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Mouhat, Francii^oartling house, 386 N. Salina.
Mountfield, Tho. gi saloon, 45 N. Salina.
Mowatt, John, (lhardson & Mowatt.)

Mowery, John, („o6 Oarrssamunn & Co.) ., lnllfM( '

Mowris, James A,h V sician and surgeon. 4 Convention Hall Block
Moyer & Chope, (, e 4 Moyer and Emanuel Chope,) saddles, names* and mink., N.

Moyer, Joseph, (Mv r & Chope.)
Mubold, Charles, mt market, 168 N. Salina.

Muchlhaeuser, M., i a t market, 42 McBride. Cam-

MUELLER, saloon prop, aud lire insurance ng.nt for (..-riuanla tow

pany, 117 Seymot
Mnhlhauser, William.rocery and saloon, 2 Division.
Mulcahy, Ellen Miss, . n net bleacher and pressor, <>l aUMMgoaMBy.
Mulhollfind, Thomas, ,i e f of police, City Hall.
Muller, 0., cutter and tlor, Wolf corner 1'ark, up stairs.
MTJLLER, PETER D., roceries and provisions, SB .lames.

Mullins, George G. Rev pastor Church of Christ « Unntmrnen

Uund/.Ezekiel W. Rev. pastor Independent Christian ■ ton, » Montgoi

Munger, Austin E., wato, clock and jewelry repairing. '.*' h 1

MUNGER, HENRY H., ("ownsend. Grant ,{• r„ ) „„..,„ r „ nnfv Saylnw Bank

MUNROE, ALLEN, (J. n. Barter & Co.,) nr.-n.l.-iU ( >u l ?]L?c

vice-president Third Na; on al Bank of Syracuse. BecreUn Qm Lu'ht Co.. irewuni

Water Works Co., treaBUh r Onondaga Conntj Orphan Asylum.
Hunroe, James, president Thirl National Hank ol Byracnaa. f

3URPHY, CHARLES, (with !U. Ryan,) pleaaora boat, Onoadagl l-akp. mourn

Onondaga Creek, let Ward.



Harlow Bryant, manufactures Plas-
ter and Ground Sand, at Jamesville. He
also makes Cider of a superior a uaiuy. see
card, page 272.

¥?i-pd H. Gray. Attorney and Coun-
Jovlt'^X^Conius *Iock, Syra-
cuse. See card, page zib.

rr .ff &, Nies, corne; Jefferson and
Vnmklin Sts., Syracuse, k/ep a Stone Yard
weU suppliedVktall tots of Gray Lime-
stone from which tbeytam out Ornamen-
al Bases, Caps, Cor^fc to order, at
reasonable prices. S* cam, page 2,6.
D. ». Smith, ^» eon . Dentist, No. 1

PikeBlock, Syracu/ executes all branches
- asioniP 46 be8t manner known
to the art. See ca* P^ge 276.

a i» Ham/* Co *« Lumber deal-
p« at Baldwin?*!' are Prepared to fur-
^ah rnstomers/^ an 7 Quantity of pine
Sr^Pmloc™Lt? e f' Lath ' Shingles. &c.
^.nla™ see-card, page 276


Tremaln & Co., manufa/


For further p/

w h r/> general Furnishing Un-
lertIker*anA lrnlture dealer - at Tully,
ru Wishes V d on „P a ge 280- He keeps

a r goodass</ ent ° f g °° d8 at ,ow prices -
Call and s/ m -

Cole'* 8 .*? 111 We «ge Tongue
Trace " cl£le » as manufactured by
Messrs ■', & 8ar g ean t, at Syracuse,
have sef d a hlgn re Putation wherever
thev hfi een mtroduced. As the adver-
tisem/ glve8 a good idea of the improve-
ment* advise the reader to peruse it—

See ^ P age m

j/rst de Leamy, Carriage makers,

N ~West Onondaga St., Syracuse, pub-

', card on page 272. They are practi-

orkmen and are bound to suit their

omers with good work at moderate


I Bouttelle Brothers, at Tully, deal
j A Dry Goods, Groceries, Books, News-
papers, Magazines, &c. Customers will

/fit] "


See card,

find them good men to deal with
page 272.

