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can Railroads. Peter the Great. England and her Second
Colonial Empire. Redistribution and Representative Democracy.
Mr. Gladstone's Foreign Policy. Nature of Democracy. Aris-
tophanes. France under Richelieu. Country Life. Cricket.
Massilon. The Croker Papers. The House of Lords and the
Government, &c I288J

Vol. 159, 1885. London Livery Companies. Thomas Carlyle. Highland
Crofters. Samuel Johnson and his Age. The River Congo and
the Berlin Conference. Recent Discoveries in Greece. Modern
Geneva. Early History of Britain. General Gordon's Life and
Letters. Ireland. England and her Colonies. The Govern-
ment and Parliament, &c i28gj

Vol. 160. GENERAL INDEX to Vols. 141 to 159 inclusive 1290 J

Vol. 161, 1885. Fe"nelon. The Channel Islands. Lord Macaulay and Sir
Elijah Impey. English Society and its Historians. The Elec-
tress Sophia. Game and the Game Laws in England. The
Gladstone Ministry. The Revised Version of the Old Testament.
The Predecessors of Shakespeare. Taxes and Taxation. Jacob-
inism. Horse Racing. England and Egypt in the Soudan. Out-
Duty to South Africa. The Coming Election, &c i 2 9ij

Vol. 162, 1886. Church and State. The House of Conde'. The Country-
Banker. The Patriarchal Theory. Burma, Past and Present.
The Lords and Popular Rights. The New Parliament. Matthew
Paris. Religious Schools in France and England. Archives of
the Venetian Republic. Veoman Farmers in Norway. Oliver
Cromwell. Travels in the British Empire. The Ignatian Epistles.
St. Polycarp. Books and Reading. Characteristics of Democ-
racy. The Gladstone-Morley Administration, &c 1292]

Vol. 163. 1886. China and the West. New Markets for British Industry.
Mr. Gladstone and Ireland. English Literature at the Univer-
sities. Salmon Fishing. American Poets. Bulgarian Plot.
Bribery, Ancient and Modern. Growth of the English Novel.
Flight to Varennes. Modern Christian Missions. Greek
Islanders. National Gallery. Dearness of Gold. Historical
Criticism of the New Testament. House of Commons as it
is, &c i29 3 J

Vol. 164, 1887. Seventh Earl of Shaftesbury. London University. Nau-
cratus and the Greeks in Ancient Egypt. Pictorial Arts of
Japan. Canadian Pacific Railway. Yule's Anglo-Indian Glos-
sary. Church Patronage. Epidemics. Constantinople, Rus-
sia and India. A School of English Literature. Character of
Shelley. Dictionary of National Biography. Suffolk. Hobbes
of Malmesbury. Competition in Wheat Growing. Christopher
Plantin, the Antwerp Printer. History of England from Peel to
Palmerston. Law of the Land, &c "94J

Vol. 165, 1887. Lecky's History of England. Our Meat Supply. Eng-
lish Romantic School. Italian Schools of Painting. Great Men
and Evolution. Tithe Question. Earl of Peterborough. Latest
Attack on Christianity. Ministry and the Country. Catholic
Revival of the Sixteenth Century. Dairy Produce. Count
Beust. Roses. Popular Education. University of Cambridge.
Suez Canal and the Egyptian Question. Lord Selborne on the
Church. Irish Parliament and the Union. Future of Con-
servatism, &.c 12953

Vol. iC6, 1888. Life and Letters of Charles Darwin. Roman Catholics in
England. Some Lessons of Prosperity and Depression. Lay-
ard's Early Adventures. Mammoth and the Flood. Cabot's
Life of Emerson. Cruise of the Marchesa. Landed Incomes



Quarterly Review (continued).


nd Landed Estates. Contest with Lawlessness. The Apocry-
ha. Keats. Friendly Societies. Garden Farming. Kasper
awer. Difficulties of Good Government. National Finances
of the last Twenty-five Years, &c ............................. 1 296 J

Vol. 167, 1888. Admiral Coligny. Scotland and Scotsmen in the Eight-
eenth Century. Wagner and Liszt. The Game and Game Laws
of India. History and Reform of Convocation. Chinese in
Australia. House of Lords. Local Government Bill. Robert
Elsmeieand Christianity. Daniel O'Connell's Correspondence.
Nonsense as a Fine Art. Christian Biography and Antiquities.
Matthew Arnold. Technical Education and Foreign Competi-
tion. Mr. Balfour's Administration of Ireland. Reminiscences
of Samuel Rogers, c ....................................... i zgj]

