Henrietta Elizabeth Bromwell.

Head-Lines of Bromwell, Bramall, Brummell, Bromel, Bramhall, Bromhall families of England : from notes collected in London online

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!iiE.L, BRAiiaALL.,., . 3RD vlRAL L,

Fa Tillies jxE—ExLgyland .
Pro 11

notes collected in


V:e liber N.S.D.A.R...
3al t 1 inre Caaot er .
v!e u . Vl'.rylaod '-{ Ist-
Drlcal 3:)clety.



C3 Br^onwell, Henrietta Elizabeth

71 Head-Lines of Brcrr.v/ell, Bramall, Brvurji;ell,

,Bc.686 Bronel, BrairJ^all, Broirhall families of England,
1913 7roir, notes collected in London. Denver, Col.,

474 ]- . .'..llis. mimeographed 26 cm. (separate
index vol. 112 p.

l.Erom.'ell fan. 2.Bramll fam. 3.Bru:anell fam.
4.Bro:nel fam. 5.Brainhall fam. 6.Bronihall fam.


G T C A I;





C oncern ing

Head-lines of '^'ae 3rom;vell and other
faiiLlies in England , including names
3r Ti h a 1 1 , B r u t. r.e 1 1 , Br o iia 1 , 5R A\'iri ALL etc.

"vlay it please the CDurt to accept this very sincere,
inadeciuate , J but nost loving tribute. "

A LI !■ ;-i I A T. C L A -. :. b 3

1-0 .Ji'Of!.-. 3 ] , L>i\i..niy^J •.I'C- iri r/n^ ],...::

?o r i ., Vvb c. r, , Go . 'in rk . IGC _ .


.,0. )

AT drirniun

] ion rar.-ant. or. '-'rnzt, - 1 ior -a^.oc.nt or,

Li>..'.iv KALI . ■ ^. L •;.r!i 'MA l.i^' oe^;.'r^ Ar.ii":.r, I' J' '" John Br:.?'ji:.ll of
ivir-on, Co.iork, oJcln-r s-^p of 'J - Aev Bw.v:'.-.. 11 .m'A ^i'M'^Ason of
Johri oi -ii.^A:-!] 1 of .^nn.'.. rr:,r!t iri '"<•': ■^■' ^oiir'.y, cl^ 3 ocjriai^d ii'ora
iiT ^ .^noient fan i]y of Br:iiTihLill o :'■ Dr..n ^c. 1 1 , sic .Ah s tor )

2aj__ -.Ad_lii^A^.t:^^-A'A?l..'2.^i_i AAAE"!-^; .1 i2r_i!AA ii:!A5_Qi'-£_l!'£'!''I^QiSiJTir_uin

AA.i^te Tuo , (C A''^: r ..r.:: aA ' I ■- • 'riiT.I

Bft :.A:.'i1.1 rAliooliiro .-.inA Ton^A-^r. ,) '-•'^nf ir;n.. ■:; ..i nov. iT-., T- . 3..e arm
Clro^i,, a lion v, t. r, , - ^> a r, t or, or, i Ao - :A-"vn A ^^r a n-esccint. u)ori a ci'ea
cer'1, for >' if faj: enoe .

Di./ ivil/LT., ( Arohl-ir^hOT) Bran liai 1 , rat iva of c'on tef I'^ct . ) san.e c^rms
ft orf.r.ceni Por d iff •■■ro"^e, iH: k.O ir., H.. ; 1 o^, , vjrt v. s^^i t.ire .vn^x-^ar

u.v/iNiAAIL.'Rev.JoAn Br-iiilial 1 , ' ioar of -....x r int.t,on At. John,.' rural
Dear oT Lynn, ;. a rob 1 a-nd. . ) '.rrr; ;^ crast ( nee ijurke'? _t;n . Arn.ory
:. aire, aai'ot^ et Arooota.

BaA.iAU.L M]ai:aot " : :, ay A" ) %.^- d-: 'A.. :.■ Ajor; d of. .,rn. ot
]^Lir, ;Ai ^u. A. un lion /u. rde de or. ( Kio j 3ta^)_i b_ Axv or i ..1 _uor,^

i'Ae aaov: ir- Ao3crp.of arr^ r_rr - oH .-o ' Aoiv,ac Bi'aiAiall of Bram-
aaJl iU.lJ in .... I At.u'' Tyan Ao .aoa > h, Irt;l ..nd, oon ..nd haxr aaaarent
Df J-Aa Ai;..i.,>i..]Al,j r^'AAl^Aioj ni: Ari aiit:,li( i ' ■. i-C ':' ) ^d'O as Bishop of
Dt'vrj /i.-'i - -) had ^ufPerod inu-]; for hin e.otivo :iov.Jry » b^-
n.irnor^d^ - i.ov.i'ai daii.oA ..iVHar; lUJl^:y of lOi..) ^^ir
Dranhai: i^ r.cnttonoH z' hr^-av "-an^ah in not, .3 fo]-| the
]ifa o ,■ hi^ fa'h;-i- rho Arnhbiiao'j in avi'; ^ A.:;a.' H^.rr of ; ! is o - or..

