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Book i


William Merriam Crane, Jr.

Born June 22, 1903. Now at Harvard, Class of 1924





JUNE, 1922



Class Committee

Frank M. Sawtell


Guy Bancroft

Morris R. Brownell

Kenneth P. Budd

Edwin P. Dewes

Malcolm Lang

James Archer O'Reilly

Leo a. Rogers

Louis B, Wehle

Class Secretary

Barrett Wendell, Jr.
The Rookery, Chicago, III.

Class treasurer

Edward Motley

JU« 15 '5?f



Secretary's Preface v

Treasurer's Report vi

Members of the Class vii

Records of the Class 1

Lost Men 499

Delinquents 500

Deceased Members 501

War Service Record World War 503

Occupations 510

GeogpvAphical Distribution 514


To THE Members of the Class of 1902

Your Secretary submits for your consideration this Sixth
Report published in connection with the Twentieth Reunion after
graduation of the Class.

It is a regret to the Secretary to advise the Class that there is
a slight increase in the number of men of the class who are listed
under the heading of "lost." Every effort has been made to trace
these men without success. The list headed "delinquents" is also
much too large. This list comprises those who have evidently re-
ceived the Secretary's notice as the blanks have not been returned,
but who have not sent them in in time to be published in spite
of telephone calls, second written notices, and in a good many
instances night letters. If those men would use their imagination
it must be clear to them that even if their lives seem humdrum (and
whose doesn't?), what they have done in the past twenty years is
of interest to many more men in the Class than they realize, and
it is most unfortunate that some word from them is not included
in this record.

The work in connection with the preparation of the report has
been done under the supervision of Mr. William Dana Orcutt of the
Plimpton Press.

In closing the Secretary desires to express his sincere thanks
to F. M. Sawtell, F. I. Emery, Channing Frothingham of Boston,
K. P. Budd, Charles T. Levering and J. 0. Low of New York,
Chester King of Syracuse, G. 0. Carpenter, Jr. of St. Louis, and
Robert J. Buckley of Cleveland for their assistance in helping
collect replies from men in their vicinity.

It is urged once more on all members that they forward changes
of address, information concerning birth of children, etc. to the
Secretary so that his records may be at all times up to date. A
little thought on the part of each member will save the Secretary
great mental anguish and some grey hairs.

Barrett Wendell, Jr.


Statement of Harvard 1902 Class Fund
Covering Period from May 1, 1912, to January 1, 1922

May 1912

Cash and Investments $ 8,811.90

Class Subscriptions 341.41

Interest 3,618.10



Class Dinner, June, 1919 $ 184.15

Commencement Day Spreads. 1912 to 1921 (inclusive) 597.00

Rent for Safe Deposit Box, 1912 to 1921 (inclusive) 70.00

Harvard Alumni Association 75.00

Secretary: Printing, Postage, Addressing 1,550.00

Treasurer : Printing, Postage, Addressing 50.41

Class Photographs 85.00

Sundries 117.72

Cash and Investments 10,042.13



$2,000 Western New York and Pennsylvania R. R., 4% Bonds.. $ 1,997.50

2,000 Philadelphia and Reading 4% Bonds 1,972.50

I.OOO Baltimore and Ohio 4% Bond 1,000.00

1,000 Pennsylvania and New York Canal and R. R., 4% Bond.. 984.33

1,000 Schuylkill River East Side R. R., 4% Bond 1,050.14

1,000 Erie R. R., 4% Bond 941.25

1,000 Gslveston Houston Electric R. R., 5% Bond 974.17

200 Liberty Bonds Second 4% 200.00

Cash in Webster and Atlas National Bank (Drawing 2%) 922.24


Boston, Mass.
April 6, 1922

Edvfard Motley




[An asterisk (*) indicates death. Preceding a date at the right of the
column it indicates the year of the death. Figures in parentheses indicate
the class other than 1902 with which the degree was received.]

James Hezekiel Abraham,

James Warren Adams

KiBURN Elie Adams (1905), S.B.

