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C, on July 20, 1917, and was called to active duty on Aug. 15, as
assistant to Air Service Officer, Eastern Dept. Was appointed
Air Service Officer, Eastern Dept., Governor's Island, N. Y., on
Sept. 26, 1917, and continued as such until my discharge. Was
promoted to rank of Major on Aug. 20, 1918. Received mv dis-
charge on Dec. 14, 1918.

Member: University and Harvard Clubs, N. Y. ; South Side
Sportsmen's Club, Oakdale, L. I.; Plainsfield Country Club, Plain-
field, N. J.; Tabusintac Club (hunting and fishing). New Bruns-
wick, Canada.


Born at Brentwood, N. H., Oct 1, 1881. Parents: Daniel Orin, Fannie
(Fitts) Waldron. School: Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter, N. H.


Degrees: A.B. 1902; AM. (Columbia) 1913.

Married: \Beatrice Margaret Lovejoy, Pasadena, Cal., July 11, 1916. Child:

Albert Laid, Jr., Dec. 21, 1918.
Occupation: Teacher.
Address: {home) 3287 Bradford Rd., Cleveland Heights, 0.; {business)

University School, Cleveland, O.

AM head of the Latin department at University-School, and am
trying to send a few good boys to Harvard every year.
War Service: Sold Liberty Bonds on last four issues; was
precinct captain for Victory Loan.


Born at Kovno, Russia, July 14, 1874. Parents: Senior, Tauba {Feinberg)

Degrees: A.B. 1902; Ph.D. {Columbia) 1916.
Married: Anna Freedman, Neiv York, N. Y., March 11, 1908. Children:

Euda, April 24, 1912; Daniel, May 20, 1921.
Occupation : Teacher.
Address: Gymnasia Ibrith, Jaffa, Palestine.

SETTLED in New York; collaborated in the "Jewish Encyclo-
pedia," opened a preparatory school; for one year edited a Yid-
dish weekly; wrote for various English, Hebrew, and Yiddish news-
papers and magazines; attended Columbia University, where I re-
ceived Ph.D.; teaching Bible, history, and (lately also) English,
since 1912, in Gymmasia Ibrith, Jaffa, Palestine.

Publications: "What is Poale-Zionism?" pamphlet published
1911, by the Poale-Zion Organization, N. Y.; "The Evolution of
Modern Hebrew Literature," published by the Columbia University
Press, (thesis) ; "An English-Hebrew Dictionary," Jaffa, Palestine,


Born at Chelsea, Mass., March 13, 1881. Parents: James, Adelaide C.

Walker. School: High School, Chelsea, Mass.
Degree: S.B. 1902.

Occupation: Manager, The Grasselli Chemical Co. of Massachusetts.
Address: {home) 35 County Doad, Chelsea, Mass.; {business) 32 India St.,

Boston, Mass.


FROM 1903-1907 I worked as a chemist with Lewiston Bleach-
ery and Dye works, Lewiston, Maine. I then became associa-
ted with the Grasselli Chemical Co., of Cleveland Ohio, as salesman,
and was made manager of their New England Branch in 1910, with
office and warehouses at Boston, which position I am still occupy-

Member: Harvard Club, Boston; Harvard Alumnae Chemists
Association, American Chemical Society, Drysalters Club of New
England, Calumet Club, Ashlar Lodge A. F. A. M., Lewiston,
Maine; Royal Arch Chapter of Shekinah, Palestine Commandery
Knights Templar, Chelsea, Mass.; Aleppo Temple Mystic Shrine,
Boston, Mass.; Bear Hill Golf Club, Wakefield, Mass.


Born at Brookline, Mass., Feb. 18, 1880. Parents: Arthur Lovell, Sarah
(Salisbury) Walker. School: Hopkinson's School, Boston, Mass.

Degree: S.B. 1902.

Married: Annie Laurie Halsy, Tuscumbia, Ala., April 20, 1909.

Occupation: Real Estate and Insurance.

