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Legal Advisory Board, Division 10, Mass., 1917-18.

Member: Thayer Law Club, Harvard Law School; Knights of
Columbus; Worcester County, (Mass.) Bar Association; Webster-
Dudley Chamber of Commerce.


Born at Boston, Mass., Oct. 6, 1879. Parents: Charles Taylor, Marian Shaw
{Sears) Lovering. School: Milton Academy, Milton, Mass.

Degree: A.B. 1902 (1903).

Married: Ellen Brewer Lyman, Boston, Mass., Nov. 9, 1903. Children:
Ellen, Aug. 5, 1904; Ruth, Aug. 3, 1910.

Occupation: Banker and broker.

Address: {home) 9 Gloucester St., Boston, Mass., and Nahant, Mass.; {busi-
ness) 42 Broadivay, New York, N. Y.


FROM November, 1914, to March, 1915, I was with the American
Ambulance Service in France. I belonged to the Massachusetts
Volunteer Militia and held the following offices successively: Sec-
ond Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, and Captain of Troop B, First
Squadron Cavalry, up to June 19, 1916, when I joined the Massa-
chusetts National Guard as Captain of Troop B, First Massachu-
setts Cavalry. We were ordered to El Paso, Ft. Bliss, Tex., June
26, 1916, and returned and were mustered out of Federal Service
on November 18, 1916.

War Service: Having resigned from the National Guard in
February 1917, to go to New York for my firm, Hornblower and
Weeks, I had to go to a Training Camp to get back my commission.

I joined the second Plattsburg Training Camp in August and
was commissioned Captain of Field Artillery in November. I
joined my regiment, 351st Field Artillery, 167 F. A. Brigade, 92nd
Division (colored), early in December. In January, 1918, I was
sent to the school of fire at Fort Sill, Okla., where I had at one time
the distinction of being the oldest living undergraduate, and though
the "canning board" of that institution was most efficient I suc-
ceeded in getting back to my Regiment without reproach, after fifteen
weeks work at what was a ten weeks' course.

The regiment went abroad in June and returned the following
February 1919 (my particular Battery having had eleven days ser-
vice in Bois-le-Pretre, north of Pont-a-Mousson on the Moselle
River) I was mustered out Feb. 26, 1919, at Camp Meade, where I
first joined the Regiment. I went back to my old job and am still
at it, representing my firm on the Floor of the New York Stock
Exchange of which I have recently been made a Governor.

My children are growing up, — ^the eldest is eighteen. I don't
travel much except back and forth between Boston and New York.
I've done no civic or National Service except to vote and pay as
small an income tax as possible. I have no general remarks to
make, nor have I published anything, anywhere, anytime.

Member: Somerset and Tennis and Racquet Clubs, Boston; Coun-
try Club, Brookline; Nahant Club, Nahant; Harvard and Rac-
quet and Tennis Clubs, New York; American Legion.


Born at Essex, Mass., April 15, 188(). Parents: Caleb, Thirza Ellen {Burn-
ham) Low. School: Essex High School, Essex, Mass.; High School,
Gloucester, Mass.

Degree: A.B. 1902.


Married: Emma Brown Merritt, Danvers, Mass., Aug. 9, 1906. Children:
Merritt Burnham, March 23, 1909; George William, Jr., June 5, 1910;
Elizabeth, Dec. 12, 1913.

Occupation: Head Master.

Address: Bordentown Military Institute, Bordentown, N. J.

FOR twenty years I have been a teacher. During the school
year 1902-1903 I taught sciences in the High School at Dan-
vers, Mass., and for the two years following I taught in the Pun-
chard School of Andover. In the Summer of 1904 I worked with
a field party in geology in the Black Hills and in Wyoming, under
the leadership of Professor Jaggar. In May, 1905, I was appointed
assistant in geology, Harvard University, but decided to remain
in secondary school work. From Andover I went to Bordentown
Military Institute, Bordentown, N. J., where I was teacher of sci-
ences for one year. From 1906 to 1908 I was assistant principal
of Woburn, Mass., High School, and was then principal of that
School, until 1916. From June, 1916, until November, 1919,
I was principal of Swampscott, Mass., High School. Since
1919 I have been Head Master of Bordentown Military Institute.

