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1893, Anna Henrietta Carveth, dau. of Henry
Miller, M.D., of Hartland, North Devon, and
by her, who d. Feb., 1899, had issue : —

1. D'Eyncourt Cecil William Hamilton

Swanzy, b. 11 July, 1895.

2. Henry Gordon Hamilton Swanzy, b. 5

Sept., 1898.

He ni. 2nd, 18 Sept., 1899, Lucy Beatrice, dau.
of Frederick Richmond, of Nottingham,
and has : —

1. Mabel Lucy Elise Hamilton Swanzy.

ii. Cecil William Hamilton Swanzy, 6. 24 Jan.,

1874, d. unm. Oct., 1895.
i. Augusta Harriett Lucy Hamilton Swanzy, m.

5 Sept., 1888, Alfred Charles Roberts, of

Liverpool, and has : —

1. Cyril Alfred Roberts, 6. 1889.

1. Lucy Mary Isabel Roberts.
ii. Mabel Ernestine Ann Eliza Hamilton Swanzy,

d. unm. 1882.

♦ Exchequer Bill, 23 Dec, 1816, Swanzy v. Fennigan.


(2.) John Swanzy, bapt. i June, 1826.

(3.) James Swanzy, m. twice, and by his first wife,
Margaret, had issue : —

i. Bertie Swanzy.
i. Margaret Swanzy.

He m. 2nd, Miss Jones.
(1.) Anne Eliza Swanzy, d. unm.
James Swanzy, of Tiskilwa, Illinois, U.S.A., a doctor, b. 16
Dec, 1807, m. 13 June, 18;]5, Catherine, dau. of' John
Milling, of Shanlis, Ardee, Co. Louth, (by Susanna
Siddall, his wife) and niece of Lieut.-Coloncj Henry
Milling, 81st Regt. and d. 22 June, 1865, leaving by her,
who d. 11 June, 1880, four sons and one dau. (all living
in the United States) :—

(1.) Andrew Swanzy, of Princeton, 111., 6. 3 Feb., 1838,
m. 28 May, 1862, Watie W., dau. of the Rev. Ora
Arnold Walker of Princeton.

(2.) Humphrys Jones Swanzy, of Tiskilwa, b. 13 June

(3.) John James Swanzy, of Alexander, Kansas, b. 16

Feb., 1841, m.30 March, 1864, Margaret Bolton, and

has : —

i. Henry Humphrys Swanzy, b. 8 Oct., 1866.
ii. Jay Swanzy, b. 4 July, 1871.
iii. William Swanzy, b.l2 May, 1874.
iv. Hugh Swanzy, 6. 9 Oct., 1876.
V. Albert Swanzy, b. 24 Sept., 1878, m., and had
issue : —

1. Fayette Swanzy, b. 25 Jan., 1904.
1. Florence Swanzy.
'■ Lucille Watie Swanzy, ni. 20 Dec, 1883, Thomas
Harris, of Dodge City, Kansas, and has had
issue : —

1. James Stanley Harris, 6. 23 Sept., 1887.

2. Henry Harris, b. 18 June, 1890.

1. Anna Blanche Harris.

(4.) Henry Milling Swanzy, of Bureau Junction, Illinois,
6. 12 March, 1848, m. 9 June, 1876, Mary Elizabeth,
dau. of Patterson Drake, and by her, who d. 1 Aug.,
1898, has issue :—

i. Henry FrankKn Swanzy, m. Maud E. Brooker,
and has issue : —


1. Ora Harold Swanzy, 6. 10 Feb., 1900.

3. Andrew Edmond Swanzy, 6. 15 Sept., 1904.

1. Mary Ethel Swanzy.

2. Ella Catherine Swanzy.
i. Mary Bathsheba Swanzy.

(1.) Frances Emma Swanzy, m. 12 Dec, 1872, John

Kitterman, of Tiskilwa, 111., and has : —

i. Harwood Bertrand Kitterman, of Princeton,

b. 15 Sept., 1873, m. 12 Sept., 1900, Myrtle,

dau. of H. B. Sargent, and has issue : —

1. John Harwood Kitterman, b. 27 May, 1901.

1. Sara lone Kitterman.

2. Eunice Alberta Kitterman.

3. Frances Vivian Kitterman.

ii. Kalph Swanzy Kitterman, of Tiskilwa, 6. 7

April, 1877.
iii. Humphrys Lyman Kitterman, b. 15 June, 1879,
m. 2 April, 1902, Nettie May, dau. of Samuel
i. Ethel Grace Kitterman.
ii. Lydia Catherine Milling Kitterman.

