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Uhc |p)art8b IRegisters


riDarriaoes ant) jBurials * « 1538 to 1593



(Editor of " Halifax Parish Church Inscriptions," and Joint Editor
of "Halifax Wills.")








This volume contains all the entries of Marriages and Burials in Book I
of the Register. The former, beginning on Nov. 28, 1538, and coming
down to Dec. 20, 1593, occupy leaves 221 to 301. Leaves 302 to 304
are blank. The burials, which begin on Nov. 22, 1538, and end on
Dec. 31, 1593, cover leaves 305 to 441.

A small piece is torn off leaf 300, but fortunately this part of it was
blank. The bottom edges of a number of pages are somewhat frayed,
and in two or three places the ink has faded. In past times" some
leaves, mostly blank, have been torn out, and, apart from this, there are
a few gaps in the entries. With these exceptions this part of the
Register is complete and in good condition.

A careful examination shows that two leaves have been torn out
between pages 572 and 573, but the fragments which remain do not
bear any writing, and although there are no marriages between Dec, 23
and Jan. 19, 1583, it is quite possible that these pages were blank.
There is a gap in the burials between Feb. 17, 1545, and May 9, 1546.
Page 651 seems to have been left blank for these entries, which have
never been filled in. Between pages 670 and 671 a leaf has been torn
out, but there can be little doubt but that this was blank, as the entries
follow on. The burials from April 6, 1567, to July 3, 1568, are
wanting, though the Register appears to be intact at this date. Between
pages 728 and 729, as the Register is now bound, are the remains of
three leaves. On the first of them is a marginal note " October 15...,"
with some letters which seem to be the beginnings of entries. It is
possible that they bore some of the missing entries for 1567 and 1568,
that the leaves were already lost when the three parts of the Register
were first bound, and that the fragments were misplaced in the binding.
Between pages 818 and 819 there are remains of five leaves which have
been torn out, but no traces of writing on what is left. The burials,
however, from April 21 to August 3, 1585, are wanting. I'here is also
a gap in the burials from March 15, 1592, to July 20, 1593. It is
somewhat doubtful whether there is a leaf missing here or not. Owing


probably to the illness and death of the custodian of the Register at
that time, William Saltonstall, Curate, the burials between Feb. 13,
1561, and Apr. 27, 1562, are entered without date, but the regular
system came into force again on May 2. The burials from Feb. 5 to
II, 1549, appear out of order on page 670 of the Register. Otherwise
the entries are in regular order. Pages 508, 602 to 608, 651 and 882
are blank.

Baptisms have been inadvertently entered amongst the marriages
and burials on pages 12, 19, 26, 28, 42, 133-6, 143-4, 147-9, ^S^-?*
164, 167-8, 174, 177, 186-7, ^9i» 202, 204-5, 219 and 236, most of
them crossed out, and in all cases entered again in their proper place.
On pages 29, 132, i68 and 271 are entries purporting to be of baptisms,
not entered in that part of the Register, whilst on pages 153, 156, 160,
184 and 194 are entries where there is strong evidence that the word
"bapt." has been written by mistake for "sepult." Similarly amongst
the burials, on pages 162, 188, 212 and 337 occur marriages which are
all to be found in that section of the Register. Likewise amongst the
marriages on pages 113, 117 and 124 are entries of burials, all again
recorded in due course, but on page 19 is a burial which is entered
there only.

There are a number of interesting points in this part of the
Register. As we should expect, it is unusual to find a marriage cele-
brated during Lent, but the large number of weddings which took place
at Halifax in a single year brings their absence during this season very
prominently into notice. The same remark applies in the Pre-Reform-
ation period and down to the fourth year of Edward VI to the season
of Advent. But after that, except for a few years in the reign of Queen
Mary, weddings were regularly solemnised during this season. Dispen-
sation for marriages within the prohibited degrees occur on pages 1,2,
4 and perhaps on page 55. A few weddings are recorded at the district
chapels of lUingworth (p. 84), Sowerby (pp. 74 and 96), and Sowerby
Bridge (p. 92) at none of which were they celebrated, save in very
exceptional cases, at this time. There is also an instance at Heptonstall,
(p. 36) where, however, they were regularly solemnised.