Emil Ahlborn, formerly Emil Bern-
hardt Ahlborn (1903)
Charles Edward Aldrich
Charles Merritt Ambrose; LL.B.

*Ernest White Arnold (1903) ; A.B.

Univ. Cal. 1900 *Date unknown.
Fred Rollins Ayer (1903)
Harry Morgan Ayres, c.l.; Ph.D.

(Philol.) 1908
LeRoy Manson Backus, c.l.
Arthur Scott Bailey
Alfred Talbor Baker
Herbert Sumner Baker
Guy Bancroft
Harold Fletcher Barber
Samuel Lewis Barbour, c.l.
Harrington Barlow; S.B. 1905
Charles Arthur Barnard; LL.B.

Roger Conant Barnard, c.1.
Donald Carter Barnes, c.l.; S.B.

Alfred Greenleaf Barnett; A.B.

Univ. Kans. 1901
Paul Bartlett
William Bradford Bartlett, c.l.;

M.D. 1906
Edward Silliman Bates
Charles Newcomb Baxter,;

Pol. Sci.; S.B. Mass. Agric. Coll.

Warren Egbert Benscoter
Ernest Bernbaum (1903) ; Eng.

(sum) ; A.M. 1905; Ph.D. (Philol.)

1907; Prof. English, Univ. 111.

Allen Milton Bernstein, c.1.
Arthur Osborne Bigney; A.B. Univ.

Mt. Allison (N.B.) 1901; A.M.

Univ. Mt. Allison 1902
Charles Otis Billings
Lawrence Livingston Bing, c.l.
Malbone Hunter Birckhead

(1903) ; S.T.B. Episc. Theol. S.

Cambr. (Mass.) 1907
Crawford Blagden
John Amory Lowell Blake,;

Comptroller 1911-1912
Archibald Blanchard
Richard Howard Bland; LL.B.

William Parsons Boardman; M.D.

Walter Meredith Boothby; M.D.

1906; A.M. 1907
William Graham Bowdoin; LL.B.

Univ. Md. 1905
Robert Bonner Bowler
Francis Raymond Boyd; LL.B. 1908
Eleazar Bradley Boynton
Joseph Gardner Bradley; LL.B.

Herman Brandmiller; A.M. 1903;

LL.B. 1905
John Hood Branson; Ph.B. Univ.

Wooster (0.) 1901; A.M. Colum-
bia 1906
Clifton Hartwell Brewer, c.l.;

A.M. 1903; S.T.B. Episc. Theol.

S. Cambr. (Mass.) 1904
Lawrence Graham Brooks, c.L;

A.M. 1903; LL.B. 1905
Walter Denison Brooks (1903)



Paul March Brown

Morris Ruggles Brownell; LL.B.

Harold Milton Bruce; M.D. 1906
RoscoE CoNKLiNG Bruce, m.c.l.
Walter Lyman Bryant, c.L; LL.B.

Thomas Stagey Bubier, c.l. ; LL.B.

Kenneth Pepperrell Budd
Robert Johns Bulkley; A.M.

1906; M.C. 1911-1917
Howard Valentine Bullinger; A.B.

Haverford (Pa.) 1901
*Hollis Burgess '^1918

Harold Burnet, formerly George

Harold Burnet
Alfred Munson Butler,;

A.M. 1903
Witter Bynner, formerly Harold

Witter Bynner, m.c.l.; Eng.
Joseph Patrick Cady (1903) ; A.M.

1907; A.B. Boston Coll. 1899
Arthur William Callender
Antonio Alfredo Capotosto, m.c.l.;

LL.B. 1904
Guy Edward Carleton
Glenn Carle y
Henry Avery Carleton, s.c.l.;

Chem. (sum.); A.M. 1903; Ph.D.

(Chem.) 1904
George Oliver Carpenter
Philip Acosta Carroll; LL.B. 1905
Guy Fairfax Gary; LL.B. 1904
Samuel Northrup Castle
Ernest Bunce Chaffee
Merrill Edwin Champion, m.c.l.;

M.D. 1906
*Andre Cheronnet Champollion

(1903) *1915

Henry Morse Channing; LL.B.