Ui^;.„LT.I., /AciOT' Ai-.i:..oll» ...i ff=sse Aiuine c .>zure, c ,>^le cou;
erohai-ed,\ ^xiTA-ins s :^ ; ,r- .^ . nd :.o ar. Aia.r3t. ., ] xon ' s


^ V,.



. 1 ] r r r . )
iro or nun-.nx^i ir-.

= m n:;Tiiro or nunnnriir. a n;,orci iri fosse r>;-)r . :
I'fJil i;_>:^' ! or ". '.ho a;';^vo r-rr.-:: ■..-■ra h-rno by J::vnr\ Coir^(; ,/ilJiani
.^iJsiiiro ^r:^u,.nlJ, urd ar.-; muGtrat.o.l bo?.o^Uuhey ..ore oonfer-
li-d j03:io]y near ih^.- liu c^ ..'\nn ]i:- .:-..b irocift a i\ni-_ht u:. tcii^lor
ci r C.uOisii"£_Iiam^'''a] on;? ir-'- Ja:^.-;'- :;">i Foh. -p. fiia brother f^ir
i-x-eaorio Br^rf.wftll had ";ar;.o arn-.p , ro ; ;- r^ ■!■,:',;! etc.

Cr -t 0" T.n^-d Bran..e31

t^u, (n^aat, o.ji oi a dc..ra.l roi' t^.c ] ion ' r^ k^i: bs in 3alr.ire
/Ji^^A ', i:0'to Tii:- 1. ^ivc-aa. Vlii;-: lo fiou: BjJi'i:ej_f3 ^er!_^. Ara'Orj , j.>. l 1 )
:h£ rr - ^r l;f.]o.. i-^ illuc. ar^^ ^^oer^. t c "Tie oorrie by Taniiliosof
Att,or,5,A ; ton, Dobyns ar>d Ro^'^tor, v^- „oni i '■^. hj wrariu.-l].

'■ 3^:0 .^ .•..;:}, .

'-■■iO\ ,

■■jrai:.,oT] .

D1cC:.;M..( a, s DL.nchu3 Far.^s roi.ned ai i iiF; aiiould-^r, clo..T.lies
_t,u. la thu caat^and one '.he Grv^yi of BaOJ' ALL. ( ^^ro!i ACc:dei,.y; of^.

^n bj ':,urt.e., B rrj :.rd n • ra'r r-;' in Ta'or ^iaokR.

ij.xlO^BALL (Ar.^
of ■^, aomrr: art

a bar. a;

'^. err i_ 1 ion r.^ r. a . a r •■ .'■ ., 1 1 h a 1 ap(
ri'.any err. in o naois sa. '^ ^ '-^"^ y '

n.'-!rlr!l__3rorir{ 3 or r. .

o:.0<^'-,'.Lh. Az. L lion runipant dnuclt: >^u«ued oj • ^^roct, a den

lion rciid.ied. ..)uh]e c_,ueuGd, ' "S?, ^ ^ -i," '•' '■-"■. ^•'^"•j • 3f.-iTy ( 'M
[■ I, li'i^aiiTJ {^ivo:-; i^iin a I on .


Lv.Oiv-i-LL A aunii-tl-ij^fie
:rov.ned. -,)] ,< . .or.?.- ' ''
"J loij i'ariv-iuiit, or.

.1^, .;d v,ini iwO

e ii ds , 5 a c h d u e i 1 1 j/
:.c foil: na. a

'•e-it, . di'oriiell.

ei'jcronsos ciosclet f.ircheo f^a . )

>:ro';ne3 fitchee . ( ar.oth.

iiAOi',.h..LL. Dui:inl'ip'] d. Go . Oiu?'- 1 e'r . Sa • a lion rc.r!'pant. or


lion raiuv;ani. or, rail joir.od. fs«e Br^nliall}

DKOMi/.TJ. T.c=viii(_;,on{r;-'.eviri_-i tr.ri9 ) B^-dfordehire . 3aj_ o. lion -c^s-
sant or. Cref;t, t dfrri-lion ,oi', iioldir^ bc-tv.Ker the feet a
cio;:a- rco-?l t:-! fiicliee- (ne.; ahove)

BuClMiALL, az. a lion :^
~ani nr. /sea"li

or, lail Aoii-.^jd. ci'-.-st, c. lion jc^s-

C.;'). !.f:.IJ,, |.r .r^n Iir;;lrG, - n a "Mr-f a?. ;. duiid-Jion ivi,,,.jd or.

^a u r;lii'.f :. 7.uro, „ J ' li t >,o r. :.:(]'
i(3a. lirifciir. ^1 . ." t:- , V-^ 1 .VII.

^I'liif: } ^Olil,

,s of

'iJ.I, the sarnt- family. I'i'oin bex'ry

U30C. by HiO To] .f^v,.iTl...r.,..vv

h'-cids oia'.wci, oi'.

>.i ., an t, /no] din^ m t':-;e u^^;xter
'ii.ii. no . 1. . ) i-iiia crest is

oi-or.,1 lov» .

