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Haassl 2-Delbert A. b. 0CT1885. . 3-Beryl b. 1071887..

4-Iara b. FEB1890. . 5-Flassie b.cl895 d.pl900..
6-Earl b.]I0V1896. .
Samuel #022-6-l-Vinfrey S. 80CT1891-3JUB1968 m Minnie Hansel & Thelma Harris Hansel
2-Hattie b.25JUL1892 d.25irOV1983 m Palmer Hansel..
3-Ida Bell 50CT1895-4irOV1972 m C. Groth & Amos Franks. .
4-Ruby Lucille b. 1897 d. 22JAU1902. .
5-Thomas Huston b.5SEP1899 m Helen Franks
6-Mary Margaret b.4JU¥1902 d.8JUL1986 m Walter Ortman. .
7-Ernest Samuel 15APR1904-30OCT1976 m Carrie Hoack. .
8-George Washington b.22FEB1906 d. 1FEB1982 m twice..
9-Paullne Iowa b.20KAR1908 d. 12AUG1972 m L. Ash..
10-John Layton b. 16FEB1910 m Alberta Coombs. .
11-Wayne Thilo Leroy b. 17MAR1913 m Joyce Cullbertons. .

.. <022) ¥infry stated in 1895 lA Census that his religion was Methodist.

.. Winfrey Smith's Last Testament (original in possession of Dr. Gerald Smith-Evanston, ID

"I was born in Missouri, Clay county, on the 9th day of December, 1825, remained there
until 3 years old, then moved to Pike County, Illinois and lived there' until I was 10
years old and went to school. Then we moved to Galena, Jo Davies County, Illinois in
1835 and remained there and near there until I was 16 years old, then we moved to Iowa
Territory where my father settled on a farm. That was my first knowledge of farming and
I remained there until I was 19 years old then moved to Clayton County, Iowa Territory
and settled 2 miles Forth of Colesburg, what is known as the Bruce FlanniganC?) farm.
There I entered 80 acres of land Joining my father's land and went to clearing the land
and building a log house. It is there I married a girl from Virginia. We lived there
until 1856 then moved to Elk Township, Clayton County, Iowa where we worked hard to raise
our little family. There was born to us eleven children, four dying young and the oldest
boy at 17 and girl at 17, with five living, Jane Baxter, Emy Hansel, Carrie Hansel and
two boys, David and Samuel."

"I have tried to live a Christian life and set a good example before them. I united
with the Methodists when I was 22 years old and years after I Joined the United (United
Brethren in Christ /Dunkards) . There we lived happy and contented. I was sprinkled for
baptism by the Methodists. Not being satisfied with sprinkling, I was baptised by
immersion by a C. B. Thomas of the Latter Day Saints.".


, Smith, Vinf rey McHenry (Continued) #«22-C

. . <023) Sarah Wilkinson Smith's father, Thomas Wilkinson, died when when she was only

three years old in 1833. With mother 3t grandparents, Jonas & Sarah HuJOi., she left Greene

Co. , Pa. for Monongalia County, Va. (W7) around 1834. There her mother remarried a Henry

Baker. In 1853, at age 23, she 4 other relatives left Virginia 4 arrived at Guttenberg

in Clayton County, Iowa on the Mississippi River. Sarah i Winfrey were married almost 49

yearsClacklng only 16 days at time of her death). In her youth she joined the Baptist

church but later joined the United Brethren in Christ. Later she joined the Reorganized

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon-Independence, Mo.). She died of

Bright' s disease after 71 yrs 4 mos of life.

. . (022-1) ¥illiam McHenry was 17 years old in 1872 at time of death.

.. <022-2) Mary & Joseph Baxter's son, Joseph Bethuel, served in WWI as a private in Co.

B, 216 Field Signal Battalion of the U.S. Army.

., (022-3) Ira T. was 6 months old at time of death in 1858.

.. (022-4) David, in one version, was killed on Sam's farm helping to pull a pump & was

struck in the head by a pulley. In another version, the accident occurred on the

Appleton Lovett farm.

