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a. — age.

abt. — about.

b. — born.

bef. — before.

bet. — between.

bp. — baptized.

bur. — buried.

c. R. I. — First Parish Church records.

c^ jj. 2. — North Parish Congregational Church records.

c-. ji, 3. — West Parish Congregational Church records.

c, n. 4. — East Parish Fourth Congregational Church records.

c, R, 5, — Centre Congregational Church records.

c, R. 6. — Second Baptist Church records.

c. R. 7. — South Christian Church records.

c. R. 8.— Records of the Quaker Monthly Meeting, Amesbury and

rA.— child.
chn. — children.
Co. — county.

Ct. F. — court files, Essex Co. Quarterly Court.
Ct R. — court record, Essex Co. Quarterly Court.
d. — daughter ; day ; died.
Dea. — deacon.
dup. — duplicate entry.

a. R. I. — gravestone record, Pentucket Cemetery.
o. R. 2. — gravestone record, North Parish Burying Ground.
a. R. 3. — gravestone record, Ancient West Parish Cemetery.
G. R. 4. — gravestone record, Walnut Cemetery.
0. R. 5. — gravestone record, Greenwood Cemetery.


o. R. 6. — gravestone record, Linwood Cemetery.

e. R. 7. — gravestone recoid, Second West Parish Cemetery.

o. R. 8. — gravestone record, Hillside Cemetery.

o. R. 9. — Hilldale Cemetery.

A. — husband ; hour.

in/. — infant.

in/. — intention of marriage.
jr. — junior.

m. — male ; married ; month.

p. R. I. — Record of marriage licenses among the Wheatland Pa-
pers, Vol. VII, now in possession of the Essex Institute.

/'. R.*2. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Alice (Nichols)

/'. R. 3. — Bible records now in possession of Mrs. Clara Carleton

p. R. 4. — Record now in possession of Miss Elizabeth Goodrich.

p. R. 5. — Bible record now in possession of Miss Caroline Dun-

p. R. 6. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Florence L.

p. R. 7. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. L. P. Irving.

p. R. 8. — Bible records now4n possession of Mrs. Sarah A. New-

p. R. 9. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Elbridge Gerry

p. R. 10. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. John Ward

p. R. II. — Record now in possession of Mrs. A. J. Woodman,

p. R. 12. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. James Davis.

p. R. 13. — Bible record now in possession of Robert A. Emerson.

p. R. 14. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Walter Nick

p. R. 15. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Frank H. Russ.

p. R. 16. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. George E. El-

p. R. 17. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Rufus L. Chase.


p. R. 1 8. — Bible record now in possession of James How.
p. R. 19. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. S, A. Strickland.
p. R. 20. — Bible record now in possession of Miss Anna Gile.
p. R. 21. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. George W.

p. R. 2 2. — Sampler now in possession of Miss Mary West.
p. R. 23. — Bible record now in possession of George C. Martin.
p. R. 24. — Bible records now in possession of Mrs. Henry Merrill.
p. R. 25. — Bible record now in possession of Henry LeBosquet.
p. R. 26. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Jackson Haynes.
p. R. 27. — Parchment record now in possession of Jackson Haynes.
p. R. 28. — Record now in possession of Moses Riland Chase.
p. R. 29. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Emily Webster

Hastings, Watertown.
p. R. 30. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. John C. Til-
p. R. 31. — Bible record now in possession of Miss Florence Tol-

man Blunt.
p. R. 32. — Bible records now in possession of Amos Davis.
^'- fi' 33- — Bible record now in possession of Frederick Kimball.
p. R. 34. — Bible record now in possession of Mr. Jessie Atwood.
p. R. 35. — Bible record now in possession of Charles F. Morse.
p. R. 36. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Charlotte Pet-

p. R. 37. — Bible record now in possession of Hazen Moody Chase.
p. R. 38. — Bible record now in possession of Philip C. Swett.
p. R. 39. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Mary Olive