Address: 2124 South U St., Fort Smith, Ark.; (business) 25 South 6th St.,
Fort Smith, Ark.

IN July, 1902, I secured a position with the Metropolitan Water
Board, as rodman for an engineering party, working on the con-
struction of the Wachusett reservoir which is now part of Boston's
water supply. I left the Water Board in March, 1905, and went
to Ponce, P. R., as railway superintendent of the Ponce Railway
and Lighting Co.; wonderful climate, beautiful scenery, and plenty
of hard work. I left them in November, 1905, and did some work
the following winter for the University, grading and draining the
cricket field on Soldiers Field. In March, 1906, I came to Fort
Smith, Ark.; as engineer for the Kelley Trust Co., a local concern.
My work consisted of land development, building roads, bridges,
and dwellings, and in draining a hundred thousand acre tract of
swamp timberland on the Mississippi River.

I stayed with the Kelley Trust Co., until 1912, when I gave
up engineering and formed a partnership with a local man, R. R.
Cravens, in a real estate and insurance business. A year later I
bought out my partner and ran the business alone for five years,
when I consolidated my business with that of my present partner,
W. P. Dobbins.

My only hobby is stamp collecting, and my favorite outdoor sport
is golf.


Member: Noon Civics, and Fort Smith Rotary and Country


Born at Milwaukee, Wis., May 7, 1879. Parents: Edward Clarence, Anna

Louisa (Hearding) Wall. School: St. Mark's School, Southborough,

Degree: A.B. 1902.
Married: Vivian Frederica Crasemann, Milwaukee, Wis., Feb. 10, 1912.

Child: Alexander Craseman, Jan. 19, 1914.
Occupation : Secretary-Treasurer.
Address: (home) Lansdowne, Pa.; (business) c/o The Robert Morris As.

sociates, Lansdowne, Pa.

ENTERED the employ of the First National Bank of Milwaukee
in the Fall of 1902, and served that bank in varying capaci-
ties, from running drafts to manager of the credit department,
between that time and 1907. From 1907 to 1916, I served exclu-
sively as the manager of the credit department. From about Sep-
tember, 1916, until about October, 1919, I was the credit manager of
The National Bank of Commerce of Detroit. From about October,
1919, have acted as Secretary-Treasurer of The Robert Morris
Associates, a national association of bank credit men. This or-
ganization of bank men is organized to promote the study of credit
phenomena on as scientific a scale as possible in an unexact science.
It is composed of about two hundred and twenty of the largest
banks of the country in some fifty cities, and reaches from coast
to coast. My business is the study of credit methods, conditions,
practices, and ethics, as evidenced in bank work. My office is in
fact a kind of laboratory for credit chemistry, in all its phases.

Golf, about a gentleman's game of 85-95, a certain amount of
reading, and my friends, are my hobbies. I hope my boy will go
to St. Marks in about four or five years, and then to Harvard. I
usually travel about ten thousand miles a year around this old
country, in an effort to understand its economic faults and help
our members correct them.

Have at several times served as school director, and other minor
civic jobs, trying to make good American citizens. Have had two
mental relapses, and in them written two books that would not
interest many in the class as they are technical and on the subject
of credit. Have not been able to attend any of the class reunions
as I have by force of circumstances been in attendance at business
sessions that have always taken place during that time. Hope to
make one some day.


War Service : Only service that conditions allowed was a rather
thorough assistance in my own field of supplying accurate credit
information in answer to innumerable requests from the war credit
board and to organize the local credit men to develop their co-
operation to the fullest.

Publications: The Bankers Credit Manual, Bobbs Merrill &
Co., Indianapolis; Analytical Credits, Bobbs Merrill & Co., Indian-
apolis; many articles and pamphlets too numerous to mention that
in a fair way constitutes a large part of the literature of The
Robert Morris Associates.

Member: Lansdowne Country Club; American Academy of So-
cial & Political Science; Wharton School of Finance & Commerce
(special instructor).


Born at Nashua, N. H. Parents: Austin Edivard Wallace. School:

Nashua High School.
Degree: A£. 1902.

