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unacceptability of the Board to town and country alike, chiefly for having given up too
readily all the navigation of the Upper Thames between Lechdale and Oxford, Neate

656, 657 Opinion that the Conservancy have always trusted too much to their own

views, ib. 668.

Decided opinion that the Conservators are doing their utmost to keep the river in a

satisfactory state as far as their funds admit, Clutterbuek 582 Satisfaction given

generally by the Board in the upper river, Sir G. East 2357. 2365-2379 ; Vansittart

2574. 2 6^7> 2 588 ; Wethered 2606, 2607 Testimony to the improvements effected by

the Board in the upper river, Sir G. East 2357 ; Wethered 2606, 2607 > Etheridge 261 8-
2620. 2625; Nelson 2704; Lord Otho Fitzgerald 277 3-27 76. 2780-2783.

Attention constantly paid by the Board to the subject of mitigation of floods, Sir F.

Nicolson 2485 Action of the Conservators generally in the interests of the upper as

well as of the lower rivers ; exceptions taken hereon to certain statements by Colonel
Harcourt, ib. 2500.

Opinion as to the efficient action generally of the Conservators, Hopkins 3210, 3211

Generally feeling of dissatisfaction with the management of the Conservators in the

upper river, Taunton 3701.

Misapprehension under which the Conservators have been charged with neglect in the
execution of adequate works for the relief of floods, Rep. v.

367. Mm 4. Relations

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Report, 1877 — continued.

r Conservancy— continued.

4. Relation* with the Thames Valley Drainage Commissioners :

ility existing between the Drainage Commissioners and the Thames Conservancy;

ty of inducing the two bodies to act together, Dean of Christchurch 205. 221

e of negotiations between the Drainage Commissioners and the Conservators on

ject of the proposed works, Hawkins 465 Explanations in connection with the

)f the Commissioners to obtain details of the Conservancy accounts and the dif-
raised by the Conservators ; correspondence on the subject, ib. 465, 466.
iess has no recollection of any official communication with the Thames Conser-
while he was on the Drainage Commission ; unsatisfactory result, however, of a
letter from himself, Neate 658-661. 679,680.

?ssive surprise of witness on hearing that an unfriendly feeling existed between
nservators and the Drainage Commissioners ; ready facilities granted by the
for the inspection of their plans and sections by the laiter, Leach 2008-2013.

ianations relative to the alleged want of harmony between the Conservancy Board
i Thames Valley Drainage Commissioners; reference especially to the refusal of
mer to submit details of accounts to the latter, Sir F. Nicolson 2481-2483. 2507,
— There has never been any conflict of authority between the two bodies, ib. 12508
accuracy of a statement as to the Conservancy .Board not answering all letters, ib.

estion with a view to the harmonious working of the Thames Conservancy and
%e Commissioners; expediency of due provision as to the levels being maintained,
~s 3*09- 3*38-3*4 2 -

her statement with reference to certain correspondence between the Thames
Drainage Commissioners and the Conservators, Sir F. Nicolson 3737.

sr from the Thames Valley Drainage Commissioners to the Thumes Conservators,

tnd January 1877, asking for details of expenditure on certain works, App. 222

in reply from the Thames Conservators declining to give further details than are
in the published accounts, ib.

5. Meetings of the Board ; Payment for Attendances :

ment upon the arrangements as to the payment of the fees of absentees to the
rs who are present at the meetings of the Conservators; attendance chiefly of

who reside in London, Harcourt 567-570 Objection to the Board for the

iver sitting in London, ib. 570 Improvement if the meetings took place occa-

< at Reading or Oxford, Mackenzie 1 156.

ting of the Board once a week ; system of committees for finance and other

s, Sir F. Nicolson, 2429 Infrequent attendance of Colonel Harcourt when a

vator, ib. 2500.

nent of 1,800/. a year to the Conservators out of the lower river fund, and of
l year out of the fund for the upper river ; particulars as to the distribution of this
nong the Conservators according to their attendances, Sir F. Nicolson, 2919-

P64-3076 Way in which the meetings of the Board are arranged with reference

Upper Navigation, ib. 3053.

6. Circumstances connected with the passing of the Act of 1866 :

imission appointed by the Board of Trade, upon whose report the Act 29 & 30
. 89, was passed, transferring the Upper Navigation to the Thames Conservancy,
using much grievance to Windsor and other riparian boroughs in reference to

1 works, &c, Darvill 1396-1421 Complaint more especially as to the Act of

laving been passed without the cognisance of Windsor and other boroughs pre-
lly affected by it, ib. 1396-1421. 1441.

ef as to notices having been duly served under the Bill of 1866 ; comment hereon
lie surprise of the town clerk of Windsor in the matter, Sir F. Nicolson 2977-

also Appeal. Dredging. Jurisdiction. Landowners. Locks. Mills,
avigation. Rate. Revenue and Expenditure. Towns. Tributaries of
e Thames. Upper River. Water Companies. Weirs. Works.