To a large number of entries of burials the letter "m", or the
abbreviation " mort." is prefixed, signifying that a mortuary was paid,
thus giving an important clue to the status of deceased persons, which
is emphasized in the few instances (pp. 343-4) in which the amount of


the fee is given. At one period (pp. 251 to 256) spasmodic attempts
were made to record the ages of deceased persons. Several cases of
longevity are noted (pp. 184, 191 and 209), the most remarkable
instance being that of Roger Brook (p. 238), whom we are asked to
believe died at the age of 133.

In 155 1 the sweating sickness swept over the parish. Between
Aug. 2nd and 24th, of 45 deaths, 42 were due to this visitation, which
seems to have subsided almost as quickly as it arose, only two deaths
being recorded as due to this cause after the latter date. But the most
notable feature in this part of the Register is the entry of the burials of
the bodies of the criminals who had been gibbeted. They are 29 in
number, but include no names hitherto unknown, although the first of
them is not given in the latest list. ^

The Register was probably kept by the curate. It is tolerably
certain that William Saltonstall, curate, entered it up between May 1546
and Feb. 1561. The words "paid to my m' (master)" (Vol. I, p. no,
and Vol. II, p. 202) seem to refer to fees which had been paid over by
the custodian of the register to the vicar. " Rebels rose " in the margin
opposite the entries for Nov. 21, 1569 (p. 61) is an interesting reference
to the Rising in the North. " Pop " (poper) prefixed to a good many
entries (p. 262, etc.) would appear to be the phonetic speUing of the
word " pauper," pronounced " poper " by some of the older folk at the
present day. The letter " p " also occurs in this connection. " Armer-
dresser," the occupation of one John Cowper (p. 351), is a word not to
be found in the N. E. D.

In addition to the names of many of the clergy attached to the
parish church of Halifax, the first book of the Register supplies us with
the names of a number of those who served the district chapels. As
only a very few of these are mentioned in the lists given by Watson in
his History of Halifax it may be useful to record them here, bearing in
mind that the priest of Midgley would be attached to Luddenden
chapel and the priest of Warley to Sowerby Bridge cha-pel, the two
chapels being situated respectively in the townships of Midgley and

Coley chapel : Richard Northend, mar. 1548, ment. T552; Thomas
Standeven, 1562 to 1569; Richard Corner, 1581 (late curate).

1. The Yorkshire Coiners (p. 280) by H. Ling Roth.


Illingworth chapel: John Best, bur. 1578 : Costan Mawde, 1581 to

Lightcliffe chapel: John Hall, 1 591-2.
Luddenden chapel : John Watson, 1570.
Sowerby chapel : Richard More, bur. 1547; John Bentley, bur.

1555 ; George Hargreaves, bur. 1561 ; Adam Morres, 1568 to

1582, bur. 1591.
Sowerby Bridge chapel: Richard Mawde, 1555; John Smythe,

mar. 1560, ment. 1561; James Shawe, bur. 1575; James

Metcalfe, 1577 to 1586; Costan Mawde, 1591.
The best thanks of the Society are due to the Rev. Prebendary
A. E. Burn, D.D., for permission to continue the printing of Book I of
the Register.


Dean House, Triangle,

Nr. Halifax.
April, 19 14.


Vol. I.
Page 52, lin5 14 from \.o^,for " Boinim'' rjad " Bodnam" (Bodeaiai).

Vol. II.
Page 71, line 25 from top.y^r " Joanes" read " Joane."
Page 107, bottom \me,for "or" read "for."
Page 117, line 2 from bottom, y^r " Not" read "Entered."
Page 117, line 2 from bottom, for "at this date " read " Dec. 7, 15 88."
Page 148, line 7 from top, for " secud" read ''secud."
Page 169, line 12 from top, a/fer " Jacobi " read *' [«V]."
Page 178, line 16 from top, a/^er "filia" read "[«'(:]."
Page 179, line 8 from bottom, a/^er "filia" read "[5/r]."

Page 180, line 22 from top, there should be a black dot before
this entry.

Page 194, line 8 from bottom, a/^er " Dionisii " read " [st'c]."

Page 217, line 17 from top, for "do" read"' de."