CaOi'.f, ELL. " lie l.>/;aT=th (riil ot r, Trr.fqil loaf r l o ^-,,^11; Inibou-
-ed at the r-nd, an.i fixi- io a T., ir_ " nl iato-!!^ iri^: FBt^:!-;e..ay3 Or.
no IV. bj tho riai'ie of 3, a;.' M,L . n.^ror; -. t" 1 V- ) 'ihree such tx^efoils
A, i^ born aT ■^o l.y Drurir-rm, " ( fron. f 5io AcacL^nv of. ■''-ii'£^yj» ^^7
u^rdJI.^_;.o]i^e,r;ho5"ior_yppT.vv^ of '"^has".! laOC-fM
'ih'^ af.ove auilioi' wan u.t,- v J oi; ar -^/^rv-a' *o liin lite [■, aj&oty OhaS
11 . fi'oi, :t.''".v \iT''ier iir.or'^'"-. nf T", ". arlour..' 1 ,';s . " '-''uar) , XVIII .

Litui:* b.f. (Van d^jr) Uv>-;i::ire d'or, un cocibo do sa. ciot<; c-t barbe
( ji'_i^i-a 1 j^^vUB. } L*-^l!^'l:A' ^-ii '' aa"! dica liriivor^-al..- -.r is .^;" 03 .

.iJvKJliL (Van d.^r)

l(i.i\,IiIT,LA of :. i]an, f n-^a : ~ 1
::. above I'Hcoi'd of

3j^: irl-il 1 a of 3pain on Co.r,.a .-a^f


And ?lac<:;s 3eariri£_ the
i^Aiv'SS of DaAI'ATT, etc.

un r. los .

Gi'^:!")" 10 r)ie :Tur;3 of Lir r^hale, r tlieir SL,Ci-^e3c^ors of
r'nai. niessua^e in ;s Ii, !)i^o()i\E -fixcri LI .1 en, ] :_T,e i tie ,,iie
of Euoi.ace do „ir.rleore np'^ri i,i;lil e;o ^rrc.
in :;ur:nyi.i] 1 ,-^o..^^i'K-.

.ui\0 r • HAL L , c; c o n v n ' e ' c . n ^ i, r win a cor- G a s 1 1 u . 3 n i t, dc- t .
Abbess of and ijeo-'f rey ufl '^ichiforcl «-;t.c.i.r7. Viob.sar/.e
■olace r. i'-^r.ed al-i.-^ve. This is said i.o have been the
rusidenoe of ^>.ichr'rd II Ouer-n lsaD-;]Ta«

LOIvdiOUoE V. ?.s r..r annieni casHe burned in V'-^ry e..rly
iriod. 'jhe ruins " ■( nod, oi io r to if i''- in Bork.ick-^'.iiire
„a-:. LUi'nr by i he ■:,i,^]if3h ^.ii'ior \<^ iiio batOft r,l
Anci uri f. oor . ( Goats of uroct 3r it ain .3urko «_2Xr_.;i. '

i.'jxi.: il"''^ foil . .. i ;,hou i il:,o"' ^ivon: 'i'V i-i.nor of DivA! B'fri of
1 he ^1 inr ('. Oo]M;onr. of 11 . .h'lni-; y , A .'0. t -rr • .<'■ D-^i BivL-:. ii.ClibLl
lu.d clii'J: Cht-ir^ Ian, J^a- , hu^h, l^o b^_rt , i. '-■:.( ,

01- ci '■ o-o-^i'o.-iiiical ycibl-) oi ^.11 liri i^ii i.-s,;. rkri t To..ri3,?i.r in:
es ^nd Vi-ll^t^es c ?riv^t«^ '-'eots in t.r.^] ar d, ..i J ;e , d ir;t in>_uiBhfid
b:/' Sjii:ools e'C, (A vc-rj ..r.tjinnt, rscord, urdated, but as tlie
IS nent.ioried aG at v.hi i.nhCi.l 1 i;iU'?:t te of an '^c-rly tiri'e.} s evora
iiaii'jrs belOk>' fi'or tlii- bc'i-; ■..honever riot, o i Mwi-i.iRe n^rtDTion

DuOI.HALl. Chord-lire, ;. :, ocl c;r;f m^ d !'^nd . '^" . . r . ]at , - . - i ..v . 1 or;,. .
Seo furrhoi" i*s:;ck-,.i'?e'i'a nni-i-i oxt.ordad dancr i'o.oi" this ]■' ,

bAOQKUl-T.I-, :.<.intv/ich Htind. ^3 .•"■(. ."^ ct . ,..:7.w '\ra\k, ^IiiG io a t;,-r
in thcj ""arish of V.rr^ri bv-rv ,'1 .^iv •- f tljo ^ Clicst-Gr. '^, "-■/.•■ mi]
I S.3».of Lal., ich I""';' inliab. '. ^-' acres of a clay, sandy saoil.'iiii;

I Vicai'ial li;hes 5; ;'Oii-ds>.i sh . C p , , paj' iib] o lo t'lfj incuiidjt,]; t

I of ArMon. ^ T^^is_|_T:/-in^ . Hir i.»o f_-^j_ • )

I uixk'i'. ALL Hall, old L.^nsion r-' - . >■ :-Ji ocKport. , one of the fev, timber.

i ed n.aiisionn lefi, it. bri,. , /p.^: •■r-vious rotico.) Gea Orr,,t;rod.

