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11. _The Elect Lady._ By GEORGE MACDONALD.
12. _The Mystery of the "Ocean Star."_ By W. CLARK RUSSELL.
13. _Aristocracy._ A Novel.
14. _A Recoiling Vengeance._ By FRANK BARRETT. With
15. _The Secret of Fontaine-la-Croix._ By MARGARET FIELD.
16. _The Master of Rathkelly._ By HAWLEY SMART.
17. _Donovan_: A Modern Englishman. By EDNA LYALL.
18. _This Mortal Coil._ By GRANT ALLEN.
19. _A Fair Emigrant._ By ROSA MULHOLLAND.
20. _The Apostate._ By ERNEST DAUDET.
21. _Raleigh Westgate_; or, Epimenides in Maine. By HELEN
22. _Arius the Libyan._ A Romance of the Primitive Church.
23. _Constance_, and _Calbot's Rival_. By JULIAN HAWTHORNE.
24. _We Two._ By EDNA LYALL.
25. _A Dreamer of Dreams._ By the author of Thoth.
26. _The Ladies' Gallery._ By JUSTIN MCCARTHY and Mrs.
27. _The Reproach of Annesley._ By MAXWELL GRAY.
28. _Near to Happiness._
29. _In the Wire Grass._ By LOUIS PENDLETON.
30. _Lace._ A Berlin Romance. By PAUL LINDAU.
30½. _The Black Poodle._ By F. ANSTEY.
31. _American Coin._ A Novel. By the author of Aristocracy.
32. _Won by Waiting._ By EDNA LYALL.
33. _The Story of Helen Davenant._ By VIOLET FANE.
34. _The Light of Her Countenance._ By H. H. BOYESEN.
35. _Mistress Beatrice Cope._ By M. E. LE CLERC.
36. _The Knight-Errant._ By EDNA LYALL.
37. _In the Golden Days._ By EDNA LYALL.
38. _Giraldi_; or, The Curse of Love. By ROSS GEORGE DERING.
39. _A Hardy Norseman._ By EDNA LYALL.
40. _The Romance of Jenny Harlowe_, and _Sketches of Maritime
41. _Passion's Slave._ By RICHARD ASHE-KING.
42. _The Awakening of Mary Fenwick._ By BEATRICE WHITBY.
43. _Countess Loreley._ Translated from the German of RUDOLF
44. _Blind Love._ By WILKIE COLLINS.
45. _The Dean's Daughter._ By SOPHIE F. F. VEITCH.
46. _Countess Irene._ A Romance of Austrian Life. By J. FOGERTY.
47. _Robert Browning's Principal Shorter Poems._
48. _Frozen Hearts._ By G. WEBB APPLETON.
49. _Djambek the Georgian._ By A. G. VON SUTTNER.
50. _The Craze of Christian Engelhart._ By HENRY FAULKNER
51. _Lal._ By WILLIAM A. HAMMOND, M. D.
52. _Aline._ A Novel. By HENRY GRÉVILLE.
53. _Joost Avelingh._ A Dutch Story. By MAARTEN MAARTENS.
54. _Katy of Catoctin._ By GEORGE ALFRED TOWNSEND.
55. _Throckmorton._ A Novel. By MOLLY ELLIOT SEAWELL.
56. _Expatriation._ By the author of Aristocracy.
57. _Geoffrey Hampstead._ By T. S. JARVIS.
58. _Dmitri._ A Romance of Old Russia. By F. W. Bain, M. A.
59. _Part of the Property._ By BEATRICE WHITBY.
60. _Bismarck in Private Life._ By a Fellow-Student.
61. _In Low Relief._ By MORLEY ROBERTS.
62. _The Canadians of Old._ A Historical Romance. By PHILIPPE
63. _A Squire of Low Degree._ By LILY A. LONG.
64. _A Fluttered Dovecote._ By GEORGE MANVILLE FENN.
65. _The Nugents of Carriconna._ An Irish Story. By TIGHE
66. _A Sensitive Plant._ By E. and D. GERARD.
67. _Doña Luz._ By JUAN VALERA. Translated by Mrs. MARY J.
68. _Pepita Ximenez._ By JUAN VALERA. Translated by Mrs. MARY
69. _The Primes and their Neighbors._ By RICHARD MALCOLM
70. _The Iron Game._ By HENRY F. KEENAN.
71. _Stories of Old New Spain._ By THOMAS A. JANVIER.
72. _The Maid of Honor._ By Hon. LEWIS WINGFIELD.
73. _In the Heart of the Storm._ By MAXWELL GRAY.
74. _Consequences._ By EGERTON CASTLE.
75. _The Three Miss Kings._ By Ada Cambridge_.
