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. .1913, March 7, Deidrich & Jane sold Lots #11 & 12 of Block 4 of the S 4 H Addition of
Manchester for $245 Austin D. Brown 4 wife.

1915, April 12, Austin D. Brown & wife, Anna 0., sold Lots* 11,12,13,14,15,16, 4 17 in
Block 4, Lots#5,6,7,8,9 & 10 of Block 2 of S&H Addition of Manchester to Wm. Hahesy for

1915, June 2, Wm. Hahesy, unmarried, sold Lots* 1,2,11 St 12 Block 6, Lots 1,2, 4 3
Block 2 of SSH Addition of Manchester to Deidrich Brown for $1.00

1919, April 25, Deidrich 4 Jane sold Lots 1,2 4 3 Block 2 of S4H Addition of Manchester
to Austin D. Brown for $225.

1919, April 17, Fred B. Blair, claiming to know Deidrich very well, swore in an
affidavit that Deidrich was the same as person with deeds recorded under Dietrich Brown 4
latter spelling was a 'clerical error'.

1923, Feb. 10, Deidrich 4 Jane sold Lots # 1,2,11 4 12 Block 6 of S4H Addition of
Manchester to J.H. Rhines for $1.00 4 other valuable consideration.

. . (009) Jane arrived in Ifew York City on 22AUG1856 aboard the bark "Rhein" accompanied by
parents 4 younger sister Wilhemine. They had departed Hamburg, Germany on 2AUG1856, seven
weeks earlier, with 145 adult passengers 4 143 children on board the "Rhein". She died
of diabetic gangrene.

. . <008-l) Fred Brown, Agnes, Edward BrownCFred's brother), 4 Agnes's aunt, Caroline
Leibenguth, were living in Wadena, Iowa in the 1910 lA Census. Fred 4 Agnes moved to
Beloit, Kansas 3JUL1912 and opened a blacksmith shop. Agnes left estate of approximately
$6,000 to James A. Ward, nephew 4 son of sister, ITellie Ward. Fred 4 Agnes took James in
at age of five 4 was listed as a foster son in some records.

.Brown, Deidrich (Continued) #«08-D

. . (0«8-2) George left home prior to 1900. His death certificate listed him as a
blacksmith & married. He was 30 years old when he died at Seattle's Providence Hospital
of a 'gunshot wound in back penetrating abdomen'. His residence was given as Port
Blakely, Washington. On Tues. 29DEC1908 at approximately 6:15 PM, he had been shot by
Jose licholos outside the mill, where he worked, in Port Blakesley on Bainbridge Island
in the company of George's wife. Jose Ficholos went on to kill the four year old son of
Jose Santos, Roman, that same evening. For the double mirder, Jose licholos was found
guilty and hanged at the Washington State Prison at Walla Walla on 16APR1909.

A George A. Brown b. lA appears In the Kalispell, Flathead County, Montana 1900 Census
as a railroad fireman. His probable daughter, Mildred, was living in 1910 with Jurdan &
Kate Williams in Port Blakely, Wa. across the bay from Seattle. In the 1910 Census,
Mildred is listed as a niece of Jurdan who was born in Canada c. 1880. Her father is
listed as bom in Iowa & mother in Canada with her birthplace is given as Montana. Thus
I assume Jurdan Williams was a brother to Mildred's mother. Jurdan Williams & his wife,
Kate(b.cl881CFD), were oarried around 1907 & had had one child by 1910 but it had died in

. . {e«8-4) Louise, according to daughter, Marian, was born at St. Olaf, Clayton County.
Louise & John Grahiun lived at Thorpe, Masonville, & Manchester, Iowa.

. . <008-5) Lewis, in his 1953 Social Security application, gave Osceola County, lA as his
birthplace. This is possible because I have not found Diedrlch Brown in a 1885 Census &
feel he had left Clayton Co. lA sometime after 1883. Lewis died without leaving a will.
The sale of two lots, personal property, and cash in bank left estate valued at
$58,599.42. After $23,865.94 was paid to various claimants, Los Angeles County turned
$34,773.48 over to the Treasury of the State of California. $150 was allowed for his
headstone. He had lived at 5857 S. Figueroa in L.A. & had worked as a
watchmaker/repairman at his shop at 1625 W. Olympic Bl. near downtown Los Angeles till
age 90 until he fractured his hip on 24JAiri976.

