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carora he held the office of postmaster at South Addison. Lee R. was a partner in
a general store at Elkland, Pa., afterwards supplementing his education by a year's
assiduous work at Binghamton. In 1886 he embarked in business at Addison, estab-
lishing a co-partnership with S. A. Hill, and iive years later he purchased his part-
ner's share and operated the business alone until recently when he associated with J.
B. Knisely. In 1885 he married Laura M., daughter of John Hill of Addison, by
whom he had two children, Harry E. and Ethel L.

Wilson, Robert K. , was born in Canisteo, January 33, 1849, son of Eben and Mary
J. (Brown) Wilson, who settled in Canisteo in 1840. Their children were Warren,
Susan, J. Eben, Franklin N., Robert K., Philetus, Willie, Jane, and Sylvia A. In
early life Eben followed shoemaking in East Troy, but after moving here he followed
farming. He was one of lihe organizers of the M. P. church of Gravel Run and was
intensely interested in all educational affairs. Robert K. married Nancy, a daughter
of Myron Clark, by whom he had one child, Myrtie. His first wife dying, he mar-
ried Bettie, a daughter of William and Helen Howland; who lived on the farm where
Mr. Wilson now resides. Their children are: George H. , Minnie D., Harry A., and
an adopted child, Hiram Howland, whose father was killed in New Mexico. Robert
K. Wilson taught school for a nurnber of years, but is now engaged in farming.

Wilcox, John, was born in Curtis, April 28, 1849. Isaac Wilcox, his father, was
born in Oxford, Chenango county, in 1810. He was a tanner in Curtisville, and
when he came to Campbell he first worked for Mr. Balcom. He married Margaret,
daughter of John Tanner, one of the old settlers in the town, by whom he had three
children : Bradford, Jane, and John, who was educated in the common schools of Cur-
tis. He was a lumberman, and is now devoting his time to carpenter work. He is
justice of the peace, and has held other minor offices. In politics he is a Republican.

Wixson, Leroy, was born in the town of Campbell, February 15, 1860, son of Lewis
Wixson of Campbell, who married Julia A. Jordan, by whom he had seven children:
Fidelia, William, Margaret, James, Alfred, Albert, and Leroy, who is a farmer, and
owns a farm of sixty acres, on the Mead's Creek road. He married Minnie B.,
daughter of Harmon Stevens, by whom he had three children : Flora M., Charley L.,
and Ida M. In politics he is a Republican.

Waggoner, Albert J., was born in Dansville, N. Y., September 30, 1851. His
grandfather, John Waggoner, died on the farm where Albert J. now resides. May 38,
1865, aged seventy-seven years. He married Sally Ann Van Alstine, who was born
in Holland, and died on the farm January 24, 1865, aged seventy-seven years. They
had eight children : George J., Lambert, John 6., William H., Harriet Bilson, Abi-
gail Davis, Catherine Cranmer, and Jane Wallace. George J. Waggoner, father of
Albert J., was born in Canajoharie, N. Y., November 7, 1808, and died January 35,
1894. In 1840 he settled in Dansville, and 1846 purchased the farm where his son
now resides He was also a shoemaker by trade, and worked at that until his eye-
sight failed, when he gave it up. April 30, 1838, he married Laura Ann Degolia,
who was born in Galway, Saratoga county, N. Y., October 25, 1808, and died Febru-
ary 2, 1854, by whom he had five children: George W., born February 6, 1831, and


died April 23, 1838; Lucinda M., born March 11, 1833, wife of Thomas Cotton; Nel-
son v., born March 10, 1835, deceased; J. Degolia, born July 17, 1843, and died May
29, 1856; and Albert J., as above, Albert J. received his primary education from his
step-mother, Cornelia Wadhams, and at tvirelve years of age attended the district
school three terms and subsequently attended the Rogersville Seminary for four
years, from which institution he was graduated June 22, 1871. In 1872 he went to
California for his health, returned and taught school for nine years, and is now the
owner of the homestead. At Canadice, N. Y., July 5, 1879, he married Martha A.
Hartman, who was born in Canaseraga, N. Y., February 8, 1863, by whom he had
six children: Charles J., born May 25, 1880, and died December 7, 1894; George A.,
born June 7, 1882; Henry E., born November 19, 1885; Laura E., born April 14,
1889; Gale, born June 13, 1891; and May, born January 31, 1894.