Married: Elizabeth Palmer Cook, Nashua, N. H., June 15, 1905.
Occupation: Manager, Erie Railroad.
Address: (home) 430 Diversey Parkway, Chicago, III.; (business) 1303

Transportation Building, Chicago, III.

FROM Sept. 1, 1902, to Dec. 1, 1903, I was clerk. Great Northern
Railway, Larimore, N. D., from January, 1904 to January, 1907,
I was timekeeper, clerk, and chief clerk, superintendent's office,
C. R. I. & P. Ry., Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Member: Union League, and Harvard Club, Chicago.,


Born at Fitchburg, Mass., Aug. 14, 1880. Parents: Herbert Ingalls, Amy

Louise (Upton) Wallace. School: Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter,

N. H.
Degree: A.B. 1902.
Married: Laura Josephine Rice, Cambridge, N. Y., Sept. 25, 1919 (divorced

Jan. 21, 1914) ; Helen Elizabeth Woodivard, Fitchburg, Mass., March 9,

Occupation: Paper manufacturer.
Address: (home) 52 School St., Fitchburg, Mass.; (business) 804 Main St.,

Fitchburg, Mass.

[Adds nothing to data in Fifth Report.]



Born at Marshalltoivn, la., Sept. 9, 1877. Parents: Arthur A., Anna (Mer-
cer) Walsworth. School: Arizona Normal School, Temple, Ariz.

Degree: (c. 1898-1902.) LL.B. 1905.


Occupation: Lawyer.

Address: [home) Hotel Daly Revere, Mass.; (business) 110 State St.,
Boston, Mass.

MY hobbies are tramping and hunting.
From 1910-1911 I was Chairman, Board of Selectmen,
Town of Revere; 1916-1918 President, Municipal Council, and from
1918-1920 I was Mayor of the City of Revere.

War Service: Worked in all campaigns for raising funds, and
also with the Legal Advisory Board of Revere, Mass., throughout
the entire period.


Born at Dorchester, Mass., Jan. 19, 1879. Parents: William Minns, Flor-
ence (Brewer) Ware. School: Roxbury Latin School, Boston, Mass.

Degree: A.B. 1902.

Married: Myra Maude Jennings, East Orange, N. J., April 18, 1905 (died
Nov. 29, 1913) ; Mrs. Rena Seabury Green, New York, N. Y., Nov. 20,
1915. Children: Rena Victoria Green, Nov. 6, 1902 (step-child) ;
David Ely Green, Jan. 6, 1907 (step.child) ; Moses Weld, Jr., Nov. 29,

Occupation : Teacher.

Address: 5 Riedesel Ave., Cambridge, Mass.

FROM 1902 to 1916 I was associated with the Morristown School,
Morristown, N. J., a school which sends more boys to Harvard
than any other school west of the Hudson River. In 1912 I spent a
year at Princeton, another in 1914, when I served for a time as
resident master of the Graduate College. In 1920 I moved to
Cambridge and am connected with the Browne & Nichols School.
In conclusion I might add that I believe I am the "Class Father-in-
law," and I trust to receive due recognition of this from my admir-
ing classmates.

Teaching and my fast motors, and education (which I know
nothing about) are my hobbies. My daughter, Rena Victoria
Green, married Jan. 20, 1920, James McFadden Hays, who
was a Lieutenant in U. S. Navy during the war and received
D. S. 0. from British Government. Have traveled in England,
Europe, and Panama.


War Service: Spent the year 1917-18 as assistant superintend-
ent of Seabury & Johnson factories engaged in manufacture of
surgical dressings, etc. Afterwards, under the auspices of the Y.
M. C. A. I was Educational Director of the U. S. Naval Operating
Base at Hampton Roads, Va., until the signing of the armistice.

Publications: "John Adams and the Mitchell Strife;" "A Side-
light on the War of 1812;" "The Hidden Cause of the Mexican
War;" "The American Colonies During the Whig Supremacy,"
(Historical Outlook).


