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Vol. 62, 1838. Admiral Earl Howe. Art and Artists in England. Pro-
gress of the Nation. William Wilberforce. Gibbon's Rome.
Admiral Earl St. Vincent. Queen Elizabeth andMary Queen of

Scots. Transportation, &c iiQsJ

Vol. 63, 1839. Railways for Ireland. Deer-Stalking and Coursing.
Canada. Natural History of the Sperm Whale. Telford.
Tracts for the Times. Library of the Fathers. Newman and

Pusey, &c IIQ3J

Vol. 64, 1839. Ferdinand and Isabella. Athens and Attica. Oliver Twist.

Geology. Persia and Afghanistan. Post Office Reform, &c. .. "94J
Vol. 65, 1839-40. Printing in the Fifteenth and Nineteenth Centuries. Eng-
land under Edward VI. and Mary. Voyages of H.M.S. Arf-
venturer and Beagle. Socialism. Opium Trade. Chinese

War, &c ii95j

Vol. 66, 1840. Raphael. Pitt. Poems. Polar Expedition. Romilly, &c. 1196}
Vol. 67, 1840-41. State of Ireland. Employment of Children. Church of
Scotland. Lord Palmerston. Sepulchres of Etruria. United
States' Boundary Question. Maynooth College, &c "97J





Quarterly Review (continued}.

Vol. 68, 1841. Belgium. Convict Management. New Zealand. Aus-
tralia. Inductive Sciences. Free Trade. Ireland and the Irish.
Orders of Knighthood. Order of the Garter, c

Vol. 69, 1841-2. Travels in Central America. Architecture. Law of Copy-
right. British Channel Fisheries. Histoire de France. Russia.
Salmon Fisheries. Scotland, &c

Vol. 70, 1842. Animal Chemistry. Greece. Condition of Children em-
ployed in Mines, &c. Botany and Gardening. Diary of
Madame D'Arblay. Pitt and the Duke of Rutland. English
Churches, &c

Vol. 71, 184.2-3. Bees. Homoeopathy. Hydropathy. Anti-Corn Law
Circular. Sir Astley Cooper. Treaty of Washington, &c

Vol. 72, 1843. British Museum Catalogue. The Waldenses. Noble Eng-
ii_i. 171 :i:_ <? f T>ii'^ TT:, ~ -. -

lish Families. Sir C. Bell's Discoveries. Coinage of the Greeks
and Romans. Sir D. Wilkie. Irish Fisheries. Irish Land-
lords, &c

Vol. 73, 1843-4. The Waldenses and the Vaudois. William Taylor, of
Norwich. Student Life of Germany. Discoveries on the North
Coast of America. Conquest of Mexico. James Brindley.
Russia, &c

Vol. 74, 1844. Lord Chancellor Eldon. Railways. Ancient Laws and
Institutes of England. Life of a Radical. Dr. Arnold, of Rugby.
James Harris, First Earl of Malmesbury, &c

Vol. 75, 1844-5. Painting and Design. Egypt. Women and Wives of
England. Scottish Poor Laws. Repeal of the Union. Eccle-
siastical Architecture of Italy. England and France, &c

Vol. 76, 1845. Census of 1841. Etruria. Mexico. The Holy Land.
Blanco White. War in France and Belgium, 1815. Fall of
Napoleon. Maynooth and the Jew Bill. Lady Hester Stan-
hope. Chesterfield's Letters. French Revolution, &c

Vol. 77, 1845-6. Lord Chancellors. Eusebius. Salmon Fishing in the
Tweed. Men of Science. History of the House of Commons.
Church in Scotland. George III. Geology of Russia. Lives of
the Lindsays. Spain. Oregon and California, &c

Vol. 78, 1846. Borneo. Arctic Voyages. David Hume. The Punjaub.
Fortifications of Paris. Education of the Poor. Dost Mo-
hammed Khan. Free Trade and the Corn Laws, &c

Vol. 79, 1846-7. Montrose and the Covenanters. Electricity. Magneti-
zation of Light. Resources of Ireland. Malt Tax. Shakes-
peare. British Costume. Cuneiform Inscription at Behistan.
Arrow-headed Writing. Viscount Sidmouth, &c

