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("McADAM "

"And plainly as the field moves off
In a still lengthening line,
Now might 'McAdam' note the name
Destined in print to shine."

Lay of Matching Green, 1SS3, by R. Y. Bevan.


XonC>on :



These Two Volumes




The Right Hon. Lord Rook wood,


grateful remeuibrances of the many happy years of good

sport zvith the Essex Hounds enjoyed under his

rdgime as '' Sn^ HenryI'


the Author.


Let me at once acknowledge that any interest these
"Leaves from a Hunting Diary" may possess for those who
have hunted in Essex, or who may be hunting in years to
come, will be due almost entirely to the photographs and
sketches with which they are illustrated, and to the extracts
(never before published) from the interesting hunting journals
of the late Charles Ranken Vickerman.

It is, therefore, with no small feeling of gratitude that I
have to express niy thanks to those who have so very kindly
and generously placed photographs of themselves and their
favourite hunters at my disposal for this work. To that ex-
cellent amateur photographer, Mr. Arthur Salvin Bowlby,
I am particularly indebted.

To Mr. H. A. Cole I owe a good deal for the very con-
scientious way he has rendered the sketches from nature.
I am also under a deep obligation to Mr. C. Vickerman
for giving me every assistance in carrying out his father's
wishes relative to his hunting journals.

A good many of my "hunting leaves" have from time to
time appeared in print, mostly in the Essex Times. To the
proprietors of that paper, and to the proprietors of the Essex
County CJi7'onicle, Essex. Weekly News, The Field, and County
Gentleman, for permission to reproduce such accounts, and for
a similar sanction from the proprietors of Bailys Magazine
for the use of their portraits of Mr. C. E. Green, and the late
Mr. Henry Petre, General Mark Wood, and Mr. Henry
Vigne, I return my warmest thanks.

That my productions will be read by any who have not
taken part in the runs herein mentioned I do not expect.
Essex is not Leicestershire, nor have I the pen of that


disciple of \Miyte Melville. Brooksb\% whose vivid descrip-
tions of stirrini( runs in his book, "The Cream of Leicester-
shire," first inspired me years ao-o with the ambition to some
day brini^" out some illustrated hunting leaves.

With the exception of the Friday country (the northern
part), which I seldom had the opportunity of visiting, most
of the principal coverts within the boundaries of the hunt are
included in these illustrations.

H. B. Y.


Chapter I.

PA(5 E

Lord RookwooJ — Lady Rookwood — Lancelot RoUeston — -Desdi-
chado — ^Janies Bailey —Some hard riders with the Essex in
1879 — Making acquaintance with Essex ditches — November
frost — Richard Beale Colvin— George Dawson —R. Womersley
— Harry Bagot — Epping Bury — ^Albert Deacon— J. Todhunter
— Captain Meyer — Cub Hunting in 1881 — The Crcmc dc la Crime i

Chapter H.
Hervey Foster — Pilgrim — Major J. F. Foster — Katafelto — The
Bold Trimmer — Cubs in Bushwood — Barnsleys to Forest Hall
— W. Bambridge — Disastrous Days — General Mark Wood — A
Big Jump— Empty Saddles^Col. Lockwood — -Bishop's Hall —
Robert Lockwood — Friar — Bull's Eye— Watchman — The Cus-
tomers in 1873 — The Warren Fox— A Wet Season — Full Cry
through Waltham Abbey — James Green — Across Country from
Parndon Hall — Who's for Epping ? — Rolls Park— Col. S.
Howard — Bob Ward — Hertfordshire Woodlands — Arundel —
Boyton Cross — Edward Gibson — Screens — Matching Green,
1883 — Roothing Ploughs — Multum in Parvo — Phantom ... ... 33

Chapter HL
Major Tait — West Essex Polo Club — Qui Vive — Kitty — Meets not
Advertised— St. George — Duke and Duchess of Albany at
Easton Lodge — Xmas Eve, 1883 — Chasseur — Beau Walmsley —
Harlequin — Kingston — Bob Chapman — Abigail — E. A. Ball —
Dynamite and Waterford — Lost in the Fog — Chance — The
Lord :\Iayor has a Day — F. Green — Blue Beard — Grafton—
Cub Hunting in 1884 — Hounds Staked — Mr, R. Parkes Breaks
his Arm — Bob Ball — Boycott — The Abridge Policeman —
Thornwood Gate — The Run of the Season — A Broken Back —
A Regular Trap ... ... ... ... ... .. ... 55

