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GARRETT, FRANK B., (J. & F. B. Garrett.)

GARRETT, JOHN B., (J. & F. B. Garrett,) farm in Salina 30.

*GARRETT, J. & F. B ., (John B. and Frank B.,) paper warehouse, 3 W. Fayette.

Garrison, Wilson, (Stevens & Garrison.)

Garrssamann, Jacob & Co., (John Mowery,) bakers, corner Lock and Salina,

Gas Light Company of Syracuse, 20 and 30 Mechanic ; James Lynch, president ; Elias
W. Leavenworth, vice president ; Allen Munroe, secretary ; James H. Luther, treas-
urer; Austin C. Wood, superintendent; Austin Rust, book-keeper and clerk.

Gates, James W., with Hayden Brothers, 29 Warren.

GATES, JEROME C, (Gates & Peck.)

*GATES & PECK, (Jerome C. Gates and Wilbur S. Peck,) manufacturers and dealers in
clothing, 36 N. Salina.

*GAY, CALVIN B., wholesale and retail dealer in boots and shoes, 65 S. Salina.

GAY, STEPHEN B., physician and surgeon, 84 S. Salina.

Gaylord, Orra M., milliner, 27 Chestnut.

Geddes, George, superintendent Onondaga Salt Springs, house at Fairmount.

Geer, W. H. H., artist, 46 N. Salina.

Gehni, Philip, saloon, Park, corner Wolf.

Gehm, William, saloon, 24 Turtle.

GEfGER, VINCENT, saloon, 292 N. Salina.

Gelhaar, William, physician, 122 Butternut.

Genesee School, Mrs. L. M. Brand, principal ; Miss Maggie Town and Miss Adams, as-
sistants ; Miss C. Lownsbury, principal of primary department ; Miss Birney, Miss
M. Lounsbury and Miss M. Hurst, assistants.

GENSEL, HENRY, builder, 158 McBride.

George, Ann, dress maker, 10 Pike Block.

Gere, N. Stanton, salt manufacturer, house Basin, near 2d South, Geddes.

Gere, Robert, salt manufacturer, Clinton Block.

Gere, R. Nelson, president Merchants' National Bank.

GERE, WILLIAM C, flour and feed store, 41, 43 and 45, E. Water.

Gerrand, Mrs., dress maker, 239 E. Fayette.

Gerry, William, hotel proprietor, 142 E. Water.

Gez, Henry, cooper and saloon keeper, 59 Pearl.

Ghem & Slosser, ( William Ghem and Charles Slosser,) wagon makers, 125 Lock.

Ghem, William, (Ghem & Slosser.)

GIBSON, STEPHEN G., shoe manufacturer, 1 Phillips Block, W. Washington.

Gieselmann, Henry, grocery and saloon, 162 N. Salina.

Gilford, George W., constable, house rear 155 W. Genesee.

GIFFORD, HARRY, allopathic physician and surgeon, justice of the peace and commis-
sioner of deeds, 6 Bastable Block.

Gifford, Henry, 1st vice president Syracuse Savings Institution.

Gilford, Sidney B., superintendent Western Union Telegraph Company.

Gifford, S. Henry, (C. H. Baker & Co.)


Gifford, Theodore, {Morse & Gifford.)

Gilford, William H„ {Hiscock, Gifford & Doheny.)

Gilbert, Frederick, farmer 3 and leases 60, 279 Park,

GILBERT, GEORGE H., justice of the peace, pension and claim agent, 12 Clinton

Gilbert, Mary A., shirt making and machine sewing, 11 Chestnut.
GILBERT, NELSON, {Phillips & Gilbert.)
GILBERT & RICH, {William Gilbert and George A. Pdch.) lawyers, 1 and 3 Yates Block,

E. Genesee.
GILBERT, WILLIAM, {Gilbert & Pdch.)
Gilcher, Daniel, saloon, 371 N. Salina.
GILL, WATSON, general agent for American Publishing Co.; agents wanted for all the

popular books of the day, to be sold by subscription ; room 46, Hanna House, cor-
ner Warren and Fayette.
GILLESPIE, WILLIAM W., grocer and provision dealer. 12 James.
GILLET, WM. J., {Dickison & Gillet.)