Vol. 80. GENERAL INDEX to Vols. 61 to 79 inclusive

Vol. 81, 1847. Progression by Antagonism. Christian Art. The Last
Stuarts. Political Caricatures. From Oxford to Rome. Ross'
Antarctic Voyage. Currency. Financial and Commercial Crisis.
Peru. Mrs. Godolphin. Election Addresses, &c

Vol. 82, 1847-8. Elizabeth Fry. Condition of the Labouring Classes.
Cuba. Prison Discipline. Learned Societies. Statistics of
Scotland. History of Oil Painting. Captivity of Napoleon.
George II. French Revolution in 1848, &c

Vol. 83, 1848. French and Spanish Painters. Sir T. Fowell Buxton.
Church of Rome. Navigation Laws. Events in Borneo and
Celebes. Prostitution. Beaumont and Fletcher. Artillery.
Poland. Schleswigand Holstein. Panslavism and Germanism,

Vol. 84, 1848-9. Fallacies of Railway Investment. Nineveh. History of
Prussia. Duchy of Schleswig. Dalmatia and Montenegro.
Viscount Castlereagh. Astro-Theology. Dog-breaking. Skerry-
vore, Bell, Rock and Eddystone Lighthouses. Austria, &c

Vol. 85, 1849. Astronomical Observations at the Cape of Good Hope.
Thomas Campbell. Chess. Marriage with a Deceased Wife's
Sister. Austria and Central Italy. Wales. Britannia and
Conway Tubular Bridges. Ornithology. Agriculture in Ire-
land, &c

n 9 8J








I2I 3 J



Quarterly Review (continued).

Vol. 86, 1849-50. Natural History of Man. Clergy Relief Bill. Agricul-
ture. Draining. Free Trade. Venice. Lord Clarendon and
the Orange Institution. House of Brandenburg. Queen's
College, London. Grote's Greece. French Revolution of 1848,

&C I2I6J

Vol. 87, 1850. Condorcet. Spectacles. Dr. Johnson. Mechanism of the
Post Office. Laplace. Agriculture in Ancient, Mediaeval, and
Modern Times. Austrian Revolution. Louis Philippe. Spanish
Literature. Education in Wales. Metropolitan Water Supply.
Young Italy, &c i2i;J

Vol. 88, 1850-51. A Hunter's Life in South Africa. Ignatian Epistles.
Ceylon. British Museum. Germany and the King of Prussia.
Southey. The Queen's Ministers and the Pope. Poultry
Literature. Woman in France. Local Self-Government. Cal-
vin. Lord John Russsell, &c I2i3j

Vol. 89, 1851. Gardening. Reformation in Scotland. North America.
Dukes of Urbino. Liturgies. Altar Lights. Bishop Ken.
Norfolk and Suffolk. Sir Thomas Browne. Geology. Church
of Rome. Revolutionary Literature. Co-operation. State of
the Population in the Mining Districts, c i2ioj

Vol. 90, 1851-2. Military Memoirs. Kew Gardens. Anatomy of Expres-
sion. Junius. Modern Poetry. Naval Gunnery. Muskets,
Rifles, and Projectiles. Grenville Papers, &c. . i22oj

Vol. 91, 1852. Afghan War. Catholic Church in Ireland. Lord Jeffrey.
Contemporaries of Lord Clarendon. Breton Bards of the Sixth
Century. Ionian Islands. Irish Fisheries. Dr. Chalmers.
Gold Discoveries. Free Trade, &c i22ij

Vol. 92, 1852-3. Government and Affairs of India. Charles V. British
Museum. Wordsworth. History of Castle Combe. Hungary.
Arctic Expeditions. Wellington, &c I222J

Vol. 93, 1853. Annals of Ireland. Comparative Anatomy. St. Cyprian.
Lord Palmerston. Oxford University Commission. T. Moore.
Thomas A'Becket. Louis XVII. Magnetism, Electricity, &c.
Table Turning and Table Talking, &c 1223 J

Vol. 94, 1853-4. Thomas Gray. Voyages in the Pacific. Guizot. China.
Russia and Turkey. Art Treasures in Great Britain. The
Greek and the Turk, &c I224J