Chapter IV.
Tyndale White— The Mahdi— Wesley Hunts the Hounds— Walking
the Plank — J. Perry Watlington — Lord Onslow — Cub Hunting
in 1885— A Wet Season — Early Hours — Mliss — Sparrow
Hawks — Israel's — Latchmore Banks — Takeley Forest — Dun-
mow High Woods — The Knights and Dames of Matching
Green — A. Caldecott — Blind Fences — Hounds Staked — The
Blue Peter — Unhorsing Sir Henry's Carriage — Blue Gates —
Over the Saw Pit — Skating and Hunting — The Close of Sir
Henry's Mastership — Bill Richmond— Lady Betty — A Broken
Arm — Snow and Frost — White Roothing — The Friar Shuts Up
— Bosphorus — Afternoon Runs — Red Tunics — The Great Run
from Toot Hill— A Sly Trick 99


Chapter \'

Loftus Arkwright — A Fatal Thunderstorm — Wet October —
Matching Green, 1886 — James Duke Hill — Canfield Hart — The
Melton Doctor — Knight of Kars — T. Usborne — The Dunmow
Clothier — A Cat and Mustard-pot Day — Harlow Bush Common
— Dobbs Wood — The Skewbald Horse — St. Leonard's, Nasing
— William Sworder — Shalesmore — Xmas Eve, 1886 — A Long
Frost — Matching Green, 1887 — The Knight of the Black Cap —
The Great Stag Run on Xmas Eve, 1887 — Unrivalled Sport
— George Brown — Suart's Caress — Bye Days — Bentley Mill —
The Surrey Deer — F. Avila — Matching Green, 1888 — The Kind
Samaritan — Canfield Mount — The Kildare Flyer — The Stranger
Scores — Canfield Thrift — The Wake Arms — Penned in the
Warren — A Fence we don't get in Essex ... ... ... ... 130

Chapter VL
Mark Hall— Loftus J. W. Arkwright— A Red Letter Day— Diana—
The Polo Pony succumbs — Harry Bagot — Vulpecide — A Pre-
mature Request — The Last Day in the Roothings — Newman
Sparrow — The Hart, The Mount, and The Thrift — How Henry
John got Home — Bye Days — The Prince of Wales at Easton
Lodge — A Blank Day — The Royals — Henry Vigne — Wm.
Hurrell — The Reptonian — Crawley's Advice — Row Wood — A
Clinker from Forest Hall — A Hard Day — Mr. Bevan's Horse
Dies — The Celery Hare — Mr. Vigne has the best run of half-a-
century — Quite Quiet — Engulfed — Merrylegs — The Run of the
Season — Harlow Park — Lieut. -Col. the Hon. W. H. Allsopp ... 164

Chapter VH.
Darnley — Architect — Sir Claud de Crespigny — Hypatica — The
Funker — Mr. Colvin's Golden Lady — Jackdaw — Totnes — Rose
of Devon — The River Dart — A Good Win — Lord Alfred — Hop
Bitters — St. Devereux — True Love for Germany — Bryn —
Verbena — A Bad Conveyance — A. J. Tweed — Woodside —
1890-91, a Poor Season — W. Symes' Grumpier — Snow Wreaths
— The Queen of the Valley — W. Morris — Ed. Neave — The
Merry Fiddlers — Let Well Alone — \\'orkman — Henry Petre —
A Mud Bath — Capt. Du Cane — Matching Green, iSgi — A Deal
in the Hunting Field — Dr. Syntax — Weston's Patent — Griffin's
Wood — The Peel Family — D. Cunliffe Smith — The General
Meeting — Mr. Green Resigns ... ... ... ... ... 194

Chapter VHP
Cubbing in 1892 — C. E. Green — Charles Crawley — The King
William — A Foggy Matching Green — Curtis Mill Green — Rose
Hall — Navestock Church — Over the River — Home at 2.30 —
Leisure Hour — Mr. E. Barclay's Harriers — T. J. Mills — The
Fagot-stick Fox — R. Waltham — Lewis Phillips — Maries Farm
— Cubbing in 1893 — Hard Ground — Farmers Complain of
Small Fields — The First October Gallop — F. Green, jun.,
breaks his arm — Harlow Park — Rundell's Grove — Duchess
comes to Grief — H. J. Price has a Bad Fall — J. Sands —
Dagnam Priory — Bedford's Chaffey Collin's Run — Hatfield
Town — White Roothing — Cedric — Collin's Leap ... ... 227


Chapter IX.


