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Cologne, Herman Deuren,-\']T.q

Rare, edited by Godefroy. With portraits of Gabriel D'Estrees, Henri IV.,
Marshal Biron, members of the royal family and other distinguished personages
of France. These are executed by Harrewyn, pupil of Romeyn de Hoghe.
This copy has the book-plate of — " Germain Barre, Cure de Monville pres

1737 Lincoln (Abraham), History of, and of the Overthrow of

Slavery,' by Isaac ISf. Arnold. Portrait. Thick 8vo,
fresh half calf, beveled sides, marbled edges.

Chicago, 1866

1738 Lincoln. The Obsequies of Abraham Lincoln. Portrait,

engraved title, and numerous woodcuts. Large 8vo, morocco
extra, gilt edges. N. Y., 1865

1739 Linda (Lvca di) a«^ Bisacciori {^/LzioWm, Marckese). Lp

Relationi et Descrittioni Vniversali et Particolari del
Mondo. Thick small 4to, vellum. Bologna, 1674

Rare, stamped with coats-of-arms of former owner on title.

1740 LINGARD (John, B.D.). The History of England from

the First Invasion by the Romans to the Accession of


William and Mary in 1688. With 10 portraits newly
etched by Damman. 10 vols, thick Svo, fresh cloth.

(Edinburgh) Boston, 1883

New copyright library edition. ' ' Dr. Lingard's book is the fruit of
great industry, learning and acuteness, directed by no ordinary talent. It is
written in a clear and agreeable manner. The narrative has the perspicuity of
Robertson, with more freedom and fancy. His diction has the ornament of
Gibbon, without his affectation and obscurity. To one desirous of making a
study, and not a mere amusement of the history of his country, we know no
general History of England that we would sooner recommend than the one
before us." — Edinburgh Review.

1741 LisTE Gen^rale des Postesde France dress^e par Ordre

de son Eminence Monseigneur le Cardinal de Fleury,
Ministre d'Etat. Minimo, old calf. Paris, 1729

Rare. With vignette coat-of-armsof Cardinal de Fleury and entirely printed
from plates.

1742 LITTLE CLASSICS, edited by Rossiter Johnson, ii

vols. Minimo, cloth, red edges.

'Eo5ton, printed at University Eress, 1875

Arranged as follows — " Exile," " Intellect," " Life," " Laughter," " Love,"
" Romance," " Mystery," " Comedy," " Fortune," " Heroism" and "Child-
hood. "

" A series of exquisitely printed volumes in flexible binding and red edges
which gather up the very choicest things in our literature in the way of short
tales and sketches." — Buffalo Courier.

1743 Little Pilgrim (A), reprinted from "Macmillan's

Magazine." The Open Door; The Portrait; Two Stories
of the Seen and the Unseen by the same author. Together
2 vols, small Svo, cloth, red edges. Boston, 1883-85


1744 LITTR6. — Dictionnaire de la Langue Franfajse; par E.

LiTTR^, de I'Institut (Acaddmie Fran^aise et Academic des
Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres). Also Supplement. 5 vols,
thick large 4to, half red morocco, cloth sides. Paris, 1878

' ' No language that we have ever studied, or attempted to study, possesses a
Dictionary so rich in the history of words as this great work which M. Littre has
fortunately lived long enough to complete. To the love of order, system and
clearness which belongs to the French mind, he has joined a degree of patience
in research and scientific thoroughness in comparison, which we have been accus-
tomed to associate with German rather than with French erudition. The courage
which could undertake such a task as this might have been considered mere uncaj-
culating rashness if the workman had not lived to complete his colossal per-

" The entire work contains 4,708 pages, and M. Littre's Dictionary contains
twice as much printed matter as the whole of the Waverley Novels, with a few
thousand of novel-pages into the bargain.

" Mere bigness is, however, one of the least of its many claims to attention.
M. Littre is not the first man who has made a big Dictionary, and we all know


that in labors of this kind the author whose name is on the title-page avails him-
self of the services of others. The wonder is that so vast an undertaking should
have been carried through from beginning to end without the slightest hitch
or flaw, and in perfect obedience to one great governing idea." — Saturday

1745 LOSSING (Benson J.). Pictorial Field-Book of the War

of 1812, or Illustrations by Pen and Pencil of the History,
Biography, Scenery, Relics and Traditions of the last War
of American Independence. Illuminated front, and pro-
fusely illustrated with wood engravings by Lossing and
BuRRiTT, chiefly from designs of the author. Thick large
8vo, half green morocco gilt, top edge gilt. N. Y., 1868

1746 Louisiana Biographies. Part I, containing History of the

Governors; Paul Morphy (The Chess Player); and Jean
Lafitte (The Pirate). Large 4to, sewed.