GILLETTE, ALLEN H., wholesale liquor dealer. 8 and 10 W. Genesee.
GILLEY, A. MRS., dress and cloak maker, 15 and 16 Pike Block, S. Salina.
Gillfillin, Archibald, Geddes, near Seymour.
GilhUlan, Wm. & Co., {Martin L. Van Horn,) patentee and manufacturer of reverse

pressure door and gate springs, 80 E. Water.
GILLMORE, DUNCAN, steam boiler manuf. corner Fayette and Seneca.
*GILLMORE, FRANCIS H., bonnet bleacher, 49 Warren.
Gillmore, James, farmer leases 40, house 13 Manlius.
Gilmore, William W., {Ham & Gilmore.)
Gillson, Joseph S., tailor, 84 S. Salina.

Glancy, Thomas, grocer and provision dealer, corner Burnet and Catharine.
Glass, Breed & Co., {Joseph J. and Chas. J. Glass, and Oliver Breed,) flour and feed

store, 47 and 49 E. Water.
Glass, Chas. J., {Glass, Breed & Co.)

Glass, Joseph J., {Glass, Breed & Co.,) secretary and treasurer Syracuse Glass Co.
Gleason, Cornelius, salt manuf. Lock corner Ash.
Gleeson, James H., M. D., 24 Wolf, up stairs.

GLOBE HOTEL, corner S. Saliua and W. Washington, Austin & Dickinson, props.
Gloger, Joseph, baker, 173 Lock.

Godfrey, Denis, grocery, provision and liquor store, corner Niagara and Marcellus.
Godfrey & Hayes, {John Godfrey and John Hayes,) grocery and provision store, 31 W.

Godfrey, John, {Godfrey & Hayes.)
Goessman, Charles A. Dr., chemist, Clinton Block.
Goettel, Henry, cooper, 301 Lock.
GOETTEL, JACOB, Jr., {J. Goettel & Son.)

GOETTEL, JACOB & SON, {Jacob jr.,) builders, Catharine, near Butternut.
Goettel & Metzger, {P. Goettel and 3. Metzger,) coopers, Lock, near Court.
Goettel, Philip, {Goettel & Metzger.)
Goettel, William, mason and builder, 27 John.
Goldburg, Matilda Mrs., second hand clothing, 35 W. Genesee.
Golding, Thomas J., overseer Onondaga County Penitentiary,
Goldsmith, Abel, ( Williams & Goldsmith.)
GOLDSMITH, I. I., {Bloom & Goldsmith.)
Goldsmith, Mark, bakery, 19 Cedar.

Goldstein, Jacob, hoop skirts made and repaired, 105 Grape.
Goldstein, J. Mrs., manufacturer of hoop skirts, 63 Mulberry.
GOODMAN, HORATIO M., {Phelps & Goodman.)
Gordon, James, soap manufacturer, 292 E. Water.

*GOSS, HENRY, (successor to Chadeayne,) hatter, 14 and 14>£ Wieting Block.
GOTT, CALVIN O, photograph artist, 64 and 66 S. Salina.
GOTT, DANIEL F., {Gott & Garfield.)

GOTT & GARFIELD, {Daniel F. Gott and Isaac D. Garfi-eld,) lawyers, 7BastableBloek.
*GOTTSCHALK, ARNOLD C, fringe maker, 175 N. Salina,
Gotz, Henry, saloon, 59 Pearl and Hickory.
Gouffrey, Alexander, baker and confectioner, 389 N. Salina.
Gould, Calvin, {Cobb, Herrick & Co.)
Gould, Eunice E., boarding house, 76 E. Washington.
*GRAFF & NIES, {Philip Graff and Adam Nies,) stone cutters, Jefferson, corner

GRAFF, PHILIP, {Graff & Nies.)
Granger, Mary, widow, grocery, 20 Wolf.
GRANT, ALEXANDER, JR., {Townsend, Grant & Co.)
Grant, Marian, dressmaker, 17 W. Adams.

Grassman, Jacob & Co., {Conrad Maurer,) bakers, Lock near Salina.
Grassman, Joseph, Yankee notions, 21 E. Fayette.
Graves, Nathan F., {Graves & Stevens,) president Fourth National Bank.