Page 229, line 13 from top, after " pkyngesonne " read " [^z'<:]."

Page 234, line 3 from top, after " Togoode" read "[j/r]."

Page 262, last Une, the asterisk at the beginning of this line has

Page 288, line 7 from bottom, after " filius " read "[i-Zr]."

Page 330, line 16 from top, after " Michael " read " [j/V]."

Page 354, line 22 from top, after " vx*" read " \sic\^



MARRIAGES 1538— 1593.

[Nupti^ ^ 1538 _ H. 8.30] [441

Subsequntur noTa et cognola oTm nuptia^ veil eo^ qui matrimoniu invicem

con fuernt in ecctia de Halifax f/dict. annoq^ dni 1538 necno an"

potent... inuictissicf^ pricipis ac dni nri dni Henrici octaui Anglie g Fracie....

dni HySnie fideiq^ defensor^' ac i terris ecctie Anglicane sub Xpo cap

suf^mi capitf trigessimo [p uno anno integro vt supra. sfn^ck out and ppetuis
temporib3 durat. written above in the sa?ne hand.]

In p'mis

Edmudus Waddesworth et Margareta Foxcrofte invicem mafmoniu

contraxei^nt v^tute ligetTe dispesacionis in facie ecctie f^dict.

[solemnizat. interlined in the same hand^ xxviii" die mens. Novembris

GilBtus Wheuwall g Johaiia Heuwette invicem mafmoniu cotraxei^nt

xix™" die mens. Januarii
Joties Wylsoii et Eliz. TaPsall \ invice mafmoniu cotraxer...

' Thomas Mychell et Isabella Nycollj xxvi'° die mes Januarii
Wi9 MylS et Isabella LysP \ invice mafmoniu contraxei^nt

Itm RoBtus Browne et Agnes Walkar j xxvii° die mes Januarii

An°Dni 1539 _
[1539] RoBtus Townehend et Eliz. Farrow invice iiirioniu contraxer'nt xiiii'°
die mens. Ap'lis An** Dni 153 —
Williiis Pollard ) inuicem mrfoniu contraxei^nt xxvii° die mes Ap'lf
et Alicia Wood / An° Dni 153 —

RoBtus Bryge et Mabella Thebottf ^ invicem mafmoniu contrax...

Itm Jofies Bradelay et Johana Talr'sall V quarto die mens. Maii A"
Itm Ricus Whytlay et Johana Wylkynson j Dfii 1539°
Wi9 Elystonys ^ Johana Bruhyld ) invicem fnrioniu contrax-

Itm Jolies Hargrefff g Agnes Reyneforth jei^nt quito die mens. Maii
Nicholaus Beldofi de Ottelay ) invicem mrloniu contraxei^nt sexto
et Sebella ^Vafhowse isti9 poch. / d... mens, eiusdm

[1539] [442

Thorns Bulcoke
et Eliz. Hargrefff
Itm Ricus Sutclyff
g Margareta Wylson
Williiis Haldesworth "\
et Agnes Hawghtoii

Itm Jolies Hanson I invicem mrloniu contraxer'nt scdo die mens,
et Johanna Schawe | Junii An° Dili 1539"
Itm Gilbtus Wood
et M'gareta Gledehyll

invicem mrioni"" contraxei^nt vndeci° die mens.
Maii An" Dili 1539°°

Halifax Parish Register.

invicem matrimoniu contraxernt viii° die
mens. Junii An° Dili 1539°

Willms Hole

et Isabella Mychell

Itm Williris Grenefeld

et M''gareta Ynghm

Itm Edmundus Luine

et Isabella Crother

Itm Jacobus Smyth

et Eliz. Whytheyd

GiBtus Waddesworth ^ invicem mafmoniu contraxei^nt xxix"° die mens.

et Isabella Horsfall / Junii An° Dni 1539"°

Willms Scheyrd \ invicem mafmoniu contraxei^nt xiii° die mens.

