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— Gardiner, Expedition against, 1759.

— Sainte Croix, Statistiqne de.

-^ See West Indies ; French Colonies.
Mabt (Queen). Boll (H. G.), Life of.
Mabtland. Account of settlement of, 17S5.

— Boiman, Hist, of, first three years.
Hist, of, 16SS - 60.

— Brown (G. W.), Civil liberty in.

— Griffith (T. W.), Sketches of Hist. of.

— Kennedy (J. C. G;), History of.

— M'Mahon, Hist. View of Gov't of.

— M'Sherry, History of, to 1848.

— Memoirs of the Dead.

— Streeter (S. F.), Hist. Discourse.

— Sketch (Brief) of.

— See Annapolis; Baltimore.

Mason and Dixon's line. Maryland, Go-

ve^or's Most.
Mason (J.). Ellis (G. E.), Life of.
Mason ( J. M.).. Van Vechten (J.), Me-

moirs of.
Masonbt (Free). Adams (J. Q.), Letters

on the Institution.

— Amor. Masonic Record, Albany, 1827 -


— Anti-Masonic State Conv. 1829.

— Barruel, Hist, of Jacobinism.

— Bradley (J.), Address to Masons.

— Brown (H.), Anti-Mas. Excitement in

N. X .

— Catalogue of books on.

— Collection of letters on.

— Conveption of Anti -masons, Leroy.
^ Crary (J.), Statement to Anti-masons.

— Dallaway, Hist, account of Master and

Free masons.

— Grand Chapter : Grand Lodge.

— Masonry the same, etc.

— Massachusetts, Leg. Report on.

— Mass. Anti -Mas. Convention.

— Marshall (J.), Opinions on Free Ma-


— Morgan (W.), Rep. on his abduction.

— — Narrative of kidnapping. *

— Blustrations of Masonry.

— Mother (The) of Masons.

— Michelet, Prods des Templiers.

— Odiome (J. C.).. Opinions on.
^ Pratt (L.), A defence of.

^ Robison, Proofs of a Conspiracy.

— Stearns (J. G.), Inquiry and .... Dia-

logue on.

— United SUtes Anti-Mas. Conv. 1830,

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— See Secret Sodeties.


— Allen (E.) , Clume of N. H. and Maea.


— Barry (J. S.), Hiat. of the Colony

— Bradford (A.), Hietory of, 1764 - 1820.

— Bylleld, ReTolntion in N. E. 1689.
^ Capon, Mass. State Reeord.

— Carpenter (W. H.), Hist, of, 1868.

— Chiekering (Jesse) , SUt . Tiew of popu-

lation of.

— Chnroh, History of Philip's war.

— Felt (J. B.), Hist, of Mass. carrenoy.
-^ Gorton (S.), Simplicity's Defence.

— Hayward <J.), The Mass. Directory

— — Qasettecr of .
^ Holland (J. G.), Hist, of Wett.

— Hatchinson (T.), Speeches in Aasem-

bly, 1773.

— — Letters sent to Great Britain.

— -^ Hist, of the Colony of.

— Massachnsetts Bay> and Stote.

— Massachusetts Bsg. and Record, 1803


— Minot (G. B.), Hist, of Mass. Bay


— — Insurrection in, 1786.

— Review of Rise of New-England.

— Sargent, Dealings with the Dead.

— Savage (J.), Address, Hist, of Const


— SulliTan (J.), Land tiUes in.

— Thorean, A week on the Concord and


— Thornton ( J. W.), Landing at Cape

' Ann.

— Towle and Foster, Enlargement of

State House.
-^ £^ee Plymouth; Puritans; New -Bug.;

Bunker HUl.
Massachusetts Local Hibtobiss:

— See Acton; Athol: Barnstable; Bel-

cher town ; Berkshire Co. j Beverly ;
Billerica ; Boston ; Brookfleld ;
Brookline : Cambridso ; Concord ;
Dan vers; Dedham; Duxbury; Es-
sex ; Framingham ; Groton ; Ha-
milton; Hanover; Hardwicke; Ha-
verhill ; Hopkinton ; Ipswich; Lan-
caster; Leioester; Lynn: Maiden;
Martha's Vineyard; Nantucket ;
Natick; Newbury; Newburyport;
Nor thanmton ; Pittsfield ; Fly
mouth: Plainfleld; Quincy; Reho-
both; Rozbury; Salem; Scituate;
Shrewsbury;* Stoneham; Stur-
bridge; Upton; Watertown; West-
field; Weston; Whately; Worces
ter; Worthington.