Graves & Stevens, {Nathan F. Graves and Charles E. Stevens,) attorneys, 9 Wieting

GRAY BROTHERS, {John D. and Harrison H.,) manufrs. ladies' fine shoes, corner

Franklin and E. Railroad.
GRAY & CLARK, {George W. Gray and John. A. Clark,) lawvers, 1 Collins Block.
*GR.\Y, FREDERICK H., lawyer, 1 Collins Block.
GRAY, GEORGE W., {Gray & Clark.)
GRAY, HARRISON H., {Gray Brothers.)
GRAY, JOHN D., {Gray Brothers.)
Greeley, George H., druggist, 80 S. Salina.
Green, Andrew H., {Hunt & Green,) owns 55 acres.
Green, Clarence W., confectionery, <fec, 155 Montgomery.
Green, George S., dental depot, 72 S. Salina.
Green, Horace L., lawyer, 19 Yates Block, E. Genesee.
Green, John A. Jr., {Jaycox & Green.)
Green, P. P., patent rights, Newell House.

Green, Thomas D., (Jaycox & Green,) vice-president Morris Axe and Tool Co.
Greenfield, DeWittC., surrogate, Church corner N. Salina.
Greenland, Aaron, umbrella and parasol repairer and packer of household goods, 188

Greenman, Geo., saloon, basement 11 S. Salina.
GREENWALD, PHILIP, book binder and paper box manufacturer, Courier Building,

over 63 E. Genesee.
Greenway, Geo. Mrs., farmer 26, corner Oak and Park.
*GREENWAY, JOHN, lot 245, brewer, malster and farmer 53. James,
Greenwood, L. J., assistant treasurer Onondaga Co. Savings Bank.
Gregory, E. D. Mrs., milliner and fancy goods dealer, 136 N. Salina.
GRiCFFIN, E. M., {Wooster, Park & Co.)

Griffin, James, salt manuf., block 121, district 2, Park on Marsh.
Griffin, R. Jr., {Borden & Griffin.)
Griffin. Thomas, ale house, 38 W. Water.

GRISWOLD, EDMOND B., dealer in hats, caps and furs, 44 S. Salina.
Grlsterer, Mather, farmer 63, Manlius.

Groff, John, agent for Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co. of New Jersey, 67 S. Salina.
Grosse, J. B., boot and shoe maker, 78 Center.
GROVER & BAKER SEWING MACHINE CO., Timothy Hough, general agent, 27

Warren, Vanderbilt Block.
GRUMBACH, GEORGE, grocery, 264 Lock.
Guckert, Wm., grocery, 27 Seymour.

Guerdet, Joseph Rev., pastor St. John's Church, Willow corner Pearl.
Gun, Mrs., grocery, Basin near Court.
Gundlach, John, grocery, 159 N. Salina.
Guylfoyle, John, meat and vegetable market, 61 N. Salina.

*HABERLE, BENEDICT, brewery and saloon proprietor, corner Butternut and Mc-

Haberly, John, lager beer brewer, 151 McBride.

Haffenden & Hunt, {J. Haffenden and E. Hunt,) meat market, 197 E. Washington.

Haffenden, John, {Haffenden & Hunt.)

Hage, Frederick V., {Hage, Loos & Co.,) proprietor Railroad Dining Rooms, fruit and con-
fectionery, basement corner S. Salina and Washington.

Hage, Loos & Co., {Frederick V. Hage, Conrad Loos ani John S. Eavfman,) importers
of Rhine wine, Central depot.

HAIR, CHESTER, merchant tailor, Genesee, corner Warren.

Hair, Harriet E., dress maker, 44 Kirk House.

HALL, FRANCIS & CO., {John Rannie,) steam bakery and confectionery, 17 and 19

Ta.tti pfl

Hall, Horace P., {Hall, Palmer & Co.)

HALL, PALMER & CO., {Horace P. Hall, Manning C. and Alvah W. Palmer,) merchant

tailors and dealers in furnishing goods, corner Genesee and Warren.
Hall, Patrick, proprietor of salt blocks 15, 17, and 2.
Hall, Thomas, boots and shoes, 128 Seymour.
Hallagan, Joseph jr., groceries and provisions, 78 N. Salina.
Halpin, Ann Miss, second hand clothing and crockery dealer, 92 N. Salina.
*HALSTED, D. J., publisher and proprietor Syracuse Daily Courier and Union, 59 E.

Ham, Edward E., {Ham & Gilmore.)
Ham & Gilmore, {Edward E. Ham and William W. Gilmore,) merchant tailors, store

next Court House, Empire Block, W. Genesee.
Hamburger, William, groceries and provisions, 6 Jervis Block, E. Fayette.
HAMILTON, JAMES T., lawyer, 77 S. Salina.




