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12mo Cloth, 150

III. Foods. By Edward Smith,
M. D., LL. B., F. R. S. 1 vol.

Cloth, 1 75

IV. Mind and Body. The The-
ories of their Relations. By
Alex. Bain, LL. D., Professor
of Logic in the University of
Aberdeen. 1 vol., 12mo.. Cloth, 1 50

V. The Study of Sociology. By
Herbert Spencer. 1 vol., 12mo.

Cloth, 1 50

VI. The New Chemistry. By
Prof. Josiah P. Cooke, Jr., of
Harvard University. 1 vol.,
12mo Cloth, 2 00

VII. The Conservation of En-
ergy. By Prof. Balfour Stew-
art, LL. D., F. R. S. 1 vol.,
12mo Cloth, 1 50

VIII. Animal Locomotion; or,
Walking, Swimming, and Fly-
ing, with a Dissertation on Ae-
ronautics. By J. Bell Pettigrew,
M. D., F. R. S., F. R. S. E., F.
R.C. P.E. lvol.,12mo. Fully
illustrated Cloth, 1 75

IX. Responsibility in Mental Dis-
ease. By Henry Maudsley,

M. D. 1 vol., 12mo Cloth, 1 50

X. The Science of Law. By Prof.
Sheldon Amos. 1 vol., 12mo.

Cloth, 1 75

XI. Animal Mechanism. A Trea-
tise on Terrestrial and Af-riul
Locomotion. By E. J. M:uvy.
With 117 Illustrations. 1 vol.,
12mo Cloth, 1 75

XII. The History of the Conflict


between Religion and Science.
By John Wm Draper, M. D.,
LL. D., author of " The Intel-
lectual Development of Eu-
rope," 1 vol., 12mo Cloth, $1 75

XIII. The Theory of Descent
and Darwinism. By Prof. Os-
car Schmidt, Strasburg Univer-
sity. 1 vol., 12mo Cloth, 1 50

XIV. The Chemistry of Light
and Photography. By Prof. Vo-
gel, Polytechnic Academy of
Berlin. 1 vol., 12mo Cloth, 2 00

XV. Fungi; their Nature and
Uses. By M. C. Cooke, M. A.,
LL. D. Edited by the Rev. M.
J. Berkeley, M. A., F. L. 8. 1

vol., 12mo Cloth, 1 50

XVI. The Life and Growth of
Language; an Outline of Lin-

-guistic Science. By William
Dwlght Whitney, Professor of
Sanskrit and Comparative Phi-
lology in Yale College.' 1 vol.,
12mo Cloth, 1 60

XVII. Money and the Mechan-
ism of Exchange. By W.
Stanley Jevons, M. A., F. R. S.,
Professor of Logic and Politi-
cal Economy in the Owens Col-
lege, Manchester. 1 voL, 12mo.

Cloth, 1 75

XVIII. The Nature of Light,
with a General Account of Phy-
sical Optics. By Dr. Eugene
Loinmel, Professor of Physics
in tho University of Erlangen.
With 183 Illustrations, and a
Plato of Spectra in Chromoli-
thography. 1 vol., 12mo..Cloth, 2 00

XIX. Animal Parasites and Mess-

I I*. J. Van Beoeden.
With 83 Illustrations. 1 vol.,

1-mo Cloth, 1 60

' Fermentation. By P.
S'hnt/enl,erger, Director at tho
< 'In mii-;il l.atx>ratoryatthe Sor-
bonne. With 28 Illustrations

1vol., 12mo Cloth, 160

\ X I . Tho Five Senses of Man.

By Prof. Bernstein, of the Uni-
versity of Halle. 1 vol., 12mo.

