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Kingdom, 70,000 to Germany and none to France,
whereas now France imports large quantities of palm
oil from this country. Previous^ to 1916, the United
Kingdom imported practically no ginger from Sierra
Leone, and in the case of piassava, before the war, the
greater portion of this went to Germany.

During 1916, of the total value of the produce of
Sierra Leone, 63 per cent, found its way to the United
Kingdom, 10 per cent, to other British possessions, and
the remainder, 27 per cent., to foreign countries.

Geogvayliy of Sierra Leone. 113

Besides exporting the produce of the Colony itself,
Sierra Leone does a considerable amount of transit
business, that is, it imports goods from other countries
and then exports them to other West African ports, or
to ships calling at the port.

Such goods are coal, building materials, cotton
piece goods, hardware, manufactured leather, timber,
machinery, telegraphic materials, etc. ; these are
brought here, and then distributed, and the total value
of such goods in 1916 was, roughly, £128,000, so that
really the total value of all the goods, both colonial and
imported, which were sent out of this country in 1916
was, roughly, £1,230,000. It will be interesting to
compare this presently with the total value of all the
goods brought into this country.

Imports. — Under the heading of manufactured goods
many things are included; it will not be necessary to con-
sider a detailed list of these; further, although the bulk
of the imports consists of articles wholly manufactured,
goods such as food, drinks, and partly manufactured
articles must be included.

The imports may be, roughly, divided as follows : —

(1) Food, Drink, and Tobacco. — The total amount
imported in 1916 was £355,000.

(2) Manufactured Articles, such as cloth, ma-
chinery, hardware, earthenware, leather goods, etc.,
total amount, £686,000.

(3) Raw Materials, such as coal, oil (including
kerosene), timber, etc., total amount, £94,000.

The total amount imported, excluding specie (much
of which is brought here for distribution to other West
African Colonies), was £1,135,000. Of this amount
£900,000 (excluding specie) came from the United
Kingdom, or, roughly, 80 per cent, of the whole; 17 per
cent, from foreign countries, and 3 per cent, from other
British possessions.

The rough diagram gives the approximate values of
some of the chief imports, and it will be observed tliat
the chief of these is manufactured cottons, including
cotton piece goods, hosiery, cotton-thread and so on,


An Inlruduciiun io tlie

and this is what may be expected from the countless
vendors of these articles.

Tobacco is next; this includes cigars, cigarettes, and
leaf-tobacco, followed by wines and spirits, coal bags














1 small square represents £1,000

(for packing the raw produce from this country), then
flour and salt, and so on.

Although, as has been already observed, the system
of trading by barter is almost abolished, we see the


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