Vol. 168,1889. Early Life of Lord Beacpnsfield. Memoirs of a Royalist.
Venice, her Institutions and Private Life. Letters and Diary of
Count Cavour. Gambling. Dean Burgon's Lives of Twelve
Good Men. Lord Godolphin. The Universities' Mission to
Central Africa. Public Life of the Prince of Wales. Motley's
Correspondence. Old Age of Goethe. Waste. House of Percy.
Mr. Norris' Novels. Civil Service. Raleigh's Poetry and Life.
Wiclif and his Works. French and English Jacobinism, c ____ i 2 98J

Vol. 169, 1889. Johnson's Graphic Statistics of the Development of Canada
since 1867. Ragguagli sulla vita e sulle opere di Mann Sanuto,
per Rawdon Brown. Alarci Tullii Ciceronis Cato Major B.C. 44.
The Diary and Letters of Gouverneur Morris, Minister of the
United States to France, edited by A. C. Morris. The Roman
Poets of the Augustine Age. The Life of Sir William Siemens,
F.R.S., D.C.L., LL.D., by Wm. Pole. Reports of the Archa;-
ological Survey of India. The History of Duels. La ReVolu-
tion Franchise a propos du Centenaire de 1789. The American
Commonwealth. The Works and Life of Alexander Pope. Docu-
ments historiques relatifs a la Principaute" de Monaco depuis le
i5me siecle. William George Ward and the Oxford Movement.
The Battle Abbey Roll. Sammtliche Werke. Von Heinrich
Heine. Hamburg, 1876. Life and Labour. An Essay Concern-
ing Human Understanding. History of the Great Civil War.
Report of the Council of the Zoological Society of London for the
Year 1887. The Political Life of our Time, &c ................. i aggj

Q,uartz. Sec Ansted's Minerals [Gems], 62oQ. Atkinson's Siberia [Platinum,
c.], 5986. Brown's Science for All [and Gold Nuggets], 6276.
Emanuel's Precious Stones, u63M. Science Gossip [its Varieties
and Modes of Formation], v. 13, 24i6J. Somerville's Microscopic
Science, noR, &c.

Quatrefages (Prof. A. de, French Naturalist., b. 1810), Human

Species [International Scientific Series]. 1 886 .................. 34oR

- Rambles of a Naturalist on the Coasts of France, Spain and

vSicily, translated by Otte, 2 vols. 1857 ........................ 2II6-7R

Quebec. See All the Year Round [Voyage from, to New York], v. 28, 1788 J.
Century Magazine, v. 2, 18747. Chambers [Ice Bridge at], v. 55,
I 95SJ- Good Words, v. 23, 2I93J. Harper's New Monthly Magazine,
v. 76, i656J. Living Age [Battle of], v. 63, 3og3j. Lome's Canadian
Pictures, 3316. Stanford's Compendium, SsoK, &c.

Quedah, or Stray Leaves in Malayan Waters, by Osborn. 1857 ... I523R

Queen of the Air, a Study of the Greek Myths of Cloud and Storm,

f3| by Ruskin. 1880 ...................................................... 845!*

Queens, History of Two, Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn, by

Dixon, 4 vols. 1873 ................................................... 38-4iF

- of England, by Strickland, 6 vols. 1877 ........................... 795-8ooO

- - of the House of Hanover, by Doran, 2 vols. 1875 ......... 36-7F

- - Scotland, and English Princesses, by Strickland, 8 vols. 1866 5I-8F



Queens. Sec also Boy's Own Annual [and Kings, with a coloured plate], v. 9, 29597.
Chambers [Queen Margerie], v. 61, 1961 J. Cornhill [Queen Eleanor

1 T7*_- 11 31 _. T T\" ' TT__- TV*- :..*... T^...^- f^T

and Fair Rosamond], v. 53, 3337. Dixon's Her Majesty's Tower [of
"indsor [of England], 32 5 -8H. '

52, 6627. 7 ameson s Female
213-47. Living Age [of England before the Conquest], v. 44, 30747 ;

England], 32I-4H ; Royal Windsor [of England], 325-8 H. Fraser [of
the House of Hanover], v. 52, 6627. 7 ameson ' s Female Sovereigns,
}f England before the Conquest], v. 44, 30747 ;

[Unqueened], v. 47, 30777. See also Names, e.g., Anne, Elizabeth,
Mary, Victoria, &c., and History under names of Countries, e.g., Eng-
land, France, Scotland, &c.