Laurence Dudley Chapin; M.D.

William Francis Chase
Warren Hunnewell Child
Reginald Christenson, m.c.l.; A.M.

Charles Leonard Christiernin

(1903) ; M.D. 1906
Harry Christopher Chubb, c.1.;

A.M. 1903; LL.B. 1908
Morton Le Baron Church

Walter Harold Claflin, m.c.l.;

Hist, and Gov.; A.M. 1903; Ph.D.

(Hist.) 1908
Louis Crawford Clark
John Henry Clifford
Oren Howard Cobb; M.D. Johns

Hopkins 1906
Paul Naylor Coburn (1903)
Francis William Coker; A.B. Univ.

No. Carolina 1899; Ph.D. Colum-
bia 1910
Clarence Conant Colby; LL.B.

William Parker Collier; A.B.

Ohio Univ. 1895
Leon John Cook; A.M. N.Y. Univ.

Walter Cook
Charles Anson Coons, c.l.
Oscar Cooper, formerly Oscar Ful-
ton Cooper; LL.B. 1904
Charles Emerson Corson, c.l.;

A.M. 1903
Thomas Moody Corson, m.c.l.;

S.T.B. 1905
Richard Joseph Cotter; LL.B.

Borden Covel
Paul Henry Cram
Robert Jackson Cram: LL.B. 1904
William Merriam Crane, c.1. ;

S.T.B. 1904: Ph.D. (Philol.) 1906
GusTAvus Chambers Crawford ;

A.M. 1903; STB. 1904; A.B. Univ.

New Bruns. 1900
Elton Gray Cushman, m.c.l.; LL.B.

George Bigelow Dabney; LL.B.

Alfred Mitchell Dame, s.c.l.;

Class, (sum.) ; A.M. 1903
John Washington Davidge; LL.B.

Columbian. (D. C.) 1904
LuciEN Adelbert Davison; A.M.

1903; B.P. Syracuse (N. Y.) 1890
Edwin Russell Davol (1903)
Richard Melville Day
Cyrus Cole DeCoster
Arthur LiTHGOw Devens
Edwin Peter Dewes
Arthur Stone Dewing, m.c.l.;

Philos.; A.M. 1903; Ph.D. Philos.




Howard Cocks Dickinson; A.M.

John Adams Dix

*Arthur Sturgis Dixey *1905

Julian Ellis Dow
Dennis Sawyer Downes
Aldrich Durant, C.I.; S.B. 1903
James Fisher Dwinell
Ralph Swain Earle; LL.B. 1905
Charles Curtis Eaton
Walter Mauney Eby, c.l. ; LL.B.

Corbin Edgell; LL.B. N. Y. Law S.

Richard Elbert Edwards, c.l.; A.M.

Albert Ehrenfried, c.l.; M.D. 1905
*Emmett Franklin Eldredge; A.M.

1903; A.B. Mt. Union (0.) 1892
Henry Ware Eliot
Alfred Edward Ells; A.M. 1903
Louis Jacob Elsas
Kenneth Bales Emerson, m.c.l.;

A.M. 1904
Frederick Ingersoll Emery
George Bache Emery; M.D. Colum-
bia 1905
George Allan England, (1903) ;

(Bowd.) ; A.M. 1904
Allen German Eschbach
Frank Cheney Farley, c.l.
John Smith Farlow, c.l.; LL.B.

Cyrus Wheeler Faxon
Nathaniel Wales Faxon, c.l.; M.D.

Theodore Bradshaw Fay, c.l.
Garland Peter Ferrell, c.l.
Hermann Theodor Fick, m.c.l.;

John Van Lear Findlay; A.B.

Princeton 1901
Walter Fischel; M.D. Washington

(Mo.) 1905
James Henry Fitzpatrick
Paul Edward Fitzpatrick
George Shannon Forbes, s.c.l.;

A.M. 1904; Ph.D. (Chem.) 1905
* Waldo Emerson Forbes *1917

Joseph Foster, c.l.
Joseph Westmont Fowler, for-

merly Joseph Westmount Foley,

Sanford Dewey France, m.c.l.
Edward Eells Franchot, m.c.l.;

LL.B. 1904
Edgar Block Frank
George Small Franklin,;

LL.B. 1905
Adolph Friedman, m.c.l.
Channing Frothingham ; M.D.