Massivoer. Coleridge (H.), Life of. ,

Mathematics :

— iBnc»> Verhand. om aistaaden to maten*

Mathhkatics :

— Alembert (D') , Traits de Dynamiqae.

— Arehim^de, (Enrres.

— Berkely (Bp.), Works, vol. 2

— Bowditch, Mrcan. G leste of Laplsee.

— Byrne, Model calculator, Logaritbnu.
-^ Church, Elements of the . . Calealof •

— Comte, Philos. of Mathematics.

— Davies (0.), Mathematical Diet.

— Delambre, Progr^s des, depuis 1780.

— De Morgan, Mathematics.

— — Calculus.

— Des Cartes, Geometria.

— Eaton (A.), Art without Science.

— Encyc. Methodique.

-^ Euclid, De see cerate boeken, doer La

— ^ Les El^mens d'Eudide.

— Euler, In analysin inflnitorum.

— Fleming (P.) , Quadrature of the Circle.

— Galloway, Treatise on Probability,

— Gill (C), Angular Analysis.

— Gregory (0.), Math, for practical meo.

— Hao&ley, Treatise on Trigonometry.

— Hamilton (Bishop)^ Works, De seciio-

nibus conicis.

— Hann, Plane Trigonometry.

— — ' Integral Calcnlns.

— Heather, Treat, on Hath, instruments.

— Hnygens, Opera Varia.

— — Ezercit. MathematicsB.

— La Lande, Matht'matiqaes.

— La Place, (Eurres.

— Lardner, Treatise on Geometry.

— Monge, Treatise on Statiea.

— Newton (Sir I.), Prindpia.

— Pascal, Cours de geometric.

— Pasley, Course of pract. geometry.

— Paterson (J.), Calculus of OperatJoni.

— Perkins (G. R.), Elements of Geom.

— — Elements of Algebra.

— — Plane and Solid Geometry.

— — Plane Trigonometry.

— Playfair, Works, 2, 3, Math : Scienee.

— Robinson (H. N.), Math, recreations.

— Simms <F. W«), Sectio-planography.

— Sopwith, Trea. on leomet. drawing.

— Stanley (A. D.), Tables of logarlthmi.
-^ Straohey, Hist, of Algebra.

— Whewdl, Doetrine of Limits.
.— Wilkins (John), Math, works.

— Young (A.)> Quadrature of the cirole.

— iSee Arithmetic.

Math SB (C). Peabody, life of.
Matthias. Stone (W. L.), His impostarei.

— Vale (G.), Fanatidsm.
Maxims. JEaopns^ Fables of .fisop.

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Maxiks :

— Colton (C. Of LMon.

'-* Diotionary of Popular qaotationa.

— Eraflmas^ Adagiorum 4000.
^ Fenelon, Works, vol. 2.

— Hand-book of Proverbi.

— Hare, G^nesSM at truth.

— Home (H.), The art of tMnking.

— Jameeon, Common -place Book.

— Lingr€e, Reflexions et Maximes.

— LaeonioB.

— Lyoosthenes, Apothegmatum ex opt<

-^ Maodonnel, Diet, of Qaotations.

— Montague, Works, rol. 3.

— Oxenstiern, Pens^es snr divers sajets.

— Parr (S.), Aphorisms, etc.

— Pascal, Pen8(^es.

— Phenix, Coll. of rare fragments.
^ Pojrnder, Literary Bxtraots.

-' Rensnerius, Symbola Imp. et Heroica,

— Selden, Table Tplk.

— Sonthey, Common -place Book.

— Walsh (R.), Didactics.

— Webster (N ), The Prompter.
^ 5m Essays; Literature.
Mechanic Abtb. 5ee Arts; Engineering;


Mbchaiiics. See Natural Philosophy; Hy-
drostatics, etc.

