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225 acres, known as the "Comfort" farm. He married Hattie, daughter of Lewis
Van Order, a farmer of Howard. They have five children : Lewis V. , Ray W. , Grace
B., Blanch E. , and Alta May. Mr. Roberts and family are members of the Baptist
church of Howard.

Reynolds, Charles D., was born in Addison in 1857, son of Thomas I. Reynolds, an
architect and contractor, who came here in 1846, and was afterward employed with
the same sash, door, and blind industry. Mr. Reynolds traveled a great deal, being
engaged in different cities in various enterprises. From I860 to 1865 he was in Jer-
sey City, and from 1868 to 1873 at Paterson, N. J. His death, which occurred in
1881, was caused by an accident. Xllharles D. received his education in Addison, and
much of his early life was spent with his father in his travels. He was first employed
with the sash, door and blind factory, which business *he still continues, being now
with Park, Winton & True. Mr. Reynolds has served two terms as a member of the
board of trustees. In 1884 he married Emma, daughter of William H. Manners, a
grocer of this place, and they have one daughter, Dorothy, who was born in 1889.
Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds are members of the Episcopal church.

Ross, John W., was born m Springfield, Bradford county, Pa., April 10, 1851. He


was educated at Burlington, Bradford county, Pa., and Painted Post, Steuben county.
He was a farmer, after which he engaged in the drug business at Avoca and Painted
Post. He is unmarried and lives on the homestead farm with his step-mother, and
has filled the minor offices of the town. He is a member of the Baptist church, and
is a Democrat.

Ross, Bruce E., born in Bradford county. Pa., November 7, 1857, is the son of A.
J. Ross, who was born in Burlington, Bradford county. Pa., October 28, 1836, and
came to the town of Campbell in 1868 and settled on a farm which was partly cleared.
He married Mara Grace, and they were the parents of the following children: John
W., Emmett B., Dallas, and Bruce E. The latter was educated in the district schools
of Bradford county. Pa., and Steuben county, N. Y., and has devoted his time to
farming, and now owns a farm of fifty acres located in the town of Campbell, along
the Meacj's Creek Road. He married Harriet Austin, of Erwin, and they were the
parents of two children; Grace and Julia. For his second wife he married Emma,
daughter of Charles Dewey, of Delaware county, and they have the following chil-
dren : Hattie,, Clyde, Harry, Maud, and Olan. They are members of the Methodist

Remington, Washington B,, was born in Hornby, October 24, 1844, son of Jona-
than and Rachel Hammond Remington, who came from Vermont to the town of
Campbell in 1816. Jonathan was a son of Joseph Remington, who was a soldier in
the Revolutionary war. Mrs. Remington's father, Hansdale Hammond, married
Lucy, a daughter of Colonel Mason, and in 1816 settled near Cooper's. He was also
a soldier in the Rebellion. Jonathan was a non-commissioned officer in the war of
1813. Mr. and Mrs. J. Remington had the following children ; Simeon, who died in
1856, Orinda,! Jonathan, Emily, now deceased, Alvin, Owen, Frank, Hannah, Joseph,
Albert, Simeon O., Washington B. , all of whom are natives of the county. Wash-
ington B. attended the Painted Post Union School, and when sixteen years old clerked
in a drug store for Daniel Orcutt. In 1863 he enlisted in Co. F, 9th N. Y. Vols, and
was also connected with the 6th Army Corps. He was mustered out of service in
1865, when he commenced the study of medicine with his brother Frank, who was
then practicing at Painted Post. He was graduated in 1871 from the Philadelphia
University of Medicine and Surgery, and located at Painted Post, of which village
he was president in 1894. He is actively engaged in church and educational inter-
ests. He married Emma E., a daughter of William and Mary Houghtaling, of
Painted Post, who formerly lived in Caton, Steuben county. Washington B. is a
member of Montour Lodge, F. & A. M., No. 168, and also of the I. O. R. M., of
Painted Post.

