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The weak their safety seek below.
The rapid waves above them flow ;
The strong attempt the mountain's steepi,
The mountains are become the deep. .
Half dead with famine, half with fear.
Now few, and fewer now, appear !
All strive, all sink — sink beasts and men ,
Ferish'd each living substance then.
Existence is extinct ! — ^The world
Itself to dire destruction hurl'd.
Grood Noah's house alone remain'd ;
The waves his floating ark sostain'd.

There U an ark that's open still,
Where all may shelter if they wilL
Awful, indeed, if Christians too
Should perish with their ark in view !

But if the moral plague abonnd.
Yet still some righteous men were found ;
Righteous, not perfect, you may see
Throughout mankind's long history ;
As stars in darkness seem more bright.
So these illume the moral night

See Abraham fbll of faith and grace.
Sire of the patriarchal race :
To Isaac torn your wond'ring eyes,
Prefiguring the great Sacrifice, !
What Abraham felt, fond parents, say.
Himself his only son must slay !
Though much he mourn'd, for much he lov*il
* Slijah and Eaoeb.

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ffii fkith, his prompt obedience proT'd ;
What daunllcM faith those words impliedi
"God will himself a laaib provide !"
Joseph, the virtuoas, next behold,
lake Christ by his own brethren sold :
The pit, the prison, all unite.
To D^e his character more bright :
Whence camo that strength whidi could sustain

From tempting' pleasure's snares restrain him?
Could made the prison, pit, and court,
To him alike a safe resort 1
What made him thus unyielding stand 7
His God was still at his right hand !
Religion was to him a law ;
He kiaew the Omnipresent saw :
No secrecy his soul can win.
No &ncied safety tempt to sin :
Omniscience sees the skulking shame.
Darkness and light to God the same !

Now Exonni

Of Pharaoh's i

By learning fo lature,

For general, gi

At great Jeho^

By faith he lef ;

E«cap*d the sd id,

The numerous

Mark on the n I ;

Behold they ci

God*s mighty ^re,

Oh, miracle !

Egypt pursue]

They rush bel s !

Back to their course the wayes retreat,

Ajrain the refluent waters meet !

IfEgypt's shrieks are mixM.with prayer.

They pray^ to gods who cannot hear I

See Egypt sink, ingulf *d their host,

The rider and his horse are lost !
Israel, unworthy of the boon.

Forgets the wond*rous rescue soon :

SaT*d, not converted ;— discontent

Defeats the mighty blessing sent.

By miracle they still were fed,

Fiom heaven rcceivM their daily bread ;

Tet murmurM at the bounteous hand

Wliich fed them in that desert land :

Yet aee, these pilgrims while we blame.

And cast reproach on IsraePs name ;
To murmur, too, we sometimes dare,
Though we have bread to eat and spare !

Moses ! thy parting song sublime,
Shall outlive worlds and bury time.
ffo baUowM bard, whatever his worth,
E*er pour*d more warm effusions forth !
O'er Israel's sin how does he sigh,
His God, his Rock, how glorify !
* Attend — the awful truth I sing,
Is no indifferent, no vain thing ;
It is jour life, your hope, your all ;
God IS the Lord ; obey bis call :
In vain for molten Gods you strive,
Tie I that kill, that make alive !
Foantain of Jacob, just and true 1
ThoQ wat'rest earth with heavenly dew !
From Thee descend the com and wine.
All health, all gifls, all mce is thine !'
Then pouring the rich blessing round,
Vou I. E

He shows them whsre true rest is found.
*• Oh, people sav'd, adore ^he Lord,
Shield of thy help, celesuai sword !
Approach, abide, secure from harms,
Sara in the everlasting arms !
Beneath that panoply divine,
Oh ! save us, Lord, for we are thine !'

Leviticus the law proclaims,
And brands two* sacrilegious names.
The Grospel truth this book must own.
Anticipating Christ unknown.
Such t^pes thro' the Old Scriptures run.
And, like the shadow, prove the sun.

NiTMBERS the Hebrews' names declare,
In due arrangement, just and fair *
The nomenclature so exact.
Not deists can disprove the fiict

While Deutbronomt repeats
That law of which the other treats ; ,
Enlarges on th' important theme ;
With Moses' death completes the scheme.

