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*Ang. 39.21 [Marston, Edward. J An amateur angler's days in Dove
Dale; or, Howl spent my three weeks' holiday, July 24 —
Aug. 14, 1884. London. 1884. 16°. pp. viii., 88.
Illiistr. title-page.

" Only 100 copies printed."

The " prefatory note " is signed " E. M."

The illustrated title-page is on India paper, mounted.

*Ang. 39.4 [Marston, Edward.] Fresh woods and pastures new.
By the author of " An amateur angler's days in Dove Dale,"
etc. London. 1887. 8°.

The " introductory note " is signed " E. M."

Contains accounts of fishing in the Teme, the Lugg, and other streams,
given in the form of letters, many of which were written for the Fishing

VIII. 391 (vi) Marston, Robert Bright. Coarse fish culture. Wdcts.
{In London, Eng. — International fisheries exhibition,

1883. The fisheries exhibition literature, 1884, 8°, vi.

Ang. 49.46.11 Marston, Robert Bright. The cultivation of fresh-
water fish other than salmonidse. Prize essay. London.

1884. 8°. pp.10. Plate. (London, Eng. — Interna-
tional fisheries exhibition, 1883. [The fisheries exhibition
literature, xi. 6.])

Also another edition.
Ang. 12.30 Marston, Robert Bright. Walton, and some earlier
writers on fish and fishing. London. 1894. sm. 8°.
(The book-lover's library.)

"Deals at greater length with the principal works referred to than is the
case in any other single volume," — Introductory .

The "earlier writers" mentioned are Juliana Barnes, Leonard Mascall,
John Dennys, Gervase Markham, Thomas Barker, etc.

Ang. 18.54.9 Martin, James, angler. The angler's guide ; the most
complete and practical ever written. With a minute de-
scription of tackle, baits, etc., and all the places for angling
within twenty miles of London. To which is added a
laughable story, entitled " The three jolly anglers." Lon-
don. 1854. 16°. Front.

*Ang. 18.82.4 Martin, John William. Float fishing and spinning in
the Nottingham style ; being a treatise on the so-called
coarse fishes, with instructions for their capture. Includ-
ing a chapter on pike fishing. London. 1882. sm. 8°.
8 plates.

Plate I is used as a frontispiece.

This work describes the style of angling employed on the Trent. "The
Trent angler is supposed to be the most scientific of bottom fishermen in the
kingdom." — Preface.

Martingale, psendon. See White, .


■A-Qg. 50-49 Maryland — Commissioner of fisheries. Report, 1876-
1878. 3 pam. in i vol. Annapolis, etc. 1876-78. 8°.
Fronts., plates, map, etc.

Ang. 15.90 Mascall, Leonard. A booke of fishing with hooke and
line. Reprinted from the edition of 1530, with preface and
glossary by Thomas Satchell. London. 1884. sm. 4°.
pp. X., (2), 52. Wdcts.

This is a reprint of the first part of Mascall's work whose full title reads:
" A booke of fishing with hooke & line, and of all other instruments thereunto
belonging. Another of sundrie engines and trapps to take polecats, eic. Made
by L. M."

' ' A compilation made by a practical angler from the ' Treatyse of fyshynge
wyth an angle ' [of Juliana Barnes], from ' L'agriculture et maison rustique ' of
Charles Estienne, and other sources." — Preface.

On the first fly-leaf is the autograph of the editor.

Ang. 50.50 Massachusetts — Commissioiiers for the artificial propa-
gation of fish. Report of commissioners appointed under
resolve of 1856, chap. 58, concerning the artificial propa-
gation of fish. [With other documents. Boston. 1857.]
8°. pp. 54. (Senate, no. 193.)

" Pisciculture," by Jules Haime, pp. 19-54.

Ang. 50.50 Massacliusetts — Commissioners of fisheries. [2d— 22d
annual] report of the commissioners for [1867]— 1887
(in 2 vol.). Boston. 1868-88. 8°. Front. , maps, plates, &\.z.

The 5th-20th reports have the title, " Report of the commissioners on in-
land fisheries;" that for 1886 is called " Report of the fish and game commis-
sioners," and that for 1887, "Report of the commissioners on inland fish-
eries and game." The 6th report contains a collection of the laws of Mas-
sachusetts relating to inland fisheries, 1623- 1871.

Another set, containing the ist report, in the pamphlet
Ang. 46.25 Massachusetts — Zoological and botanical survey. Re-
port on the invertebrata of Massachusetts, comprising the
mollusca, Crustacea, annelida, and radiata; [by A. A.
Gould]. Cambridge. 1841. 8°. Wdcts. znd le, plates.

