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Corneocyclas variabilis Prime.

Pisidium -variabile PRIME, Proc. Boston Soc. Nat. Hist., iv, p. 163, 1851 ;
Mon. Am. Corbie., p. 66, figs. 69, 70, 1865.

Range. Eastern United States, north of Virginia ; Colorado, and
northward; Seattle, Wash.

Pine Creek, Manitoba ; Stewart River, Yukon District ( fide Sterki) .

Corneocyclas abdita Haldeman.

Pisidium abditum HALDEMAN, Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., I, p. 53, 1841.
PRIME, Mon. Am. Corbie., p. 68, figs. 72, 73, 1865.

Range. North America, from Honduras northward to Alaska.
Marl Lake, Anticosti ! Lake Superior in 4 to 13 fathoms near
Ignace Island; Manitoba; Assiniboia at Qu'Appelle ! Alberta, at
Laggan, Red Deer, Olds, McLeod, Battle River, up to 5,200 feet
elevation ; east slope of the Sierra Nevada up to
7,100 feet; in Colorado up to 9,300 feet; west
slope of the Sierra below 5,300 feet in Califor-
nia ; Seattle, Wash. ; in Alaska at Seldovia, Cook
Inlet ! Coal Harbor ! Unga Island, Shumagins,
in small pools on the tundra ; Akun Island !
Aleutians ; the Yukon River, 30 miles below

orneocy- ^ mO uth of the Tanana ! and Bering Island,
das abdita Hald.

Bering Sea !

This is the most common and widespread species, out of the
varieties of which many nominal species have been made.


* Corneocyclas abyssorum Stimpson.

Pisidium (sp.) SMITH and VERRILL, Am. Journ. Sci., n, p. 448, Dec., 1871.
Pisidium abyssomus (STM.) HOY, Trans. Wisconsin Acad. Sci., i, p. 100,

1872 (err. typ.).
Pisidiiim abditum var. abyssorum STIMPSON, S. I. Smith in Rep. U. S. Fish

Com. for 1872-3, p. 704, 1874.
Pisidium abyssorum STERKI, Nautilus, xi, p. 124, March, 1898.

Range. Deep water of the Great Lakes, and of the lake region
of northern Michigan and Minnesota.

Lake Michigan; Lake Superior to a depth of 159 fathoms (food
of Coregonus) ; Pine Lake, Mich. ; Green Lake, Wisconsin.

This is another of the extra-limital species which
search will probably reveal in Lake Winnipeg and other
northern lakes.

Corneocyclas ventricosa Prime.

Pisidium ventricosum PRIME, Proc. Boston Soc. Nat. Hist.,
iv, p. 68, 1851 ; Mon. Am. Corbie., p. 72, figs. 79, 80,

Range. Massachusetts, Canada, and northward to ventricosa.

Great Slave Lake.

Corneocyclas rotundata Prime.

Pisidium rotundatum PRIME, Proc. Boston Soc. Nat. Hist., iv, p.
164, 1851 ; Mon. Am. Corbie., p. 72, figs. 81, 82, 1865.

Range. Lake Superior region; Manitoba; St. Paul FIG 117.
Island, Bering Sea ! Corneocy-

Corneocyclas steenbuchii Moller. cla ! ro ~


Cyclas steenbuchii MOLLER, Index Moll. Grbnl., p. 20, 1842.
Pisidium steenbuchii MORCH, Am. Journ. Conch., iv, p. 37, 1868 ; ibid.,
Rink's Greenland, App., p. 440, 1877.

Range. Greenland, on the west coast! Iceland! Ungava, Lab-

This species appears to be unfigured, but there are specimens in
the Jeffreys collection from Iceland as well as Greenland. It appears
to belong to the section Cyclocalyx.

Corneocyclas occidentalis Newcomb.

Pisidium occidentale NEWCOMB, Proc. Calif. Acad. Sci., n, p. 94, 1863.
PRIME, Mon. Am. Corbie., p. 73, 1865.

Range. California to British Columbia.

East slope of Sierra Nevada, in California, to"9,7oo feet. Nanaimo,
Vancouver Island, British Columbia; Spokane Falls, Wash.


This unfigured species has been regarded by Roper as only a muta-
tion of C. abdita Haldeman.

Corneocyclas ultramontana Prime.

Pisidium ultramontanum PRIME, Mon. Am. Corbie., p. 75,
fig. 85, 1865.

Range. Canoe Creek, California ; Seattle, Wash. ;
Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, and Fender Island ! British FIG. 118.
Columbia. Corneocyclas


Corneocyclas arctica Westerlund. Prime.

Pisidium arcticum WESTERLUND, Vega Exp. Vetens. lakt., iv, p. 217, 1885.
Range. Port Clarence, Alaska.

Corneocyclas nivalis Westerlund.
Pisidium nivale WESTERLUND, op. tit., p. 218, 1885.
Range. Port Clarence, Alaska.

