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XTbe XTubor ^facsimile ILeyts

Wiljl §40iuW

Date of Earliest Known Edition . . 1606

[Dyce Bequest, South Kensington^

Reproduced in Facsimile 1912

Under the Supervision and Editorship of

WiIh §i{giuld


Issued for Subscribers by the Editor of



This facsimile is front a copy of the earliest known edition,
which forms part of the Dyce Bequest to tJie South Kensington

Other editions appeared in 1623, 1635 ^"^ 1638.

The B.M. has copies of the 1623 edition (Press-mark,
643, c. 61) and also of an undated impression (Press-mark, 643,
c. 60), printed, like the 1606 edition, for Clement Knight.

The Dyce Copy is a remarkably good example, and has
special interest for scholars, inasmuch as the edges of the leaves
have come down to us absolutely utitrimmed, showing the original,
in this respect, as it left the binder's hands — a very rare thing

The reproduction is marked as of the usual high quality
as regards the work of both photographer and printer.







The chief e A^ors he thefe :

A poorc SchoUcr , a rich Foole, and a

At London,

Printed by H. L. for Clement Knight:

and are to be foldc at his Shop, in Paulcs

Ckttrch-yard^ at thefigne of the Holy Lambe.

i 1606,

CrJpe :2nY Cur cr.

FlodcUll: a Farmer*

Sophos : dkSchoWcr,

Chttrms: a Lawyer,

*B^hm goodfellow,

Tortunatus : Gripes Son. An old man.

Le/i4 : Gripes daughter. SylaanHs.

Nurfe. Clcarke.

Peter PlodliU: Plod-

d.ils ^oxxnc,
P^:^^s : M irfes daughter.
IVil Cricket.
Mother Midnight.




j ^TT THathoc,whcrcarcthcfepaltriePIaicrs?nilpoa»

I ,V y ring in their papers and ncuerpcrfeft? for (hamc

- come forth,y our Audience ftay (o long,their eics waxe dim

fyi|hexpcd:ati9p. •. ,

r . ' [Enter. fyie of tbeT* layers i\

How now my honeft Rogue j what play (hall wee hauc

here to night J .

jPA«;. Sir you may lookcvpon the Title.
' Ti^ol. WU^t tSp.ellrftr/!f once again? Why nohlcC er^erhs^
nothingl)utpat<:h-pannell Ituffc,olde gaUy-mawfreics and
coftcn-candleeloquence? out you bawling baridoggefox-
fijrd flaue : you dried ftockefi(}iyou,outotniy fight. [Exit
theT layer'.] .
/J'. "VVell tis no matter : Ilefcf meedowncandfoe'r.andfor
fault of a better, IJefupply ihcplaccofaiauuyPiologuc.

A i Spell n:ra



% Tff£ PROLOGrt,

SpcUrum is a looking glaffc indeed^.
Wherein a man a Hiliory may read,
Of bafe conceits and damned rogucric :
Thcvcry finkcof hell-brfd villcny.
Enter a luggler.

higgler. Why IiownowhumorousCrtyr^f .'wliatasmc-
choly as a mantletrcc ?

Will you fecanytriclcesofLcigcrdcmainCjflightofhand,
c'icnly conuayancc, or deceptio v'tfns ? what will you fee
Gentleman to drinc you out of thefc dumps?

Trol. Out you foufl gurnet) you Woolfift, be gon I fay
and bid the Players difpatch and comcaway quickly^ and
tel! their fiery Poet that before I hauc done wuh him j lie
make him do penance vpon a ftage ina Calues skin.

Inggler. O Lord fir yc arc deceiued in me , I am no talc-
carrier,! am a lug^Ier.

1 haue the fuperhciall skill of all the rcuenliberallfciences

Itcfhewyouatnckc ofthetwducs^and turnehimoucr the
thumbes with a trice,
lie make him fly fwifter then meditation.
lie Hiew you as many toies as there be minutes in a moneth,
and as many trickes as there be motes in thefunne.

*Pro/, Prithee vvhatttickescanft thou doc?

Juggler* Marry fir I wil Ihe w you a trick of cleanly coa-

JJetfortHndfur'tm *}unqt4am credo ^ With a caft of cleanecon*
uey ance, come aloft lackS^^ (hy mailers aduantage ( hecs
gone I warrant yc.)

jSpe^hum is conueicJaway ; aod;r/^
^beguiUdy^aii io die place of it.

