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are recorded in books of Christ's Church (St. Paul's Lutheran Church) Cumberland, MD. The
German Lutheran Church which son, John, had contributed to was in decay by 1940 4 Eckh2trt:
Mines was served only by the Methodists 4 Baptists. Eckhart Mines was a great mining
district and had large beds of very rich coal underneath. The Eckharts did not realize
the extent of the immense wealth that was beneath their farms until the land had passed
into other hands. An 22OCT1860 article in the HY Evening Post (have never found this
article) said that the heirs of George Adam Eckhart were cheated out of these lands
because they could not prove ownership, although son John was able to sell his lands for
$20,000 in the 1830' s.

George Adam's will was dated 1APT?17Q9 & prnba ted 10AITG1806 read:

"In the name of Sod Amen, I 6eorge Adan ic/tard oi Allegany County and State of Maryland being veak of body

but of sound Bind and memory being mindful of my and of my duty to Sod and my own soul do make this ly last

will and testament in manner and form folloning to «it,"

'I commend my body to the grave and my soul to the gracious Sod xho gave it me and my worldly estate I will
and bequeath to be divided in the manner following,"

•I will i bequeath unto my eldest-son Seorge Sclta rd ihii he is to have the £ie clear that I paid for the
fencing his lot in Cumberland, and likewise he is to receive the balance that is due to me from Henry Stevenson
on Pipe Creek Frederick County(MO), and also my son John Echard io let him have a good cow out of my stock."

Eckiart, George Adam (Continued) #164-C

( Vlll of George Adam Eckhart Continued )

"I also will 4 bequeath to ray three daughters Elizabeth Stoyer, Sarah Loer, Katherine White, to receive the
sun of £8 good money each of then, and also after the above legacies and ny lawful debts are paid ny dearly
beloved wife Mary Echard is to have her thirds of the renainder of ay estate of lands, goods & chattels for and
during her natural life and at her death, She is to have the liberty to leave her thirds as it stands after
appraisment to any of her children that she thinks the most-deserving only ly son John to have the liberty pay
the S on , or trade as he thinks proper,"

"And I also will that my lawful debts are to be paid and that ny son John Echard ia have all the remainder of
ray estate, lands, goods, and chattels to hia and heirs and apyres forever after the above legacies & thirds and
debts are paid and discharged,"

"And I do likewise will by this ny last will and testanent that ny son John Echsrd ^hiW be ny whole and sole
Executor of and administration of this ny last will and testanent," Signed; 'S^arg^ Man Fchard ' (Seal)

Witnesses; Seorge Preston, Elias Uragon, & Gregory Coabs,.
.. (163) lary's will of 9JUL1812 4 probated 3SBP1812 read:

"In the name of God, Amen, I Mary Echard of Allegany County and State of Maryland being
weai in body but of sound disposing mind, memory, and Judgement, do make and ordain this
my last will, and testament in manner and form following to wit,"

"First and principally I commit my soul into the hands of almighty God who gave it,
beleiving that great day of resurrection he will receive it again and unto my world's
estate I bequeath in manner and form following to wit,"

"First, I give and bequeath unto my beloved son John Echard all my estate both real and
personal to him, his heirs, 4 apyris forever.."

"Lastly, ...appoint my son John Echard sole executor..." "Mary 'J* Echard"

Witnessed 9JUL1812 by: John Holtzman, Silas Kettle, 4 George Bruce.
. . (164-1) George Jr. was baptized at the Indianfield Lutheran Church in Franconia Twp. of
the then Philadelphia County. "The Loar Genealogy" 4 "History of Allegany County"
indicates that he arrived in Philadelphia on 30SEP1774 from Rotterdam with Jacob Loar the
future husband of his sister, Sarah. If so, it is probable that he was returning from a
visit to relatives in Germany. Like his father 4 brother, John, he received a military
lot of 50 acres for service during the Revolutionary Var. His father's 1799 will refers
to George Jr.'s lot in Cumberland but 1800 Cumberland Census refers to only an 'Elias
Eckhart 26-45 with wife 16-26 4 son under 10 who may be the one 4 same 'George Jr' or son
of George Jr. In 1810, the Frederick County MD Census shows a George Eckhsirt over 45
years old which is probably (Jeorge Jr. who may have moved there to claim the debt owed
his father by Henry Stevenson. This same George Eckhart 4 wife, Mary, of Frederick Co.
MD, on 3MAR1819 deeded for S181 their » acre lot in Cumberland to the Methodist Episcopal
Church. (George Jr. seems to have been slighted by his father 4 mother in their wills in
favor of John. )

. . (164-2) Elizabeth was baptized at the Indianfield Lutheran Church in Franconia Twp. of
the then Philadelphia County PA. Still living in 1850, she probably died in the area of
Eckhart Mines in Allegany County, PA.