Sliunnvay «fc Hinman, general
dealers in Paper, Stationery and Printers'
Supplies, print a card on page 218. The
long acquaintance of one of the parties
with the paper trade, should entitle them
to an extensive trade among printers and
dealers generally.

Wra. Harlow, dealer in Watches
and Jewelry, 27 Warren St., Syracuse, re-
pairs and re-points gold pens, and keeps a
general stock of first class goods in his line.
See card, on page 184.

A. C Gottschalk, manufacturer
of Fringe, Braid, Cords. Tassels, &c, can
furnish customers, at wholesale or retail,
with first class goods. His place is 175
North Salina street. See card on page 184.

Tlie Syracuse Central Democrat

is published weekly by Joseph A. Hof-
man. It is an able sheet, well conducted,
and has an extensive circulation among the
German population, and is consequently
a valuable advertising medium. Mr. Hof-
man is also agent for the " Hamburg Mail
Steamship Line,' 1 and sells tickets to and
from Germany, and all parts of Europe on
favorable terms. We refer the reader to his
advertisements on page 186.

Fr. Walch, manufacturer and dealer in
furniture, at No. 75 South Salina St., keeps
his mammoth store stocked from cellar to
garret, with all styles of goods for house,
office, school, or church use. Those want-
ing to purchase an outfit of Furniture will
find Mr. Walch a fair man to deal with, and
his prices are low as at any house in the
county. See card, page 214.

Z. B. Furman, plays billiards at
Skaneateles, and would be pleased to
receive calls from all gentlemen who de-
light in the game, when they visit that beau-
tiful village. His Billiard Parlor is newly
fitted up in first class style. See card,
page 216.

Seward & Miller, Homeopathic
physicians and surgeons, 51 Warren St.,
publish a card on page 216.

James H. Smith, Merchant Tailor,
at Skaneateles, is prepared to clothe all who
desire him to do so, in any kind of suit
desired, at moderate prices. Call and see
him. See card on page 216.

Marvin's Indian Syrup.— This
c elebrated medicine is put up by Dr. C.
Marvin, at Syracuse. For Scrofula, or any
diseases of the blood or skin, this medi-
cine is highly recommended. We recom-
mend the afflicted to notice its merits as
set forth in the advertisement on paee 178.
The Doctor offers liberal rewards for bet-
ter medicines, for the purpose intended,
and will furnish any amount of genuine
testimonials as to its efficacy in eradicat-
ing disease.

Marshall & Lockwood, whole-
sale and retail dealers in Flour, Feed and
Produce, and Bakers, of Skaneateles, com-
menced business here Jan. 1st of the pres-
ent year. They are young men of energy,
and are destined to build up a lucrative
trade. They have in their employ one of
the best cracker makers in the State, and
are prepared to fill all orders promptly.—
See card, page 15S.

Stafford & Leonard, dealers in
Stoves, Furnaces, &c, at No. 85 South Sa-
lina St., can supply those who call with
excellent goods in their line, and at mod-
erate prices. It would be well for those
contemplating the purchase of a Stove for
Parlor or Kitchen, to call and see them.
They advertise on page 208.

A. Root, at the "Old Family Shoe
Store," No. 16 E.Genesee St., will be pleased
at all times to meet his old customers and
as many new ones, as may be pleased to
call on him. He employs good workmen
and sells at living prices. See card, page
210. ° ^ *

J. F. Woodworth& Son, General
Merchants, at the "Old Brick Store," in
Baldwinsville, keep fully supplied with
fresh goods from the New York markets,
and can give their customers good bargains
in all lines in which they deal. We advise
our readers to call on them when they go
to Baldwinsville. See card, page 214.

Dickison & Gillett, proprietors of
the " Syracuse Steam Joiner Shop,"
No. 40 West Genesee Street, employ a
large force of practical workmen, and are
heavily engaged in the manufacture of in-
side trimmings of all kinds for houses,
such as Scroll Sawing, Brackets, Trusses,
Window and Door Frames, Cisterns, &c,
&c. See card, page 234.

Hale's Hotel, at Fayetteville, has
recently been refitted and newly furnished,
and now offers comfortable quarters for
guests. The proprietor, Mr, C. H. Hale,
will endeavor in every way possible to
serve his friends in such a way that they
will be likely to call for a repetition. See
card, page 224.