et Anna Wylkynson J Julii An° Dfii 1539°

T 1- -KT ...u 1 1 invicem mafmon"" contraxer'nt v^tute ttie despen-
Tones Northend . 4. j ■ •.. ^ •■••oa-

et Isabella Oldefild I sacion^ p quarto gradu consangmmtatf xmj die

j mens. Juhi An° Dm 1539
Henricus Hebeltwhayte "1

et Agnes Carruddas I invicem mafmoniu contraxei^nt xxvij° die

Itm GilBtus Pellyngtoii mens. Julii An° Dili 1539

et M''gareta Manne

[J^rom this point the formal parts of the e?itries are omitted^

[1539] [443

Hugo Reyneforth '\ ^ • j- a

. ?,• • T? ~ c tercio die Augusti
et Alicia Ernyng j °

Ricus Cumyng de Waikefeld \

et Matild^' Saltonstall nup relict. Ric. Wndecio die

Saltostall de Godlay infra villat. de Sowtho^J

Ricus Wood

€ M''gareta Bawme

Itm Joties Thomas

et Eliz. HorS '

RoBtus Collynson ~4

et M'gareta Sclater J

Edw'dus Fyld 1 • j- c . u •

4. Tv/rr 4. 17 J >primo die beptembris

et M gareta Ewwoode j ^ ^

Thomas Campenotte

et M''gareta Haldesworth

Itm Johes Broke de Hud'sfeld

et Sibella Blackeburne

Jacobus Bawdewenson

et Isabella Vyca^f

Itm Edvv''d9 Crother

et Johanna Sclayden j

Willms Berstow \

€ Isabell Wollar


Itm Jolles Townehend
€ Agnes Oldefeld J

An° Dfii 1539 [444

Jo!ies Turnelay )
et Alicia KaPinson j


Marriages 1539.


sexto die Octobri?



GilBtus Schay

et Johanna Mawde

Jofies Clowgh

et Isabella Hudeson

Itm Henricus Waddesw'th

et Isabella Beste

JoKes Pyghyll | ^.

et Eliz. Rydyng j'^P"'' ""'^

Raynaldus Hergrefff ) ••

et M'gareta Harryson ]

Jofies Lerode Icofiecti fuernt in sac'-mento mat'moni [sic] xiii die

et Isabella Stockf j

Jacobus Schay

et Eliz. Wood

Itm RoBtus Wood

et Agnes Berstow

Itm Edmudus Fyrth

et M'gareta Wood

Wi9 Townehend ^

et Alcia [sic] Smyth /

JofiesHolle ^ jifo die Novembris
et Johana Spens J ■>
Antoni9 Smyth 1

et M'gareta Stansfeld )

JoKes Chamm'f \

et Johana nup relict. Milois Filde /
Franciscus Eckysley _ \

et Eliz. nup relict. Jotiis Speight /
Itm Joties Elynthorppe Uo^m die
et Agnes Turnelay )

Willfns Salamode
et Johanna Lacy
Itm Joties Bynnes
et M'garet. relict. Ed' Mawde
Itm W9 Mychell
et Eliz. WaPhowse
Itm Edw''dus Berstow
et Eliz. Marsden
Itm Joties Cockecrofte
et Agnes Jackesoii
W9 Clyff

et Johana nup relict. Ed> Kyng
It, Willms Dykeson
et Isabella Gawkero§
Itm Johes Wodde
et Eliz. Barker
Jofies Saltcnstall \ ^^

et Katerina Hayrtone J




in vicem contraxernt ^ afifidauefnt
mafmoniu xviii die mens.

mafmoniu adinvicem contraxei'nt
1 facie ecctie xix"° die mes Januarii

Halifax Parish Register,

Ricus Saltonstall

et M''gareta relict. Henrici Fayrbanke
Johes Elywell

et Isabella nup relict. Jofiis Gawkero§ v^tute
dispensacois ligitie



[1540] Rogerus Rokeld\
et Gracia Grymeschay j
Johes Rauson
et Gracia Heyley
Itm Willms Myggeley
et' Agnes Schaye
Ricus Saltonstall
et M'gareta Oldefeld
Item GilBtus Drake
et M'gareta Holgate
Edwardus Mawde ~^

et Alicia Mawde vidua /
Edw''de Wood \ invicem mat"
et Agnes Bentley J Mali

Ricus Hall
et Isabell Bothe
Itm Jacobus Ball
et Isabell. nup relict. W' Myl9
Itm Johes Townehend
et Alicia Lange
Itm Edw''d. Bynnf
et Johana Robynson j