Lawrence Potter Frothingham


Donald Deane Frye Garcelon,; A.M. 1903; LL.B. 1907
James Alonzo Gealey
William Henry George,- A.B. Gen-
eva (Pa.) 1900; A.M. Princeton

1906; S.T.B. Princeton Theol.

Sem. 1909
James Andrew Gibson; A.M. 1904
* Joseph William Gilles; LL.B. 1905
I *1913

Arthur Eldridge Goddard, m.c.l.
Henry White Godfrey; M.D. 1906
Robert Goelet; A.M. 1903
Robert Walton Goelet; A.M. 1903
James Walter Goldthwait,;

A.M. 1903; Ph.D. (Geol). 1906
RoscoE Harris Goodell
John Francis Gough, c.l.
Louis Lawrence Green, m.c.l.;

LL.B. 1905
Robert Montraville Green, s.c.l.;

Eng.; (Bowd.) ; M.D. 1906
Elbridge Howe Greene
Donald Gregg, c.l.; M.D. 1907
Joseph Clark Grew
Evan Warren Griffiths; A.M. 1911

A.B. Ohio Wesleyan 1895
Arthur Heywood Griswold; M.D.

Johns Hopkins 1906
Royal Arthur Grosenbaugh; A.M.

1903; A.B. Albion (Mich.) 1901
IsADOR Grossman, m.c.l.; LL.B. 1904
Ernst Hermann Paul Grossmann
Benno Humbert Alfred Groth,

C.I.; A.M. 1903; Ph.D. Univ. Pa.

Ralph Tracy Hale,
Richard King Hale, m.c.l.; S.B.

Mass. Inst. Tech. 1904
Arthur Wellesley Hall



^Cliiton Ham, c.l. ''1920

Leo Spotten Hamburger; LL.B.

* Edward William Hamill; A.B. Ohio

Wesleyan 1901; S.B. Mass. Inst.

Tech. 1907 ''1909

Joseph Bradford Hardon
Frank Wilbur Harris
Dudley Nickerson Hartt
Joseph Alfred Harwood,
*George Irving Hayes, 1902 *1902
Walter Button Head,; A.M.

Columbia 1913
Ralph Mahon Henderson, c.l.
Jacob Foster Hill
Harold Hinckley, (1903)
George Clarence Hinds
George Clarkson Hirst, s.c.1.; Eng.

Clarence Whitman Hobbs,

LL.B. 1904
Samuel Horace Hodgin; A.M. Hav-

erford (Pa.) 1898
William Wickham Hoffman; A.M.

1903; LL.B. 1905
Amor Hollingsworth,
Burr Allen Hollister
Fletcher Beach Holmes,;

John Haynes Holmes, s.c.1. ; S.T.B.

Parker Morse Hooper
Charles Albertus Hosmer; A.M.

Alexander Edward Hoyle,;

A.M. 1903; S.B. 1904
Charles Wentworth Hoyt, c.l.;

M.D. 1905
Francis Gary Hoyt

* Howard Clark Hoyt, *1907
George Harvey Hull; LL.B. 1906
Millard Gumming Humstone, for-
merly Millard Garfield Gum-
ming, c.l.; LL.B. 1905

Francis Welles Hunnewell, c.l.;

LL.B. 1905
Lyman Charles Hurd (1903)
Charles Joseph Hurley
Gordon Hutchins
Horace Bright Ingalls
*Grenville Howland Ingalsbe *1910
Charles Edward Jackson, c.l.;

S.T.B. Episc Theol. S. Cambr.

(Mass.) 1904
Edward William Cecil Jackson
Benjamin Percy James; Mus.B.

Trinity (Can.) 1896
Robert Foster Janes; LL.B. 1904
Arthur Franklin Johnson; LL.B.