.. (022-5) Sarah was also called 'Emma'. In 1925, she & Allen Hansel were living near

Edgewood in Delaware County, Iowa.

. (022-6) Sajnuel evidently took over his father's farm. His wife was the daughter of
Strother Hansel (#040-7) . At their wedding, Marion Hansel (#010) served as a witness and
his wife, Carrie Smith Hansel, was listed as a guest.
. . (022-9) George ¥. was 3 months old in 1868 at time of death.

SOURCES i niSC INFO;(RVSO e30EC1987), 1860-192S lA CENSUS, 1984 Clayton Co, Ifl History, Letha Haptens, Lorita Palner

HUSBAND'S FULL ¥A«E: Gaffney Sr. . Terrence



MAS 1838 PLACE :

A5R7D USA 18.'^ 1


31JAI1904 ELA£E:

: Mt. Sugent, County Cavin, Ireland

: Uew York City, Hew York

: ]J¥ Branch Hat. Home Disabled Veterans, Xilwaukee, Wisconsin
MRIAL- Grave 138 Sec 14 Wood JJational Cemetery, Milwaukee County, Visconsin
QIHEE. RESIDEHCES: Rhode Island. Emerson, Dixon County, Febraska
QCCUFAIIQNS: Factory worker, Farmer RELIGTOTT : Roman Catholic

MILITASY SEIQfiJi; SEP1862-JU]J1865, Private, 6th Iowa Calvary, Company G
H I S FATHER ; Ga^faey , Edward #048 mothet?: anwnev. w«ry

ElSIfi: 16DEC1820 ELACE
DEAIIi: 1350V1883 ELACS
OCCUPATIONS : Housekeeper
HES FATHER; (See p. #050)

Ann ARRVP USA 1836


Robinson (Adam's Twp. ) , Delaware County, Iowa

St. Patrick's Cemetery, Monti, Buchanan County, Iowa




Roman Catholic




1 Patrick BIRTH

♦ [Civil War Death] DEAIIL

C1840 Rhode Island
07JU51862 Batesville, Independence County, Arkansas
SfiC 10 Grave 310. National CeinPtP ry. Llttls Rnck.


2 Unknown





Terrence Sr.'s 1889 Pension App. mentions that
there were 9 children-6 Hving/3 dead.

3 Thomas

♦DCurren, Ann ?
*2)Briggs, Susan
* 1846-1920

BIRTH : 20SEP1845 Lake Geneva, Walworth County, Wisconsin
MEE]i:2) 4FEB1868 Independence, Buchanan County, Iowa


190CT1919 Independence, Buchanan County, Iowa

Plat 1 Blk 1 Lot 3 ■ St. John Cem. . Independence. TA

4 Terrence Jr.
♦ Kane, Mary A.
» 1886-1893






31JUL1847 Lake Geneva, Walworth County, Wisconsin
20SEP1887 St. Patrick's, Monti, Buchanan County, Iowa
17FEB1917 Robinson (Adam's Twp.), Delaware County, Iowa
Ryan. Delaware County. Inwa?

5 Michael

* Conry, Ellen G.






20 MAY 1349 (.J^UJ) Lake Geneva, Walworth County, Wisconsin
14FEB1893 Masonville, Delaware County, Iowa
21JA51929 Robinson (Adam's Twp.), Delaware County, Iowa
Lot 23 St. Patrick's Cem. . Monti. Buchanan Co.. Iowa

6 Anna F.

* Hynes, Michael P.
« C1865CA-





20MAY1849 ( TWIN ) Lake Geneva, Walworth County, Wisconsin
15APR1884 Manchester, Delaware County, Iowa
1925 Denver, Denver County, Colorado

7 KatP (Ca therine)
» Kerwln, John
* 1844IR-1909NE



30NOV1852 Robinson (Adam's Twp.), Delaware County, Iowa
20FEB1873 Delaware County, Iowa
08SEP1930 Emerson, Dixon County, Nebraska
Sacred He art /Rosehi 11 Cemetery. Emerson. NE

