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Connecticut Historical Society

Volume VI




The Case, Lockwood & Brainard Company, Printers


Elected May 26, 1896


SAMUEL HART, Hartford.
Vice- I RICHARD A. WHEELER, Stonington.

Presidents, \ ROWLAND B. LACEY, Bridgeport.
ELLEN D. LARNED, Thompson.

Recording Secretary, ALBERT C. BATES.

Corresponding Secretary, W. DeLOSS LOVE.

Librarian, ALBERT C. BATES.


Membership Committee,








Library Committee,


Publication Committee,


Committee on

Monthly Papers,









The Records of the Town of Hartford were begun with
January 1, in the year 1638, as it was then reputed, when
the year commenced with March 25, but in the year 1639,
according to our present mode of accounting January 1 as
the first day of the year.

It is true that the first entry is dated 1635, but the record
could not have been made at that date, nearly two years before
Hartford was named. The conditions, however, upon which
lands were granted may have been thus established at the be-
ginning of the settlement.

The earlier entries in the records are in various handwrit-
ings, and it has been supposed, therefore, that they may have
been made by the Townsmen.

Many of the earlier leaves are badly frayed, and possibly
some are lost.

At some period, perhaps more than a century ago, the earlier
leaves of the book got loose from their stitching, and were
put together not in the same order as they were originally.
After this accident the book was paged, and the copy ordered
to be made by the town in 1822 follows that pagination.
After page 245 of the present paging of the manuscript
the book was reversed and several pages are filled with mis-
cellaneous entries.

Under an act of the General Assembly, approved July 15,
1870, entitled " An Act for the Preservation of Ancient Town
Records," I copied from the original the first volume of Hart-
ford Town Votes. I tried to reduce more nearly to their
original order the earlier leaves while giving the present pag-
ination in the margin.



My copy was transcribed for the press by Mr. Edwin
Stanley Welles of Newington. The proof has been read with
the original record by Messrs. Frank F. Starr and Albert C.
Bates, and the notes, with one exception, were made by them.

The expense of preparing and publishing the volume has
been generously borne by Mr. James J. Goodwin of this city,
and the book is by him presented to the Society.

Hartford, April, 1897.

State of Connecticut,
County of Hartford,

ss. Hartford, April 19, 1897.

I, Henry F. Smith, Town Clerk of Hartford, hereby certify
that the following, beginning with page 1, and ending with
page 339, is a true and correct copy of all the records contained
in the earliest volume of the town votes of Hartford, except
that the running title, paging, explanatory marks and foot-
notes have been added in the printed volume.




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J^&'f 7 ■ M*- i . '•■+4- ^T' 4%> t


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[11] Hartforde 1635 J

1 Itis orderd that whoesoevr hath A lott granted
in this Towne and Kenioues from the same to dwell
w th in Sower years after the granting of such lotts:
then the sd lott or Lotts is to returne vnto the hands
of the Towne agayne they paying for the woorth of
the Labor done vppon it or If anny pson shall desier
to sell his lott or lotts w th in that tyme they shall first
offer the same vnto the Towne whoe shall either give
the woorth of the Labour done vppon It or elce haue
liberty to sell it to any other that The Towne shall
aproue of for the same vallew./ and for default heerin
to returne to the Towne.

2 Itis ordrd that for anny tyme heeraf ter vntell
it be restreynd the Towne shall have liberty to Lay
out Anney Highwayes Thorough Anny Mens ground If
it be found needful prouided they give the pty Reson-
able satisfaxion/.

3 Itis ordrd that whoesoever dooth not Improve
his howse Lott by building vppon it w th in Twelue
Moneths after it is granted then [said 2 ] Lott to re-
turne to the Towne agayne.

Vppon these Three Condycons all [the 2 ] Land that
is given in the Towne is given vppon.

Itis ordrd that euery howse shall haue a Ladder or
tre at Most w ch shall reach [ ] Two ffoote of the

1 " 21 Febr. 1636. It is ordered that the plantacon nowe called New-
towne shal be called & named by the name of Harteford Towne." Con-
necticut Colonial Records, vol. 1, page 7.

2 Supplied from a copy certified by George Wyllys, register.



Topp of his howse vppon [the] forfetuer of five shil-
lings A mounth for [each] mounth he shall want the

Itis ordrd that ther shalbe A gaurd of [ ] men
to attend w th their arms nixed and 2 shots of powder
and shott at least [vppon] Every Publiq meeting for
Eeligos vse [with] two seriants to over see the same
and to keepe out one of them sentenal Every [meet]
ing and the sd Guard to be freed from [ ] wardings
and to have seats prouided n [ear] the meeting house
door and the seri [ants] to repayre to the Magestrats
for A war [rant] for the Due execution thereof.