Charles Henry Johnson, cl. ;

S.T.B. Boston Univ. 1902
Arthur James Jones,; A.M.

Frederic Kennard Jones
John Price Jones
Raymond Morris Kaufmann
Vincent Aloysius Keenan
Paul Henry Kelsey,
Charles Pierce Kendall; A.M.

Fred Kimball (1906)
Chester Harding King; LL.B.

Syracuse (N. Y.) 1904
Roger Kinnicutt; M.D. 1906
Daniel Wright Kittredge, c.l.
Augustus Klock, c.l.
Henry Swift Knowles
Thomas Charles Knowles
Paul Victor Adolf Koechl
Hugo Kratzenstein, c.l.; C.E. Cor-
nell 1904
Francis Alexander Lackner
Frank Robinson Lacy, c.l.
William Edwards Ladd; M.D. 1906
Venice John Lamb,; A.M.

Malcolm Burrage Lang, (1904)
John Frank Langmaid, c.l.; A.M.

Richard Lawrence
Edgar Crawford Leaycraft
Roger Irving Lee,; M.D. 1905
Sears Lehmann; LL.B. Washington

(Mo.) 1903
Edward Hance Letchworth,;

A.M. 1903; LL.B. 1905
Edison Lewis

Frederic Percyval Lewis,
'^George Randall Lewis,; Pol.

Sci.; Ph.D. (Econ.) 1906: M.E.

Mich. Coll. Mines 1909 *1913

Halstead Lindsley; S.B. 1903
Paul Henry Linehan, c.l.; Ph.D.

Columbia 1916



Isaac Lippincott, (1903) ; A.M.

Washington (Mo.) 1906; Ph.D.

Univ. Chicago 1912
William Clarence Lodge
Charles Raymond Loring (1903)
Joseph Aloysius Love, m.c.l.; Hist.

and Gov.
Charles Taylor Lovering (1903)
George William Low, m.c.L
Ronald Theodore Lyman, c.1.
Lawrence William Lyons, c.1.;

LL.B. 1904
John Adrian McAleer; LL.B. 1904
*Hugh Aloysius McBreen, c.l. *1903
Charles Penderghast McCarthy,

C.I.; LL.B. 1904
Clarence Alvin McCarthy, c.L
Islay Francis McCormick; A.B.

Bowd. 1900
John Albert MacDonnell
George McIntire, (1903) ; A.B.

Delaware 1896; A.M. Delaware



William Samson McKnight; LL.B.

1905; A.B. Univ. New Bruns. 1901
Norman Murray MacLeod; M.D.

William Everett McNeil; A.M.

1907; Ph.D. (Philol.) 1909; A.B.

Acadia (N.S.) 1900
John Joseph Maloney; A.M. 1903
George Marsh
Herbert Leonard Marshall, m.c.l.;

A.M. 1905
William Woodruff Marston
James Frederick Mason, c.1.; Ph.D.

Johns Hopkins 1911
* Walter James Mayers *1918

William Hughes Mearns, m.c.l.;

Philos.; Ph.B. 111. Wesleyan 1899

^Gilbert Simrall Meem *1904

Walter Gordon Merritt; LL.B.

N. Y. Law S. 1903
CLiRLETON Ray Metcalf; M.D. 1906
Edward Harris Metcalf; S.B. Mass.

Inst. Tech. 1904
Ernest Turner Harris Metcalf
Joseph Mayo Metcalf; A.B. Ober-

lin (0.) 1901
Truman Michelson,; Sans-
krit; A.M. 1903; Ph.D. (Philol.)


Charles Green Montross, c.l.
Charles Leo Moran; M.D. 1905
Edmund Morris Morgan, m.c.l.;

A.M. 1903; LL.B. 1905; A.M.

(Hon.) Yale 1917
CIaspar Wistar Morris
Ralph Waldo Morris, 1905
Alva Morrison
Arthur Holdrege Morse, c.l.;

LL.B. 1904
Edward Motley

John Lothrop Motley; LL.B. 1904
Hallam Leonard Movius
William Emery Mulliken
John Clement Myers
Charles Freeman Nevens
Charles Augustus Norwood; LL.B.