Medicine :

— Academic de M'd. Rapports sur vacci-


— Aeosta, Arom. et medio, in Orient. In

— ' Ag., Le M^decin des oampagnes.

— Allen (J. A.), Pharmacologyllard (E.) , Last Leaves of Am. hist

— See Texas; California; Scott; Taylor.
Michel (W.). Barclay (R.), W. M. un-

Michigan. Blois, Gasetteer of.
— : Ohio and Michigan boundary.
MiCBOSCOPB. Bailey, Micr. exam, ofsoun*

— Catlow, Drops of water.

— Ebrenberg, Mikrogeologie.

— Improvements in the.

— Queckett, Treatise on tbe use of.

— See Natural Philosophy; Animalcules
MiDDLBBUBT, Vt. Hall (F.), Account of.
Middlesex Co. Conb. Field ( D. D.), Sta<

tist- account of.
MirauTOvCCapt.). Dobbt ^A.)» Voyage
ftffNdrthpa isa i ft .

MiDDLETOWB, CoBB. Barratt, Early work-
ing of themiuis.

Milan. Reina, Arch of Peace at.

MicKiBWics (M.;. Gal. des Contemp. vol.
3: Viede.

Military Science, etc. Aide. u:(!moire to
the Military sciences.

— Army and Navy Chron 1833-41.

— Army List. British.

— Artillery for U. S. Land Service, Mor-


— B. (D. L. C.D.)j

Diet. Mil. PorUtif,

— Belidor, La science des ing6nieurs.

— Branoatio, Nuova disciplina militare.

— Campbell (E. S. N.), Diet, of Mil. Sci.

— Cathcart, Comm. on the War in Russia,

— Cavalry (British) Regulations.

— Corps of R. Engineers, Papers.

— t Colby, Ordnance Surv. of Londonderry.

— Conoliy, Uist. of K. Sappers and Mi-


— Dalliba, Improvements in U. S. Mil.


— Denison, Charges of Mil. Mines.

— De Peyster, Reports to Govt of N. T.

— Desbordeliers, Dn Tir du fusil.

— Documents : Champ d'Isly.

— Donkin, Military Collections.

— Douglas (Sir H.), Military Bridges.

— Duane (W.)> Hand-book for Infantry.

— Du Mont, Veldslagen den P. Eugeniue,


— Dundae (Sir D.), Field. Exercises of H.

M. 8 l^oroes.

— Edaireur (The), Period.

— Fav6, Recrutement de I'Arm^e.

— Field of Mars, Nav. and Mil. Engage-


— Folard, L'Esprit du Chev. Folard.

— France, Eoole Poly technique.

— Fulton (R.), Torpedo War.

— Greener, Science of Gunnery.

— Hamilton (J. S.), Mil. Volunteer Guide

to health, etc.

— Hallett, Elem. of Mil. art and sdenoe.

— Herries, Inst, for Volunteer Cavalry.

— Jackson (R.), Med. Depart, of British


— Jomini, Summary of the Art of War.

— Le Blond, La Geometric de I'offioier.

— — Essai sur la Castramentation.

— — El^mens de Fortification.

— Maohiavelli, Art of War.

^ Manoeuvres of Artillery, Meii.

— Marshall (U.), Mil. MlsMlany.

— Memoir on Artillery, Meti.

— Military Pyrotedmy : U. S. MU. Acad.
^ Monthly MUiRepbtitory^N.T.lTM.

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MiLivAmr SciiaoB, >tc. :

— Mordecai, Experiments on Gnnpowder*

— Napier, Lights and Shades of Mil . Life.

— O'Oonnor (J. M.)) Treatise of War and


— Pam. Tol . 10 : Garalerie d'Afriqne.

— Pasley, Copper Pontoons.

— Reed (T. B.), Address at West Point.

— Reid ( W. ) , Assanl t« ; In trenohmen ts

— Richard (J.), Atlas, Manoearres ran

de Troepen.
'— Rochambeaa, M^moires Mil.

— Royal Horse Artillery, Instructions.

— Scott (Winfield), Infantry Tactics.

— Smyth (A.) 9 Infantry Kxercises U. S.