See Joshua, type of Jesus, stand.
Fighting for Canaan's promis'd land !

While Judges leam'd their wisdom bring.
Before the Jews demand a king.

God's tender care of pious youth
Is sweetly seen in past'ral Ruth :
Here filial piety is found,
And with its promis'd blessing crown'd.

Good Samuel, as the Lord appoints.
The king so loudly ask'd, anoints ;
With sorrow deep th' hifrtorian brings
Succession sad of Israel's Kings ;

And Chronicles prolongs the story,
So little to the royal glory :
Though some were faithful, just, and true,
We grieve to say they were but few

No prophet on the rolls of fame
Eclipses great Eluab's name :
Impell'd by faith, disdaining fear.
To kings and priests alike sincere !
The altar once on Carmel built
To God, proclaims th' apostate's guilt
'Twas there th' illustrious Tishbite, bom
On Baal to pour indignant scorn,
With keenest irony maintains
His power divine, in heaven who reigns
Contemns, as round the trench he tr<M,
Their talking, sleeping, journeying god *
To heaven behold him still aspire,
Th^ reach it in a car of fire !

Ezra deserves immortal prabe.
Who sought the temple's walls to raise

How shall I Nehemuh paint.
At once the courtier and the saint ?

In Esther, Providence displays.
To us inscrutable, his ways ;
Here the fair queen with modest grace
Obtains protection for her race :
The oppress'd from hence a lesson draws
Of courage in a righteous cause *
And here, the snares for virtue spread,
Return to plague the inventor's head.

• Nadab and Abihu

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Job, on his dung'hill, far more greni
Than when he dwelt in regal state !
He heard, before, Jehovah's grace,
Bat now he sees him face to face.
Meekly he bow*d before his God,
He felt the smart, hut kissM th€t rod.
** In me, great God, complete thy will !
Slay me, and I will trust Thee stilL**

Iff it a seraph strikes the strings 7
Or is it royal Dayio sings 7
Thy Psalms divinely brmg to view
Jesus, thy root and offspring too.
Mark, how the author's hallowed lays
Begin with prayer, and end withiiraise !
Commerce h6w sure ! which, while it gives
Due payment, rich returns receives ;
As tides, which fhim the shore recede.
Return to fill the native bed.
So praise which we to God impart,
Comes back in blessings to the fadart
Gkinful return, to man when given
Such interchange 'twizt earth and heaven !

As long as inborn sin is felt.
Or penitence in tears shall melt ;
As long as Satan shall molest.
Or anguish rend the human breast;
As long as prayer its voice shall raise.
Or gratitude ascend in praise,
So long God*s poet shall imput
A balm to every broken heart ;
So long the fainting spirit cheer.
And sa re the contrite from despair.

To Sion's bard it shall be given
To join the immortal choir in heaven ;
And when with their*s his accents float,
He shair not need to change his note.

Tho* due this tributary praise.
One sin embittered all his days.
The prudent prophet chose the veil
Of fiction for the bloody tale :
The tale enrag*d the blinded King;
" The man shall die who did this thing !'!
Thou art the man ! — the appidling word
Cuts deeper than a two-edged sword ;
All self-deceit i» put to flight,
ScarM conscience re-assnmes its right
Awak*d, the king, in wild surprise,
Prostrate in dust and sshes lies.
The monarch roused himself abhorr*d,
And own*d his guilt before the Lord :
Now agoniz'd in prayer he speaks.
The multitude of mercies seeks.
His prayer, his penitence, obtoin
A respite from the threaten'd pain.
Tho' God decreed be should not die.
Nor perish everlastingly,
Yet justice sought not to prevent,
Tlio' he delay'd the punishment

The dire efiTect of sin we see
In his degenerate fiimily.
To him no future peace was known.
One son rebellM against his throne ;
Ungrateful friends, domestic jars.
Intestine tumults, foreign wars :
Contending brothers fiercely strive.
Dark enmity is kept alive ;
Now murmurs loud, now famine great,
Now fierce convulsions shake the state ;
Dhi<M empire soon we see

Distract his near posterity.