Vol. 95, 1854. Latin Christianity. Greek and Roman Biography,
Mythology, Geography, and Antiquities. Electric Telegraph.
Russians in Bulgaria and Roumelia in 1828-9. Bells. Gold-
smith. Eclipse of Faith, .vc 1225 J

Vol. 96, 1854-5. Preservation of Life from Fire. Dr. John Dalton. The
Atomic Theory. Warming and Ventilating. Consumption of
Smoke. Sebastopol. Conduct of the Crimean War. British
Forest Trees. Food and its Adulterations. The Emperor
Nicholas. Addison. Eastern Question, c 1226

Vol. 97, 1855. Archdeacon Hare. Colchester Castle. Sydney Smith.
The Immaculate Conception. History of Newspapers. Nego-
tiations at Vienna on the Eastern Question. The Charities and
the Poor of London. Arago. C. J. Fo.v, &c I227J

Vol. 98, 1855-6. Table Talk of Selden, Coleridge, and Luther. Reforma-
tory Schools and Juvenile Crime. Fielding. Zoology. Results
and Prospects of the War. Early Roman History. Modern
Painters. Naval Gunnery. Southey. Papers on the Eastern
Question, &c 1228 J

Vol. 99, 1856. Savonarola. Charles I. and the Commonwealth. Hyde
Park Disturbances. Central America. Bacon's Essays. Algiers.
Jules Gerard, the " Lion Killer." Montaigne, &c 1229 J

Vol. TOO. GENERAL INDEX to Vols. 81 to 99 inclusive 1230}

Vol. 101. 1857. Northamptonshire. Ferns. Tweed Fisheries. Crimean
War. General Sir C. J. Napier. Our North-West Frontier.
Switzerland and the Alps. Insanity. Political Songs. Poetry
of the Anti-Jacobin, &c i23*J

Vol. 102, 1857. Society in France before the Revolution. Churches and
Church Ornament. Manchester Art Treasures' Exhibition.
Early Flemish Painters. Divorce. Cornwall, its Mines and
Miners. Rugby School. George Stephenson. Indian
Mutiny, &c 12323



Quarterly Review (continued).

Vol. 103, 1858. Railsvay over Chat Moss. Historic Peerage of England.
Smollett. Wiltshire. Manufacturing Branches of the War
Department. Indian Mutiny. Boswell and Johnson. Agricul-
ture. Michael Angelo. Chatham, Sheridan, Erskine and
" Fox. Lucknow and Cawnpore, &c i 2 33J

Vol. 104, 1858. Admiral Blake. Civilization in England. Wycliffe.
Early Christian Church. Shipwrecks. Trade and Navigation.
British Museum. Indian Mutiny. Giotto. Horace. Last
Four Popes. James Watt and his Inventions, &c. i 2 34J

Vol. 105, 1859. Cornwallis. Shakespeare. Consular Service. Specifica-
tions of Patents. Sanitary Condition of the Army. Dr. John-
son. Bread. Parliamentary Reform. Frederick the Great.
Scottish Ballads and Songs. Napoleon III. and Italy, &c 1235!

Vol. 106, 1859. Erasmus. Life Assurance. Popular Music of the Olden

Time. Geology and Palaeontology. Islands of the Pacific.

Defences of Great Britain and Ireland. Architecture. New

- Zealand. Sinai and Palestine. Tennyson. Strikes. Reform

Bills, &c 1236;

'Vol. 107, 1860. Australia. State of Lancashire. Cotton. Samuel
Crompton. Inventor of the Spinning Mule. Lord Elgin's
Mission to China and Japan. Roman Wall. Cowper. Reform
Bills. Agriculture. Horse Taming. C. R. Leslie, R.A.
Results of the Reform Act of 1832, &c i 2 37J

Vol. ic8, 1860. London Poor. Statistics of the United Kingdom. Post
Office Savings Banks. The Cape and the Kaffirs. Church
Rates. Brazil. Employment of Women. Wills of the Kings
and Queens of England. George Eliot. John Forster. Naval
Gunnery and Fortifications, &c I2 38J