— Steuben, Regulations, U. S. Troops.

— Sterenson (R.)> Mil. Instr. for field.

— Sumner (W. H.)> Importance of,

— Swett (S ), Rogniat's Art of War.

— Toroy, Des Remontes de I'Arm^e.

— United States MU.PhU.Soo.

— U. States Corps of Engineers, Praet.


— Vigny, Lights and Shadows of military


— Whitman (Z. Q.), Hist. Ano. and Hon.

Art. Comp.

— Williams (J.), Fortifying the Narrows.
^ — Elements of Fortification.

— Wilkinson (H.), Anc.and Modem En-

gines of war.

— Wolfe (J.), Instruct, to young ofllcers.

— Wolfe-Tone, School of Caralry.
MiLLBB (C). Kip (F. M.), Memoirs of.
Mills (S. J.). Spring (G.), Life of.
MiLHOB (J.). Stone (J. S.), Memoir of.
MiLTOH (J.). Ghanning (W. £.), Essay on*

— Tod (H. J.), Life of.

MiiTBRAL Springs. Allen^R. L.)* Analy-
sis, at Saratoga.

— Bell (J.), On Baths and Min. waters.

— Daubeny, Report on our Knowledge of.

— Fontan, Eaux Min6. des Pyrenref ,

— Granville, The Spas of Germany.

— — The Spas of England.

- Hnntt (H.), Red Sulphur Spring, Va.

— Mitehill (S. L.), Sohooley'p Mountain


— Min. Spring at Niagara.

— North ( M. L.), Analysis of Saratoga


— Plghee, Traits des eaux thermales d'Ax

— Salisbury (S.), Aron Springs*

— Seaman (V.), Si^ratoga.
-^ — Ballston.

— Steel (J. H.), Anal, of Waters of Sa


— See Saratoga.

MiysgALOQT. Amer. Mln^rtlog. Journal,
18M. ^

MiiruALOGT :

— Cleareland, Elem . Treatise .

— Comynet, Onyx, Alb&tre antique.

— Dana (J. D.), Manual of.

— Belesse, Extraits de Min^ralogie.

— Emmons (£.), Manual of, and Geol.

— Faure, Anal, de tuf.

— Feuchtwanger, Treatise on gems.

— Gobet, Anciens min^ralegistes de Fr.

— Grae, Stotist. Mineral . des Basse Alpes.

— Hall (F.), Cat. of Min.fonnd in Ver-


— Jackson (J. R.), Minerals and their


— Jameson (R.), Mlneralog. TraTeli ia

the Hebrides.

~ McLure(W.), Cat. of Specimens at
New -Harmony.

— MineralogiGsl Soc of St. Petersbnrgk

— Moore (N. F.), Ancient Mineralogy*

— Niool, Manual of.

— Overman, Practical Mineralogy.

— Phillips (W.), Elem. Treatise on.

— Schmeisser, System of.

— Schopf, Miner. Kenntniss von Nord-


— Sowerby, Popular Miiteralogy.

— Thomson (T.), Outlines of.

— Vanberchem-Berthont, Prindpesds.
^ Widenmann, Oryktognostlschen th.

— Williams(J.),Nat.Hi«t.ofMin.Kinr


— See Geology; Fossils.

MiiTBS. Budge, Praot. Miner's Guide,

— Instruction pratique snr les Lampes de


— Keating, Art of Mining.

— Leonhard, Bergbankunde.

— Orton (J W.), Miner's Guide.

— Quarterly Mining Review.

— Whitney (J. D.), Metallle Wealth of


— See Metals; Iron; Coal.
MiirNnsoTA. Bond (J. W.), Minn, and its


— I^tnam ( J . W . ) , ,DeMription of.

— Seymour (E. S.), Sketches of.
- See United States, West.
MiHomcA. Armstrong (J.), Hist, of the Is-

MiBABBATT (H. G. R.) . Dumoftt, ReeoUee-
tions of.

MiBAZTDA ExP»J>iTiov. Biggi (J.), At-
tempts at Revolution.

— Smith (M.)» Sufferings in.

— See South America.

Missions, Citt- Albany City Miss. Sqo.