Prol. Mas an tis well done, now I fee thou canftdoe
fomething, holdethcethers tweluepcnceforthylaboun
Goe to that barmc-froih Poet and to him fay,
His Calueskinieflsfrom hence areclcaneexil'd*
Thus once you fee that Wily is bcguil'd, Exit tbelugg/er*




Pro!. NowlcindSpc£Vators,Idarcboldlyrajr, '

You all arc w clcorac to our Authors play : j


Wccle make your cics with laughter flowc. ^

Let c^<?w«/ mates iudgchow they lift, i

Wcfcarcnotwhatthey babble: j

Norany pal try Poets pen, I

Amonguthatrafcali rabble.
But time forbids me further fpeech.
My tonguemuftftophirrace ;
My time is come , I muft be ^umbe^
And giue the A^rs place.


^tf . jk-


Enter Gri^c^feius. .

Hcauy.purfc makes a light heart : O the con-
(ideration of this pouch,this pouch I
Why heethdt has money, has hearts eafe and
the world in a firing.

O this red chink^ and (iluer coine^t is the con-
folation of the World.
I can fit at home quietly in my chayre, and fend out my an-
gels by fea, and by land, and bid fly villanes 5c fetch in ten
inthenundred,Iand a better pennv too. Letmefeejhaue
but two children in al the world to befto w ray good s vpon,
Forfuftatftj my fon & Leliamy daughter .For my fon^hc fol.
lowes the wars, and that which he gets with fvvaggeringjhe
fpendes in fwageering : but He curbehim, his allowance
whilcd Iliue /hall bee fmall, and fo hce Oiall bee furc notto
fpend much : And if I dicl will leaue him a portion, that
(if hewiU be a eo6d husband and follow his nthendeps)
ihall maintaine him like a gentleman \ and if he will not, let
him follow his owne humor til hebe weary of it, and folct
6f my agc,and I hauebclto wed good bringing vp vpon hir
look bti hir .No w if I can barken out foroe wealthy mariagc
for hir,IlK»ue myonlydefire.

Mas, and well remembred, beer's my neighbour P/o^//
hard by , has but ofte only fojme,and(let me Ctt)\ take if,lii$
Lands arc better than fiuethoufjnd pounds^ now jt lean*
.makcamatchbetweeAehisfonneandmy di'u^htcr^ and {o
'' ."'■'.- ' ' • ioine



I' '

'4 WILY BICrilDS. ^

ioinehis Land and my mpny toget1ier,0 twil be a l>Te|red
vnion. Well He in, and get a Scriucner , He write, tohim \

about it prcfently : But ftay heerccomc M. Churntesthc
Lawerjiledcfireninitodoromuch. I

Eftter CUurms, ''

(hurms. Good morrow M.(7'''iP^«

Cyn^^. O good morrow M.^«rw/.
What faycs my two debters., that I lent 200. pound tofwil j

they not pay vfe and charges of fuit?

Chnrms, Faith Sir I doubt they ace haakrouts : I would
you had your principalL

Grife. Nay He haueall,orIleimprifonthcirbodics:But
^.pjHrms therisamatterlwouldfaipchaueyoudo^but
youmuftbcveryfecrct. ^ u

Churms. O(irfearexiotthatliewarrantyou» ^^ *^.

Grife, Why then this it is : my neighbour /*/(9<d<ii//herc»
by i you know ii a man of very faire Land^ and hee has but
one foHy vpon whom he means to beftow all that hee has : '

Now I would make a match betweenemy daughter Leilia \
and himj what th inkeyou ofit> |

Churms. M^rrie I thinke twouldbc a good match, buc
the young man hasbad very fimple bringing vp.

Grife. fufli, what care IforthatJfohehauelandsand
Jiuing inough,my daughter has bringing vp will ferue them
both. Now 1 would haueyou to writcmc a Letter to good-
man 7/^^//coiiceming chismatter^and Ilepleafeyoufor

Qjurms. IlewarranCyounr^Iledoeitartificiallyr '

Griti. D0C5 good M. Churms^ but be very fccrct, I hauc
Tome buiineiTe this morniog, and therefore lie leauc you a
while, and if you will come to dinner to meeanonc, you
fiiall be very heartily welcome. Exit Gripe.

