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compajiy, where I remained until 1918, when I left to take a posi-
tion with The Alden Spears Sons Co., where I have been ever
since. I am now manager of road oil department, also consulting
engineer for new equipment, machinery, refineries etc., in their
oil business, and it is a great game.

My hobbies are fishing and golf. My travels mostly have been
confined to the eastern coast states.

I have served six years on Melrose School Committee and one
year as president of the Melrose Y. M. C. A.; two years on the
Board of Directors, Melrose Humane Society.

Member: Melrose A. F. A. M., Mass. Highway Association,
Cambridge Board of Trade, Rexhame County Club.


Born at Somerville, Mass., Sept. 6, 1877. Parents: Charles Freeman,
Frances Anna N evens. School: High School, Concord, Mass.

Degree: A.B. 1902.

Married: Jeanne Fiat, Grenoble, France, June 11, 1910. Child: Odette
Marguerite, Sept. 11, 1912.

Occupation: Teacher.

Address: (temporary) 36 Saville St., Cambridge, Mass.i {permanent) c/ o
S. E. Lufkin, Nine Acre Corner, Concord, Mass.

SEPT. 1, 1902, to Jan. 1, 1904, engaged in business; March 1
to July 1, 1904, teacher of English in Comerio Grammar
School, Comerio, Porto Rico; Oct., 1904, to Sept., 1905, studying
and traveling in France and Germany; Sept., 1905, to Sept., 1906,
teacher of modern languages at the University Preparatory School,
Ithaca, N. Y.; Sept., 1906, to Sept., 1908, instructor in modern
languages at Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pa.; Summer of
1907, travelling in France, Germany, and Belgium; Sept., 1908,
to Sept., 1910, instructor in modern languages at New York Uni-
versity, New York City; Summer of 1909, spent in France at Gren-
oble, Isere; Summer of 1910, travelling in France and other
European countries; Sept., 1910, to June, 1912, instructor in mod-
ern languages at Case School of Applied Science, Cleveland, 0.;
Summers of 1911 and 1912, teaching at the Case Summer School;
Sept., 1912, to Jan., 1917, spent in France; Nov. 1, 1917, to June,
1922, assistant professor of modern languages at Tufts College, Mass.



Born at Albany, N. Y., Oct. 11, 1879. Parents: Robert C, Anna
{Williams) Pruyn. School: St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H.

Degree: (5. 1898-1902.)

Married: Betty Metcalf, New York, N. Y., Dec. 15, 1903. Children: Rob-
ert Lansing, Nov. 5, 1904; Ruth, May 5, 1906.

Occupation : Banker.

Address: {home) Mt. Kisco, N. Y., {business) 18 Broad St., New York,
N. Y.

[He adds nothing to data in Fifth Report.]

War Service : Was a candidate. Field Artillery Central Officers'
Training School, Camp Zachary Taylor, Ky.


Born at Great Bend, Kan., May 16, 1879. Parents: Chester, Elvira Alber-

tena {Davis) Sprague. School: Belmont Academy, Belmont, Mass.
Degree: (s. 1898-1900.)

Occupation: Real Estate.
Address: 599 Mt. Auburn St., Watertown, Mass.

AN attempt at an autobiography makes me feel much as I did
when a telegraph pole fell on me down in Southern California.
It happened like this; I got a job in a vineyard, the man who
hired me had a little defect in his speech, and I mistook the word
"raisin" for "raise." After I had worked a month I found that I
was to be paid in raisins. In the discussion on pay day something
was said that displeased me. I remember that I stood near a
telegraph pole, talking to several of the foremen, and as I drew a
little closer to the man that had hired me, something struck me
that felt not unlike a telegraph pole.

I remember the next day one of my fellow workers brought to
my room a bunch of raisins decorated with crepe. A day or two
later, I disposed of my raisins so as to net me about ten cents a
day for my labor. I availed myself of the opportunity of having
a private conference with the man who hired me.

I think the next place I stopped was' in Galveston, Texas; where
I got a job on the sea wall; and so on, my time was spent for the
first two years, after I left college, in which I travelled about
18,000 miles in the United States, availing myself of hundreds of
valuable experiences.