. . (008-6) KatUlda & Charles Moshier were living in Rockham, South Dakota for the birth
of Alice, Harry, 4 Hazel before moving to Monticello, Minnesota where Charles may have
worked as a postman. She was living in Big Lake in Sherburne County(possibly with
daughter Irene) & died at the Monticello-Big Lake Hospital at age 88 (Death Cert, gave
birthdate of 21AUG1887 vs 1888 in 1900 Census).

. . <008-7) Albert was living at 601 S. 3rd St. in Manchester when he succumbed to a
stroke. He had married Anne at Immaculate Conception Church in Masonville. He was
employed for over 27 years at a produce company in Manchester, Iowa. He was survived by
his wife, daughter, 3 grandchildren, & 2 great grandchildren.

SDURCFS I HISC INFDr (RVSO e6JUL1987) lA Census's, lA Vital Records, Laura Feldenan, Harian Ftiklcelson, Senevieve tally, Verla
Schaefer, 'BreBerton W Ne«V

HUSBAIfD'S FULL MJIE; Behncke, August (Banke, Bancke, Bahnlce, Benke) Ifot Direct Ancestor


C1845 ELA££

21JAIfl867 PLACE




QCCUPATIQHS : 1870 Census


Kingdom of Hannover (conquered by Prussia 1867)

Clayton County, Iowa

Motor (Read Twp. ) , Clayton County, Iowa

Day Laborer

RELIGIQH : prob. Lutheran

WIFE'S FULL lAKE : Helm, Jane (Jennie) Alice




31AUG1851 ELA££


21JAiri925 ELACE.

Sijlten, Mecklenburg, Germany

Siilten; as Christiane Johanne(Jane) Dorothee Caroline

Manchester, Delaware County, Iowa
PLACE : Oakland Cemetery, Manchester, Iowa
OTHER BESIDEICES: Volga Twp. in Clayton Co., Masonville & Bailey's Ford in Delaware Co.
QCCUPATIQIfS: Housekeeper RHT.TGTmT : Lutheran

OTHER S FQ VS ES: 2) Brown, Diedrich #008
HER FATHER; Helm. Jghann #018 MOTHER: BrnggPinann.CarnllnP #019




1 Vllhealne

* Dryer (Drier), Vm.

♦ 1866GE-19??



105OV1868 Motor (Read Twp.), Clayton County, Iowa
26FEB1886 Elkport, Clayton County, Iowa
2?JUiri953 Guttenburg, Clayton County, Iowa
Guttenburg City Cemetery. Guttenbu rg. la.

2 Augusta




F/ A1870?Motor (Read Twp. ), Clayton County, Iowa
. Died young: Motor, Clayton Co. , Iowa

1870 Census- neve r again


3 Mary Rleka (W. )
* Webster, Frank


aiEIH. : 01APR1871 Mator(Read Twp.), Clayton County, Iowa

MARRD : 19FEB1891 Manchester, Delaware County, Iowa

DEATH : 30DEC1938 Oelwein, Fayette County, Iowa

BURIAL: 02JAffl939 Woodlawn Cemetery. Qelwein. Iowa


Minnie #009-l-l-William H. b.MAE 1888 Ivg Edgewood lA 1953..
Dryer 2-Clara M. b. MAR1891 d. JUL1964 m George HoffnanOkids) . .

3-George S. b. MAR1893 Ivg Canton MO 1953..
4-Matilda b.JU]I1896 d. FEB1969 m Ernest Fabert(5 kids)..
5-Elsie b.AUG1897 d. 28SEP1978 m Edward ¥inch(6 kids)..
6-Minnie M. b. APR1899 d. 30DEC1979 m Matt Tunk. .
7-d. young. . 8-Raymond b.cl910 Ivg 1986..
9-Louis d. 1961(4 kids) . . 10-Albert. . 11-Unknown. .
Mary . #009-3- 1-Henry Albert b.DEC1891 Ivg Oelwein lA 1985..