Gilston Park— E. Salvin Bowlby — The Annual Meeting, March 17th,
1894 — The Mark Hall Run — Full Cry past Maries— Andrew
Roddick — The Duke of York's Own Loyal Suffolk Hussars — A
lovely country bar the wire — The Admiral to the rescue — The
Lea Valley — The Melles Family — Bones and Brigadier — ^The
German Officers — A late draw — Golfing weather — The Essex
Stag Hounds — Grange Farm — A scent on the dusty ploughs — •
Sampling a blind 'un— Sheffield Neave, M.S.H. — Stratford^
Captain Digby Neave —Leinster — ^False Prophets — Luffman's
Earths — Twenty good days — -Newman Gilbey — The Challenge
— The Denouement — John Swire — York ... ... ... ... 261

Chapter X.

Trouncer — Forbidden Ground — More Vulpecide — Passingford
Bridge — A Successful Cubbing Season — Col. Cook, his Observa-
tions — Parson Fane — Lady Warwick as a Whip — IMatching
Green, 1894 — ^^^^ Wood lalank for the first time in 11 years —
Were they Satisfied ?—R. Tilling — Mrs. Mcintosh's Gorse —
The Fox of the Year — -The Old Hero Dies — Easton Lodge^
Good Sport — Empty Stalls — Brook House — Lockjaw — A Sad
Fatality — Bobbingworth Wood — Daybreak — Cart Shed Wood
— Mr. Millbank's Fox Escapes — Nasing Common — Mr. C.
Bury's Foxes — Nicking In — Foxes' Wood — A Real Clinker —
Sonnet — Really the Briars Concealed Him — High Roothing
Springs — Mr. P. Gold's Bad Luck — Jacob Marriage — A Good
Purchase — A Contrast — The Doctor — Away for the Lavers —
The Double Ditch — Parish Councils — A Happy Village — The
Beachetts — Mr. Bosley's Fox— Peterboro' Show — The Pick of
the Kennel — Mr. Benton Stakes his Horse — Sam Fitch — The
Grey Cob — The Evening Gallop — Only Three Left — 'Ware
Wheat, Sam ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 290

Chapter XI.

Gaynes Park — The Romford Vale — Mr. Frank Ball to the Rescue —
Gamecock — Bower Wood — Badger Digging — W. H. Pemberton-
Barnes — Claybury Wood — Easter Monday, '96 — The Wire-
Haired Terrier — Barking Side — Whitechapel — Norton Heath —
What Sport ? — A Good Run in a Gale of Wind— Braunston
Gorse — The Charm of the Midlands — Back Again — Lord's
Wood — In Spite of Fog — Ball Hill Woods — The Army and
Navy— Cheating the Frost — Nearly too Late — Sir Charles
Smith's Coverts — Short but Sweet — Another View of the
Beachetts — Fox Hunting Statistics — The Advantages of the
Game — A Conditioning Day — Little Laver Mill — Willingale
Spain and Willingale Doe — Capt. C. D. Bruce — Roy — Capt.
G. M. Tufnell— E. Tufnell— A Trappy Double— Sleigh Bells— ^
Havering Park — Edward Barclay — Cireystoke — Lucky Fridays
— M. Tosetti — The Martyr ... ... ... ... ... ... 322

Chapter XII.