New Orleans, 1882

1747 Macaulay (Thomas Babington, Lord). Life and Letters

of, by his Nephew George Otto Trevelyan, M.P.
Portrait. 2 vols. 8vo, half morocco, top edges gilt, others
uncut. , London, 1876

' ' There are no limits to his [ Macaulay 's] knowledge on small subjects as well
as great: he is like a book in breeches." — Sydney Smith.

1748 MAC-GEOGHEGAN (Abb^) and MITCHELL (John).

History of Ireland, Ancient and Modern, Taken from the
Most Authentic -Records. Steel plates, portraits and wood-
cut borders. 2 vols, in r. Thick large 4to, morocco extra
gilt, beveled sides, inside gold borders, gilt edges.

N. Y., 1868

1749 M'Clintock (F. L.). Narrative of the Discovery of the

Fate of Sir John Franklin. Maps and numerous woodcuts.
Small 8vo, cloth. Boston, i860


1750 MAISTRE (Xavier de). CEuvres Completes. No,uvelle

Edition, Revue par I'Auteur. Three engraved plates after
Chasselat. 2 vols. 8vo, morocco gilt, inside gold den-
telle borders, edges gilt. Paris, 1828

Prince Paul Demidoff's copy and stamped in gold on the sides with his
crown and initials "P. D.", also on half-titles with the library stamp of the
" Biblioth^que de San Donate."

1751 Mangin (Arthur). Nos Ennemis at Nos Allies Etudes

Zoologiques. Numerous illustrations by Bayard, Free-
man and others. Large 8vOj half morocco gilt, cloth sides,
gilt edges. Tours, 1870


1752 MARBOIS (Barbe). History of Louisiana, particularly of

the Cession of tliat Colony to the U. S. of America. Large
8vo, boards, totally uncut (foxed). Phila., 1830

1753 Marmontel (J. F.). Belisaire. Engraved plates. Minimo,

calf gilt, inside gold tooling. A Londres, 1780

Fine original calf binding.


1754 MASSACHUSSETT PSALTER: Asuh Ukkuttoohomaon-

gash David weche wunnaunchemookaonk ne ansukhogup,
John ut Indiane kah Englishe Nepatuhquonkash ne woh
sogkonpagunukhettet kakoketahteoekuppannegh aketu-
mannat kah wohwohtamunat Wunnetuppantamwe Wus-
sukwhongash, Boston, N. E. Uppointhomunneau B.
Green, kah F. Printer wutche quhtiantamwe Chapan-
vkkeg wutche onchekehtormnnat wunnaunchummookaont
ut New England, etc. Small 4to, old calf, on wooden
boards (binding broken).

Boston, N. Y^., printed by B. Green and F. Printer for
the Honourable Company for the Propagation of the Gospel
in New England, etc., 1709.

Extremely rare. The English title of the 1709 Indian Psalter reads
— " The Massachusett Psalter: Or Psalms of David, with the Gospel according
to John, in columns of Indian, and English, Being an Introduction for Training
up the Aboriginal Natives in Reading and Understanding the Holy Scriptures."
This copy is imperfect, only having 146 leaves. It lacks — the first seven leaves,
also signatures R, S, T, V, W, Y, Z, BB, EE, HH, II, and some occasional
leaves throughout, as well as the last two leaves.

' ' Next to Eliot's Bible this is the most important monument of the Massa-
chusset language. The translation was made by the Revd. Experience May-
hew." — John Hammond Trumbull.

' ' The Indian langpiage had been familiar to him [Experience Mayhew] from
infancy, and he was employed by the commissioners for propagating the gospel
in New England to make a new version of the Psalms and of John, which work
he executed with great accuracy in 1709." — William Allen.

175s Matthews (Brander) and Bunner (H. C). In Partner-
ship. Small 8vo, fresh cloth. N. Y., 1884

Presentation copy from Mr. Matthews to Mr. H. de Pene du Bois.