Wagner, Augustus Charles, was born in Wheeler, Steuben county, February 13,
1835, son of James Wagner, who was born at Fort Plain, Montgomery county, N.Y.,
January 19, 1805, and came to Steuben county in 1810. settling in the town of
Wheeler, where he purchased land and cleared a farm of fifty acres. He married
Sallie Charlesworth, of Steuben county, and they were the parents of nine children :
Eliza, Clark H., Susan, Augusta, Nancy, John, James, Abraham, and Harriet, de-
ceased. Augustus was educated in the town of Wheeler, and is a farmer, now own-
ing 170 acres of land, and his principal crops are wheat, rye, and corn. He married
Elizabeth, daughter of John Van Wie, a farmer of Avoca, and they have three chil-
djen: Ina Sager, Fred, and Floyd, who married Rose Willis, of Avoca. Mr. Wag-
ner now holds the office of assessor.

Wightman, Noah, was born in New Berlin, Chenango coiinty, October 4, 1837.
George Wightman, his father, was born in Chenango county, and came to Steuben
county where he died. He married Nancy, daughter of Noah Mathews, by whom
he had three children : Tracy, Delia, and Noah, who was educated in Plymouth and
Preston, and came to Steuben county in 1883 and settled on the farm of 150 acres
which he now owns, and which is most all under cultivation. He married Minerva,
daughter of Henry Scott of Chenango county, by whom he had six children : Flora,
Anna, William, Lillie, Cora, and Merritt.

Pratt, Aaron G. , was born in the town of Bath, N. Y., May 13, 1868, the youngest
of a family of three children born to Sylvester H. Pratt, who was also a native gf
Bath, and a farmer by occupation. Aaron G. was educated in Haverling Union
school of Bath, and his first position was as assistant bookkeeper of the First Na-
tional Bank, where he remained about five years, and then spent five years as head
bookkeeper of the George W. Hallock Bank in the same town. August 20, 1894, he
formeda copartnership with John J. Frey, and purchased a half interest in the Bank
of Hammondsport,of which he is cashier and Mr. Frey president. He is a Republican
in politics, and is now treasurer of the village. December 16, 1891, he married Cora
Louise, daughter of Lyman AuUs, of Wayne, by whom he has one son, Preston
Powell, who is now two and one-half years old.

TuUy, Hon. W. J., was born m Corning in 1870, and was educated at Corning Free
Academy, Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, Columbia College, and in 1893 was grad-
uated from the New York Law School. He studied with Judge Bradley and in 1893


was admitted to the bar at Buffalo. He is counsel for the excise commissioners, and
was elected recorder in 1894. He is the oldest son of Joseph J. TuUy of the Corning
Glass Works, who located here with the works from New York city in 1868.

Barlow, Rev. Arthur R., was born in Ireland, December 27, 1854, and was reared
and pursued his studies in his native country until 1873. He then came to America
and entered Niagara University, but very soon was sent to' Genoa, Italy, where he
entered the Propaganda College, and where he was ordained to the priesthood in
July, 1877. He returned to this country and was assigned to various charges, being
assistant in the cathedral in Buffalo, assistant pastor of St. Patrick's church. Lock-
port, and assistant pastor of St. Joseph's church, Batavia, N. Y. In 1881 he was
appointed pastor of the Catholic church at Belmont, Allegany county, where he at-
tended the missions at Angelica, Scio, and Belfast. A year and a half later he re-
moved to Belfast, and became the first resident pastor of the church there. In Oc-
tober, 1889, he was transferred to Ellicottville, N. Y., and in June, 1893, was appoint-
ed pastor of St. Ann's church, Hornellsville, of which Rev. William H. Darcy became
his assistant at the same time. Rev. Mr. Darcy is a native of Ireland and was
ordained to the priesthood at the Catholic University in Washington, D. C. , in June,

Schwingle, William F., son of Henry, a native of Germany and now a retired
farmer in the village of Cohocton, Steuben county, was born in Cohocton on October
31, 1868, and received his education in the public schools of that town. He remained
on his father's farm until the age of twenty-two, when he learned the trade of cigar-
maker in Cohocton, and followed it there for about four years. In May, 1894, he
came to Hornellsville, and engaged in the restaurant business, in which he has since
successfully continued. He was for five years an active member of the Cohocton
Hook and Ladder Company and is now an honorary member of that organization.