On returning to Massachusetts, I got a job in a lumber yard,


and eleven years later, I sold out the business to a corporation.
In connection with the retail lumber business, I operated a timber
lot in Vermont of considerable size, thinking that perhaps the
lumber manufacturer was making all the money. I very soon
found out that manufacturing lumber was a business by itself; I
lost money so fast that I had a bad touch of "lumber sickness."
Every time I go within twenty-five miles of that timber lot now,
I feel as if a mule had kicked me in the stomach. Growing out
of the lumber business was an ever strengthening interest in real
estate development, so I have devoted the last ten years of my
life to this business; the firm name is Harris & Sprague, Inc. It
has been our privilege to help more than 1,000 families to own a

My leisure time I spend in fishing, hunting, "antiquing," paint-
ing, and music. I do not feel that I am old enough to be married;
perhaps within the next two or three years I will arrive at a marriage-
able age. Every year I try to take a trip somewhere in North or
South America. I have travelled about 200,000 miles since leaving


Alfred Greenleaf Barnett, Jr.

Ralph Paine Benedict

Philip W. Blake

Warren Dennison Bowerman

Arthur Alexander Bradley

Alexander Raymond Carney

Walter H. Claflin

Paul A. Collins

Floyd M. Cronkrite

Arthur T. Emery

John Van Lear Findlay

Edgar Block Frank

William James Francis Eraser

Charles Crowinshield Frye

Ferdinand Vaughan Gasquet

Jacob Meyer Gates

Frank D. B. Gay

Reuben John Hall

Frank W. Harris

James Howard Hazlett

Milton C. Holt

Joseph Jenson

James Albert Keating

Fred Kimball

William H. Knight

Hugo Kratzenstein
Ambrose James Lambert
George Campbell Lawrence
Frederick Cleland Lindsley
John Adrian McAleer
John Albert MacDonnell
John Maxwell MacFarland
Guy Barker McLean
Edward H. Moeller
Edward Murphy
Thomas Thompson Paine
Harry Forrester Perkins
Robert R. Pollak
Joseph Reed
David Swing Ricker
George Charles Ristow
Herbert A. Sage
Charles Oerting Schuler
Sidney K. Singer
Ivan L Stanley
Emil H. Stone
Robert Tevis
Howard Currier Travis
Carrol Wilmont Webster
Louis Wertheimer



The men listed below, in spite of every effort made by the Secretary,
including telegrams and telephone messages, have not put in statistics, al-
though it is assumed that the various notices were received. The Secretary,
therefore, has not forwarded to them copies of this report, nor will he do
so until he receives some information from them as to their correct address,

Percy Demmarae Betts, Harvard Club, 27 West Mth St., New York, N. Y.
Antonio Alfredo Capotosto, 1005 Grosvenor Bldg., Providence, R. I.
Ernest Bunce Chaffee, 17 Edwin Street, Dorchester, Mass.
Frank Merritt Clark, c/o Birmingham National Bank, Derby, Conn.
Frederick Bronson Colby, with U. S. S. "Scorpion," at Constantinople.
Howard Cocks Dickinson, War Dept. General Staff, Operations & Training

Division, Washington, D. C.
Julian Ellis Dow, American Casting Company, Birmingham, Ala.
Hermann Theodor Fick, Milwaukee Country Day School, Milwaukee, Wis.
WiLLARD Haywood Frye, 19 Bridge St., Newton, Mass.
James Hunter Gault, 226 Pine St., Providence, R. I.
William David Haviland, 29 Avenue de Tuillet, Limoges, France.
Ralph Mahon Henderson, Sante Fe, New Mexico.
Fletcher Beech Holmes, Box 525, Wilmington, Delaware.
Lyman Charles Hurd, Jr., 125 Central St., Somerville, Mass.
Charles Joseph Hurley, 102 Bedford St., Fall River, Mass.
Benjamin Percy James, 14 Warland St., Cambridge, Mass.
Sidney Walter Kaufmann, 43 Exchange PL, New York, N. Y.
David G. Kinney, R. F. D., #75, Covina, Calif.
George William McClelland, South Latch's Lane, Merion, Pa.
Thomas Jefferson McKay, 415 Moreland Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Edwin Walter Mills, 24 E. Tsung Pu Hutung, Peking, China.
Caspar Wistar Morris, Land Title Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa.
Royal Kellum Peirce, 1423 Cleveland Ave., Burlington, Iowa.
Charles Albert Read, University of Cincinnati Library, Cincinnati, 0.
William Pomeroy Sayre, 26 Old Broad St., London, E. C, England.
Henry J. Schlesinger, 477 Lafayette Rd., Milwaukee, Wis.
Julius Orrin Schwill, Traders' Bldg, Chicago, 111.
Paul Shortt Smith, West Barrington, R. /.
Frank Eliot Sweetser, 53 State St., Boston 9, Mass.