Queens of American Society, by Mrs. Ellet. 1868 468F

Queensberry (Duke of). Sec Burton's Scotland [1648-1747], 336-7H.

aueensberry (Kitty, Duchess of). See Chambers, v. 52, 19527.
ueensland and New South Wales, by Trollope. 1875 42oT

Its Resources and Institutions, edited by Fletcher. 1887 47?H

Sec also All the Year Round, v. 5, 17657. Brassey's Last Voyage, 862K.

Brown's Countries of the World, 1630. Cassell's Magazine [Life in
Northern], v. i, 23417. Chequered Career, 773K. Fortnightly
[Planters of, an Exculpation], v. 38, 21287. Gentleman's Magazine
[Angling in], v. 20, 7407 ; [on a Sheep Station], v. 22, 7427. Leisure
Hour, v. 12, 25 and 58, 2622, 2635 and 26687. Once a Week [Cotton
Plantation], v. 14, 22747. Stanford's Compendium, 8_53K. Temple
Bar [Bush Life in], v. 21, 13517- Trollope's Australia, &c., 77 jK..
Willoughby's Australian Pictures," 3326, &c.
Queenstown. See Harper's New Monthly Magazine [a Run Ashore at], v. 69,

16497. Ireland, &c.

Queer People. See Chambers [Among], v. 41, i9477> &c.
Quekett(J. T., Surgeon and Microscopist, b. 1815, d. 1861), Lectures

on Histology, or Elementary Tissues of Plants and Animals... 832F

Practical Treatise on the Microscope. 1848 79iF

See also Leisure Hour, v. 25, 26357, &c.

Quekett (W.), M.A., My Sayings and Doings, with Reminiscences

of My Life. 1888 '.

Querouaille (Louise de). See Portsmouth (Duchess of).

Quest of the Holy Grail [Nutt's Studies on the Legend] I.324H

Questions in Political Economy, &c. [by Samuel Bailey]. 1823 ... 22oR

See Sidgwick's Fallacies, 391 R, &c.

Quevedo y Villegas (F. de, Spanish Satirist and Poet, b. 1580, d. 1645). Sec

Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 473!), &c.

Quicksilver. See All the Year Round [Mining for], v. 13, 17737- Hutching's
Scenes of Wonder [Mines], 721 K. Living Age, v. 39,30697. Penny
Magazine [Mines of Idria], v. 6, 1446. Ure's Dictionary, gD, &c.
Quiet Ways. See Temple Bar, v. 50, 13807. Chambers [Art of Quietude], v. 21,
19377, & c -

Quilter (H.), M.A., Giotto di Bondone [Great Artists]. 1886 11240

Sententise Artis, First Principles of Art for Painters and Picture

Lovers. 1886 9o6D

Quilts, &c. See Glaister's Needlework, 9&2M.
Quimper. See Macquoid's Brittany, 8i8Q, &c.

tuince, The. Sec Once a Week, v. 8, 22687. Gardening, &c.
uincey (T. de). See De Quincey (T.).
uinet (E., French Politician and Poet, b. 1803, d. 1875), His

^;EA' Early Life and Writings, by Heath. 1881 469!^

Quinine. See All the Year Round, v. 34, 17947. Leisure Hour, v. 12, 26227.

Nature, v. 27, 26877. Ure's Dictionary, 8D. Medicine, &c.
Quintus, Sept. Flor. Tertullianus. See Tertullianu?.

Quips and Quiddities, edited by Adams. 1881 H3oZ

Quita (D. Dos R., Portuguese Poet, b. 1728, d. 1770). See Longfellow's Poets

and Poetry of Europe, 4730.

Quito. See Stanford's Compendium, 851 K. South America, &c.
Quiver, The, from Vol. i. 1861 3271}

The serial tales and some of the principal contents will be found entered
under their proper headings in fiction, or in the general body of the
catalogue with the shelf number specified.