Weeden, Plaistow, N. H.
p. R. 40. — Bible record now in possession of Arthur N. Currier.
p. R. 41. — Sampler now in possession of Mrs. Florence E. Hop-

p. R. 42. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Florence E.

p. R. 43. — Bible record now in possession of Charles Henry Wells.
/>. R. 44. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Julia Ann

p. R. 45, — Records now in possession of tDtis Ladd Johnson.


p. R. 46. — Bible records now in possession of Mrs. A. H. Johnson.

p. R. 47. — Family Register now in possession of Charles H. Burn-

p. R. 48. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. A. H. Brown.

p. R. 49. — Bible record now in possession of Leslie K. Morse.

p. R. 50. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Henry H.

p. M. 51. — Bible record now in possessson of Mrs. Milton Chase.

r. R. 52. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Walter Ford.

p- R- 53- — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Ann E. Butters.

p. R. 54. — Bible record now in possession of Miss Lucy Ann
Brickett. .

/*. R- 55- — Sampler now in possession of Mrs. Abbie S. Foster.

p. R. 56. — Bible record now in possession of Albert E. Kenison.

p. R. 57. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. George VV.

p. R. 58. — Ledger now in possession of Mrs. Nason.

p. R. 59. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. George How.

p. R. 60. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. William H.

p. R. 61. — Bible record now in possession of William Sargent.

p. R. 62. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Amos Hasel-

p. R. 63. — Records now in possession of George Franklin Web-

p. R. 64? — Bible records now in possession of Mrs. L. S. Irving.

r. R. 65. — Bible record now in possession of George W. Russ.

p. R. 66. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Frances G.

p. a. 67. — Sampler now in possession of the Haverhill Historical

p. R. 68. — Bible record now in possession of Ebenezer Webster.

p. R. 69. — Manuscript record now in possession of Harrison

p. R. 70. — Bible record now in possession of Amos Haseltine.

p. R. 71. — Record of marriage licenses in the Vital Records Man-
uscripts now in possession of Essex Institute.


P. R. 72.— Bible record now in possession of Miss Urania Web-

p. R, 73. — '^Number of deaths in Haverhill . . . under the late
throat distemper, 1737," by Rev. John Brown, Boston, 1738.

Rds. — records.

tec. — recorded.

s. — son.

sr. — senior.

T. C. — town copy.

unm. — unmarried.

w. — wife ; week.

wid. — widow.

widr. — widower.

y. — year.

Note. — The marriage returns from the various towns in Massa-
sachusetts, required by the Act of 1857, have not been found.



ABBOT (see also Abbott), Abiel, Rev., and Eunice Wales of Dor-
chester, July 19, 1796.*

Abigail [Mrs. int.], and Moses Merrill, Esq. of New Gloucester,
Oct. 3, 1809.*

Ezekiel T., of Methuen, and Fanny Pettingill, Nov. 26, 1829.*

Patty [Mrs, c. R. i.],and Hill Ordway, Feb. 16, 1800.*

ABBOTT (see also Abbot), Edward, of Rumford, and Mehetabel

Emerson, Jan. 23, 1748-9.
Mary Ann, of Concord, N. H., and Franklin Holden, int. Sept

24, 1837.

ABELL, Townsend P., of Middlelown, Ct., a. 31 y., clergyman,
s. Russell and Thankful!, and Harriet E. Smiley, ?.. 22 y., d.
William and Sarah, Apr. i, 1846.*

ACIE, Elizabeth, and Rob[er]tSwan [bef. 1653.].