76. _A Matter of Skill._ By BEATRICE WHITBY.
77. _Maid Marian, and Other Stories._ By MOLLY ELLIOT SEAWELL.
78. _One Woman's Way._ By EDMUND PENDLETON.
79. _A Merciful Divorce._ By F. W. MAUDE.
80. _Stephen Ellicott's Daughter._ By Mrs. J. H. NEEDELL.
81. _One Reason Why._ By BEATRICE WHITBY.
82. _The Tragedy of Ida Noble._ By W. CLARK RUSSELL.
83. _The Johnstown Stage, and other Stories._ By ROBERT H.
85. _The Flight of a Shadow._ By GEORGE MACDONALD.
86. _Love or Money._ By KATHARINE LEE.
87. _Not All in Vain._ By ADA CAMBRIDGE.
88. _It Happened Yesterday._ By FREDERICK MARSHALL.
89. _My Guardian._ By ADA CAMBRIDGE.
90. _The Story of Philip Methuen._ By Mrs. J. H. NEEDELL.
91. _Amethyst_: The Story of a Beauty. By CHRISTABEL R.
92. _Don Braulio._ By JUAN VALERA. Translated by CLARA BELL.
93. _The Chronicles of Mr. Bill Williams._ By RICHARD MALCOLM
94. _A Queen of Curds and Cream._ By DOROTHEA GERARD.
95. _"La Bella" and Others._ By EGERTON CASTLE.
96. "_December Roses._" By Mrs. CAMPBELL-PRAED.
97. _Jean de Kerdren._ By JEANNE SCHULTZ.
98. _Etelka's Vow._ By DOROTHEA GERARD.
99. _Cross Currents._ By MARY A. DICKENS.
100. _His Life's Magnet._ By THEODORA ELMSLIE.
101. _Passing the Love of Women._ By Mrs. J. H. NEEDELL.
102. _In Old St. Stephen's._ By JEANIE DRAKE.
103. _The Berkeleys and their Neighbors._ By MOLLY ELLIOT
104. _Mona Maclean, Medical Student._ By GRAHAM TRAVERS.
105. _Mrs. Bligh._ By RHODA BROUGHTON.
106. _A Stumble on the Threshold._ By JAMES PAYN.
107. _Hanging Moss._ By PAUL LINDAU.
108. _A Comedy of Elopement._ By CHRISTIAN REID.
109. _In the Suntime of her Youth._ By BEATRICE WHITBY.
110. _Stories in Black and White._ By THOMAS HARDY and Others.
110½. _An Englishman in Paris._ Notes and Recollections.
111. _Commander Mendoza._ By JUAN VALERA.
112. _Dr. Paull's Theory._ By Mrs. A. M. DIEHL.
113. _Children of Destiny._ By MOLLY ELLIOT SEAWELL.
114. _A Little Minx._ By ADA CAMBRIDGE.
115. _Capt'n Davy's Honeymoon._ By HALL CAINE.
116. _The Voice of a Flower._ By E. GERARD.
117. _Singularly Deluded._ By SARAH GRAND.
118. _Suspected._ By LOUISA STRATENUS.
119. _Lucia, Hugh, and Another._ By Mrs. J. H. NEEDELL.
120. _The Tutor's Secret._ By VICTOR CHERBULIEZ.
121. _From the Five Rivers._ By Mrs. F. A. STEEL.
122. _An Innocent Impostor, and Other Stories._ By MAXWELL GRAY.
123. _Ideala._ By SARAH GRAND.
124. _A Comedy of Masks._ By ERNEST DOWSON and ARTHUR MOORE.
125. _Relics._ By FRANCES MACNAB.
126. _Dodo: A Detail of the Day._ By E. F. BENSON.
127. _A Woman of Forty._ By ESMÈ STUART.
128. _Diana Tempest._ By MARY CHOLMONDELEY.
129. _The Recipe for Diamonds._ By C. J. CUTCLIFFE HYNE.
130. _Christina Chard._ By Mrs. CAMPBELL-PRAED.
131. _A Gray Eye or So._ By FRANK FRANKFORT MOORE.
132. _Earlscourt._ By ALEXANDER ALLARDYCE.
133. _A Marriage Ceremony._ By ADA CAMBRIDGE.
134. _A Ward in Chancery._ By Mrs. ALEXANDER.
135. _Lot 13._ By DOROTHEA GERARD.
136. _Our Manifold Nature._ By SARAH GRAND.
137. _A Costly Freak._ By MAXWELL GRAY.
138. _A Beginner._ By RHODA BROUGHTON.
139. _A Yellow Aster._ By Mrs. MANNINGTON CAFFYN ("IOTA").
140. _The Rubicon._ By E. F. BENSON.
141. _The Trespasser._ By GILBERT PARKER.
142. _The Rich Miss Riddell._ By DOROTHEA GERARD.
143. _Mary Fenwick's Daughter._ By BEATRICE WHITBY.
144. _Red Diamonds._ By JUSTIN MCCARTHY.
145. _A Daughter of Music._ By G. COLMORE.