8 Mary





03 APR1854?Robinson( Adam's Twp.), Delaware County, Iowa
09JAN1863 (9yrs 9mos 6dys) , Delaware County, Iowa

Lot 37 St. Pat rick's Cam.. Monti. Buchanan Ca. . Iowa

9 Eliz^hPth

* Fanning, Wm. James
» 1847IL-





10SEP1855 Robinson (Adam's Twp.), Delaware County, Iowa
12FEB1872 Masonville, Delaware County, Iowa
22MAY1925 Mllford, Dickinson County, Iowa
P5MAY1925 Evprlv. Clav County. Iowa

. . (024) Terrence Sr. must have worked in the New York City area for several years from
1831 to around 1840, when he moved to Rhode Island to work in the textile mills till
around 1844 when he moved to Wisconsin.

His departure from Ireland probably coincided with the Typhoid epidemic that had
devasted Ireland.

, Gaffney, Terrence (Continued) #«24-B

Thomas #024-3- 1-Thonas b. 1868 d. young..

2-Maine b. 1869IA d. 1923 C.R. lA m George Roe (1869- 1937)
3-John b.50V1872 Ivg 1919 Clarion in Vright Co. lA. .
4-Joseph b.50V1873 d. 1926IA (Single bur. Independence)..
5-Frank b.AUG1876C0 Ivg Des Moines 1925 (Telegraph Operator)..
6-Verna b. 31MAY1885IA d.205OV1978 Independence lA ..
Terrence #024-4- l-Terrence b. 18JUTJ1890 jii23AUG1911IA Alta Edith Yates..

Anna #024-6-l-Clarence J. b. FEB1885. . 2-Frank P. b.KAR1886..
Hynes 3-Genevieve F. b. MAK1887. . 4-Kichael B. b.AUG1888..
5-Any M b.MAE1890. .
Kate #024-7- 1-A? b. 1874. .2-Villiaiii F. b.AUG1876..
KprwlTi 3-Mary b.4DEC1877 d. 30AUG1902IIE

4-Kate E. b.IOV1880. . 5-Vinnie E. b.MAY1881..
6-John E. b.FEB1883 d. 1958irE. . 7-Elizabeth b. 5071884..
S-Patrick T. b.29]irOV1886]IE d. 12JUL1930irE. .
9-ThoiiBS A. b.HAY1889 d. 1954NE. . 10- Aggie b. JUiri891. .
ll-12)d. prior 1900. . 13-Ruth b. 14SEP1896irE d. 1896irE. .
14-d. prior 1900 . . 15-Verna F. b. 0CT1899

A dau. m ? IcCayCIcKay) . .5 Kerwin kids dead by 1910, .

Eli2. #024-9-l-Mary m ? Flynn of Vorthington MN. .2-John b. 19SEP1875 d. 25JA51929IA. .

Fanning 3-TlioiBasC. b. DEC1877. . 4-Kate b. 0CT1879. .

5-Jenny b.SEP1882. .6-Anna b.0CT1884,.

7-Belle b. 1886 (I2II) .. 8- James (I2II)

9-Grover b. AUG1888. . 10-Susy b.OCT1890..

11-Ruth b.50V1892. .12-Bud (Robert?) b.SEP1894..

13-Joseph b.SEP1899 d. 7SEP1936IA(Burried Arnold's Park lA) . . ■

[Mrs. Albert Hanna d. 1914 & Mrs Henry Langford d. 19211 . . ' (

Other daughters n Vemie Harnan of Maxwell I A, Frank Myers !

of Hartley lA, Frank Franker & Felex Franker of Spencer lA. . I

When Terrence Sr. & family arrived in the Silver Creek area of Delaware County lA in I
1849, the only other residents of the area were a family of squatters named 'Mack' who •
left and were replaced by a family named 'McUulty'. Manchester & Ryan did not exist with
the nearest settlements being Delhi 4 Quasqueton. In the 1850 Census, the Gaffneys were >
overlooked. The next settlers were the James Robinson, Anthony Swindle, & John McKay who I
walked into the Silver Creek Valley in 1852 & brought their families in the next few
years. A Peter Gaffney(see p. 048) & brother, Patrick (#048-4) followed him to Adam's Twp.
sometime prior to 1856. Their Post Office drop was 'Barryville' Forth of Silver Creek.