Churms, Thankcs good fir He trouble you.
Now twcrcagood icft iflcouldcofcniheoldeChurlcof
his daughtcr,and get th e wench for my fclfe.
Sounds Iamasproperaman,as?rrfrT/<7i:i^^//.-andthough
bi&father bee as good a man as mine , yet fatre fetch t and


•. i


WILT BSOrilDti f

deare bought is good for Ladies, and I am fure I haue been
asfarre as C^/*?/ to fetch that I haue.

I haue beene at Cambridge a Scholler, at Coles a Souldicr,
and no w in the Country a La wyerjand the next degree dial

For He goc neere to cofen oldc father (hare-penny of his
daughter. He cart about He warrant him J
He go dine with him, and write him his Letter,
And then He go feek out my kind companion ^obin Good-
fellovd^ and betwixt vs wcele make hir yeeld to any thing.
Wcelehathe common lawothtohand,andthcciuilllawc
WeelctofTeLf/w like a tennis ball. Exit,

"Enter oldeVX^i^^iAXy andhufinPetcr, anolde manVlo^'

dais Tenant,4»ti Wil Cricket ^Afyb»»<>.
Pbdddll. Ah Tenant, an ill husband(baria'dy): thrife at
thy houfe and neuer at home ?

You know my minde , will you glue tcnne {hillings more
rent? ■—■■■■;• '.

I tnuft diichjM'g^ you elfe.

' OidpuiH, /Jas Landlord , will you vndoe me ? I fit of a
great rent idreadie, and am very poore*

Will. Cr. Very poore ? y areja very Afle. Lord how my
flomadi wambles at thatfaraeword (very poore) 1 Father,
if you loue your ronne;r///;4>»,neuer name that fame y^d
v^ryppprc: • ' '

For lie {land to it,that its pettilaflcay to tlanie very poore to
a man thats oth top of his marriage.

Oldman, Why ioii^arcoth top of thy si^rriage^to whom
Ipnthee? .' '• . ' "' • ; • ' ' '■■•''\ -'•' ' ''' : ' '• '
' ^///.Marrietdpritfiei*<!^,miftrc{rc'i>/**>n\ir
ter. . . _ _ ^ / • ' • ■

O tis the dapreftwenchthateuerdanc'taftera Taberand
pipe. -

For(hcewinfohedeit,andtoeit,andtfipif,' ^

O hir buttockes Will quakelike a cuftard. .

B P.PloddMlU

- *^. "*



f, TloUall Why mUiam,vihcn were you witbbk) / ,
fVil, O Ttf/^ docs your mouth water at thati
Truly I was ncuer with hit, but I know I QiaUfpced
Fortotheriday {heleoktonme and laught.and chats a good
Hzhe ( ye know ) : and therefore oldfiluer top, neuer ulke
of charging or difcharzing.

For I tell you I am my &thcrs keirc t and if you difcharge
mcjile difcharge ray peftilence at you. For to let my houfc
before my lcafebeout>iscut-throatery : aadtoforapcfor
more remit polepennery. .

Andfo fare you well good Grandfire Vfury ; cofflcfa^e^
lets be gone. ExeuntWiUoftdhu Father.. ,.,

P/oddall, Well, He make thebeggcrlyknaucstopackfr
for this:

He hauc it cuery erode, income and Rent too. C£»/«'Ghiv'
But ftay here comes one : O tis M. Churms, i with aLei*»
I hope he briiigs me fome good newes.
M. (httrms yare well met, I am een almoft ftaru'd for mo*

^ey. ,., ^

You m\\(k take fome damnable cpurfe withftiy Tenai^^

theilenotpay. .: jr v9.-y..;jliiiij,ni [

., <:hkrnf!M, Fayth$ir, they are; g;>Qvyi«! ^^ipeficapcioM.

Eutllcmoouethem.with^f/^^tf^/rw^. , 7 ;

FUdd4ll.\ Poe,gopdM. CAw^/,oj:j^,(^iiy(Otiflfyi|Jf*
no#courfeniaUpleafeyou, , ...•*. ; ,^ , . . , ? .-f, ;

But what newel abroad? ./ /.