DuOiailLL ,an i^stata in Go ,-',\..u.'h, .Jgo Brumf ield- ( _ )

D I2_ V_ll ^^

BuOiv.v. ii.LL ^-.i^ieiiR lo f.^ an >-;ot;:*e in Go .I^ovr.n , and -pt.'r tains to tjic
^a^^,r oi" ;^.-ddon, id. - fo^^ i - ^ bold by wn,.i3<' i ! y b-il^

i5.\b.\ BT HAKi *.a3 o. ;., anoi'""in Co'^PorTot, . iVimn .Ibmiy Vil . ( ic-L^'i-in'^f

H .-. ^ 'v :■ F :v D . .

BaOiv-y-cl OS , :je.. ; ia Horof ord . ' ,,hi_r. takrg-'s SeatG^iPj-^' )n .vner
'3ir T'iou-_"ias 11.3 .-an _uet .G . 'd . V .0 . ; po-sibJ ^ r,.odern . }

Bi-LOiv.iAuD, urants of land h=r-^ in l?1-7-i-l'd 3 .

n^vn^.AiU) i^AbnR. 31 ?.-ir.::r«a ?ari:;h, vi nil.;: r:.i.or Hux't^ro-

Ii if- L :• !^-i^ :-^ ji.... bj ... nf T.ordon . ' ;

DuO:^'iIfL i-.caior, in i''i3 a'^oyrfii^a i.o iht-; i^in^j i" list. ..ith J

TI A Iv ? "! TT I R E j

ouAiv.SniLL HOuoE, 1 ho u^^.l 'O hl-vh bdr.'ii Luila by i.d .. ard,] oid |

Zouche ip i£>-:. ii^ rv^-i'-AK^y,;^ .. r V.orrlai"^ of liarKahire, v\ as a \

lovely old ^E i|I'A!i'£lZ_A^^ nar.-sion in if. . Ours-ie in his " j:f^^^t,s_oi' j'

bi'ear Aiitain" ^ive-, f-uv or fiv,:: oat^ej? of dascriv, .of fhis. j

T^K-i [:.^.. .^I'v u..d a' j-io^ure ^allery l^C fo^;!, ]on{_,. li'^ ill— the \

^ucen, VicTox'ia w.-nt ov. r ii,. adrrirad it very ii^ one .j

of The noble 3 1 ol' 1 iie .-Id n.a::Gior;s roi,,a ir in£^, , . i

^itO:.-HlLL, 3he,-)..>.y Ti'^"'o Uundrad. T^ - ^ ]ar.o.;,-.E bone . i 1^^ • V \

f K"-*-0 -^r.d oarlior )■>, i?- -.^ari-h ' i?? " in Suar.ex and -partly |

in Rem., lae old ?cii-h Cb.ui oh i^, lon^ since s..a]l0'..rtd u.) bt, f *

Sea. 'Aiiorc ir, no., a ;. i-^^inr^ "i-uinh hare, nerved by the vic^.r of J

ityo lArbor.The nari-^h i3 n-rr Tcjn. Ahe Di-t, .';omi3t3 of a lar^, i

.Vi.i'Sb callod Guilford T.ovel, ]y in^, on t.ho ..ivor Dali-.^n. Tha Ajus |

sex poi'iion of t.he Aarish ] ios '..ithin rlie libvjrty of ., iTichelGO \

T.he KenL oorr.ioTi a i-eti b^r of 'he oinaueport, a liberty of j;e,« |

aonney. Six n.iloT from Aye,rho prin'cinal land o..ner is All Sou |
College, ai. Oxford, 'hr; cburrh 'wan destroyed by the Inundation

of the sea in t in.e of "d., .rd i, ( '.:7'. — i'^A? ) j

ijx\.(J:. HALT, A<unor in r;o .Aan t , +,-:;■-.-) .Edu . II . ( i3a? — i^- .7 -A '

f.'iea oiiav^el,held, of it,o,^he^ de ^von.ane . ;

o;\ij;: iIlLL ,.,;a3 t lio araif^nT, name of tlio pai-inh of Bi'iiiillej m J,ej
land Hundred. Ahir raffo a i -,aarr; in I .A ^. .- i iisn ir is jjurnhill
; i.f L.econes Brurrhni in i y^-r , Bru nah il 1 ;.;.r-7 c Bryndhyll iJ
"-'■' Br in die . Avr^o ■3_il acres>has several nanil'-ts^i^iMoin St..
Jack dreen, 3rind] 3 LorUe. Aadburr,,r^i" Ao- , anl 'ihorpe oreen.
It -:t;. a ]i^t]0 of i-,h=; d ivil ban rruslin .j cotton I'acto
r^ now. ;_iass A poratoe-; ob.f crops, bo] on;_ed about j..^i, to iir
ui'elley fam. 1 Oj_eTh ~r v-i'b And er ton . dc.n io i7th cent.