Its ordrd that Thomas Scott shall keep in good
Kepayre the bridg over the bri[ck kill] swam brooke
leading to the mill and to have five shillings A yeare
allow [ed him] out of the woork he is to doe about
the highwayes.

[Itis] ordrd that noe Man shall [

] stons one the falls by Thomas (?) [

[12] The first off January 1638

Itis Agreed that the Townsmen for the tyme being
shall haue the power of the whole to order the Comon
occations of the Towne except in the cases ft'ollowinge.

1. That they receaue noe new Inhabetant into the
Towne w th out Aprobacon of the body.

2 That they make noe Levyes except it be for
Chargis expended or to be expended aboute heardinge
and ordering off Cattle.

3 That they neither give nor grant anny Lands
belonging to the Towne except an Ackre or Two at


most to anny Inliabetant and that in case of present

4 That they doe not alter anny Highwaies
already setled and layed out.

5 Allthough they may according to the liberty
given them by the Body at A publique Meeting Call
out the persons and Cattle belonging to anny Inhab-
etant for the servise of the whole and Increase the
Wagis of anny aboue the ordynary Rates allowed in
the Towne as they shall see Just Cause prouided they
exceed not 6 d a day to anny yet they shall not requier
by vertue of the sd order the Cattle off anny to be Im-
ployed in anny servise belonging to the whole w th out
the liberties of the Towne except they vndertake in
the name of the Body : to returne the Cattle soe Im-
ployed in safty to the owner besids Areasonable al-
lowance for the hyer of the same.

6 The Townsmen shall not be longer then ffour-
teen dayes at Most w th out aset and Joynt meeting of
them altogeather to Consider of and order the occa-
tions of the Towne Comitted to them and to Agree
vppon A tyme or tyms to Call the body together to
Consult and conclude of other cases that shall occurr
not left w th in their power and If anny of them fayle
to meete at the tynies apointed he shall not Refuse
topay two shillings six pence for Every such defalt.

7 Noe one Townsman shall requier the seruise
off anny pson or Cattle w th out the knowledge and Con-
sent of some of the rest.

The 16 th off Novembr 1639
Itis ordrd that whoe soever shall Carry anny ffyer


10 [ ]


12 [ ]


14 [ ]




off doares vnles it be safle Covered shall fforfeit for
Every such ffault twelve pence.

Itis ordrd that John Steele shalbe Register or
Towne Clarke to Record all [ ] in the Register

booke according to [ ] genrall Court

[ ] i» [ ]


[ ] Costlit

[ ] Costlit

An] drew Backen on Costlit

John White one Coslit

3 Coslits in Br Lords hand to be reciued for y e
towne vse

Dew fro Liftenant Sely to be payd
to the towne 04 10

Dew to y e towne fro M r wells 00 19 [ ]

1639 August 16 day

M r Talcot hath discharged w* was in hand of the
townes : when he was townesma.

Samuell wakma hath discharged w* was in his
hand of the townes when he was townesman.

Jeremy Adams Cunstable hath a rate i s d
containg i34 i6 4

gathered &. thus discharged : by bills 060 ii 7

payd to M r Wills 0i9 i6 iO

payd to B. Wilterton towns man 033 00 00

payd to B. Wilerton towns ma OOi 00 00




]on filds shall forfet

[ ]

[It] is ordered from m r haynes Corner that all the
fences to the great Riuer to winser road shall be
mended vp by tweene this & friday night as shall be
Judg d suficient by tow men on penality of tow shil-
lings six pence Rod 2 6
& tow pence pale

It is ordered that all the fences & gates from
Nicolis Clarks to the bares shall be sufitienly mad vp
by the same friday metioned aforesayd vp on the same
penalty & for the gats 5 s forfit or bares 5 8 forfit &> if
Any man shall pull downe Any of this fences & leaue
it so & not set it vp sofitiently againe shall forfit 5 s

Septembr 1639 -, 1

It is ordered that if Any hogs or pigs of of quarter
old be found in the long medow after next saterday
shall pay 4 d ahead for the sam for eury tyme 1 4

It is orderd that Edward Stebne & brother Rescu
shall vew the pale & take the forfits & demand the
trespases of any man against the former "orders Con-
cerning fences gats or hogs for the time they shall
spend if the forfits do not pay them then the townes-
men of this side shall pay them &, if any man Refuseh
to pay them he shall forfit duble for [ ] or

vntill he pay

It is ordered that goodman Scot goodman Clarke
& good Ely shall mesure the Comon pale &> bringe
in there acount to the towns[