Vol. 109, 1861. Canada. Arctic Searching Expedition. Hudson's Bay
Company. Rise of the Dutch Republic. United Netherlands.
Iron Trade. Affairs of Italy. Dogs. Taxation. Essays and
Reviews. John Lilly, the Euphuist. Travels in Africa.
Pitt, &c I239J

Vol. no, 1861. De Quincey. Monks of the West. Virgil. Ancient
Law. Domestic Annals of Scotland. Scottish Life and Charac-
ter. Civilization in England. Russia on the Amoor. American
Civil War. Shelley. Coal and Coal Pits. Sir Isaac Newton.
Plutarch. Popular Education. Church Rates, &c I2 4J

Vol. in, 1862. Railways. Popular Education. Iceland. Spain. Prince
Albert's Speeches. Lord Castlereagh and Sir C. Stewart.
American Civil War. Dorset. Hymns and Hymn Books.
Reforms in Turkey. J. M. W. Turner, R.A. Indian Archi-
pslago. Shotproof Gun-Shields, &c 1241 J

Vol. 112, 1862. Sir M. I. Brunei. Archbishops of Canterbury. Regula-
tions for the Volunteer Force. English Poetry from Dryden to
Cowper. International Exhibition. Islands of the Pacific.
Bi-centenary of the Ejectment of Nonconformists in 1662. Duke
of Buckingham. Flemish Literature. Belgium, Holland, and
the Rhine. Scepticism. China. North America. Thomas
Bewick. Washington Irving, &c I2 4 2 J

Vol. 113, 1863. Peru' and Mexico. Education. Literary, Scientific, and
Mechanics' Institutions. Russian Empire. Professor Wilson.
Cobden, Palmerston and Disraeli. British India. American
Civil War. Salmon and Salmon Fishing. Colenso on the Pen-
tateuch. Poland. Modern Novels. &c i 2 43j

Vol 114, 1863. Austria and Hungary. Natural History of the Bible.
Palestine. Glaciers. Colonization and Colonies. Emigration.
Washington Irving. Sources of the' Nile. British Engineers.
Sir Wm. Armstrong's Address to the British Association at New-
castle. Thomas Hood. Social Science. Japan. Italy, &c.. i 2 44j

Vol. 115, 1864. China and the Chinese. Cicero. Fish and Fishing. Fish
Culture. Schleswig-Holstein. American Life. Pompeii.
Mexico. General Sir Wm. Napier. Shakespeare. Denmark
and Germany, &c I245J



Quarterly Review (continued}.

Vol. 116, 1864. Ludwig Uhland. Free Thought. Trans-Caucasian Cam-
paign of the Turkish Army. Le Pere Lacordaire. Fine Art,
Abbeys and Castles of Great Britain. Borough Franchise Bill.
Friendly Societies. Sanitary State of the Army in India, &c. .

Vol. 117, 1865. William Blake. Aristotle. Sir John Eliot. Homer's
Iliad. Servia and the Servians. Condition of Turkey and her
Dependencies. Greek Anthology. Confederate Secession.
Correspondence of Napoleon I. Lytton's Novels. Subscription
to the Thirty-nine Articles. Central Asia. Law Books.
English Government and Constitution, &c

Vol. 118, 1865. Rural Sports. Browning. American Civil War. North
Polar Expeditions. Debate on the Oxford Tests Bill. Public
Health. Cathedrals of England. Westminster Abbey. Devia-
tions of the Compass. Magnetic Properties of Iron Bodies.
Italy. Praed. Biography of the Blind. Census of 1861. The
Russians in Central Asia, c

Vol.iiQ, 7866. Livingstone's Travels. Simon de Montfort, Earl of
Leicester. Port Royal. Chateaubriand. Piato. Arabia,
Caricature. Sir Joshua Reynolds. Judges of England. Employ-
ment of Children. Science of Language. The Coal Question.
St. Patrick. Ecce Homo. Parliamentary Reform, &c

Vol. 120, 1866. Duke of Wellington. Metallurgy. The Albert N'yanza.
Bishop Wilson. Disturbances in Jamaica. Reform Bills of
1866. Charlemagne. Chanson de Roland. Ancient Poets of
France. Strauss' Life of Christ. History of Architecture.
Marco Polo. Modern Warfare, c