Rosenkrans, Hamilton Stillman. — The first American ancestor of the Rosenkrans
was Herman Hendrickszen Rosenkrans, who came to this country from Bergen,
Norway, in 1649, was married in the First Dutch Reformed church in New York city
on March 8, 1657, to Magdaleen Dircks, widow of Cornells Caper, and had eight
children, of wh6m Alexander, the eldest was baptized April 12, 1661. Alexander
Rosenkrans married Marretjen Du Puy (or Depue), and about 1785 settled at Wal-
pack, Sussex county, N. J., upon nine hundred acres, which was later increased to
sixteen hundred acres, on the Delaware river, where he and hissonjohn kept slaves.
This is now known as the "Shapneck farm," and the stone house built there by Col.
John Rosenkrans in 1770 is still standing, an interesting landmark of colonial days.
Alexander had six children, of whom Johannis, or John, was born May 18, 1724, and
in 1751 married Margaret De Witt, who was born April 18, 1731. John Rosenkrans
was a British colonel in the colonial army, had fourteen children, and died in 1786.
His sons Joseph and Benjamin, twins, were born at Walpack, N. J., March 31, 1770.
Joseph married September 17, 1790, Jemima Emmons, had seven sons and a daughter
and died June 24, 1832. Levi, son of Joseph, was born April 30, 1798, married June
19, 1831, Nancy Jane Leach, and died July 2, 1861. She was born in Massachusetts
on September 19, 1802, came with her father, Stephen Leach, with horses and wagon,
to Monterey, Steuben county, in the spring of 1816, and died December, 29, 1889.


Joseph Rosenkrans, mentioned above, left New Jersey soon after his marriage, and
came to Owego, N. Y. , whence a few years later he moved to Bully hill, near Ham-
mondsport, Steuben county. About 1825 he came to Avoca and settled on the farm
now occupied by his grandsons, Aubert and Byron Rosenkrans, where he and his
wife died. Levi Rosenkrans, their son, first located on a farm of five hundred acres
near Ann Arbor, Mich. , but two years later returned to Hammondsport, whence he
moved in the spring of 1836 to Wayland, settling on the farm now owned by his son,
Hamilton S., where he died in 1861 and his wife in 1889. He first learned black-
smithmg, but during his active life was a farmer, carpenter, millwright, and cabinet
maker. His children were Samantha, born April 4, 1832, married Dr. H. G. Fay,
March 16, 1864, and died September 12, 1873; Hamilton S., of Wayland; Elmina L.
(Mrs. George W. Pope and afterward Mrs. William Rosenkrans), born July 30, 1835,
married George W. Pope, December 28, 1873, has one son, E G. Pope, and resides,
a widow, in Buffalo; Harriet E., born August 9, 1839, married Thomas A. Abrams,
March 6, 1857, had children Glen D. and Minnie, and died February 21, 1869 ; Nellie
J., born December 25, 1842, married John Hassler, December 14, 1876, and is now a
widow, of Buffalo ; and John A. , a furniture dealer and undertaker of Wayland, who
was born September 23, 1845, and on May 24, 1886, married Ehzabeth Newsome.
Hamilton S. Rosenkrans was born November 21, 1833, in Hammondsport and has
lived in Wayland since 1836, having been engaged in farming, lumbering, manu-
facturing cider and vinegar, etc. He succeeded his parents on the homestead, which
became a lage part of the village corporation in 1877. He has served as town clerk,
justice of the peace several terms since 1863. assessor three years, supervisor three
terms, and for two years was the first president of the village of Wayland, which he
has since served as trustee. He was also for two years the first president of the
Board of Education and later for two terms a member. October 1, 1862, he married
Helen Mar, daughter of Dan H. and Elizabeth Davis, of Cohocton. They have had
six children: Maynard H., Luzerne D. , Merton J., Lee Verne, Jennie J., and Hattie
I. Maynard H. was born August 16, 1863, married Rose Ryan, January 8, 1889, and
has children Paul and Hugh. Luzerne D. was born March 8, 1864, and died May 3.
1888, from the effects of a gunshot wound caused by the accidental discharge of his
gun while hunting. Merton J. was born May 2, 1869, and is now a telegraph opera-
tor. Lee Verne was born September 23, 1870. Jennie June was born August 8,
1873, married April 1, 1889, Burt Goodno, and has one son, Robert. Hattie Irene
was born February 34, 1881.