Arindle and Anderi-'in u-^.v-: 'o^e'. her held of clie Gulleys by a
far.ily ..hicAi deiived i. a^ii-^an-e frori: ib^; forner place . ?v.-ter,
'ih^nas. c-nd dir Aef )r de Aurrhull duriiu the LAih c^n

. iLiiy. oir .'O-^-.r n... i'ri;S'1 Aliov^ rle wirale, aiici inoroasod liis
hoJujii^s. l!^T ». :-. ■vur-c-i = i-li.'vl b^- liit- sr-.]' "^^ler ^ /-Jen th.e I'o^-
ii^-r -von died uii'ou' is:;be,iri . :'• C > -■ i'" ' ' f'^ l^ii ;r lost :,.;v.
c: hi] . { b r- 1' i- e _ V . ? ) ? -J ' <■ - r , ;J _o :. 72 ,_ A^ n - b .

■ i- iisi.;./!'' fiT:c-.l]j .:.^; '-al 'o 1 li-i <^,:'.i\L'\-', 01' Di'yn unci then

I ri liiii arir't;'.ii.ox-:j of MiO L/lu.'j of J^uvoii'^-uiire -ho no». aolu it.

(i;uci! li -I'u aboui '.he do BiUTiu.ll^, r.c,.^; '..t^)!-*) ,bi2jtorj_ of _ crliire .Vol .VI. i n .F.jX'r:.r . ■.-"' j i. .

-:^0; .; }^~'u:^L,, tir'^LVij ; v.;:d . ( Irriox VilluriS')

1, n

•^- T K

Bi\Oi\ fiOLn: /.3i3E'i

Ha]], uciloii^iriv, 10 ;,. r] „J:rran. Dates before "-.oruiuest,
oixOnllllL ;..Ai.OxCfv''-^i iV.'Old. '^.rorf. ^hir hs]d by the ?rio
and t_iveri ri.osi ij-k-Hy hy nrie of Mie Plaizea to tliat itouse, v
nrotoL:]y Ij Sir I'Ut_]! dr^ Plcyze r,n his foundiri^, the afci-'-said
Pii^ry, „r:d is n.-rod ro,. ard 1 ^c-.ed by Chrir.t Uo 1 1 .y^n bridge

B^.'h- iiiLT. j-'i'iciy, t
c on thu i-,. Ride r
hOU?e, .. hicii ai'ose
fo"ur :lod aliout rd.e
Gron v,e] ] . ( ;. >S'^- —

lj_, STr.or! al.'OUt a !lil]e 3.L. 1' thy tO"-]

le r -■"-ent farrniiouse cdlsd Bi^oinhill
of tho i-'uins of tnr.- n]d ?i iory> ..^.s

! of ■i'iri_ John. It i. ca su.-.oreG^ed by
! ii. ; of r.'^undin^.) ;3]on.f leld .

BivO;^,UATT. I. A1,0a in liar ton i;orf. v,a3 hd] d in the ^- ii;d;..Iil (
il'^^:-.) by Sii' John do Kales, later conveyod by his oon to lie
Vjv do „;)]sharri >■ hi-^ hoirs. H tbon^od i hrou^n various
h2rdo,ib:a ."^an -ison^,-; , Faj^: j_s , J ornoyr- e'tc. 2ll2-Jl92 lYllL' '

1.07S: ljK(j;' iilT.T. Puiaki,b>::* ;.f«alir:2 „as ^^ivan by li^ni'y Vill to
Cardinal .,olo>.^, .. no- l' : i r^ ^o n:i ninf io] d . T-aw^r r:.ittled on
the Co]] .; 1 Cain bridge.

dulji.:,.ET,I, a olaod iri ihe Cn . in^ludin|_ ^.aT1or of ?oyroo3h:.ll
tho Ititfii' iiy Ar. 1 lionyD-nmy . J f roi__ii of hlliz.

ijr.0.i..,t.lT., ;hin s.^^tlin^ of the T'an,e is seen also,

l.r'~ L ) 1 ho nanio in i_ii/or^ t.-'^fi UroiT..-diT arid 3roori,-.oi] i^riory.
rv-)l-U'owco lo nur_doioo ..-o.. :: 1 ioan , ed . iC 'vO, vol. VI. P.r.r.'^'

r'rioi- of, ".-;, Lf. r^rioreG:T of^'s l>.ss.vii, • '• • • 'i?-2P Z*^!;-^!'^'-^^

i3ivn\J; ;..Ai;Oii, (or Gi.ridorl..T-:]", ) Jit i/' "" '• :^c " I'ors: ) J u , .. lu .of ;'.ir
AOi_«r de wi'onie \,.:.s J:.c]y of i Mn Hall in tho x-ia'i'Vn of f^ .■ ciry
ol ooutl' 1^1 sham ,; in ilv :.d of Ed>,.;, xCob-a't Je uroiu^j ^:-iVi) to
hc-,-ni}' de oroiie his por. u;ri-i, hoir l^.is r^-'-oi' of oL.nd>.-rJ u no. do.
'n-^'^) floufi«]cl.

BbaOf.^ holl %'.A,^Od, {Fee ■-■) . ■■i.-^-, ,\'nl . i for Iot:^ acct of t.iii s .liates

OT .ei-p. in!ierit."d i! -•+ c .About i.^ lo ii nas^^ad to a dau^^httirs • 1 ii

i3kO.\HOT ivi in san.^^ 'Jo.o..rrfri no- hy (;iiri.:.i, Cli .C-o] 1 .r.aiibxxdj_^e . -i-he:
J...S an eiici'Oaohii-en I cf Mie sea hoi-e iLl-?.-^^ k, 1 1 h iiacton. 'ibia

13 oaJ]od f^on,otii-^.n 3ao<on Abbey.
BaOiiHATI. in i;oi'ton.(r. riV..r'or fiso, i- nan. a to.