Thus, tho* his pardon mercy seak^
Sin*s temporal results be feels.
€rod with offence will have no part,
E*en in the man of his own heart
All sadly serves to prove our fall
From purity original

Taught by the wisdom from above.
See Proverbs fuU of truth and love.

To thee, O Solomon! belong
The graces of the mystic Song.

EccrjcsusTEs, or the Preacher,
Displays the powerful moral teacher*
How could*st thou, sapient king, combine
Thy faulty life, and verse divine 7
Why were thy Proverbs still at strife
With thy dishonoured close of life 7
Thou rear*st the Temple— oh, the sin
To quit the God who dwelt within !

Of all, O king, thj bookt have tau^t.
With holy wisdom richly fraught ;
Still more thy large experience brings
The emptiness of human things.
In all thy keen and wide pursuit
Of love, power, pleasure, what the fruit*
Satiety in all we see.
In each enjoyment vanity !
Youth might bo spared a world of woe.
The truth without tlie trial know,
Would thev with abler hands advise,
And trust king Solomon the wise.
That the vex*d heart and sated mind
In God akme repose can find.



Thee, great Isauh, dare I paint.
Prophet, evangelist, and saint 7
So just thy strong prospective view,
'Tis prophecy and history too.
Rapt in futurity, he saw.
The Gospel supersede the law.

Prophet • in thy immortal lines.
The fulness of perfection shines ;
There, present things the Spirit sdals.
There, things that shall be he revcds.
Doctrine and warning, prayer and praise
Alike our admiration raise.
Amaz*d, we see the hand divine
Each thought direct, inspire each line.
Still has the seraph's burning coal
Lefl its deep 'mpress on the soul ;
Still shall the sacred fire survive,
Warm all who re^d, touch all who Uve^.

'Twere hopeless uo attempt the song.
So vast, so deep, so sweet, so strong !
Fain would I tell how Sharon's rose.
In BoHtary deserts blows ;
Fain would I speak of Carmel*s hill.
Whose trees the barren waste shall fill ;
Of Lebanon's transplanted shade.
To sandy valleys how oonvey'd ;
The noble metaphors we find
To lofliest objects there assign'd.
These splendid scenes before us bring
Tfa' invisible redeeming King.

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In OTerj ima^, everyliBe,
Messiah ! wb behold Thee shine.

But who shall dare these charms to tell,
One British* bard has swag so well 7
His Chritiian page shall never die,
Oil sic omnia ! iH re^y.

Blest Prophet ! who a theme could*st find
Congenial to restore thy mind !
^ Here we behdd together brought
Splendour of diction and of thought;
In these bold images we see
Grandeur without hyperbole.
Here all God^s attributes unite;
The gracious and the infinite ;
Beyond imagination's dream.
Thy true, august, and holy theme.
All that the loftiest mind oonceivee,
AH that the strongest faith belioTes,
An were too feeble to express
God's love, hie pow'r, his holiness !
His length, and breadth, and depth, and height,
In all their wide extremes unite ;
No danger of exoesa is here ,
To sink too low is all thy fear.

To His broad eye, all nations see
Are less than nought, are vanity.
To him all Lebanon could bring
Only a worthless offering ; \
The waters at his bidding, stand
Within the hollow of his hand ;
llie mountains in lus scales are weigh*d.
The hille are in bis balance laid ;
Measur'd by hb almighty hand.
The globe *s a particle of sand !
Though with tremendous arm hb come,
With power which strikes the nations dumb ;
Centre and source of li^t and love.
In whom we are, and hve, and move ;
Though not oonfin'd to time or place,
Not to the vast extent of space ;
Objects of his paternal care,
Tm meanest still his mercies share ;
He who in highest heaven resides,
Tet in the contrite heart abides.
Now, shepherd-like, his flock he feeds.
The tender bears, the feeble leads ;
Power to the weak, but trusting saints
Hegives, and might to him that faints.