T. Bosley — Weald Hall Coppice — Frozen Out — The Fox and his
Enemies — Bandy at Elsenham — Essex v. Puckeridge Hunt —


E. Ethelston — The Break up of the Cireat Frost of '95 — The
Ice Carnival— Really good going, Sir !— W. Sims Horner — A
Root Ditch — Poles' Wood — One, Two, Three, over they come —
Jugged Hare at Sewald's Hall — The Influenza Cure— Bosley's
Fox— In or Over is Mr. Lobb's Motto — Fourteen all told— The
old Guard — Pyrgo Wood — Riding away from Hounds — Leonard
Pelly — The usual blank at Forest Hall — No Commoner, surely !
— Splash of Rain— Brick Kilns again— Full cry from Man
Wood — Essex for ever — Diana to the front — Moor Hall — A. C.
Oldham — A Good Finish


Chapter XIII.
Bell House— The Essex Kennels, 1808— The Point to Point Races
at High Roding Bury — Pyrgo House— Luck in Horse Dealing
— G. Sewell — Duchess — A Wonderful Recovery — The Merry
Midlands— Crick Gorse— Scylla and Charybdis— Brooksby —
The Quorn Countrie— The Coplow — John o' Gaunt — Barnsleys
—Hunt Changes — E. E. Cockett — Northamptonshire Brooks-
Bailey's Plunge — Canes — The Sequel to a good Stag Run —
W. H. Sewell— Jack— Over the Iron Railings— The Hunt
Button — One of the worst frosts in the memory of man — A
Retrospect — Blooding our young Nimrods — Cubbing Notes in
'95 — Weston Crocker — Blizzard — True Blue — One fence in
October worth a dozen later — Roydon Park— In the Heart of
the Roothings — Garnetts — The Queen of the Hunt — A. R.
Steele— The Pleshey Tonic — A Bid Photo of a Good Horse —
Havering- Atte-Bower — Loughton Shaws — Bellows to Mend ... 386

Chapter XIV.
Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton, K.C.M.G. — Warhes — Netteswell X —
The Weald Brook— Latton Park to Matching Hall— The Mex-
borough Thoroughbred — The Scarlet Jacket — The Evening
Gallop from Man Wood — The Rector of Abbess Roding —
Marshall— A Tricky Fence— The " Black Bull," Fyfield— The

Dido Brand — Nevill Dawson — The " Green Man," Harlow

Sticking to Hounds— Reaping the Reward — A Riddle Unsolved
—Black Mondays - The Hunt Staff— Courtfield Wood— Con-
flicting Evidence — Casualties — Too Late — Poplars 415


Allsopp, Lieut. -Col. Hon. W. H., Junior Carlton Club, Pall Mall.
Arkwright, Loftus, M.F.H., Parndon Hall, Harlow.
AviLA, Frederick, Theydon Hall Farm, Theydon Bois.

Backhouse, J. E., Bank, Darlington.

Baddeley, W. H., Whitehall Hall, Chingford. (Two copies.)

Balfour, John, Moor Hall, Harlow.

Ball, Edward A., Egg Hall, Epping.

Ball, Richard Francis, Theydon Copt, Epping. (Two copies.)

Bambridge, Mrs. W., The Green Man, Harlow.

Barclay, Edward E., M.F.H., Brent Pelham Hall, Buntingford. (Two

Barclay, Ford, 14, Berkeley Street, \V.
Barker, John, The Grange, Bishops Stortford.

Barron, Richard Bankes, Gilstead Hall, South Weald, Brentwood.
Basham, Frederick T., Hubbards Hall, Harlow.
Bennett, Mrs. Lyon, Taylors, Chigwell.
Bevan, R. Y., Egg Hall, Epping. (Two copies.)
Bidder, B. P., Bushey Heath, Herts.
Blyth, Audley, Blythwood, Stansted.
Blyth, Herbert W., Blythwood, Stansted.
Boardman, a., Bookseller, Bishops Stortford.
Bonsey, Mrs. W., The Vicarage, Lancaster.
BowLBY, E. S., M.F.H., Gilston Park, Harlow.
BowLBY, Mrs. E. S., Gilston Park, Harlow.

BowLBY, Arthur Salvin, Gilston Park, Harlow. (Two copies.)
Bruce, Major C. D., Shrubbs, Harlow.
BucKMASTER, Rev. Edward, The Vicarage, Epping.
Buckmaster, Walter S., Croft House, Stansted.