Chiefly devoted to mollusca.

The illustrations were drawn from nature by the author.

46.75 Another copy.

46.80 The same. 2d ed., comprising the mollusca. By

A. A. Gould; edited by W. G. Binney. Boston. 1870.

8°. Wdcts. and 1 2 plates.

The illustrations are entirely new. All but one of the plates are colored.

Ang. 46.26 Massachusetts — Zoological and botanical survey. Re-
ports on the fishes, reptiles, and birds of Massachusetts.
Boston. 1839. 8°. ^plates.

Contents : — Storer, D. H. Reports on the ichthyology and herpetology
of Massachusetts. — Peabody, W. B. O. A report on the ornithology of
46.29 Another copy.


Ang. 18.52.3 Massas, Charles de. Le pScheur a la mouche artifi-
cielle, et le p^cheur a toutes lignes. 3^ ed., augmentee de
plusieurs chapitres. Paris. [186-.] 18°. Port, and


1st edition, 1852. A " 2e ed., augmentee de plusieurs chapitres," appeared
in 1861.

Ang. 49.46.7 Massey-Mainwaring, William Frederick Barton. The
preservation of fish life in rivers by the exclusion of town
sewage. London. 1883. 8°. pp. 37- (LONDON, Eng.
— International fisheries exhibition, 1883. [The fisheries
exhibition literature, vii. 2.])
Also another edition.

Ang. 32.8 Mast, Isaac. The gun, rod, and saddle ; or, Nine
months in California. Philadelphia. 1875. 16°. Frotit.
and plates.

Ang. 50.63 Mather, Fred. Memoranda relating to Adirondack
fishes, with descriptions of new species ; from researches
made in 1882. Albany. 1886. 8°. pp. (2), 56. Plate.

From the appendix to the 12th report on the survey of the Adirondack
region of New York. " Printed in advance of the report."

Ang. 50.63 The same. [Revised to 1889. J Plate. {Ap-
pended to New York {State) — Commissioners of fisheries.
i8th report, 1890, 8°, pp. 124-182.)

Ang. 49.43 Matthey, Albert. Sur la p^che de la truite a Vallorbes,
Suisse, ct. Vaud. 3 plates. {In HERBERT, David, editor.
Fish and fisheries, 1883, 8°, pp. 207-225.)

Maxims and hints for an angler. 1868. 12°. See
[Penn, Richard].

*Ang. 1.50 Mayer, Alfred Marshall, editor. Sport with gun and rod
in American woods and waters. New York. [cop. 1883.]
1. 8°. pp. 888. Illustr.

Most of the articles were originally published in the Century.

The illustrations are by J. H. Mills, J. C. Beard, C. C. Ward, etc. Eleven
of them are Japan proofs, mounted.

Articles on fish: — The primitive fish-hook; by Barnet Phillips. — Trout-
fishing in the Rangeley lakes; by Edward Seymour. — Black bass fishing; by
J. A. Henshall. — In the haunts of bream and bass; [a poem] by Maurice
Thompson. — Salmon-fishing; by A. G. Wilkinson. — Striped bass; by Fran-
cis Endicott. -Porpoise-shooting; by C. C. Ward. — The Michigan grayling;
by Thaddeus Norris. — Sea-trout fishing; by A. R. Macdonough. — The hal-
cyon in Canada; by John Burroughs. — Among the Thousand Islands; by
Howard Pyle. — The split bamboo rod; by William Mitchell and L. D.
Alexander. — On the invention of the reel; by A. M. Mayer. — Relation
between the weight and length of brook-trout; by W. H. Ellis. — A fight
with a trout; by C. D. Warner.

"How to mount a bird; by F. A. Lucas," pp. 833-853.

"Bow-shooting; by Maurice Thompson," pp. 854-879.


*Ang. 18. 15.7 Mayer, John. The sportsman's directory, and park
& gamekeeper's companion ; being a series of instructions,
in ten parts, for the chase, coursing, shooting, fishing, etc.
To which is added an appendix. 7th ed., comprising the
most recent changes in the theory and practice of sporting.
London. 1845. 16°. Wdcts.

Anglmg, pp. 63-64, 118-128, 172-173.

Mayer's original work has been enlarged and almost wholly re-written by
the editor of the present volume.

Ang. 39.53 Medwin, Thomas. The angler in Wales ; or, Days and
nights of sportsmen. 2 vol. London. 1834. '8°. Fronts.
and wdcts.

