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you let me do that? Won't you understand that
I'm your friend, and your servant? Won't you?


(After a pause.) I'll try, 3 but Lennard Lennard
is going from me.

1 60

* Crosses to R.
He follows.

Sits R. G




No! Go with him! Remember he loves her!
Remember all she has suffered for his sake ! Won't
you try and love her too? Think how easily you
can make them happy! Think how easily you can
make her love you! They need your help and
sympathy. Come to their marriage to-morrow, and
go out to India with them. If you refuse, he will
still make her his wife. You can't hinder that.
Then you will remember all your life that you
parted from him in anger. If, as you said, he
should die out there J

Bring them in! Bring them in!

(LINNELL goes off door, left, brings on RACHEL,
and LENNARD follows.)


(To RACHEL.) Come to me, my dear. (The two
women embrace in tears. )




Now my work in Weybury is finished! To-mor-
row all your lives begin anew !


i Mrs. Wilmcre
rising and
taking his
hands and
pushing him
towards L.

1 Rachel on
Mrs. Wil.
more'* R.
comes to her
L. Mrs. Wit-
more em-
them. Lin-
nell standing
up L.

Act plays 18




Aubusson carpet, green velvet pile surround, down.

Cottage piano down L.

On piano.

(Bowl of flowers, 2 photographs in frames, 2 books.)
i Chair (white enamelled wood and unbleached chintz)

in front of piano,
i Chair above piano.

Curtains and loops (chintz) on window opening.
Pole and rings.
Small buhl table up L. at back.

On table.
(Small bowl of roses, 2 photographs in frames, i book, and)

work-bag with work in it for " Mrs. Wilmore."
Chesterfield sofa, chintz covered, L. B. c.
3 Magazines on same.
Small table B. c. left of door.

On table.

(Bowl of roses, 2 photographs in frames, i book.)
Small arm-chair R. of door B. c.
Small table R. B. c.

On table.

(Bowl of roses, 2 photographs in frames, 2 books.)
Small high-backed arm-chair in corner up R.
Large easy-chair above fire, and facing it.
Small arm-chair down R., below fireplace.
Large inlaid satinwood and mahogany table R. c.

On table.
(Writing materials, bell, blotting pad, 3 magazines, 2

books, inkstand, etc, stationery box.)
Waste-paper basket under table to R.
i Small chair above table,
i Small chair L. of table.




Below window opening.
2 plates ) BJ hi Q h . h lf
2 vases, j

2 Water-colors in gilt frames. One on each side of electric

Over window opening.

2 Vases, i large plate.

On wall. Back.

3 Plates, 2 vases on china shelf.

2 Water-colors in gilt frames. One on each side ) L. of
of electric bracket. j door c.

Over door c.

1 Large plate.

R. of door c.

2 Plates, 2 vases on china shelf.

2 Water-colors in gilt frames. One on each side of electric
On wall R.

2 Plates above door R. on china shelf.

Over door R.

3 Small vases.

i Water-color in gilt frame,
i Vase above fireplace on china shelf.
On mantelpiece.

1 Buhl clock.

2 Vases.

i Plate, below fireplace on china shelf.

Hand Props.
Lady's hand-bag (initialled "R.N.") ) .

with note inside. Umbrella. ' j for Mlss Neve "
Double-barrelled gun. For " Mr. Wilmore."
Salver and receipt. For " Goodyer."


Cheap brussels carpet, with red felt surround, down,
i Chair (old mahogany and horse-hair) down L.
Curtains (old red plush) and pole over recess window L.
i Small oak table in recess.


On table.

3 Small flowering plants in pots.
Small toy- horse under table.
White blinds to recess windows.
Round table L. c. with old-fashioned table-cloth.

On table, (discovered at rise of curtain.)

Lady's hand-bag with note. ) TT , ^.

\ Hand Props, in Act L
Umbrella. 3

Rug and strap.

i Small chair R. of table.

i Small easy chair L. of table and above it.

Old-fashioned couch at back L.

i Small chair between doors at back.

1 Oak bookcase with desk.

2 Silver cups on top of bookcase.

On desk of bookcase,
i Stuffed toy dog.
i ditto monkey.

3 Picture books.
Papers, etc., in drawers.

Toy go-cart in front of bookcase.

1 Square oak table up R.

On table.
3 Books.

2 Magazines.

" The Church Times."

Under table.
Box of toy blocks scattered.

3 Loose picture books.

Steel fender and fire-irons to fireplace R.

On Mantelpiece.

Clock, 2 brass candlesticks, 2 cone shells.
2 China ornaments. Small looking-glass with visiting cards


i Small chair and i hassock below fireplace R.
Special arm-chair R. c.
Rag doll under chair.
On wall down L.



| Oil painting in oak frame. )

{ Small sample in maple frame under painting, j

Oil painting above window L.

Print over door R. at back.
Between doors at back.