Although these new settlers were Horthern Irish Protestants, Ann Gaffney was so happy
to have neighbors, that Mrs. William ( Belle) Swindell often told how "Mrs Terrence
Gaffney walked up through the fields one day to greet the new-comers. She came bearing
gifts. For Belle she had a setting hen and eight eggs and a half bushel of potatoes for
seed. Later whe went to see Margaret Robinson and took her a setting hen and four goose

Early settlers described the valley as 'full of berries and nuts 'black-caps', red
raspberries, blackberries, wild cherries, wild grapes, wild crabshaw apples, hazel nuts,
& hickory nuts bushel upon bushel. The creek, which now and then spread out into what
the settlers called a lake, was full of fish, 'good fish'. Barrels of fish were salted
down as well as prarie chickens which abounded in the timber. Also in the timber were '
generous populations of wolves, deer, coons, foxes, & snakes (settlers had to switch from
thatch roofs to shingles because the snakes infested the thatch). (Also see testimony of
Frank Gaffney p. 012).


Gaf f ney, Terrence (Continued) #«24-C

In the 1856 Adams Twp. , Delaware Co. lA Census, Terrence was listed with 335 unimproved
acres 3t 45 acres improved. He had 40 tons of hay, 10 acres of wheat, 7 acres of oats, 12
acres of corn, & 1 acre of potatoes. He had also produced 700# of butter 4 sold 10 hogs
& 5 cows. Amongst other land purchases, on 24JAI1855 he purchased 120 acres for
$1.00/acre in Sec. 17 of Adam's township.

1860, Terrence Sr.'s Real Estate valued: $ 3,000, Personal Property: $ 1,113.

g 1870, Terrence Sr.'s Real Estate valued: $ 13,000, Personal Property: $ 2,895.

" With the beginning of the Civil War, Terrence Sr. attempted to enlist in the Union
Armies but was rejected (probably because of age) at Delhi lA by the mustering officer of
the 4th lA Calvary on 30SEP1861 when he tried to enlist with son, Patrick. On 14SEP1862
he enlisted 4 was accepted by the 6th lA Calvary, Co. G, which was hurriedly mobilized to
aid Minnesota settlers (over 600 died) threatened by Sioux Indians who revolted against
treaty violations. He was mustered out 20JU1I1865 at Sioux City lA after three years of
chasing the Sioux thru Dakota Territory with service at Camp Pierre (Peoria) , Fort
Randall, 4 Fort Rice. His pension application of 5JU]I1868 was granted on basis of
suffering a hernia and vericose veins resulting from fall from horse at C^amp Pierre,
Dakota Territory in SEP1863 while on horse guard (horse startled by bugles). He also
suffered a mangled finger outside Sioux City necessitating amputation 20APR1864. The
main battle (White Stone Hill in Forth Dakota) in which the 6th Iowa engaged was in
SEP1863 against a village of several thousand Sioux Indians, with the warriors estimated
to number 1500. The Sioux village was captured and tons of booty burned. Indian
casualties were estimated to number 150 and the 6th Iowa Calvary's casualties during the
campaign were 23 killed, 19 wounded, 4 8 dying of wounds. Terry's role is unknown.

For unexplained reasons, Terrence Sr. abandoned his wife, Ann, in April 1879 (according
to Ann in her mother's pension application on basis of Patrick's death #266128). He left
Ann and his sons behind. In the early 1880' s he was living with or near his daughter,

' Kate Kerwin, near Emerson in Dixon County, Sebraska. In the 1900 Emerson Census, he was
living with the Kerwlns near Emerson. According to the Veteran's Hospital in Milwaukee,
he died there in 1904. However in checking the hospital records housed with the National
Archives in Washington, D.C. there is no record of his stay. To date no death
certificate has been found in ITE, lA, or WI.