Cloth, $1 75

XXII. The Theory of Sound in
its Relation to Music. By Prof.
Pietro Blaserna, of the Royal
University of Rome. With
numerous Woodcuts. 1 vol.,

12mo Cloth, 150

(Others in preparation.)

ligion and Science. A Series
of Sunday Lectures on the Re-
lation of Natural and Revealed
Religion, or the Truths revealed
in Nature and Scripture. By
Joseph Lo Conte, Professor of
Geology and Natural History in
the University of California. 1
vol., 12mo Cloth, 150

LUBBOCK (Sir JOHN). Origin of
Civilization, and tho Primitive
Condition of Man. By Sir John
Lubbock, Bart., M. P. 1 vol.,
12mo Cloth, 2 00

Prehistoric Times, as illus-
trated by Ancient Remains, and
the Manners and Customs of
Modern Savages. Illustrated.

1 vol., 8vo, 640 pages. . . . Cloth, 6 00
Half Calf, 10 00*

L YELL'S Principles of Geology ;
or, tho Modern Changes of tho
Earth and its Inhabitants, con-
sidered as illustrative of Geol-
ogy. Illustrated with Maps,
Plates, and Woodcuts. A new
and entirely revised edition. 2
vols., royal 8vo Cloth, 8 00

Elements of Geology ; or,

the Ancient Changes of tho
Earth and its Inhabitants, as
illustrated by Geological Monu-
ments. Sixth edition, greatly
enlarged. I llu.strated with 770
W.M,,|,-Hts. 1 vol., Rvo... Cloth, 860

MAUDSLKV tiiKM.'Yi. ;;.iy

and Mind : an Inquiry int. their
Connoetion and Mutual Intlu-
cnce, socially in reference to


Mental Disorders. An enlarged
and revised edition, to which
are added Psychological Essays.
By Henry Maudsley, M. D.,
London, Fellow of the Royal
College of Physicians ; Profess-
or of Medical Jurisprudence
in University College, Loncton,
etc., etc. 1 vol., 12rao... Cloth, $1 50

MIND : A Quarterly Review of
Psychology and Philosophy.
Nos. 1, 2, and 3, now ready.

1876. 156 pages Per year, 4 00

Per Number, 1 00

MIVART (ST. GEO.) On the
Genesis of Species. By St.
George Mivart, F. R. S. Illus-
trated. 12mo Cloth, 1 75

Half Calf, 4 00*

Man and Apes. An Exposi-
tion of Structural Resemblances
and Differences, bearing upon
Questions of Affinity and Ori-
gin. 1 vol., 12mo Cloth, 1 50

Lessons from Nature, as

manifested in Mind and Matter.

1 vol., 12mo Cloth.

Contemporary Evolution.

2 00

An Essay on some recent Social
Changes. 1 vol., 12mo . . . Cloth, 1 50

tronomy and Geology com-
pared. Contents : Part I. As-
tronomy and Geology com-
pared. II. Remarks on the
Theories of Mr. Darwin and Mr.
Buckle. III. Progress and
Civilization. ISmo. Tinted pa-
per Cloth, 1 00

ture and Life. Facts and Doc-
trines relating to the Constitu-
tion of Matter, the New Dy-
namics, and the Philosophy of
Nature. By Fernand Papillon.
Translated from the second
French edition, by A. R. Mac-
donough, Esq. 1 vol., 12mo.

Cloth, 2 00


LY (The). Edited by E. L.
ENCE MONTHLY was started to
help on the work of sound pub-
lic education, by supplying in-
structive articles on the lead-
ing subjects of scientific inquiry,
it contains papers, original and
selected, on a wide range of sub-
jects, from the ablest scientific
men of different countries, ex-
plaining their views to non -sci-
entific people. Vols. I., II., III.,
IV., V., VI., VII., VIII., and
IX., now ready.

Bound in cloth, per volume, $3 50
Half Morocco, 6 50
is published in a large octavo,
handsomely printed on clear
type. Terms, $5 per annum;
or, 50 cents per copy. A Speci-
men Copy will be sent to appli-
cants, by mail, on receipt of 25

CLUB TEBMS: Any person remit-
tie $20 for four yearly sub-
scriptions, will receive an extra
copy gratis, or five yearly sub-
scriptions for $20.
Binding Cases, Cloth, each 50

for one year, $8.