ADAMS, Abigail W., and Joseph Brickett, June 17, 1824.*

Betsey [Elizabeth, int.], and Matthew Atherton, Jan. 22, 1788.*

Charles L. M., and Sarah Webster, Oct. 7, 1824.*

Daniel, and Hannah Middleton, Dec. 9, 1784.*

Eliza, of Plaistow, N. H., and Joseph Kelly, Apr. 30, 1811.*

Emily, and Joseph B. Spiller, Feb. 2, 1844.*

George, and [Mrs. int.] Susan R. Leavitt, May 31, 1841.*

George W., and Louisa M. Tandy of Manchester, N. H., mt. .

Mar. 4, 1843.
Hannah, wid., and John Woodman [bef. 1760.].
Hannah, and Joseph Russell of Newbury, 0:t. 19, 1797.
Hannah, and Thomas Haynes [jr. int.] of Rochester, N. H., Jan.

22, 1807.*
Hannah [of Andover. int.], and Daniel Appleton, jr., at Andover, .

May 4, 1813.*

♦Intention also recorded.


Adams, Hannah M., and Vincent Willard, Nov. lo, 1833.*

Harrison, and Margaret Morse, Nov. 7, 1S43.*

James, a. 25 y., s. John, and Helen M. Usher, a. 17 y., d. John

G., Mar. 2, 1845.*
John, and Lorenne Pervere, Oct. 3, 1830.*
Joseph H., of Boston, and Sarah B. White, int. Oct. 12, 1816.
Lorenna B., and Richard E, Downing of Salem, N. H., Dec. 3,

Lucy E., and Rufus Kimball, Nov. 22, 1820.*
Phineas, Rev., and Mrs. Priscilla Perkins of Rowley [bef. 1772.].
Polly, and Silas Plummer, of Rowley [bef. 1778.].
Priscilla, and Rev. Francies Welch of Amesbury, Dec. 6, 1792.*
Sarah, and Ebenezer Gage, Esq., 2d m.. Mar. 16, 1815.*
Sarah A., a. 35 y., and Isaac L. Robinson, a. 33 y., hatter, both

of Methuen, May 8, 1845.
Sarah E., and Oren Carleton of Plaistow, N. H., int. May 28,

Sarah P., and Moses M. Chase, Aug. 2, 1829.*
Susannah, and Jonathan Merrill, at Newbury, Mar. 29, 1800.
Thomas, of Newbury, and Sally Sanders, Oct. 18, 1813.*
Thomas B[oylston. int.], Esq., of Quincy, and Ann Harrod, May

16, 1805.*
William, jr., of Boston, and Mary M. Heath of Bradford, Sept.

30, 1841.

AGGB, Charles, a. 25 y., painter, s. Jacob and Mary, and Emily
Burnham, a. 22 y., d. David and Mary, Oct. 18, 1848.*

AIGAN, Margaret, a. 17 y., and Charles H. Johnson, a. 21 y.,
shoemaker, s. Daniel and Abby, May 16, 1847.*

ALDEN, Mary, and Rev. Isaac Torakins, at New Bedford, Jan.

29, 1797.
Sarah, and Daniel Johnson, Jan. 24, 1802.*

ALEXANDER, Abigail, and Isaac Pettengail, int. Dec. 4, 1802.

Abigail, and Jeremiah Elliot of Lee, int. Oct. 16, 1824.

James [resident in Haverhill, int.], and Hannah Downing, Apr.

12, 1796.*
Mary C, and Thomas Frothingham, June 7, 1830.*
Surtal, and Abigail Blaner [bef. 1773.].

ALLEN (see also Allin), Caleb, of Suffield, and Hannah Eatton,
Apr. 4, 1721.

•Intention also recorded.


Allen, Diantha Ann, of West Newbury, and William Jones, int.

Aug. ID, 1845.
Hannah, of Rutland, and Peter Choice of Boston [bef. 1803.].
Horatio Gates, and Lois Ayer Morse, May 2, 1813.*
Isaac, and Susannah Mitchell, Feb. — , 1814.*
Joanna, and James Blye [bef. 1732.].
Julia Ann, and John Kimball, Aug. 7, 1832.*
Lois A., see Ayer, I^is.