Chatto in his " Angler's souvenir " says of this work: " He might as well
have . . . called his book the Angler in Hindostan. Independent of the
misnomer, it is not written in the spirit of an angler."

Vol. ii. consists principally of travellers' tales, etc., and contains very little
on angling.

*Ang. I.I Meidinger, Karl, freiherr vON. .Icones piscium Aus-
triae indigenorum, quos coUegit vivisque coloribus ex-
pressos edidit. 5 pt. in i vol. Viennae Austriae. 1785—
94. f°. Col. vigns. and 50 col. plates.
46.61 Another copy of i., ii.

■^S- 47-35 Meunier, Victor. Les grandes p^ches. 2*^ ed. Illus-
tree par E. Riou et A. Mesnel. Paris. 1871. sm. 8°.
Wdcts. (BiBLlOTHEQUE des merveilles.)

Ang. 18. 81. 5 Meyer, J., assistant in the fischziicht-anstalt at Hilnin-
gen. Handbuch des fischerei-sport ; praktischer leitfaden
zur fischkunde, zum betriebe der angel-und netzfischerei,
wie der fischzucht. Nebst anhang iiber fischfeinde, natur-
geschichte, fang und zucht der krebse. Auf grund der
neuesten erfahrungen bearbeitet. Wien,^fc. 1881. sm. 8°.
Illustr. title-page and wdcts.

Ang. 50.68 Michigan — Commissioners and superintendent on fish-
eries. ist-4th report for 1873/74—1879/80. Lansing.
1875-81. 8°.

*Ang. 38.22 Milford, John. Norway and her Laplanders in 1841.
With a few hints to the salmon fisher. London. 1842. 8°.
10^.96 Another copy.

Ang. 18.78 [Millard, E. E.J Random casts ; or. Odds and ends from
an angler's note book. ByE.M.E. New York. 1878. 16°.

*Ang. 44.59 Mills, John, novelist. The life of a foxhound. 2d ed.
London. 1861. 8° Front. m\A plates.

*Ang. 18.45.7 Mills, John, novelist. The sportsman's library. Edin-
burgh. 1845. 8°. Port, dind plates.

Contents : — The hunter. — On hunting and hounds. — Shooting. — Game,
sporting dogs, &c. — Fishing.


Ang. 49.46.11 Miln, W. S. Scotch east coast, Orkney and Shet-
land, Lewis and Barra herring fishing. Prize essay. Lon-
don. 1884. 8°. pp.44. Plates, map, ^.n^Lwdct. (LON-
DON, £■«_"•. — International fisheries exhibition, 1883. [The
fisheries exhibition hterature, xi. 11.])

Also another edition.
Ang. 49.46.6 Milne-Home, David. Salmon and salmon fisheries.
London. 1883. 8°. pp.58. (LONDON, Eng. — Inter-
national fisheries exhibition, 1883. [The fisheries exhibi-
tion literature, vi. 5.])

Also another edition.

[Milnor, William, yV. J An authentic historical memoir
of the Schuylkill fishing company. 1830. 8°. See
Schuylkill fishing company, Philadelphia, Penn.
Ang. 50-95 Minnesota — Fish commissioners. ist— 7th annual re-
port of the commissioners, [for 1874J-1880 (in i vol.).
Saint Paul, ^/c. 1875-81. 8°. Wdct.
•Ang. 44.60 [Mitchell, Donald Grant. ] Wet days at Edgewood
with old farmers, old gardeners, and old pastorals. By the
author of "My farm of Edgewood." New York. 1884
[1883J. sm. 8°. Plans.

"A considerable portion of this book was published more than a score of
years ago in the Atlantic monthly . . . under the name of ' Wet weather
work.' " — Prefatory note.

"A brace of pastorals [Walton's 'Complete angler,' and Shakespeare's
'As you like it ']," pp. 182-184; " Sir Humphry Davy," pp. 291-295.

Among the old farmers discussed are Crescenzi, Heresbach, the authors of
the " Maison rustique," Sir Hugh Piatt, and Gervase Markham.

AL 2469.21 Another copy.

Ang. 49.15 Mitchell, John Mitchell. The herring; its natural his-
tory and national importance. Edinburgh, ^/c. 1864. 8°.
Col. front, and plates.

Ang. 18.24.2 Mitchell, William Andrew. On the pleasure and util-
ity of angling; a paper read to the Waltonian club of New-
castle on Tyne, July 27th, 1824. Newcastle on Tyne.
[1824.] sm. 8°. pp.32. Vign.