(The). Under this title will be
issued a series of neat and at-
tractive books, at the uniform
price of a DOLLAR each, that will
bring the varied and important
results of modern scientific in-
quiry within easy reach of all
classes of readers. The follow-
ing works are now ready in
uniform style 12mo.

Cloth, per vol., 1 00

HEALTH. By Dr. Edward Smith,
F. R. S.



By Prof. A. de Quatrefages.
(Translated from the French by
Eliza A. Youmans.)

ley Taylor.

zelles. (Translated from the
French by Rev. O. B. Froth-

Francis Galton, F. E. 8.
PKOCTOE (R. A.) Other Worlds
than Ours ; the Plurality of
Worlds, studied under the Light
of Recent Scientific Researches.
By Richard A. Proctor, B. A.,
F. R. A.S., author of "Saturn
and its System," " Sun Views
of the Earth," "Half Hours
with the Telescope," etc. With
Illustrations, some colored.
12mo Cloth, $2 50

Light Science for Leisure

Hours. A Series of Familiar
Essays on Scientific Subjects,
Natural Phenomena, etc. 1 vol.,
12mo Cloth, 1 75

Essays on Astronomy. A

Series of Papers on Planets and
Meteors, the Sun, Stars, etc.
With 10 Plates and 24 Wood
Engravings. 1 vol., 8vo.

Cloth, 4 60*

The Moon, her Motions, As-
pect, Scenery, and Physical
Conditions. With Three Lu-
nar Photographs, and many
Plates, Charts, etc. 1 vol., 8vo.

Cloth, 500

The Expanse of Heaven. A

Series of Essays on the Won-
ders of the Firmament. 1 vol..
lUmo Cloth, 2 00

Our Place among Infini-
ties. A Series of Essays con-
trasting our Little Abode In

Space and Time with the In-
finities around us. To which
are added Essays on the Jew-
ish Sabbath and Astrology. 1
vol., 12ino Cloth, $1 75

RIBOT (TH.) Heredity: a Psy-
chological Study on its Phe-
nomena, its Laws, its Causes,
and its Consequences. From
the French. 1 vol., 12mo..Cloth, 2 00

English Psychology. Trans-
lated from the French of Th.
Ribot. 1 vol., 12mo Cloth, 1 50

ROSCOE (HENRY E.) Spectrum
Analysis. Six Lectures deliv-
ered in 1868 before the Society
of Apothecaries of London. By
Henry E. Roscoe, B. A., Ph. D.,
F. R. 8. With Appendices, Col-
ored Plates, and Illustrations.
1 vol., 8vo Cloth, extra, 900*

SCH ELLEN (H.) Spectrum Anal-
ysis in its Application to Ter-
restrial Substances, and the
Physical Constitution of the
Heavenly Bodies. Familiarly
explained by Dr. H. Schellen,
Director der Realschule I. O.
Cologne. Translated from the
second enlarged and revised
German edition, by Jane and
Caroline Lassell. Edited, with
Notes, by William Huggins,
LL. D. With numerous Wood-
cuts, Colored Plates, and Por-
traits : also Angstrom's and
KirchhoflTs Maps. 1 vol., 8vo,
455pages Cloth, 600


Huxley, F.R.8. ...(In pr*.)

2. CHEMISTRY. By Prof. Roscoe.
18mo Flexible Cloth, 50

8. PHYSICS. By Balfour Stowart.

With Illustrations. 18mo.

Flexible. Clotli. . r '
4. I'IIYSI. AI. Civ... I:\I-MV. My

Archibald (Joikir, LI, D.. K. K.