Embankment. Doubt as to the Thames Embankment having had any appreciable
>n floods, Sir J. Hawkshuw 1806, 1807.

\nd Severn Canal. Absence of any navigation of the river within the recollection

iess above the mouth of the Thames and Severn Canal, Arkell 8*20-823 Less

and smaller boats used on the canal than formerly, ib. 830-834 Reference to

ry bad condition of the canal, Sir F. Nicolson 2943. 3087, 3088.

rmation respecting the financial condition of the Canal Company, and the annual
of carriage conveyed ; admission that their undertaking is not now a successful


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Report, 1877 — continued.

Thames and Severn Canal — continued.

one, though if the upper river were put into order it would become more remunerative,
jTazmton 3604-3606. 3709-3714 — —Importance of making the river from Lechlade to
Oxford navigable, for the purpose of connecting the Loudon with the Gloucester traffic ;
depth of water necessary for the passage of loaded barges, ib. 3624-3651 — —
Necessity for the canal company to lighten the loaded barges in the canal during the
dry season, on account of deficiency of water, ib. 3647-3651.

Information as to the expenses necessary for keeping up the works of the canal ; cost
of the maintenance of the canal locks very similar to that of the Thames locks, Taunton

3652-3664 Opinion that an expenditure of 5,000 /. on the improvement of the canal

would enable barges drawing three feet six inches of water to pass from one end to
another, ib. 3665-3667.

Rejection by the canal company of business which had been offered to them, on

account of the inability to navigate the Thames, Taunton 3667, 3727-3736 Keen

competition between the canal and the railway from Lechlade to Gloucester; decided
opinion that if the Thames were put into a navigable condition, the canal could com-
pete successfully with the railway, ib. 3668-3686. 3727. 3696-3698. 3728 Cost and

capacity of the weirs on the canal, ib. 3702-3707.

Thames Valley Drainage Commissioners :

Jurisdiction of the Commissioners from Cricklade to Long Wittenham, Dean of Christ-
church 195, 196 Works undertaken, or proposed to be undertaken, by the Commis-
sioners, subject to the sanction of the Conservancy Board, from whom there is an appeal
to the Board of Trade, ib. 196-198.

Statement with reference to the jurisdiction exercised by the Commissioners ; the total
length of the Thames and its tributaries under their control is .130 miles, Hawkins 363-
369— Survey made, and levels taken, by officers of the Ordnance Department, in
reference to tne works proposed to be executed, ib. 370-374— —Novel character of the
Act of Parliament constituting the Drainage Commissioners ; power given to the Inclosure
Commissioners by the Act, ib. 375, 376.

Information as to the proceedings taken under the Act since it was passed in 1871 ;

appointment under the Act of twenty- five Commissioners, Hawkins 377-393

Explanation that the cause of the works not being commenced is that the surveys
of tlie Ordnance Department, were considerably delayed; present postponement of the
works on account of the appointment of the present Commitiee, ib. 403. 409, 410. 442-
451.461 Statement that the Commissioners receive no payment for their attend-
ance ; payment to the extent of 2,500 /. a year received by the Conservators, ib. 473-


Origin of the Act of 1871, under which the Drainage Commissioners were formed,
Harcourt 507, 508 Causes of the delay in taking action since 1871, ib. 508 Con-
sultation with Sir John Hawkshaw as to the cost of a report and of a plan for the necessary

works, ib. 508.521-523 Employment of the Royal Engineers for the purpose of

making accurate maps of the district, with the object of obtaining a basis for rating ;
long and tedious character of this work, ib. 508. 538.

Action of the district boards in relation to the works earned out in the Thames Valley ;
control on the part of the Drainage Commissioners, Harcourt 509-515. 564 Conten-
tion that the Drainage Commissioners would be better able to manage the navigation of
the upper river than the Conservators to manage the drainage, ib. 533-535 Satis-
factory constitution of the Commissioners as a representative body, ib. 566.

Excellent work done by the Drainage Commissioners, more especially as a foundation

for the future, Neate 655 Non objection to the increase of expense involved in the

necessity of a surveyor being employed before the Conservancy exercise their right of
veto upon any proposed local measure, ib. 669-672.

