 1823-4. New England. Court of Chancery. Political Economy.
Campaign in the Pyrenees and South of France. Mexican Revo-
lution. History of Guatimala. Cowper. Ancient Armour.
Prison Labour. Slavery, &c i i6oj

Vol. 31, 1824-5. Scott and Newton. North American Indians. Savings
Banks. Brazil. Character of the Russians. Funding System.
Rail and Tram Roads. Lisbon. Tithes, &c n6ij

Vol. 32, 1825. Pope. Slavey. South America. Bowles. Chevalier
Bayard. Australia. Ancient and Modern Wines. Brougham
and Education. Who Wrote Eikon Basilike ? &c 1 162]

Vol. 33, 1825-6. Reformation in England. The Vaudois. Last Moments
of Napoleon. Vaccination. Missions to Siam and Burmah.
Usury Laws. Contagion and Quarantine. Pepys' Diary.
Waterton's Wanderings in South America, &c i i6^J

Vol. 34, 1826. Slave Trade. Man in the Iron Mask. Scientific Institu-
tions. Anglo-Saxon Industry. Canova. J. P. Kemble. Ed-
mund Burke. North- West Passage. Voyage to the South Pole.
Madame de Genlis, &c 1 164]

Vol. 35, 1827. Life Assurance Societies. Government of India. Law of
Libel. Hebrew Tales. Sandwich Islands. Burmese War.
Bishop Middleton, &c 1165]

Vol. 36, 1827. Weights and Measures. The Universities. Agriculture
and Rent. Bible Society. T. Wolfe Tone, Founder of the
United Irish Society. Persia. State Trials, c n66J

Vol. 37, 1828. New South Wales. Reformation in Italy. Criminal Law.
Salmon Fisheries. Byron. Corn Laws. Maynooth College.
North Pole, &c n6 7 J

Vol. 38, 1828. Double and Triple Stars. State of Ireland. West Indies.
Legal Reform. Paley's Works. Franklin's Second Polar Expe-
dition. Cultivation of Poor Soils. Coronation Oath, &c n63J

Vol. 39, 1829. Russia. Elementary Teaching. Fagging at Winchester.
Surtees' History of Durham. Banking and Currency. Public
Opinion, &c i i6gj

Vol. 40. GENERAL INDEX to Vols. 21 39 inclusive "joj

Vol. 41, 1829. Progress of Society. Embassy to Ava. Progresses of
James I. Caledonians, Picts, and Scots. History of Scotland.
Co-operation, c 1171!

Vol. 42, 1830. Arabia. Mahcmedanism Unveiled. Ecclesiastical Endow-
ments. East India Company. Real Property Laws. Church
Reform. Insanity. Railroads. Sir T. Stamford Raffles, &c. .. "72j

Vol. 43, 1830. Polynesian Researches. Conquest of Granada. Hiero-
glyphics and Egyptian Antiquities. Peru. Bishop Butler. De-
cline of Science in England. Bishop Heber. Geology. Affairs
of Greece, &c 1 1 73 J

Vol. 44, 1831.- Political Economy. Principles of Morality. Greek Classic
Poets. Byron. French Revolution. Parliamentary Reform.
Spain. Oberlin. Criminal Trials in Scotland. Poor Laws, &c .. 1174!

Vol.45, 1831. Polar Expeditions. Law of Population. Parliamentary Re-
form. Natural Philosophy. British Architects. Doctrine de
Saint Simon, &c H75J

Vol. 46, 1831-2. Dr. Johnson. Political Economy. Wealth and Taxation.
Dr. Bentley. Cholera. Poor Laws. Civil Wars of Ireland.
English Dramatic Poetry, &c 1 176 J



Quarterly Review (continued}.

Vol. 47, 1832. Domestic Manners of the Americans. Fables. Geology.
Campaign in Spain and Portugal. Punishment of Death. Mira-
beau. Revolutions of 1640 and 1830. Balance of Parties. Birds
of America. Cranmer. Health. Industry. Precious Metals.

John Hampden. Mechanism of the Heavens, &c "77J

Vol. 48, 1832. x^nnals of Rajast'han. Political Economy. Robert Hall.
New Zealand. Apparitions. Demonology and Witchcraft. Poor
Laws. Louis VIII. Political Institutions of the United States.

Church Reform, c ii78J

Vol. 49, 1833. Shirley's Dramatic Works. Felix Neff. Tennyson. Dr.

Burney. Naval Timber and Shipbuilding. French Revolution.

Navigation of the Euphrates. Piozziana. Race Horses, &c. .. "79J

Vol. 50, 1833-4. Bridgewater Treatises. Infirmities of Genius. Pelham.

The Reform Ministry and the Reformed Parliament. Poor

Laws. West Indies. China. Church Reform, &c n8oj

Vol. 51, 1834. Pindar. Dr. Adam Clarke. Corn Trade and Corn Laws.
Sir Egerton Brydges. Duke of Wellington's Dispatches. Voy-
ages along the Coast of China. Revolution of 1688, &c 1181 J

Vol. 52, 1834. India. Roman Literature. Mrs. Siddons. Eton School.
Lettres cle Napoleon a Josephine. Germany. Japan. Words-
worth's Poems. Bokhara. Cookery. Hannah More, &c n82j

Vol. 53, 1835. New South Wales, &c. Thebes, Egypt and Nubia. Letter
to Earl Grey, containing a Vindication of the Established Church.
England, France, Russia and Turkey. America. Influence of

Democracy, &c 1 1 83 J

Vol. 54, 1835. Ross' Arctic Voyages. Last Essays of Elia. Cookery.
Municipal Corporations. Sir James Mackintosh. Worthies of
Yorkshire and Lancashire. Iceland. Bolingbroke. Australia.

Robespierre, &c 1*84!

Vol. 55, 1835-6. Poor Laws. Africa. Admiral Viscount Exmouth.
Halley's Comet. Niebuhr. Slave Trade. Sugar Trade. Pro-
vincial Glossaries. Fossil Fishes. Walker's Original, c 1185}*

Vol. 56, 1836. Scrope and Grosvenor Controversy. Geology and Minera-
logy. Paul de Kock. Balzac. Peninsular War. Back's Arctic
Land Expedition. Zoological Society. China and the Chinese,

&c . 1 1 86J

Vol. 57, 1836. Eastern Origin of the Celtic Nations. Phrenology. Gold-
smith. Trial by Jury. Lucien Bonaparte. Factory System, &c. iiSjJ
Vol. 58, 1837. Africa. Nevv Houses of Parliament. Lady Montagu's
Letters. Portugal and Gallicia. Germany in 1831. Popes of

Rome. Napoleon, &c u88>

Vol. 59, 1837. Coleridge. Bastardy Laws. Modern Egyptians. Eti-
quette and Fashion. University Education. Pickwick Papers.

Sketches by " Boz,"&c nSgJ

Vol. 60. GENERAL INDEX to Vols. to 59 inclusive ii9oj

Vol. 61, 1838. Galleries Historiques de Versailles. Diary of the Times of
George IV. Wallenstein. Memorials of Oxford. Canadian

Controversy, &c H9ij

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