Redhead, Thomas J., was born in Syracuse, N. Y., January 13, 1851. Thomas
Redhead, his father, now lives in this city, an old and respected citizen, and has
been an active business man as merchant tailor. He married Ann Brackenbury of
Syracuse. Thomas J. was educated in Syracuse and came to Avoca in 18 — . He
learned the trade of carpenter and builder, which business he carries on in the vil-
lage of Avoca, and as contractor has erected almost every prominent building in the
village. He married Kate A., daughter of Albert Billings of Avoca They have one
adopted daughter, Lula. Mr. Redhead has filled the office of trustee of the village,


and at present is justice of the peace. He is a member of I. O. O. F., Avoca Lodge,
No. 562, and charter member of the M. E, church, and superintendent of the Sunday

Robison, Simeon, was born July 15, 1831. His father, Ehsha Robison, was born
jn Vermont, in 1795, and came to South Dansville when eighteen years of age, and
took up a lot on what is called Cream Hill, and lived to be ninety-three years of age.
He was a soldier of the war of 1812. He was a shoemaker by trade, but his princi-
pal occupation was farming. He returned to Vermont and married "Lucinda, daugh-
ter of Simeon Wood, of Vermont, by whom he had thirteen children: Marcenia,
George, Mordicai, John, Matilda, Phoebe Ann, Hannah, William, Simeon, Sarah,
Helen, Liscomb, and James Henry. By his second wife he had two children: Olive,
and Oscar. Simeon Robison received a common school education, and has been
salesman and collector on the road for twenty years, but is now engaged in farming.
June 27, 1853, he married Harriet Amelia, daughter of Lorenzo Demery of South
Dansville, who was born May 20, 1834, by whom he had one child, Cassius L. , born
June 26, 1857, and who married Lillian, daughter of John McNorton of Harden Hill,
town of Fremont, born in March, 1858. He is a farmer, and owns a farm of 134 acres,
and his father, our subject, owns a farm of 110 acres.

Reynolds, Charles A., was born in Corning, Steuben county, N. Y., in 1853, son of
Knapp S. Reynolds a native of Westchester county, who was born in 1809 and located
in Stickneyville, Steuben county, in 1832, and in 1843 came to Corning where he has
since resided. He married Emma Johnson of Broome county, who died in 1884, by
whom he had two children: Charles A., and Cyrus J., who was with the 53d Pa.
Regt. about five years, and died in 1892. Charles A. Reynolds is a market gardener
and farmer. He was president of the County Agricultural Society in 1894, and has
been supervisor since 1891. In 1876 he married Ella J., daughter of George W.

Rau, John, was born in Bethlehem. Pa., in 1814. He is of English and German
extraction. His grandfather was born in Germany and settled in Philadelphia. He
married and settled in Bethlehem, Pa., and had three children. Erhardt Rau, father
of John, was born at Bethlehem, Pa., September 3, 1786, and settled in Sparta about
1821, and died in 1884. Pie married Susan Kidd, born in Bethlehem, and died in
Sparta in 1885, aged seventy-eight years. They had sixteen children: Benjamin,
Daniel, Joseph, John, George, Betsey Wampole, Polly Carney, Susan Johns, Sally
Ann Traxter, Hiram, Owen, David, Mary Ann Strong, Nelson, and Samuel. John
Rau received his education in the common schools, and has always followed farming.
In 1853 he purchased 158 acres of land in Dansville, N. Y. January 18, 1838, he mar-
ried Charity Johns, born December 4, 1817, and died December 3, 1885, by whom he
had seven children, two of whom died in infancy; Erhardt, born November 28, 1854,
and John Wallace, born March 5, 1849; Sarah J., born April 7, 1839, and died May
11, 1855; Simon P., born August 18, 1841; Watson D., born March 11, 1844; Abner
D., born March 23, 1846; and Rose E., born Jlarch 5, 1851. Abner D. resides with
his father and has charge of the farm, also owns and runs a restaurant near Stony
Brook Glen. He married Nancy Fries, of Naples, born June 16, 1841, by whom he
has two daughters: Minnie C, born August 30, 1875; and Myrta E., born November
35, 1876.