During the year 1913-1914 I did graduate work in Education at
Boston University, and later I studied in the College of Business
Administration of the same institution. For two years I was a
member, and Secretary, of the Committee on the Junior High
School of the High School Masters' Club of Massachusetts. The
report of this committee was published by Ginn & Co.

War Service: Was Secretary of the Committee on Production
and Conservation of Food, Swampscott, Mass.


Born at Brooklyn, N. Y., June 14, 1879. Parents: Chauncey Edward, Mary

Thompson (Frothingham) Low. School: Polytechnic Preparatory

School, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Degree: S.B. 1902.
Married: Dorothy Lewis,, Philadelphia, Pa., Jan. 13, 1906. Children:

Dorothy, April 20, 1907; Mary Frothingham, June 12, 1909; Josiah Orne,

Jr., May 20, 1912; Theodore Lewis, Nov. 19, 1915.
Occupation: Investment Banking.
Address: (home) 96 Joralemon St., Brooklyn, N. Y.; (business) 37 Wall

St., New York, N. Y.

[Adds nothing to data in Fifth Report.]



Born at Holliston, Mass., Feb. 27, 1879. Parents: Barnard, Sarah Osborn
(Coffin) Luce. School: Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass.

Degree: S.B. 1902.

Married: Bernice Fenner Heyworth, Providence, R. 1., March 21, 1912.
Child: Barnard Jr., Sept. 25, 1914.

Occupation: Stockbroker.

Address: (home) 8006 Third Ave., Detroit, Mich.; (business) 140-148 Penob-
scot Bldg., Detroit, Mich.

FOR the first two years after leaving College I served the Lake
Superior Smelting Co., of Houghton, Mich., as chemist ac-
quiring some knowledge of the copper mines in Michigan. This
acquaintance with copper served as preparatory to joining the
firm of Paine-Webber and Co., of Boston, in 1905. Since then I
have been associated with the above firm in Boston and for the
last nine years as manager of their Detroit ofiice. The main part of
my business life has been connected with this city. The develop-
ment of the automobile interests in Detroit has been the develop-
ment of our business in this city.

To break the business life I have devoted most of my time for
amusement to golf when at home, and to hunting and fishing while
on vacations.

Member: Detroit Athletic and Detroit Golf Clubs; The Play-
ers, Masonic Lodge, Harvard Club, Michigan.

Born at Westbrook, Me., March 9, 1879. Parents: Israel, Alice Elizabeth

(Ostrum) Luce. School: Berwick Academy, South Berwick, Me.
Degree: (c. 1898-1901.)
Died at South Berwick, Me., Feb. 11, 1902.

GILBERT HAVEN LUCE died after a lingering illness of nearly
two years, within a few months from the time he was to have
realized the great ambition of his life — a degree of A. B. from
Harvard College. His father was Rev. Israel Luce, a Methodist
minister of the Maine Conference, at one time Presiding Elder
of the Portland District; his mother, who survives her husband, is
Alice Elizabeth Luce, now residing at Old Orchard, Me. Gilbert
Haven Luce attended the Butler and Portland High Schools in
Portland, Me., and fitted for college at Berwick Academy, South
Berwick, Me., where he was graduated with the highest honors


of his class. The combination of hard study and his efforts
to help himself through college left him in too weak a condition
successfully to fight off the attack of Bright's disease which seized
him in his third year in college. He was obliged to leave in
April, 1901. He had intended to enter the Harvard Law School
after college graduation, but during his long sickness he felt
that if he lived he would enter a theological school and study for
the ministry.


Born at New York, N. Y., Sept. 28, 1880. Parents: Louis, Henrietta Louise
{Williams) Lutz. School: St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H.

Degree: (c. 1898-1900) ; M.D. 1904.

Married: Lillian M. Gillett, Chicago, III, Nov. 9, 1907. Child: Warren
Frederick, Nov. 24, 1908.

Occupation: Silk manufacturer.

Address: (home) Oyster Bay, N. Y.; (business) 19 Madison Ave., New
York, N. Y.