BuRNEY, Mrs. George, Box Cottage, North Church, Berkhampsted.
Bury, Ralph Frederick, St. Leonards, Nazeing, Waltham Cross.
Buxton, Edward North, Knighton House, Buckhurst Hill.
Buxton, Gerald, Birch Hall, Theydon Bois.

Buxton, Sir Thomas Fowell, K.C.M.G., Warlies Park, Waltham Abbey.
Buxton, Thomas Fowell Victor, Woodredon, Waltham Abbey.

Caldecott, Miss M. M., High Croft, Husbands Bosworth, Rugby.
Calverley, J. Selwin, Oulton Hall, Leeds, Yorks. (Two copies.)
Calverley, Captain Horace, Naval and Military Club, 94, Piccadilly, W.


Caldwell, Seymour, Navestock Side, Brentwood.

Carr, Thomas, The Lodge, Waltham Abbey.

Carr, Wilfred, RoUestons, Writtle.

Charrington, Henry, Castle Hill, Tutbury, Staffs. (Two copies.)

Christie, Charles A., Esdale House, Hoddesdon.

Christie, Norman P., Myddleton House, Hoddesdon.

Christie, Charles Henry Fehler, Wilderness, Ongar.

Christy, Theodore, Chignal St. James, Chelmsford.

Christy, David, jun., Margaretting Hall, Ingatestone.

Christy, James, Writtle, Chelmsford.

Christy, Miller, Pryors, Broomfield, near Chelmsford.

Clarke, Mrs. W. R., Debdens Hall, Loughton.

Cock, Charles H., Bridgefoot, Barnet, Herts.

CocKETT, J. E., Evergreen Lodge, Wanstead, Essex.

Cockett, E. E., Woodside, South Woodford, Essex.

Cole, Henry A., Knighton Villas, Buckhurst Hill.

Collin, C. Chaffey, Portland House, Basinghall Street.

CoLviN, Lieut. -Col. Richard B., Monkhams, Waltham Abbey.

Costerton, a. E., The Vinery, Bury St. Edmunds.

CoTTis, William & Sons, Epping, Essex.

Coverdale, H., Westwood Estate Offices, Wigan.

Cowee, Thomas, Chipping Ongar.

CowLiN, Benjamin, Epping, Essex.

Crocker, Weston, The Grange, Hatfield, Harlow.

Crossman, Douglas, Dudbrook, Navestock, Brentwood.

Crossman, J. H., II, King Street, St. James, S.W.

Cure, L. Capel, Abbess Roothing Rectory, Ongar.

Dalton, William, Burses House, Hutton, Brentwood.

Darby, Alfred, 2, CHff Town Parade, Southend.

Dashwood, Philip W., Griffin's Wood, Epping.

Davis, A. B., Victoria Buildings, Epping.

Dawson, G. H., 29, Lansdowne Crescent, Bayswater.

Deacon, George Coutts, Walnut Tree House, W^altham Cross.

Debenham, Horace Bentley, Thrifts Hall, Theydon Bois.

DocwRA, Ernest, i, Gloucester Terrace, Regent's Park, N.W.

DocwRA, John W., i, Gloucester Terrace, Regent's Park, N.W. (Two

Dunlop, R. J., Norton Hall, Norton Mandeville, Ingatestone.
DuRRANT, Edmund & Co., 90, High Street, Chelmsford.

Edwards, Arthur J., Beech Hill Park, Waltham Abbey.
Elder, Mrs. H. H., 148, King Henry's Road, South Hampstead, N.W.
Ethelston, Edmund, Rowney Lodge, Winiborne, Dorset. (Two copies.)
Ethelston, Captain R. W., Hinton, Whitchurch, Salop. (Two copies.)
Evans, P. M., New Farm, Epping.


Fane, Colonel Frederick John, Priors, Kelvedon Hatch, Brentwood.

Field, James W., Epping, Essex.

Fitch, C. F., Elmhurst, Collier Row, Romford.

Flinn, Frank, Bishops Stortford.

Flint, Abraham, The Grange, Chigwell.

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Fowler, Trevor, Northlands, Epping.

Galloway, W. M., Shelly Hall, Ongar.

Gething, H., Aberbaiden, Abergavenny, Mon.

GiBBS, Kenneth Yardley, Balcony House, Sewardstone, Chingford.