B Flexible Cloth, 50


5. GEOLOGY. By Archibald Gei-
kie, LL. D., F. R. S.

Flexible Cloth, $ 60

6. PHYSIOLOGY. By M. Foster,
M. A., M. D., F.R.8.

Flexible Cloth, 50

7. ASTRONOMY. By J. Norman
Lockyer, F. E. S.

Flexible Cloth, 50

8. BOTANY. By Dr. J. D. Hook-
er Flexible Cloth, 50

(Others in preparation.)
tion, Intellectual, Moral, and

Physical. 12mo Cloth, 1 25

First Principles. 12mo.

Cloth, 2 50

Essays : Moral, Political,

and ^Esthetic. 1 vol., 12mo.

Cloth, 2 50

Illustrations of Universal

Progress. A Selection of his
Best Papers. 1 vol., 12mo..Cl., 250

Social Statics; or, the Con-
ditions essential to Human.
Happiness specified, and the
first of them developed. 1
vol., 12mo Cloth, 2 50

The Principles of Biology. 2

vols.,12mo Cloth, 500

The Principles of Psycholo-
gy. 2 vols., 12mo Cloth, 5 00

Half Calf, 9 00*

Philosophy of Style. 12mo.

Flexible Cloth, 50

Recent Discussions in Sci-
ence, Philosophy, and Morals.
New and enlarged edition.
12mo Cloth, 2 00

Works. 10 vols., 8vo.

Half Calf, 44 00*

Sociology. 1 vol., 12mo..Cl., 1 50


Groups of Sociological Facts,
classified and arranged by Her-
bert Spencer. Compiled and
abstracted by David Duncan,
M. A., Professor of Logic, etc.,
in the Presidency College, Ma-

dras, Richard Scheppig, Ph. D.,
and James Collier. To be pub-
lished in Parts, folio, boards.
To subscribers, for the whole

work, per Part $8 50*

SingleParts 400*


No. 1, Division III., Part I. C.
ENGLISH. Compiled and ab-
stracted by James Collier.

No. 2, Division II., Part I. B. An-
cient Mexicans, Central Amer-
icans, Chibehos, and Ancient
Peruvians. Compiled and ab-
stracted by Richard Scheppig

No. 3, Division I., Part I. A.
Types of the Lowest Races.
Negritto Races. Malayo-Poly-
nesian Races. Compiled and
abstracted by Prof. David Dun-

No. 4, Division I., Part II., A. Af-
rican Races. Compiled and ab-
stracted by Prof. David Dun-

The balance of the work in ac-
tive preparation.
Principles of Sociology. Is-
sued in Quarterly Numbers of
eighty pages each. (Subscrip-
tion), per annum 200*

Per number, 60
Studies of the Lower Forms of
Life, based upon the Latest
Lectures of Prof. T. H. Huxley,
and published by his permis-
sion. By Sarah Hackett Ste-
venson. Illustrated by Miss M.
A. I. Macoinish. 1 vol., 12mo.

Cloth, 1 5C

TOMMY TRY, and What He Did
in Science. With 46 Illustra-
tions 1 vol., 12mo Cloth, I 00

TYNDALL (Prof. JOHN). Heat
as a Mode of Motion. 1 vol.,
12mo. New edition Cloth, 2 00


Sound: A Course of Eight
Lectures delivered at the Roy-
al Institution of Great Brit-
ain. By John Tyndall, LL. D.,
F. R. S. Illustrated. An en-
tirely new edition, rewritten
and revised. 1 voL, 12ino. . Cl., $2 00

Fragments of Science lor

Unscientific People. A Series
of Detached Essays, Lectures,

and Reviews. 12mo Cloth, 2 00

Light and Electricity : Notes

of Two Courses of Lectures be-
fore the Royal Institution of
Great Britain. 12mo.. ..Cloth, 1 25

Hours of Exercise in the

Alps. With Illustrations. 12mo.