Vol. 121. GHNERAL INDEX to Vols. 101 to 120 inclusive

Vol. 122, 1867. Charles Lamb. Cholera. ^Esop. Nursery Tales. Game
Laws. Church Ornaments. American Humourists. Land
Tenure in Ireland. George III. Sea Fisheries. History of
Westmoreland and Cumberland. Northmen in Cumberland and
Westmoreland. New America. The Mormons, &c

Vol. 123, 1867. Cornwall. Trades Unions. Strikes and Lock-Outs. The
Talmuds. Source of the Nile. Abyssinia. Representation of
the People Bill, &c

Vol. 124, 1868. Sir Walter Scott. Queen's Book. Confession and Absolu-
tion. National Gallery. Human Longevity. State of Ireland.
Macaulay. Dr. Robert South. University Education. Farm
Insects. Questions for a Reformed Parliament. Humboldt.
Purchase in the Army. The Irish Church, &c

Vol. 125, 1868. Garrick. Railways in India. Coleridge. Manufacture
of Gunpowder. Marco Polo. History of Lace, Proverbs.
Royal Commission on Railways. Deer and Deer Forests. Lake
Dwellings. Homer. Yorkshire. Public Questions, &c

Vol. 126, 1869. Lord Lyndhurst and Lord Brougham. Irish Life. Earth-
quakes. Gladstone. The Ultra-Ritualists. Political Speeches.
St Paul's Cathedral. Compaiative Anatomy. British Mission
to Abyssinia. Education. Turkey and Greece. Massacre of
St. Bartholomew. The Irish Church Question, &c

Vol. 127, 1869. The Levant. Poor Law. Railways. Keble. Darwinism.
Coast Defences. Agrarian Outrages in Ireland. The Koran,
tht. Talmud, the Sunah and the Midrash. Mahomet. Dr. Isaac
Barrow. Owen, Huxley and Darwin. True Story of Lady
Byron. Water Supply. Celibacy, &c

Vol. 128, 1870. Life Assurance. European Morals. Agriculture. George
II. New Zealand and our Colonial Policy. Papal Infallibility.
Jane Austen. Miss Mitford. Irish Land Question. Napoleon
I. The Church in Wales. Prehistoric Archaeology. Education.
Mary, Queen of Scots, c

Vol 129, 1870. The Church and the Age. Metropolitan Police. Sacred
Hymns of the Brahmans. Letter- Writing. Palmerston. Franco-
German War. Modern Artillery. Bismarck, c

Vol. 130, 1871. Our National Defences. Whist. Bismarck. Prussia and
Pan-Teutonism. Financial Statements, 1860-70. Invasion of
France. Lord Chancellors of Ireland. French Patriotic Songs.
First Earl of Shaftesbury. Junius. Holy Roman Empire.
Libraries and their Founders. Civil List Pensions. Japan.
British Army. Prussian Infantr}-, &c



Quarterly Review (continued].

Vol. 131. 1871. Shakespeare. Darwin. Austria since Sadowa. Bishop
Jeremy Taylor. History of Music. Village Communities.
Labour, Pauperism and Land Tenure. Elementary Education
Act, 1870. Spiritualism. Liquor Trade. Turnpikes, Railways
and Telegraphs. Plato. ' ' Battle of Dorking," &c 1261 J

Vol. 132, 1872. The Kemble Family. J. Hookham Frere. Swinburne,
Rossetti and Morris. Berkeley. Monetary Panic of 1866.
Charles Dickens. Marco Polo. Primary Education in Ireland.
Gothic Architecture. Carlyle. China and Japan. The Tientsin
Massacre. Milton. Geneva Arbitration, c I262J

Vol. 133, 1872. Saint Cuthbert. Canterbury. Reign of Terror in France.
John Stuart Mill. Painting in North Italy. New Testament
Revision. Sir Christopher Wren. History and Anecdotes of
Dogs. East African Slave Trade, &c.i J263J

Vol. 134, i873. - Princess Charlotte. Rural Sports. Game Laws. Iron-
clad Ships and Naval Guns. Madame de Se"vigne\ The Eng-
lish in Ireland. Chaucer. Education. State of English Paint-
ing. Railway Amalgamation. State Purchase of Railways.
Central Asia. The Irish University Bill, &c 1264]