Quiver, The, Parts for Christmas, 1877-82 98!*

Contents: A. Wife's Extravagance, by Mrs. Banks. Aaron Haggard's

Repentance, by Wray. Tom Yorke's Legacy, by Garrett, &c.
Quoits. See Cassell's Pastimes, 1262!!, &c.

Quotations, Familiar, by Bartlet. 1881 U55K

Poetical, on every Subject, by Watson 464! ><

Sec also Chambers [Foundling], v. 63, 19633. Gentleman's Magazine, N.S.

[Some French], v. 32, 7527 ; [A Literary Homily], v. 35, 755].
Great Truths by Great Authors, 96iH and gsjR. Lear's Here and
There [Quaint], 704M. Notes and Queries, seventh series, v. 7, loggj.
Proverbs, &c.

(A., French Historical Writer, b. 1786, d. 1830), and
Duncan (J.), History of Russia, from the Foundation of the

Empire by Rourick, to the Close of the Hungarian War 347-80

Rabbinical Commentary on Genesis, by Hershon, with Preface by

Farrar. 1 885 723 A

Rabbins, Traditions of the. See Blackwood, v. 32, R.L., &c.
Rabbits. See All the Year Round [Rabbit-skins], v. 21, T 7 8iJ. Beeton's
Home Pets, ig^R ', Household Management [Cookery], gg7M. Boy's
Own Annual, 1885-6, v. 7, 8 and IQ, 2957-8 and 2g6oJ. Brown's
Science for All, 628B. Cassell's Pastimes, 1262!^ Chambers, v. 42,
T 947J 5 [i n New Zealand], v. 58, 1958.7. Davies's Mountain, Mea-
dow and Mere, illustrated [Rabbiting], I345R. Mowbray's Trea-
tise, I73R. Once a Week [Rabbit Shooting], v. 17, 22777. Saturday
Review [Sporting], v. 56, R.L. Boy's Own Annual [and how to
Manage them], v. n, 2961 J. Time [Rabbit Shooting], v. 20, isioj.
Animals, &c.
Rabelais (Franois, French Satirist, l>. 1495, a * I 553)> by Besant

[Foreign Classics]. 1879 liSiO

Readings in, by Besant. 1883 n65R

Sec also Cornhill [Satire of], v. 16, 2g6J. Fraser, v. 20, 63oJ. Harper

[Home of], v. 61, i64ij. Saturday Review [Besant's Readings in], v.
56, R.L. ; [Critics of], v. 56, R.L., &c.
Rabies. See Youatt's The Dog, 8i7F. Madness, &c.

Raccoon, The. See Penny Magazine, v. 7, 1456 ; [Hunting], v. 10, 1486, &c.
Race Horse. See Stonehenge's Rural Sports, 68 iT. Horses, Racing, &c.

Races of Man, by Pickering, &c. 1851 42R

Mankind, a Popular Description of the Characteristics, Man-
ners and Customs of the Principal Varieties of the Human

Family, by Brown, illustrated, 4 vols in 2 I55-6I>

Sec also Academy [Classification of], v. 23, R.L. All the Year Round

[Odd], v. 23, 17837. Contemporary [Race and Language], v. 29,
2039J. Fortnightly [coloured, of Australia], v. 32, 2i22j. Fraser
[and Life on English soil], v. 106, 7i6J. Living Age [of France and
Spain], v. 17, 30477. May's Democracy, s8H. Nature [Brown on],
v. o, 266gJ ; [Peschel on], v. 15, 26757 > [Relation of, to Species], v.
11,26717. Brown's Countries of the World, 160-30. Freeman's Essays,
Anthropology, Ethnology, &c.
Rachel ([Eliza Rachel Felix] Swiss Tragedian, />. 1821, d. 1858), by

Mrs. Kennard [Eminent Women Series]. 1885 11380*

See also Blackwood, v. 132, 262 J. Cornhill, v. 9, 289.7. Lennox's Cele-
brities, ioi7H. Nineteenth Century, v. 14, 2224], &c.
Racine (J., French Dramatic Poet, b. 1639, d. 1699) and the French

Classical Drama, by Madame Blaze De Bury. 1845

See also Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 47sD. Temple Bar

[and his Works], v. 54, 1384.7. Corneille and Racine, &c.