Nicholaus Wright \ if j-
et Eliz. Bunye /
Thomas Cartar "i ^ j- t
et Alicia Clay | ^^"^° ^'^ J"""

Richardus Mawde ^

et M''gareta nup relict. W' Woode
Itm Johes Burneley
et Alicia Holgaite
Johes Vica''f
et Johana Haldeworth
Itm Johes Deyne
et Agnes nup relict. Rici Magesoii
Itm Omefridus Bentlay
et Johana nup relict. W' Criar
Johes Thomas

et Agnes nup relict. Johis Sud^land
Itm Edw''dus Saltonstall
et Christabella Oldefeld
Thomas Langbothu
et Agnes Hemyngway
Item Brian9 Stede
et Isabella Stokf

Dni 1540 [446

vndecTo die mes Ap^is Aiio Dhi 1540

copulat. fuernt scdo die mens.

[44 7

septio die

Marriages 1539 — 1540.

Thomas Schepeley
et Matildf Cokeson
Itm W9 Heglande
et Katerina Tovvnehend
Karolus Gledehyll )
et Isabella Adkynson j
Thorns Wadyngton
et Isabella Hemyngway
Itm Ricus Bolton
et M''gareta Horton
Johes Wat^howse )
et Eliz. Helewell /

vicesio septio die

quarto die Julii

- quito die

Thomas Whewell
et Agnes Redehowgti
Itm Ricus Coltmaiie
et Christabella Lacy
Rofitus Scheppeley "1
et Alicia Harcher /
Ricus Wood ^

g Margareta Amler j '
Xpoferus Feilde
et Gracia Gradeheige
It. Ricus Tafsall
et Alicia Rydyng
Bnan9 Sund^land 1

septio die mes Novemb. [sic]


p'mo die Augusti

i A/rr » TT 1 i septio die
et ISrgareta Heyley j ^

Jofies Rawlen de Kyghlay

et Christabella Mawde

il^Henricus Say veil } ■,.- ■,■
. T^ ^u T vltio die

et Uoratha L^acy J

Ed9 Dobsofi \

et Alicia Baytf I

Rogerus Jackeson ^ ,-•

et Alicia Hemyngwey j

octauo die

quarto die mes Septemb.

Jolies Hyncheclyff
et Johana Grene
RoBtus Walton
et Isabella Akerod

Gillitus Dykson




et Agnes Robynson \ -^ ^-^ ^^^^^^-^ 0^^^b_
Ite Henncus Lawe

et Agnes Bynes

Johes Saltonstall

et Maria Goodehale

Petrus Ormarode p'' de Burneley

et Agnes Haldesworth

Item Johes Noddyng

et Katerina HoUande

'quarto die

Halifax Parish Register.



Thorns Stokf ^ J - J-
^^ T7i; \\T fDu Wndecio die

et bliz. Wat-^nowsej

Johes NycoU p" de Eland

et Eliz. Pylkyngton

It. RoBt Vica'f

et Agnes Redeawgti

Edw'de Boythes \

Isabella Cockcroft

Christofer9 Wayde

Katerina Bentley

\Y9 Scheppard

Margareta Hedelston^

Jofies Beste

et Eliz. Robynson

It. RoBtus Townehend

et Johana Crother

Edmundus MylS } ■,■ -m u

et Sybella Mylfl ^ ^'^ ""^'''- ^ °''''"^'

Hugo Whyte

et Alcia [sic] nup relict. Jacobi Hemyngway
It. Robtus Clarke p^ de Byrstall
et Isabella nup relict. Thome WaPhowse

Tacobus Blakeburne) ■■ ■,■ ~ t

•"^ .,• . ,7- r rxvudiemes lanuarii

et Alicia Vycar f ) •'

Thoiiis Kent

et Eliz. Bayle [or Bayte]