Webster 2-Henriad b.SEP1895 m Ruf us (Nevada) Hlnes Ivg Oelwein lA 1985.
3-Clara b. MAY1900 d. 1 974 m ? . Rnlf (4kids) . .

. . (009) Jane Helm was 16 years old at time of first marriage. Her sponsors at her Baptism

in Siilten included: Christian Lau, Johann Peters, Johann Wolff, Dorothy Jorend, Dorothy

Brijggemann, 4 Caroline Gipp?.

. . (009-1) Vilhemine Dryer died after a long illness. Funeral was at St. John Lutheran

church, in Guttenburg where she had resided 42 years.

. . (009-3) Mary Webster came down with acute bronchitis 19DEC1938, which turned to

bronchial pneumonia resulting in her death at 10:00 PH December 30. Moving to Oelwein in

1909, whe joined the Grace Methodist Church in 1913. Her obituary stated that she was a

member of the Order of yeomen and of the Ladies Aid Society of the Methodist Church. "She

loved Flowers, her home, and her church!'

SaURCF^ % HT^ir TNFH . (RVSO 950CT1986), 1879-1925 lA Census, flary's obit, #668 probate,

,,1886 Cox T»p, Clayton Co, lA Census lists Henry Bancke, i3, Necklenburg, Wife, Ann(37) of Hecklenberg »ith children
ftugustdS), 8ertha(13), iiii,(n), & Anna(S) all born Io«a, Suspect this Henry k our August »ere related, A Heinrich Benke served
as sponsor for Heinrich Bruggefian's baptisn at Littleport, lA 12JAN187S & thus »as faiiliar »ith the Bruggeianns(t638),









' ' 3 Q "!
fl b ' ? •





>• a <

« « < 1

«C J V <

























13 -

W Q t

° .^ -v

*■ • ; h

<• t * ••

^ J a

1?" -'









Hi •»

C/>/^ b/-^

i «■ *■




( u

Z 2


X .■»

HUSBATO'S FULL MME: Hansel, Marion Edward


14FEB1892 ELA££





QCCUPATIQIS ; Farmer 8t Retail


HIS FATHER: Hansel. Jacob #Q)?.(?)

Elk Tvfp. , Clayton County, lovra
Elkport, Clayton County, Iowa
Manchester, Delaware County, Iowa
Oakland Cemetery, Manchester, Iowa
Mallory Twp, Clayton Co. & Oneida Twp. , Delaware Co.
merchant RELIGTnW : Methodist?


VTFE'S FULL gAME : Smith. Carrie Abigail

MOTHFT?: Darrow. TT^nry




QCCUPATIOfrS : Housekeeper
HER FATHER: Smith. Vinfry W.


Elkport, Clayton County, Iowa
Manchester, Delaware County, Iowa
Oakland Cemetery, Manchester, Iowa




RELIGTOTT : b. Reorg. LDS/Meth.
MOTHER: Vllklnsm^. S arah #0^1


1 Lurahfliaah *<f>9)^ BIRTH

* Brown, Edward #«04 MARRD

* DEAia

10FEB1893 Elkport, Clayton County, Iowa
05AUG1914 Manchester, Delaware County, Iowa
14MAY1978 Manchester, Delaware County, Iowa
Oakland Cemetery. Manchester. Iowa

2 Exzella
» Persson,



Daniel John MSSD.

19JUL1894 Elkport, Clayton County, Iowa
22irOV1913 Manchester, Delaware County, Iowa
1985 Vaterloo, Black Hawk County, Iowa

3 Floyd

» Hackbarth,




31DEC1897 Elkport, Clayton County, Iowa
Fall 1982 Manchester, Delaware County, Iowa

4 Pearl Opal

» Downs, Charles
♦ 1895-



SEP1899 Elkport, Clayton County, Iowa
1985 Delhi, Delaware County, Iowa

5 Teddy R.
* Grubstick,






05OCT1902 Elkport, Clayton County, Iowa

1985 Earlville, Delaware County, Iowa

6 MelvlTi yip^rinj, EIEIE.

* Gearhart, Marian MARRD


15OCT1906 Manchester, Delaware County, Iowa

priorl978 Uewton, Jasper County, Iowa
Newton. la

7 Alden TrPTnain aiEIIL

♦ Frentress, Mildred MARRD

jl* Lum-.