Comment upon the inaction of the Drainage Commissioners; great delay on their part

in carrying out ihe required works, Leach 1923-1925. 1933; Sir F. Nicolson 2501

Deprecation of any interfeience with the jurisdiction of the Commissioners as to drainage,

Sir F. Nicolson 2507, 2508 Statement as to the Conservators having stayed the

execution of works on account of the delay on the part of the Drainage Commissioners in

Eroposing their works, ib. 2869-2872. 2940, 2941 Willingness of the Conservators to
ave carried out any works for the Drainage Commissioners, the latter defraying the
cost, ib. 2987-2990 Rating powers of the Drainage Commissioners for the improve-
ment of the land exclusively, ib. 3027, 3028.

Correction of a misapprehension respecting the power of the Commissioners to carry
outworks; the first Commissioners had no power to execute works, Hawkins 3244. 3253-

Particulars of meetings of the Drainage Commissioners in each month since August
3871, showing the number of Commissioners present at each meeting, and the special
business transacted, App. 223, 224.

367. N N Statement

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Report, 1877 — continued.

Thames Valley Drainage Commiisswsers*— continued.

Statement of the receipts and expenditure of the Commissioners, to 8tfr December
1876, App. 225 Information shown in the rate account of the Commissioaera, Uu

Summary of the circumstance* which led to the appointment of t lie Thames Valley

Drainage Commissioners, Rep. rv. Explanations in reference to the constitution and

powers of the Commissioners, and the action taken by them with reference to drainage
works, ib. iv, v.

Rating authority of the Drainage Commissioners over 55,000 acres, whilst they have
a jurisdiction for purposes of works, over more than 88,000 Hcres, Rep. iv.— : — Control
in the Conservators as regards works executed by the Drainage Commissioners in the
Thames for ihe prevention of floods, ib. iv. v.— -Expediency of tlie Drainage Commis-
sioners sending two or more representatives to the Conservancy Board, Rep. vi.

See also Appeal* Jurisdiction. Landowner*. Thames Conservancy, 4,

Upper River*

Tolls. Belief that the tolls are decreasing in the upper river; small amount of naviga-
tion, Hawkins 497, 498 Diminishing amount of the tolls, Leach 1890— — Total cf

about 4,000/. a year derived from tolls iu the river above 'Staines including pleasure
traffic, ib. 2087, 2088.

Information relative to the amount of tolls and of pleasure traffic on different sections
of the river above Staines ; total collected in witness' distriot in each year since 1868;

Etheridge 2660-2673 Revision required in the tolls for pleasure boats, and for steam

launches, Sir F. Nicolson 2932, 2933.

Amount of tolls collected at the several locks from Lechlade to, and including, Day's
Lock, in each of the years 1867-76; total of 11,149 /., App. 214.

Decrease in the proceeds of the tolls from 14,000 /. in 1843.40 3,000 /. in 1865 ; *h* fc

is, through the diversion of traffic by the railways. Rep. iii Decreased traffic and tolls

between Staines and Oxford, notwithstanding the improved navigation works carried out

by the Conservators, ib. iv Total of only 3,909 I. received from navigation tolls between

Cric-klade and Staines in the year 1876, ib. vi.

See also Pleasure Boats. Revenue and Expenditure. Steamers.

T<w>er 9 Christopher. (Analysis of his Evidence.) — Lnrge interests of witness as a l»nd-
. owner in a certain district in the valley of the Colne ; explanation as to the steps taken
by him for preventing floods in this distiict, and as to the successful effects thereof, 1768

-1771 Reference to the large number of mills on the river, 1768.. 1778, 1779

Continued liability to floods in the Colne, below the Great Western Railway at Drayton ;
mears by which these might be prevented, 1770-1773. 1778 Importance of co-opera-
tion between mill-owners and land-owners, 1770. 1772.

Considerable relief by opening flood gates sufficiently early, and by having selfoegula-

ting weirs and sluices, 1771, 1772 Expediency of cential control and constant

surveillance over the Colne, with a view to the prevention of floods, 1772, .1773. 17771

1778 Approval o*' the Thames Conservators having jurisdiction over the whole valley

of the Colne, with a view to the removal of obstructions in the river, 1774-1778

Great improvement if there were power to straighten the course of the Colne in some
places, 1778.

Towle, John. (Analysis of his Evidence.) — Is a magistrate for Oxford, and a member of

the town council, 717, 718- Selfishness of the city in its objection to being rated for

needful works, 719 Examination as to the mills question, in which witness is largely

interested, 719-743 Evidence as to the bead ofSandford Mill having been raised,

and as to the consequent injury to navigation, 719-735 Advisability of the Weirs mill

being removed ; price at which witness would sell this mill, 736-743 Statement as to

the upper river having been navigated by a Mr. Wyatt, with the " Brimstone," a boat of
150 tons, 744-748.