Carl Alden Sylvester, Tramway Light & Power Co., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Frederick de Peyster Townsend, "Brookwood," Cooperstoivn, New York.
Forbes Watson, Harbor Springs, Michigan.
Harry Oscar Wood, Cosmos Club, Washington, D. C.
Samuel Wyllys Wyllys-Pomeroy, W. Coalgate, Okla.


Sprague Abbott, Omaha, Neb., January 28, 1910

Alexander Abu-khalil, New York, N. Y., July 9, 1903

Ernest White Arnold, Corvallis, Oregon

Frank Dickinson Bartlett, Munich, Bavaria, July 15, 1900

Wade Carleton Belcher, Randolph, Mass., July 13, 1900

Oscar Grant Berry, Boston, Mass., February 25, 1910

Robert Sterling Blair, Brooklyn, N. Y., January 1, 1911

Charles Ellsworth Burbank, Elmwood, Mass., March 4, 1918

Arthur Scott Burden, White Plains, N. Y., June 15, 1921

Frank Burgess, Boston, Mass., June 29, 1906

Hollis Burgess, Brooldine, Mass., August 6, 1918

Andre Cheronnet-Champollion, killed in action at Bois-le-Pretre, France,
March 23, 1915

Edward Henry Cole, died in France of wounds received in action, June 18,

Joseph Henry Converse, 2d, Boston, Mass., January 21, 1905

Charles Winslow Coxen, New Bedford, Mass., March 9, 1902

Herbert DeBray, Schuyler, Neb., August 13, 1900

Arthur Sturgis Dixey, Seoul, Korea, July 26, 1905

Emmett Franklin Eldredge, Albuquerque, N. Mex., September 4, 1919

Richard Ambrose Fitz-Gibbon, December 22, 1911

Charles Shattuck Fletcher, Saranac Lake, N. Y., September 13, 1903
Waldo Emerson Forbes, Milton, Mass., June 17, 1917
Arthur Bowers Flanagan, August 6, 1920
John Gaii,lard, Jr., New Orleans, La., September 23, 1919.
Fitzhugh Coyle Goldsborough, New York, N. Y., January 23, 1911
Joseph William Gilles, Gary, Ind., January 30, 1913
Howard Story Gray, Santa Barbara, Calif., June 30, 1907
William Wilder Hall, Lakefield, N. J., October 6, 1918
Clifton Ham, North Yakima, Wash., February 1, 1920
Edward William Hamill, Los Angeles, Calif., June 30, 1909
George Irving Hayes, Dorchester, Mass., March 9, 1902
Charles Rapollo Henderson, Saranac Lake, N. Y., March 23, 1912
Mark Hopkins, Jr., Newtown, Pa., February 1, 1914
Howard Clark Hoyt, Changsha, China, November 22, 1907
Grenville Howland Ingalsbe, Sandy Hill, N. Y., February 26, 1910



Frank Ortelle Johnson, Schenectady, N. Y., February 15, 1903

Stillman Randolph Kelley, Camden, Me., May 24, 1911

Frank Skapleigh King, Lebanon, Conn., August 7, 1905

Lucius James Knowles, London, England, November 26, 1920

Fred H. Lathrop, Boston, Mass.