It. "Wood, The Toy and Fancy Goods
man, No. 70 South Salina St., can supply
all mankind with nice things for the little
folks, and many useful and ornamental ones
for the larger portion of humanity. Call at
his store for anything in the line of Christ-
mas and Holiday goods. See card, page 226.

S. H. Starin, proprietor of the "City
Hosiery Store," No. 68 South Salina St.,
publishes a card on page 231. As he makes
this class of goods a speciality, customers
will undoubtedly find it to their interest to
make their selections at his store. A great-
er variety can be found there than anywhere
else we know of.


♦HAMILTON & WILBURN, {William H. Hamilton and T. BartonWllburn,) manufrs.

of tobacco and cigarB, 30 Warren.
HAMILTON, WILLIAM H., (Hamilton &Wilburn.)
HAMILTON, WILLIAM T., secretary Morris Run Coal Co.

Hanchett, John C, assistant assessor int. rev., 10th div., 23d district; office 41 N. West.
Hanchett, M. W., general insurance agent, 4 Wieting Block.
HANCOCK, GEORGE, (James Hancock & Son.)
Hancock. George C, cigar manufacturer, 30 W. Water.
HANCOCK, JAMES & SON, (George,) butcherB, 103 E. Genesee.
Handwright, Miles, grocery, 250 Giape.
Hanna, Nicholas, saloon, basement 126 S. Salina.
Hanna, Robert M., boarding house, corner Warren and Fayette.
Harbach, Lewis, barber, 6 W. Washington.
Harder, John, (Soules & Harder.)
*HARDMAN & &0., (Thomas Hardman and Joel Call,) manuf. " Amber Digestine,"

u Elixer Camphor," and " Cough Cure ; office 2 Kimber Block, corner James and

HARDMAN, THOMAS, (Hardman & Co.,) physician, office 2 Kimber Block.
Hare, Wilson G., assistant supt. Salt Co. of Onondaga, 1 Clinton Block.
♦HARLOW, WILLIAM, watchmaker and jeweler, 27 Warren.
Harnoss, Ami, carpenter, Union Avenue.

♦HARRADENCE, WILLIAM, nursery, Madison corner Beach.
♦HARRELL & SARGEANT, (Simeon L. Harrell and Abram V. Sergeant,) manufacturers

and dealers in saddlery hardware, corner James and Pearl.
HARRELL, SIMEON L., (Harrell & Sergeant.)
Harrington. Charles, watch maker and jeweler. 48 S. Salina.
HARRIS, GEORGE N., (Harris, Bcbinson & Co.)
♦HARRIS, ROBINSON & CO., (George N. Harris, Dorr P. Mvbinson and Jerothmel

Hunt,) sewing machines, 48 S. Salina.
Harrison, Israel, grocery, 101 Mulberry.
Harrison, Woolf, second hand clothing, 32 N. Salina.
Harroun, James, (Harroun & Usenbentz.)
Harroun & Usenbentz, (James Harroun arid C. Usenbentz,) coopers, Exchange corner

HART & BAUM, (Chas. H. Hart and Chas. A. Baum,) props. Fayette House, 63 E.

Hart, Catharine Mrs., dress making, 375 N. Salina.
HART, CHAS. H., (Hart & Baum.)
Hart, Martin V. B., (Boland & Hart.)

Hart, William, supt. S. & G. R. R. Bridge, near Furnace, Geddes.
Hartmann, William, barber, 80 S. Salina.
Hartsen, W. E., grocer, 387 N. Salina.

Hartshorn, John, salt manuf. block 99, 2d district, Liverpool road, near Park,
Hartung, John F., butcher, 335 Water.
Harvey, Geo. B., lager beer saloon, 142 Lodi.
Harwood, David, salt manuf. block 34, let district, Lock.
Harwood, David, grocer, 409 Lodi.
Haskins, James P., prest. Morris Run Coal Co., salt manuf. blocks 112, 113, 114, 115, 116,

117, 118, 119 and 137, Park on Marsh, office Salt Co.. Clinton St. Bridge.
♦HATCH & DENYCK, (W. B. Hatch and Denyck,) Egyptian roofing, corner Spruce

and E. Water. See advertisement of W. B. Hatch.
HATCH, W. B., (Hatch & Denyck.)
HATZUNG, JOHN F., meat market, 335 E. Water.
HAWKINS, JOHN R, (Hawkins, Stewart & Co.)
HAWKINS, STEWART & CO., (John B. Hawkins, Charles H. Stewart and Wayland