1 The date and the words following Saturday are in a different hand.




Scot shall prepor [ ] Kepay & they

shall pay [ ] mans pale or hege & they

sh [all ] euery mans preportion & they be [
by the 14 day of Nouember if [they] fayle they shall
forfit 10 8 apeese 10 [0]

They shall begine at the further end to preportion

And If Tho Scot Jo Clarke goodman Ely fayle in
mesuring w th in the time set they shall forfit 5 8 a man
for euery of them 5

It is ordred that eury man shall sett a sufitiant
stak w th the to first leters of his nam towards his
paling, by fryday night next apon penellty of 12 d for
eury stak not set down

alsoe that eury man shall set a stak w th the toe
first leters of his name at ecth 1 end of his lotts in the
medow at the ferther sid of *the lott by the fourth day
of the next month upon the penellty of 12 d for eury
stak not set down :

There is giuen to good Church three Acers at vper
end of the long medow next the Biuer to be layd out
medow & swampe

It is ordered that the way by brother birchall 2 &
osias good is put by only a foot way excepted &, the
driftway nullyfied & they shall mayntayne a hansome
style at ech end of the hyways to the oxe pasture &
they whose lots ly next the hy way shall make & maine-
tayne the stiles

[113] Goodman Stebin hath payd of his
Eate by biles 93 05 09

1 Each. J Birchwood.



M r Higason in det to the towne for
Rats 00 11 00

Nathaniell bardine in det to the
towne for tow Rats 00 14 06

Re of edward Stebins acount of the Rate w ch was
three hunder in fulle when he was Cunstable
desr will wadsworth

this Re the acount of william wodsworth when he

10 th was townsman & ther is due to him from the towne
1610 03 [ ] 10

Re w th androw warner &, he doth
owe the towne 03 08 02


pounds on [

of the town stoke [

It is orderd that Jo Gening shall sweepe all the
Chimnes & haue 6 d for bricke &> 3 d for Clay

It is orderd that non shall dig ston on the falles by
goodman lords

It is orderd that m r hopkins m r webster m r Talcot
Jo Steele goodman pantree goodman brunson Will
Gibins shall vew for a place to set a mill

m r webster Will Gibins Are to speake w th m r Alin
& to see what shee hath agaynst seting vp of another

It is orderd that non shall Cary Any fier in the
streets vs vnless it be well Ciuerd in penalty of on I s
for euery fault 00 01 00

It is ordered that Jo Steele shall be Regester of
euery mans lands in this towne


of y e owld townesrnans year
Kestly behind for 2 rates 00 05 9

Stebines year
goodman bles behind of 1 rates allsoe 00 05

Stebines year
longdon behind 1 rate . 00 02 03

Stebines year
tho vpson behind of a rate 00 01 09

Stebines year
Jeriemie Adames behind 00 06 10

this wrighting wittneseth that John Carrenton doe
acknowleg myself indepted vnto John Tallcott the
some of twenty eight shilings wich is in consideration
for cetting vp of the rayles betwene the town &> the
diuch grond wittnes my hand y e 3 th of June 1641 1

John Carrenton I his mark

[13] At A Genrall Meeting of the whole Towne the
23 th Decembr 1639

Their was then Chossen to order the affeyrs of the
Towne for one yeare
William Westwood
William Spencer
Nathaniell Warde
John: Moody.

Their was also Chossen Constabls
Nathaniell Elly
Thomas Hosmer

It was then ordrd as ffolloweth.

1 That the sd Townsmen should haue the same
power that those had the year before.

1 Possibly 1644.


2 That they should be exemptd from Trayning
Watchings and Wardings.

3 That they should haue liberty to Chouse two
men for either side of the River [ ] shall attend
them in such things as they apoynt about the Towne
affayrs and bee p d at a publiqe Charge.

It was ffurther orderd that heerafter noe pson In-
habeting w th in This Towne shall flail Anny Tymber
tree in anny Comon ground not given to severall Men
belonging vnto this Towne w tb out Lycence from the
Townsmen that then shalbee vppon the [for]fetuer of
Euery such tree and ij [ ] for every tree besids, and
whosoever falls such Trees by lycence shall Improue
[them] by Cleaving or Squareing w th in 6 moonths
vppon the ftorf etuer of such trees — and the Towns-
men to keepe A noate of such [trees] as they give
license ffor/

Itis alsoe ordrd that whoesoever hath Any [trees]
Cutt offe lyeing in the Comon and dooth [not] Cleaue
out the same or square them [in] 3 Monuthes and Carry
It away w th [in] 3 Mounths moore It shalbe lawful [for]
anny man to Improue the same and [to] Carry It
away/ and whoe soever ha[th] anny such tymber
lyeing vppon anny m [ans] Lott and dooth not ff etch
it away w th in 3 [months] or get leaue to let it ly of
the ptys w ch [own] the lotts It shalbee long to those
one w [hose] ground It lyeth.