— Boston City Miss. Soe.

— Channing(W. £.)» MiiOstrj for the


Digitized by




MissiOKS, City:

— GlMrleitoB, MiBistry ftt Urge.

— ErereU (0. B.)> Min. ftt larg«.

— Lowell, Miniairy U large.

— Boxbarjy Ministry »t large.

— Tnokeitnan (J.)* Ministry at large.
MusiOMB, DoxBtTic. Amer. Home Misa.

Soo. Reports.

— Buslmell (H.), Home Missions.

— • St^ Episcopal, Preeb., Baptist, Cong.

Missions, Fobxiqh. Amer* Baptist Maga-


— Amer. Board C. F. M. Reports.

— — Missionary Herald.

— Baehanan, Christian Researehes.

— Campbell (J .) , Maritime Disoipline and

Christ. Miss.

— Chapin, Missionary Gaietteer.

— Coke, Hist, of West Indies.
^ Gammell, Hist, of Baptist Missions.
^ Qrant (A.), The Nestorians.

— Hamphreys, Hist, of Boc. for Prop, the


— Henrnius, De Leg. Eyangel. ad Indos.

— Holmes (J.), Missions of the United


— Hist, of Am. Miss, to the heathen, 1840
-— Jndson (E.), The Kathayan Slave.

-r Latrobe, Miss . U.B. among the Indians.

— Lowrie, Man. of Miss, of Presb. Ch.

— Marsden ^J.), Narr. of Mits.to Ame-


— Newoomb, Cydopaodia of.

— Mo Coy (J.), BaptUt Indian Miss.

— Martyn (H.), Journal and Letters.

— Nestorians of Persia.

— Presb. Ch., Board of Missions.

— Prot. Episo. Ch., Spirit of liissions.

— Soo. for the Prop, of the Gospel, Lon-


— United Brethren : Missions.

— United Dom. Miss. Soo. Reports.

— Ward (F.de) , Miss, among the Hindoos.

— Western For- Miss Soo. Reports.

— Williams (J.)^ South Sea Missions.

— WUson (J.), Voy. in the Padflo of the

Missions, Roman Catholic :
-^ Assoc, de la Prop, de la Foi, Annales.

— St. Valier, EsUt de I'Eglise de la Nout.


— Shea, Miss, among the Indiana.
^ Smet, Residenoe with the Indians.

— See Jesuit Missions.
Mississippi. Darby, Geog. Description of.
Mississippi Land Company. Tafereel (De).
Biississippi RivKR. Beltrami, Sources of

the Mississippi.

Mississippi Rivbb:

— Joniel, Journal Historiqne.

— Monette, Hist. <»t Disc, and Settlement


— NaTigator (The).

— St. Louis Chamber of Commerce, 1812.
~ Schoolcraft, Trayels to Souroe of.

— Shea, DiscoT. and Exp. of.

— Tonti, Discovery of.

— View of the Valley of: A Guide.

— See Louisiana.

MiBSOVBi. Beek (L. C), Gaietteer of, 1828.

— Schoolcraft, Geology of.

— — Lead Mines of.

— — Scenes in the Osark Mts.

— — Journey to Interior of.

— Wetmore, Gaietteer of, 1837.

— See United SUtes, West.
MiTCHXLL (Sir A.). Bisset (A.), Mem. and

Papers of.
MiTCHiLL (S. L.). Paaoalis ( F.), Eulogy

Mnxmonics. FauveNGourandj Phreno-


— Miles, American Mnemoteohny.
MoHAMMXD AHD His RBJbiaiON. Bush (G0»

Life of.

— Dollinger, Mnhammed's Religion.

— Haneberg, Lehrwesen der Muhameda-


— Irving (W.), Mahomet and Successors.

— Jones (Sir W.), Works, Mohammedan


— Korans, In Arabic, Eng., and Dutch.

— Martineau (H.), Essay, for Disciples


— Mills (C), Hist, of Muhammedanism.

— Mohammed, Vita di.

— Murphy, Mahometan Empire in Spain.

— Ockley, History of the Saracens.

— — Conquest of Syria and Egypt by.

— Pomponins, De Exortu Maomethis.