Burhans, Blanchard & Co., of
Fayetteville, are extensively engaged in the
manufacture of Sash and Blinds. They
also deal largely in the various kinds of
lumber, which they will plane and match
to order if desired. Shingles and Lath may
be purchased of them at reasonable prices
and they pay cash for saw logs. See card!
page 262.

A. OT. Williams, dealer in Music
and Musical Instruments, at No. 25 War-
ren St., Syracuse, is agent for several first
class pianos, and also for "Dodge and
Lord's ' Melodeons and Organs. See card
page 284.

w w « W. Bainey & Co. sell the
aL 1 L cox & GlbbB Silent Sewing Machine, at
63 South Salina St. For its many excel-
lent qualities we refer the reader to their
advertisement on page 222

turdaofHag, Book, News, Tea and Wraj
ping?aper, at Manlins, publish a card
pagee60. Publishers and paper deaUs
will nd them fair and honorable merfo
purchke from. In the manufacturefcl
book affl news, they use only domestic stY
which \ acceded to be superior to im/rt-
ed ragft They employ experienced iper
makers Wly, and having improved m»m-
ery, thejijcan insure a superior artio
all cases: We use their paper in thf
lication <S our directories.

ware, Stoves and House' Furnishing ij" oas
generally, k No. 77 South Salina Stfhave
the exclusVe agency in the city £ the
celebrated ''American HotAir CookjP ve ,"
and for several other first class (|k and
Parlor Stoves and Furnaces. CalliM see
them when in town. Card on paJ02.

C.Cook, Upholsterer and gerf 11 deal-
er in Furniture, at No. 6Washingf Block,
South Salina St., has been engan in the
business for many years, during »>* which
time he has enjoyed a lucrative/de. All
kinds of house, office or churctiu/niture,
may be procured at his rooms a» ir prices
See card, page 254.

Edwin A. Jones, Li/yman, at
Baldwinsville, furnishes first c/ 8 turnouts,
at reasonable prices. BusiV 8 men, or
those who wish to ride for Msure, will
find him ever ready to accomodate. See
card, page 256.

Sylvester Brunt, su/ 880r to J - H.
Young, at Cicero, carries / the business
of manufacturing Lumbeptaves, Head-
ing, <fcc, quite extensivehf earl y 1,000,000
feet of lumber, overl,0'/>00 staves, and
about 130,000 pieces of heiPS heing turned
out at this mill annually. AH kinds of lum-
ber on hand for custome/ See cara \ P a g e

Johnson Broth/ s » are noted as
being at the head of t/ Fien and Oyster
trade in the city of sycuse. They occu-
py two stores, one oipem No. 4 James
street, and the other? 08 - 65 and 67 East
Genesee street, wherry be found much
more than is menti^ed in their card on
page 256.

Dr. W. H. ^ rlc ^i Clairvoyant
Physician, corner f est Washington and
Clinton streets, pt/lishes a card on page
256. The Doctor hs performed many re-
markable cures oi chronic and other dis-

Max Sch<**» Carver and Designer,
corner Butte) all t and Townsend streets.
Syracuse, dr^s all kinds of Carving am]
Scroll Saw-^g to order, and manufacture*
Furniture, °r durable quality, and cheap
bee cajvl, page 256.


MURPHY, JAMES, saloon proprietor, 64 Wolf, 1st Ward.

Murphy, John, boarding stable, Park Hotel, 44 E. Fayette.

Murphy, John, saloon, E. Washington, one door west of St. Charles Hotel.

Murphy, Mathew, hardware dealer, 39 S. Salina.

Hi rphy, Patrick, grocer, 109 Wolf.

Murphy, Patrick H., shoemaker, 200 E. Washington.