Raplee, Mrs. H.— Hiram Raplee was born in Harrington, Yates county, N. Y., July
14, 1831, son of Joshua and Jane Longsoy Raplee, he a native of Milo, and she of
Starkey, N. Y. They came to Barrington where he died in 1888. Mrs. Raplee died
in 1841. The grandparents, Joshua Raplee and Henry Longsoy, were early settlers
of Yates county. Hiram has always followed farming with the exception of two
years when he engaged in the mercantile business in Bradford. He came to Wayne
in 1864, and owns a farm of 150 acres. In 18-57 he married Mary E., daughter of
George T. and Abigail Eldridge Fitzwater of Milo, and to them have been born four
children: Joshua H., a manufacturer of baskets at Weston, N. Y. ; George T., a
farmer and fruit grower of Wayne; Clarence D., a farmer of Tyrone; and Adelbert
H. , who resides at home. By a previous marriage to Charity Swartz, Mr. Rajjlee
has one daughter, Loraine. He is a Republican, and has been assessor, and is now
excise commissioner. He was a member of Jersey Lodge, No. 668, F. & A. M., and
of the Methodist church.

Roberts, Wallace, was born in the town of Rome, Oneida county, N. Y. , July 18,
1848. Thomas Roberts, his father, was a native of Wales, who came with his
parents to this country in 1835, when Thomas was twelve years old. The family
located in Rome, and it was there Thomas was educated; he took up farming as an
occupation, which he always followed. He moved from Rome to Attica, from there
to Orangeville Center and from there to Batavia. He died in Louisville, Ky., in
18681 Wallace was the second son of a family of four children ; he was given a good
common school education and followed farming until he was twenty years of age.
He then served an apprenticeship at the tinner's trade with G. B. Worthington of
Batavia, N. Y. ; he spent seven or eight years with him. In 1872 he came to Hor-
nellsville, being employed with Charles McCraig; afterward was for three years rail-
roading, being a fireman on the Buffalo, Ne* York & Philadelphia Railroad. Re-
turning to Hornellsville he was employed with the same firm and also with W. G.
Rose. In April, 1888, he started in business on Canisteo street, which he has added
to by hard work and close attention to business, and has become one of Hornells-
ville' s leading business men. He is a member of the Methodist church and one of
the official board. Mr. Roberts was married in 1884 to Jennie Potter of the town of

Ross, Lyman R., was born in Hornellsville, Steuben county, N. Y., October 1,
■ 1855. Jesse B. Ross, his father, was a native of Lansing, Tompkins county, N. Y.,
who came to this section about 1845. He first settled in Avoca, and lived on a farm
for ten years, and then was a resident of Fremont until 1860, when he bought a farm
on the turnpike, and later bought a farm of fifty acres, now owned by Edwin Ross.
He died May 25, 1883. Abigail C. , the mother of Lyman R., was a native of Gro-
ton, Tompkins countj', N. Y., and died January 4, 1882. They were the parents of
nine children : Lyman R. was the youngest son and was educated in the common
schools, and was associated with his father in conducting the homestead farm, and
after his death he bought twenty-five acres of that place and twenty-five acres ad-
joining it on the west, where he now conducts a general line of farming with ti spe-
cialty of grain and potatoes. Mr. Ross has always been a warm supporter of the
Republican party and its principles, and for six successive terms has been elected
constable of the town. He has also been trustee of school district No. 9, and road


overseer. April 9, 1886, he married Nellie, daughter of Egbert Nicholson, by whom
he had two children : Louise and Helen.