1756 Maury (M. F., Lieut.). The Physical Geography of the

Sea. Large 8vo, cloth. N. Y., 1855

1757 MERCATOR (Gerardus). Atlas Minor, a I Hondio

plurimis seneis Tabulis auctus et illustratus. Numerous
maps. Oblong small 4to, vellum (MS. on title).

Amsterdam, ex officina loannis lanssonii, 1628

Very rare, with maps of New Spain, " New Virginia," Florida, Cuba, etc.


1758 Mercier (Alfred). L'Habitation Saint- Ybars ou Maitres

et Esclaves en Louisiana. Small 8vo, sewed, uncut.
(2 copies.) New Orleans, 1881

1759 Merim^e (Prosper). Colomba suivi de la Mosaique et

Autres Contes et Nouvelles. Small 8vo, half calf gilt,
marbled sides and edges. Paris, 187 1

1760 Mermet (Emile). La Presse Fran9aise. Portrait. Thick

small 8vo, cloth. Paris, 1884

1761 MICHELET (Jules). The Bird. With 210 illustrations

by GiACOMELLi. Large 8vo, cloth, gilt edges.

London, 1869

1762 MiCHELET. LTnsecte — Nouvelle Edition. Illustrated

with 140 wood engravings designed by H. Giacomelli.
Large 8vo, half red morocco, gilt. Paris, 1876

Finely printed edition of Michelet's great entomological work, and a worthy
companion to his book on "The Bird."

1763 MiDDLETON (J. Henry). Ancient Rome in 1885. Maps

and numerous woodcuts. 8vo, cloth, uncut.

Edinburgh, 1885
' ' Possis nihil urbe Roma
Visere majus." — HORACE.

1764 MiGNE (J. P.) Dictionnaire Universel de Mythologie

Ancienne et Moderne. Large 8vo, half moroccb (rubbed). '

Paris, 1855

A most valuable work by the editor of the " Patrologia," and includes a good
account of the religions of the American Indians, Aztecs, etc.


1765 MILMAN (Henry Hart, i?tf«« <?/ 6'/. PauPs). Historical

Works, /. e.: —

I. History of the Jews, from the Earliest Period down to
Modern Times. Third edition, thoroughly Revised and
Extended. 3 vols. London, 1863

II. History of Christianity from the Birth of Christ to the
Abolition of Paganism in the Roman Empire. A New
and Revised Edition. 3 vols. London, 1863

III. History of Latin Christianity, including that of the
Popes to the Pontificate of Nicholas V. Third edition.
9 vols. London, 1864

TOGETHER 15 vols. 8vo, uniform fresh half purple calf
gilt, marbled sides and edges.

London, John Murray, 1863-64
Best English library edition of this valuable series of historical and
ecclesiastical works, which Prescott styled — " learned and luminous."


1766 MILMAN. Historical Works, i. e.: —

I. History of the Jews, from the Earliest Period down to
Modern Times. 3 vols, in 2.

II. History of Christianity, from the Birth of Christ to the
Abolition of Paganism in the Roman Empire. 3 vols,
in 2.

III. History of Latin Christianity, including that of the
Popes to the Pontificate of Nicholas V. 8 vols, in 4.

TOGETHER 14 vols, in 8. Small 8vo, uniform fresh half
calf gilt, marbled sides and edges.

N. Y., Cambridge University Press, 1881
Library edition of this valuable series of historical and ecclesiastical works,
which Prescott styled — " learned and luminous. " This edition is — ".reprinted
from the newly revised and corrected London edition."

1767 Mitchell (Donald G).J Out-of-Town Places; with Hints

for their Improvement. Numerous woodcuts, i2mo, fresh
cloth, top edge gilt. N. Y., 1884


1768 MOLIERE (J. B. P. de). Complete Dramatic Works of.

The Library Edition translated and edited, with Memoir,
Introductions and Appendices, wherein are given the pas-
sages borrowed or adapted from MoLifeRE by English
Dramatists, with Explanatory Notes by Henri Van Laun.
Portrait and exquisite etchings by Adolphe Lalauze. 6
vols, large 8vo, cloth, uncut.