Totons. Opinion that there should be compulsory powers to obtain contributions from
towns as well as from lands towards the required drainage works; reason for not making

this proposal when the Act of 1871 was obtained, Hawkins 458-461 Expediency of

the towns in the neighbourhood of the river being rated, on account of the benefit which
they would receive from the proposed works, Harcourt 527, 528.

Proposal that the mayor of every riparian town from Staines Stone to Oxford should
be a member of the proposed new Board; question hereon whether the chairman of each
local board or some member of the corporation would not be a better and more permanent
representative, Darvill 1471, 1472. 1528-1535.

Tributaries of the Thames. Powers of the Drainage Commissioners, but not of the Con-
servators, in regard to the tributaries; explanation of the delay in the exercise of such

powers, Dean of Christchurch 210, 211. 254-261 Mischief arising from branch

streams or tributaries, which witness suggests should be under the authority of the




Report, 1877— coniitsei.

■ ■ ■ ■ ■- — . ... ,..,■■ -..,-, . ■ — — — — ___ — — ^ , — ^ —

Tributaries of the Thames— continued.

Drainage Colnmissioiiers ; belief that no difficulty would arise in dealing with private
rights, Castle 1004-1007. 1010. 1034-1036. 1066-1070.

Object i cm to the Conservators having mereaeed jurisdiction over the tributaries. Leach
3005-2007. a 078- softs, 2126-2129— —Approval of increased control over the mitten on
the tributaries, ib. 2064, 0065— Powers under the Public Health Act and Hirers
Pollution Act lor compelling local autboritiee to perform their duties in reference to the
condition of tributary streams, Rawlinsou 2573^2277— Doubt as to the expediency of
the Conservancy having fuller jurisdiction over the tributaries, Sir JF. Nicolson 3039,
.3040. 3061-3063, 3081, 3082.

Estimate of 42,500 1 as the cost of works proponed by witness' firm for the tributaries,
Falkintr 31 1 3.

Approval of the Thames Consertancy having control over the management of the
weirs on the tributaries as well as on the main ri? er, though such control would be more
for the benefit of the localities than for the main river, Leach 3746, 3747. 3833-3843.

Conclusion of the Committee that it is essential that whatever body has authority over
the Thames for the prevention of flood*, &c, should also have control over the tributaries
for the same purposes over such distances as the circumstances may require, Rep. vi.

See also Cherwetf, The. Colne, The. Jurisdiction. Kennet, The.

Tug-boat. Considerable and excessive charge for the steam-tug of the Conservators,
Taunton 3623.

Occasional employ men t of the tug-boat above Abingdon in towing empty boats up to

the Oxford canal in flood time, App. 213 Proportionate benefit to the river above

Abingdon from the outlay on the tug and on plant, ib.

Statement of expenditure in purchase of plant, steam-tug, &c., App. 216.

Tumbling Bays. Advocacy of the extension of tumbling bays as the best or only means
of mitigating floods in the upper Thames ; necessity, at the same time, of removing shoals

and other obstructions, Leach 1962-1980. 1999-9022 Further evidence in support

of the system of tumbling bays, and in consideration of objections thereto, ib. 2041-
2045. 2058.

Advantage of the tumbling bays in times of flood ; suggestions for their improvement
by ibe application of sluices, to be opened when the floods are excessive, Lard Otho

. Fitzgerald 2776-2779. 2789. 2796, 2797 Objection to tumbling bays in the upper

river, Fa/A rntr 312a


'tJfper Qookham Weir. Comment upon the omission to open the gates in the Upper
Cookbam Weir during the last great flood ; representation mnde by witness on the subject
to bis landlord, who is one of the Thames Conservators, Mills 1699-1711.

Uppjsm River :

Complaint as to the action of the Conservators in reference to the upper river, Dean

of Christchurch 196 et seq ; Neate 656, 657 ; Taunton 3701 Belief that the proper

solution of the difficulties re-peeling the weirs in the upper river will be a transference
of the upper river to the Drainage Commissioners, Hawkins 466.

Decided opinion that any works carried on by the Drainage Commissioners on the
upper part of the river would not be detrimental to the lower part; contention, on the
other hand, that the lower river would be benefited by the works, Hawhins 470-472.

Statement thut the Thames Conservancy has carried out no improvements between
Lech lade and Oxford which in anyway, affect the landowneis; the Conservators, in
buying up the old weirs, only make matters worse, Harcourt 518-520.