Ross, Edmund C, was born in Howard, Steuben county, N. Y., July 25, 1848, the
third son of Jesse B. and Abigail J. Ross. He was given a common school educa-
tion and made his home with his parents until eighteen years of age. He then went
to work at farming, which he followed for five years, and was then employed with
Joseph Lack in his brewery in Hornellsville for seven years, and was then two years
with Morris Hefter. He spent one year farming in Middlebury, Pa. , and the spring
of 1885 he came back to the old homestead farm, where he has made many valuable
improvements, and is now conducting it for the production of grain and vegetables,
with a specialty of potatoes. March 38, 1872, he married Elizabeth, daughter of
Jesse Jacobs, a farmer of North Lansing, Tompkins county, N. Y., by whom he had
four children, three now living: Edith, Mabel, a student of the academy, and Glen
Otto, a student of the common school.

Ryan, Thomas, was born in County Tipperary, Ireland, February 1, 1853, and
came to this country in 1864. He landed in New York and went to Montreal, where
he attended school for one year and then returned to his native land, and again came
to America in 1869. That year he located in New York city, where he was employed
at the trade he had learned in his native land and followed in London, that of tailor-
ing. Mr. Ryan became a resident of London at the close of the Fenian uprising in
1867, in conformity with his patriotic idea of Ireland's need of self-government. He
remained in New York for two years, and in 1871 came to Steuben county, being
employed with James Sutherland in Bath for about six months. He then came to
Hornellsville in April, 1873, and entered the employ of Thomas Brock, with whom he
continued for one year as tailor and cutter, and then was with Mr. Lehman in the
same work for two years, during which time he had a partnership in the business.
He was then employed for two or three years with James T. Glazier, and later with
Julius Cohn as cutter, and in 1880 he became a partner with Edward Powers in the
merchant tailoring establishment on Broad street. They have ever since been asso-
ciated together, with the exception of three months Mr. Ryan spent in Baltimore as
a cutter. Mr. Ryan was the representative of the Fourth Ward in the first Board of
Alderman for the city of Hornellsville in 1888, and in 1893 was the candidate for
supervisor from the Fourth and Fifth wards. He was one of the founders of the
A. O. H. in Hornellsville and held the oflice of first vice-president ; also a member
of the C. M. B. A. In 1874 he married Sarah Clancy, and they have five children,
all daughters.

Rice, Leroy D., was born in the town of Independence, Allegany county, N. Y.,
November 32, 1833, son of Alexander Rice, a native of Cortland county, who came
to Allegany county wben a young man and cleared a farm of 100 acres, where he
spent the balance of his life. Leroy was the sixth of a family of nine children, four
of whom are now living. He was given a common school education, and in 1850 he
took up lumbering and followed it in Allegany county until 1860, when he removed'
to Michigan, where he spent three years in the same business. In 1863 he removed
to Warren Pa. , where he continued lumbering, and was in the employ of F. G. and
D. D. Babcock, with whom he spent over twenty years as foreman and superin-


tendent of their lumbering interests. He remained in Pennsylvania until 1875, and
then removed to Maryland, where he engaged successfully in farming for seven
years. In 1882 he came to Hornellsville, where he first bought twenty-seven acres
on Lot 12, and the same year bought 100 acres more, and he now has 170 acres of
the best land in this town. He also has a farm of seventy-five acres in the town of
Hartsville, which is used principally for dairy purposes. In 1855 he married Nancy
Wright of Scio, Allegany county, who died in January, 1884. They were the parents
of two children: Laura, the wife of Simon Downs, and I^ester I., who is with his
father on the farm.

Robie, Charles H. , was born in Bath, October 8, 1836, son of Reuben Robie, who
was one of the leading men in the settlement and development of the town of Bath.
Charles H. was educated at Haverling Academy, after which he devoted his time to
farming. In 1859 he married Sarah E. , only child of Henry McElwee, and they are
the parents of one son, Henry McElwee Robie, and one daughter, Olive W. Mr.
Robie is one of the largest farmers in Steuben county, serving as president of the
Agricultural Society of Bath for two years, and has been greatly interested in im-
proving and developing fine horses; also one of the largest wool producers and
breeder of shorthorn cattle in Steuben county.