Ephraim Brown Nye, (1904)
James Eugene O'Connell
Edward Francis O'Dovfd
Remsen Brinckerhoff Ogilby, C.I.;

A.M. 1907; S.T.B. Episc. TheoL

S. Cambr. (Mass.) 1907.
James Archer O'Reilly; M.D. 1906
William Mills Otter
Philip Mason Palmer; A.B. Bowd.

*Frank Peter Parker *1920

George Nelson Parker
Charles Samuel Peabody
Edmund Lester Pearson
Arthur Stanley Pease, s.c.l.;

Class, (sum.); A.M. 1903; Ph.D.

(Philol.) 1905
Bradford Hendrick Peirce; M.D.

Carroll Durgin Piper, m.c.l.
Wolcott Homer Pitkin, c.L; LL.B.

''Charles Piatt *1918

Harold Stanley Pollard,
Arthur Kendrick Pope
Charles Irving Porter
*lrwin LaVerne Powers *1909

George Woodman Pratt
Arnold Smith Proudfoot; S.B.

Robin Wilfred Quigley, c.l.; LL.B.

David Reuben Radovsky, m.c.l.;

A.M. 1903; LL.B. 1905



Ralph Stuart Rainsford, c.l.; A.M.

Leon Woodbury Rand
Charles Stephen Rathbun, for-
merly Charles Smith Rathbun,

Emmons Raymond (1904)
Charles Albert Read
Allen Galpin Rice, c.L; M.D. 1905
Edwin Gile Rich, c.l.
Charles Tiffany Richardson
Edward Peirson Richardson; M.D.

George Homer Richardson
^Lincoln Ware Riddle; A.M. 1905;

Ph. D. (Biol.) 1906 *1921

George Charles Ristow, c.l.
Ralph Walter Robbins; LL.B. 1905
Leonard George Robinson; LL.B.

N. Y. Law S. 1906
Clifford Reynolds Rogers
Leo Abraham Rogers; LL.B. 1904
Robert Roughan
John Carter Rowley; M.D. 1906
Frederick William Russe, m.c.l.;

A.M. 1903; Ph. D. (Chem.) 1905
Charles David Russell
Charles Theodore Russell
Herbert Alexander Sage; LL.B.

1905; Ph.B. Emory (Ga.) 1900
George Clare St. John
William Andrew Saks
Alphonso de Salvio (1903) ; A.M.

1903; Ph.D. (Philol.) 1904; A.B.

Trinity (Conn.) 1899
Charles Sprague Sargent
*Richard Littlehale Saville, c.l. *1915
Frank Melvin Sawtell; LL.B. 1905
John Mills Sawyer
Wilbur Augustus Sawyer, c.l.;

M.D. 1906
William Pomeroy Sayre
Henry Schlesinger
Arthur Julius Schoenfuss, c.l.
Charles Oesting Schuler
Charles Hodgdon Schweppe
Andrew Edward Scott; S.T.B. Gen.

Theol. Sem. (N. Y.) 1906; A.M.

Columbia 1907
Richard Gordon Scott
Russell Gordon Scott
Schuyler Fiske Seager

Clifford Seaver, c.l.; S.B. 1903
Charles Frederic Seaverns; A.B.

Colby (Me.) 1901
Warren Abner Seavey; LL.B. 1904
Robert Sedgwick (1903)

* Schuyler Bussing Serviss, c.l.; A.M.

1903; S.M. 1909 *1909

George Maurice Sheahan; M.D.

Walter James Shepard, m.c.l.; A.B.

Williamette (Ore.) 1900
Joseph Henry Shirk
Walter Shuebruk; LL.B. 1904
Joseph Lyman Silsbee (1903)
Earnest Everett Smith
James Hopkins Smith
Paul Shortt Smith (1903) ; A.M.

Royal Earle Smith (1903)
Joseph Madison Sniffen; A.M.

1908; A.B. Cornell (la.) 1898
Wilbur Henry Snow (1903) c.l.
Roy Channing Southworth, c.l.