. . (025) Ann Mahon arrived in New York City on 1JUTJ1836 from Liverpool aboard the
"Sylvanus Jenkins" with over 200 passengers.

On 5FEB1883, frustrated that she was not receiving a pension as Patrick's mother, Ajia.
Gaffney appealed to President Che ster Arthur for help;

"Your excel lancy President Arthur"

"As my oldest son died in the late war and I have been apljing for pension

and also paid two lawyers to work my case for they took my money in advance and

sa yse d they could get a pension for me as I am in need of My

claim has been filed for some time but it seems that (I) don't get justice. I can't
see why ther_ not justice shown for every one as well as a few as I stand
in as much need as them that get it. I would like to na what kind of laws
there is in this United States (any) way that some gets there rights (and) others
get none. Please be sure and answer this soon(! )"

■Yours Mrs Ann G affney'
"Manchester, Iowa"

In ]Jovemberl883, Ann Gaffney died from injuries suffered in a fall from a wagon being
3ulled by a runaway team(perhaps to or from church in Monti).

. (024-1) Patrick enlisted 30SEP1861 in the 4th lA Calvary, Co. B, at Delhi, lA 4 was
'uustered 235071861. Mother claimed he died of Typhoid fever (military said it was kidney
.nfection) as the 4th advanced against Confederate troops near Batesville north of Little
Jock, Arkansas. Patrick's father, Terrence Sr. , perhaps bitterly, simply said that
'atrick was "...killed under Capt. Peters".

, Gaf f ney, Terrence (Continued) #024-D

.. (824-3) ThoMS, at age 19, enlisted at Delhi on 18SEP1863 in the 4th lA Calvary, Co. B,
and was mustered out 8AUG1865 at Atlanta, Georgia. On 40CT1864, near Memphis, T5. , while
on horse guard, was shot in foot when horse became frightened and banged Thomas's carbine
up against tree discharging and wounding Thomas in foot (lost toe). Pension application
describes Thomas as 5' 11", light complexion, blue eyes, brown hair. On 2APF1866,
Buchanan County issued a marriage license to Tom Gaff ney & Ann Curren but a date of
marriage was never recorded * may not have taken place. Thomas had engaged in Veternary
work in Independence & lived at 707 E. Main Street. As the birth of Frank indicates,
Thomas & Susan may have lived briefly in Colorado around 1876.

.. (824-4) Terrence Jr. 's son, Terry, played softball with the Ryan lA "Shamrocks" in his
youth. The son's Yd.fe, Alta, may have died at Port Hueneme, CA.

.. (024-€) Anna F. wrote the War Pension Board in APR1885 seeking a survivor's pension,
claiming that as the sister of Patrick & having cared for her mother till her death, she
was entitled to any monies due them. Her appeal was denied 4 the 1880 Manchester lA
(Census shows her running a boarding house & that one of her boarders was her uncle,
Patrick Gaff ney b. 1816IR. The boarding house was on Lot 152 (Kiddle 1/3) on Main Street
where in 1987 the Fareway Supermarket is located. Terrence had purchased the land on
9DEC1867 from Elizabeth 4 Henry Hutchinson for $400 & he & Ann sold it on 24MAY1875 to
Anna for $1.00. Anna married a man about 15 years younger than herself & may have been
sensitive to that because after marriage she tended to claim a birth around 1865 in lA
Census's. In 1900, she & husband, Mlcheal, were living on Seminary Street in Dubuque,
Iowa. Her sons, Frank P. , Bernie M. , 4 Clarence J. , were partners in the junk business
in Howard, Miner Co. , South Dakota in the 1910 SD Census.

. . (824-9) Elizabeth 4 Villiam Fanning moved to Vermillion, SD for a year after Marriage.
They then moved to Sioux City, lA 4 lived there for eleven years till 1895 when they
moved to ?estport Twp. in Dickinson Co. lA.