— Price (D.), Events of Mahommedan
0, History.

— Raleigh (Sir W.), Life of.

— Religions (All).

— Southey, Chronicle of the Cid.

— Sprenger (A.), Life of.

— See Arabia; Egypt; Turkey.

Mohawk. Simms (J. R.), Hbt.of Schoha-

MoLiBBB (J. B. P.) . Colet, Le Monument

MoLLUSKS. Alder and Haneoek, Mob. of
Brit. Nudibranchiata.

— aark (W.), Brit. T«t. Mollosca.

— Darwin* Cirripedia.

— Gould (A. A.), Mollusca and Shells.

— Edwards, Beeherohee svr lee polypes.

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— Forbes, Brit. Naked-ejed Medofln.

— LftDUkrok, Hiflt. Nat. des Aninmux sans


— Landsborongfa, British Zoophytes.

— U . 8. E xpi . Exp. Dana and Gould.

— Woodward, Manual of Mollnsoa.

— See Zoology.

Moluccas. Argensola, Gonqaest of.

— Set Yoja^sesy East Indian; Indian


MoHK (G.). Gniiot, Memoirs of Dnke of

MoHK (Maria). England (Bp.)» Documents

MoHOPOLiBs. Sedgwick (T.)> What is Mo-
nopoly ?

— See Tariff; Free Trade; Commerce.
MoHROB (James). Adams (J. Q.)> Eulogy


— Jackson (A.), Correspondenee with.

— Narrative of a Tour of, in the U. S.
Montague (Duke of). Uring (N.), Uist. of

his Voyages.
MoNTBViDBo. Almanac del Conuner. del
PlaU, 1851.

— La Sota, Rep. Orient, del Uruguay.

— See La Plata; Buenos Ay res.
MONTQOMBRY (Gen.). Smith (W.), Oration

on, 1776.
MoBTBBAL. Bosworth (N.), History of.

— Mackay, Montreal Directory, 1842-53.
-^ See Canada.

MooRB (Sir J.). Moore (J. C), Life of.
MoNTBOSB (Earl). Napier (M.), Life and

Times of.
Morocco. See Africa, North.
Moral Philosophy. Abercrombie, Phil, of

the moral feelings.

— Adams (J.), Elements of.
^ Ahrans, Das Naturrecht.

— Aristotle, Ethics.

" Bailey (S.), Essays on the Pursuit of

— Beattie (J.), Elem. of Moral Soiei^Be.

— Bentham (J.), Principles of Morals.

— — Deontology.

— Boyd (J. R.), Eclectic Mor. Phil.

— Buchner, Eth. Elem. in Reohtsprincip.

— Burgh, Dign. of Human Nature.
Burton, Anatomy of Melancholy.

— Butler (J), Works.

— Coleridge (S. T.), Works ; The Friend.
— ^ — Aids to Reflection.

— Combe (G ), Lectures on.

— — Moral Const, of Man.

— Chalmers (T.), Pol. Econ. in connexion


— Dyer, Theory of Beneyolenoe.

— Dymoad* Priini|^«tf of Morality.

Moral Philosophy:

— FollcH, Works, rol.S: Lectures on.

— Gioja, Elementi di Filosofla.

— Godwin (W.), Political JusUoe.

— Gros, Treatise on.

— Hildreth, Theory of Morals.

— James (H.) , Moralism and Christianity.

— — Nature of EtU.

- Joufiroy (T.), Introd. to Ethics.

— Maekintosh (Sir J.), Progress of.

— Malebranche, DelaReeberefaedelaT^-


— Mandeyille, The Fable of the Bees.

— More (H.), Enchiridion Ethioum.

— Paley, Works, vol. 3.

— Paronius, Summa Ethicss-

— Payne (G.), Elem. of Ment. and Moral


— Penrose, Discipline of human motives.

— Price (R.), Principal Questions in mo-


— Richter (J.G.O.), Tiaohkundige On-


— Rousseau (J. J.), (Eurree.

— Sampson (Esra), Brief Remarker.

— Senault, De 1' Usage des passions.

— Shaftesbury, Characteristics.

— Smith (A.), Theory of Mor. Sent.