Murray. Daniel, (D. & /. Murray.)

Murray, D. & J., (Daniel and James.) salt manufacturers, blocks 100, 101 and 136, %&

Murray, James, (D. & J. Murray.)
Musbaumer, Caroline, saloon, 352 N. Salina.
Muitintr, John, barber and watch repairer, 19 Wolf., Martin, meat market, 222 N. Salina, also Wolf, near Carbon, 1st Ward.
Myer Marex, groceries and provisions, 55 Grape.

Myers, Austin, president and treasurer Buffalo and Troy Towing Company.
Myers, Jacob H., secretary Hubbard Mower Company, 91 S. Salina.
MYERS, M. J., (Fyler <fc Myers.)

Myres, Charles, lot 245, painter and farmer 7, Marcellus.
Myrne, Patrick, grocer, 125 Wolf.


Nantel, Jacob, saloon, 175 N. Salina.

Nash, Spencer M., dentist, 106 S. Salina.

*N EARING, LUCIUS A., dentist, 10 Malcolm Block.

Neary, O. S., (Nicholas Downes dt Co.)

Needham. John P., (S. P. Pierce & Co.)

Neihart, William, (L. Vimmer & Co.)

Neipage. Edward, lot 223, farmer 1, Burnet. „ , « •, i- „

•NBLLIS, FRANCIS D., surgeon dentist, 9 Savings Bank Buildup.
Nelson, Lester, (Nelson, Sperry & Short.) „.. .„. „ mA n**™ IV

*NELSON, SPERRY VSHORT, (Marques T. Sperry, Lefr y,Om and H>
Short ) wholesale and retail dealers in lumber; office ou Erie canal, near fir.t 1

g&ife S*8K , U&i- J. F. Wino,) proprietors billiard roon,


NESDALL, THOMAS, (Randall & Nesd all ) jnsnranco Company. 19

♦NEWELL, EDWARD, general agent Phoenix Mutual Lire insnrano

Yates Block, E. Genesee
"Newell Marlon, (Sanders, Newell <E to.) ,„„,„..

xpwma'n Henrv president Young Men's Association of St Anthony.
NEWMAN^ WLL^iIm, hotel Keeper, cornel -E Water an. .mj ; . .

^^^telSstS^^^^^l^r^'' ^ ' C

coCel;DAMoore,M. D„ general agent for the State.

Sft£iS) 'SSESS^WBtt mgUri china, »* «m«,-.r...

NICHOLS, HORACE E., (Nichols & Eldndge.)

SS ^Sli? v^S'4 Physician and surgeon, . Yates B.ock. E. Mk |

Wotan Michael, grocer, Marcellus, corner Ontario.

' B -allna.

NOXON. B. DAvm, <jxv., w ^ " -■


Ogden, J. Sherman, {Peter Waggoner & Co.)

O Hara, Charles K., physician, 26 Madison.

O Hara, James Rev., pastor St. Mary's Church

Olcott, Philemon, lot 225, farmer leases 10.

Olds, Dorastus M deputy collector internal revenue, 54 S. Salina

Olmsted, Hiram R„ (Olmsted & Jones )

OLMSTED & JONES,(fl*mm R. Olmsted and Richard W. Jones,) manufacturers and im-

OlmStJfl W?n i C r C ^ and 8addler y hardware, store 61 S. Salina, factory ClK?

niTwv' ™™"% overseer Onondaga County Penitentiary, J

V$£US$$eT^) UUi0n H ° te1 ' 58 K *•«-.
%^\\ ^ m 1 br08 ^ ;? ev -' a68is tant pastor St. John's Church.

° H ^^^Sj^off^" lea,,dieU11 dealer in forei ^ -d domestic

O'Neill, John, (O'Neill <&, Co.)