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Gibson, Edward, Crix, Hatfield Peveril, Witham. (Three copies.)

GiLBEY, Sir Walter, Bart., Elsenham Hall, Essex.

GiLBEY, Newman, Mark Hall, Harlow.

GiLBEY, Guy, Elsenham Hall, Essex.

GiLBEY, Tresham, The Grange, Bishops Stortford. (Two copies.)

Giles, Arthur B., 45, Bryanston Street, W.

Glyn, Miss M., 12, Selwood Place, Onslow Gardens, S.W,

Godson, Ernest H., Heckington, Lincolnshire.

Gold, Gerald, Bentfield, Stansted.

Green, Charles Ernest, M.F.H., Theydon Grove, Epping. (Two copies.)

Green, J. J., Great Parndon, Harlow.

Green, Frederick, Hainault Lodge, Hainault, Chigwell Row.

Gregory, D., 41, Amhurst Park, Stamford Hill, N.

Gripper, George Bell, Brooklands, Birchanger, Bishops Stortford.

Grubb, Richard T., West House, Harlow.

Harenc, Mrs. Archibald, hi, Queen's Gate, W.

Harenc, Archibald Geraint, hi. Queen's Gate, W.

Harris, George H., Sawbridgeworth, Herts.

Harris, James, " Thornbury," 2, Tor Gardens, Campden Hill, W.

Hart, George, Weald Place, North Weald, Epping.

Hart, Hugh W., Canes, North Weald, Epping.

Hart, Francis George, Hartland Road, Epping.

Hayden, E. W., St. Helens, Epping.

Hill, Reginald Duke, Holfield Grange, Coggeshall.

Hilleard, G. E., Fairfield, Chelmsford.

Hills, Joseph, Epping, Essex.

Horner, H. W., Fern Hill, Walthamstow.

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Howard, Alexander L., log, Fenchurch Street, E.C.

Hull, Thomas Read, Jericho, Blackmore.

Hull, T., jun., Jericho, Blackmore.

Jasper, W., Thorley Hall, Bishops Stortford.
Jones, Mrs. Handfield, 35, Cavendish Square, W.


Jones, H. E., Marden Ash, Ongar. (Two copies.)

Kemp, Alfred, Braeside, Connaught Avenue, Loughton.

Ketts, \\'illiam, Buckhurst Hill, Essex.

KiRKBY, James, Epping, Essex.

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Lawrence, N. S., High Street, Epping.

Lee, G. H., Waltham Abbey.

Lee, H. W., Gwynne House, Woodford Bridge.

Lee, Philip S., Beamlands, Seaford, Sussex.

LoBB, Arthur W., Rolls Park, Chigwell.

LocKwooD, Lieut.-Col. A. R. M., M.P., Bishop's Hall, Romford.

Love, William, Hoddesdon, Herts.

LoYD, F. E., Amwell Grove, Ware. (Two copies.)

Lyall, Roger Campbell, Hastingwood House, Harlow.

Mann, Miss Gertrude J., Hyde Hall, Sawbridgeworth.

Marriage, Jacob, Bankside, Oxted, Surrey,

Marsh, W. S. Chisenhale, Gaynes Park, Epping.

Martineau, W., 20, Tite Street, Chelsea Embankment.

Mashiter, Edward Thomas, M.F.H., Gatwick, Great Burstead, Brentwood.

Mathews, Thos., The Bury, Codford, St. Peter, Wilts.

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Melles, Joseph W., Sewardstone Lodge, Chingford. (Two copies.)

Meyer, H. J., Little Laver Hall, Matching Green. Harlow. (Two copies.)

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Miller, Henry John, Gardener's Farm, Theydon Garnon, Epping.

Morris, Wayman, Shakespeare Hotel, Dover.

Neave, Edward, 5, Warwick Road, Ealing.
Neave, Lieut.-Col. A. T. Digby, Hutton Hall, Brentwood.
Neave, Sheffield, Mill Green Park, Ingatestone.
Neill, Mrs., Newhall, Harlow, Essex.

Oldham, A. C, The White House, Headley, Epsom.

Parkes, C. R., II, Tregunter Road, S. Kensington.