26MAR1909 prob. Manchester, Delaware County, Iowa
1985 Manchester, Delaware County, Iowa

8 Letha AThPrta

♦DWlnk, Albert div.

♦2) Martens, Donald

♦ -.197.3

BIEIE : 12APR1912 Manchester, Delaware County, Iowa
MARRD : 2) 4AUG1951 Dubuque, Dubuque County, Iowa
LIYNG : 1986 Manchester, Delaware County, Iowa


jl. . (010 & 011) Marion & Carrie moved to farm in Oneida area of Delaware Co. cl902.
••They moved to Manchester in 1929. Marion worked for Lovett 4 Davis Produce Co. for 12
years & operated a grocery store/gas station at corner of Kane & Hwy. 13 in Manchester
till retired.


. Hansel , Marion (Continued) #«1»-A


Exzella #C10-2-l-Iola b.22SEP1915 Ivg Phoenix, AZ. .
PerssQD 2-Velina b.29MY1921 m V. Chestnut Cedar Rapids, lA. .

3-Kenneth b. 55071916 Ivg Waterloo, lA. .
Floyd #«10-3-l-Sobert b. 10DEC1929. .2-Arlean b.2FEB1923. .
Pearl #010-4-l-Donald J. b.4JAiri918 Ivg rural Earlville, lA. .

Downs 2-Doroth5r M. b. 10KAY1919 m Vajrae Beiger Manchester, lA. .

3-Betty Doren b. 160CT1922 m Gray Ivg Delavfare, lA. .

4-Bemard M. b.29DEC1924 Ivg Masonville, lA. .

5-Kenneth b. 17XAR1927 Ivg Independence, lA. .

6-Shirley m Leighty. . 7-DQnna m Hankee? . .

Ted #010-5-l-Donald b. 19MAY1931. . 2- Agnes b. 10JAiri933. .

3-LaVerne b.JU]!ri929 d. 26JUU1929. . 4-Katherine b,5JUL1924..
Marlon #010-6-l-Beverly b. 28OCT1930. . 2-Gloria b. 30OCT1933. .

3-Gorden d. 1984. . 4-Gary b. 29FEB19??. .
Alden #010-7-l-Gayle b.3JUL1931. . 2-Greta Mary b.9MAY1932..

3-Merta Mae b.28AUG1934. .

Letha #«10-8-l-baby d. 1936. . 2-Virginia b. 13FEB1937 m Gaffney Ivg Anamosa, lA. .

VI nk 3-Everett Uelson b.5MAR1939 Anamosa, lA. .

4-Judy Ann (Black) b. 12APR1941 m Henderson Ivg Edgewood, lA. .

■■ Marlon & Carrie were married in 1892 by Marion's uncle the Rev. Strother Hansel (#040-7)
of the Church of the Brethren (Dunkard) .

..In 1964, Marion & Carrie recalled in newspaper articles of "...hauling milk by horse &
wagon from Oneida to the now ertinct Spring Branch creamery southeast of Manchester. For
the round trip of some 25 miles, he received 50 cents per hundredweight. .. Land could be
rented for $6 an acre in those days. . .A good milk cow could be bought for $25 or $30, but
of course, money was hard to get in those early days. During the winters he supplemented
the family income by sawing wood & hauling it by team to market. . . (Carrie) cured their
own butchered meat, made her own soap & maple syrup, pumped water for household use &
carried it some 200 feet from the well to the house. When (Marion) was working in the
timber she carried wood to her home for firing, assisted with hand cornpicking, and 'even,
plowed a little' ..."

snuRCfS I HTSC INFO' (RVSO 660011986), 187»-192S lA Census, lA Vital Records, Linda Vessels, Letha Martens,

mTf?RATO'S FULL : Gaffney, Michael F.