[Adds nothing to data in Fifth Report.]

War Service: Served a two year enlistment as private. Ninth
Coast Defense Command, N. Y. G.

Member: Harvard Club of N. Y.; Scawanaka, Corinthian
Yacht, and Nassau Country Clubs.


Born at Waltham, Mass., July 8, 1879. Parents: Arthur Theodore, Ella
(Lowell) Lyman. School: Noble and Greenough's School, Boston,

Degree: A.B. 1902. i

Married: Elizabeth Van Cortlandt Parker, Washington, D. C, Oct. 26, 1904.
Children: Ronald Theodore, Jr., Aug. 12, 1905; Elizabeth Van Cortlandt,
Nov. 29, 1906; Charlotte, May 28, 1911; John Lowell, Feb. 15, 1915.

Occupation: Cotton manufacturer.

Address: (home) 39 Beacon St., Boston, Mass.; Beaver St., Waltham, Mass.;
(business) 50 State St., Boston, Mass.

AFTER graduation I went abroad with some classmates for
about three months. In the autumn I started to work in the
cotton manufacturing business, which I have remained in since
then. In 1904 I was made treasurer of The Waltham Bleachery
& Dye Works, in 1905 treasurer of the Boston Mfg. Co., in 1910
treasurer of the Whittenton Mfg. Co., and in 1911 treasurer of


the Salmon Falls Mfg. Co. At the present time I am treasurer
and director of three of these concerns, and also a director in the
following: National Shawmut Bank, Boston; American Mutual
Liability Insurance Co., Boston Manufacturers Mutual Fire Insur-
ance Co., and a trustee in The Provident Institution for Savings.

War Service: On Feb. 28, 1918, was commissioned Major,
Aviation Section Signal Corps; later was transferred to Air Serv-
ice (Aircraft Production), U, S. Army; received discharge on
Jan. 3, 1919. During this time I was stationed at Washington,
D. C, as chief of Fabrics Section, through which airplane cloths
were obtained and, during the latter part of the time, balloon
cloths as well, for the Army and Navy.

Was member of the Committee on Production Engineering (cot-
ton) under Advisory Commission of the Council of National De-
fense, for six months, from May to November, 1917, and served
as secretary and treasurer of committee for three months. The
Production Engineering Committee was made up of cotton manu-
facturers, the object of the committee being to assist the various
departments of the Government in obtaining cotton goods, espe-
cially cotton duck, of which there was a serious shortage.

Member: Somerset, Tennis and Racquet, and Exchange Clubs,
Boston; Harvard Club of New York.


Born at Boston, Mass., April 25, 1878. Parents: John Edward, Harriet
Elizabeth (Hawley) Lynch. School: Boston English High School,
Boston, Mass.

Degree: (c. 1898-1900.)

Married: Lucy Washburn Ivers, Maiden, Mass., Aug. 2, 1902. Children:
Cynthia Washburn, May 30, 1907; John Ivers, Oct. 1, 1908; Henry
Hawley, Oct. 6, 1910 {died March 1, 1912) ; Stewart Pierce, May 13, 1914.

Occupation : Manufacturer.

Address: {home) 41 Mason Terrace, Brookline, Mass.; {business) 99 Sum-
ner St., East Boston, Mass.

MY business is that of boiler manufacturer. I am president
and treasurer of The Hodge Boiler Works, East Boston, and
The Roberts Iron Works, East Cambridge.

Outdoor sports, shooting and fishing, and rifle and archer shoot-
ing are my hobbies. I have traveled in the United States and

Serve as a member of the Mass. Board of Boiler Rules, appointed
by Gov. Eugene N. Foss, and by each succeeding Governor.
Formulated rules for construction and installation of boilers, air


tanks, and ammonia safety valves. Am now associated with De-
partment of Public Safety.

Member: Harvard and Engineers Clubs of Boston; New Eng-
land Railroad, and Rotary Club; Bay State Automobile Associa-
tion; Mass. charitable Mechanics Association; Boston Chamber of
Commerce; 32° Mason and Aleppo Temple Mystic Shrine; Ancient
and Honorable Artillery Co.; Boston Fusiliers Middlesex Club.