Parnell, Mrs. A. H., The Vicarage, Abbots Langley, Herts. (Three

Patchett, William, Q.C, Bury Lodge, Epping.
Peake, Arthur H., Westholme, Sleaford, Lincolnshire.
Peake, G. Herbert, Horton Pagnell, Doncaster.
Pearson, John, Pembroke, Epping.
Peel, Archibald, Westlea, Broxbourne, Herts.
Pelly, Alfred D., Vale House, Hertford.
Pelly, Edmund, Twyford House, Bishops Stortford.
Pelly, Herbert Cecil, Shortacres, High Road, Loughton.


Pelly, J. G., Theydon Place, Epping. (Two copies.)

Pemberton-Barnes, W. H., Havering, Romford, (Two copies.)

Penn, Frank, Benacre Hall, Wrentham, Suffolk.

Phillips, Lewis, Berden Hall, Bishops Stortford.

PiGOTT, Mrs. Wellesley, Shelly House, Shelly, Ongar.

Price, Howel J., Greensted Hall, Ongar.

Prince of San Faustina, Palazzo Barberivi, Rome.

QuARE, E. (M.H.), Honington House, Matching, Harlow.

Raby, Harry, Wenlock Farm, Blackmore, Ingatestone.

Raphael, Herbert H., Rosecourt, Havering-atte-Bower, Essex.

Rhodes, Colonel Frank, 17, Stratton Street, W.

Rhodes, Right Hon. Cecil, Groote Schnur, Rondesbosch, Cape Colony.

Ridley, Charles E., The Elms, Broomfield Road, Chelmsford. (Two

Roberts, Mrs. C. W. Wyatt, Bird's Town, Theydon Bois.
Roberts, Benjamin C, Oakfield, Chester.
Roddick, Andrew, jun., Quintin Hill, Waltham Abbey.
Roffey, W. S., Manor House, Writtle, Chelmsford.

Sands, John, Dagnam Priory, Noak Hill, Romford.

Saunders, Rev. G. Ward, St. James' Parsonage, Jersey.

Savill, Harry, The Green, Stratford.

Savill, Herbert, Southfleet, Buckhurst Hill.

Savill, Percy R., Oakwood, Epping.

Savill, Philip, The Woodlands, Chigwell Row, Essex. (Two copies.)

Scott, Rev. R. Leslie, Little Parndon Rectory, Harlow.

Sewell, Arthur T., Hartland Road, Epping. (Two copies.)

Sewell, George, The Cedars, Great Baddow.

Sewell, W. H., Epping Place, Epping. (Two copies.)

Simonds, Thomas, Waveney, Hainault Road, Leytonstone.

Single, Washington, The Grove, S. Woodford, Essex.

Smith, Sir Charles Cunliffe, Suttons, Romford.

Smith, D. Cunliffe, Suttons, Romford.

Smith, R. Cunliffe, Stondon House, Stondon, Brentwood.

Smith, W., The Links, Bishops Stortford.

SoRRELL, John Brockett, Theydon Green, Theydon Bois.

Steele, Adam Rivers, Northbrooks, Great Parndon, Harlow.

Stokes, Fred, Coney Weston Hall, Bury St. Edmunds,

Suart, Alfred, 21, St. Mary Axe, London, E.C.

Swire, John, 10, Kensington Court, W. (Two copies.)

Sworder, Hugh, Epping.

Sworder, Harry, Tawney Hall, Stapleford Tawney, Romford.

Tait, Major J. C, Crows, Epping.

Taylor, Marshall, Hockerill, Bishops Stortford.


Thorpe, Colin A., Berwyn, Merlin Road, Blackburn.

Thwaites, Daniel, Troy, Blackburn.

Thwaites, John, Troy, Blackburn.

Thwaites, Mrs., Addison Lodge, 7, Addison Road, Kensington.

Tilling, Richard S., North Lodge, 19, Peckham Road, S.E. (Two copies.

Todhunter, Joseph, Kingsmoor House, Harlow. (Two copies.)

TosETTi, M., West Dene, Woodford Green. (Two copies.)

Tower, Christopher J. H., Weald Hall, Brentwood.

Tredegar, Lord, Tredegar Park, Newport, Mon.

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