., (164-3) Sarzdi's husband, Jacob Loar, arrived in Philadelphia 30SEP1774 aboard the ship
'Union' from Rotterdam, Uetherlands. Also on board was Sarah's brother, George Adam, who
may been returning from a visit to Germany. Jacob seems to have served as a private in
the 3rd. Co. , 7th Battalion , York Co. PA Militia in 1785.

sauRCFS i HTSC THFn- (RVSD 24AU61987), Allegany Co, Mills & Probate, 18ee-5« PA Census, 1890 'History of Allegany Co, HO", 161,
Betsy Oeeis, JoAnne 6alliaore, Dot Wilt, Virginia tf, Kelly,
,,173i, nontgoaery Co, PA vas forted froa Philadelphia County,

miSBAHD'S FULL lAJfE: Darraw, Capt . George


#168- A


M gg P



07MR1763 ELA££
16IIOV1820 ELA££

Stonington, Hew London County, Connecticut

H. Preston Congregational Church, Uew London Co. , CT

Bridgewater, Susquehana County, Pennsylvania


QIHEE. RESIDEJfCES : 1755-75 Concord (Chatham) Columbia County lY,

1776-? King's Dist. Albany Co. NY, Montgomery Co. (1790)11. Y.

nccUPATIQIS : Farmer/Military Leader RELIGIQI : Congregational

MILITARY RECORD : Capt. various U.Y. units in American Revolutionary Var



Georg e


MOTHER: Palmer. Phebe


VIFE'S FULL NAME : Benjamin, Elizabeth



1780 ELAffi




OTHER RESIDENCES : Concord (Chatham)

Preston/Griswold, New London County, Connecticut

King's District, Albany County, NY (Present day Otsego Co.?)


HER FATHER: Benlamin. Daniel

#3 35

RELIGION : Congregational
MOTHER: Guile. Phebe





1 Georgg J r , aiEIH

» Fletcher, Barbara? MAR5D
* 1771-13415Y? nEAIH.

31MAR1764 Preston, New London County, Connecticut
17MAY1791 Minden Twp. , Montgomery County, New York
08JAN1852 Chautauqua, Chautauqua County, New York
Mayville Cemetery . Chau. Co. . New York







01MAR1766 Preston, New London County, Connecticut


♦ Herrick, Martha

♦ 1765-1854PA


09DEC1763?New Concord (Chatham) , Columbia County, New York


04JUL1854 Montrose, Susquehana County, New York

RQy5gU( R a 5>fe Il)
? , Elizabeth



New Concord (Chatham) , Columbia County, New York
MAY1815 Plymouth, Chenango County, New York

5 Elizabeth(Betsey) ELEia


» ElffilAL

New Concord (Chatham) , Columbia County, New York

6 Lydia

♦ Venthew, ?


7 Russel

♦ Eaton, Deliverance

♦ #085





New Concord (Chatham) , Columbia County, New York





cl776 New York

cl804 Cherry Valley, Otsego County, New York?

C1828 Cherry Valley, Otsego County, New York?

8 Joseph

♦ Vard, Mary




cl786 ?Montgomery County (Otsego Co.), NY
04FEB1832 Bridgewater, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania

. . (168) Capt. George Darrow seems to be the logical father of Russel because of the close
relationship between sons; George Jr. & Russel. Both lived in Cherry Valley in 1810 St
Russel 's widow, Deliverance, was living near George Jr. in Chautauqua Co. NY in 1830.
Huelsen misplaces this George as the son of Jedediah Darrow(#672-ll) but children's birth
dates, Rev. Pension Apps. , 3t other data refute this.

Darrow, Capt. George (Continued) #168-

George #168-1-1-Layfayette. . 2-dau. m Truman/ Freeman Porter..

3-Elizabeth b.cl792 m Benjamin Bloomer..

4-George b.cl798 d. 19DEC1874inr m Elizabeth ? (1806-1369)..