I. Elizabeth Swanzy, m. Ist, 23 Nov., 1826, the Eev. Isaac
Wood Slemmon, M.A., Curate of Down, son of Thomas
Slemmon, and by him, who d. 23 Dec, 1831, had two
sons : —

(1.) Andrew Thomas Swanzy Slemmon, J.P., of Bays\alle,
Muskoka, Canada, b. 27 Oct., 1827, d. unm. 8 Sept.,

(2. Isaac Wood Slemmon, d. at school at Ardee, 31 May,

1838, aged 9.
She m. 2nd, 8 Dec, 1835, Humphrys Jones, J.P., Co.
Monaghan, jure uxoris of Carrickaderry, and d. 7 April,
1861, leaving by him, who d. 11 May, 1869, five
daus. : —

(1.) Frances Elizabeth Jones.

.'2.) Elizabeth Mary Jones.

(3.) Mary Anne Jones.

(4.) Louisa Jane Jones, m. 15 Sept., 1869, Francis Richard
Maunsell, son of Richard Maunsell, of Lakelands,
Co. Dublin, who was grandson of Richard Maunsell, of
Ballywilliam, Co. Limerick, by Helena Maria Toler,
sister of John, 1st Earl of Norbury. Mrs, Maunsell
d. s. p. 13 Sept., 1899, and her husband d. 25 Feb.,


(5.) Margaret Jane Swanzy Jones, d. May, 1902.
IV. Henry Swanzy, of Avelreagli (or Rockfield) Co. Monaghan and
Hard wick Street, Dublin, Solicitor, 6. 1774, m. at DrumuUy, Co.
Fermanagh, 14 May, 1799, Rose, only dau. and heiieas of
Hugh Rosborough, of Mullinagoan, Co. Fermanagh, by his
second wife Amie, dau. of Jason Hassard,* of Skea Co.
Fermanagh, Treasurer of the County, son of Capt. Jason
Hassard, of Skea and Mullymesker, High Sheriff, Co, Fer-
managh, 1695. Mr. Swanzy d. 14 March, 1843, and his
widow d. 20 March, 1856, having had three sons and five
daus. : —

1. Henry Swanzy (Rev.) of Newberry House, Co. Cork, and
Rockfield, Co. Monaghan, Canon of Subulter, Rural Dean
of Bothon, and Rector of Kilshannig, diocese of Cloyne,
6. 6 April, 1803, m. 21 July, 1835, Elizabeth, youngest
dau. of Edward Green, of Nelson Hill, Youghal, Co. Cork,
Capt. and Paymaster Youghal Yeomanry, by Alice, dau.
of John Allin, of Youghal, by Susanna, dau. of John
Lander, and Alicia his wife, dau. of James Pratt, of
Carricknashinny, Co. Cork, by Mary, dau. of Simon
Green, Bailifi of Youghal, 1696. Canon Swanzy d. 20 Feb.,
1887, in his 84th year, and his widow d. 21 Sept., 1895, in
her 88th year, having had issue : —

(1.) Henry Swanzy, d. in infancy.

(2.) Henry Swanzy, h. 7 Dec, 1837, d. March, 1838.

(3.) Henry Swanzy (Rev.) Rector of Castlemagner and
Ballyclough, Co. Cork, B.A., T.C.D., 1865, M.A., 1868,
6. 19 Dec, 1841, m. 22 Feb., 1872, Margaret Frances,
only dau. of the Rev. Samuel Bell Leonard, M.A., of
Rushy Park, Co. Kerry, and Bellspark, Co. Tipperary,
Rector of Dromtarriff, diocese of Ardfert, by Anne,
dau. of Arthur Chute, son of Francis Chute, of Chute
Hall, Co. Kerry, by Ruth, dau. of Sir Riggs Falkiner,
Bart., of Annemount, Co. Cork. Mr. Swanzy f d.