Mary B., and Jonathan Stevens, Dec. 24, 1832.*
W[illia]m Brown, and Love Titcomb of Newburyport, int. Mar.

II, 1809.

ALLEY, Abigail C, and Frederic S. Ayer, Oct. 10, 181 8.*

Amos E., and Hannah Sleeper, Nov. 9, 1834.*

Catherine L., a. 30 y., d. Rheuben and Hannah, and William

Pousland of Salem, a. 35 y., seaman, s. John and Abagail,

Aug. II, 1845.*
Franklin,and Caroline Martin, both of Marblehead, Mar. 11, 1840.
John, and Elisabeth Pecker [bef. 1767.].
John, and Phebe Collins, Dec. 28, 1796.*
Joseph A., and Julia M. H. Simons of Salem, int. Sept. 5, 1829.
Susan M., and Franklin Currier of Bradford, Nov. 25, 1841.*

ALLIN (see also Allen), Hanah, and Peter Ayer, Nov, i, 1659.

AMES (see also Eames), Ann C. [E. int.], and James Kimball,

jr. of Bradford, Feb. 7, 1839.*
Dorothie [of Andover. cr. r.], and Sam[ue]l Swan, Mar. 8,

1693-4. [Mar. 6. ct. r.]
Ezra C, and Joanna Eames, Nov. 19, 1815.*
Ezra C, and Nancy Porter, Mar. 4, 1824.*
Ezra C, and Elizabeth Marsh, Apr. 26, 1842.*
Hannah, of Boxford, and Jacob Buck [May 7, 1752. Boxford

Joel C, widr., a. 26 y., hostler, s. Anthony and Nancy, and Pris-

cilla Mathews, wid., of Boston, a. 35 y., Feb. 12, 1847.*
Joseph, and Miriam Clement, Nov. 29, 1739.
Lucretia T., of Dracut, and George Hale, int. Apr. 30, 1848.
Phineas, and Mary Cotton [bef. 1762.].

AMY, Abraham, and Sarah Corlis, May 30, 1754.
John, and Mary Mathes [bef. 1732.].
Mary, and John Hastings, 2d m., Mar. 29, 1759.
Micah, and Elisabeth Middleton, Apr. 14, 1757.

♦Intention also recorded.


ANDERSON, Anna Jane, of Windham, }j. H., and Edwin Web-
ster, int May 26, 1844.

Maria L., and William Johnson of Georgetown [Rowley, dup. and
int.], Feb. 15, 1838.*

Silas, and Julia A. Dole, Dec. 29, 1842.*

Silas, 2d m., a. 31 y., carpenter, s. James and Nancy, and Mary
H. Eaton, a. 25 y., d. Job and Ruth, Sept. 26, 1849.*

ANDREWS, Sarah [Anderson, int. ; Andrews, c. r. 3.], and Sam-
uel Marble of Salem, N. H., July 16, 1786.*

ANNIS, Abraham, and Abigail Sawyer [bef. 1736.].

Eli, and Lucy Patterson of Strafford, Vt., int. Dec. 10, 1842.

Elizabeth, and John Swaddock Corlis, Jan. 28, 1762.

Jesse, and Mary Emerson, Dec. 15, 1768. c. r. i.

John, and Abigail Rolf [bef. 1734.].

Mary, and William Gage [bef. 1754.].

APPELTON (see also Appleton), Martha, and John White [bef.