D. Darby,) copper, tin, sheet iron and wire workers, 6 Townsend Block, W. Water.
HAWLEY, J. DEAN, (Willard & Hawley.)
Hawley, O. A., crockery, glass and China ware, 49 E. Genesee.
HAWLEY, WILLIAM A., homeopathic physician and surgeon, 52 Warren.
Hax, Peter, grocery, 122 Mulberry.
Hayden & Auer, (E. T. Hayden and Frederick Auer,) carpenters and builders and mold-

ingmanufrs., corner Canal and Catharine.
♦HAYDEN BROS., (John and Samuel,) manufacturers and retail dealers in woolen

goods, Vanderbilt Block, 29 Warren.
Hayden, E. T., (Hayden & Auer.)

Hayden, J. Dr., manufacturer of trusses, Courier Building, E. Genesee.
HAYDEN, MYRON, (Hayden & Scott.)
♦HAYDEN, S. C. & CO., (Seeley 0. Hayden and Eben Beard,) furniture warerooms, 69

S. Salina.
HAYDEN & SCOTT, (Myron Hayden and George Scott,) butchers, 11 W. Fayette.
HAYDEN, SEELEY C, (S. C. Hayden & Co.)
Haves, James, ' Hayes & Lynch.)
HAYES, JOHN, hotel proprietor, 70 Canal.
Hayes, John, (Godfrey & Hayes.)


Hayes, John, boot and shoe maker, Park, termination 1st Ward.

Hayes & Lynch. (James Hayes and John J. Lynch,)grocer8, 60 W. Fayette.

Hayt, Stephen T., canal commissioner, State building.

Hay ward, J. W., proprietor Syracuse City Laundry, 47 W. Fayette.

Heacock & Berry, (Willard J. Heacock and T. J. Berry,) salt manufacturers, 3d North,

near Free.
Heacock, Willard J., (Heacock & Berry,) Troy, N. Y.
Healy, Patrick, groceries and provisions, corner Hawley and Gertrude.
Heath, John C, umbrella manufacturer, 20 Malcolm Block, S. Salina.
*HEATH, WILLIAM, stair builder and joiner, 22 Jasper.

Heermans & Stewart, (Thos. B. Heermans and Wm. D. Stewart,) hardware, 28 "N, Salina.
Heermans, Thos. B., (Heermans & Stewart.)
Hehn, George, cooper and grocer, 284 Lock.
Heitz, Michael, proprietor Prospect Hill Brewery, Union Avenue, and saloon keeper, 3

HELLMECK, JOHN, (Hellme-ck & Lenhart,) meat market, 183 Lock.

HELLMECK & LENHART, (John Hellmeck and Jacob Lenhart,) saloon and meat market,
54 Niagara, corner Otisco.

Helm. Ralph, (Cobb, Herrick & Co.)

HEMINGWAY, HARVEY P.. (H. F. Hemingway & Co.)

HEMINGWAY, H. F. & CO.,' (Harvey F. and Willett Hemingway and Edward W. Par-
melee,) wholesale and retail dealers in fruits and oysters, 28 E. Washington.

Hemingway, Willett, (H F. Hemingway & Co.)

Hempler, Jacob, saloon, 296 N. Salina.

Henderson, Alexander, veterinary surgeon. 53 N. Salina.

*HEND RICKS, FRANCIS, dealer in photographic materials, picture frames, looking-
glasses, &c, 33 Warren.

Heme, Conrad J.. (Burke, Kelly & Co.)

HENOCKSBURGH & CO., (W. Henocksburgh and M. Block.) dry goods and millinery, 1
Bastable Block.

Henocksburgh, William, (Henocksburgh & Co.)

Herb, Frederick, salt manuf., block 21.

Herbst & Ackerman, (Christian F. Herbst and Pfiilip Ackerman,) dealers in groceries,
139 N. Salina.

Herbst, Christian F., (Herbst & Ackerman.)

Herman, Solomon, butcher, 71 E. Genesee.

Herrick, Charles P., (Cobb, Herrick & Co.)

HERRICK, ERASTUS C, (Coe & Herrick.)