Information as to the works which have been carried out by the Conservancy between

Lechlade and Oxford, Clutterbuch 575-582 Tendency of works for the relief of the

upper districts to increase the floods in the lower districts, Sir J. Hawhshaw 1844

Limited outlay on the upper Thames, Leach 1923 Tolerably good state of the locks,

but not of the weirs, between Lechlade and Oxford, ib. 1930-1935.

Important improvements effected in the upper Thames by the Conservancy Board ;

satisfaction given by the Board in witness' district, Sir G. East 235 7. 2365-2379

Action of the Board in the interests alike of the upper and the lower river, Sir F. Nicolson

2500 Circumstance of the staff of the Board being now available for the upper as well

as the lower river, ib. 2508.

Satisfactory and harmonious action of the Thames Conservancy in the upper river as

regards floods, Vattsittart 2574. 2587, 2580* Testimony to the excellent services

rendered by the Conservators (with the very inadequate means at their disposal) in the

upper river, Wethered 2606, 2607 Great improvement effected in the state of the

river, and in the locks and weirs in the district from Staines to Cricklade during the

367. n N 2 last

Digitized by


274 U P P WAT

Report, 1877 — continued.

Upper ifrrEK— continued,
last ten years, though much has been left undone through want of funds, Etheridge
2618-2620. 2625.

Great improvement effected by the Thames Conservancy in the upper river, Nelson

2704 Suggestion that the upper river and lower river be treated as one, financially

and otherwise, ib. 2711-2713 Intimate experience of witness as to the condition of

the Thames since 1863 ; great improvement in the river up to Oxford under the juris-
diction of the Conservancy Board, Lord O. Fitzgerald 2773-2776. 2780-2783.

Reference to some complaints on the part of the Thames and Severn Canal Company
as to the bad state of the upper river ; admission that improvement is much required, the
want of funds being the difficulty, Sir F. Nicolson 3020-3025. 3083-3086.

Reference to certain old repoits in 1789, 1791, and 1802, as showing the state of the
upper river as to locks and weirs in former times ; very little done to the works above

Oxford since the latter year, Falkiner 3123, 3124. 3150-3165 Suggestion as to the

Thames Conservancy paying 11,000/. towards improvements between Oxford and Day's
Lock, 1 b. 3192, 3193,

Limited powers of the Conservancy in dealing with the upper river, save for navigation

purposes, Rep. iv Circumstance of there being no authority below Long Witteuham

with special powers for the prevention of floods, or for arterial drainage, ib. v.

Conclusion of the Committee that for the purpose of drainage and the prevention of
floods below Long Wittenham the proper course would be for riparian owners and occu-
piers to unite and obtain powers to establish an arterial drainage authority, Rep. v

Suggestion that the duties in question might be advantageously delegated to the Con-
servancy, an adequate representation of riparian interests being provided on the Board,
ib. Paramount importance of the control of floods on the upper river, ib. vi.

See also Dredging. Kingston. Landowners. Lechlade. Locks.
Navigation. Oxford. Rate. Revenue and Expenditure. Superinten-
dence. Thames Commissioners. Thames Conservancy. Thames and Severn
Canal Tolls.

Vansittart, George Henry. (Analysis of his Evidence.)— Interest of witness as owner of
land adjoining the river above and below Marlow, some of this land being liable to
floods ; benefit thereby to the grass land but not to the arable, 2567-2572. 2581-2584

Disapproval of embankments as a means of preventing floods, 2570 Satisfactory

and harmonious action of the Thames Conservancy in the upper river as regards floods,
2574- 2 587* 2588.
Value attached to a suggestion for placing boards in the weirs in summer, so as to

raise the level of the water, whilst they should be removed in winter, 2575, 2576

Expediency of dredging the river, rattier thau of making canals or cuts; heavy cost
•entailed by the latter works, 2577. 2590 Willingness of witness to be rated in pro-
portion to the benefit derived from the exclusion of floods; very little damage, however,
between 1852 and 1876; 2578. 2581-2587— —Limited obstruction caused by Henley
Bridge, 2578, 2579.

Impracticability of entirely guarding against such exceptional floods as those of 1852

and 1876; 2578 Oreat obstruction caused by Maidenhead Bridge and other bridges,

2580 Probable instances of remissness on the part of lock-keepers, 2589 Facility

of greatly mitigating floods if funds were available for carrying out the arrangements of
the Conservancy, 2590.

Water Companies:

Grounds for the conclusion that the revenue which the Conservators draw from the
water-companies should be expended upon improvements on the upper Thames, Taylor

82-86 Decided opinion that the amount contributed by the water companies for the

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