Onondaga County Orphan Asylum, 190 E. Fayette, Mrs. Mary B Kelloeo- matron-

Wm EStaffeSr? ^ a , tr ° n W B ° a ' d ° f TrueUe > ■■ lT&± Cob°b go preride°n n t j
t; I?™ * X. ,' ^"etary ; Allen Munroe, treasurer. Directresses: Mrs E W

sfock Td do' M-nT^ii- Mr8 - Xfl*^ Hebbard ' 2ddo " = Mr^ George F Col
stock, 3rd do. ; Mrs. Calvin Pierson, 4th do.; Mrs. Chas. Rust, 5th do • Mrs Chas

JmmT? 1 "' 8ec f retar ?J Mr *- Jo^ph Seymour, treasurer; Mrs. J V K Truair

drvS s ^ 8 M r ^TJ- r6 - Ja l per - Colvin ' P«™i»»ing committee for clothing and

n n £L S ?n ' P?> Fl kins ' P urch asing committee tor groceries and provisions

Onondaga County Penitentary, between Lodi and Park; Levi PiXsuperkitendent •

Adolphus Engel, deputy superintendent; William Omsted, oversee? Thomas J '

Em^E IE So P n Kline ' Dlght WatCh; Th ° ma8 Larkin ' g a ' d enerTMifs

ODO v^rf ? H U!lt ; y ™ avin! P n Ba £ k ' Mlen Mnnroe, president; Harmon W. Van Buren

Onondaga Salt Springs, George Geddes, superintendent ; Harlow DeWoolfe deDutv mi
penntendent; James Van Vleck, engineer; Mills P. Pharis, chief taspecSr" % K

* 0I cS?i GA TEMPERANCB HOUSE, Elias T. Talbot, proprietor, N. Salina corner
OPPENHEIMER, WILLIAM, (P. R. Brewster & Co.)
Orange, Joseph, carpenter, 197 E. Washington

Bloc^E^Wastogton-' ^^ agent *" the F1 ° renCe Sewin * Machine ' 2 Yate8

8'ffiS, WilSSKj&g^gr*! f inne ^ 8alt -»*■■. "«* ^ « dist.

nS^oniJ^S 6 ^-^ 10011 ' 5 Jervis Block - Fayette.
ES^PT'W* 1 ^ 8 ?' Professional nurse, residence 67 Madison.

8rt m on by N ^veU- W^^cKuTrSt^na" ***** "* ^^ 328 N " Salina -
OSTRANDER WELTON B., (C. C. Lootis& Co.)
Oswald, George, saloon, 7 Empire Block

Ffyette SyraCU8e ^ Road i Parle y Ba8f *tt, freight agent ; office corner West and

Overs, Mary A. Mrs., dress maker, 95 E. Genesee.'

Owens, Joel D., billiard room, Z% Franklin Buildings, E. Genesee.

Page, Joseph N., (Johnson & Page.)

p a !P' i oe l P- i 8alt man "facturer, house Genesee, near Bridge, Geddes.
Fame, Richard, jr., wig manufacturer, 8 E. Genesee.
E a » ? s ^j9 harles ' harher, 111 Mulberry.
E^HJSS' AHI ° L - ( M - c - Palmer J Co.)

f f k c g°eo^e ^^aysw oyster8 and fruit ' » s - saiina -

*ffi MANNING °- (Jf - c - Pa ^^ <* «&•») (BaU. Palmer & Co.,) (A. C. Spencer
PAL Smto,S-iMtf» C ' ,, ^ M * ^'^° Land 0tOrge m < } d0thing


PALMER. P. H., (Palmer & Co.)
PALMER, STEWART B., dentist, 39* Warren.
Palmerton, Geo. W., fish market, 31 W. Water
Pangborn, D. K. Mrs., dress maker, 102 E. Washington

^p\ P ^r^i? A D P x?r^^ bowlin 2 8aloo °- 1 Water, corner S. Salina.
*PAP\\ ORTH, PHILIP, boots and shoes, 88 E. Genesee.
PARK. ALONZO F.. (Wooster, Park & Co.)