Rowe, Lewis, was born in Prussia, German)', in 1833, and came to the United
States with his parents in 1835 and settled in Wayland. Lewis Rowe, sr., was a
farmer and one of the pioneer settlers. He died in 1841 in his fifty-first year. Lewis
married Caroline Drum, and are the parents of one son, Frank, of Prattsburg. In
1856 he came to Kanona and learned the tanner's trade, and in 1876 was burned out,
and since then has made a specialty of dealing in hides and leather.

Rauber, Nicholas, was born in Prussia, Germany, m 1846, emigrated to this coun-
try with his- parents when seven years of age and settled in Wayland, N. Y. His
father, Mathias Rauber, was born in Prussia, in 1816, and is still living. He mar-
ried Margaret Bricks, who was born in Prussia and died in Wayland in 1892, aged
seventy-three years. He bought a small farm near Perkinsville, now owned by
Nicholas, Mathias having a life lease of the same. They had eight children : Kate,
Nicholas, Mary, Lizzie, Peter, Jacob, Maggie, and Anna, deceased. Nicholas at-
tended the Catholic school at Perkinsville for five years, where he was instructed in
both English and German. He worked at farming until eighteen years of age, and
September 12, 1864, enlisted in the 188th N. Y. Vols., and served until the close of
the war, and was in the battles of Hatcher's Run, Weldon Railroad, Second Hatch-
er's Run, Stony Creek and Five Forks. He now draws a pension. After returning
from the war he engaged in the lumber business for three years, after which he went
on the Erie Railroad as section hand for seven years and was then promoted to fore-
man of section, which he has held sixteen years. He also runs a grocery store and
saloon at his residence, which is superintended by his wife. He has held the office
of village trustee eight years. He is a member of Champion Hook & Ladder Co. ,
No. 1, and of the Theodore Schlick Post, No. 314, G. A. R., also a member of C. M.
B. A. In September, 1872, he married CaroHne Halauer, who was born in 1844, and
died January 9, 1893. They had five children : Charles, born October 8, 1875 ; Lester,
born June 16, 1879; Frank, born in October, 1882; Mary, born in October, 1887, and


Carrie, born January 6, 1890. Mr. Rauber married for his second wife, Mrs. Chri-
santha (Hagele) John, who was born m Germany in 1851. She had five children by
Jacob John; Katie, born in 1875; Albert, born in 1870; Joseph, born in 1873; Net-
tie, born in 1884, and Tillie, born in 1887.

Rowe, Peter J., was born in Wayland, N. Y., in November, 1863 His father,
Henry Rowe, was born in Wayland, N. Y. , and died in East Springwater, April 30,
1891, aged fifty-four years. He married Barbara Libengouth, who was born in Way-
land in 1842, and is still living in East Springwater on the farm. They had eight
children: Henry, born in Wayland, in 1859; William, born in 1861; Peter J., born
in Noyember, 1863; Lizzie, born in 1865; Charles, born in 1867; Frank, born in 1869;
Edward, born in 1871, and Louis, born in 1873. Edward and Louis are graduates
of Geneseo Normal School; Edward is now principal of the Rushville Union School,
and Louis is attending college in Rochester, where he is taking a medical course.
Peter J. Rowe commenced business for himself in Big Rapids, Mich., in the meat
business, where he remained from 1885 to 1891, when he returned to Wayland, where
he carried on the same business. In 1893 he assumed the proprietorship of the Bry-
ant House, a brick structure on the corner of Main and Naples streets, which he has
since conducted. He is a member of Wayland Lodge, No. 176, I. O. O. F. At Big
Rapids, Mich., in 1887, he married Lena Shaw, born in Norway, in 1864, by whom
he has two children : George, born in 1889, and I^ola, bom in 1893.