20MAY1849 ELAC£

14FEB1893 ELAC£

21JA51929 ELACS





ncCUPATIQHS : Farmer

Lake Geneva, Walworth County, Wisconsin

Masonville, Delaware Co. , Iowa

Robinson (Adams Twp. ) Delaware County, Iowa

St. Patrick's Cemetery, Monti, Buchanan Co., Iowa

near Masonville, 1900: near Robinson in Delaweire Co.

RELIGIQg : Roman Catholic

EDUCATIQIT : 1925 Census;
HTS FATHER: Gaffney Sr.

indicated 7th Grade education
Terrance M2i MOTHER: Wahon.



WIFE'S FULL NAME : Conry, Ellen G. (Ifellie)

BIRTH : 27JAiri863 ELACE: Masonville, Delaware Co. , Iowa

DEATH : 15MAR1931 ELAC£: Robinson (Adams Twp.) Delaware County, Iowa

BURIAL : ELAC£: St. Patrick' s Cemetery, Monti, Buchanan Co. ,

QCCUPATIQ?rS : Housekeeper/8TH Grade grad. RELIGIOIf : Roman Catholic

HER FATHER: Conrv. John M)2^ MOTHER: Whalen. Mary







1 Leo John (WV I VET) filEia

* Shaver, Martha (Mattie) HAEEE.
♦ ElffilAL

16AUG1893 Masonville, Delaware Co. , Iowa ?

15FEB1926 Ryan, Delaware County, Iowa

18MAY1935 Robinson (Adams Twp. > Delawsure County, Iowa

20MAT1935 St. Patrick's Cem. . Monti. Buchanan Co.. Iowa

0. Walter Thomas BIRTH

* Kirschbaum, Olive MARRD

* 1895- DEATH.
» miEIAL

22AUG1895 Masonville, Delaware Co. , Iowa
20APR1920 Garber, Clayton County, Iowa
20AUG1957 Cedar Rapids, Linn County, Iowa

3 Mary Fideles

♦ Grace. Edward J.

* 1897-1975




25APR1896 Robinson (Adams Twp.), Delaware County, Iowa
27APR1921 St. Patrick's, Monti, Buchanan County, Iowa
270CT1929 South Garryowen, Dubuque County, Iowa
29QCT1929 St. Aloyslus Cemetery. South Garryowen. Iowa

4 Francis Michael #086 BIRTH

* Heffemen, Mary #007 MARRD


10APR1898 Robinson (Adams Twp.) Delaware County, Iowa
035OV1927 St. Patrick's, Monti, Buchanan County, Iowa
21MAY1972 Manchester, Delaware Co. , Iowa

Lot 247 St. Patrick's Cem. . Monti . Buchanan Co.. Iowa

5 Anna Mabel

♦ Brophy, Bernard

* 1899-1962



06SEP1900 Robinson (Adams Twp. ) Delaware County, Iowa
01JU]I1942 Manchester, Delaware Co. , Iowa
1986 Cedar Rapids, Linn County, Iowa

6 Ellzabetli

♦ d. in infancy



priorl910 Robinson (Adams Twp.) Delaware County, Iowa
priorl910 Robinson (Adams Twp.) Delaware County, Iowa


Leo #012-1-1-Marietta d. 1929. . 2-Louise d. 1932. .

Walter #012-2-l-Mary Frances b.30JA]J1921 m H. Vernon Stevenson; OJai CA

2-C T;.ttm:.<:; Richard b. 3JUU1922 r< . ;>flSKP1 944 W II ] . .

3-Joseph Ambrose b.30SEP1923 m Lorene Ann Lange. .

4-Patricia Eileen b. 17MAR1925 m Dorance B. Oehler. .

5-Dorothy May b.20SEP1926 m Dorance Vincent O'Brien Ivg Marlon, lA.

6-Jane Anne b.6DEC1928 m Gifford Francis Tow Jr.