Born at Roxbury, Mass., July 25, 1881. Parents: Moses Everett, Agnes
Maria (Wheeler) Ware. School: Hopkinson's School, Boston, Mass.

Degree: A.B. 1902.

Married: Elizabeth Upton Kinsman, Longwood, Mass., Oct. 19, 1907. Chil-
dren: Ruth Preble, Aug. 7, 1908; Storer Preble, Jr., Sept. 8, 1909;
Nathaniel, Jan. 8, 1911; Abbot Kinsman, Sept. 5, 1914; Elizabeth, Feb.
1, 1917; Nancy, Sept. 30, 1920.

Occupation: Banker.

Address: (home) Westwood, Mass.; (business) 30 State St., Boston, Mass.

SINCE the Class Report of 1917 many things of world impor-
tance have taken place, but in which, I much regret to state,
it has been my misfortune to have had very little part. During
the war, when it became evident to those in charge of the financial
program that this country would have to provide many billions
of dollars, it was thought best to issue short-term United States
Government treasury Certificates, which could later be exchanged for
longer time Liberty Bonds when same were issued. United States
Government Treasury Certificates Committees were therefore
formed in each of the twelve Federal Reserve Districts to promote
the sale and distribution of these certificates, and it was my good
fortune to be appointed Chairman of such a Committee in the
First or New England Federal Reserve District. The experience
and associations derived from this work were most beneficial and

While during the war the cost of living was certainly high
enough, about all of us were probably too busy to think much
about it, but accepted it as one of the necessary evils of that period.
Since the war, however, and during this readjustment of "getting
back to normalcy" (a much abused term), I have had no time to
think of, or attempt anything, except to use my best endeavors to


support a wife and a large, growing, and very hungry family of
six children (fifty-fifty variety of the species). Consequently, I
have had no time for pleasure travelling of any kind, and have
developed no '"hobbies" unless tennis, golf, etc., can be so called.

I still live the year round in Westwood, Mass., on a small farm
(it's fine for the children), and I am still a member of the banking
and note brokerage firm of Bond & Goodwin.

Member: Harvard Clubs of Boston and New York; Tennis &
Racquet Clubs of Boston and New York; Algonquin Club, Country
Club of Brookline, Dedham Country and Polo Club.


Born at Boston, Mass. Oct. 4, 1879. Parents: Frederick Harris, Eleanor
(Skinner) Warner. School: Volkmann School, Boston, Mass.

Degree: (5. 1898-1903.)

Married: Edith Tracy Bouve, Brookline, Mass., April 14, 1909. Children:
William Skinner, April 12, 1910; Barbara Elizabeth, Aug. 23, 1911; Robert
Bouve, Sept. 23, 1912; Katharine Skinner, May 22, 1920.

Occupation : Salesman.

Address: (home) 55 Brook Hill Road, Milton, Mass.; (business) 77 Chauncy
St., Boston, Mass.

EVER since college days I have been in the silk business, with
William Skinner & Sons, manufacturers of silks and satins.

Tennis, golf, sailing, and bowling, are my principal pastimes.
Three of my children are now at Milton Academy. My travels
have been confined to the United States and Europe.

War Service: Saw Mexican border service with Troop B, Mass.
Enlisted in the service of the U. S. A. on July 25, 1917. Was at-
tached in turn to Headquarters Troop, 26th Div., A. S. S. C, and
A. S. A. P. Served at first as a private but was later promoted to
rank of 2d Lieutenant, A. S. Aircraft Production. Was located in
various sections of the United States, including Boston, Atlanta, San
Antonio, Vancouver Barracks, Wash., and Fairfax, Wash. Was ap-
pointed C. 0., Detached 53d Spruce Squadron, Fairfax, Wash.,
consisting of fifty soldiers on detached service getting out airplane
stock and ship timbers.

*i* William ^IfreD mnmotk

Born at New York, N. Y., Aug. 9, 1879. Parents: Adam, Elizabeth (At.
klnson) Warnock. School: Cambridge English High School, Cambridge,


Degree: is. 1898-1899.)