* For particulars of this family see The Family of Hassard, by the Rev. H. B.
Swanzy, Dublin, Messrs. Thorn & Co., printed for private circulation, 1903.

t The Rev. Henry Swanzy was known as an explorer. In 1884, ]\Ir. R. M. Barring-
ton, of Fassaroe, Bray, and he crossed the Rocky Mountains, on foot, with pack-
horses, and reached the shores of the Pacific. Four years later, in 1888, with his
cousin, the Rev. William Spotswood Green, C.B., now Chief Inspector of Irish
Fisheries, he again visited America, in order to explore, under the auspices of the
Royal Geographical Society, portions of the Selkirk Range in British Columbia,
then utterly unknown. The story of their adventures is told in Mr. Green's
Among the Selkirk Glaciers, London, Macmillan, 1890. The Canadian Government
officially named one of the newly-discovered peaks Mount Swanzj% and another
Mount Green, in honour of the two explorers. See also The Selkirk Range, by A. 0.
Wheeler, Vol. I., Ottawa, 1905, for a full account of Mount Swanzy, and its


19 April^ 1906, having had issue : —
i. Henry Leonard Swanzy, b. 7 Nov., 1873, d. 22

March, 1874.
ii. Samuel Leonard Swanzy (Rev.), Curate of
Midleton, Co. Cork, B.A., T.C.D., 1899,
formerly Lieut. 2nd Batt. the Lincolnshire
Regt., served in the South African War,
1900-1902, (Queen's medal with three clasps.
King's medal with two clasps), placed on the
half-pay list on account of ill-health, 1907,
took Holy Orders same year, b. 13 May, 1875.

i. Elizabeth Anne Swanzy.
(1.) Alice Swanzy, d. in infancy.
(2.) Alice Swanzy, d. unm. 23 Aug., 1893.
(3.) Rosa Ormsby Swanzy, of Newberry House, Mallow,

d. unm. 16 Sept., 1898.
(4.) Elizabeth Anne Swanzy, m. 22 May, 1867, her cousin,

the Rev. Thomas Biddall Swanzy, M.A., Vicar of

Newry, and had issue, see p. 104.
(5.) Katharine Green Swanzy, now of Avelreagh, Co.

Monaghan, for more than two centuries the home of

her family. During the nineteenth century it was

known as Rockfield, but it is now again called by

the older name.
2. Hugh Rosborough Swanzy, of Connaberry House, Castle-
blayney, Co. Monaghan, Solicitor, Sub-Sherifi, Co.
Monaghan, h. 17 June, 1806, m. 8 Aug., 1838, his cousin
Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of James Swanzy, Governor of
Anamaboe, Gold Coast (see p. 104) by Anne, only dau.
of Thomas Biddall. Mr. SAvanzy, who did not use his
second name, d. 2 Aug., 1889, aged 83, having had by
her, who d. 21 Nov., 1884, three sons and four daus. : —

(1.) Henry Swanzy, b. 14 Aug., 1842, d. May, 1845.

(2.) Thomas Biddall Swanzy (Rev.) Curate of Moville
Lower, diocese of Derry, B.A., T.C.D., 1868, M.A.,
1872, 6. 15 Oct., 1843, d. unm., 16 Nov., 1902.

(3.) James Swanzy, 6. 7 Sept., 1848, m. 8 Aug., 1877
Elizabeth Goudy, 2nd dau. of James Mollan Ross, of
Liscarney, Co. Monaghan, by Jane, dau. of James
Armstrong Buchanan, Lieut. 4th (King's Own)
Regt., and d. 26 Feb., 1907, leaving three children :—
i. Henry Hubert Swanzy, M.B., Capt. Royal Army
Medical Corps, served (as Ci\nl Surgeon) in


the South African War, 1900-1902, medal, 6.
18 Aug., 1878, m. 7 March, 1905, Jessie Struan,
youngest dau. of Major Valens Tonnochy,
81st Regt., by Harriet Louisa, 2nd dau. of
David Ferrier, of Arbroath, Forfar. Capt.
Swanzy d. in India, 10 April, 1907, of
plague contracted in the performance of
his duties, leaving an only child : —
Jess Evelyn Struan Swanzy.

ii. Oswald Ross Swanzy, D.I., R.I.C., h. 15 July,


i. Irene Frances Evelyn Swanzy.
(1.) Anne Swanzy.