APPLETON (see also Appelton), Alice, and John Swett of

Boston, June 17, 1806.*
Daniel, and Lydia Ela, Oct. 26, 1775.
Daniel, jr., and Hannah Adams [of Andover. int.], at Andover,

May 4, 1813.*
George, and Tameyson G. Kimball, June 8, 1841.*
Hannah, and Dr. Edward Woodbery, Nov. 20, 1785.*
John A., and Martha A. Wells of Boston, int. Aug. 12, 1831.
Joseph, jr., of Ipswich, and Mrs. Hannah Bachellar, June 1 7, 1 762 .
Mary, and Moses Gale, Oct. 12, 1769. c. r. i.
Michael, and Mercy Varney, Nov. 18, 1839.*
Samuel, and Mrs. Mary Stevens of Andover [bef. 1740.].
Samuel, and Mrs. Mary Russel, June 15, 1743.
Thomas Russel, and Anna Swett, Dec. 31, 1797.*
Thomas Russell, 2d m., and Hannah Gale, May 28, 1827.*
William, of Newburyport, and Hannah Clark, Dec. 17, 1782.
Winefred C., and George W, Field, Dec. 27, 1841.*

ARCHIBALD, Thomas, of Salisbury, and Susanna Remick, Apr.
27, 1785.*

ARLING, Harriet, of Concord, N. H., and Charles H. Dwinnels,
int. July 27, 1845.

•Intention also recorded.


ARMOR, Mary Jane, of Windham, N. H., and Philip Quimby,
jr., int. Aug. 16, 1846.

ARMSTRONG, Elizabeth, of Boston, and Moses Webster, int.
July 26, 1809.

ARNOLD, Lucy, of Hampton Falls, N. H., and Rev. Isaac Wood-
bury, June 16, 1840.*

ASHBURN, Dorathy, and Stephen Wheeler Page, Apr. 17, 1791.*

ASTIN (see also Austin), Abiel, and Sarah Molton, May 24, 1727.

Hannah, and Hezekiah Lovejoy, July 16, 1722.

Hannah, wid., and Jothan Hendrick, Oct. 2, 1722.

Mary, and Jonathan Lovjoy, both of Andover, Aug. 6, 1741.

Zebediah, and Sarah Gutterson, both of Methuen, Apr. 18, 1729.

ATHERTON, James, and Sally Lamson, Apr. 6, 1794. c, r. i.*
Matthew, and Betsey [Elisabeth, int.] Adams, Jan. 22, 1788.*

ATKINSON, John, of Newbury, and Sarah Ann Jennings [Jenniss.

int.], Feb. 2, 1831.*
Nathanil, of Boscawen, and Abigail Bradley, Jan. 24, 1782.
Sarah, and Stephen Coffin [bef. 1686.].

ATTWOOD (see also Atwood), Abigail, and Andrew Mitchell

[bef. 1 701].
Elisabeth, wid., and Samuel Marble, Jan. 23, 1748-9. [Dec. 23,

1748. c. R. 3.]
John, and Hannah Bond, Oct. 28, 1715.
John, of Hampstead and Ruth Whitticker, Apr. 23, 1751.
Joseph, and Sarah Chresdee, Dec. 15, 1743.
Joseph, and Ruth Staples, May 9, 1758.
Joseph, 2d m., and wid. Hannah Marble, Jan. 7, 1777.
Rebeckah, and Samuel Emerson, jr., Oct. 11, 1753.
William, and wid. Sarah Bradley [bef. 1758].

ATWATER, Mehetabel, Mrs., and Benjamin Rolf, Mar. 12,

ATWOOD (see also Attwood), Abigail, and William Ray, Feb. 17,

Abijah, and Hannah Ingals, Apr. 9, 1782.*

•Intention also recorded.


Atwood, Abijah, jr., and Betsey Smith of Nottingham West, N. H.,

int. Nov. 4, 1819.
Abijah, and Hannah Haseliine, of Salem, N. H., Dec. 27,

Amos, and Betsey Ober of Salem, N. H., int. Nov. 25, 1786.
Ann, and John Burleigh, Mar. 24, 18 18.*
Caroline, and Rev. [John B. int.] Warren of [Blakely. int.]