Irie youn£ may fiiil, the strong be weak,
Bdt an who bis salvation seek,
Strong' in the Lord, shall be renew'd ;
With new-born vigour be endu'd ;
On eagles* win^fs sublimely soar.
To fear, and faint, and sin no more.f

Hear JninnAH's plaintive song
Poor its ftdl tide of grief akmg ^


predisposing grace ordain'd,
iphef 8 functions he sustain'd ;

ie prophet ^«^

B^ his predicting voice rcveal'd,
iTiy doom, O BAylon, is seal'd !
Oa Jodah 'twas his fate to see
Acoomplish'd his own prophecy.
In what pathetic strains he showM
Their miseries from their vices flow'd !
The form of goodness the^ defend,
Bat hate its power and miss its end.
For lying vanities abhorr'd,

• See Pope's eiqaisHt poeni of <" the Messiab.*'
t Isaiah cliap. xU

They plead * the Temple of the Lord ;*

* The Temple of the Lord are these V

Their vamish'd falsehoods more displease >

As if the edifice alone

Their practis'd evils could atone.

The Temple i^ beyond dispute :

A means, but not a substitute :

A &1t profession may be found,

With lives unholy, hearts unsound.

No reigning vice he left untold.
Expostulation sad, yet bold, i
Lays bare the sins they sought to hide ,
Vain boasting, arrogance, and pride :
Reproves alike both age and youth ;
Neither is valiant for the truth.
Wisdom, or wealth, or power, or mi^t,
Alone, as rightly us'd, is right
All glorying is by Heaven abhorred.
Save that which glories in the Lord. '

Sublimely sad his woes impart
Their Lamintatioiis to the heart
Pity and woe his bosom share.
Anger and fondness, grief and prayer.
Fountains of tears could scarce express
His sorrows' and his love's excess.

EzvKiKL comes in awful state,
His vision mystically great !
The Prophet, see, his watch-tower keep.
The shepherd blame, console the aheep.

When Babylon's imperial lord
Crush'd Judah bv his oonqu'ring sword ,
Daniel, erect, of noble mind,
With three believing brothers join'd.
Captives among the Jews were brought.
And in the royal palace taught ;
Chaldea's learning they acqoir'd.
The king the ingenious youths admir'd ;
At dainty tables gave them meat.
Himself ordain'd the plenteous treat

The tempting cates he bade provide.
The daily bounties he supplied ;
The wines, the royal vintage find,
Seduoe not Daniel's guarded mind.
Tempt not the self-denying three
All shun the snares of luxury.
' No food, but pulse, before us bring.
No drink but the translucent spring.

The king an image vast display'd,
Enormous was the statue made ;
With impious zeal his laws ordain.
All should repair to Dura's plain.
Princos and counsellors appear
Rulers of provinces be there !
At sound of sackbut, psalt'ry, flute,
All must attend : who dares dispute
The high behest, who will not own
The idol's godhead, shall be thrown
Deep in the flery cauldron's blaze.
And burn in that capacious vase.

See Dura's plain how crowded now .*
All make the prostituted vow ;
M praise, all honour, all adore ;
The zealous king can ask no more.
What, all 7 Is no exception found.
In idol worship aU abound 7

The holy brotherhood behold

In God's almighty strength how bold •

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Nor fluU nor sackbot's sound contronls

The firm, fix^d purpose of their souls.

Their eyes, their hearts are raised n high,

The burning cauldron they defy,

Now hear the valiant brothers speak,

See them magnanimously meek. ^

No arts to soothe the haughty king,

No charge against his idol bring.

No doubts, no fears, no hesitation;

They wait no slow deliberation.

PreparM they stand; They scorn to swerve

• Thy gods, O kin^, we will not serve ;
We serve Jehovah ; his command
Can save his servants from thy hand,
E*en from the flames his children save.
Snatch from the fearful fiery grave.

If not, obedience is his due,
In life, in death, resdvM and true,
No image shall our worship see,
No idol, though set up by thee.*
The king with maddening fury turns ;
With sevenfold heat the cauldron bums ;
To such intensity it grew.
The men who cast them in, it slew.
The ardent blaae nnaw*d they dare.
They bum not ! God's own Son is Uiere !
Sav*d by an all controlling hand.
Unhurt, amidst the flames they stand.
Triumphant Lord! savM by thy power.
Nor floods shall drown, nor flames devour.
The awe-struck king the scene surveys ;
Hear him the cry of rapture raise :

* They live ! come forth ! let my command
Be straight prodaimM throughout the land ;
Let Babylon's wide empire know

God reigns above, and rules below.