£-^££5 ^.t^.^S 11 ' <- B - H - Parker and w - B - Herrick,) tobacconists, 11 S. Salina.

PARKER, RICHARD H., (Parker & Herrick.)

PARKS, OVETT A., groceries and provisions, corner Geddes and Shonnanl

Parmelee, Edward W., (H. F. Hemingway A Co.)

PARSHALL, WILLIAM, (Bradley, Parshall & Co.)

Patten, Isaac R., assistant assessor internal revenue.

PATTERSON, HOPKINS & CO., (Robert Patterson, Edwin P. Hjpkins. Lortr, L V

sonand J. Henry Patterson,) proprietors of Globe Mills, Hour, meal, feed Ac, 1

and 75 E. Water.
PATTERSON, J. HENRY, (Patterson, Hopkvu A Co.)
PATTERSON, LOREN L., (Patterson, Hopkins A Co.)
PATTERSON, ROBERT, (Patterson, Hopkins & Co.)
PAULI. CHARLES, gunsmith, 20 S. Salina.
PAYNE, MALINDA MRS., first class dressmaker, 93 Clinton.
Pease, John F., (Pease, Johnson & Plaisted.)
Pease, Johnson & Plaisted, (John F. Pease, George W. Johnson and David PtaitUd,)

iron and copper steam pipes, gas fittings &c, 2 Townsend Block. IS W, Water.
PEASE, ROGER W., physician and surgeon, E. Fayette, corner Montgom
Pearson, Henry, (H. Pearson & Brother.)

Pearson H. & Brother, (Henry and John,) saws and cutlery, rj;i N\"
Pearson, John, (H. Pearson & Brother.)
Peck, John J., president New York State Life Insurance Co.
PECK, WILBUR S., (Gates A Peck.)
Pelton, David G., fancy goods, 66 S. Salina.
Pendergast, James & Co., (James and Patrick Pendergast and John M^ny.) salt

manufacturers, Basin.
Pendergast, Patrick, (James Pendergast A Co.)
Pendergast, Stephen jr., clerk, Syracuse City Bank.
Perkins, Geo. W., saloon. 78 W. Fayette.

Perrin & Burr, (Russel G. Perrin and Isaac P. Burr.) soda water, 67 West.
Perrin, Russel G., (Perrin A Burr.)

♦PERRIOR, GEORGE H., photograph colorist, 45* E. Washington-
Perry, Chas. H., photographer, 46 "N. Salina.
PERKY, GEORGE H., (Kenyon, Potter A Co.)
Perry, Jackson, oyster and fruit depot, 4 Yates Block, E. Washington.

Petch, Thomas, tailor, 7 Myers Block, E. Genesee. . . .

*PETERS, N. & BROTHER, (Nicholas Peters and Jacob Rnapp,) wholeraV and retail

dealers in dry goods, &c, corner Lodi and Pond.
Peter, Rosalia, midwife, 53 Pond.

Petillous, John, salt manufr., residence N. Salina corner Lock.
Pf hole, Egnotts, saloon, Basin near Danforth.
PFOHL, J., brewer, comer Park and Pond, office 175 Lock.
Pharis, Charlei E., (Pharis A Nye.)

Pharis, Isaac R., (Pharis A Nye.) -„.-_. ro « a u

Pharis, Mills P., chief inspector Onondaga Salt Springs, 68 N. S»'ln*-
Pharis & Nye, (Isaac R. Pharis and F. N. Nye,) salt manufrs., block 20, Geddea.
Phelan, Daniel, grocery, 114 Mulberry. .

Phelps, Dudley P., treasurer Onondaga County Savin.- aok.

PHELPS & GOODMAN, (Henry R. Phelj>s and Oaralio K • I m»nun-.

organs and melodeons, 58 James.
PHELPS, HENRY R., (Phelps A Goodman.)
Phelps, Jacob L., (Wilder A PMps.)
PhelD< Ralph R.. wagon maker, 'Walton.