5-JoIin F. b.21SEP1310 d. 17APR1828. . 6-
John #168-3-l-Villiam b.cl792 d.22FEB1875. . 2-Electa m Griffin. .

3-Amos. . 4-Royal (?Rial in 1830 Scriba, Oswego Co. ITf) . .

5-Herrick. .

6-Daniel b. ISOSFT/PA m Angelina Beebe. . 7-John U. b. 1815PA.

8-Polly m ? Doud. . 9-Phebe m David Green d,8FEB1888..
10-Denison d. MI. . 11-14-d. young. .
Joseph #168-8-l-6)un]niown. .7-Permelia b. 15DEC1805


Sometime after 1765, George 4 Elizabeth moved to the area on the East side of the
Hudson River South of Albany in the Province of Sew York. On 09FFEB1770, (jeorge i
Elizabeth Darrow(then of ConcordC Chatham] Albany Co. [Columbia Co.], Province of ]few York
signed a deed of sale, in Preston, to John Ray(Rae) for forty acres of land in Preston i:
return for £70. Ebenezer Benjamin(#676-2-3) & Elisha York vrltnessed the deed.

Also in February 1770 at Preston(they were living in Concord (Chatham) FT), George 4
Elizabeth signed a deed of sale for six acres in Preston CT to Ebenezer BenJ amin (#676-2-
3). The deed was witnessed by John Rhea? (Ray) & Elisha York.

In JAI1772, George 4 Elizabeth Darrow signed a Deed of Sale in Concord (Chatham) , Albany
County, Province of Few York for the sale of 42 acres of land situated in Preston CT to
Walter Fanning (husband of Grace Benjamin #338-6) for £90. Witnesses in Concord were Jant
Van Schaach 4 Joseph Darrow(prob. #336-7 brother to George) & the deed was recorded in
Preston CT on 13JUL1772. The land was Elizabeth's share of her father's estate.

In a deed dated 4FEB1777 at Plainf ield, Windham Co. , Connecticut, they sold their
interest in a parcel of land in Preston, CT that had been given to a Widow Phebe Wheeler
as her inheritance (her thirds). The land was sold to Ezekial Bundy for £60. Phebe
Wheeler may have been Elizabeth's mother who may have married a third time to a Wheeler.
George & Elizabeth were listed as from King's District, County of Albany , Province of
lew York & the deed sworn before Plainfield CT Justice of the Peace: Jabez Fitch &
recorded in Preston on 8FEB1777 by Roger Sterry, Registrar.

In a deed sworn 25KAY1780 before King's District, Albany County, 5ew York Justice of
the Peace John Beebe, George & Elizabeth sold land in Preston CT to Amos Hutchinson
(Elizabeth's step brother - see #339) for £102. This was land Elizabeth had inherited
from her father, Daniel Benjamin. The deed was registered in Preston on 18AUG1780.

In the 1790 F? Census, Capt. George is probably the George Darrow living in that part
of Montgomery County that became Otsego Co. in 1791. He was living next to Henry Guile
who was probably a relative of wife's mother, Phebe Guile (#338-3) .

■■ Capt- Ggorgg Darraw was living with his son, Joseph, in Bridgewater, PA, at time of
death. George served as a 1st. Lieutenant in Capt. Daniel Goodriche's Company of Major
Jeremiah Cady's Detachment (Massachusetts Troops) during the unsuccessful! campaign to
capture Quebec in Canada 14JAU1776 to 23DEC1776. He was paid at Albany, FY, 26 pounds 4
2 Schillings for his service. Further service was recounted in son's pension application.
.. (169) Elizabeth's natural parents may have been dead by the time of her marriage in
1753. She probably grew up in her step-father's household (Israel Hutchinson) or quite
possibly spent much time with Benjamin 8t Guile relations.

Darrow, Capt . George (Continued) #168-C

.. (168-1) QeOEgSLJx. : (From recollections in 1832 pension application):

1APS1781, After enlisting at Uew Concord (Chatham) , Columbia Co., H. Y, he served as a
courier in the Fort Plain 8t Herkimer areas of ITew York on the Mohawk River. Vhile at
Herkimer he recounted "...with 29 others ordered to Fort Plain to guard the provisions
there 4 had proceeded to Fall Hill about seven miles from Herkimer when they saw the
smoke of buildings at Klock' s Mills on East Canada Creek & at once called in their front
& rear guards St resolved every man to push his way to Fort Plain (Montgomery Co NY),
through the enemy if they met him. They then proceeded on to Fort House seven miles
further. .. met Col. Villet St joined him in the pursuit of the Indians..."