(2.) Rosa Swanzy^ 7n. 8 July, 1862, the Rev. Christopher
Burldtt Harley, M.A., Canon of Kilbrogan and Rector
of Christ Church, Cork, son of the Rev. John Harley,
B.A., Prebendary and Rector of Taghmon, diocese
of Ferns, and d. 20 March, 1899, having had by him,
who d. 19 Aug., 1902, issue : —

i. Hugh Swanzy Hariey, h. April, 1867, d. 23 Aug.,

ii. Christopher Swanzy Harley, b. 10 March, 1871,
rf. 19 Sept., 1871.
iii. Henry Robert Harley, M.D., B.Ch., B.A., T.C.D.,
6. is July, 1872, m. 13 Feb., 1906, Florence
Effie, dau. of the Rev. Alfred James Bray,
and niece and adopted dau. of Edwin Sidney
Hartland, of Highgarth, Gloucester, and
has issue : —

Sheila Patricia Harley.
iv. Christopher Burkitt Harley (Rev.) B.A., T.C.D.,
Curate of Murragh, Co. Cork, h. 26 Dec, 1873,
m. 7 July, 1903, Edith, 2nd dau. of Henry
Dale, J.P., of Cork, and has :—

Christopher Eric Harley, b. 8 Dec, 1905.
V. John Swanzy Harley, b. 27 July, 1875, 7n. U
June, 1906, Charlotte Emma, youngest dau.
of John Hayten Rutter, and has issue :—

John Christopher Raymond Harley, b,
22 July, 1907.
vi. Thomas WilUam Harley, Capt. Indian Medical
Service, b. 10 Dec, 1876, m. 8 Aug., 1903,


Mary Elizabeth, youngest dau. of Nicholas
E. Wrixon, and has : —

Henry Nicholas Wrixon Harley, b. 23
Sept., 1904.
vii. George Ormaby Burkitt Harley, Capt. late 3rd
Batt. Royal Munster Fusiliers, served in the
South African War 1900-1902 (Queen's medal
with three clasps), b. 16 July, 1878,
i. Marion Elizabeth Harley, d. 4 May, 1896.
ii. Rosalie Harley, d. 15 Feb., 1890.
iii. Anna Maria Swanzy Harley.
iv. Florence Grace Harley.
V. Eugenie Dorothea Harley.
vi. Roberta Maud Harley.
(3.) Frances Swanzy, m. 20 March, 1867, John George
Donaldson, Manager Belfast Bank, Cookstown, eon
of the Rev. David Donaldson, M.A., by Letitia, 4th
dau. of George Beatty West, J.P., of Dromdarkin,
Co. Leitrim, brother of John Beatty West, M.P.,
for Dublin (see also p. 81), and has had issue : —

i. John George West Donaldson, B.E., h. 20 April,

i. Letitia Frances Donaldson, m. 8 Nov., 1893,
Arthur David Ash Gaussen, of BalljTonan
House, Co. Derry, J.P., High Sheriff, Co.
Deny, 1901, Barrister-at-law, only son of
William Ash Gaussen, of Ballyronan, and
has had issue : —

1. William Ash Gaussen, b. 24 Aug., 1894.

2. John George Ash Gaussen, b. 14 March,

1896, d. 1 May, 1896.

1. Madeline Francis Ash Gaussen.

ii. Marion Swanzy Donaldson, d. 2 Sept., 1886.

iii. Mary Edith Donaldson, m. V> June, 1904,
the Rev. Charles Arthur Bagge Millington,
B.A., Rector of Lissan, Co. Tyrone, youngest
son of the Rev. James Robert Millington,
Rector of Kilronan, Co. Waterford, and has
issue : —

Gilbert Lindsay Millington, b. 17 June, 1905.

(4.) Marion Swanzy.

3. John Swanzy, of Dublin, Sohcitor, m. 28 Sept., 1841,


Margaret Frances, second dau. of Francis Mills, of

Mountjoy Square, Dublin, son of the Rev. Richard

Mills, B.A., Rector of Annaclone, Co, Down, by Frances

dau. of Thomas Wilson, Barrister-at-law, and sister

of Hugh Wilson, K.C., of Collinstown, Co. Dublin.