Alabama, Dec. 22, 1822.*
Dorathy Ann, a. 22 y., d. Jona[than] and Mary, and James In-

gersoll, a 26 y., cabinet maker, s. John, Feb. 25, 1849.*
Elisabeth, of Atkinson, and Dr. Joseph Chase, int. .'\ug. 10, 1799.
Ehza [Elizabeth, int.], and Robert B.Willis, Feb. 13, 1815. [Oct.

15. c. R. i; Sept. 23. int.]*
Emily, and Rev. James Bates of Newton, June 4, 1828.*
Hannah, of Atkinson, and Isaac Cole, int. June 25, 1792.
Harriot, and Rev. Samuel Newel, Feb. 12, 1812.*
John, and Abigail Sanders, Jan. 7, 1734-5.
John, and Eliza [Elizabeth, int.] Chamberlain, Sept. 15, 18 13.*
John, of Bradford, and Hannah Gage, Mar. 3, 18 14.*
John, and Betsey Clough of Louden, N. H., int. Oct. — , 18 14.
John, of Alton, 111., and Mary R. Nichols, int. Sept. 17, 1842.
Jona[than] M., and Mary Weeks of Poplin, N. H., int. Apr. 7,

Joseph, jr. of Bradford, and Katherine Lovkin of Gloucester

[June 27, 1783. Bradford Rds.].
Lois, and Peter Hall of Chester, Feb. 22, 1774.
Lowell, and [Mrs. int.]]Nancy W. Bailey, June 22, 1837.*
Lydia, and Reuben Currier, May 16, 1773.
Mary, and Aaron Hardy of Boston, Oct. 15, 1810.*
Moses, and Mary Tenny, both of Bradford [Nov. 17, 1788.

Bradford Rds.].
Moses, and Ruth Ann Moody Bradley, at West Amesbury, Nov.

28, 1833.
Polly, and John Lord, Apr. 15, 1787.*
Sarah, and Seth Wyman, Feb. 3, 1773. c. R. i.
Simeon, of Bradford, and Hannah Bradley, Nov. 14, 1790.*
Tamer, of Bradford, and Joseph Moores, int. Sept. 12, 17S9.

AUBIN, Polly, and Richard Goorge, July 14, 1791.*

AURSTEN (see also Austin), Hannah, and Asa Morss, of Me-
thuen [bef. 1789].

•Intention aJso recorded.


AUSTIN (see also Astin, Aursten), Granville B., a. 25 y., shoe-
maker, s. Thaddeus, and Priscilla Roberts, a. igy., d. James,
Dec. 1 1, 1844.*

Hiram, and Harriet B. Spofford, both of Methuen, Nov. 22, 1836.

John, and Mary Clark of Chester, N. H., int. Nov. 17, 1832.

Lydia, of Salem, N. H., and David Remich [jr., May 2, 1789.

Nathan VV. [N. int.], of Salem, N. H., and Martha [C. int.] Mit-
chell, Dec. 4, 1834.*

Orlando H., a. 27 y., shoemaker, s. Thadeus and Rhoda, and
Mary E. Webster, a. 21 y., d. Jesse and Betsey, Apr. 26,

Ruth, and James Mclntire, of Salem, int. July 13, 1793.
Samuel, and Isabella Jane Pecker, both of Methuen, July 3, 1834.
Samuel, and Mrs. Olive Bradford, both of Methuen, Sept. i, 1839.
Thaddeus [of Salem, N. H. int.], and Rhoda Bailey, Feb. 4,


AVERY, Esther, and William Sargent, Oct. 27, 1835.*

AYER (see also Ayers), Abiah, and Thomas West, Dec. 27, 1786.*
Abigail, and Mathew Fairfield of Wenham, Oct. 22, 1767. c. R. i.
Abigail, and Capt. Low [Caleb Low. int.] Bradley, Nov. 1 7,