Racing. See Chambers [Rogueries of], v. 63, 19637. Lennox's Fashion Then
and Now, loiS-gH. Temple Bar [The Turf], v. 76, 1406.). Walker's
Manly Exercises, u64M, &c.
Racquets. Sec Cassell's Pastimes, i26zH. Crawley's Handbooks, ussM, &c.

[6 4 0]


Radcliffe (A., Novelist, I. 1764, d. 1823). Poems [Bohn's Library]..

- - See also Living Age [Anecdote ofj, v. 37, 3067 J, &c.

Radcliffe (C. B.), M.D., Proteus, or Unity in Nature. 1877 ......... 76oF

Kaddiffe (John, Physician and Founder of Observatory and RIedical Library

at Oxford^ b. 1650, d. 1714). Sec Penny Magazine [and the Radcliffe

Library], v. n, 1496.
Kadetsky (Count, Austrian Field Marshal, b. 1760, d. 1858). See Alison's

Europe, 142-60.
Kadiation. See Contemporary, v. 43, 20537. Nature [Repulsion resulting from],

v. 13, 26737, & c -

Radical Party in Parliament, The, by Harris. 1885 .................... no6F

Radicalism. See Fortnightly [Rational], v. 41, 21317. Fraser [Radicals, Dis-

senters and Papists], v. 14, 624]. Macmillan [Radical Party in

Parliament, History of the], v. 52. 982!. Quarterly [Passages in the

Life of a Radical], v. 74, 12047 '> [Radical History and Tory Govern-

ment], v. 152, 12827, c.
.Radiometer, The. See Nature [Experiments with], v. 15, 26757. Nineteenth

Century [and its Lessons], v. i, 22117, & c -
Radowitz (]. von, Prussian Statesman, b. 1797, d. 1853). See Memoirs of

Ernest II., 674^.

Rae (Tohn). LL.D., Martin Luther, Student, Monk, Reformer. 1884 14630
Rae (Dr. W. F.), Austrian Health Resorts and the Bitter Waters of

Hungary. 1888 ......................................................... 94oK

Westward by Rail, a Journey to San Francisco and back. 1871 I599R
- Founders of New England [Good Words, vol. 21] ... ............... 2I 9!j

Raft'aello D'Urbino (Celebrated Italian Painter, b. 1483, d. 1520). See

Chambers' Miscellany, 63iR. Vasari's Painters, SSS-giO. Raphael.
Raffles (Sir T. S., Statesman and Naturalist, b. 1781, d. 1826). See 7ardine's

Naturalists' Library, 6510., &c.

Ragged Homes and How to Mend Them, by Mrs. Bayly. 1820 ... 1414^
Ragged Schools, Sought and Saved, by Hall. 1855 .................. 207!%.

- &.c. See also Carpenter (Mary), 5620. Chamber's [at Liverpool], v. 7,

19277. Good Words [Edinburgh and South Staffordshire], v. 2, 21727.

Leisure Hour, v. 7 and n, 26177 and 2621} ; [Guthrie's Edinburgh], v.

10, 26207. Quarterly, v. 79, 12097. Sunday Magazine [Ogle Mews],

v. 14, 24717, &c.
Raglan (Lord, Commander-in-Chicf of the British Army in Crimea, 1854, I.

1788, d. 1855). See Greville Memoirs, 3o 3 - 4 F. Martin's Life of the

Prince Consort, 93-4F. Quarterly, v. 101, 12317. Crimean War, &c.
Ragozin (Z. A.), Assyria to the Fall of Nineveh [Story of the

Nations] ................................................................ 432O

- Chaldea, to the Rise of Assyria [Story of the Nations]. 1887 ... 4310
- Media, Babylon and Persia, including a Study of the Zend-
Avesta or Religion of Zoroaster, from the Fall of Nineveh to
the Persian War [Story of the Nations], illustrated. 1889 ... 15510

Rags. See Cassell's Family Magazine [and the Trade in them], v. 9, 23597.
Chambers, v. 7, 19277 ; [and Ragpickers in France], v. 34, 19437.
Living Age [Want of], v. 42, 30727. Ure's Dictionary, gD.

Ragusa (A. F. L. V., Duke of). See Edinburgh Review [Travels of], v. 70, 4307.

Living Age, v. 52, 30827.