Corneocyclas glacialis Westerlund.
Pisidium glaciale WESTERLUND, op. tit., p. 218, 1885.
Range. Port Clarence, Alaska.

* Corneocyclas sibirica Clessin.

Pisidium sibiricum CLESSIN, K. Svenska Vet. Ak. Forh., p. 70, fig. 23, 1877 ;
Mon. Pisidium, Conch. Cab., ed. n, pi. vn.figs. 15-17, 1877. WESTER-
LUND, Fauna Pal. Reg., vn, p. 23, 1890.

Range. Western Siberia, on the Yenisei River to 60 50' N. Lat.,
? Port Clarence, Alaska.

* Corneocyclas borealis Clessin.

Pisidium boreale CLESSIN, in Westerlund, Fauna Pal. Reg., vn, p. 32, 1890.

Range. Western Siberia at Lusino. PPort Clarence, Alaska.

The preceding five species are ascribed to Port Clarence on the
authority of the literature solely. I have not seen specimens of any
of them. I suspect that the C. sibirica and borealis reappear in the
form of new species, among the three nominal species preceding them.

Corneocyclas pulchella Jenyns.

Cyclas pulchella JENYNS, Trans. Phil. Soc. Cambridge, 1832, p. 306, pi. x,
figs., 1812; not of Deshayes, 1835, nor Gassies, 1849. SOWERBY, in
Richardson, Fauna Bor. Am., in, p. 316, 1836.

Range. Middle and Northern Europe to 69 N. Lat. Arctic
America ?

Methy Lake, Athabaska (Richardson).


* Corneocyclas randolphi Roper.

Pisidium randolphi ROPER, Nautilus, IX, p. 99, Dec., 1895.

Range, Seattle, Washington.

This species is finely striated, very much like C. abdita in general
form, but of a peculiar and unique greenish-yellow color. It may
very likely extend into British Columbia.

Corneocyclas (Tropidocyclas) henslowana Sheppard.

Tellina henslowana SHEPPARD, Trans. Linn. Soc., xiv, p. 150, 1825.
Cyclas appendiculata (LEACH MS.) TURTON, Man., ed. r, p. 15, pi. xv, fig.
6, 1831. SOWERBY, in Richardson, Fauna Bor. Am., in, p. 316, 1836.
Pisidium hensloivianum JENYNS, Mon. Cyclas, p. 20, pi. xxi, figs. 6, 7, 1832.

Range. Europe north of the Alps; Canada; British America.

Hamilton Bay, Lake Ontario ; Lake Superior to Lake Winnipeg

The record from Richardson was naturally thought to be a misiden-
tification, but the recent discover}' in Lake Ontario of undoubted speci-
mens of this species, leads to the belief that Sowerby, who certainly
should have known a common British species, may after all have been

In closing the list of Sphceriidce I may be allowed to observe that
so large a part of it is derived from the literature, and not from the
present examination of specimens, that I do not feel the confidence in
the validity of all the species, or the correctness of all the identifica-
tions that I might have felt under other circumstances. Until the very
numerous species which have been named among American Pisidia of
late years, shall have been adequately illustrated and some knowledge
gained of the range of variation in these minute forms, a healthy skep-
ticism in regard to our population of this genus will doubtless continue
to prevail among collectors of fresh water shells.

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I 49

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NOTE. This paper was only discovered after the completion of the
present memoir. Nearly all the species mentioned in it are from the
upper waters of the Amur River, or from Vladivostok. Succinea insu-
laris Mousson, from an island at the mouth of the Amur, is the only
addition to the species properly belonging to the Primorski province,
treated of in my discussion of the species of the Northeast coast of
Siberia, but several are added to the list of Mongolian elements of the
fauna of the Amur drainage.

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Ontario and British Columbia. Ottawa Naturalist, xvi, 1902, pp. 91-92.

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May, 1905.


(The figures are natural size.)

FIG. I. Lymncea preblei Dall. The reflected margin of the aperture below
the umbilicus is somewhat broken. See p. 70.

2. A younger specimen of the same species from behind.

3. Lymncea randolphi F. C. Baker; p. 71.

4. The same species, another specimen, from behind ; p. 71.






(The specimens are figured natural size except when otherwise stated.)

FIGS. 1,2. Valvata Aelicoi'deaDall, magnified four diameters. The umbilicus
is partly hidden by a calcareous deposit ; p. 123.

3. Lymncea petersi Dall ; p. 66.

4, 5- Lymncea anticostiana Dall; p. 79.

6. Lymncea ? perpolita Dall ; p. 78.

7. 9. Lymncea atkaensis Dall ; p. 66.

8. Lymncea ? perpolita Dall, magnified two diameters ; p. 78.
10, ii. Planorbula christyi Dall, magnified two diameters; p. 99.

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