This is one of the publications of the Newcastle typographical society.
The vignette on the title-page was engraved by Thomas Bewick. It con-
tains the inscription "Newcastle Waltonian club. Instituted April 5, 1822."

Ang. 49.46 Mitchell, William Stephen. On the place of fish in a
hard-working diet; with notes on the use of fish in former
times. London. 1884. 8°. (LONDON, Eng. — Interna-
tional fisheries exhibition, 1883. [The fisheries exhibition
literature, i. 5.] )

The date on the cover is 1883.

Also another edition.


Ang. 18.65.3 Moerbe, Johannes. Die vollstandige angelfischerei in
ihrer praktischen und allseitigen anwendung fiir jeden
angler ; oder, Leicht fassliche anleitung wie man die fische-
rei mit der angel und anderen gerathschaften mit gutem
erfolge betreiben soil. Nebst belehrungen iiber kiinstliche
fischzucht und die verschiedenartigen fische, nebst einem
fisch- und krebskalender. Nebst alien fisch- und krebs-
fang-geheimnissen und angabe der besten lockspeisen. 7^
stark vermehrte und verbesserte aufl. Berlin. [1887. J
sm. 8°.

1st edition, 1865.

Ang. 18.65.4 Moffat, A. S. The secrets of angling. Edinburgh.
1865. 12°. Wdas.

Ang. 49.46.5 Moloney, Sir Cornelius Alfred. West African fisher-
ies, with particular reference to the Gold Coast colony.
London. 1883. 8°. pp.74. (London, Bng: — l7iter-
national fisheries exhibition, 1883. [The fisheries exhibi-
tion literature, v. 12.])

" List of memoirs dealing specially with the crustacean-fauna of the west
coast of Africa," pp. 73-74.

Also another edition.
Ang. 44.62 Moore, George Henry. Washington as an angler; with
extracts from his diaries, 1787—89. New York. 1887.
sm. 8°. pp. 15.

" Printed for the author."

Morgan, George, editor. The new Complete sportsman.
[18 — ?] 12°. 5^^ [Fairfax, Thomas].
Ang. 49.46.8 Morris, C. W. The effect of the existing national and
international laws for the regulation and protection of deep
sea fisheries, with suggestions for improvements in said laws.
Prize essay. London. 1884. 8°. Plate. (LONDON,
Eng. — International fisheries exhibition, 1883. [The fish-
eries exhibition literature, viii. 2.])
Also another edition.
Ang. 49.17 Moule, Thomas. Heraldry of fish; notices of the prin-
cipal families bearing fish in their arms. London. 1842.
4 8". Wdcts. and coats-of-arms.

Mr. Briggs & his doings, [i860. J obi. 4°. 5^^ [Leech,
*Ang. 1.4 Miiller, Johannes (1801-1858), and Henle, Jakob.
Systematische beschreibung der plagiostomen. Berlin.
1 84 1. f°. 60 plates.

" Literatur," pp. xi.-xiv., 200-[204].
Most of the plates are colored.


Ang. 48.31 Mulertt, Hugo. The goldfish and its systematic culture
with a view, to profit. A practical treatise on the fish, its
propagation, enemies, diseases, and care of the fish in cap-
tivity, with hints on the construction of ponds, etc. Cin-
cinnati. 1883. 8°. Col. front., plan, 2ind wdcts.

Mulertt, Hugo. How to cook fish. 1887. 16°. See
Verein deutscher fisch haendler.

*Ang. 24.3 [Mullen, W.] Rambles after sport; or. Travels and
adventures in the Americas and at home. By " Oliver
North" \pseudon.'\. London. 1874. sm. 8°.

Articles reprinted from the Field; including "Two days' fishing in Chile,"
pp. 209-222.

Ang. 49.46.7 Mundahl, C. M. Line fishing. London. 1883. 8°.
pp. 23. (London, Eng. — International fisheries exhibi-
tion, 1883. [The fisheries exhibition literature, vii. Ii.])
Also another edition.

Ang. 49.46.11 Munro, R. J. The herring fisheries. Prize essay.
London. 1884. 8°. pp. (2), 42. (LONDON, Eng. —
International fisheries exhibitio7i, 1883. [The fisheries ex-
hibition literature, xi. 9.])
Also another edition.

*Ang. 29.5 Murray, William Henry Harrison. Adventures in the
wilderness; or, Camp-life in the Adirondacks. Boston.
1869. sm. 8° or 12°. Front., plates, and wdcts.