Abigail, and Josiah Bacon of Amesbury, .\pr. 7, 181 2.*
Abigail, and Capt. Josiah Gage of Pelham, N. H., July — , 1813.*
Adaline, and Josiah Chase of Chester, N. H., Apr. 27, 1826.*
Amos H., and Sarah S. Saunders, Jan. 3, 1843.*
Ann, and John Chase, June 25, 1818.*
Ann, and Thomas W. Durant of Boxford, int. Mar. 8, 1823.
Ann, and Joseph H. Johnson, Feb. 9, 1842.*
Ann Elisabeth, and John B. Nichols, Aug. 20, 1840.*
Anna, and Matthew Pettengill, Dec. 29, 1791.*
Anne, Mrs., and John Kimball, Nov. 28, 1765. c. r. 4.
Betsy, and Jonathan Crowell [Mar. 9, 1822. int.].*
Caroline N., and Joseph E. Emerson of Lowell, int. Oct. 31, 1843.
Cuherme, and Capt. John Ayer [2d. int.], Nov. iS, 181 3.*
David, and Hannah Shaperd, Sept. 13, 1733.
Ebenezer, and S isanna Kimbel, Mar. 29, 1726.
Edmund B., and Amanda M. Sealy, int. May 23, 1840.
Edwin F., and Elizabeth Gage, May 13, 1841.*
Elisabeth, and Daniel Bradley, Feb. 26, 1729 30.

•Intention also recorded.


Ayer, Elisabeth, and Jacob Ela, July 28, 1768.
Elisabeth, and Phineas Carlton [bef. 1771.].
Eliz[abeth], and Abraham Belknap, Jan. 14, 1690-91.
Elizabeth, and Barnard Kimbal, July 25, 1771. c. r. i.
Elizabeth, and Dr. John Brickctt of Sudbury, Canada, Sept. 29,

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Bodge [Feb. 17, 1801. c. k. i.].*
Elizabeth, and Jesse Clement, Jan, 20, 1820.*
Elizabeth L., and William P. Carleton of Groton, Aug. r, 1837.*
Fanny [Mrs. int.], and Thomas Hills, Esq., of West Newbury,

Feb. 7, 1823.*
Frederic S., and Abigail C Alley, Oct. 10, 1818.*
Hanah, d, Nath[anie]ll, and Ebenezer Belknap, Feb. 25,

Hannah, and Stephen Webster, Mar. 24, 1662-3.
Hannah, and John Sheepard, Feb. 15, 1704-5.
Hannah, and Andrew Mitchel, jr., Apr. 5, 1720.
Hannah, and Nicholas White, Nov. 6, 1722.
Hannah, and Samuel Lull of Byfield, July 28, 1729.
Hannah, Mrs., and True Worthy Oilman of Exeter, Jan. 8, 1752.
Hannah, Mrs., and William Ladd, Dec. 7, 1758.
Hannah, Mrs., and John Bradley of Concord, N. H., May 30,

1 7 71. c. R. 4.
Hannah, and Nathaniel Mclntire, Dec. 18, 1784.*
Hannah, and John Haseltine of Concord, N. H., June 12, 1785.*
Hannah, and Robert Kelly, Oct. 29, 1818.*
Hannah, and John Warff, Feb. 7, i82i.[Mar. 10. c. R. i.]*
Hannah, a. 53 y., lailoress, and Samuel R. Spiller, widr., a. 48 y.,

shoemaker, Apr. 22, 1845.*
Harriet M., and Capt. T. Newman Porter, of Dover, N. H., June

21, 1841.*
Harriot, and Theodore Pearson of Kingstown, N. H., int. June

II, 1820.
Hepzibah, and Benja[min] Runnels, Dec. i, 1767. c. r. i.
James, and Mary White, May 10, 171 1.
James, and Judith Chase, Dec. 31, 1778.
James, jr., and Polly Brickett, Dec. 8, 1782.*
James, 2d m., and Deborah Pettiugill, Mar. 30, 1790.*
James, 3d, and Sally Bradley, Dec. 14, 1794.*
James, 3d, and Fanny Dow of Salem, N. H., Apr. i, 18 18.*
James, 4th, and Joan Wheeler of Salem, N. H., int. Apr. 10, 1819.
James Vamum, and Mehitable Bradley, Apr. 15, 1819.*
James V., 2d m., and Mary G. Kimball, Mar. 29, 1826.*

•Intention also recorded.