Edinburgh, Paterson, 1875-76

"As regards mere faithfulness of translation, it is astonishingly correct.
Besides writing a modest prefatory life, Mr. Van Laun has prefixed to each
play an Introduction containing all necessary information respecting its sources
and circumstances, and has added to each an appendix of peculiar interest.
These appendices contain full extracts from the plays in which English play-
wrights have done themselves the honor to ' convey Moliere's good things. . . .
The portrait of Moliere is extremely fine." — Academy.

1769 Monroe (James). View of the Conduct of the Executive

in the Foreign Affairs of the United States, connected
with the Mission to the French Republic, during the
years 1794-96. • Phila., 1797

1770 MONTAIGNE (Michel de). Essais. Fine portrait of

Montaigne by Noel Pruneau. 3 vols, small 8vo,
crinkled morocco gilt, dentelle gold inside borders, watered
crimson silk ends, with gilt tooled borders, edges gilt, by
P. Meslant. Paris, Jean Francois Bastien, 1783-

Rare and much sought after edition. Brunet says: — " Edition imprimee sur
tres beau papier, et beaucoup plus soignee pour la correction que plusieurs du
meme editeur," i. c, P. Coste.

1771 Montecucoli (Raymund). Arte Universal de la Guerra.

Minimo, mottled sheep. Madrid, 1808



1772 MONTESQUIEU (Carl de Secondat, Baron de). CEuvres

Completes de Montesquieu, pr^c^d^es de son Elogej par
D'Alembert. Nouvelle Edition. Portrait by PouRr
VOYEUR ON India paper. Thick large 8vo. Bound by
PURGOLD in russia extra gilt, dentelle gold inside borders,
edges gilt. Paris, De Pure, 1827

Very scarce edition but foxed slightly in parts. The illustration of. the
reliure in this volume is the reproduction that appeared in the " American Book
Maker " of March, 1887, where Mr. Ingersoll Lockwood says: — '

" Purgold, too, belongs to this period of decorative stamp; but his chief
claim upon the attention of the student arises from the fact that he was the pre-
decessor, if not the instructor, of Bauzonnet.

" On page 66 [of the March, 1887, "American Book Maker"] will be found
a camera reproduction of apiece of work [«. <?., Mr. Pene du Bois's Montesquieu]
bearing the imprint of Purgold, PariJs, 1837, an admirably finished binding. from
a mechanical standpoint. In all probability the tooling was done by Bauzonnet

1773 Month (The), an Illustrated Magazine of Literature,

Science and Art. Illustrations. Vols, i and 2 (July,
1864-June, 1865). 8vo, half roan. London, 1864-65

1774 Morgan. Priced Catalogue of the Art Collection formed

by the late Mrs. Mary J. Morgan. 8vo, cloth, gilt edges.

N. Y., 1886

177s MURGER (Henry). Le Pays Latin. Small 8vo, half calf.

Paris, 1853

1776 NAPIER (Henry Edward). Florentine History from the

Earliest Authentic Records to the Accession of Ferdinand
THE Third, Grand Duke of Tuscany. ;6 vols, small 8vo,
fresh half yellow calf gilt, top edges gilt.

London, Edward\Moxon, 1846-47 '
Originai. edition. " His [Napier's] impartiality appears to double advan-
tage after the partizanship of Sismondi, otherwise the greatest of modern his-
torians. " — London Athenieum.


1777 NAPOLEON III. — Recueil des Adhesions adress^es

Au Prince-President a l'Occasion de l'Aqte du

2 D^cembre. 6 vols, large 4to, red morocco gilt, edges

gilt. Paris, Imprimerie Centrale de Napoldon Chaix, 1852

Very scarce. These volumes are elegantly bound and stamped on the sides

with the coat-of-arms, imperial crown, sceptre, grand cross of the Legion of

Honor, etc., of Napoleon the Third.

But a very few copies of this work were printed for the members of the Court
and the Persigny-Morny clique. It contains some 20,000 addresses and adhesions
in favor of the resuscitation of the Empire in the person of Prince Louis Napo-
leon, then President of the French Republic. The fifth volume consists of
tables and indices.



[Works of Montesquieu, Paris, 1827. Binding by Purgold and Tooling probably
BY Bauzonnet. Number 1772 of the Pene du Bois Collection.]