SOUBCFS \ HTJir Twm- (RVSO e2nAR1987) 187e-1925 lA i NE Census, Buchanan Co, lA Ceietery 6uide, Civil Var Pension

Applications(Pat's 1266128, Terry's lieSSM), Frank fiaffney's Testiiony{p,ei2), Io»a Vitals i Obits, Delaware Co, lA Land


..Terrence Sr's Civil War pension applirations rpvpalprf-

-1891-1W4, pension «as »I6 per lonth.

-2SAU61868, Charles F, Hobbs filed affadavit fro» Dubuque, lA to support Terrence's pension daii, Hobbs «as Terry's Acting
Orderly Sgt, i later Lieutenant of Co, '6', Said that Terry '...fhile on duty with Coepany, at or near Caip Peoria, in the
Territory of Dakota, vas injured by his horse falling,,,'

-13SEP1869, Terry daiied at tite of entering service •,,,«as a sound and healthy lan that I never had been troubled »ith the
hernia or any other disease or coiplaint up to the tiie I vas thrown froi ly horse,,,'

-2eAU€1879, John Acers, K,D,, backed Terry up by stating as the faiily physician, Terry vas ".,,a stout hearty farier prior
his enlistunt, ,,'

-23FEB1871, Terry stated in his pension application that the fall froi his horse occurred about 2eth or 2Sth day of Septe«ber
1863 at Cup Peoria, Dakota Territory vhile on duty vith his said Coipany vhile on horse guard, ',,, injury still incapacitates
deponent,.. a farier by occupation i at tiies he is entirely unable to vork 1 said injury(hernia) is growing worse pain day to
day,,' P, 0,; Barryville, Delavare Co, lA,

-23flPR188S, Eierson, Dixon Co,, NE, Terry provided lore details of the accident; ',, ,27SEP1863 at or near Caiip Peoria,,,! vas
on horse-guard a false alari sounded to rally in the horses, fly horse stepped into a hole throving le forward over his'liead
rupturing le'l injuring ly leg, Also the 26 Day APR1864, I lost the forefinger of ly left hand at or near Sioux City, IA,,,The
surgeon at the hospital sent two coirades i lyself after soie hay for government horses, While going up a hill the trail baiked
& I with a stone in trying to block the wheel caught ly finger between wheel 4 stone langling it so that the surgeon had to
atputate it,,,' Also daiied that in the Sept, 1863 fall, the horse kicked hi» in the head,

-1889, T, S, Bardwell, Surgeon, stated that Terry was also suffering partial deafness froi his fall froa the horse,

-1889, Daniel Handerville, 55, Eierson, Dixon Co,, Nebraska, stated in an affadavit, that he had known Terry since 18S8(in
Iowa) t vas presently residing only 1 3/4 liles froi Terry in Dixon County i that vhen Terry returned froi the war he was deaf
in the right ear,

-22HAY1874, flanchester lA Press reported that Terrence Sr, had been injured in Adai's Tvp, when thrown froi a horse.

HUSBATO'S FULL MME : Conry (Conery) , John



JAiri832 PLACE
30AUG1857 £LAC£

27MR1904 ELACE

AR57T) USA 1 flA0
County Vaterford, Ireland

Northampton, Hampshire County, Hassachusetts
Masonvllle, Delaware County, Iowa
St. Mary's Cemetery, Masonvllle, Iowa

OTHER RESIDENCES : Easthampton, Hampshire Co. MA,

OCCUPATIONS : Laborer/ Farmer RELIGinTT : Roman Catholic

HIS FATHER: Conry (Connery) . 51 mnn #052




BlSIii: C1831 ELACE

QCCUPATTQISfS : Housekeeper
HER FATHER: Vhalen. Phmip

MOTHER: L;^ hT. Mary

Vhalen, Mary ARRVD USA 3(aMAY1fl49

County Vaterford, Ireland
Masonvllle, Delaware County, Iowa
St. Mary's Cemetery, Masonvllle, Iowa





Roman Catholic





1 Simon


C1858 Iowa
18JUI1873 Coffin's Grove Twp. ,
RQV 12 St. Mary's Cenatgry,

Delaware County, Iowa
Masonvllle. Iowa





MAT1860 Masonvllle, Delaware County, Iowa
05APR1908 Masonvllle?, Delaware County, Iowa
SOX 12 St. Mary's CPinPtPry. Masonv llle. Iowa

Ellen G. ( Tel lie) #013 aiEIS

Gaf fney, Michael

#«12 MBS2.