Chapters 2 and 7 are on fishing.

" Several of the chapters were originally published in the Meriden literary
recorder, 1867."

Criticized in R. G. AUerton's " Brook trout fishing," pp. 30-43.

11375-41 Another copy.
•Ang. 46.24 Napier, Charles Ottley Groom. Natural history ram-
bles. Lakes and rivers. London, etc. 1880. 16°.

" Fresh-water fishes," pp. 129-157; " Some of the typical rivers and their
fisheries," pp. 158-190.

Ang. 46.2 Neckam, Alexander. De naturis rerum libri duo. With
the poem of the same author, De laudibus divine sapiential.
Edited by Thomas Wright. Published under the direction
of the master of the rolls. London. 1863. 1.8°. pp.4,
Ixxviii., (2), 521. (Chronicles and memorials of Great
Britain and Ireland during the middle ages, 34.)

Chapters 22-46 of the second book treat of fishes and the hippopotamus.
Chapter 47 describes the construction of a fishing net.
Neckam was abbot of Cirencester in 1213.

Brit. Hist. 726 Another copy.


Ang. 18. 17. 2 Needham, T. H. The complete sportsman. Contain-
ing a compendious view of the ancient and modern chase,
the ancient forest and game laws, angling, and the laws
relating to fish ; with every instruction and information
relative to the diversions of the field. I ondon. 181 7. 12°.

" Angling" and " Laws relating to fish," pp. 300-311.
With the armorial book-plate of Charles Henry Turner.

Ang. 18.04.2 Neil, A., of London. New and complete angler; or.
The whole art of catching fish. Containing every necessary
instruction for that amusement. To which is added a cor-
rect abstract of the several acts of parliament with respect
to angling. London. [cir. 1804.] sm. 12°. pp. 38.

The frontispiece has the date 1804.

All the earlier editions of the work are undated.

Nessmuk, pseudon. See Sears, George W.
Ang. 49.25 Nettle, Richard. The salmon fisheries of the St. Law-
rence and its tributaries. Montreal. 1857. 12°.

"Artificial fly fishing," pp. 130-134; " Trout fishing," pp. 135-144.

24.35 Another copy.

*Ang. 18.43 New sporting almanack (The) ; a manual of instruction
and amusement. Edited by Wildrake [George Tattersall].
1843, 1844. 2 vol. London. [1842-43. J 16°. Fronts.,
engr. title-pages, plates, and wdcts.

Each volume contains a few pages relating to angling.

Newcastle fishers' garlands. See Fisher's garland
(The). 1 82 1, etc. 8°, also Collection of right merrie
garlands for north country anglers. 1864. 8°.
Ang. 50.60 New Hampshire — Commissioners on fisheries. Report
of the commissioners, 1 871-1874, 1876-188 1/82. 11 pam.
Nashua, etc. 1871-82. 8°. Fronts., plates, wdcts., and

The reports for 1877-1881 have the title, " Report of the fish commission-
ers;" the one for 1881/82 has the title, " Report of the fish and game com-

To the reports for 1877-1881/82 are appended the addresses delivered
before the annual meetings of the fish and game league of New Hampshire.

Ang. 50.49 New Jersey — Commissioners of fisheries. ist— 7th,
[9th] annual report of the commissioners [for 1870], 1876,
1878 (in I vol.). Trenton, N. J. 1871-78. 8°. Maps
and plan.

Ang. 39.58 Newland, Henry. The Erne; its legends and its fly-
fishing. London. 185 i. sm. 8°. Col. front., e?igr. title-
page, map, and \ plates.

The frontispiece contains six illustrations of flies, and on the engraved title-
page is a colored illustration of the " fairy fly." The plates are from sketches
made by the author's brother.



Ang. 38.14 Newland, Henry. Forest scenes in Norway and Sweden ;
being extracts from the journal of a fisherman. 2d ed.
London, ^^c. 1855. sm. 8°. Front. ^r^A plates.

1st edition, J854.

Westwood and Satchell consider this a type " of the higher class of angling

Also with the title, "Forest life: a fisherman's sketches in Norway and

Ang. 50.63 New York {State) — Commissioners of fisheries. [ i st]-
i6th, 1 8th report of the commissioners, transmitted to the
legislature 1 869-1 888, 1890. [With appendices.] Albany,
etc. 1869-90. 8°. Fronts., maps, plates, etc.

After 1884, the reports contain the reports of the game and fish protectors.

Ang. 50.63.2 Fisheries of the state of New York. Report of

the commissioners, transmitted to the legislature March 9,
1869. Albany. 1869. 8°. pp. 75. Map.