BlxOK HifT- l.tAjNOi-i ir C'ioxion. aai::o.„ap, anci^jnil^ htOd by i ii<i fam.i
CO Plaiz, ^iver :■ o Mis '-riarj of Bi'on.lia 1 1 oi' his foaadirij^
thai !■-,! i^iou.; b.^^ jT'Si^n of Hera-y iV ii. -as l^jaJd bj 3ir J:
H0'..3rd.i! uaa >^rc-r < -d to Gai'dira] wols.iy - -^ hani'y Vill.Or: bis
fa]] 11 ..eiM 'o Cbiir' Ooll . C.arJ-U- idj^o, w her^ it still I'.^i.i ins .

DivOf>,E rAAlv, Oroj^net Dale . ^ ^^il^^S-'Yill'^i'i:^" ^

jj.'.Uivu, ELL, ii! ui-in^sb.av. iiur'drod, i-.ant ior.ed ir Index Villaris, as
bein^ a e_erii 1 ' s entate, i.rd in lat . r ._'5'5,ard lon^.-o .T"'- .E.
li <.as T ht.n verj' ai-'C i<^Tit ,

ji.iv.v".^ IJAbL uM a loc:"iiry ir r'.'.i ior.ed in tluo ^i-lisj>ury__i?a ocrs
VoKjA^i_L\. 21 i/f i:iI^/.bif}t_.j_^3n_.Coir,iTi. In l^jLl ^•- .l«tr.t.-r fioii.'y
Jonn ivci'tiiall to Archbi''dio f D.->a^las ^;;; ^June ni^^ntiona the loss
of a ship at plane called I'la rb^iro ., uiiffs^c. the ^^oods soizod
and takor a..ay and tlip^v ■■ i-e ^<.':r\, to I'or.v ich to be ».aGiied and
di-essed and lui -ru-ays hi? Loi 'nhiy. to ?,tand tb.eir friend . dat ed
Di.nMi/T,l BAY, ._': Jan.iOff;

rj A 7 '■_A_f_ '^J[J'' b_y HIRE
BivOOMiILL, -^raw: tl(-n, ', r: .;-r. ' i o i"- o d in .-/h it i, ' s 3eats^: Lc .

' c . O^'V'^r !■:; tire .


•'' "' iiJ] i^__ ^-i' r -^ ^■•

3AU?.Ai^'n wLLL, In i '.c- ' 1:110 ..:.- c ..o31 ::t Ooforcl called by

b..C';. rllLT.
lop; .-.[.\. ...<

5 l^_^-P-i^ J r ^-!^_.i!
,]:.c:e -noar 3;. 1 ir:bury ." -:^ 1 i^'n r^d •r^I')-

J^'j;, HALE, uiv-n b;,. Ivar; ^ai-^u:
Abboy, r ^o" h'^r wi"; ": -: "^ - ^ r r. 1 n
lie.]! uii.n^e. Tbi.s iG *h.'^Ui_hi
Alnir'^ior- iii '3r ai-f- lO^b ir . f
b.' L.-on.)

, T o i' u o r H c= ni , to C u ni u.- r nio r e
or'.s ,:A'?-0 -:aJlod Broorr.
o ba a -jar' of the i-.jnor of
^- :' ) An r i.'.uiti^s _of_Sijro^;shi]

Bi\"'i'. CvOi^i one of -tiia foui- i'. ar:br?0O'Pf tVi - ? A.anor of Goi-fharn
,. bich ai-r; supposed 10 have forred i'S - ilornesday Sei'ev,icK3,
■iheia ,.exe u.rha ^^3 , Brorrorof 1 , poaton, Didd,] ebury , and Jnoi'ch-
fOid,3if Lvicbard TyiT«l] -T-'rero 'o i-ave hi?ld JJi-oirLcrof t, m lAi
be associated 2t a vitnos ■..■i-h Ziv ^td^er de CViandos.

iij ton .
!juOM-0,jE '.viih i" othorr. eq-fet-e'^ bo:] onj_r.d to the ii^rr;., iCi^ of
^ri^hin. I'JbHi.f.Ii.i' o; .jb.OL. bA,,E -■^ cxm-f^ i- a is on t^C; '^i ^ Inouest
in _-i'". be ir, nor r.''rend:,ni of 'ha or:v'_.^ian,^o vb ..i"reon.5S
rtaltd 10 ije irfiiTi. I^^ l ,;' ^^ i.rr.'-or -f uicl'ai'o i=i!_od t- luul Lj r
an n^.en i"or .1 acre:: in Oron ; la.^ e, bu i i_o ' a disi, isr-^^] sdjin^
•ibr-T ho bad indrorr: rhron-b r^e-..-irt do Ci-onrolai.e to „hor.'- Kichc

Bjri-od th(
ten; e;c

lainriff i ". fa-bor '^.ad dnviood 1 ho r.ixnoo:

I or
.on .