27JA51863 Masonvllle, Delaware County, Iowa
14FEB1893 Masonvllle, Delaware County, Iowa
15MAR1931 Robinson (Adam's Twp.), Delaware Co., Iowa
LQI 23 St. Patrick's CPT iietery. Monti. Iowa

Mary A.

Ryan, Martin J.
s/oTlm A Sophia




27JAiri865 Masonvllle, Delaware County, Iowa
09JAH884 Masonvllle, Delaware County, Iowa
09DEC1944 Dubuque, Dubuque County, Iowa
St. Mary's Cenetery, HasQavllle. lovfa


Rieger, John


16FEB1868 Masonvllle, Delaware County, Iowa
22APR1891 Masonvllle, Delaware County, Iowa
24AUG1957 Manchester, Delaware County, Iowa
St. Mary's Cemetery. Masonvllle. Iowa


Catholic Priest


27JA51869 Masonvllle, Delaware County, Iowa
17DEC1898 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
29JUlfl947 Dubuque, Dubuque County, Iowa
Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Dubu que, Iowa

Mary #026-4-1
Ryan 2

Margrt. #026-5-1
SifigfiX. 3

-Timothy J. b.AUG1884IA Ivg 1944: Douglas VYO. .

-Francis (Frank) L. b.lI0V1886IA d. 1961IA (WI VET)..
Agnes P. b.AUG1892MlI. .4-Thomas E. b. 0CT1894MN. .

-Edward b. APR1899MI. . 6-P. M. Ryan Ivg 1944: Sioux Falls SD. .

-P.J. Ryan Ivg 1944: Samona CA 1944

-B.H. Ryan Ivg Amarlllo TX Sgt. AAC 1944. . -Others?
(Daughter m Charles Dozark Ivg Cedar Rapids lA 1944)

-Mathew L. 1905-1907. . 2-Lawrence F. 1892-1951 m Mary Duffy..

-John P. b.SEP1895 d.28JUlI1982 m Maude Burch. .

-1-John V. Ivg 1982: Vinthrop lA. .

-2-Harold J. Ivg 1982: Manchester lA. .

-3-Kenneth C. Ivg 1982: Silvls IL. . -4-Daughter d.pl982..

-5-Kathleen m ? Foster Ivg 1982: Manchester I A. .

-6-Lorrine m Virgil King Ivg 1982: Manchester lA. .
4-Mary(Mae) b.27APR1897 d.24JAN1966 m Seth C. Tinm; Clinton lA.

-1-Della Mae b.cl924 Ivg Masonvllle lA in 1925..
5-Joseph L. Ivg Manchester lA 1965

ConryCConery) , John (Continued) #«26-B

. . <e26) John settled on a farm north of Masonville around 1858 shortly after his marriage
to Mary in Massachusetts. In the 1860 Coffin's Grove Twp. , Delaware County, Iowa Census,
his Real Estate was valued at $160.00 & personal property at $60.00. On 280CT1867, his
vfife, Mary 'Connery' bought 80 acres of land in the far S. E. quarter of Sec. 9 of
Coffin's Grove Twp. North of Masonville in Delaware County for $1,400 from John 4 Sancy
Ohl. His wife deeded one acre of this land to Solomon Welch for $25 on 10APR1879. In
the 1870 Census, his Real Estate was valued at $2,000 & personal property at $1,184.

While John's tombstone spells his last name 'Conry', his Massachusetf s marriage
certificate spelled it 'Connery' & clerks & census takers throughout his life spelled his
last nane variously as: 'Conerway, Conery, & Connory' . While John spelled it 'Conry', he
evidently pronounced his last name 'Con-ner-y' accounting for the spelling confusion.

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