7-Phyllis Marie b. 12APR1930 m Russel Raymond Miller..
Mary #012-3-l-Eleanor Grace b. 17JU]I1922 m Howard Schuster. .
Gliacg. 2-Cletus Paul b.27SEP1924 d. 15AUG1981 m Pat Curran. .

3-Allan Joseph b.4FEB1926 d. 10OCT1963 m Jean White..

4-Mary Can! re b.26MAT1928 m R obert Richards.,

..1894 Delaware Co. lA plat maps show Michael owned 80 acres at S.E. intersection of
Robinson 4 Ryan roads, 40 acres West side of Robinson road just 5orth of Robinson, 38
acres approx. site of Frank Gaffney' s buildings Uorth side of road only with alternate 5
acre strips up to Robinson corner.

. Gaffney, Kichael F.

(Continued) #«12-B

. . (ei3) Ellen's Cgellle) obituary described her as "woman who will be greatly missed by a
large circle of friends & relatives. She was a good neighbor and in younger days was
always ready to help when any one was in need in siclmess or trouble." Her brother, Msgr.
Thonas Conry, read the Requiem High Mass at her funeral in Monti (St. Pat's), A large
number of priests from B.E. Iowa attended the funeral. Pallbearers: John Garrey, Charles
Casey, William Behan, John Behan, Charles Dozark, & Tom Donahue.

.. (012-1) Lea lived in Belleville, Ka. for brief period. His Hebraska National Guard
unit was not assigned overseas duty during World War I. Widow Mattie Gaffney married
Howard Francis in 1937 at Kearney, Nebraska after the death of first husband, Leo
Gaffney. She died at Sun City, Az. on 18SEP1984 & was buried at Cedar Memorial Cemetery,
Cedar Rapids, Iowa with apparently no surviving children from either marriage.
. . <«12-3) Ifary PidplPfi died of a strep infection. She had attended grade school in Ryan &
high school in Manchester. Rev. Thomas Conry officiated at funeral. Ed Grace remarried
Ruth Williams in 1936 & fathered Winnifred m Eldon Hayes & Thomas m Margaret Larsen.
. . (©12-5) Athmi's husband, Bernard Brophy, worked at Baumgartner Gate Factory in
Manchester before moving to Cedar Rapids in 1950. She was a ninth grade graduate.
Bernard had been the first baby baptized by Rev. Thomas Conry(#026-6) at Masonville, la.
shortly after his ordination.

. . (012-4) Frank Gaffney' s Testimnny published in the 1952/53 Silver Creek Methodist
Church Centenial History(Del. (^. lA) (Copy w/Buch CkD. lA Gen. Society):

"I *d.ll attempt to outline a little sketch of our grandad and family, Terrence and Ann
Gaffney. The(y) immigrated into Iowa in 1849 from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. My
father (Michael) was six months old at that tine. They came across the Mississippi on a
ferry. They had a small amount of live stock, a few chickens, pigs, a few cows and oxen,
and a team of horses. They crossed the rough country and prarie until they came to Adams
Township where they settled a mile south of Silver Creek, and built a log house. The old
pioneers always tried to settle near a stream and timber. The first thing they needed was
wood and water to survive. They also brought a small flock of sheep which were full of
cockleburs which are known to a lot of the old settlers as the "Gaffney Burs".

"A few years later came the Swindles, Colemans, & Robinsons. They would butcher their
hogs in winter, freeze them, and haul them to Delhi in sleighs. The neighbors would have
a bee-butchering. I recall my father saying he stuck 90 hogs in a day. My grandma would
give the new settlers a few chickens to get started. They broke the old prarie sod and
sowed wheat. There wasn't a road or a bridge; so they hauled their wheat to Manchester in
wagons, with horses and oxen. I recall the story that my Dad one very hot day came to a
ford and there was a load of wheat and a very nice span of chestnut sorrel horses, stuck
in th midst of the stream. So Dad said, 'Unhitch your horses and I'll pull you out with
these oxen. ' The man gave a hearty laugh but finally consented to let Dad pull him
through. In a few minutes they were on their way. I forgot that man's name, but he said,
'I'll help unload your load of wheat in Manchester if you get there today.' So the man
and team went ahead. When they came to the railroad siding to unload into a box car, the
oxen's heads were bumping the back of his wagon."