1778 NAPOLEON. — Politique de Napoleon par un Ancien

Officier de la Grande Armde, portrait, Toulouse, 1833;
BiAGiOLi, Bataille de Friedland, French and Italian text
in opposite columns, /^r/ra//, Paris, Didot, 1807; Biagi-
OLi's Ritorno di Napoleone Canzone, Paris, 1815;
RuELLE (A,), Le Dernier Reve a Saint H^lene, Paris,
184a; Couronne Po^tique de Napoleon, Paris, 1840. In
2 vols. 8vo, stamped russia, marbled edges, almost uni-
form. ' V. p., V. d.
These volumes came from the library of San Donato, belonging to Prince
Demidofi, '

1778* NAPOLEONIDE (La), di Stefano Egidio Petronj,
dedicata a sua Maesta Plmperatrice Regina e Reggente.
100 engraved vignette medallions after medals struck in honor
of Napoleon. Large 8vo, half roan, totally uncut (rubbed,
title cut and some pp. foxed).

Very scarce. Paris, Didot, 1813

1779 Newell (R. H., Orpheus C. Kerr). There Was Once a

Man. Woodcuts, Small 8vo. fresh cloth. N. Y., 1884


1780 NEW YORK. Laws of New-York from nth Nov.,

1752, to 22d May, 1762. Published according to an order
of the General Assembly. Digested by William Liv-
ingston and W. Smith. Vol. 2. Folio, old law calf.

N. Y ., printed by William Weyman, 1762

EXTREMELY RARE. Contains laws enacted under Governors George
Clinton, James De Lancey, Sir Charles Hardy and Cadwallader Colden.

1781 NEW YORK. Laws of the State of New York, passed

Sixth of February, 1773, to Third of April, 1775, inclu-
sive; also Laws of the State of New York, commencing
with the First Session of the Senate and Assembly after
the Declaration of Independence and the Organization of
the New Government of the State, Anno 1777. 2 vols,
in I. Folio, old law calf (binding broken,^ also lacks one

N. Y., printed by H. Gaine, Printer to the Kings Most
Excellent Majesty, in the Province of New York, 1775, and
Poughkeepsie, State of New York, printed by John Holt,
Printer to the State, 1782.

Very rare. From the library of Brockholst Livingston, with his auto-
graph. Contains the last laws enacted in New York by the British Government
under Governor Tryon, and the first by the new dispensation under Governor
George Clinton.


1782 NEW YORK. Laws of the State of New York,
comprising the Constitution and the Acts of Legislature
since the Revolution from the First to the Twelfth Ses-
sion inclusive. Published according to an Act of the
Legislature passed the 13th April, 1786. 2 vols, folio, old
law calf.

N. Y., printed by Hugh Gaine, at his Printing-Office and
Book- Store at the Bible, in Hanover- Square, 1789

Very rare. From the library of Brockholst Livingston, with his
armorial book-plate in each volume.

1783 NEW YORK.— Journal of the Legislative Council of the

Colony of New York. Began the 9th day of April, 1691,
and ended the 3d day of April, 1775. 2 vols, thick folio,
half law sheep. Albany, 1861

1784 NEW YORK. — Documents Relative to Colonial History

of N. Y. State procured in Holland, England and France,
by J. R. Brodhead, edited by E. B. O'Callaghan.
Maps, facsimiles, etc. 1 1 vols, large 4to, cloth.

Albany, 1856-61

1785 NEW YORK. — Natural History of the State of

York. Illustrated with maps, woodcuts and a vast number
of lithographic plates, a large proportion of which are finely
colored by hand. 18 vols, large 4to, cloth.

N. Y., 1842-52

This set includes— Part i, Zoology, by James De Kay, 5 vols. ; Part 2, Botany,
by John Torrey, 2 vols. ; Part 3, Mineralogy, by Lewis C. Beck, i vol. : Part
4, Geology, by William W. Mather, E. Emmons, James Hall and Lardner
Vanuxem, 4 vols. ; Part 5, Agriculture, by E. Emmons, 4 vols., and Part 6,
Palaeontology, by James Hall, 2 vols.

1786 NEW YORK. — History of the City of New York, by

David T. Valentine. Maps and lithographic views. 8vo,
cloth. N. Y., 1853

1787 New York. — The Old Stadt Huys of New Amsterdam.

Large 8vo, paper. N. Y., 1875


1788 NODIER (Charles). Contes— Trilby, le Songe d'Or. Bap-

tiste Montauban, la F^e aux Miettes, la Combe del'Homme

Mort, Infes de las Sierras, Smarra, la Neuvaine de la Chan-

deleur, la Legende de la Soeur Beatrix. Illustrated with

etchings, artist's proofs on India paper by Tony Johannot.