Born at Quincy, Mass., June 3, 1881. Parents: John, Mary Frances {Du-

gan) Lyons. School: Adams Academy, Quincy, Mass.
Degrees: A.B. 1902; LL.B. 1904.
Married: Anna Gertrude Reardon, 1913. Children: Lawrence William,

Jr., April 11, 1914; Robert, July 12, 1915; John, Nov. 22, 1916; Gerald,

March 18, 1920; Maurice, May 4, 1921.
Occupation : Lawyer.
Address: (home) Berry St., Quincy, Mass.; (business) 1359 Hancock St.,

Quincy, Mass.

FINISHED Law School in 1904. Spent the next year in Boston
with Putnam and Putnam, and then went out home to Quincy to
practice, and have been there since. Have been clerk of the
District Court of East Norfolk since 1910.

^I^ug!) ^Iopgiu0 ^cl3reen

Born at Boston, Mass., March 4, 1879. Parents: Peter, Margaret (Coyle)
McBreen. School: English High School and Frye's School, Boston,

Degree: A.B. 1901 (1902).


Died at Roxbury, Mass., Dec. 8, 1903.

[The Secretary has been unable to secure an obituary.]


Born at East Boston, Mass., Aug. 7, 1881. Parents: Michael, Mary Ann
(Pender ghast) McCarthy. School: High School, Chelsea, Mass.

Degrees: A.B. 1902; LL.B. 1904.

Married: Ethel C. Stetuart, Connersville, Ind., Sept. 29, 1909. Children:
Marion Stewart, Aug. 6, 1912; Elizabeth Stewart, Feb. 12, 1914; Ethel
Stewart, Oct. 8, 1919; Patrice Pender ghast, April 6, 1921..

Occupation: Lawyer and Justice of Supreme Court of Idaho.

Address: (home) 1415 Fort St., Boise, Ida.; (business) State House, Boise,


PRACTISED law in Boise, Idaho, after graduation from law
school. Served as Prosecuting attorney, Ada County, Idaho,
1909-1912, District Judge, Third Judicial District of Idaho, 1912-
1921, and at present am Justice of the Supreme Court of Idaho,
having been elected in 1921 for four year term.

War Service: Was a Four Minute man and speaker in the
various drives.

Member: Boise Lodge No. 2, A. F. and A. M.; Scottish Rite
Bodies, Valley of Boise, Orient of Idaho; El Korah Temple, A. A.
0. N. M. S. of Boise, Idaho; Rotary Club of Boise, Idaho; Boise
Lodge No. 310, B.P.O.E.; National and State Bar Associations;
Sons of Veterans.


Born at Lapeer, Mich., May 16, 1879. Parents: Mathew H., Belle Charlotte
(Hart) McCarthy. School: Hyde Park High School, Chicago, HI.

Degree: A.B. 1902.

Married: Anna Delano Pool, Chicago, III., Aug. 20, 1907. Children: Clar-
ence Alvin, Jr., May 31, 1909; Billy Pool, Jan. 24, 1911.

Occupation: Salesman, Investment Securities.

Address: (home) 436 Greenwood Ave., Chicago, III.; (business) 209 So La
Salle St., c/o Lee, Higginson & Co., Chicago, III.

AT the time I graduated from College and returned to my home
in Chicago, one of the Chicago manufacturers was severely
criticizing the college graduate as a business asset, ranking him at
about zero in industry. Nevertheless, in December, 1902, our grad-
uation year, I obtained a position with the wholesale merchandising
house of Marshall Field & Co. After a year's work there, which was
really an interesting course in merchandising, I was finally taken
into my father's business, the manufacture and selling of custom
made clothing. On account of my father's death in 1908, I was
held in his business for a longer period than I had planned. Dur-
ing this time, however, I assisted in the organizing and writing of
the constitution of the National Association of Clothing Dealers'
and served as president for two terms. I spent most of my efforts
in developing ideas for advertising our products; formed bureaus
for the mutual exchange of credit information among the merchants
and finally started the association on a cost-keeping system, which
they have since developed in a large way that has been very
useful to the various individual members.