Charles Edward Leighton, Colorado Springs, Colo.; August 16, 1908

George Randall Lewis, Worcester, Mass, September 28, 1913

John Henry Lewis, Jr., Boston, Mass., February 10, 1920

Henry Weidemann Locke, New York, N. Y., April 7, 1905

Gilbert Haven Luce, South Berwick, Me., February 11, 1902

Hugh Aloysius McBreen, Roxbury, Mass., December 8, 1903

Louis Ronald McDonald, Liverpool, England, September 1919

John Keith Mahon, Ottumwa, la., March 27, 1921

Samuel Margolies

Walter James Mayers, Dorchester, Mass., January 29, 1918

GaBERT SiMRALL Meem, Seattle, Wash., January 25, 1904

James Edward Meyers, Hartford, Conn., January 4, 1919

Chester Frank Packard, South Framingham, Mass., January 16, 1906

Frank Peter Parker, Jr., East Milton, Mass., December 19, 1920

Charles Platt, 3d, Saranac Lake, N. Y., August 21, 1918

Irwin La Verne Powers, Niagara Falls, N. Y., August 28, 1909

Albert Strange Reese, Innsbruck, Austria, August 26, 1900

William Griffin Reilly, Bethlehem, Pa., January 21, 1904

Lincoln Ware Riddle, Cambridge, Mass., January 16, 1921

Arthur Lawrence Robson, Salem, Mass., November 10, 1900

Richard Littlehale Saville, Newton, Mass., July 6, 1915

Schuyler Bussing Serviss, Amsterdam, N. Y., June 18, 1909

Paul Cutler Shipman, Ipswich, Mass., September 18, 1900

Elbert Walker Shirk, Chicago, 111., September 6, 1919

Roger Wiley Simmons, New York, N. Y., January 27, 1913

V/iLLiAM Wilson Sloan, January 26, 1913

Ernest Harold Sparrow, Cambridge, Mass., August 27, 1912

Emile Ludwig Strauss, Cleveland, O., December 11, 1918

Arthur White Talmadge, Prescott, Ariz., January 10, 1910

Frederick Maximilian Tenney, Boston, Mass., February 22, 1900

Harold Rollins Wade, Washington, D. C, April 19, 1909

William Alfred Warnock, Colorado Springs, Colo., 1909

HosMER Charles Wheeler, Los Angeles, Calif., June 1, 1921

Chester L. Whitmore, Winthrop, Mass., September 10, 1902

Joseph Grinnell Wu.lis, Los Angeles, Calif., June 21, 1919

Bradlee Williams, Springfield, Mass., November 19, 1914

Henry Duncan Wood, Frankford Arsenal, Pa., October 25. 1918


(The following list contains members of the Class who served in the World
War, and indicates only the nature of their service. Details of their war
service are included in their Biographies under "Records of the Class."
The letters (F. 5.) appear after the names of those who saw foreign service.)

Abraham, J. H., Trade Committee Work for Liberty Loan and Red Cross

Adams, J. W., Capt., Law Enforcement Div. {F. S.)

Aldrich, C. E., Trade Committee Work for Liberty Loan; Red Cross

Allyn, p. M., Ambulance driver; candidate, Central Machine Gun 0. T. C,

Camp Hancock, Ga.
Ayres, H. M., Red Cross; Draft Board; 2d Lieut. Conn. State Guard

Bach, M. J., Govt. Appeal Agent, Local Board 38, N. Y. C; Capt. F. A. R. C.

Backus, L. M., Sgt. unofficial military training school, Univ. of Wash.

Bailey, A. S., Mass. State Guard

Barlow, H., Civilian employee. Construction Div., U. S. A.

Barnard, C. A., Chief, Registry Div., Bu. of Imports, War Trade Bd., Ass't.

Div. Judge Advocate
Barnard, R. C, Railroad Construction, Canada
Barnes, D. C, Red Cross

Bartlett, W. B., \st Lieut. Med. Corps, U. S. A.
Baxter, C. N., Campaign Director, Am. Library Ass'n.
Beal, a. R., Red Cross
Bernbaum, E., Liberty Loan
Billings, C. O., Draft Board, Red Cross

Birckhead, M. H., French Army, American Ambulance (F. S.)
Blagdon, C, Major, Inf. (F. S.)
Blake, J. A. L., Pvt., Engrs.
Blanchard, a.. Red Cross, Y. M. C. A., Liberty Loan, 1st Motor Corps, M.

S. G.
Bland, R. H., Local Exemption Board
BoARDMAN, W. P., Capt., Med. Corps
Boothby, W. M., Major, Med. Corps (F. S.)
Bowdoin, W. G., Jr., Div. Personnel Adj. (F. S.)
BoYNTON, E. B., Pvt., Home Guard Bu.
Bradley, J. G., Draft Board
Brandmiller, H., Jr., Draft Board
Branson, J. H., Draft Board
Brooks, L. G., Local Advisory Board
Brooks, W. D., Fuel Conservation Com.
Brownell, M. R., Red Cross, Y. M. C. A., Draft Board
Busier, T. S., \st Lieut. A^'r Service
Buckingham, T. N., Sergeant, Inf.
BuDD, K. P., Major, Inf. (F. S.)
Bulkley, R, J., Special Legal Adviser, War Dept.