* Ernest Harold Sparrotv, c.L; M.D.

1906 *1912

Walter Richardson Spofford, c.l.
Wilbur B Sprague
Charles Sanford Stanton, m.c.l.;

LL.B. 1907
John Weiss Stedman
William Claude Stephenson, c.l.
Harold Dean Stickney
Hkrbert King Stockton; LL.B.

Emil Herman Stone, m.c.l.; M.D.

Russell Sturgis
Francis Raymond Sturtevant;

S.T.B. 1906; A.B. Trinity (Conn.)

Frank Eliot Sweetser; LL.B. 1905
Carl Alden Sylvester
Philip Haskell Sylvester; M.D.

John Edward Talbot; LL.B. 1905;

M.D. 1912
^Arthur White Talmadge *1910

William Joseph Tarpey, c.l.; LL.B.

Garfield Joseph Taussig
Philip Livingston Thomson; A.B.

Union (N. Y.) 1900
Philip Wingate Thomson ,



Herbert Cahoone Thorndike,; LL.B. 1904
Richard King Thorndike
Perry Thomas Tompkins, (1903) ;

A.M. 1903; Litt.B. Univ. Cal. 1892
Arthur Whittlesey Towne; S.B.

Amherst 1901
John Bond Trevor, c.L; A.M. 1903;

LL.B. Columbia 1906
Dudley Tyng; A.M. 1904; S.T.B.

Episc. Theol. S. Cambr. (Mass.)

Martin Harley Urner, c.L; M.D.

Med. Coll. (Me.) 1905
Howard Ruggles Van Law,;

A.M. 1903
''Harold Rollins Wade, c.L *1909
Philip Wadsworth, formerly Alex-
ander Philip Wadsworth
WiLLARD Wadsworth
Albert Ladd Waldron, c.L; A.M.

Columbia 1913
Abraham Solomon Waldstein,
(1906); Semitic Lang, and

Hist.; Ph.D. Columbia 1914
Alexander Wall
Austin Edward Wallace
Frederick Wallace
Moses Weld Ware
Storer Preble Ware
Forbes Watson (1904)
Frank Lewis Watson, c.L; LL.B.

Louis Brandeis Wehle; A.M. 1903;

LL.B. 1904
Arthur William Weil; LL.B. 1904
Raynor Greenleaf Wellington,

S.C.I.; A.M. 1903
Clifford Giddings Wells
Harry Lord Wells, cL; LL.B. 1905

Barrett Wendell, c.l.
Harrison Weymouth
Plumer Wheeler; A.M. 1904
Alain Campbell White,;

Romance Lang. and Lit.;

(Bowd.) ; A.M. Columbia 1904
LooMis Laurence White
Percy Linwood Whiting, c.l.
Allan Hiram Whitman,;

LL.B. 1905
Charles Fuller Whitney
Robert Bates Whitney, c.L; S.B.

Arthur Fisher Whittem, m.c.l.;

A.M. 1903; Ph.D. (Philol.) 1908
Hayward Parker Whittington
Edward Webster Whorf
Delano Wight, c.L; LL.B. 1904
Warland Wight

'^Bradlee Williams *1914

Edward Gary Willlams
Holden Pierce Williams
* Joseph Grinnell Willis *1919

Charles Harold Wilson; LL.B.

Henry Joshua Winslow; LL.B.

Alfred Winsor
Joseph Rosenfeld Wiseman; M.D.

Syracuse (N. Y.) 1905
Albert Benedict Wolfe, m.c.l. ; Pol.

Sci.; A.M. 1903; Ph.D. (Econ.)

Harry Oscar Wood, c.L; A.M. 1904
Charles Edmund Young, m.c.l.;

A.M. Univ. Wis. 1908; Ph.D. Univ.

Wis. 1912
Fred Francis Zelle; M.D. Wash-
ington (Mo.) 1906


EIarl Burnard Alvord, formerly
Earl Barry Alvord (1907)

Max George Andres

Milton Jacob Bach; LL.B. Colum-
bia 1905

Charles Herbert Baker

Leroy Pearl Burnham, c.L; S.M.