146. _Outlaw and Lawmaker._ By Mrs. CAMPBELL-PRAED.
147. _Dr. Janet of Harley Street._ By ARABELLA KENEALY.
148. _George Mandeville's Husband._ By C. E. RAIMOND.
149. _Vashti and Esther._
150. _Timar's Two Worlds._ By M. JOKAI.
151. _A Victim of Good Luck._ By W. E. NORRIS.
152. _The Trail of the Sword._ By GILBERT PARKER.
153. _A Mild Barbarian._ By EDGAR FAWCETT.
154. _The God in the Car._ By ANTHONY HOPE.
155. _Children of Circumstance._ By Mrs. M. CAFFYN.
156. _At the Gate of Samaria._ By WILLIAM J. LOCKE.
157. _The Justification of Andrew Lebrun._ By FRANK BARRETT.
158. _Dust and Laurels._ By MARY L. PENDERED.
159. _The Good Ship Mohock._ By W. CLARK RUSSELL.
160. _Noémi._ By S. BARING-GOULD.
161. _The Honour of Savelli._ By S. LEVETT YEATS.
162. _Kitty's Engagement._ By FLORENCE WARDEN.
163. _The Mermaid._ By L. DOUGALL.
164. _An Arranged Marriage._ By DOROTHEA GERARD.
165. _Eve's Ransom._ By GEORGE GISSING.
166. _The Marriage of Esther._ By GUY BOOTHBY.
167. _Fidelis._ By ADA CAMBRIDGE.
168. _Into the Highways and Hedges._ By F. F. MONTRÉSOR.
169. _The Vengeance of James Vansittart._ By Mrs. J. H. NEEDELL.
170. _A Study in Prejudices._ By GEORGE PASTON.
171. _The Mistress of Quest._ By ADELINE SERGEANT.
172. _In the Year of Jubilee._ By GEORGE GISSING.
173. _In Old New England._ By HEZEKIAH BUTTERWORTH.
174. _Mrs. Musgrave - and Her Husband._ By R. MARSH.
175. _Not Counting the Cost._ By TASMA.
176. _Out of Due Season._ By ADELINE SERGEANT.
177. _Scylla or Charybdis?_ By RHODA BROUGHTON.
178. _In Defiance of the King._ By C. C. HOTCHKISS.
179. _A Bid for Fortune._ By GUY BOOTHBY.
180. _The King of Andaman._ By J. MACLAREN COBBAN.
181. _Mrs. Tregaskiss._ By Mrs. CAMPBELL-PRAED.
182. _The Desire of the Moth._ By CAPEL VANE.
183. _A Self-Denying Ordinance._ By M. HAMILTON.
184. _Successors to the Title._ By Mrs. L. B. WALFORD.
185. _The Lost Stradivarius._ By J. MEADE FALKNER.
186. _The Wrong Man._ By DOROTHEA GERARD.
187. _In the Day of Adversity._ By J. BLOUNDELLE-BURTON.
188. _Mistress Dorothy Marvin._ By J. C. SNAITH.
189. _A Flash of Summer._ By Mrs. W. K. CLIFFORD.
190. _The Dancer in Yellow._ By W. E. NORRIS.
191. _The Chronicles of Martin Hewitt._ By ARTHUR MORRISON.
192. _A Winning Hazard._ By Mrs. ALEXANDER.
193. _The Picture of Las Cruces._ By CHRISTIAN REID.
194. _The Madonna of a Day._ By L. DOUGALL.
195. _The Riddle Ring._ By JUSTIN MCCARTHY.
196. _A Humble Enterprise._ By ADA CAMBRIDGE.
197. _Dr. Nikola._ By GUY BOOTHBY.
198. _An Outcast of the Islands._ By JOSEPH CONRAD.
199. _The King's Revenge._ By CLAUDE BRAY.
200. _Denounced._ By J. BLOUNDELLE-BURTON.
201. _A Court Intrigue._ By BASIL THOMPSON.
202. _The Idol-Maker._ By ADELINE SERGEANT.
203. _The Intriguers._ By JOHN D. BARRY.
204. _Master Ardick, Buccaneer._ By F. H. COSTELLO.
205. _With Fortune Made._ By VICTOR CHERBULIEZ.
206. _Fellow Travellers._ By GRAHAM TRAVERS.
207. _McLeod of the Camerons._ By M. HAMILTON.
208. _The Career of Candida._ By GEORGE PASTON.
209. _Arrested._ By ESMÈ STUART.
210. _Tatterley._ By T. GALLON.
211. _A Pinchbeck Goddess._ By Mrs. J. M. FLEMING (Alice M.
212. _Perfection City._ By Mrs. ORPEN.
213. _A Spotless Reputation._ By DOROTHEA GERARD.
214. _A Galahad of the Creeks._ By S. LEVETT YEATS.
215. _Marietta's Marriage._ By W. E. NORRIS.