C^rms. Faith little news : but heet's A Letter which ^*
Crhc dedred me to deliuer you . And though it (land not
^itnmy reput^ud, to be a carrier ofLetten, yetnpt know-
ing how much it might concerne you , I thought it better
fomething to abafemy felfc, thenyou ihould beany waits

'TloddalU Thankei good (Ir , and H e in and reade it.
Exeunt Plod dall an A hisfonne, Manet Chu*

Chtirms. Thus men of reach mulllooketoliu^:
I cry content^ and murder where I kiiTei .>

(jn/><f takes mc for his faithfull friend.

Imparts to me the fecrcts of his heartj

And /'/<»^//thinkcs I am as true a friend,

To euery cntcrprifc he takes in hand,

Aseuerbreath'd vnderthecope of heauen:

But damme meif they findeitfoi

AUthis makcsformy iuaile,

Ileha the wench my felfc, or elfe my wits (haliralc. Exk,


Lelia. See how theearth(thisffagFantrpring)is.cUd,
And mantled round in fweetp Nymph F^r^rtfroabci.
Here growes th' alhiring Rofe,
Sweet Marigolds, aa4 the lonely iHyacintb :
Come Nurle, gather: ; v.;

' A crowne of Rofes flialj adomciny h<a4*
lie pranke my felfe with flowers of the prime,
And thus lie fpend away my prinserofe time.

Nurfe^ Ruftie2tuftie,areyourpfrolicke?

thatyouknewasmuchasIdQC, twpuldcopleyou.
Xr/ir4. Why whatkoow'^thouNurfeipritheetellme*

' Nnrfi, Heauynewesyfaithmiftreflc,
You mud be niatcht & married to a husband) ha, ha|ha,ha|
a husband y faith.

Lelia. A Husband,Nurre \ why thats goo4 newes if hee
beagoodone. . ^

Ntirfe, A good one quotha ? ha , ha, ha,ha?why Wo«
man I heard yo^ur^j&ther fay, that he would marrie you to
'Peter Ploddatl, that Piickefift , that fnudge fnowte, that
Cole carrierly Clowne. Lord, t would be asgopd as meate
and drinke to me, to fee ho w t^^ foole woulae wooe you.

Lelia. No, no,n)y Father did, butie{]^ ^tHinkeft thou that

1 can l^oope (b lowe to take a brbwne bread ci:u{l,and wed
a Clowne thats broueht vp at the Cart 3

Narfe, Cart quiotna 2 1, heele cartyou,]ror he cannot tcU £^

howtocourtypu. i ^^S

. ^ Leiia* Ah Nurfe^fwe^t Sofh^sii tkeman,

Ba Whofe



lb tVILT BtGriLt>n

WhofcloMcislockt in Z.f//<if tender brcaft.
This hart hath vow'dj ^if heaucns doe not denit,)
My loue with his inCoomb'd in earth fliall lyCe

Nnrfe, Peace Miflrefle, (land alide, here comes foisft:
body. - ^

Enter So^\\ot»

Sophos* Optatisn$Kefifiesvllap0tiri:
Yet Thoe^/ts fend downe thy tralucentbeamc$|
Behold the earth thatmournesin fad attire.
The flowers at Sophos prefence ginsto dfoc^pe^
Whofe trickling teares for LtfA^/ lode
Do turne the Plains into a (landing Poole :
Sweete C/«^^/i^fmile,cheerevpthc droupmgFlowerJj
Let 6'o;>^w oncenKWc fee a funnc-fliine dayj

let the facred center of my heart, . ' '

1 meane faire Z>//^ Natures faireft worke.

Be once againe the obieA to mine eyes. ^

G buti wiih in vaine, whilft hir I wifli to fee, v\

Hir Father he obfcurcis hir from my fighf^

He pleades niy want of wealth, ' ' /■ : . • i ■ o v i;?; ; ; Q

Andfaiesitisabarrein/^»/#rCourt. >' ' ^ ■ ^

How hath fond forturiebyhirfatall doomed '-^'^^^

Prcdeftin'dmetoliueinhapleflehopei, 7

Still turning falfe hir fickle waueringwheele 1 • ~'

And Loucsfairegoddefle, with hir C^rr<<«« cup,'

Inchantcth fo fond 0*piiif poifoned darts, • • - ^ ' v . ^ •

That loue the only Loadftarre of my life, '- -^ '

Doth draweray thoughtsinto ;flabyrinth,


Whatdo I fee, what do mine eyes behold?

(O happie fight)it is faire £»?//^/ face.