Harry Cablton Burns

David Colin Campbell
Howard Hastings Carroll
James Oakley Carson
Julian Dwight Chase,
Tileston Chickering; (S.B. 1903)
*Joseph Henry Converse, c.l. *1905
Bernard Cunniff
Albert Dodge
Ernest Irvin Doe
Richard Wiggin Drown,



Harry Chittenden Dudley

Leland Turner Button

William Dearborn Eaton

Stanley Hall Eldridge

Richard Standish Francis

Vincent Morse Frost, c.l.
*John Gaillard {1904) *1919

James Hunter Gault

Henry May Gittings

Ralph Weller Greenlaw

George Francis Henneberry

Herbert Bissell House

Arthur Iselin

Laurence Aquila Janney (1903)

Joseph Jenson
^' Frank Ortelle Johnson *1903

Richard Croswell Johnson

John Robert Johnston, m.c.l. ; S.M,

Frank Lorimer Jones, c.l.

Clarence Haskell Lander, c.l.;
S.B. Univ. Mich. 1897

Charles Downing Lay

Alfred Reynolds Lincoln, c.L
*Henry Weidemann Lock, c.l. *1905

JosiAH Orne Low

Barnard Coffin Luce

Lewis Bell McCornick

Eugene Adams McKelvy

George Louis Julien Meylan;
M.D. N. Y. Univ. 1896; A.M. Col-
umbia 1904

Edwin Walter Mills
Eduard Heine Moeller
Landon Clarence Moore
Edmund Quincy Moses,;

LL.B. Georgetown (D. C.) 1905;

M.P.L. George Washington (D.

C.) 1906
Royal Kellum Peirce
Townsend Baldwin Pettit
Gouverneur Morris Phelps; M.D.

Columbia 1907
Robert Raphael Pollak, c.1.
Willlam Arthur Pownall, m.c.l.
Carlisle Reed, (1903) M.D. 1905
Gragg Richards, formerly Francis

Gragg Richards, s.c.L; S.M. 1903
Nelson Grant Richie, formerly

Nelson Grant Ritchie
Frank Heath Rossiter
Sidney Kent Singer
Allen Lane Snyder, c.l.
Charles Royal Stevenson (1903)
Nathaniel Augustine Thayer, c.l.
Chester Sargent Walker
Robert Salisbury Walker
*Homer Charles Wheeler,

John Henry Gardner Williams
John Barthol Winter
Herbert Joseph Wiswell, m.c.l.
William Barry Wood
Alfred Millard Wose; M.D. 1901


^■Sprague Abbott *1910

* Alexander Abu-khalil ^1903

Alfred Adamson, Jr.

Philip Morton Allyn

William Taylor Arms

Robert Witlam Atkinson

Arthur Freeman Baker

Frederick William Ball

Charles Loring Barnes

Hosmer James Barrett
*Frank Dickinson Bartlett *1900

Albert Reynolds Beal
"^Wade Carleton Belcher *1900

Ralph Paine Benedict
*Oscar Grant Berry *1910

Percy DeMarae Betts
*Robert Sterling Blair *1911

Philip Warren Blake

Edward Bradford Blakely
Warren Dennison Bovferman
Arthur Alexander Bradley
Holcombe James Brown
Theophilus Nash Buckingham
Harold Bullard

^Charles Ellsworth Burbank *191S
"^ Arthur Scott Burden *I921

*Frank Burgess '*1906

Bruce Sedgwick Burlingame
Patrick Francis Butler
Albert Henry Byfield
Ferdinand Phinizy Calhoun
Alexander Raymond Carney
James Carstairs, Jr.
Frank Clifford Carter
Charles Center Case, Jr.
Frank Merritt Clark



MiAL Verrocchio Clark

Curtis Livingston Clay

John Candler Cobb, Jr.

Francis Parkman Coffin

Frederic Bronson Colby

Herbert Warren Colby
*Edivard Ball Cole *1918

Daniel Clement Colesworthy

Paul Collins

Charles Mulford Connell

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