This is another edition of the 1st report.

Ang. 12.31 New York (City) — Grolier club. Chronological hand-
Hst of various editions of the Complete angler by Izaak
Walton and Charles Cotton ; with a supplement embracing
other writings of Walton and Cotton, etc. 1 593-1893.
Exhibited at the Grolier club Dec. 9-29, 1893. [New
York.] 1893. sm. 8°. pp. 26.

Describes 59 editions of the "Complete angler." The exhibition was de-
signed to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the birth of Walton.
Editions in Harvard college library are noted in this copy.

Ang. 22.16 New York {City) — Ichthyophagoics club. [Announce-
ments and menus of the 5th and 6th annual dinners of the
club, Oct. 17, 1884 and Oct. 21, 1885. New York. 1884-
85.] 8° and sq. 16°.

The menus are illustrated with caricatures of members of the club, and the
names have been supplied in pencil. The menu of the 5th dinner contains a
poem by Fred Mather, entitled " When the Ichthyophagous dines."-

Nichol, Robert. The fisher's garland for 1833. See
Fisher's garland (The). 1821, etc. 8°. Note.
Ang. 60.8 Ninni, Alessandro Pericle, Conte. Araldica pescatoria.
Venezia. 1890. sm. 8°. pp.8.

Suir " usanza dei veneti pescatori di adoperare speciali insegne per contrad-
distinguere le lore barche."

*Ang. 16.82 [Nobbes, Robert.] The compleat troller; or. The art
of trolling. With a description of all the utensils, instru-
ments, tackling, and materials requisite thereto, with rules
and directions how to use them ; as also a brief account of
most of the principal rivers in England. By a lover of the
sport. London. 1682. 16°. pp. (20), 78 -|-. Wdcts.

This work is also found in the "Angler's pocket-book," and is appended
to the editions of 1814 and 1822 of Thomas Best's " Art of angling," and to
the "Angler's companion."


Ang. 18.64.4 Norris, Thaddeus. The American angler's book ; em-
bracing the natural history of sporting fish, and the art of
taking them. With instructions in fly-fishing, fly-making,
and rod-making, and directions for fish-breeding. To
which is added Dies piscatoriae, describing noted fishing-
places, and the pleasure of solitary fly-fishing. New ed.,
with a supplement containing descriptions of salmon rivers,
inland trout fishing, etc. Philadelphia, etc. 1865. 8°.
pp. 701. Front., plates, and ivdcts.

1st edition, 1864.

" Mr. Norris has undertaken to supply the omissions of those writers who
have preceded him in describing American fishes, and to correct certain errone-
ous notions about angling, which have arisen from adopting too rigidly the
Enghsh rules and practices." — Nation, vol. i. p. 818.

Ang. The same. New ed., with a supplement.

Philadelphia, [cop. 1865.] 8°. pp.701. Front., plates,
and wdcts.

The frontispiece is from a new plate.

Ang. 48.9 Norris, Thaddeus. American fish-culture ; embracing
all the details of artificial breeding and rearing of trout, the
culture of salmon, shad, and other fishes. [With an appen-
dix. ] Philadelphia, etc. 1868. sm. 8° or 12°. Front.,
wdcts., and plates.
46.59 Another copy.

Ang. 18.17 North Country angler (The) ; or, The art of angling as
practised in the northern counties of England. [4th ed.,
with additions.] London, etc. 1817. 12°. pp. iv., 89.

1st edition, 1786.

North, Oliver, pseudon. See Mullen, W.
Ang. 48.17 [North, Roger.] A discourse of fish and fish-ponds.
Done by a person of honour. London. 17 13. sm. 8°.
pp. (8), 79.

Treats especially of the culture of carp.

Osmund Lambert, in his " Angling literature in England," calls this " the
principal Enghsh work of early date on fish-culture."

* Ang. 48.18 [ ] The same. 2d ed. London. 1715. sm. 12°.

*Ang. 1.27 The same. (Appended to Albin, Eleazar. The

history of esculent fish, 1794, 4", pp. 33-78-)

This was also appended to the "Gentleman farmer," 1726.

*Ang. 27.3 Northrup, Ansel Judd. Camps and tramps in the Adi-
rondacks, and grayling fishing in northern Michigan. A
record of summer vacations in the wilderness. New York.
[1880?] 18°

The chapters on the Adirondacks contain many fishing incidents.


Novice, A., A. F. & F., pseudon. The anglican friar.

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