"Patrick Gaffney was killed in the Civil War and Tom Gaffney was wounded. He had one of
his toes shot off. At the time of the Civil War, while Tom and Patrick Gaffney were
fighting the far South, their father was called to the colors in Northwest to help quiet
the Indians. But it didn't take long to subdue them and put them back in their place. In
later years Uncle Sam provided a tract of land now known as the Indian Reservation."

"In the old days most of the visiting was done on foot. People would walk across the
praries on foot and take their children wilth them and stay a week or nore at a time."

smiRrFS i HTSC IHFH' (RVSO 960CT1987) 1876-1925 lA Census, Buchanan Co, Ift Ceietery Records, 1878 Delaware Co, Ifl History, Io»a

Vital Records, Kate Saffney, Dorothy O'Brien, Eleanor Schuster, Oeianare Co, lA Newspapers,

,, Extended genealogy available of descendants of Valter & flary,

.,1895 lA Census lists a Jaies F, Sallespie b,184iyi living »ith Michael's faeily near Hasonville,.

HUSBAND'S FULL ^kWE: Heffernen, Thomas Edward




04DEC1865 ELA££



16JU51959 ELAC£

Dubuque County, Iowa

Imac. Conception, Masonville, Delaware County, Iowa

Manchester, Delaware County, Iowa

St. Mary's Cemetery, Masonville, Iowa

Prarieburg in Linn Co. lA

RELIGing : Roman Catholic
HIS FATHER; Heffsrnsn , Roger #028 mother : T.ynch. .Tnhanna #g):?Q


VIFE'S FULL NAME : Shottmiller, Catherine (Katie) Agatha #015

fiiSIii: «>1N0V187«) ELA££: Earlville, Delaware County, Iowa

Monti, Buchanan County, Iowa
St. Mary's Cemetery, Masonville, Iowa

RELIGION : Roman Catholic

HER FATHER: Shottmiller. Frank (Fr^nt?:) m^ff, MOTHER: Hannan. Catharine #g)31



l ?Phillip


2 Mary Genevieve #«(»7 BIRTH

♦ Gaffney, Frank #««8 MERE.

* ailfilAL

3 Richard F.

* Holub, Clara

♦ b.2NOV1908


JA]I1899?Prarie Twp. , Delaware County, Iowa
11MAY1899 Prarie Twp., Delaware County, Iowa

St, Mary's Cemetery. Maso nville. Iowa

19JAN1902 prob. Prarie Twp. , Delaware County, Iowa
03NOV1927 St. Patrick's, Monti, Buchanan County, Iowa
07SEP1983 Manchester, Delaware County, Iowa

St. Patrick's Cemetery. Wn nti, Iowa

19JAiri905 Monti, Buchanan County, Iowa

29JAN1934 St. Joseph's, Prarieburg, Linn County, Iowa

06AUG1976 Cedar Rapids, Linn County, Iowa

BURIAL: 09AUG1976 St. Mary's C emetery. Masonville. Tnwa


Richard #014-3-l-Richard living Manchester, Iowa 1986..
2-John Ivg Coggon, I A 1986. .
3-Virgil(Sam) Ivg Cherokee, lA 1966..
4-Kathleen m Harold Kuebler Ivg Altoona, Illinois. .

5 Donald 1943-1978 (Vietnam War Veterf^n) ^

.. (014 4 015) Thomas 4 Catherine were married by Father F. J. Murtagh. Mary Shottmiller 4
Pat Heffernen were listed as witnesses on marriage certificate.

They were god-parents for Mary 'Nolan' Puff (#030-5-3) who remembers the Heffernen farm
"..down on the Buffalo., a great place for old or young.." "Thomas was a good farmer,
with a bountiful orchard." He also was somewhat of a 'rolling stone' - staying with
different relatives but never staying long. Kate was a plain woman in contrast to her

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