Stoddard, Philo K., M. D., whose English ancestor settled in Northampton, Mass.,
was born in Jerusalem, Yates county, N. Y. , September 28, 1825. His great-grand-
father moved to Danbury, Conn., and of his seven children five sons were fit for
military duty in the Revolutionary war, viz. . Benjamin, Joel, Mosely, Cyrenus, and
Darius. Cyrenus served in that struggle, became a pensioner, married Candace
Mix, and removed from Greene county to Cherry Valley, N. Y. His children were
Sabra, Philo, Cyrus, Benjamin, Orra, Olive, and Esther. Benjamin Stoddard, born
in Cherry Valley in 1796, was the first settler m 1817 on lot 13 in the town of Jerusa-
lem, Yates county, purchasing his farm for 66 per acre. He was a lieutenant and in
1838 a captain in the 103d Regt. Inf. militia, held several town offices, and died June
4, 1878, In 1818 be married Hannah Kelly, and their children were Chester, Survina,



Charles, Philo K., Susan, Ann, Esther, and Thomas F. Dr. Philo K. Stoddard was
educated at the Frankhn Academy and taught school seven terms. When twenty-
one he began the study of medicine with Dr. Elisha Doubleday, of Italy Hill, and
later studied with Dr. Andrew D. Voorhees, of Prattsburg, with whom he also learned
dentistry. He attended lectures at Geneva Medical College in 1845^6 and was
graduated as M. D. from Buffalo Medical College in Juue, 1848. The same year he
commenced the practice of his profession in Prattsburg, where he has ever since fol-
lowed medicine, surgery, and dentistry. After the battle of Second Bull Run he
became a volunteer surgeon in the Union array, was stationed for a time at Armory-
Square Hospital, D. C, and in September, 1883, was commissioned assistantsurgeon
in the 161st Regiment, in which he served until the close of the Rebellion. In 1875
Dr. Stoddard introduced the first thoroughbred Jersey cattle and in 1879 the first
thoroughbred Holsteins into Prattsburg. July 4, 1850, he married Sarah Jane,
daughter of Sebastian Lewis, of that town, who died July 4, 1854, leaving one son,
Philo L., who was educated at Franklin Academy, studied dentistry with his father,
was graduated from the Philadelphia Dental College in March, 1883, and practiced
in Prattsburg and Geneseo until his death, Nov. 26, 1887. Sept., 1856, Dr. P. K. Stod-
' dard married Sarah, daughter of Albert Cowing, of Jerusalem, N. Y. , who died August
13, 1893. On November 29, 1894, he married Mrs. Ella R. Foster, daughter of Luther
and Martha M. (Allen) Foster of Prattsburg, who had one son, William F. Crossman,
born June 17, 1877, by her first marriage. Mr. and Mrs. Foster were natives of Yates
county, where their parents were very early settlers, and in March, 1857, came to
Prattsburg, where both died, he on August 26, 1890, and she December 39, 1891.
Their children were L. Myrvin, Ella R. (Mrs. P. K. Stoddard), Alice L. (Mrs. Sam-
uel P. Cogswell), and Martha Anna, all of Prattsburg.