Mr. Swanzy d. 16 May, 1881, and his widow d. 14 Feb.,

1891, ha\'ing had three sons and four daus. : —

(1.) Sir Henry Rosborough Swanzy, Knt., of Merrion

Square, Dublin, B.A., Trin. Coll., Dublin, 1864, M.A.,

1873, M.B., 1865, M.D. {honoris causa) 1905, Member

of Senate, F.R.C.S.I., President of the Royal College

of Surgeons of Ireland, 1906-7 and 1907-8, President

of the Ophthalmological Society of Great Britain and

Ireland, 1897. Sir Henry Swanzy, who is an

ophthalmic surgeon of wide reputation, and

author of Handbook of Diseases of the Eye and their

Treatment, was gazetted a knight in the Birthday

Honours List, 28 June, 1907, and was knighted by

the King at Buckingham Palace, 15 July following.

He was b. 6 Nov., 1843, and m. 19 Aug., 1874, Mary

Knox, eldest dau. of John Denham, M.D., President

of the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland, 1873-4,

by St. Clair, dau. of Major Francis Arthur Skene

Knox, R.A., Issue : —

i. John Swanzy, 6. 19, d. 23 Aug., 1877.
ii. Theodore Swanzy, 6. 1, d. 7 July, 1879.
i. St. Clair Frances Swanzy.
ii. Mary Swanzy.

iii. Muriel Swanzy.
(2.) Francis Mills Swanzy, of Honolulu, Sandwich Islands,
b. 4 Feb., 1850, m. 9 Nov., 1887, Juliet, dau. of
Colonel Charles Hastings Judd, of Honolulu, and
has had issue : —
i. Geraldine Frances Swanzy, d. 28 Oct., 1892.
ii. Nora Hastings Swanzy.
iii. Rosamond Swanzy.
(3.) Robert Erskine Swanzy, d. unm. May, 1896.
(1.) Anna Maria Swanzy, d. 27 Sept., 1842.
(2.) Anna Maria Swanzy.

(3.) Frances Swanzy, m. 20 April, 1895, Charles Maclean
Cunningham, L.D.S.

(4.) Kathleen Swanzy, d. 10 Oct., 1855.

H 2


Anne Swanzy, of Rockfield, d. 30 March, 1889, in her
88th year.

Elizabeth Iiwin Swanzy, m. 9 Feb., 1837, Isaac Butt, Q.C.
Barrister-at-law, J.P. Co. Cork, M.A., LL.D., T.C.D.
Whately Professor of Political Economy at the University
of Dublin, 1836-41, M.P. for Harwich, 1852, for Youghal
1852-65, and for Limerick fi"om 1871, only son of the
Rev. Robert Butt, B.A., Incumbent of Stranorlar, Co.
Donegal, by Berkeley, dau. of the Rev, J. Cox, of Dovish.
Mr. Butt, who was the well-known politician,* d. 5 May,
1879, and his widow d. 30 April, 1897, in her 89th year,
having had issue : —

(1.) Robert Butt, Lieut. R.A., afterwards Barrister-at-
law, h. 9 Nov., 1837, d. unm. 27 May, 1896.

(2.) Henry Butt, h. 14 April, 1840, d. young.

(3.) George Butt, Bengal Civil Service, 6. 8 Oct., 1842,
m. 21 Sept., 1875, Annie Frances, sister of Sir Robert
Ball and Sir Charles Ball, and dau. of Robert Ball,
LL.D., (see Dictionary of National Biography), son of
Bob Stawell Ball,t of YoughaJ, Co. Cork, by Mary
dau. of Roger Green, of Youghal, and half-sister of
Edward Green, of Nelson Hill, Youghal, (see p. Ill),
Mr. Butt d. in India, 26 Jan., 1879, leaving by her
(who m. 2nd, 2 Oct., 1885, John Thomson, of Edin-
burgh, J. P.), two children : —

i, George Berkeley Butt, Lieut. Indian Medical
Service, 6. 3 July, 1878, d. unm. in India, 28
Aug. 1902.
i. Kathleen Mary Butt, m. 9 Oct., 1903, her cousin,
William Valentine Ball, M.A., Barrister-at-law,
2nd son of Sir Robert Stawell Ball, F.R.S.,
Lowndean Professor of Astronomy and Geo-
metry in the University of Cambridge, by
Frances Elizabeth, dau. of WilUam Edward
Steele, M.D., by Frances, dau. of the Rev.
John Toler, Rector of Kentstown, Co. Meath.

(4.) Berkeley Isaac Butt, b. 1847, d. 28 May, 1861.

(1.) Rosa Butt.