If any dare my law deny,

Or Azariah's God defy.

On dunghill heaps thev shall be trod ;

No God delivers like this God.'

Let youthful readers not despise
The hints which from this tale arise,;
If base intemperance had poesess'd
Its empire o'or the yielding breast ;
Or did excess in wme obtam
A conquest o'er the youthful brain.
By these joint enemies subdu'd.
Where might have been their fortitude 7
Who rules the appetite, shall find
An easier task to rule the mind.

Danucl, the statesman, saint, and sage,
Brav'd, yet unhurt, the lipn's rage.
How fervently the Prophet spoke !
Warm from his lips the rapture broke :
Our right'ousness we dare not plead.
For we have none in thought or deed :
liiy oracles neglected lie ;
Abus'd, thy dreadfiil majesty !
Our sins are great, yet greater still
Thy power to pardon, and thy will ;
Oh, Lord, fiirgive ! Oh, hear us. Lord !
For thy own sake thy help afford.
So prompt to prayer to grant thine aid,
Tis heard almost before 'tis made.

Soon may it come, the day all hail;
When God's free Spirit shaH prerail :
In full effusion, large and wide.
In e^^ry heart be multiplied.
What mu$t arrive, if God be true.

Why wait for in a distant view 7
Why not at once besiege the throne^
Till Heaven the supplication own 7

HosEA, in each indignant line,
Denounc'd on sin the wrath divine.

Joel directs tc fkst and pray.
And God's displeasure turn away ;
The threat'nings of the Lord he brings,
And then his goodness sweetly sings -
Why wiU ye perish ! turn, O turn.
Before his indignation bum !
Bow down your heart, his kindness prov«f
Not merely loving, — God is love ;
Quick to forgive, slow to resent :
Approach his footstool and repent
He will your contrite prayers receive.
Perhaps he may a blessing leave :
Ckim, wine, and oil, agfaln bestow.
Remove the plague, and heal the woe.

Amos exhorts, and warns, and strive*
That Judah riiould reform their lives.
His powerful precepts never cease
To warn the rich who live at ease.
You that on downy couches lie.
Or doze on beds of ivory ;
You who voluptuously consume
Your wealth, whoee meal's & hecatomb,
Who at a sinde feast exhaust
A vineyard m uncotmted cost ;
Whose p«rfumes, floating in the air,
A Sybarite mifht be proud to share ;
Whose festive luxuries must be crownM
With the soft lute and viol's sound ;
Are yau the men of grief who melt
At tues of woe by brethren felt 7
Ask Amos : he this truth imparts.
That pleasure hardens human hearts
l^t selfish feelings most abound
Where ease and luxury are found.
H6w*strange the paradox, yet true.
That what dissolves should harden too !

Brief Obadiah, Ml of grace.
Says much, though in a nttle space.

Jonah ! How high thy fabnonre staod
Who by one sermon ronsM a land !
At the last day how will thy fiune.
Oh Nineveh, my country shame I
Jonah ! thy honours sunk how low
When wrath deform'd thy sullen brow .
Better a mighty empire fall.
Than Jonah's credit sink at all !
Oh human selfishness how great.
To moum a gourd and not a state!
The prophet here the pastor teadies
To practice what so well he preaches.

MiCAH, admir'd througli ev'ry age.
The babe of Bethlehem crowns thy page I
With what precision dost thcq trace
The then obscure, now honourM place !

Nahuic, all hail thjr muse of fire.
The glories of thy dying lyre !
** The still small voice" no more is heard.
As when of old the Lord appearM.
The whirlwind, and the driving storm.
His foarful wonders now perform ;

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How terrible hla thuDders soand !
The awe-struck sinner how confound !
No horrors can the euilt;^ move,
Like the fierce wrath of injur*d love.