Its also ordrd that noe trees shalbe falld in anny
grond w ch is layed forth to other [men] though it be
not fenced in/ but only by [those] w ch owe the ground.

Its also ordrd that anny man hath liberty [to] take
anny wood that groweth or lyeth on anny high way


w th out the towne prov[ided] they Cleer the whole
tree they begine [to] take of but If they wrong Army
mans fense by falling anny tres they are to [make] It
good. mr whiting mr Allen mr Talcott 1

Ther was a [llsoe] Chossen Andrew War [ner]
Nathaniell Ward John White T [ ] smer Thomas

Scott and Wi[ ]

] veiw the ground [


] before recorded.

The 26 th Decemb r 1639

It was ordrd that anny one Townsman shall give
liberty to fell trees prouided he take notice whoe he
givs leaue and set a tyme wherin they must fall them.

Its ordrd that ther shalbe two pounds made w th 6
Rayls 40 foote square : one one the on syd the River
the other on the other side, to be Reddy by Aprell.

Its ordrd that ther shalbe a meeting the 13 th Janu-
ary nxt

Mr Hopkins m r wells m r Steele and m r Taylcot
are desired to asist vs in exsamenig the devsions one
either side the River &> to rectify the same also to see
whoe are Inhabetants to haue proporcons in all deves-
ions &, whoe not also to Inquier w l ordrs stand in f orse
w ch are of genrall Concernm* w ch are not recorded,
the 7 th January 1639

Itis ordrd that whoesoever hath anny thing of The
Towns in ther hands or Anny Acconpt w th the Towne

1 These three names are interlined in the original.


shall at the next set meeting of the Townsmen bring
in A noate of the same vnto them but If anny shall
neclect soe to doe and after it be found the towne to
deall w th them accordng to ther discretion.

The 10 th January 1639 at A Genrall Meeting

Itis ordrd that the Townsmen haue liberty to Im-
proue men for the killing of woolfs either by Hunting
or shoting or otherwise and to be paid at A publiqe

Mr Alcoks House lott being forfeit is taken into
the Towns hands vntell the next Genrall Meeting
whoe will either then let him haue that agayne or
give him answer in some other kinde

The Townsmen haue liberty to sell the litle house
in the Meeting house yard or anny other thing of the
Towns w ch is not of publiqe vse.

[14] The 7 th January 1639

Itis orderd that whoesoever hath digged any Saw
pitts or other pitts not now in vse beeng in Anny
grownd w ch is not in one mans sevrall and ffenced in
w th pales shall mil vpe the same before the ffirst of
Aprell next vppon the fforfetuer of ffive shillings/ and
six pence for euery weeke for euery week It shall Ke-
mayne vnfilled and to bear all the damadg w ch may
come therby or whosoever hath digged Anny such pitt
lyeing as aforesaid and is in vse he shall Cover the
same when they are absent vppon the same forfeture
and damedge though it be Covd

Itis orderd that Euery Inhabetant w ch hath not
fredome from the whole to be absent shall make his
psonall Apearants at Euery generall meeting of the


whole Towne haueing sufficient warneing and whenso-
ever fayles to apear at the tyme and place apointed
shall pay six pence for Euery such default but If [hee]
he shall haue alawfull excuse it shal bee repaid him
agayne or whoesoever departs away from the meeting
before it be ended w th out liberty from the whole shall
pay the like vj d .

Itis orderd that whoesoever Borrows the Towne
Chayne shall pay Two pence a day for euery day they
keep the same and pay for mending of it If it bee
brooken in their vse.

Itis orderd that heerafter noe new devesion of
land shalbe made by the Inhabetants of either side
the River w th out the knowledg and Consent of the
whole and If anny shuch Devesions shalbe made to be
voyd and of noe offect

Itis ordrd that ther shalbee a sett meeting of all
the Townsmen together the first Thursday in Euery
Mounth by nyne of the Cloke in the fore noone that
soe If anny Inhabetant haue anny bussines w th them
he may repay er vnto them and whoesoever of them
doe not meet at the plase and tyme sett to forfeit
Two shillings six pence for Euery such fait

Itis orderd that heerafter noe order to stand in
force vntell it hath byne published at some Gennrall
Meeting or send from house to house/ To that end
whensoever the Townsmen shall giue notice to stay
after Lectuer whoesoever shall neclect soe to doe shal-
bee lyable for the breach of anny order as If he stayd
and heard the same.