HERRICK. GEORGE W., (Herrick, Wright & Co.)

Herrick, Walstein B., (Parker & Herrick.)

Herrick, William S., tobacconist and news dealer, 35)<f S. Salina.

HERRICK, WRIGHT & CO., (Geo. W. Herrick, Geo. B. Wright and John J. Phillips,)
detective police and bureau of information, 53 E. Genesee, over J. H. dough's store.

Herzog, Gustave, cabinet maker, rear 141 Townsend.

Hessler, Charles, boot and shoe maker, 162 N. Salina.

Hesler, George, farmer, 194 Butternut.

Hessler, John, boot and shoe store, 182 N. Salina.

Hessler, John, saloon, basement Courier building.

HEWITT, RICHARD L., (Power & Hewitt.)

Hey, Charles Mrs., saloon, corner Burnett and McBride.

Hey, George W., grocer and saloon keeper, 128 E. Jefferson.

Heyne, Oscar B. Dr., druggist and apothecary, 137 N. Salina and 84 E. Genesee.

Hickok, Benedict, (Knapp & Hickok.)

Hicks, C. S. Mrs., teacher of drawing and painting. Pike Block, S. Salina.

HIER & ALDRICH, (John P. Hier and Bruce S. Aldrich,) wholesale and retail tobac-
conists, 11 N. Salina.

HIER, GEORGE P., (G. P. Hier & Co.)

HIER, G. P. & CO., {George P. Hier and Nathan H. Plumb,) wholesale dealers in leaf
tobacco, 25 N. Salina.

HIER. JOHN P., (Hier & Aldrich.)

HIGGINS, ALFRED, agent American Express Company, &3 S. Salina.

HIGGINS, JAMES A., (Higgins & Sanwald.)

♦HIGGINS & SANWALD, (James A. Hiagins and Gottleib Sanwald,) carriage manufac-
turers, 60 Water, corner Montgomery.

Hilfrer. Rudolph, physician, residence 231 N. Salina.

HILL, JAMES L., cattle dealer, and (with Alexander H. Allen,) milk dealer and farmer
91. 411 E. Genesee.

Hills, George Morgan Rev., pastor St. Paul's Church, (Episcopal,) residence 74 Warren.

Hilt, Mary Ann Miss, dress maker and patentee Miss Hilt's Immediate Catarrh Relief,
97 E. Genesee.

HINDS, ORVIN, livery and hack stable, 68 E. Water.

Hine, Norman, lawyer, office 10 Bastable Block.

Hinman, Egbert, (Hinman & Sperry.)

HINMAN, GEORGE E., (Shumway & Hinman.)


HINMAN, JAMES H., (York, Smith & Hinman.) (Marsh, Sherman & Co.)

Hinnian & Sperry, (Egbert Hinman and Roger S. Sperry,) brass and iron founders and
machinists, 78 and 80 E. Water.

HINSDELL, SAMUEL H., (Pitcher and Hmsdell.)

Hipkins, Theodore, harness maker, 91 Pearl.

Hirlinger, Francis, cabinet maker, rear 272 N. Salina.

HIRSH, FERDINAND, cigar manufacturer, 42 E. Water.

HIRSH, PHILIP, (Rapp & Hirsh.)

Hiscock, Frank, (Hiscock, Gifford & Doheny.)

Hiscock, Gifford & Doheny, (Frank Hiscock, William H. Gifford and George Doheny,)
attorneys at law, 10 Clinton Block, W. Genesee.

Hitchcock, G. Frank, ( Walch, Hitchcock & Beach.)

Hiz, Mrs. Mary, grocery and saloon, 29 Division.

HO AG, GEO. D., boot & shoemaker, 91 S. West.

Hobart, L. Smith Rev., agent American Home Missionary Society, Curtis House.

Hobbeth, A. B., grocer and gunsmith, 221 S. Salina.

Hoefier, John S., confectioner, 12 N. Salina.

Hofer, Ellis M., meat market, 254 N. Salina.

HOFF, BENJAMIN C, dealer in music and jewelry, corner Washington and Clinton.

*HOFMANN, JOSEPH A., editor and publisher Syracuse Central Democrat, and

Online LibraryHamilton ChildGazetteer and business directory of Onondaga County, N. Y., for 1868-9 (Volume 1868-9) → online text (page 46 of 54)