Raufenbarth, Frank, was born in Prussia, Germany, in 1858, emigrated to this
country in 1881, and settled in Rochester, N. Y., where he remained for three years
and worked as a laborer. In 1884 he came to Wayland and opened a meat-market,
having previously learned the trade in Germany. He bought the building he now
occupies, in 1888, of A. Pardee, situated at No. 12 Main street, where can be found
at any time meats of all kinds. He is a member of the Wayland Hook & Ladder
Company, also a member of the C. M. B. A., and is now treasurer of the Wayland
Dime & Loan association. In 1881, at Rochester, N. Y., he married Matilda Burk-
harth, who was born in Prussia, Germany, in 1860, emigrated to this country in 1881 ,
and settled in Rochester. They have four children : Josephine, born in 1882; Leo,
born in 1884; Mary, born in 1888; and Julia, born in 1891.

Rosenkrans, John A., son of Levi Rosenkrans (see the Rosenkrans sketch), was
born September 22, 1845, in Wayland, N. Y., where he was educated in the common
schools. He commenced work for himself by working on his mother's farm for five
years, and then bought fifty acres of land which he subsequently sold, and has since
dealt in property to a considerable extent, and for ten years run a livery and exchange
stable. He is now engaged in the furniture and undertaking business, which he has
carried on for ten years. Mr. Rosenkrans is a member of the Wayland Lodge, No.
176, I. O. O. F. In 1887 he was married at Arkport, N. Y., to Libbie Newsome, who
was born in Arkport, in November, 1847. Her father, William Newsome, was born
in England, and was twice married, and his children by his first wife were Susan,
living, Sarah, Jane, and Mary, all deceased. She died in Arkport. For his second
wife he married Bessie Zeluff, who was born in Pennsylvania, and died in Colorado,
in 1891, aged seventy-five years. Their children were William W. (deceased), Eliza-
beth, Loretta, Helen (deceased), Silas W., John A., George W., and J. Frank. Mr.
Newsome died in Arkport in 1885, aged eighty-one years.


Phillips, Lyman H., was born in Campbell, N. Y., September 15, 1837, son of Vol-
kert and Ruth (Hungerford) Phillips, he a native of Schoharie county, N. Y., and
she of Connecticut, who came to Campbell while young, and died on the farm now
owned by Lyman H., he in 1871, and she in 1879. Lyman H. Phillips was reared on
a farm and educated in the common schools and Starkey Seminary, after which he
engaged in teaching and lumbering, but his principal occupation is farming, and he
now owns 120 acres of land, where he has lived since he was six years of age. Mr.
Phillips is a Republican in politics, and has been justice of the peace many years and
justice of sessions two years, also supervisor seven years. He is a member of Mer-
chantsville Grange. In 1862 he enhsted in Co. E, 141st N. Y. Vols., and served un-
til the close of the war. He was at Resaca, Missionary Ridge, Peach Tree Creek,
Culp's Farm, Atlanta, Averysboro, and Bentonville. March 22, 1871, he married
Olive M. (Parker), widow of John Booth, by whom he had one child, Lillie ; he also
has one adopted son, Charles.

Peters, David S. , was born in Bath, N. Y. , in 1847, son of Charles and Elizabeth
(Sanford) Peters, he born in Bath, and she in Urbana. The grandfather of our sub-
ject, George Peters, was one of the early settlers of Bath, where he died about 1858.
Charles Peters, father of David S., was a farmer, and now lives at Sanilac county,
Mich. His wife died in 1848. David'S. was reared by his grandfather and educated
in the -common schools. August 8, 1864, he enlisted in Co. K, 104th N. Y. Vols. ,
and served until the close of the war. He was at Six Mile House, Hatcher's Run,
Five Forks, and at Lee's Surrender. He is a member of Knox Post, G. A. R., No.
549. In 1878 he married Fideha Myers, by whom he had two children : Fred, who
resides at home ; and Charles, who was killed by falling from a load of hay. Mrs.
Peters died June 26, 1880. Mr. Peters owns ninety six acres of land, which he bought

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