Butler, P. F., Instructor, Army X-Ray School and Harvard Med. School



Calhoun, F. P., Major, Med. Corps

Campbell, D. C, Sgt., U. S. A. {F. S.)

Carleton, G. E., Red Cross, Y. M. C. A., and Liberty Bond Drives

Carlton, H. A., Chemical Warfare Service

Carpenter, G. 0., Jr., Liberty Loan Campaigns

Carroll, H. H., Pvt., 1st Prov. Tr. Regiment, Plattsburgh, N. Y.

Carter, F. C, Y. M. C. A. Drive and Liberty Loan Com.

Carson, J. 0., Div. of Films, Com. on Pub. Inf.

Carstairs, J., Capt., Red Cross

Champion, M. E., Mass. Com. on Public Safety

Channing, H. M., Legal adviser to Council of National Defense

Chapin, L. D., Draft Board

Chase, J. D., Drive worker

Chase, W. F., Liberty Loan and Red Cross Drives

Cheronnet-Champollion, a., Pvt., French Army {F. S.)

Child, W. H., U. S. Shipping Board, and Recruiting Service

Christiernin, C. L., Draft Board

Chukb, H. C, Liberty Loan Drives, and Exemption Board work

Church, M. LeB., Red Cross, Liberty Loan, Home Guard

Clark, L. C, Jr., Lieut., U. S. N., R. F.

Clay, C. L., Home Defense Police of Penn.

Clifford, J. H., Capt., Inf. (F. S.)

Cobb, O. H., Psychiatrist, Med. Adv. Board

Coffin, F. P., Assisted on U. S. Naval Consulting Board and Submarine De-
fense Ass'n.

CoKER, F. W., Drive worker

Colby, H. W., Drive worker

Cole, E. B., Major, U. S. Marine Corps {F. S.)

Collier, W. P., Drive worker

Cook, L. J., Red Cross, Y. M. C. A., and Liberty Loan Drives; Home Guard

Cook, Walter, Jr., Drive worker, on local Draft Board, private in State

Covel, B., Pvt., Motor Corps, State Guard

Cram, R. J., Drive worker. Legal Advisory Board, State Guard

Crane, W. M., Red Cross, Liberty Loan Campaigns

Cushman, E. G., Drive worker. Red Cross, Draft Board

Dabney, G. B., Major J. A. G. D. (F. S.)

Davidge, J. W., Lieut. Col., U. S. A.

Day, R. M., Drive worker

De Coster, C. C, Red Cross (F. S.)

Devens, a. L., Boston Motor Corps, Drive worker

Dewes, E. P., Navy Recruiting and Drive work

Dillingham, W. F., Major, Q. M. C.

Dodge, A., Major, Inf. (F. S.)

DowNES, D. S., Red Cross (F. S.)

Dudley, B. W., Pvt., F. A., C. O. T. S.

Dudley, H. C, Capt., Engrs. (F. 5.)

Durant, a., Construction work for Navy and War Departments

Earle, R. S., Draft Board

Eaton, C. C, Norton Harjes Amb. Ser., Air Service, Balloon Sec, A. E. F.,
Red Cross (F. S.)


Eaton, W. D., Drive worker

Edgell, C, Red Cross, Lieut., Dept. Civil Affairs

Ehrenfried, a., Inst., Tr. Sch. Military Surgeons

Ellis, J. H., Serg. 1st Class. Q. M. C. (F. S.)

Ells, A. E., Capt., Grd. Dept.

Elsas, L. J., Capt., Q. M.

Ely, W. B., Draft Board

Emerson, K. B., Home Guard

Emery, F. I., Pvt. 1st Motor Corps, Mass. State Guard

Emmons, W. B., Drive worker

Emory^ G. B., Capt., Med. Dept., U. S. A.

Farley, F. C, In office of chief of Ordnance, Washington, D. C.

Farlow, J. S. 1st Lieut., Am. Field Ser. {F. S.)

Faxon, C. W., Capt., Inf. (F. S.)

Faxon, N. W., Major, Med. Reserve Corps (F. S.)

Fay, T. B., Capt., Inf. (F. S.)

Fischel, W., Lieut. Col. Med. Dept., U. S. A. {F. S.)

Fitch, R. R., Lieut. Col., M. R. C. {F. S.)