Each, 12mo, paper cover, 50 cents; cloth, $1.00.


_Each, 16mo, paper, 40 cents per volume; cloth, 75 cents.
Sets of 24 volumes, cloth, in box, $18.00._

=In the Blue Pike.= A Romance of German Life in the early
Sixteenth Century. Translated by MARY J. SAFFORD. 1 volume.
=In the Fire of the Forge.= A Romance of Old Nuremberg.
Translated by MARY J. SAFFORD. 2 volumes.
=Cleopatra.= Translated by MARY J. SAFFORD. 2 volumes.
=A Thorny Path.= (PER ASPERA.) Translated by CLARA BELL. 2
=An Egyptian Princess.= Translated by ELEANOR GROVE. 2 volumes.
=Uarda.= Translated by CLARA BELL. 2 volumes.
=Homo Sum.= Translated by CLARA BELL. 1 volume.
=The Sisters.= Translated by CLARA BELL. 1 volume.
=A Question.= Translated by MARY J. SAFFORD. 1 volume.
=The Emperor.= Translated by CLARA BELL. 2 volumes.
=The Burgomaster's Wife.= Translated by MARY J. SAFFORD. 1
=A Word, only a Word.= Translated by MARY J. SAFFORD. 1 volume.
=Serapis.= Translated by CLARA BELL. 1 volume.
=The Bride of the Nile.= Translated by CLARA BELL. 2 volumes.
=Margery.= (GRED.) Translated by CLARA BELL. 2 volumes.
=Joshua.= Translated by MARY J. SAFFORD. 1 volume.
=The Elixir, and Other Tales.= Translated by Mrs. EDWARD H. BELL.
With Portrait of the Author. 1 volume.

_For sale by all booksellers; or sent by mail on receipt of price by
the publishers_,

D. APPLETON & CO., 72 Fifth Avenue, New York.


Versa," "The Giant's Robe," etc. 16mo. Cloth, special binding, $1.25.

"Most admirably done.... We read fascinated, and fully
believing every word we read.... The book has deeply
interested us, and even thrilled us more than
once." - _London Daily Chronicle._

"A wildly fantastic story, thrilling and impressive.... Has
an air of vivid reality, ... of bold conception and vigorous
treatment.... A very noteworthy novelette." - _London Times._

_MARCH HARES._ By HAROLD FREDERIC, author of "The Damnation of Theron
Ware," "In the Valley," etc. 16mo. Cloth, special binding, $1.25.