Married: Genevieve Perkins, Brookline, Mass. Child: Genevieve Perkins.

Died at Colorado Springs, Colo., fall of 1909.

[The Secretary has been unable to secure an obituary.]


BoRiN at Augusta, Me., June 13, 1879. Parents William Arnaldo, Addie
Ben (Pillsbury) Waterhouse. School: High School, Melrose, Mass.

Degrees: (5. 1898-1900) ; LL.B. {Boston Univ.) 1908.

Married: Bessie Arline Towle, Melrose, Mass., Oct. 11, 1911.

Occupation : Lawyer.

Address: (home) 11 Orient PL, Melrose, Mass.; (business) 50 Congress St.,
Boston, Mass.

AFTER three years spent in electrical and railway construction,
I took up the study of law and was admitted to practice in the
Massachusetts courts in 1908, specializing in the customs and tar-
iff laws.

During the late war, my time was spent exclusively in the work
of the American Red Cross, but am again back in my chosen pro-
fession. I have served my time in the city government in Melrose
and have always taken an active interest in its affairs.

My happiest recollections are of the days spent in Cambridge
and my chief regret, the lack of a son to send there.

Member: Wyoming Lodge of Masons, Waverly Arch Chapter.


Born at Gorham, Me., Dec. 17, 1881. Parents: Oliver Charles, Katherine
Eliza (Lewis) Watson. School: Philip Exeter Academy, Exeter, N. H.

Degrees: A.B. 1902; LL.B. 1908.


Occupation : Lawyer.

Address: (home) Gorham, Me.; (business) 244 South Station, Boston,

EVER since I finished Law School I have been in the law de-
partment of the Boston & Albany Railroad. For the last few
years I have been attorney, in charge, principally, of all real estate,
taxation, and insurance matters.



Born at Lewiston, Me., June 24, 1881. Parents: Charles Albert, Sarah Jane
(Heselton) Webb. School: Classical High School, Lynn, Mass.

Degree: (c. 1898-1900.)

Married: Mildred Hazel French, Henniker, N. H., Sept. 5, 1911. Child:
Robert French, July 29, 1912.

Occupation: Real estate broker.

Address: {home) 7 Jason Terrace, Arlington, Mass.; (business) 45 Milk St.,
Boston, Mass.

IN May, 1900, I was operated on at the Massachusetts General
Hospital for serious mastoid trouble. This operation left me
in such bad shape that the doctor sent me up to a New Hampshire
farm where I stayed for nearly two years. In the Fall of 1902,
I had an opportunity to become associated with Messrs. A. W. &
H. G. Perry, Boston real estate operators and continued in their
employ until 1910. In September, 1910, I went into the office of
George A. Carpenter and continued in his office until 1919. These
offices together owned and operated over thirty large buildings
in the down town business section of Boston and I acquired a thor-
ough education in the business. In May, 1919, I decided to paddle
my own canoe and opened an office at 73 Tremont St., Boston. In
September, 1919, I consolidated my business with W. H. Ballard
& Co., Inc. I joined the concern as secretary of the corporation
with the option of purchasing an interest in the business, which I
have since taken up. Our business has increased until we have
become recognized as one of the leading real estate offices in Bos-
ton. My particular portion of the work has been the negotiating
of leases and sales in the down town business section of Boston
and other New England cities. My experience of over twenty years
in this business has gained a valuable acquaintance with most of
the large retail stores all over the country. We have endeavored
to so equip our office with maps and real estate data that we can
give valuable and accurate information on the down town busi-
ness section of all New England cities.

I have become very much interested in the work of the National
Association of Real Estate Boards and in this connection have
attended, during the past three years, executive committee meetings
in Washington, Atlanta, Kansas City and Chicago and am now
planning to attend the National Convention this year which will be
held in San Francisco, June 1, 2, and 3.