Aver, Joan, and Jonathan Leavitt of Andover, int. July 8, 1820.
Joanna, Mfs., and John Russell, Feb. 28, 1750-51.
John, jr., and Sarah Williams, May 5, 1646.
John, and Mary Wooddam, Mar. 26, 1663.
John, and Mehitable Harris, Oct. 6, 1730.
John, jr., and Sarah Whittier, Feb. 9, 1775.
John, and Rachel Morse, June 9, 1785. c. r. 2.*
John, jr., and Polly Silver, Nov. 24, 1789.*
John, Capt. [2d. int.], and Catherine Ayer, Nov. 18, 1813.*
John, jr., andSuky Emerson of Methuen, int. Sept. 3, 1814.
John, Capt., and Susannah Hills of Newbury, int. Nov. 21, 1818.
John, 3d, and Sophia Elliot, Mar. 23, 1819.*
John, and Mrs. Hannah Merrill, int. June i, 1822.
John Appleton, and Lois Morse, Nov. 15, 1785.'*
John Hazen, a. 21 y., shoemaker, s. John and Sophia, and Mary
W. Currier, a. 22 y., d. Beniah and Judith, June 12, 1845.*
Jonathan, Dr., and Sarah Marble [July 29, 1772. c. R. 3.].
Joseph, and Sarah Corlis, Nov. 24, 1686.
Joseph K., and Sally Sargent, June i, 1818.*
Julia Ann, and Oliver H. Roberts, Oct. 20, 183 1.*

Lois [Mrs. Lois A. Allen, int.], and Thomas Marsh, Oct. 15,
1827 *

Loisa, and Nathan Caldwell, Mar. 24, 1820.*

Loretta, and Asa Currier, Sept. 19, 1839.*

Louis, wid. [Ixiis. c. r. i.], and Isaac How, Aug. 30, 1784.*

Lydia, and Nathaniel Walker, Feb. 23, 1737-8. ♦

Lydia, and David Haynes [bef. 1757-].

Lydia, and Ephraim Corliss, Dec. 12, 1776.

Lydia, and Samuel White, jr., Mar. 22, 1789.*

Lydia, and William Hale of Bradford, int. June 16, 1832.

Martha K., and Samuel C. Sawyer of Bradford, May 7, 1839.*

Mary, and Nath[anie]ll Duston[bef. 171 2.].

Mary, Mrs., and Isaac Morrill of Salisbury, Aug. 27, 1741.

Mary, Mrs., and Daniel Massey of Salem, N. H., Mar. 20, 1760.

Mary, and Daniel Lord, Sept. 4, 1803.*

Mary, and Ithamar Emerson, jr., Sept. 17, 1807.*

Mary, and Jeremiah Stickney, 2d, May 29, 1828.*

Mary E., a. 19 y., d. John and Sophia, and Lyman B. Frazier of
Lynn, a. 24 y., shoemaker, s. Hugh and Delia, Sept. 28,

Mary S., and William H. Noyes, int. Sept. 8, 1839.
Matilda, and Samuel C. Carter of Amherst, Apr. 18, 1826.*
Mehatable, and Jobe Clement [bef. 1702.].

•Intention also recorded.


Aver, Mehitable B., Mrs., and Mason W. Whipple, May 29, 1833.*

Molly [Polly, c. r. 3.], and John Downing, jr., July 26. 1787.*

Moses, and Martha Kimball [bef. 1771.].

Moses, and Sarah Brown, Apr. 19, 1807.*

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