— Smith (J. A.), Monograph on theono-

ral sense.

— Smith (S. S.;, Loot. on.
^ Spirit of Humanity.

— Stewart (D.), Works.

— Taylor (I.), Nat. Hist, of Enthostasm.

— Tucker (A.), The Light of Nature.

— Wayland (F.), Elements of Mor. ScL

— Whewell, Four Sermons.

— — Elements of Morality.

— Winslow (F.), Anatomy of Suicide.

— Witherspoon, Lectures on.

— See Philosophy; Soul: Sodal Ques-

Morals, practical. Alexander ( J.W.),
The American Mechanic.

— Austin (J. M.), Voice to Youth.

— Browne (T.), Works, Religio Medici.

— CastUio (B.), De Curiali.

— Chapone (Mrs.), Works.

— Cicero, Offices.

— Cobbett (W.), Thirteen Sermons.

— Croiset, Reflexions sur la Morale.

— De Foe, Works ; Family Instructor.

— Dewey, Mor. Views of Comm. Soe. and


— Dinoconrt, Cours de Morale socials.

— Edgeworth, Early Lessons.

— Erasmus, Lingua.

— Feltham, ResoWes.

<-> FoMloiif Meetioni from.

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Morals, Practical :

— Fox (W. J.)> Leotnrei to the Working


— — Morality of the Boriptures.

— Franklin (B.)> Works

— Gradon, L'Homme nniTersol.

— Guide da Bonfaenr.

— La Colonie, Traits en Morale instrno-


— Lieber, Man. of Politioal Ethies.

— Biann (U*) > Tboaghts for a yonng man

— Mason (J.), Self-knowledge.

— Mather> Essays to do good.

^ Moral Societies in the SUte of N. Y.

— More (H . ) , Christian Moral s.

— Nott (E.), Counsels to yoang men.

— Opie> Illnstrations of Lying.

— Owen, Fashionable World.

— Patritii, De Disoorii.

— Platarchus, Morals.
— - Questions Trait^es.

— Seneca, Morals.

-^ Southwiok (S.), Fire Lessons to young

— Spraeue (W. B.), Lectures to the


— Torrey (J.^ The Moral Instructor.

— Tracts for Cities.

— Tuthill, Suooess in Life.

— Webster (N), Letters to a young g«

^ Wette, Human Life.

— Young Man's Manual.

— Zimmermann, Solitude considered.

— 8m Maxims } Essays ; Religion^ Prac-


MoRAYiAKS. Heckwelder, Missions among

— Holmes (J.)» Hist. Sketch of Missions

-* Latrobe, Missions of the Uni. Breth.

— United Brethren, Missions.

MoBR (Hannah). Boberts (W.), Memoirs

MoRR(SirT.). Mackintosh (Sir J.), Life


— More (C), Life of.
Mormons. Bennett (J. C), History of the


— Gunnison (J. W.), Latter-day Sainti>

at Great Salt-lake.

— History of the Mormons.

~- Ferris, Utah and the Mormons.

— Female Life among.

— Mormons or Latter-day Saints.

— Stansburyt Exploration of Utah.
Morris (G.). Sparks (J.), Life of.
MoRTOX (S. G.). Meigs (C. D.), Memoir of.
Mosquito Couktrt. 8€e Central America.
MoiART. Holmes (E.)> Life of.

MuHLXKBRRCi rP.). Muhlonberg (H. A.)j
Life of.

MviriCH. Knhn (C), Das EUmayon Mun-

— See Bararia.

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MuRRBLL. Stewart (V. A.), Trial and Exe-
cution of.

Music. Bawr, Hist, de la Musique.

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— Inquiry * • • . Nature and Design of Mu-


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and French.

— — Hist, of Modern Music.

— Nederlandsehe MniUk.

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— See Fine Arts.

Mythology Colebrooke, Mythology of the

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and India.

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— Vestiges of Cirilisation.

^ See Antiquities; Religions; Hindoos;
Classical Litt. ; Delusions.


Nahtuckxt, Ms. Cr^reocsur, Letters gf ap
Amer. Farmer.

— Maoy (0,), History of,

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^MMwvAy N. H. Fox (C. J.)> History of.

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