Cloth, 2 00

Faraday as a Discoverer. A

Memoir. 1 vol., 12mo... Cloth, 100

The above six vols.. in a

box Half Calf, extra, 22 60*

On Forms of Water 150

Half Calf, 8 50*

Radiant Heat 500

Half Calf, extra, 9 00*
Six Lectures on Light. De-
livered in America in 1872-'73.
With an Appendix and numer-
ous Illustrations Cloth, 1 00

Paper, 75

TYNDALL (Prof. JOHN). Ban-
quet. Proceedings at. Given
at Delmonico's, New York,
February 4, 1878 Paper, $ 50

Address delivered before the

British Association, assembled
at Belfast. Revised, with Ad-
ditions by the author, since the
delivery. 1 vol., 12rao... Paper, 50

YOUMANS (E. L.) Class-Book of

Chemistry. New edition. 12mo. 1 75

Hand-Book of Household

Science. 12mo 175

The Culture demanded by

Modern Life: A Series of Ad-
dresses and Arguments on the
Claims of Scientific Education.
Edited, with an Introduction on
Mental Discipline in Educa-
tion, by Edward L. Youmans,

M. D. 1 vol , 12mo Cloth, 2 00

Correlation and Conserva-
tion of Forces: A Series of Ex-
positions by Prof. Grove, Prof.
Helmholtz, Dr. Mayer, Dr.
Faraday, Prof. Liebig, and Dr.
Carpenter. Edited, with an In-
troduction and Brief Biographi-
cal Notices of the Chief Promot-
ers of the New Views, l.y 1-1-
wnrd L. Youmans. M. I). 1
vol., l'2n.o Cloth, 2 (K



Entirely rewritten by the ablest writers on every subject. Printed from new ty$e t
and illustrated with several thousand Engravings and Maps.

The work originally published under the title of THE NEW AMERICAN CYCLOPEDIA
was completed in 1863, since which time the wide circulation which it has attained in all
parts of the United States, and the signal developments which have taken place in every
branch of science, literature, and art, have induced the editors and publishers to submit
it to an exact and thorough revision, and to issue a new edition entitled THE AMERICAN

Within the last ten years the progress of discovery in every department of knowledge
has made a new work of reference an imperative want.

The movement of political affairs has kept pace with the discoveries of science, and
their fruitful application to the industrial and useful arts and the convenience and refine-
ment of social life. Great wars and consequent revolutions have occurred, involving
national changes of peculiar moment. The civil war of our own country, which was at
its height when the last volume of the old work appeared, has happily been ended, and
a new course of commercial and industrial activity has been commenced.

Large accessions to our geographical knowledge have been made by the indefatigable
explorers of Africa.

The great political revolutions of the last decade, with the natural result of the lapse
of time, have brought into public view a multitude of new men, whose names are in
every one's mouth, and of whose lives every one is curious to know the particulars.
Great battles have been fought, and important sieges maintained, of which the details
are as yet preserved only in the newspapers, or in the transient publications of the day,
but which ought now to take their place in permanent and authentic history.

In preparing the present edition for the press, it has accordingly been the aim of the
editors to bring down the information to the latest possible dates, and to furnish an ac-
curate account of the most recent discoveries in science, of every fresh production in
literature, and the newest inventions in the practical arts, as well as to give a succinct
and original record of the progress of political and historical events.

The work was begun after long and careful preliminary labor, and with the most
ample resources for carrying it on to a successful termination.

None of the original stereotype plates have been used, but every page has been
printed on new type, forming in fact a new Cyclopaedia, with the same plan and com-
pass as its predecessor, but with a far greater pecuniary expenditure, and with such
improvements in its composition as have been suggested by longer experience and
enlarged knowledge.