FiTZPATRiCK, J. H., Military Intelligence

FiTZPATRiCK, P. E., Drive worker

Movius, H. L, Capt., F. A. {F. S.)

Franklin, G. S., Counsel, War Finance Corp

Frothingham, C., Lieut. Col., M. C. N. A.

Frothingham, L. p., Capt., Ord. Dept., U. S. A.

Garcelon, D. D. F., Plattsburg Training Corp

Gates, H. B., Drive worker

George, W. H., Volunteer, Norton-Harjes Amb. Corps (F. S.)

Gibson, J. A., Y. M. C. A. (F. S.)

Godfrey, H. W., Draft board

GoELET, R., Capt., Inf. (F. S.)

GoELET, R. W., Capt., U. S. A. (F. S.)

Goldthwait, J. W., Capt., Military Intelligence Div.

GooDELL, R. H., Capt., Chem. Warfare Service

Green, L. L., Draft Board, Mass. State Guard

Green, R. M., Am. Red Cross, State Guard

Gregg, D., Liberty Bond drives

Grew, J. C., Diplomatic service

Griswold, a. H., Draft board

Grossman, I., Draft Board

Hale, R. K., Col. F. A., U. S. A., (F. S.)

Hamburger, L. S., Draft board. Drive worker

Hardon, J. B., Pvt. 1st Motor Corps

Hartt, D. N., War Industries Board

Hartwell, R. K., In office of Aid for Information, 1st Naval Dist., U. S. N.

Harwood, J. A., Drive worker

Head, W. D., Drive ivorker. Bureau of War Risk Insurance
Htgley, W. M., Commission of Public Safety
Hildebrant, p. W., Draft Board
Hill, J. F., Y. M. C. A. {F. S.)
Hirst, G. C., Drive worker. Home Guard


Hoffman, W. W., Major, Air Service, Military Aeronautics. (F. S.)
HoLLiSTER, B. A., State Guard. Draft Board
Hooper, P. M., 1st Lieut., Q. M. C.
House, H. B., Drive worker. Draft Board
HoYLE, A. E., Drive worker. State Guard
HoYT, C. W., Major, Med. Corp {F. S.)
Hoyt, F. C, Drive worker. State Guard

HuNNEWELL, F. W., Served on Education and Sp. Training War Plans Div.,
Washington, D. C.

Ingalls, H. B., Capt., F. S. B. Sig. Corps {F. S.)

Jackson, C. E., Mass. State Guard

Jamieson, W. D., Machinists' Mate, U. S. N. R. F.

Janes, R. F., Draft Board

Johnson, A. F., Capt., Ord. Dept.

Jones, F. K., Drive worker

Jones, J. P., Drive worker

JuNKiN, J. DeF., Jr., Capt., Inf. (F. S.)

Keller, R. H., Major, S. C, U. S. A. (F. S.)
Kendall, E. H., 2nd Lieut., Air Service
Kent, G. R., Drive worker
KiBBEY, W. B., Jr., Inf. 0. C. T. S.
King, C. H., Major, Inf. (F. S.)
KiNNicuTT, R., Major, M. C, U. S. A. (F. S.)

Knowles, H. S., 1st Lieut., State Guard. Bureau of Air Craft Prod., Wash.
D. C.

Lang, M., 2nd Lieut., Inf., State Guard

Lawrence, R., Am. Amb. Field Service. (F. S.)

Lay, C. D., U. S. Housing Corp

Lee, B. B., Drive worker

Lee, R. L, Lieut.-Col., Med. Corps (F. S.)

Lehmann, S., Pvt., F. A., U. S. A.

Lewis, E., State Guard

Lilienthal, J. L., War Industries Board

Lincoln, A. R., Draft Board

LiNDSLEY, H., Ord. Dept., U. S. A. (F. S.)

Love, J. A., Dept. of Justice, Draft Board

Lovering, C. T., Capt., F. A., U. S. A. (F. S.)

Low, G. W., Food Conservation Com.

Lymann, R. T., Major, Air Service, U. S. A.

McCarthy, C. A., Liberty Loan Campaign
McCarthy, C. P., Drive worker
MACKINNON, B. A., Drive worker
MacLeod, N. M., Drive worker. Draft Board
Mahon, J. K., National Guard. Red Cross
Maloney, J. J., Liberty Bond Campaign
Mearns, W. H., Moral Officer, Hosp. Ser.
Metcalf, C. R., Lieut.-Col., Med. Corps (F. S.)
Metcalf, E. H., Bur. Aircraft Production


Metcalf, E. T. H., 1st. Lieut., F. A. {F. S.)