Blest Prophet ! had thy strains been heard
From the proud lyre of Theban bard.
How would the wrapt enthusiast turn,
**To thoughts that breathe, and words that

But tho* not narsM on Findns* mount,
Nor fed from Aganippe^s fount ;
Thou ofierest at a loftier shrine
Than Delphi own*d, thy ode divine.
Thj muse with nobler claims shall rise:
Her inspirations from the skies ;
This the chief glory of thy lays,
Thou hadst a living God to praise.

Thou^ HABAXSinc, thy name refuse
To bend obedient to the mnsei,
Yet thy sweet promises impart
Warm comfort to the droopinf heart
In thy &m*d prayer, sublimely sweet,
The saint and rause in concert meet

God came from Teman ; what array
Of confluent glories marks his way !
Briffatnea aU>Te, around was sent ;
Tbe pestilence before him went .
The skies witU unknown splendours blaze.
Heaven shows his power, and earth bis praise;
The everlasting mountains fled.
The rivers trembled in their bed ;
Bow*d the perpetual hills ; the deep
Through its dark caves was heard to sweep.
His arrows fly ! Lord, at thy will
Th' asConiflfa'd sua and moon stand still !
The shining of thy glitt*ring spear.
Transfix the heathen bands with fear.
One glance of thy pervading eye
Mearares the earth ; the nations fly
DiasQlv*d and scatter*d ; Cushan*s tents
Burst forth in deep and loud laments.
Tber tremble at the distant sound.
Sodden thy troops their tents surround.

Tet tho* Chald^*s hostile band
Poor in their hordes, despoil the land ;
Tet though the Bi[ tree may be found
With neither fruit nor blossom crownM ;
The olive and the vine decay.
And flocks and herds be torn away ;
My song of praise my God shall hear.
More free, more fervent, more sincere.
** Revive thy work ;** tho* aU should fail,
Let grace and godliness prevail

Lord of my strength ; my joj, my (^own,
Thy boundless mercies let me own !
Thv great salvation sets me free,
I shall have all in having Thee.

Thou Zephaniah, dost record
Boldly the terrors of the Lord !

Haooai the skithfyl Jews exhorts
To build the temple's hallow'd courts :
Tbev, while their splendid mansions shine,
Neglect Jkhotah*s sacred shrine.

Thy visions, ZscHAaiAR, stand
As beacons to a guilty land ;
Tho' awfully obscure, yet true.
They teach the Briton as the Jew.

Known to the Lord, the day wiU come
Reversing Salem's awful doom!

Where nought was seen but waste and woe,
There shall the living waters flow ;
Destructions direful work be past.
And Christ the King be crownM at last
Her courts, by those who long have fought
Against her, eagerly he sought :
One Lord, one God, shall reign alone.
His name, long prophesied, l^ One.
On every vessel, every breast.
One grand inscription be imprest ;
And HouMEss to Goo be found
Within, without, above around !

Thou, Malachi, though last not least,
Prepar'st for us the Gospel feast

• » • • • •

Yet e*er the ancient books you leave.
This truth in all yeur hearts receive, —
That all the saints unite with care
To prove the omnipotence of prayer.
Search thro' the annals of mankmd.
One solitary instance find ;
Prove that you know one prayer preferred
In &ith bv man, by God not heard ;
Then boldly venture, if you dare.
No more to lift your heart in prayer.
Till then, pray on ; 'twill clear your way .
Chiefly for God's own Spirit pray :
There we shall find, if there we seek.
Wealth fi>r the ^r, strength for the weak
Soundness for sickness, lire for death,
Deriv'd from this inspiring breatii ;
Till every nation, tongue and tribe.
The healing influence shall imbibe
Distil like genial drops of rain.
Or dews upon the tender grain :
This in the secret of the soul
Each strong temptation shall oontroul,
And some Stint image, lost before.
Of its bright origin restore.


This dispensation, clear and bright,
Brings immortality to light;
Procuums the rebel Man restor'd,
Th'AposUte brought to know the Lord
Within this consecrated groond
Discrepancies are never found ;
The writers vary just to prove
That not in concert do they move ,
WhUe Jesus' glory stands reveal'd.

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