Rahab. See Gallaudet's Biography, 16037. Quiver, v. 16, 32867.
Rahbek (K. L.). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730.
Raikes (R.), A History of Sunday Schools, by Gregory. 1880 948Q

See also Lennox's Celebrities, ioi7H. Quiver, v. 23, 32937. Sunday at

Home, v. 6, 28567 ; v. 27, 28777.

Raikes (Thomas). See Household Words, v. 16, 17567. Living Age Qournal],
v - 557 J [Private Correspondence], v. 71, 31017.

RAILWAYS and Locomotion, by Dickson [S.P.C.K.]. 1854 I495Z

of England, by Acworth. 1889 937L>

- Our Iron Roads, by Williams. 1883 8870

Railway Morals and Railway Policy, by Spencer, reprinted from

the Edinburgh Review. 1855 I284R

23 [641]


See aho Addison's Construction, ii4iM. Alison's Europe,
141-50. All the Year Round [Railroad Arches and their Occupants],
v. 19, I779J \ [Suicides], v. 32, 17927. Arnold's Politics [and the
State], 86oH. Austral Africa[Great importance of extension northward],
I402H. Bell's North America [Pacific], 7o6K. Blackwood [American,
Freebooters of Finance], v. 136, 2o6J. Boys' Own Annual [Great Rail-
way Accidents], v. 9, 29597. Bryce's American Commonwealth, 518-9!!.
Capital and Labour, nisF. Chambers [Social Effects of], v. 2, 19227 ;
[Clearing House in 1853], v. 20, 19367 ; [and Telegraphs in America], v.

22, 19377 ; [Colony], v. 45, 1949! ; [Better Carriages needed], v. 46,
19497 ; [Suspension of], v. 47, 19507 ; [Air Brakes], v. 51, 19527;
[Cheap Travelling], v. 52, 1952} ; [Claimants], v. 56, 19567 ; [Pilfering],
v. 56, 19567 ; [Fastest Trains in Great Britain], v. 60, 1960 f. Colqu-
houn's Southern China, 54I-2K. Contemporary [and the State], v. 22,
20327 ; [Rates and British Trade], v. 46, 20567. Cornhill [in England,
Opening of first passenger line], v. 49, 3297 ; [Speculation in Great
Britain in 1845], v. 54, 3347. Eden's Japan, 8i4Q. Edinburgh Re-
view [and Modern Warfare], v. 135, 4957 ', [Russian, in Asia], v. 158,
5187. English Mechanic, v. 46-7, 1046-7!). Escott's England and its
People, ioi7-8F. Fortnightly Review [Purchase of, by the State], v.
20, 21107 ; [Internal Workings of], v. 21, 21117 ! [Rates and Fares on],
v. 24, 21147 5 [t India], v. 32, 21227 ; [Rates and Fares, Equalisation
of], v. 38, 21287 ! [Workmen's Trains and the Passenger Duty], v. 39,
2129! ; [State Control of], v. 45, 21357 ; Fraser, v. 29, 6397 ; [Companies
and Railroad Law], v. 43, 6537; [Commissioners and the Companies], v.
97, 17077 ', v. 104, 7147. Good Words [Accidents and Securities against
them], v. 6, 21767 ; [the first Railway], v. 16, 21867 ; [Romance of],
v. 17, 21877. Granville's Spas [Travelling], &c., 35iK. Harper
[Transcontinental], v. 67, 16477 > [English and American], v. 71, 16517 ',
[Reform of Abuses connected with], v. 73, 16537. Harper's Index,
i64o7a. Head's Stokers and Pokers [Clearing House], ni7R. Help's
Life of Brassey, 5240. Kingsley's South by West [Pacific], 7i8K.
Knight's Land we Live in, 464!! Knowledge [American Accidents], v.
2, 25827 ; [Speed of French and English Trains], v. 2, 25827 ; [Brakes],
v. 6, 25867 ; [Plant at the Inventions Exhibition], v. 7, 25877. Leisure
Hour [signals and Colour Blindness], v. 2, 26127 ; [Railroad Riddles and
Railroad Wrongs], v. 13, 26237 ; [American], v. 18, 26287 ', [Clearing-
House], v. 18, 26287 5 [History of], v. 22, 26327 ; [in India], v. 27,
26377 ; [Speed of Express Trains], v. 31, 2641} ; [Servants], v. 32,
2642}. Living Age [between Cairo and Suez], v. 4, 30347. Marvels
of Art, I227Z. Macmillan [Travelling Express Trains], v. 47, 9777*
Murray's Magazine [G.E.R., and L.B. and S.C.R., S.E.R., and L.C.
and D.R.], v. 4, 14647. Nature [Engineering], v. 28, 26887 ; [Locomo-
tion, Inventor of], v. 32, 26927. Nineteenth Century [Labour], v. 12,
22227. Poole's Index [Accidents], R.L. ; [American Romance and
Reality], R.L. Quarterly [and Locomotive Engines], v. 42, 11727;
[Engineering, Difficulties of], v. 103, 12337 ; [Accidents], v. 1457 I
[Finance, Romance and Reality of], v. 158, 12887. Roads and Rail-
roads [Canals, &c.], logoM. Saturday Review [Law and Kings of the
United States], v. 53, R.L. ; [American System of], v. 55, R.L. ;
[State Ownership of, in France], v. 55, R.L. ; [Comfort in Travel on],
v. 57, R.L. ; [in the United States, 1886], v. 62, R.L. Scribner
[over the Andes], v. 14, 18647 '> [ an d the People], v. 21, 18717. Smiles'
Engineers, 9840. Smiles' Life of G. Stephenson, 514!^. Stanford's
Compendium of Geography, 849-54^ Temple's India, 464H and
486K. Timbs' Inventions, 2s8R. Timbs' Works, Ss^Z. Trotter's
India under Victoria, ssS-gH. Wills' Brazil, 813-4^ Wynter's
Human Hive [Season Tickets], 244R. See also under Stephenson,
Brassey, &c.