John Clark is Chossen for the [north] side of the
River to attend th [ ]


] such orders as shall [

[3] It [is ordrd ] or shall [kerea] fter

digg anny [st ] River side therby to hurt the

highways [ ] w th in three Mounthes after this tyme
If they haue Ceassed digging or w th in three mounthes
after they haue Ceassed ffill vp the same Agayne to
make It a sufficient highway vppon the fforfetuer of
ten shillings and twelve pence a weeke for Euery
weeke they shall neclect the same

At A Gennrall Meeting the
14 th January 1639

Itis ordrd that the Gov r and mr Hopkins shall haue
Three years liberty to build vppon their house lotts in
the Towne not builded vppon

Itis ordrd that mrs Chester shall haue t [wo] years
liberty to build vppon her house lott

Itis ordrd that William Butler and Nicho Olmsted
shall haue their house lotts ft'ree from building vppon
them in regard of the [

Itis ordrd that Nicholas Genings shallbe [
sent vnto to : Come vnto the Towne in [ ] Certeine
tyme Ly meted and to : take vp [his] habetacon heer or
else his lotts to ret [urn] vnto the Townes hands pay-
ing him for [the] woorth of the labour done vppon it

Itis ordrd that m r Hopkins m r wells m r [
mr Taylcot and william Spencer shall Deall w th m r
Chaplin aboute his [ ] are fforfeted into the

Towns hands and [ ] him Conserneing the same

as they [

Andrew Warner and Thomas [ ] Chossen


Surveiors for the high w [ays ] yeare and Itis ordrd
that Euery [ ] the Towne that is fitt for servise

] woorke one day in the highwayes e [xcept
magestrats and Church officers in their owne psons to
be ord[ered by the] surveiors and whear they se
Cause they [may] Call for Carts instead of menn

Whearas their is some differents in m[ens] Alot-
ments some haveing moor then is according to their
due proporcon Itis the [ref ore] orderd That m r Hop-
kins m r Wells [m r ] Webster m r Steele m r Taylcot
] Warner John Prat Tymothy Sta [ndly] John
Clarke Joseph My gate w th the [towns] men shall Ex-
samen the same and s[hall] haue power to Appoint
Euery man [his] proporcon according as in ther Judg-
ment] shalbe Just and Equall And A [ ] the
places wheer such ffurther [ ] of land shalbee
layde fforth as [ ] Appoint w ch off the Inhabetants
] Equall Eight to all vndevided land w ch are
onely to take soe much as [ ] shall in [
[ ]ullyand[ ]

[4] [Mr] Webster Mr [Whit 1 ] ing William Peyntrey
William wadsworth w th the Townsmen shall Consider
and determine of A place for the setting of the Mill
and Bridg, and to sete it vppon some one perticuler
person or the whole Towne and whether off wood or
of Stonn and If the Towne in generall Doe it to let it
out to woorkmen and Apoint an overseer and soe far
as Conveniently they may to further the same before
the first of Aprell and after warde to doe what they
may for the spedy Carrying one of the Woorke

'Supplied from a copy in the Town Clerk's office ordered made in
December, 1822.


Itis ordrd that the Townsmen shall Examine all
fforemer Bargens off land made by the Inhabetants of
the Towne Contrary to the order of the same and to
deal in them as they shall see Cause either by Con-
firming or disanuling the same/

Itis ordrd that m r Alcoks Bargen of land Bought
of mrs Higginson is Confirmed to him vppon this Con-
dycon that he is to haue It vppon the same Condycons
that Every other man dooth take his lott/
the 14 th January 1639

Itis ordrd that the land w ch was giuen John ffreind
being about eight Ackrs one the east side [the Great]
River and half e an acker in the [T] owne and aboute
ff ower Ackrs vpland [b] eing sould by him to William
Gibons it [is] now Agreed that William Gibons shall
[inioy] the same as given him from the Towne/ but
because he brake an order in Buyeing of the same he
shall pay ij 8 vj d

Itis likewise ordrd that the House and house lott
w ch Nathaniell Wardd Did Buy off ffulke Davey is
Confirmed vnto him but he to pay v 8 for the breach of
an order

Itis likewise ordrd that Jeremy Addams shall haue
halfe ayears liberty moore to build vppon his house

Sent to Nicholas Geni^gs that If he dooth not
Come before the 20 th ffebruary and giue the Towne
Satisfaxion then his lotts to be disposed off to some-
other paying him for the woorth off the labour done
vppon the same.

Nicholas Genings not Comeing by [the] tyme

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