"One of the most cheerful novels we have chanced upon for
many a day. It has much of the rapidity and vigor of a
smartly written farce, with a pervading freshness a smartly
written farce rarely possesses.... A book decidedly worth
reading." - _London Saturday Review._

"A striking and original story, ... effective, pleasing, and
very capable." - _London Literary World._

_GREEN GATES. An Analysis of Foolishness._ By Mrs. K. M. C. MEREDITH
(Johanna Staats), author of "Drumsticks," etc. 16mo. Cloth, $1.25.

"Crisp and delightful.... Fascinating, not so much for what
it suggests as for its manner, and the cleverly outlined
people who walk through its pages." - _Chicago Times-Herald._

"An original strain, bright and vivacious, and strong enough
in its foolishness and its unexpected tragedy to prove its
sterling worth." - _Boston Herald._

_AN IMAGINATIVE MAN._ By ROBERT S. HICHENS, author of "The Folly of
Eustace," "The Green Carnation," etc. 12mo. Cloth, $1.25.

"A study in character.... Just as entertaining as though it
were the conventional story of love and marriage. The clever
hand of the author of 'The Green Carnation' is easily
detected in the caustic wit and pointed
epigram." - _Jeannette L. Gilder, in the New York World._

_CORRUPTION._ By PERCY WHITE, author of "Mr. Bailey-Martin," etc.
12mo. Cloth, $1.25.

"A drama of biting intensity. A tragedy of inflexible
purpose and relentless result." - _Pall Mall Gazette._

_A HARD WOMAN. A Story in Scenes._ By VIOLET HUNT. 12mo. Cloth, $1.25.

"A good story, bright, keen, and dramatic.... It is out of
the ordinary, and will give you a new sensation." - _New York


_THE SEATS OF THE MIGHTY._ Being the Memoirs of Captain ROBERT MORAY,
sometime an Officer in the Virginia Regiment, and afterwards of
Amherst's Regiment. 12mo. Cloth, illustrated, $1.50.

"Another historical romance of the vividness and intensity
of 'The Seats of the Mighty' has never come from the pen of
an American. Mr. Parker's latest work may, without
hesitation, be set down as the best he has done. From the
first chapter to the last word interest in the book never
wanes; one finds it difficult to interrupt the narrative
with breathing space. It whirls with excitement and strange
adventure.... All of the scenes do homage to the genius of
Mr. Parker, and make 'The Seats of the Mighty' one of the
books of the year." - _Chicago Record._

"Mr. Gilbert Parker is to be congratulated on the excellence
of his latest story, 'The Seats of the Mighty,' and his
readers are to be congratulated on the direction which his
talents have taken therein.... It is so good that we do not
stop to think of its literature, and the personality of
Doltaire is a masterpiece of creative art." - _New York Mail
and Express._

_THE TRAIL OF THE SWORD._ A Novel. 12mo. Paper, 50 cents; cloth,

"Mr. Parker here adds to a reputation already wide, and anew
demonstrates his power of pictorial portrayal and of strong
dramatic situation and climax." - _Philadelphia Bulletin._

"The tale holds the reader's interest from first to last,
for it is full of fire and spirit, abounding in incident,
and marked by good character drawing." - _Pittsburg Times._

_THE TRESPASSER._ 12mo. Paper, 50 cents; cloth, $1.00.

"Interest, pith, force, and charm - Mr. Parker's new story
possesses all these qualities.... Almost bare of synthetical
decoration, his paragraphs are stirring because they are
real. We read at times - as we have read the great masters of
romance - breathlessly." - _The Critic._

"Gilbert Parker writes a strong novel, but thus far this is
his masterpiece.... It is one of the great novels of the
year." - _Boston Advertiser._

_THE TRANSLATION OF A SAVAGE._ 16mo. Flexible cloth, 75 cents.

"A book which no one will be satisfied to put down until the
end has been matter of certainty and assurance." - _The

"A story of remarkable interest, originality, and ingenuity
of construction." - _Boston Home Journal._

"The perusal of this romance will repay those who care for
new and original types of character, and who are susceptible
to the fascination of a fresh and vigorous style." - _London
Daily News._


Uniform edition. Each, 12mo, cloth, $1.50.

_LADS' LOVE._ Illustrated.

In this fresh and charming story, which in some respects
recalls "The Lilac Sunbonnet," Mr. Crockett returns to
Galloway and pictures the humor and pathos of the life which
he knows so well.