JRain. See Cameron's Africa, 6o2-3K. Cassell's Magazine [Rain-fall], v. 8, 23487.
Cornhill [Levelling Power of], v. 35, 3157. Penny Magazine [Preter-
natural], v. 12, 1506. Scribner [Signs of], v. 16, 18667. Estes' Recrea-
tions in Science, 497B. Good Words [Hailstones and Snpwflakes], v.

23, 21937. Living Age, v. 63, 30937. Chambers [in 1862 in England],
v. 40, 19467. Nature [and Hailstones], v. 15, 26757 ; [in 1871], v. 5,
26657 J [ in the Temperate Zone], v. 17, 2677} ; [of the World], v. 10,
2679); [of the Globe], v. 26, 26867 > [of New South Wales], 'v. 30,
2690} ; [of the British Islands, in 1884], v. 31, 26917; [of the British
Islands], v. 33, 26937 5 [of Cape Colony], v. 34, 26947. Hartwig's
Tropical World, 758 F. Reclus' Phenomena [and Clouds], 806^.
Stanford's Compendium, 849-54^ Giberne's Ocean of Air, 2I23R, &c.

[6 4 2]


^Rainbow, The. Set Brown's .Science for All, 626B. Contemporary [Iris of
Homer and Bow of Genesis], v. 32, 20427. Fortnightly [Ideality of],
v. 2, 20927. Knowledge [Noah's], v. 5, 25857. Nineteenth Century,
v. 15, 22257. Nature [Circular, seen from a Hill-top], v. 29, 26897 ;
[Circular], v. 30, 26907 ; [a Tertiary], v. 32, 269-27. Sunday at Home
v. 7, 28577 > [Musings on], v. 24, 28747, & c -
Rainbow-Music, or the Philosophy of Harmony in Colour

Grouping, by Lady Campbell. 1886 939^

IRain-water Tank. See Teale's Dangers to Health, 92oK. Building, &c.
Raisins and Currants. See Good Words, v. 8, 21787, &c.
Raleigh (A., Scotch Independent, b. 1817), D.D., Book of Esther, its

Practical Lessons and Dramatic Scenes. 1 880 447^

Rest from Care and Sorrow, Second Series of Thoughts for the

Weary. 1884 555M

Records of his Life, edited by Mary Raleigh. 1881 93?O

Thoughts for the Weary and the Sorrowful. 1882 loiQ

.Raleigh (Sir W., Statesman and Navigator, b. 1552, executed 1618],

by Gosse [English Worthies]. 1886 12040

Life of, by Tytler [Edinburgh Cabinet Library]. 1833 935O

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