Haile heauens bright nymph the period of my grief,

SoIeguidrefTe ofmy thoughts and author of my ioy.

Le/ia. SyvcctSophoswcicomcto Lf/fa^
Viirc Dido CarthagtniaftshezutlousQnccnc J
Not halfe fo ioyfull was when as the Troian Ptince,-
£«.c^/, landed on the fandie (horcf



Oi Carthage confines as xhyLelia is, ^

To fee her .y<>/>Awhcrcarriu'd by chance. ^

^o;>W. And bled be chance that hath conduced me, ]

vnto the place where I might fee my dcare, . ^

As deare to me as is the dcarcn: life.
Nurfe. Sir, you may fee that Fortune is your friend, |

Sophos. Yet Fortune fauoursfooles, j

Nitrfi. Bythatconclulionyoufhouldnotbe wife. •

Lelia. Foule Fortune fomctimeihiilesoQVcrtuefaire. j

Sopbos, Tisthcntoihewhcrrautabilitie;

But unce amidfl ten thoufand frowninz threats \

Of fickle fortunes thrice vnconflantwntelc, j

She daines to fhow onelittle pleafing fmile, I

Lets do our befl falfe Fortune to beguile, /-^^

And tal^eaduantage of her euer changing moodes. . , ^

See/ce, how /^/iW fpanglcd mantle miileSj , ;. >>

And birds do chant trieirrurallfugred notes ^

As rauifht with our meetings fwcet delights.

Sincethenther fits for loue both time and place:

Letlouc and hieing hand in hand embrace. • ,i^

7\r«r/?. Sir the next way to win her loue, is tolingcr |ifr


I meafure mv mifttcflc b)%my louely felfe,makc a protniie


mife in my life, but I ilicketoittoothandoaile : He pay it

^omeyfaith*. :

If Ipromifemyloue a kiiTe, He giue him two tmarrie at

firfl I will make nice, and crie fie, fie, and that will make

him come againe and againe,

lie make jiim breakc his winde with come aeaines.
Sofhos. Butwhatfaiei£'^/Mtoher«?0/')&#/Iouef
Lelia. Ah S<'/'^<'/,thatfbnd blind boy^

That wrings thefepaifions from my Sdfhts hart,

Hath likewife wounded L^//4 with his dart,

And forceperforoe lyeeldtheforcrciTeyp:

Here So/>Aw take thy LtfiWhand, ;.,;., / :/-

And with <this handrccdoealoyjallhar^; .

1- '- B3 High


K -


19 wiLit mcrizpt.

High hue thit ruleth heauens bright Canopie,
Grant to our loue, a. wiHit felicicie.

Sofhoi. A t ioycs the wcarie Pilerim b v the way.
When Phebus wauel vnto the weueroe deepCa

t ' Toibminonhimtohisdcfired re(l:

^' Or as the poorediftreded Mariner,

jj^ I-ong toil: by (hip wracke on the f oming waues^

i At length beholds the long wi(hthaucn,

\ Although from farre^is heart doeh dance foripy:. . .

& . So Loues confent at length mymind hath eai)d, . ' .

t My troubled thoughts>byrwe«tcontefitarepi(ajrd« i I

A L^Aw. My father rcckj not vcrtue,

But vowes to wed meto aman^of wealth,

^ X, And fweares^hiigoldihallcouRterpoyfe his worth). V

But £>r//4fcom's proud c>l6i»Mi««Vgoldttiinmcs>> ' (.>
And better likes of learnings {acred lore, . - : ;i, '

I Then of fond Fortu nes glittering moickeriest

But S0^^#^ trie thy wits,andvretmr Ytmoii skill iL' . \
To pleafe my father^ and compauehis good will; /tent,
> Sophost Towhatfaire£^/Mwiils,dothS<7^Atf/^yeeld€onk

Yetthaes the troublous gulfe my (illy (hip inult.pa^i^'..
■ . Butwere that venture harder to ate hieue f

f Then that of/<«/^/y for the golden fleete,

I Iwoulde(Ft£^itforfweetZff/i^ fake, r

I . Or leaue niy felfe as witnede of 4»y thouehts.^^

J '^ Nur/e. How fay you ,by that, midreUe f liecl doe any .

j thing for your fake. . i .ji>. ,. . :]..