It. Thonis Cryar

et Alicia Whetherheyd

Johes Cros \

et Isabella Woodd /

Willrns Deyne ^

et Agnes Grenewood

It. Edmudus Tylson

et ifYlicia Wooddecoke

It. Carolus Broke

et M'gareta Whytley

It. Jofees Oldefeild

et M'garet. Wodd

Ricus Berstow

et Johanna Ilyngworth

Itm Willnis Haigh p^ de Byrstall

et Isabella Whytley isti9 p^

[1541] Thonis Erie ) p^nio die mens. Maii An° Dni

et Alicia Vic^f J mittimo quigen "'° quadragesio p'mo

Wittmus Hichynson )

et M'garet. Estburne

It. Johes Pyghyls

et Margaret. Waide )

Thomas Hueth )

et Joharia Reyneforth j


^vltio die

sexto die mes Februarii

-septio die

octauo die

Marriages 1540 — 1541.


xiii die Junii

Christoferus [^biank^
et Alicia Walschay
It. Henricus Haworth
et Margareta Hawlande
Edwardus Hoppay
et Alicia Farrour
It. Milo Joyeth p^ de Bradforth
et Johanna Grenewood
Laurenciy Dukesbury de Eland
et Johana Boye

Itm Rogerus Boyer de Bradeforth
et Isabella Brodeleye
Itm Jofies Smyth
et Isabella Clayton

Nicholaus Wooddeheid p'= de Bradeforth |
et Agnes Ridyng isti9 p"
Jacobus Schipp
et Agnes Haldesvvorth

It. Ricus Grenewod p^ de Eland
et Agnes Smythe istiS' p*"

Itm Jacobus Browghton

et Alicia Townehende

Jofies Beamonte p'^de Elande\ ^^^^^ ^,^

et Agnes Waterhowse isti9 p j ^

Jofies Whalas

et Johana Ottys

Item Gilbtus Crother

et Margaret. Baroclough

Itm Williris Mercer

et Isabella nup relict. RolSti Megeson vidua

Christoferus \Voode

et Alicia Sclater

Itm Ricus Manne

et M'gareta Waddesworth

It. Edmundus Stansfeld

et Alicia Shakylton

An" Dni 1541

Georgius Stanclyff

et Johana Lyst^

It. Nicholaus Hatterton

et Margareta Bland

Joties Reyft de Eland

et Agnes Mawde isti9 p'=

^'^'ST'' \r^Z |vii die meS Augusti
et Effane Wathowsej

Thomas Lacy

et Agnes WaPhowse

It. Ricus Northende

et Eliz. Ambelar



tercio die mes Julii

-decio die




vltio die

octauo die

Halifax Parish Register.

xii die mes Septemb.

Henricus Grymeschay
et Eliz. Craven

It. Ricus Haigh p'= de Byrstall
et Johanna Best isti9 p^ i ....

It. Rogerus Happellyerd p^ de Bradeforth ''^""
et Eliz. Oldefeld isti9 p^
It. Egidius Greyves
et Eliz. Byrkeheid
Jofies Broddeley )
et Agnes Stanclyff /^^^
Thomas Burtoii
et Johaiia Brodeley
It. Willms Cowp p'^ de Kj-ghley
et Johana Brygehowse isti9 p^
GilBtus Wooddeheide
et Margareta Rydyng
It. Laurentius Haldeworth
et Margareta Leigli ''^^'^^

It. Henricus Herteley
et Eliz. Boythes
-Ricus LysP
et Eliz. Brygge
It. Johes Stokf
et Agnes More
Willffis Smyth ) .

et Margareta Mawde /^^^

Ricus Swyfte ^

et M'garet. [Redehawgh struck out and Sclayden written above] }^^

An° Dni 1541 [453

Edmudus Haldesworth )
et Alicia Hernschaye J'^^""
RoBtus Townehend p'^ de Eland ^
et Eliz. Fo'nes p" de Halifax
It. Ricus Jaggar
et Eliz. Holmes
Thomas Wylson
et M''gareta Forest
Edmudus Molson p'
et Eliz. Fornes p*' de Halifax
Ricus Mychell isti9 p^
et Isabella VVylton p^ de Eland
Itm Willms Penygtoii
et Eliz. Schakyltoii
Henricus Rayneforth
et Alicia Deyne
It. Rot5tus Brygehouse
et Matilda Saltonstall
Johes Hemyngway \
et Agnes Stokes J

^tercio die mes Octob.


fvi die mes Novemb.
de Thornehill )


octauo die

Marriages 1541 — 1542.