My work is most interesting and the building up of our business
has been a great pleasure, although it has involved an enormous
amount of work. I am associated in business with young men


whose energy and knowledge of the business has earned us a na-
tional reputation. Needless to say that in this environment of
energy, enthusiasm and success I am fit at all times mentally and

While I was getting well in New Hampshire I fell in love with
the country and later bought a farm in Deering, N. H. For the
past few years my brother-in-law has lived on this farm with his
family and keeps everything ship-shape.

My business takes me to all the principal cities of the country
and I often have the pleasure of renewing the acquaintances of old
college friends. My one regret is that I did not graduate with the

Member: Boston Real Estate Exchange, National Association of
Real Estate Boards.


Born at Louisville, Ky., Sept. 13, 1880. Parents: Otto A., Amy (Brandeis)
Wehle. School: Manual Training High School, Louisville, Ky.

Degrees: A.B. 1902; A.M. 1903; LL.B. 1904.

Married: Mary Gray Patterson Liddell, Louisville, Ky., May 17, 1911. Chil-
dren: Mark Liddell, May 25, 1917; Louis Brandeis, Jr., Dec. 28, 1918.

Occupation: Lawyer.

Address: (home) Tuckahoe Rd., Tuckahoe, N. Y.; (business) 111 Broadway,
New York, N. Y., and 1512 H St., N. W., Washington, D. C.

Y senior year was taken on leave in the Harvard Law School
from which I graduated in 1904. Returning then in the Fall
of 1904 (after a Summer on the staff of the District Attorney of
New York, Wm. T. Jerome), I began the practice of law in Louis-
ville, Ky., business and corporation law, but with a certain amount
of quasi public employment, being appointed Special Prosecutor
in 1906 and again in 1908, first to prosecute election offenses,
and later the perpetrators of mob destruction in Southern Ken-
tucky. My profession continued the even tenor of its way then
and in the years from 1910 to 1917 with a business and corporation
law practice, I found myself increasingly engaged in Interstate
Commerce cases and in litigation in Federal Courts. On the quasi
public side again, I was employed to represent a large group of
citizens opposed to certain public franchises; and also repesented
the Louisville Board of Trade in obtaining for the city's industries
railroad rates necessary for their proper development. While en-
joying thoroughly the private practice of my profession, I have
generally managed to employ it also in a semi-public way.


I have ridden any number of hobbies. They are not like horses;
you can swap them in mid-stream if you want to, and you're none
the worse, neither are the hobbies, because they can always find
some one else to ride 'em! No matter how happily our lives are
laid, there tends to be a sameness, largely due to the character
and demands of one's work. Then at least let the hobby be ever-
changing. I have traveled widely in the United States.

I was special prosecutor on occasions in Kentucky during 1906
to 1908; drafted legislation in Kentucky for public education,
against child labor, etc.; drafted certain Congressional legislation in
connection with railroads; served on various civic committees in
Louisville, such as Director of Associated Charities, director of
Kentucky Child Labor Association, director, Kentucky Conference
of Charities and Correction, etc.; by appointment of President Wil-
son, commissioner of Federal Electric Railways Commission, 1919
to 1920.

After twenty more years of life, lived hard and eagerly, I know
much less about it than I expected. "Growing up" evidently does
not consist in learning all the answers to all the questions of youth,
but rather in substituting deeper and still more unanswerable ques-
tions for the old ones which still remain unanswered. We should
be allowed to live keenly a thousand years or so!

War Service: Held the following Government positions: 1917,
counsel. General Munitions Board, and War Industries Board;
1917, special representative of Secretary of War in connection with
labor and in connection with transportation of materials to can-
tonments; 1917, counsel. Cantonment Labor Adjustment Commis-
sion; 1917, coimsel, Federal Shipbuilding Labor Adjustment
Board; 1918, counsel, U. S. Shipping Board, Emergency Fleet Cor-
poration; 1917-19; general counsel. War Finance Corporation,

Publications: Articles in The American Law Review, The
International Journal of Ethics, The Quarterly Journal of Eco"
nomics. The American Economic Review, The National Municipal

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