^ LelM, Thankesgentleleueo K;;./liI

1 Butleaft my father Souldfufpc^^,

J Whofe iealous head with more th an jrfr^cycj,;;

! "i Doth meafureeuerygefture that Ivfe,

\^ ,/ jv lie in and leaue you here alone, - . . ,

*'^' Adieu fwect friend vn till we meet againe, .

Cone iViwr/^ follow me. £^#««rLeh'a4«^iNurf€u

^^^ So/)^^. Farewell my loue.faire fortune be thy guide.

i NowStf/A<»/,nowb£thiDkeihy(eIfe :. '/knot.

^ £, How thou maiil win her fathers wiQ to knit diis happie

J*-^, - .J ■'"- ' - - ,.. ^S»' • ■V.K^ - ,

AtaS thy (late is poore, thy friends are fevir«

And fcare forbid s to tell my fates to fricndt

Wcll,Iletricmy Fortunesj

And Hnde out fomc conuenicnt time.

When as her fathers ley fure bed /hal ferue

To cooferre with him about faire Lelias loue* Exit Sophos,

Enter Gripe, 0/^PloddalI, Churms unA
Will. Cricket.
Grife. Neighbour P/ff<ii«//, and Mafter ^MrMv, yare
welcome to my houfc.

What newes in the Countrie, neighbour? you are a good
husband,you ha done fo wing barley I am lure.

- ^lociiUlt. Yes fir ant pleale you, a fbmizht fincc.
Grife^ Ma(ler C^Mrm^^whatfaiesmydeDters^ canyou

gef anf money of them yet?

ChttrtHs, Not yet fir,I doubt they are fcarcc able to pay,
Youmudeencforboaxe them a while, theyle exclaime oa

yOUcIfe. . ;; .! / , ;;

- Gripf, Let thetnea^dainieandhaQgancl (Urueaa^biegi ,
Ictm^amy'ihoiUo. ' ./ . : : ,. : {

• Tt^lU H^esthis goddftllow to0,MafterC'5M»'«»/, *!

I nauft eene put him and his father ouer into your hands, \

theyle'paymenoRen^ * ' t

wm,Cm,< Thijgoodfcjlofw.ouoitha? I fcorae thatl>arc, '

lfrow*d,peaii-'belliedhame. ;:,:/.
Why, Kobin Goffdftliovfi isthii fame cogging,, petifogging,
crackeropes Calue-skin companion:
Putme and my father ouertohimJoldeSiluertop and you
had notput me before my father,! Would ha— -^

PloddalU What woul(t ha done?

^tU, I wouldhauehad a fnatcb at you,that I would.

Cimrms, Whatartadogge? j

WtU^ No:if I hadbeene a doe,I would ha fnapt of your i

sofe ere this j andfo^ I fhould niuc cofcod the Piudl of a
Marriebonc* '

- Crife.

14? IVILT BtGriLBt.

Gripe. Comc,coinc,letmc end this controucrfic.
Prithcego thy waicsin,&bidthcboybringacupofSackr
here for my friends.

IVill. WouldyouhaueafacIceSir?

^rife. Away fookja cup of Sacke io drinke.
; Wilt. O I had thought you would hauc had a fackct6

. haueput this lawcracking cogfoyflin,in ftead of a pains of

Crtpe, Away foole, get thee in I fay.

fVtil. Into the buttric you mcane?

Cjripe, I prithee doc.

fH^ttl, IlemakeyburhogiheadofSackruethatword.
^AT/f Will. Cricket:
Cript, Netghbour?/(9^^jrentaLettertoyQu,byMa*
'•■ fierC«wrt«r,howlikeyouofthemotion^

PiodddIL Marn'eIlikewelofthemocion:fnyfonneItcL
you is eene all the (lay I haue:and all my care iSjtohauehini

I ukeonethat hathfoinething : fofatfihc world goes nowjif

" they hauc nothing they may begge,

Butfl^loubt bees too fimple for your daugbtinr^ For I haue '
brought him vphardly,with brown brei3,fatbacon,pud'< :
binges and fouce^ and fl^arlady^ wcc thinke it good
. ftretoo.

! . ^r^^.Tu(hman»Icarenotforthat^youhanomorc«hil«'

\ . . . ' drenzyoulemakehimyourharejanagtuekisnyourlandsy

I ; willyounot? ; -

^ 7/tf<^//: Yes^hecseeneallihau^bausBobodyelfeto


Gripe, lou fay welL

and a napkin.