Vol. 135, 1873. Our Living Poets. Church of France. Celtic Scotland.
George Grote. Dartmoor. Beaumarchais. Persia. Voltaire.
Education. Holland House. Land of Moab. Herbert Spencer.
The Liberal Party and its Leaders, &c i26sJ

Vol. 136, 1874. Winckelmann. Mrs. Somerville. Confession and Abso-
lution. Banking. John Stuart Mill. Trades Unionism. The
Russians in Central Asia. Gillray, the Caricaturist, &c I266J

Vol. 137, 1874. Isle of Wight. Primitive Man. John of Barneveld. Trades
Unions. State of the Church. Modern Architecture. Bishop
Patteson. Criminal Statistics. Ritual'of the English Church, &c. I267J

Vol. 138, 1875. Greville Memoirs. Doctrines of the Jesuits. The Prince
Consort. Farrar's Life of Christ. Speeches of Pius IX. Mac-
ready. Education in the United States. Vatican Decrees. Liv-
ingstone's last Journals. England and Russia in Central Asia,
&c. 1268 J

Vol. 139, 1875. Lord Bacon. Isaac Casaubon. England under the Stuarts.
Jamaica. Aeronautics. " Theatre Frangais." Falconry. Saint
Simon. Fish and Fishing. The Temperance Question. Ice-
landic Literature. Russian Proverbs. Census of 1871, &c i26gj

Vol. 140, GENERAL INDEX to Vols. 122 to 139 inclusive i27oj

Vol. 141, 1876. Dean Swift. Wordsworth's Prose Works. Navigation
and Nautical Astronomy. Parliamentary Government. Royal
Commission on Unseaworthy Ships. Sir William and Caroline
Herschel. Society in France before the Revolution, &c i27ij

Vol. 142, 1876. Macaulay. Arboriculture. Dr. Johnson. Rude Stone
Monuments. George Ticknor. Geology. South Sea Island
Mythology. Strawberry' Hill. The Arctic Regions and the
Eskimo. Pauperism. Suez Canal. Pictorial illustrations of
Shakespeare. Parliamentary Papers on Turkey, &c I272J

Vol. 143, 1877. Henry VIII. Cape of Good Hope. Mohammed and Mo-
hammedanism. The Eastern Question. Pope. Palmerston.
Cookery. George Sand. Russia. Harriet Martineau. Inter-
national Law. Central Asia, &c ' I273J

Vol. 144, 1877. Art and Archaeology in Rome. Dean Prideaux. Political

Economy. Magnetism. Telegraphy. The Turko-Russian War.
The Ridsdale Judgment and the Priest in Absolution. Progress
of Russia in the East. Reports on Fisheries. Eastern Ques-

tion, &c i 2 74j

Vol. 145, 1878. Democracy in Europe. Goethe. Railway Accidents.
Viscount Melbourne. The House of Commons and the Obstruc-
tives. The Church in the West Riding. Proclamation of the
Queen as Empress of India. Legislation of the Commonwealth.

The San Stefano Treaty, &c I275J

Vol. 146, 1878. Education and Employment of Women and Girls. Lam-
beth Palace. The Block in the House of Commons. Catherine
of Russia. The Crown and the Army. People of Turkey.
Dryden. Burke. Cyprus. M. Thiers. The Lancashire Cotton
Strike. Is the Church of England Protestant ? c I276J



Quarterly Review (continued}.

Vol. 147, 1879. Lessing. Aggressive Nonconformity. Imperialism. Bis-
marck. Education. Political Economy. Michael Angelo. Dis-
turbances in India. Sir John Reresby. Samuel Pepys. Ancient
Egpyt. Louis XV. Papers Respecting the Affairs of South
Africa, &c

Vol. 148, 1879. Dean Hook and Bishop Selwyn. Music and Musicians.
Count Cavour. Herefordshire. Glacial Epochs and Warm Polar
Climates. Jeffrey and Cockburn. Irish University Bill. Pascal.
Albert Durer. Caesar. Cicero. The Weather and its Predic-
tion. Henry IV. of France, &c