A good deal of this work took me away from my business. In
fact, I travelled through the country in all the big cities from the


Mississippi River east to Boston and when this two-year period
ended it was very hard for me to return to the routine of the
business I was in. So, when many adjustments were being made
in this country at the time of the European war, and I had the
opportunity of going into the National City Bank of New York
City, I was very glad to make the change. After a short period
in the bank, I made up my mind to go into the investment banking
business and through the kind offers of our classmates Charley
Schweppe and B. Wendell, I was taken into the Chicago ofl&ce of
Lee, Higginson & Company, where I have been since January, 1918.
and at this time am one of the members of the selling department.
One of the interesting features of this position is the fact that I have
kept in rather close touch in the last few years with our Class, and
also Boston and Cambridge.

I think my hobbies could be expressed mostly in the pleasure I
take in the vacation months in outdoor sports. I have consistently
kept up swimming. I enjoy touring through the country in a
motor and I am only impatient of the fact that the roads are not
opened up fast enough so that I can cover the western part of this
country as thoroughly as I have the eastern states. I played ten-
nis until the past few years when I have taken up golf — a slower
and less strenuous game for the spare time I have for playing.
For other hobbies — I still have my interest in economic subjects
and I have taken a few courses in the graduate school of the
University of Chicago in the last few years. It is interesting to
find out in connection with these courses, that the world has moved
and a few things have happened since we graduated in 1902. I
have often wished that Harvard had an extension department that
we could use on various subjects we are interested in.

My two boys are both developing interest in football games and
track sports. One of them is very much interested in rowing, so that
undoubtedly he has an ambition for the crew in later years. I
think that the only difficulty that the boys see in their own minds
in regard to athletics, is that the older one wonders how he can hold
down the job of captain until his brother, who is eighteen months
younger, can step into his position. Otherwise, they feel assured
of the fact that they will have no difficulty in working into the vari-
ous teams.

War Service: During Third, Fourth, and Victory loans I was
in the headquarters organization of the Seventh Federal Reserve
District locality in Chicago, 111., and during the Victory loan was
also a member of Four Minute Men Organizations.

Member: University, Harvard, and Bond Mens' Clubs, Chicago.



Born at Castleford, Yorkshire Co., England, Dec. 21, 1879. Parents: Don-
ald, Jane {Greene) McCormick. School: High School, Boothbay
Harbor, Me.,

Degrees: A.B. 1902; A.B. (Boivdoin) 1900.

Married: Vivian Bowen Putnam, Portland, Me., June 22, 1908. Children:
Jean Putnam, Dec. 2, 1909; Donald Pearson, July 13, 1911.

Occupation: Head Master, The Albany Academy.

Address: {home) 138 Chestnut St., Albany, N. Y.; {business) The Albany
Academy, Albany, N. Y.

[Adds nothing to data in Fifth Report.]
Member: University Club of Albany.


Born at Salt Lake City, Utah, May 12, 1879. Parents: William Sylvester,
Hannah {Keogh) McCornick. School: Phillips Exeter Academy,
Exeter, N. H.

Degree: S.B. 1902.

Married: Stella Julia Salisbury, Salt Lake City, Utah, Sept. 5, 1905. Chil-
dren: Margaret Blaine, Oct. 10, 1906; William Sylvester, 2d, Sept. 22,
1910; Patricia Bell, Feb. 15, 1915.

Address: 837 East South Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah.

[Adds nothing to data in Fifth Report.]

Born at Charlestown, Mass., May 23, 1879. Parents: James Athanasius,

Annie Sarah McDonald. School: Frye School, Boston, Mass.
Degrees: (s. 1898-1901) ; M.D. {Tufts), 1906.
Business : Physician.
Died at Liverpool, England, Sept., 1919.

[The Secretary has been unable to secure an obituary.]


Born at Delaware City, Del., July 24, 1877. Parents: Francis, Laura {Ash)
Mclntire. School: Delaware City Public School, Delaware City, Del.

Degrees: A.B. 1902 (1903); A.B. {Delaware Col.) 1896; A.M. {ibid.) 1903.