\ ml, Kay here, you drinke afore you bargaine*

I ; . Gr, Mas, an tii a good motionr «He filU thf wine St giu«

\ Boy, fill fome wine. ithcm thenapkip^ . .

[ , Here Neighbour and M. Churms I drink to you. : : ' o '>V , r

\' ^«/^. Wcthankeyou Sir.

i' ' ml

^^^^^^^''(i^^J^^,.ai^r-^-^- ■ — — w.^i>i^i?/:x^^-'-— ^

Pf^tl. Law cr wipe clcanc: do you remember f

^«r»»/. RcB]cmbcr,why?

fVil. Why finccyou know when.

Churms. Since when?

ml. Why finccyou wcrcbumbaftedjthatyourlubbcrly
Icggcs would not carric your lobcockc bodice
When you made an infufionof your (linking excrements,
in your ftalking implements :
O you were plaguy frayd,and fo wly raidc.
' (^r^^. Prithefc peace Wf//.Nc!g'hbOur/'/<?i!^, what fay
you to this match : iliall it go forward? '

*7V(?^//. Sir/thatmuftbcasourchildrcn like.
FormyfonnCjIthinkel can rule him:

Marrie, I doubtyour daughter will hardly like of him, for ;

Godwothe^sveryfimplc;' ■ "v'

Grtpe. My daughters mine to cbnitnand, haut I not
brought her vp to this? ,

She fhalhauenim: lie rule the roftc for thatj j

He giue her pounds and crownes^gold and iiluer:

I/eway herdowneinpureangeUgold^ ^

^aymanpdamatch? ' %

T/tf^Z^. Faith, I agree.

^/&Mrmr. But Sir, ifyou giue your daughter fo large I ]

dowrie, youlehauefomepartofhislanoconueied toher '


Grife. Yesfflarriethatlwill: '

And weeledefirc tour helpe for conueiance.

Ploddall. IjgoodMafterC^/wwj, andyeufhallbcvcry
well contented for your paines.

WiU. Imarrie,thatsithelooktforallthiswhile.

^*trmf. Sir,lwilldothebcftIx:an.
^^ But Laildlord : I can tell you ncwes y fa^th^
Tbercis one S«pAi7!r,abra<ie genman,hcele wipe your fonnc
Vcttrs nofc, of Midreffe Lelia, I can tell you he loues her ^

.well • i'

,, ^ii^ Yei Iknow,fbrIamfureI(awthcni dofc toe<
^' . C th


l6 Wtir BtGVILm, -

theratPupnoddic,in her Clofct.

Gripe. Butlamfurcniclouesnothim.

?F///. Nay, I dare take it on my death (Isc louci him.
For hcc?afchoIler:and ware fcholler$,thcyhauc tricks for
loue y taitbjfor with a httle Logickc & fitome coUoqumm
theiiemake a Wench do anything: .^ '

Landlord, pray yc bcnotangrie withf3r!C,for fp«akiag my

confcicncc. .

In good faith, your fonncPtf^w/ a vcricCbv/ne to hims
Why.heesasfinea man as a wench can fee in a fommers

p Gripe, WcU^ that fliall not feruc histourne, IfecrofTe
him,! warrant ye.

IamgladIknowit:.Ihaucfufpe£ted it a great while.
iV S<'/>^wi*\vhy,whatsS<!>/>^o/? abafcfellov^. , ^

Indecdhcbal a^op4 wit^^ndcan fpeakc weli,
Hecs a fchollerforrootn:one that has nidrc wit then mony.
And ! like nocthat J he may beg for all that.
Schollers; why wha t are fchollers without money ?
P/(i><^//. Faith, ecne like puddings wilhoutfuct.
v ^' C7r/^^. Come,Ncighbour,rcndvourfonnetoroy houfe,

I For he lliall be welcome to me: *

)■ And my daughter /hall intertaine him kindly.

"What?I can,and will rule Lr//V?.

Come lets in J He difchar^c ^'j/?W frommy houfe pre*
t J fently. £Av«»^5ripc^«/PloddalU»^Churms.

L* Will. Ahorneplagucof thismoncy,

\r ■ Foritcaufes many homes to bud:

\ And for money many men are hornd.

i - For when maids are forc't to loue where they like no<,

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