Shults Bros, and Andrew E. — Andrew E. Shults was born in the village of Cohoc-
ton, December 14, 1864, son of Conrad Shults, and grandson of John Shults, who
was a native of Germany and came to America in 1848 and settled in the town of
Wayland, engaging in farming. He married Mary Brill, and were the parents of four
sons: John, who settled at Dansville, and later at Stevens Point, Wisconsin; Peter;
Conrad ; and Andrew, who was a shoemaker in Cohocton, where he was in business
for many years, afterward settling in Rochester, N. Y. Peter Shults settled in Wis-
consin, but two years later returned to Wayland settling on the homestead, and has
always followed farming. He married Sophia Eiman, and they had one son, John F.
For his second wife he married Elizabeth Graves, and their children are Maggie,
Conrad, who is a farmer in Wayland, Andrew L., and Mary. John F. and Andrew
L. early engaged in mercantile pursuits, holding clerkships in Wayland for several
years. They came to Cohocton and engaged in the mercantile trade, where they
have built up a profitable trade. Andrew L. is president of the Cohocton Fire De-
partment and of the C. M. B. A. He married Susie Stephany. John F. married
Mary Herbst. Conrad Shults settled in Cohocton, and was for several years engaged
in farming. In 1867 he engaged in the grocery trade and later in the hardware busi-
ness, which he conducted until his death, which occurred December 16, 1886. He
was one of the founders of the R. C. church at Cohocton, and a member of its first
board of trustees. He married Catherine Weiand and their children were Elizabeth
(Mrs. P. J. Rocker) of Cohocton, Rose, Julia M., Andrew E., WiUiam J., and Mary,


deceased. William J. Shults was born February 6, 1867, and was educated in the
Cohocton Union School and Rochester Business University, and for several years was
employed in his father's store, and upon the death of the latter he closed up the busi-
ness. In 1889 he established the Banking House of William J. Shults and Company.
He married Anna Zweigle of Rochester, who survives him. Mr. Shults died in 1893.
Andrew E, Shults was educated at Canisius College, Buffalo, N. Y., and was gradu-
ated in 1880, from which time until 1884 he was in his father's store, at which time
he entered the office of the L. R. Harris Cigar Company, as bookkeeper, and in May,
1886, upon the formation of the Cohocton Valley Cigar Company, hfe became its sec-
retary and treasurer, filling that office until 1892, when at the death of William J.,
his brother, he became the manager of the W. J. Shults & Company Banking House,
which position he holds at the present time. He is a Democrat, and was a member
of the first board of trustees and was elected president of the village in 1893, and has
also been town clerk. He is a member of St. Pius R. C. church of Cohocton, and is
a charter member of Branch 105, C. M. B. A. of Cohocton, having been its first re-
cording secretary, and president for two terms, and is district deputy for Steuben
county. In 1883 Mr. Shults married Mary Bockstahler.

Shults, John A., was born in Arnot, Pa., July 28, 1870, son of Nicholas and grand-
son of Andrew Shults, who came from Germany to America about 1850 and settled
at Syracuse and was foreman of the Onondaga Salt Works until 1860, when he
came to Steuben county, purchasing a farm in the town of Cohocton, where he has
since resided. He is a prominent member of St. Pius R. C. church, of Cohocton.
He has four sons: Nicholas, who settled in Arnot, Pa., in early life, engaged in the
lumber trade, and married Margaret Kuntz, by whom he had five children : Frank,
Laura, William, Raymond, and John A. ; John, who resides in Chicago; Casper, who
is in Cohocton ; and Jacob, also of Cohocton. John A. Shults came to Cohocton in
1890 and entered the banking house of W. J. Shults & Co., as clerk, and the follow-
ing year, with W. T. Shiefen, engaged in the mercantile trade at Cohocton. In 1894
Mr. Shults married Ehzabeth Shiefen.