MAR1782, enlisted in army at TIew Concord, Columbia Co. , FY 4 joined M Regiments at
Pumpkin Flats. Stationed at Smith's Cove to protect inhabitants from incursions of 'Cow
Boys' , he had a new Lieutenant every three weeks. In DEC1782, he went to Snake
Hill (lewburgh) & met with (}en. George Washington and secured a discharge for his entire
company. Both he & brother, John served in Capt. Whelp's Co. of Col. Tan Schaach's

From 1782-85, George Jr., lived at Warren's Bush (Florida) , Montgomery Co., 51, 1785-95;
Cherry Valley, 1813-22; Sandy Creek, Jefferson Co. , NY, 1822-32; Chautauqua Co. , NY,
1842; Mount Vernon, Knox Co. , OH, 1842; living Fort Clinton, Ottawa Co. , Ohio.
.. (168-2) Elisha may have been named after Elisha Hutchinson b.20SEP1746, son of
Elizaeth's Benjamin's step-father, Israel Hutchinson (see #339).

. . (168-3) Iflials age Ht birthplace are open to question. In his advanced age he said
9DEC1763 at New Concord, Columbia Co., N. Y. His tombstone indicates 1759 & other records
indicate a Connecticut birth. Until further information is discovered, I believe it was
either 1765 or 1768 probably in New York if 1768. In 1850, although already receiving a
Revolutionary War pension of S60/mo, John attempted to receive his deceased father's
pension which was rejected. In the rejected application, he recounted his & his father's
exploits during the war :

"...his said father volunteered services at New Concord, Columbia Co., N. Y. , was chosen
or appointed Lieutenant in his company, that his said father. .. went with his company to
Boston and was in the Battle of Bunker Hill (1775) as he has often heard his father say in
his lifetime. .. afterwards his father was appointed Captain, and went with the army to
Quebec and was in the Battle of Quebec , and belonged to the division commanded by General
Arnold - has heard his said father relate the incidents and hardships of that campaign
often. . .appointed Adjutant, and served in the Army of Gen. Schuyler - was detached as a
part of the command under Gen. Stark, and was at the Battle of Bennington . . . was on
horseback by the side of his said father. .. were at the Battle of Stillwater . .. at the
Battle of Saratog a (1777) . and the surrender of (British) Gen. Burgoyne and his
army. .. marched to Albany(NY) and discharged. .. remained home with his family till spring
following(1778) , when he again received and accepted a Captaincy commission in the army
and was stationed at Saratoga. .. until the close of the war (1783) ... " John lived in Cherry
Valley, Otsego Co., N. Y. , from cl783-90. At Bridgewater, John & son-in-law, David Green,
had a salt well from which they boiled brine & supplied salt to nearby settlers.

From 1786 to 1793, John lived at Cherry Valley, New York.
. . (168-4) Baysell appeared in the 1800 Brookf ield, Chenango Co. , NY Census 26-45 yrs.
w/wife of same age St young man 16-26 years old. His March 1815 Will (written in Plymouth,
Chenango County) was presented to the County on 29HAY1815 & had been witnessed by Jas.
German & James Chapman. He referred to his brother living in Cherry Valley, Otsego
County, NY & Russell's son, Roysell. His family later moved to Ohio.

SOURCES i HISC INFH ' (RVSO 07NOV1997), Chautauqua Co, N,Y, Histories, Pension Applications of Seorge Sr, »R2669, Seorge Jr,

IS2389, 4 John »«2S511, Census, 161, Columbia Co, NY Histories, Susquehanna Co, PA Historical Society, Pat Oarroti, R, B,

Huelson LDSI 963962, Preston CT land records LDS»5384 i 5392,

,,The nanes RoswelHRozel/Roysell) i Russell are found amongst the Paliiers of Volunto»n CT i the Benjamin's of Preston CT.