PHELPS, SAMUEL, blacksmith, corner E. Washington and M.i [^rry
PHELPS URIAH, meat market, corner S. West aud 1-uytUe. Ml « »rd.
PHILLIPS, ABRAHAM L., (Phillip < A GUbt rt.) , „..,,. „~„ L „ n ,

*PHTT r IPS BENTLEY & CO.. (Dr. Braitut It. PfUBlp*, I MUtf*. WWat .

Bellley and Edwin W.Phmips,) tanners and whoUlo and retail d.aler. In .i-.tbM

aud findings, 17 E, Water.

fflSpWfe 4 ^^^^; 8 S)*tT

PHILLIPS, JOHN J., (Herrick, Wright A Co.)




Phillips, Scott, blacksmith, 67 Wolf.

Pierce, Aimer, salt manufacturer, residence 352 Park.

Pierce, Alonzo, (Fowler & Pierce.)

Pierce, Charles E. & Co., (Charles E. and Elet,) groceries, flour, feed &c, Wolf.

Pierce, Elet, (Charles E. Pierce & Co.)

Pierce, Emery, (Pierce & Knight.}

Pierce & Knight, (Emery Pierce and Ralph O. Knight,) proprietors Shakspeare Saloon,

under post < fflce, E. Genesee.
PIERCE, LEVI L., (Salmon & Pierce.)

PIERCE, SYLVESTER P. & CO., importers of crockery, 10 S. Salina.
PIERCE, WILLIAM H., (McCarthy, Redfleld & Co.)
PILGER, MATHEW, tailor shop and saloon, 264 N. Salina.
Pine & Bell, (George W. Pine and William H. Bell,) agents American Tea Company., 89

S. Salina.
Pine, George W., (Pine & Bell.) .

Pinkerton, Jacob & Co., (William H. Warner and P. Wilcox,) wines, liquors and cigars,

14 and 16 James.
Pinkerton, Jacob, (Jacob Pinkerton & Co.,) soap manufacturer, store 12 W. Washington.
Pinkerton, James, alderman 8th Ward, and carpenter, residence 134 E. Jefferson.
PITCHER & HINSDELL, (Leman B. Pitcher and Samuel H. Binsdell,) steam mortar

mill, N. Salina, corner Bear.
Pitts, Levi, superintendent of Onondaga County Penitentiary.
Plaisted, David, (Pease, Johnson & Plaisted.)
Plaisted, James, saloon, 57 Wolf corner Carbon.
Plant, William T., allopathic physician, 56 S. Salina.
Pleich, Mathew, baker and confectioner, corner Burnet and McBride.
Plumb, Edwin R., cashier, Merchants National Bank.
Plumb. Hiram W., teller Merchants National Bank.
PLUMB, NATHAN H., (O. P. Hier & Co.)
Plust, Max, saloon keeper, corner Salina and Catawba.
Polman, George, (Schneider & Polman.)
Pollman, William, (Miller & Pollman.)

Poole, Theodore L., county clerk, office corner Church and Salina.
POPE, ALEXANDER & CO, (Charles C. Pope. William H. Alexander and Schuyler

Bradley,) iron founders and machinists, S*6 W. Water.
POPE, CHARLES, C, (Pope, Alexander & Co.)
Popert, John, liquor store and saloon, 170 N. Salina.
Porter, George A. & Co., (George A. and Timothy R. Porter, and Oliver L. F. Brown,)

salt manufacturers, foot Loyton.
♦PORTER & LUTHER, (Timothy R. Porter and John M. Luther,) iron founders and

machinists., 354, 356 and 358 N. Salina.
PORTER, TIMOTHY R., (George A. Porter & Co.) (Porter & Luther.)
Porter, Wilfred W., physician, Orchard corner 1st North, house do.
Post, Charles E., carpet weaver, 3rd North, corner Pond.
Post, Emulous O., cabinet manufacturer, Pond, near 3d North.
POTTER, CHARLES T., groceries and provisions, fruits, fresh and salt meat, &c, 43

E. Onondaga.
Potter, John M., lawyer, 15 Yates Block, E. Washington.

POTTER, OLIVER C, (Kenyon, Potter & Co.,) vice president Empire Windmill Co.
♦POWELL, ARCHIBALD O, foundry and steam engine works, Fayette and Onondaga

POWELL. EDWARD A., (Smith, Clark & Powell.)