2 Small silhouettes.

1 Small picture.

Racing scull above doors, on back flats.

Print over door L. at back.

Small picture in gilt frame L. of door L. at back.

Pair small red plush curtains over small window L. at back.

2 China dogs on sill of same.

Turkey rug down in passage at back door L.

In inner room.
Round table.

On table.
Blotting-pad, inkstand.

3 Magazines, 2 books.
Church notices.

On wall R.
Above looking-glass,
i Print.

Print on black frame. ^1 ^ ,,
Oil painting under it. ) On wall up R.

Small water-color down R.

f door slam and knocker
{ ready off L. at back.
Hand props.

Net-bag for " Mrs. Blaney."
Crutch walking-stick, for " Miss Neve."
Letter in bag (discovered), and letter placed in arm-chait

Table L. c. Also letter ready for " Patty." No envelopes.


For alteration of position for Act IV see 160 page.

Stage cloth dark stained parquet down.
Persian rug going from p. side to c.
i Tiger skin in front of fireplace.



i Rug in passage at back, outside door c.
i ditto in front of window up R.

Dark oak arm-chair in green leather down L. below fire-
Stove hearth.

On mantelpiece.

{i Chippendale clock. >
2 China ornaments. )
i small chair above fireplace.
Round table L. c.

On table.

Blotting pad, inkstand, note-paper.
Pens and pencils.

Low chair with high back R. of table.
Leather hassock under table.
i Small chair in L. corner.
Walls (back and R.) lined with bookcases, books in shelve*.

1 Bust on top shelf of bookcase L. of door c., also i china

2 large china vases ditto R. of ditto.

i Bust on ditto up R. above window.

i Bust on top shelf ditto down R.

Large settee in green leather in front of bookcase L at back.

i arm-chair below and R. of door c.

i Small table up R. at back, R. of arm-chair.

On table.

i Globe and stand,
i Small arm-chair in R. corner.

Curtain pole with green plush curtains over window up *.
i Arm chair in recess of window,
i Small arm-chair down R.
Round table R. c.

On table.
4 Books.

Small chair L. of table.
i Large oil painting in gilt frame down L.
i Large oil painting in gilt frame over bookcase L., at back,
i ditto ditto R., ditto.

I ditto ditto down R.



Alteration of position of furniture for Act IV.

Arm-chair down L. is placed R. of table R. c.
Arm-chair down R. is placed down L.
Chair up L. in corner is removed altogether.
Chair R. of table L. c. is placed above table.
Small table up R. at back (with globe) is placed close to
bookcase at back R. and near R. corner.

j- R. of door at back.


ACT 7.


( One 2 -light bracket on wall L.
To ] Two 5 -light brackets on Back Flats.

| One c. between door and window. )
{ One c. between door and R. door, J
Two 2 -light brackets on wall R.

(one each side of fireplace.)
All Louis XV. gilt, with light green silk shades.
i Switch
i Bell push

Fire alight in w. i. brazier.

Floats, i circuit amber, i circuit white ) Full up
\st Border, i circuit white. j To open,

i Pale amber arc on backing L. )

i ditto focussed into room by sofa. J
i Strip of 3 amber globes outside door at back,
i do. do. do. door R.

^.t Cue.

" Tea is served in the drawing- room, ma'am."

Floats and ist border checked very slowly to one-half :
arcs change very slowly to dark amber, rose-pink
following. (Sunset effect.)
At Cue.

When " Goody er" turns switch at back.
Brackets alight.
Arcs slowly out.
tt Cue.

After " Linnell" and " Viveash " Exeunt atbaek.
Blue very slowly into arcs L.

(Moonlight effect.)





Table lamp alight on table in window L.

Ditto ditto above fireplace.
Hanging lamp alight outside little window in hall,
f All cheap brass, with opaque shades supposed )
{ to be oil lamps. j

Imitation coal fire alight in grate, with hole to receive
letter. Man ready at back with taper to burn same.
i Strip of 3 amber lights in hall.

1 ditto ditto in room at back.

Ftaats. i circuit amber, i circuit white. Full up. No


Two 2 -light brackets, one above, one below fireplace.
Two ditto. one each side of door at back.

{Oxidized silver with dark green silk shades )
Not to light. J

2 Bell pushes (To ring), one R. of door at back, one
above fireplace. Log fire alight.

Floats, i circuit amber, i circuit white. ) F
ist Border. ditto. ditto. J*

i Amber (pale) arc on backing R.

i ditto through window, focussed up stage.

1 Red arc through fireplace, focussed up stage.

2 Lengths of 10 amber globes outside door at back.
I ditto of 3 amber globes outside door up L.



Books not returned on time are subject to a fine of
50c per volume after the third day overdue, increasing
to $1.00 per volume after the sixth day. Books not in
demand may be renewed if application is made before
expiration of loan period.




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