,,A Sanuel Oarro* sold land in Otsego Co, I4Y in 1804 i 1307,

,,Colu«bia Co, NY separated frou Albany Co, NY in 1786,

HUSBAND'S FULL M^g : Eaton, Eli jail






2i:iAY1771 PLACE

03MR1805 PLACE

Ashford, Vindham Couaty, Connecticut
Chatham, Columbia County, Uew York
Schoharie County?, Jfew York



\SgI?SyCS5: Schadack, Rennssalaer County, Uew York
nCCgP.^TIQ??: Fanner RELTGTniT :

^IILIIAg.Y R£CQSIi: French 3s Indian Var, Revolutionary Var (1777-1783)
HIS FATHER: Eatan , yathnni°1, . »34g) MOTWE R: Perrv. E.^^tPr

VIEE'S FULL ITA-fK: Matt, Deliverance
SISIH: 08DEC1751 PLACE - ''




Willet, Cortland County, Hew York
Villet Village Cemetery, Willet, lew York
OTHER RESIDETTCES: Otsego S Columbia Co. , FY

HER FATHES; See #34;? HQIfiEEj




1 Nathaniel

* ? , Ann 1760-1826

♦ ? , Phebe 1791-1861


22JAiri772 Chatham, Columbia County, lew York

22SEP1860 Lake Como, Cayuga County, New York
Eaton Cemetery. Sempronius CITear Lake Comn) WT



♦ _




♦ 1


♦ _











Hart, John



Sloan, Nancy



22FEB1775 Chatham, Columbia County, Hew York


Eaton Cemetery,

06JUL1777 Chatham, Columbia County, Uew York
03SEP1804 Cherry Valley, Otsego County, Hew York

Deli vera ncR


Darrow, Sussel #084



17MAR1780 prob. Schodack, Renasslaer County, Hew York

cl799 Cherry Valley, Otsego County, lew York
08APR1868 Ashtabula, Ashtabula County, Ohio


Crippen, Thomas





10FEB1783 Hew York

Villet Village Cemetery. Vniet . Hew York


) Preston, Lydia

)Daines, Lucy L.

MBSD.: 1


09SEP1785 Coeyman's, Albany County, Hew York

)22DEC1805 Cherry Valley, Otsego County, Hew York

)250CT1829 Willet, Cortland County, Hew York

19FEB1868 Garden Plains, Whiteside County, Illinois


Tennant, Robert




01JAH1805 Cherry Valley, Otsego County, Hew York?



)Hare, Henry
)Sherwoad, William


05JUH1791 Hew York


) Van Sise, Polly

) Burlingame. Almlra

B1EI2. : 06MAR1793/4 Montgomery County, Hew York

MEED.- 1)14JUH1825

DEAIH. : 11MY1881 Willet, Cortland County, New York

BURIAL: Willet Village Cemetery. Villet. Hew York

Eaton, El i j ah (Continued) #17^

. . CHILPP.E? QF -

Jfa-haniel #172-1-1-Elijah b. 1796. .

2-Elisha b. 1798r? d. 12JAIfl893 m Vesta McAllisterCd. 1830) , Zimrode
Ingraham, A Alzina Tennant Hazzard. .
John #170-o-l-Villiam b. 29JUiri806F? d.20CT1886IL m four times..

2-Elijah b. 21JnL1808IfT d. 1872VI
3-Melissa b. 10]JOV1810NY d. AUG1899 m ? Lowery. .

4-Melinda b. 6irOV1813irY d. 23JAI1892F5r m 1836 Vestcott Burlingane. .
5-Sylvia D. b. 12FEB1816F? d. 1856IA m 1339 LyTDan Bates; Maquoketa lA
6-John b.8MAY1817Fr d. 12SEP1891IL. . 7-Dewitt C. 5MAY1820Fir-3DEC1905VA. j,
8-Robert T. b. 25«AY1822irY d. 13JAN1894irE m Sally Valdo. .
9-Clarissa L. b. 30JAII13251TY d. 2300118930 m D. Philley. .
10-Miles b. 17SEP18271TY d. 17JAII1911IA m Adaline Taylor..
11-Chloe b.27OCT1830ir? d. 12DEO1890IL. . v

12-Henry D. b. 17SEP1833JrY d. 5Jinri905IA a Lina Monroe.. "'

IS-James Murray b. 0CT1835JrY d. XL m Emily Green. .
14-Thonias Benton b. 20MAY1939IL d. 21JUL1916IL m Lida Sutherland..
Polly #170-7-l-Al2ina b. llJAiri806. .2-Tlioinas h. 5DEC1808. . j

Tganant 3-Elizabeth b. 12OCT1809. . 4-DeHverance b.21APR1813. . '

5-Julia Ann 27AUG1815irY-2APR1846PA m 1839 John Shippey(1807-1860OH) .
6-Robert b. 9MAY1821. . 7-Mary b. 16SEP1823. .