Large 8vo. Bound by "Trioullier S[uccesseu]r de

Petit-Simier," fresh half crushed levant morocco, top

edge gilt. Paris, [1843]

UNIQUE and ORIGINAL EDITION, with Johannot's plates, and original

autograph quarto letter signed Charles Nodier, dated "le ler Mai, 1826," and

addressed to " Monsieur le Marquis de Chateaugu-on, rue de Castiglione, No. 4,



1789 NODIER. CEuvres Completes. 11 vols. 8vo, fresh half

red morocco gilt, top edges gilt, others " t^moins."

Paris, 1832-37

This ^s the first complete collection of Charles Nodier's works, many being
published for the first time. The set includes:— " Romans Contes et Nouvelles,
6 vols, i. e.. Vol. i, " Jean Shogar "; Vol. 2, " Le Peintre de Saltzbourg (third
edition), " Adele " (second edition) and " Therese Aubut " (third edition) ; Vol.
3, " Smarra " (second edition), " Trilby " (second edition), " Melanges " (second
edition) and "Helene Gillet" (second edition); Vol. 4, "La Fee aux Miettes "
(second edition); Vol. 5, Reveries-MiscellaneeSi Varietes de Philosophic, d'His-
toire et de Litterature; Vol. 6, "Mademoiselle de Marsan" (second edition),
" le Nouveau Faust et la Nouvelle Marguerite" (first edition) and " le Songe
d'Or" (first edition); Vol. 7, " le Dernier Banquet des Girondins" (first edition)
and " Etude Historique suivies de Recherches sur I'Eloquence Revolutionnaire,"
Vol. 8, "Souvenirs et Portraits" (second edition); Vol. 9, " Notions Elemen-
taires de Linguistique " (first edition); Vol. 10, " Souvenirs de Jeunesse " (second
edition); Vol. 11, " Contes en Prose et en Vers " (first edition).

1790 NODIER. Le Seine et ses Bords. With ijignette wood en-

gravings, mostly page, by Marville and Foussereau.
Large 8vo, sewed, uncut (one page mended).

Paris, 1836
This is one of a very limited edition on China paper.

1 791 Norman (B. M.). New Orleans and Environs, with Brief

Sketch of the State of Louisiana. Minimo, cloth.

New Olrleans, 1845


1792 NORTH (Roger). The Lives of Right Hon. Francis

North, Baron Guilford, Hon. Sir Dudley North and
Hon. and Rev. Dr. John North. 3 vols. 8vo, cloth.

London, Henry Colburn, 1820-26

Best edition, with nbtes and illustrations, historical and biographical. Lord
Guilford was Lord Keeper of the Great Seal under Kings Charles IL and James
IL, and Dr. John North was Master of Trinity College, Cambridge.

1792* Northcote (James, i?.v4.). Fables Original and Selected
— Second Series. Portrait and 280 beautiful engravings on
wood. Small 8vo, boards, uncut (a few pages damaged).

IjiViAo-a., John Murray, \%i2,


1792** NORTH AMERICAN REVIEW. Vols. 35 to 94 inclu-
sive (complete and in 122 parts). 8vo, sewed, uncut.

Boston, 1832-62



of Recent Ethnological Researches from the Collections
of the Royal Museum at Berlin. Published by the
Directors of the Ethnological Department. Translated
from the German. With 13 plates, five of which are in
colors. Square large folio, fresh half morocco, cloth sides.

N. Y., Dodd, Mead 6- Co., n. d.
Published at twenty dollars.

1794 Notes and Queries, a Medium of Intercommunication

for Literary Men and General Readers. Vols. 9, 10 and
II complete; Vol. 12 (lacks part 295); Vols. 13 and 14
(lacking a few parts to complete). Together 6 vols, in 142
parts. 4to, sewed. London, 1884-86

1795 Nuremberg. — Mandat uber Etliche Puncten der Gemeinen

Zahl Hochzeiten Halben; Vernuerte Hochzeit; Extract
aus eines Erbarn Rath der Stadt Nurenberg; Der Stadt
Nurnberg verneurte Allmossordnung. 4 pieces in i. Small

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