The illustrations, which are introduced for the first time in the present edition, have
been added not for the sake of pictorial effect, but to give greater lucidity and force to
the explanations in the text. They embrace all branches of science and of natural his-
tory, and depict the most famous and remarkable features of scenery, architecture, and
art, as well as the various processes of mechanics and manufactures. Although intended
for instruction rather than embellishment, no pains have been spared to insure their
artistic excellence; the cost of their execution is enormous, and it is believed that they
will find a welcome reception as an admirable feature of the Cyclopaedia, and worthy
of its high character.

This work is sold to subscribers only, payable on delivery of each volume. It is
completed in sixteen large octavo volumes, each containing about 800 pages, fully illus-
trated with several thousand Wood Engravings, and with numerous colored Litho-
graphic Maps.


In extra doth, per vol $5.00

In library leather, per vol 6.00

In half turkey morocco, per vol 7.00

In half mssia, extra gilt, per vol. .$8 oo
In full mor. ant., gilt edges, per vol. 10.00
In full russia,per vol 10.00

* # * Specimen pages of the AMERICAN CYCLOPEDIA, showing type, illustrations, etc.,
will be sent gratis, on application.




E_ :c- -Y o TJ IM: .A. nsr s .

77u& periodical was started (in 18T2) to promote the diffusion of valuable sci-
entific knowledge, in a readable and attractive form, among all classes
of the community, and has thus far met a want supplied by
no other magazine in the United States.

Ten volumes have now appeared, which are filled with instructive and interesting
articles and abstracts of articles, original, selected, translated, and illustrated, from the
pens of the leading scientific men of different countries. Accounts of important scien-
tific discoveries, the application of science to the practical arts, and the latest views put
forth concerning natural phenomena, have been given by savants of the highest au-
thority. Prominent attention has been also devoted to those various sciences which
help to a better understanding of the nature of man, to the bearings of science upon
the questions of society and government, to scientific education, and to the conflicts
which spring from the progressive nature of scientific knowledge.

THE POPULAB SCIENCE MONTHLY has long since ceased to be an experiment. It
has passed into a circulation far beyond the most sanguine hopes at first entertained,
and the cordial and intelligent approval which it has everywhere met shows that its
close and instructive discussions have been well appreciated by the reading portion of
the American people. It has not been its policy to make boastful promises of great
things to be done in the future, but rather to appeal to what it has already accom-
plished as giving it a claim upon popular patronage. But no pains will be spared to
improve it and make it still more worthy of liberal support, and still more a necessity
to the cultivated classes of the country.

TUB POPULAR SCIENCE MONTHLY is published in a large octavo, handsomely print. <!
on cl.-ar tvpf, and, when the subjects admit, fully illustrated. Kadi DUmtMT OOOtetaM

I - '- I .ages.

Terms : $5 per Annum, or Fifty Cents per Number.
Postage free to all Subscribers in the United States.

A new volume of THE POPUI.A M..MIII.Y logins with the numli> t..r
May and November each year. Subscriptions may commence from :my datr. I!ark
numbers supplied

Now Ready, Vol*. /.. //.. ///.. IV.. V., VI.. VII.. VIII.. IX.. <n>,t .Y.. of Tlie
/'-./, ///, // S<-i,nr( Mmitlili/. embracing the numbers from 1 to 00 (May. 1-7.'. t. April.
i-TTi. iM\.,|... 3ru <'i<>tii. fci.rio per \>i. Half Morocco, $&60 parrot

///////;/ r,/x,. /,*/ V,,l*. /.. //.. ///.. /I'.. I'. 17.. 177.. 17/7.. 7.V.
iniil X.. of Tin r<>/nil<ii ' <f/i/i/. Til- prepared i \

f..r l.indin- tin- volum.-s ot Tin: I'..ITI.\I: BODDIO1 M<>M MI.Y as tln-y :ij.|..-:ir. and will
I-.H on receipt of pri.-,-. Any l.iml.-r can attach the- covers at a tri-
fling expense. Price, 50 centa each.

ADDRESS D. APPLET ON & CO., Publishers,


HO. 407


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