Powell, Warren H., grocer, 196 Wolf.

POWER & HEWITT, (Thomas Power and Richard L. Hewitt,) dry goods, crockery,
groceries &c, 393 and 395 N. Salina.

Power, Lawrence, salt manufacturer, house 72 Wolf.

POWER THOMAS, (Power & Hewitt.)

Powers, B. A., cooper, south end Wolf.

Powers & Fellows, (J. J. Powers and J. Fellows,) coopers, Bear, near Basin.

Powers, Joseph J., (Powers & Fellows.)

POWERS, NELSON C, allopathic physician and surgeon, comer Warren and Fayette.

Pratt, Daniel, (Pratt, Mitchell & Brown.)

Pratt, Henry O., wholesale dealer in boots, 93 S. Salina.

Pratt, Marcus M., insurance agent, 9 S. Salina.

Pratt, Mitchell & Brown, (Daniel Pratt, David J. Mitchell and WUbw M. Brown,) attor-
neys and counselors at law, 1 Empire Block, W. Genesee.

Pratt, Shelden, contractor, residence N. Salina, corner Bear.

Price, John, gardener, 3# Park.

♦PRICE, MILTON S., (Milton S. Price db Co.,) wholesale and retail dealer in dry goods,
38 and 40 S. Salina.

♦PRICE, MILTON S. & CO., (W. H. H. Nutting,) carpet dealers, 38 and 40 S. Salina.

♦PRICE, WILLIAM H., clairvoyant physician, corner Clinton and Washington.

Pulver, German W., prop. Kirk Block, residence 32 S. Salina.

Pntman, Garret, prop. Park Hotel, 44 E. Fayette.

Putnam School, corner Montgomery and Jefferson.



Quirk, John, boot maker, 8 Stevens Block, Clinton corner West Water.

Radigan, T. J., physician and snrgeon, 6 Courier Building, residence 87 Montgomery.

Radwuy, Emily E., matron of Onondaga County Penitentiary.

Rae, Julio H. Dr., physician and prop, of the Syracuse Mineral Springs, near Syracuse

State Pump.
RAINBOW. ALFRED W., builder, 20 Jasper.
Rainbow, Wm. builder, 20 Jasper.
♦RAINEY, WILLIAM W. & CO., (Robert R. York,) agents for Willcox; & Gibbs Silent

Sewing Machines, 62 S. Salina.
Rainsford, William L., restaurant, 50 N. Salina.
Randall, A. B., (Edwards & Randall.)
RANDALL, JAMES, (Randall & Nesdall.)
RANDALL & NESDALL, (James Randall and Thomas Nesdall,) stone yard, S. Sulln»

corner Jackson.
♦RANGER, WARD V., photographer, 28 E. Genesee, Franklin Building.
RANNIE, JOHN, (Francis Hall & Go.)
Rapp, Charles, saloon, 139 Lock.
*RAPP & HIRSH, (William A. Rapp and PhUip Hlrsh,) tobacconists and restaurant,

93 S. Salina.
RAPP, WILLIAM A., (Rapp & Hirsh.)
Rasel, Lorom, saloon, 202 N. Salina.
Raugh, Mathew, furniture dealer, 55 N. Salina.
Raven & Kenyon, (Shadrach Raven and Jonas M. Kenyon,) tailors, Mnlnerry. near

Raven, Shadrach, (Raven & Kenyon.)
Raymond, Aurelia F. Mrs., physician, 99^ Gifford.