8-Mason 260CT1S25. . 9-Lovantia b. 2600T1828. . •'■

10-Elijah b,220CT1831. . ^i

Peter #170-9-l-Loui3a b.6AP51814 m 1836 Seymour Sanford. .

2-Abel b. 1816 d. 1898 m Elviza A. ? (1818-1872) & Eliza ? (1827-1899)
j^ot all 3-Ulysses b. 1818IfY d. 1901ST m Marcia Jt. ? (1818-1864)..

Proved 4-Peter Jr. b.27SEP1822 d.22AUG1888 m Harriet Greene (1818-1900) . .

5-Villiam 5. b. 1822IY m Frances ? . .
6-John 0. b. 1827IY d. 1915irY m Melvina (1830-1900)..
7-Vesley b.cl834 d. . .
8-Matilda b. 1835. .9-Emily m John Green. .

. . (170) Elijah Sr. left Connecticut for Columbia County lew York sometime before 1771.
Elijah's service in the Revolutionary War was described in an application for a pension ''
(#R3208) of his wife, Deliverance, on 22FEB1844, in which she claimed Elijah served one
month or more in Capt. Beebe's Company of Col. Waterman's regiment July 1777. Around
1780, Elijah Sr. went to Albany as juryman, enlisted eight months in the army St served
most of his enlistment. . .balance served by man he hired with help of a Capt. Ostrander
...Deliverance didn't remember dates well. .. remembered that Elijah was serving the year
Burgoyne was taken prisoner. .. on another occasion Elijah was drafted one month & hired a
man named Srasmus(?) Vilson to take his place. .. went to Albany from Schodack to see him
while he was on jury duty, but he had left with his unit down the Hudson River. ..on
another occasion after several weeks service, Elijah went home & persuaded Deliverance's
brotner. Henry Mott, to go back to Saratoga in his place. .. Henry under 21 years of age
and a minor was bound to Elijah's care.

Elijah recorded births & marriage in family bible. .. Deliverance signed application with
her mark "I". She went on to say " . , , she however well knows that he was in the service
as aforesaid - In tne last town she has often heard him say he was in a skirmish-that the
man who stood next to him was shot through the jaw-"

.. (171) Deliverance Xott Eaton was living in Villet with son Peter before she died.
.. (170-1) lathaniel lived in Schoharie County FY before moving to Cayuga Co. HY where he
13 buried in the Eaton Cemetery along side the Homer Sempronius Road on the farm near
^ake Como. He may have died with relatives at Summit, m.

Eatan, Elijah (Continued)


. , <170-6) John, in the fall of 1835, with brother-in-law, Alva Daines, went to Carroll
County, II. overland A laid claim to 460 acres in area of Elk Horn Grove. They returned
via St. Louis 4 Pittsburg on riverboats. In Sep. 1836, he returned with his family
except daughters Melinda 3t Clarissa. They settled in a little log cabin 16 feet square
with a mud & stick chimney. The first winter, they lived on 'johnny cake' that Mrs.
Eaton baked before her little fireplace. Of his children, Elijah, Sylvia, Robert T. , &
Henry D. all lived or died in the Maquoketa lA area. Elijah owned a sawmill in the area
4 Robert T. served in the Civil ?ar with the 31st Iowa Infantry Regiment.
, . (170-8) Mary (Polly) & husband, Robert Tennant, left Cherry Valley in Otsego County in
1817. They arrived in Villet after traveling by boat down the Susquehanna River to
Binghamton, I. Y. 4 then up the Chenango River to the Otselic River.

. . (170-9) Peter served as a bible class leader in the Villett area. Son, Peter Jr. , also
served as a class leader for the Baptist Church. In 1816, he moved to Willet & the
children all were born in Cortland County.

snuRCFS V wilc iNFn ' (RVSD 99FE31987), REV WAR APPfft3298 of Deliverance Kott Eaton, 161, Lee D, Eaton, yillet Caietery Records,
Lyle Riedinger, Schouten, H, P, Snith,

HUSBAFD'S FULL NAKE : Stone, Josiah(aka: Joseph)


C1762 ELAC£


C1782 ELACE.



HIS FATHER: Stone Sr. .

Rhode Island

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