ivOi\Ot''i OAoIT-li;, "ur.sio..e [bar 1r . T a t, . •"o__s;. , ]on^ . . . S'- . w ,

( i];dex Vii laris . 1

Bu'bvHu.vST ..:,G an eq'ate^-'h ,.c;q a;Mior;ioned to Is:.liella de
i\0iiiii3i' in L 7 .>\.ri of ,:or .!o..-r ..^.s 'o be services aue on
a rvnir,hti3 foe in El s ton , ■ - ^ ten, '■ ». if oj d ^HiddaDond, c Broi:.Jiui'St
eyc - :.r 1 na t ^ of iho lent of ui-ophurp.i ,..->« m ,^ t-^ n.^

1 ■ n )

"^ ■ '.7.^ ore fi ■ c: . J -YllLl2'''-' - '-"f i-?"''*
KirL.3ror:hLiir;t i :^ r 'vn i i ^a'ed a^airi i,n.c>\^i^ 'lie i.^coiUs of

i._- Philip fo 'O.r: iM;Voj , ! loriG iironihui'st ^s ^ .loci^lii^
in Anton. ( ' L' ' i'J.*'21_"''J:i2._'!:bi;£^-!? - !'2" * ^

B.vOi' rlc.f !-' ?Al<hU, Ii::r<VFIF.T ') ;'■/.!. (jR, l.i-'^Te BuiHvr'il.u ere ai'O c
anoT.^ <^j:cie(-i ■<'} dCt^.o in :^^ar ^ nai' ire . T-i'ilr^ -^i-'Oi; ri«3 (i (c.lic-y c
n.on'fl uroi'ii.Od )-.". .-.a.lTr.'l I'rorr ";inon , ; iu; I'c;. Mif-'i of nou^-^rt Ki
Sonor:,v. iio c] aired i^ i.,l-'5 e-c. iiu^h uf; j^i on f lelci , ^.-i-o L'.a ^'-.x-l.v
„L,s :. ' one -mr:- i.'iu or \i'0 T ar cl . ;.Ito i.o-_^'iv cle ox oa.i il ed , .■.he
ha.'-t S:^' iiT'Oiesi in J^'l 2Y2- 1^191^ ■ ''-^''■^ Jo]ir, clo xiroiif if;-] d •

,' ;■ y ' o n ' G An r. i q • o l"_ 'J ^. xi v x, ;: na 2 b • )


lire ihUvLT.L, lo^aii
BLi'Ony 01 0: x-J aka, ic

J or I':'^ ■ a I e in ocovJand^u
oh. a r 1^ er , ( !i ie^ ■* . !■. g s . Go ii.n, . _

ed >v ith 1 rif

:;;o4 uKr;;vi.lTL, T.-rd"^' etc, ;:rr'io-n;=:
J ana. ( ^ol_. David J^il^r!0_iio_T^i:.ft_Lr;f:.

aG roai^ i:ivtrr T..eed,Sco'l
'•on i''^'',:.. i-ii"t .iv ss .Ooun .

DROOlv:h'ATL a Vc-lii":' in "ife.niiire, o„ned by T.oi'd Kl-
£^in. ( iosl) ire } ' , ( :il}i ^.ibi^nm„^!i£l?J

BRO.'vFlIT.O a ..lace in 'hi^ co

SiA A r- ? n ;^ D

bROf* SHUT,!'', (oi' 3i\Af i'.">':;.'.T.I.., a I'^.oaliiy in this Oo . ( r^sdi-^rei

'itii'": „ar. a j. on; .1 rr.: an • r. i'ar,, in To t ri.^nsl c .. i*\ind, f^ae l-J^d^.'
V 1 n a 1 ic^ . liein- V V . • ii^ o , > 1 ■ -^_ "

( cjT ba:. uri

T. i"ai'ish^ .(iT^'oi-ci ?li<?-:':r .3 . ;^ .^mI'o ] k . _ riles j.K'. of
£_e rr. L-v=r- Tj-' . i-: r r •'^n, .• ..i :_ui 2 cf .jriSL^l. :^on...!.:

:T.T, ;,a

.nor ID ■'-'.urfr.TK in r ir.e of r.'-i ,.?;rcl ist,_

111-?: a..;.-'i in. Tc^t . - . :_'" ,1 r.-;^. 1.7-2-.E. iv'.it-;;! m th
cr. At. bo: r.lail h.

.s the.

D..Oivr }:/JT., 'ij-e, iR 1 er, ' iri'-;,; in v.i'_j.M c K<-.;r ' n_ciei ts ', j.C'ij'j -S