Sick, 2d, Philip, was born in Prussia, in 1841, and is a son of Philip Sick, whose
father was also named Philip. The subject of this sketch came to America with his
father and grandfather in 1845, and settled in the town of Waylaud. 'In the old
country the father was a weaver, but upon his settlement m Wayland, became a
farmer. He married Christiana Keiffer, by whom he had seven children: Chris-
tiana, Caroline, Philip, Rhoda, Louis, Christian, and Louise. Christiana married
Paul Knodle, and settled in Michigan. Caroline married Thomas Jones, and settled
in Castile, N. Y. Rhoda married John Gearing, and settled in Livingston county.'
Louis settled first in Wayland, and later at Canaseraga. He married first, Melissa
Haynes, and for his second wife, Diantha Higgins. Christian married Lcwisa Bill,
and settled in Wayland. Louise died unmarried. Philip Sick enlisted in 1863 in
the 28th Independent Battery, and served until the close of the war. For several
years before and following the war Mr. Sick was engaged in lumbering. In 1867 he
engaged in farming and in 1870 purchased a farm in the northwestern part of Co-
hocton, where he settled, and is one of the prominent farmers of the town. He mar-
ried Louisa Sick, by whom he had two children : Elizabeth L. , who married John


Ream, of Cohocton ; and John H. , who is a farmer in Cohocton, and he married
Lura Newfang.

Strobel, John G., was born in the town of Cohocton, February 18, 1855, son of
Jacob Strobel, a native of Germany, who came to this country about 1830, and first
located at Dansville. He settled in the town of Cohocton soon afterward, purchas-
ing a farm on Lent Hill and became an extensive and prosperous farmer. He died
in 1879. He was one of the founders and prominent members of the Zion Lutheran
church of Cohocton. He married Elizabeth Bolster and to them were born ten chil-
dren: George, a farmer, who married Libbie Switzer; John G., a farmer and a
staunch Democrat, who married Caroline, daughter of Philip Zimmer of Cohocton,
and they have six children: Edwin, Frank, Paul, Arthur, Walter, and Sarah;
Charles, who married Mary Bettinger; Jacob, who married Minnie Fogel; Henry,
who married Annie Fogel; Peter, who married Annie Zimmer; Christopher, who
married Sophia Zimmer ; Fred ; Louis ; and William.

Schiefen, William F., was born in Germany, in 1865, son of Joseph and Anna
(Sable) Schiefen. Joseph i Schiefen came to America in 1868, and settled in the town
of Cohocton, three miles west of Cohocton village, where he resided until 1888, when
he settled in Cohocton village. Their children were Mary (Mrs. James Conly) of
Newburg, N. Y. ; Anthony, deceased ; Gertrude (Mrs. Frank Gherig) of Cohocton ;
Lizzie (Mrs. John A. Shults) of Cohocton ; Peter, who settled at Elmira and married
Mary Bower ; and William F. , whose early life was spent on the farm. In 1884 he
entered the employ of Shults Brothers, of Cohocton, as clerk in a store, where he
remained until 1890, when, with John A. Shults, he engaged in the mercantile busi-
ness at Cohocton, and is recognized as one of the enterprizing business men of the
town. He is a member of the St. Pius R. A. church, and the C. M. B. A. In 1893
he married Louise Mang, of Rochester, N. Y.

Wilcox, A. H., was born in Springwater, Livingston county, N. Y., February 9,
1844, son of David H. Wilcox, who came from Homer, N. Y. , and settled in Spring-
water Valley, where he was engaged in the miUing business, and he also had mills •
at Slab City and at Perry, N. Y. In the spring of 1850 he came to Cohocton and
purchased a grist mill, which he enlarged, and in 1856 added a saw mill, and was
actively engaged in business until 1867, when he sold out. His death occurred in
June, 1868. He was a Republican, and held the office of supervisor seven times.
He was one of the founders and prime movers in the formation of the Universalist
Society and the building of the church. He was a member of Liberty I>odge, No.
510, F. & A. M., and also of the I. O. O. F. He married Delia A. Hopkins of Spring-
water, and they were the parents of nine children, all of whom are living: Carlos H.,
Albert H., Luther H., Harriet (Mrs. Oscar Johnson), Martin H., and Alice A. Al-
bert H. Wilcox came to this town with his father in 1850, where he was educated in

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