Meylan, G. L., Y. M. C. a., and S. A. T. C. (F. 5.)

MoNTROSS, A. G., 1st Lieut. Military Intelligence Div. {F. S.)

MoRAN, C. L., Lieut-Corn. U. S. N.

Morgan, E. M., Jr., Major, Judge Advocate General's, O. R. C.

Morris, R. W., Inf., M. N. G.

Morse, A. H., Capt., Inf. U. S. A.

Motley, E., Drive worker. Pvt., Motor Corps, M. S. G.

Motley, J. L., Major, Q. M. R. C.

Movius, H. L., Capt., F. A. {F. S.)

Nash, P. M., Draft Board

Norwood, C. A., Draft Board

Noyes, G. A.,lst Lieut., State Guard

NoYES, R. B., Lieut., U. S. N. (F. S.)

Nye, E. B., Statistician, U. S. Emergency Fleet Corp

O'CoNNELL, J. E., Draft Board

O'DowD, E. F., Capt., Inf.

O'GiBBY, R. B., Capt., Chaplain. U. S. A.

O'Reilly, J. A., Draft Board. Med. Reserve Corps

Palmer, P. M., Draft Board

Parker, F. P., Jr., Liberty Loan Campaigns. Pvt. Home Guard

Paul, A. F., 1st Sgt., Home Guard

Peabody, C. "S., With Shipping Board

Peckham, T. p., Capt., U. S. A. (F. S.)

Peirce, B. H., p. a. Surgeon, Lieut., U. S. N. R. F.

Penniman, F. W., Drive worker

Pettit, T. B., Liberty Loan Campaigns

Pew, H. G., Cook, Mass. State Guard

Phelps, G. M., Capt., Med. Corps (F. S.)

Pike, H. E., Red Cross, Liberty Loan, Draft Board

Piper, C. D., Drive Worker. Draft Board

Pitkin, W. H., Jr., Confidential work for Gov.

Pratt, G. W., Major, Ord., U. S. A.

Rainsford, R. S., Capt., A. S., S. C. R.

Rand, L. W., Major, Q. M. C, U. S. A.

Reardon, D. B., Major, Med. Corps, U. S. A. (F. S.)

Reed, C., Capt. Med. Corps

Rice, A. G., Teacher, M. O. T. C.

Richards, G., Capt. Engrs., U. S. R. (F. S.)

Richardson, C. T., Liberty Loan. Pvt., Coast Art. N. Y. G.

Richardson, E. P., Major, Med. Corps (F. S.)

RiCKER, E. A., Food Administration Com.

RoBBiNS, R. W., 2nd. Lieut., M. S. G.

Robinson, C. B., Drive worker. Draft Board, Pvt. Home Guard

Rothschild, C. G., Drive worker

Rowley, J. C., Capt., Med. Corps

RuMSEY, C. C., Capt., F. A.. (F. S.)

RussE, F. W., Drive worker

Russell, C. D., Ord. Dept., U. S. A.


Russell, C. T., Drive worker

Sawtell, F. M., Major, Inf. (F. 5.)

Sawyer, J. M., 1st Lieut., Engrs. {F. S.)

Sawyer, W. A., Major, Med. Reserve Corps

ScHOENFUSS, A. J., State Guard

ScHWEPPE, C. H., Red Cross, Liberty Loan Campaigns

Scott, R. G., Major, Ord. Dept. (F. S.)

Seager, S. F. Liberty Loan Campaigns. Home Guard

Seaverns, C. F. T., Drive worker

Seavey, W. a., Capt., Inf. (F. S.)

Sedgwick, R., Jr., Capt., Air Service, M. A.

Sheahan, G. M., Capt., Med. Corps (F. S.)

Shepard, F. M., Capt., Ord. Dept.

Shepard, W. J., Capt., Ord. Dept.

Shirk, E. W., Lieut, (j.g.) Navy Flying Corps (F. S.)

Shuebruk, W., Red Cross. Draft Board. State Guard

Shute, B. T., Liberty Bond Campaigns

Smith, A. M., Chemical Warfare Service

Smith, J. H., Jr., Lieut., U. S. N. (F. S.)

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