Inh l..ucour,. a ccJclo^uo -^-i-^— , ,nub'ir Lv^l.V or' r. - a'lG of line
o]d r;-in*ir.£G, f urn . ol'- chira sf c , , v.' 1 ur bl e i.ooi.s too. lIoIui
r.irif;^ A^n the aijd lorioer r^rr^ioiied. 11 ..i.s nub-t.v, 1;.'S.. ich ./ fl-
orits "i iiw •■,;. m ; ir:^s ,''".:.ii'i ' '^ I;.':; v.i-j- i'in>; ,. Hre r.oi't'of Olivc^r
Croti .■.'..•1 ] ,T .-, dy ujnnr. /■' i";.:. ily, ,ii:. c- vifi.^ of i:u]lr)od old li:.]l
In al J _i''r .(iiini ir.^s , 1,^ ^-i of 'her, o ;iOi-trc,it of B^layi-]
t. ith uOi'.-e .; j_i ey hound . -h" rooir.s riiiun t^ra ted ,' .'-^tore roou.
ro .i-, i-.i'' ch'SV p.o.':t un^r^/ ro''n., soui 1 ery I'com, r^loset no.r^ out.
Jer's ,K.T,T.ry r.o.:_i, L;rr:ai, HalT , no . 1 : Library no.i?, ot^-iro^s
r.o i;'., dininj_ I'ooni ro iC, dpc; v. i^>^ ioor, no-i-j, iv^r^uis' roon, no
_y J i',„r ajis' dif.B'-ir,^ i'oorr. no. •?, ; r iir; dstrset • s room ...,,i'i-
Kurt9. ' looiv. ri,u.-'"er r>v-i'-.'.rj no c"",T.ody iuar;> Gin^.l^ton ' b room,
Olci (.'inir^ i-ooiTi, Oi't^.'kf ; s ' i'oom, Io<^ii'un'rs cittio, cJoisto-r,
Cl!:.'(:ij f.' i o ai c ,/ d. ir] cil I -^^ vnov.,, Sit)„£'rt"s i-ooih, (^■"'Oi. ' 3 looii.,
DiPdiopis roor.i, '■■■>■■ r ri'V :.-)Vj ^ l)0 > : r-.L, T'ur"r.-ry, !i. aid's rocrrij
;•. CGblio ur.e, 1 i7-ieri rnon^jdarK c^-"" "^ ^'^^y * .-a '..ofii..i..i! » s looni

'CuO;, ITT.'s .voud, i<^ a" T^^r'f4>y in old C] aoham,r.ear thi
Zo.l' is a vhor* "troot. r ■>-. •..•^ido rr 'JrrfOOcrr.t I.ane road
ard ai'ourd ir io mi^t '•;' old cno-oham, arid the old fashioned
]o.. built, 'iled hou-^^i-^n niiuaied on ^icbo land ar^ no., ra^iid-
Ij boin;^ dor oi ir-hi-^d . (Old London)

Bmi;:d Ilr,T,3 /,■::;: :^-cn': \i n.

'/avK, Bat nh;,.-ir I h, -;ii' Alvjx .h ..dxor.iH , (i..od<;rn ■n'ob.(:')


■•.^„ .r:eyr;,OL,i . (■.rob.L.od;' ) ^ i'i2.^i:t bi-^ '

:ji\J'!^i I- I'.i'uii. i-'-;VlIit„' iiuf'Oi-.

i!. jg.r;: ,'^' . 3.vnr;:,.iiA' rA?vi:., ^-r'^lr., f ir_,.M 1 ■ raker' 5 Aeats-)

.: A


0;v.,IOH GA-iTTE, As: on, liirt. i; i_i-ic.n!, .'roo •■'i f r.ini -^i.r] of ;3i-jciford
ir rOii ] inr la:-a A./'c'lr. if? a7^ ar^oi-;;'!" c- xri t,eirt3 t in j^ _.] i-ce .T-i ttle
Bi Of .. ioli,ar d .^e-^t. Cron:..ioh liciiil o-;-.s alr:;o A^i'fjly . Ih'j o]d i c-nor
fiOU'-:e^ ca^lr^d 3ior..i'Mi i!a''l,(ar w^km Ik-or-v, icui J is i-. _.ilci of
ol d, iii'c^^u ! ai' iir!b - ir-d buil '< ir_? , :. rrdle n.w.of thw '^hbi'ch. It
!?■ r-o.. in cenrra of a oonl r.i.-ir^ '-'' i?T. • ( I-iaj^^is^_-LO jo^^ pif'tjol'^^n^
vol.) i;rcr,.ic'a Eel"! • rr t'-s rivor Tharr.e, it or l^.'S■•i■yid-
.-paT''ded by lof-.y ;,ans. I' i.~ rov. divided int.o several dv.ellinf
Th^ naiLO is ..ilf<er\ ,;1. difPorert /u^riods auOr,.IO, IjAOIvA, iGHj
.i.-i.0,''>GH,rM0m„H1.0H,, BROViMn.^E, i' is d^riv.^d froiii iuo
;.hich .m su^.-) posed to br.vs onn^ ;_ro..n nl eii Mf uT Ty in the r.«ij;_h-
iv."'i hoC'd J c- ..•io>ci"; '^Uixnr, ,.oi'd "i^*'i fj. iTi;^ village, i he ori^iiUil
ri.ii;ft of 3irr,.ir.^hair. ...a- 'MC^l ..'L'.'^\!}:. . Mio ' o ..n of iirrn..,ich ir vc
ly craiant fal'^o - oTlnd 3ror,.vnh^ 1^: li.ia ;-o in of .Jii i.-in^ l;„m is
r.U;-'..oot-d 1 I*: br-; I hf? Di.:; Ai ■l,Ib2. of k -. i.on ar.s .^nwOi^.n iGH_ had ^_3c^xor

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