_CLEG KELLY, ARAB OF THE CITY. His Progress and Adventures._

"A masterpiece which Mark Twain himself has never
rivaled.... If there ever was an ideal character in fiction
it is this heroic ragamuffin." - _London Daily Chronicle._

"In no one of his books does Mr. Crockett give us a brighter
or more graphic picture of contemporary Scotch life than in
'Cleg Kelly.'... It is one of the great books." - _Boston
Daily Advertiser._

"One of the most successful of Mr. Crockett's
works." - _Brooklyn Eagle._

_BOG-MYRTLE AND PEAT._ Third edition.

"Here are idyls, epics, dramas of human life, written in
words that thrill and burn.... Each is a poem that has an
immortal flavor. They are fragments of the author's early
dreams, too bright, too gorgeous, too full of the blood of
rubies and the life of diamonds to be caught and held
palpitating in expression's grasp." - _Boston Courier._

"Hardly a sketch among them all that will not afford
pleasure to the reader for its genial humor, artistic local
coloring, and admirable portrayal of character." - _Boston
Home Journal._

"One dips into the book anywhere and reads on and on,
fascinated by the writer's charm of manner." - _Minneapolis

_THE LILAC SUNBONNET._ Eighth edition.

"A love story pure and simple, one of the old-fashioned,
wholesome, sunshiny kind, with a pure-minded, sound-hearted
hero, and a heroine who is merely a good and beautiful
woman; and if any other love story half so sweet has been
written this year, it has escaped our notice." - _New York

"The general conception of the story, the motive of which is
the growth of love between the young chief and heroine, is
delineated with a sweetness and a freshness, a naturalness
and a certainty, which places 'The Lilac Sunbonnet' among
the best stories of the time." - _New York Mail and Express._

"In its own line this little love story can hardly be
excelled. It is a pastoral, an idyl - the story of love and
courtship and marriage of a fine young man and a lovely
girl - no more. But it is told in so thoroughly delightful a
manner, with such playful humor, such delicate fancy, such
true and sympathetic feeling, that nothing more could be
desired." - _Boston Traveller._


_THE THIRD VIOLET._ 12mo. Cloth, $1.00.

Mr. Crane's new novel is a fresh and delightful study of
artist life in the city and the country. The theme is worked
out with the author's characteristic originality and force,
and with much natural humor. In subject the book is
altogether different from any of its predecessors, and the
author's marked success proves his breadth and the
versatility of his great talent.

_THE LITTLE REGIMENT, and Other Episodes
of the American Civil War._ 12mo. Cloth, $1.00.

"In 'The Little Regiment' we have again studies of the
volunteers waiting impatiently to fight and fighting, and
the impression of the contest as a private soldier hears,
sees, and feels it, is really wonderful. The reader has no
privileges. He must, it seems, take his place in the ranks,
and stand in the mud, wade in the river, fight, yell, swear,
and sweat with the men. He has some sort of feeling, when it
is all over, that he has been doing just these things. This
sort of writing needs no praise. It will make its way to the
hearts of men without praise." - _New York Times._

"Told with a _verve_ that brings a whiff of burning powder
to one's nostrils.... In some way he blazons the scene
before our eyes, and makes us feel the very impetus of
bloody war." - _Chicago Evening Post._

12mo. Cloth, 75 cents.

"By writing 'Maggie' Mr. Crane has made for himself a
permanent place in literature.... Zola himself scarcely has
surpassed its tremendous portrayal of throbbing, breathing,
moving life." - _New York Mail and Express._

"Mr. Crane's story should be read for the fidelity with
which it portrays a life that is potent on this island,
along with the best of us. It is a powerful portrayal, and,
if somber and repellent, none the less true, none the less
freighted with appeal to those who are able to assist in
righting wrongs." - _New York Times._

of the American Civil War._ 12mo. Cloth, $1.00.

"Never before have we had the seamy side of glorious war so
well depicted.... The action of the story throughout is
splendid, and all aglow with color, movement, and vim. The
style is as keen and bright as a sword-blade, and a Kipling
has done nothing better in this line." - _Chicago Evening

"There is nothing in American fiction to compare with it....
Mr. Crane has added to American literature something that
has never been done before, and that is, in its own peculiar
way, inimitable." - _Boston Beacon._

"A truer and completer picture of war than either Tolstoy or
Zola." - _London New Review._


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