Ed9 Jaggar ) ^^

et Alicia Cryar | '

Willm AVyllafi

et Agnes M'tyii

Itm Edmudus Heyley

et Alicia Waddeswort

Itm Rolit. Watsofi

et Agnes Wylson

Michaell Ottf ) ..

et Eliz. Hoppey f^^^^

Ricus Northed ^

et Agnes Bryghousej

RoBtus pkynson p*" de Kyldewek

et Eliz. Townehend de Halifax

Thomas Swyneson \

et Eliz. Hortoii

Itm Jofies Halderleys

et Margareta Wade

xvi die mens. Januarii

vicesio nono die

An° Dni 1541
Jofies Haldeworth )
et Alicia I-acy j

Johes Dylworth p"" de Heptonstall
et Isabella Mygeley de Halifax
It. Robtus Sowwod

et [Isabella struck out and Sibella written above] Ottf
1542 Radulphus Stansfeld





Eliz. Bynnes

Itm Georgius Estwode

et M'gareta Harrysoii

Willms Brodeley

et M'gareta Deyne vidua

Ricus Brodeley )

Isabell. Cokecroft f

Edmudus Fo''nes "^

et Agnes Cowpoii /

Edw'dus Haldeworth

vicesio tercio die
Aprilis 1542



vii die mens. Maii

\ quito die mesis Junii

et Helena Smythe

Ricus Benne

et Johana RayS

Itm Johes Ryley

et Agnes Oldefeld

It. Johes Roydf p^ de Ottley

et Elyzabeth Craven

Johes Wylmoii p" de Bradeforth \

et M'gareta Brodeley istiS p° j

Thomas Oldefelde

et Agnes Deyne

Itm Eaurenci9 Haigh p° de Elande

et Johanna Deyne istius pochie


J Halifax Parish Register.

Edw'dus Sclayden |

et Agnes Baytf I ^^^

Itm Dionisius Haldesworthe j

et Johana Scheparde I

Joftes Fornesse p^ Heptonstall | ^^^^j^ ^j^ j^^l^

et Agnes Mawde istius p^ J

Jolies Stokdayle | ^^^^^ ^j^

et Alicia Mytton J

Edmtidus Bynnys 1 ^y-

[1542] [455

et Johana Armatage /

Willms Northend \ ^^j-

et Eliz. Hemyngway j

Helias Nuutter \ ^^-j-

et Agnes Preston )

Edmudus Woodeheide de Elande |

et M'gareta Oldefeld isti9 p^ [ ^^ r^^-^j

It. Jolies Cartar |

et Agnes Tomesone J

Jacobus Hylyle

et Alicia Tafsall

It. Jolies Romesd.

et Maria TaPsall

Thorns Hott

et Alicia Grenewod

Joftes Bryge

et Alicia Dale

vii die mens. August!

viii die Septemb.

Nicholaus Smythe p^ de Kyldewekej ^^^^^^ r -^j ^ig ^^^gns. Octob.

et Agnes Grenewodd isti9 p^ J

Ricus Grenewod \ ^^-j

et Isabella Pars /

Robtus Myl8 I qujto die mes Noveb.

et Johana Brydge de Eland j

Georgius Beamont

et Alicia Ottf I sg^to die

Rogerus Meyre

et Eliz. Barker

Ricus Denton ' j

et Agnes Coltema

Itm W9 Cowp y xii

et Alicia Hortoii 1

Itm Thomas Kechyn p'^ de Bradeforth

et Agnes Schakylton isti9 p^ J

Georgius Crowther \ ^ - j

et Johana relict. Ed' Clyff /

[1542 & 1543] 1^456

Ricus Bawmeforth \ ^-^
et Eliz. Mawde vidua J

Marriages 1542 — 1543.


- xiiii die nies Tanuarii

Edwardus Berstowe
et Agnes Bentley vidua
It. Jacobus Haldeworthe
et Margareta Heyngway vidua
Itm RoBtus Saltonstall
et Johanna Ferher
Itm Jofies Estwode de Heptonstall
et Agnes Deyne istius p^
Thomas Oldefeld
et Eliz. Myggeley
Itm Jolies Beryne
et Agnes Bothuley
Willms Heygland

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