Married: Elizabeth Grantham Stahl, Bethlehem, Pa., April 2, 1907. Chil-
dren: Francis, Nov. 6, 1908; Nicholas Stahl, Oct. 2, 1915.

Occupation : Teacher.

Address: {home) New Castle, Del.; {business) Tutoring School of George
Mclntire, Wilmington, Del.


THE above covers the facts in bare outline, and I can think of
little to add. After leaving College, I taught for some time in
the Chestnut Hill Academy of Philadelphia as English Master. For
a while I lived in Denver, and in 1908 started a bank in New Castle,
Del. The bank has been quite successful, and is the only one in the
City of New Castle. In 1910 I started the school that bears my
name. The school has been successful, and the work most inter-

Tennis, music, and automobiles, are my chief forms of recreation.
Have traveled pretty generally over United States and Canada.

Member: New Castle Club; Harvard Club of Delaware and


Born at Pittsburgh, Pa., Oct. 4, 1880. Parents: James Spear, Isadore
{Adams) McKelvy. School: Central High School, Pittsburgh, Pa., and
Penna. State College.

Degree: S.B. 1902.

Married: Carolyn Woodruff Scovel, Pittsburgh, Pa., June 20, 1917. Chil-
dren: James Scovel, June 15, 1918; Sally Butler, Sept. 28, 1919.

Occupation: Sales Manager.

Address: (home) 7034 Thomas Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa.; (business) 1243
Oliver Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa.

Am sales manager of the General Refractories Co.
Member: Duquesne, University, Athletic, and Civic Clubs; Am.
I. & S. Institute.


Born at Prince Edward Island, Can., May 24, 1879. Parents : James L., Mary

Elizabeth (Boivness) Mackinnon. School: Boston Latin School, Boston,

Degree: A.B. 1902.
Married: Mable Beatrice Hayden, Boston, Mass., Dec. 21, 1901. Children:

Bergan Arling, Jr., June 14, 1904; Marjorie, Dec. 4, 1910; Kathleen, Jan.

5, 1919.
Occupation: Circulation manager.
Address: {home) 310 West 19th St., New York, N. Y.; {business) 222 West

39th St., New York, N. Y.

SINCE leaving College I have continued in the magazine publish-
ing business; at first with McClures, later with Everybody's,
Woman's Home Companion, and Good Housekeeping. For the


past fifteen years I have been associated with Pictorial Review as
stockholder, director and circulation director.

My hobbies are the breeding of purebred Guernsey cattle, and
Yorkshire hogs, riding, tennis and a very inferior game of golf.

I go to Europe once a year, as a rule, for recreation and to
inspect our foreign factory and interests.

War Service: Like thousands more I gave a great part of my
time to A. P. H. work during the war of which there was an abun-
dance in New York City. I was chairman of the Magazine Publish-
ers Section of the various Loan drives, exceeding our quota every

Publications: Articles on circulation matters for trade papers

Member: Harvard Clubs, New York; New York Athletic Club,
Areola Country Club, American Guernsey Cattle Club, American
Yorkshire Club (director). National Publishers Association (di-
rector) .


Born at Kings County, New Brunswick, Can., May 26, 1878. Parents:

]ohn, Mary Eliza (Roiuse) McKnight. School: High School, Freder-

icton, N. B., Can.
Degrees: A.B. 1902; LL.B. 1905; A.B. {Univ. New Brunswick), 1901.
Married: Anna Clementina Priber, San Francisco, Cal., Feb, 25, 1913.

Child: Dorothy Anna, born 1917.
Occupation : Lawyer.
Address: {home) 314 North 1th Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y.; {business) 55

Wall St., New York, N. Y.


TTENDED Harvard Law School, 1902-1905, and have since
practiced law in San Francisco, at present I am in New York

associated with the firm of Sherman & Sterling.

Member: The Association of the Bar of the City of New York.


Born at Newport, R. I., May 5, 1880. Parents: Angus, Jessie {McKenzie)
MacLeod. School: Rogers High School, Newport, R. I.

Degrees: A.B. 1902; M.D. 1905.

Married: Josephine Stevens Perry, Newport, R. L, Oct. 12, 1909. Chil-

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