Vol. 149, 1880. Essays on Art. Monarchy and Democracy. Gladstone s
Speeches in Scotland, 1879. Russia and England, 1876-80.
Hume's Works. Gardening. Wellesley and O'Connell. The
Prayer-Book. Memoirs of Madame de Remusat. China.
British India. General Election. c

Vol. 150, 1880. Thomas Chatterton. Arctic Voyages. Art Collections.
Morley's " Diderot." Cicero. Around the World with General
Grant. Recent Travels in Japan. Six Months of Liberal Govern-
ment. Marie- Antoinette. Middlesex. Diderot. The News-
paper Press. The Marshal Duke of Saldanha. The Universi-
ties, and their Critics. Whigs, Radicals, and Conservatives, &c.

Vol. 151, 1881. Lord Beacpnsfield's " Endymion." Protection of British
Birds. Lord Bolingbroke. Lord Chancellor Campbell. Thomas
Carlyle, and his Reminiscences. Employment of Women in the-
Public Service. Endowments of the Church of England in A.D.
1830, and A.D. 1880. California!! Society. The Truth about
Ireland. Ministerial Embarrassments. The Speaker's Com-
mentary on the New Testament. Sir Anthony Panizzi. The
Revolutionary Party. The Ritualists and the Law. Peasant
Proprietors, &c

Vol. 152, 1881. St. Thomas Aquinas and the Vatican. The Past and
Future of the Conservative Party. The Cause and Origin of
Earthquakes. The Development of Electric Lighting. English
Trade and Foreign Competition. Fair Trade and British Labour.
Florence. India in A.D. 1880. Ancient and Modern Luxury.
Madame de Stael. Dean Stanley's " Christian Institutions."
New Testament Revision. Walks in England, Sic

Vol. 153, 1882. The Manchester School : Richard Cobden and John
Bright. Darwin on Earth-worms. Lecky's " England in the
Eighteenth Century." English Poets and Oxford Critics. Fishes
and their Habits. Journals of Caroline Fox. What shall be
done with Ireland ? The Jacobin Conquest. The Liberal Work
of Two Years. Sir Charles Lyell. Politics and Parties in the
United States. Jonathan Swift. New Testament Revision, c.

Vol. 154; 1882. State and Prospects of English Agriculture. The Fall of
the Monarchy of Charles I. Chinese Literature. The Hon.
Henry Erskine and his Times. The Fish Supply of London.
Greek Sculpture. Italian Literature of the Renaissance. Ten
Years of Italian Progress. Mrs. Fanny Kemble's Records of her
Life. Mediaeval Hymns. Natural Scenery. Oxford. The
Paralysis of Government. Dr. Pusey and the Church. The
New Religion of Nature. The "Speaker's Commentary," and
Canon Cook. Vauban and Modern Sieges, &c

Vol. 155, 1883. Sir Archibald Alison's Autobiography. Corea. Was the
Egyptian War Necessary ? Explosives. The French Republic
in A.D. 1883. Illustrious Mothers. Lord Lawrence. Cardinal
Mazarin. Mexico. The Mint and the Gold Coinage. James
Nasmyth. American Novels. Pawnbroking. The Prospects of
Popular Government. The True Position of Parties. _ Progress
and Poverty. The English Stage. Archbishop Tait and the
Primacy. The Transvaal, c

Vol. 156, 1883. Dean Swift. The Progress of Medicine. Lord Byron.
Modern Farming. English Literature. The Races of European
Russia. The Indian Crisis. The Future of Parties and Politics.
Socialism in England. St. Teresa. The_Fur Seals of Commerce.
French Occupation of Tonquin. Ecclesiastical Courts Commis-
sion. Disintegration, &c



Quarterly Review (continued).

Vol. 157, 1884. The Constitution of the United States. The English
Church in the Eighteenth Century. Financial Prospects. Farm-
ing under the Tudors. The Dwellings of the Poor. Biographical
Dictionaries. The Statistics of Agitation. Bossuet. The Malay
Archipelago. The Royal Vatican. Irish Poor Law and Irish
Emigration. Army Organization. Two Royal Books, &c 1287 J

Vol. 158, 1884. Municipal London. Modern Spanish Literature. Ameri-

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