RAYNOR, RICHARD, (Raynor & Vann.) ,.,,„_».

RAYNOR & VANN, (Richard Raynor and Irving O. Vann,) attorneys at law, n n.

Reals, Eli, lot 224, farmer leases 70. ias r , lnl , m

Reals, Reuben C, carpenter, moves safes, raise monuments, &c, 18 S. Clinton.
Rech, Peter, boot and shoe manufacturer, 207 N. Salina. „ nrm „\ v m,n»mlth )

RECTOR CHARLES A., tobacco and cigar store, and nows room, (formerly (runs

4 Phillips Block, W. Washington corner Clinton.
REDFIELD, CHAS. T., (McCarthy, Redfield & Co.)

Redhead, T., (Redhead & Wall.) ti.n.« «Vnlf litWiri

Redhead & Wall, (T. Redhead and R. Mall,) merchant tailor,, i.
*REDINGTON & HOWE, (John C. 0, Redington and Henry H.l ■'' •»«

retail dealers in music and musical foBtrnmento, a Wletlng Bio. k, fl B ■•«liua.
REDINGTON, JOHN C. O (Redington cfe Howe) ,

Redmond D Miss, dress and cloak maker, Nelson Block. !-..(.. nese< ' "™ rr
IX Rodman, dealer in harness and trunks, and superintendent of -

FflVGi tG

Reeves, Marcella Mrs., grocery, 65 Seymour.

REID B. M. MISS, 36 Montgomery.

Reid, Daniel Mrs., grocery, 59 Grape. vnihr-rrv

REIDY MICHAEL, blacksmith and carnage ironer. 18 Mulbcrrj .

Rei»el David, salt manufacturer, residence 8 Gazelle.

Reinschmidt, Lucas, president St. Joseph's Society.

Remore, C. C, saloon, 34 James

"Rpth Pete shoemaker, 207 N. Salina.


RICH GEORGE A., (Gilbert & Rich,) (Rich £ Deitz.)




Silt-ox & Foote, dealers in Stoves
and House Furnishing Goods generally, at
No. 95 East Genesee St., also manufacture
Tin ware of all kinds. Their" Gen. Grant"
Cook Stove is smong the best in market,
and we believe give general satisfaction to
all who have used them. See card, page 26 8.

H. N. White, Architect, No. 12
Wieting Block, Syracuse, has gained a repu-
tation far and wide, for his genius and
ability at his profession. See card, page

W. C. Silllman, manufacturer of
Boots and Shoes, No. 1 Kimber Block, Sy-
racuse, is a practical workmen of long ex-
perience. He does his own cutting and
fitting ; does not entrust it to uninterested
parties. Persons desiring a neat fitting
and servicable boot or shoe can be accom-
modated at his store. See advertisement
on page 248.

Cobb, Herriok & Co., of the "Phoe-
nix Foundry and Machine Works," 117 to
123 East Water St., publish a card on page
250. They are turning out a large amount
of heavy work, such as Steam Engines,
Boilers, Flour and Salt Mills, &c, &c.
They are also prepared to execute any or-
ders for general jobbing, or for machinery
castings, &c, at moderate prices, for first
class work.

Wm. S. Segar, Artist, No. 71 East
Genesee St., has had many years expe-
rience in his profession. As a Photograph
Colorist, Portrait Painter and designer and
painter of banners, emblems, signs, &c,
he ranks among the first in the city. See
card, page 250.

J. R. Kennett, Carriage maker, at
Geddes, employs none but experienced
workmen, which enables him to give the
fullest assurance to all his customers that
work done at his shop in Geddes, will not
be surpassed in point of execution, by any
mechanics in the country. The public may
rest assured that Mr. Kennett is bound to
sustain that reputation, which, as an effi-
cient mechanic, he has so justly earned.—

Online LibraryHamilton ChildGazetteer and business directory of Onondaga County, N. Y., for 1868-9 → online text (page 48 of 53)