* l^'or notice of Isaac Butt, see Dictionary of National Biography, and Tfie Lift
of Lord Jiandolph Churchill, by Winston Churchill, M.P. There is a portrait of
him in the National Portrait Gallery, Dublin.

t Bob Stawell Ball was son of Robert Ball, of Youghal, J.P. (by Mary, dau. of
Bent Croker), who was son of Henry Ball, of Youghal, by Ruth, sister of Jonas
Stawell, of Kilbrittain, Co. Cork, M.P. for Kinsale, 1745-GO, and youngest dau.
of Jonas Stawell, of Kilkearns, Madame and Kilbrittain, by Katharine Hotmer his
third wife.


(2.) Elizabeth Butt, m. 22 Dec. 1870, Thomas Colquhoun,
B.A., Solicitor, son of Samuel Colquhoun, of New-
town House, Strabane, Co. Tyrone, by Jane, only
dau. of Samuel Sproule, of Ramelton, Co. Donegal.
He d. s. p. 27 Dec, 1899.

(3.) Amie Butt.

(4.) Maiy Butt, d. 27 Aug., 1854.

P). Rosa Swanzy, d. 3 Feb., 1829, aged IG.

4. Maria Swanzy, d. 28 July, 1897, aged 83.

5. Margaret Jane Swanzy, ju. 4 Sept., 1845, the Rev. John

Evans Lewis, M.A., Rector of Mointaghs, (Ardraore)
diocese of Dromore, eldest son of William Lewis, of Sligo.
She d. 4 May, 1901, aged 84, and her husband d. 17 July,
1874, having had issue : —

(1.) George Alfred Lewis, B.A., M.B., b. 1 Feb., 1851, d.
s. p., 24 Dec, 1889, at Lyttleton, New Zealand, being
survived by his second wife, Lily, dau. of Aaron
Ayres. She m. 2nd, 1900, Thomas Bunting.

(2.) Henry Swanzy Lewis, d. 26 Feb., 1874, aged 17.

(3.) John Evans Lewis, 6. 24 Sept., 1859.

(1.) Rosa Jane Lewis, m. 29 Aug., 1877, James Stopford
Hunt, of Balh'magooly, House, Mallow, Co. Cork, son
of James Hunt, of Danesfort, Mallow, by Anna
Catherine Elizabeth, dau. of the Rev. William Stop-
ford, LL.D., Rector of Garrycloyne, Co. Cork, grand-
son of the Right Rev. James Stopford, D.D., Bishop
of Cloyne, by Anne, sister of James Stopford, 1st Earl
of Courtown.

V. John Swanzy, Governor of Accra, Gold Coast, Africa, and
Member of the Council of the Gold Coast, d. unm. 22 Oct., 1807.
His last public act was to stop slave-trading among the
British. The details are given as follows in Eighteen Years on
the Gold Coast, by Brodie Cruickshank, London, 1853, Vol. L,
p. 84 : Numbers of the natives " were carried to Cape Coast,
parcelled out into lots for the governor and members of council,
and sold to the slave-ships. . . . We are pleased to have it to
add, that there was one of the members of council who in-
dignantly refused to participate in such iniquitous gains. Mr.
John Swanzy was governor of Accra at this time. As soon as
he heard of the proceedings of the governor and his colleagues,
he rose from a sick-bed, and went to Cape Coast by canoe.
Although suffering from a mortal illness, which soon aiter-
wards terminated in death, he hastened to prevent, if


possible, the consummation of this great crime. His indignant
remonstrances and threats of exposure were not in vain. The
governor and his guilty colleagues quailed before the angry
rebukes of the sick man, strong in the might of a righteous
cause. They consented to undo their act, as far as now could
be done. But there was much which could not be undone. In
the interval which had elapsed, many of the poor creatures
had been carried from the coast. But there were still some in
the ships in the roads, and others in the slave-hold of the castle,
who were returned to their homes. Having got all the redress
which was in his power, Mr. Swanzy went back to Accra, and
died ; his last moments, no doubt, soothed by the reflection
that he had raised a voice of honest indignation against such
foul and wicked practices." A tablet erected to his memory
in Cape Coast Castle, decayed in the lapse of time, and a new
one was placed there in 1901 by Mr. F. Swanzy, of Sevenoaks.
A mountain near Dixcove, on the Gold Coast, is named Mount

VI. Francis Lucas Swanzy, d. unm in West Africa, 19 Sept., 1823.

I. Elizabeth Swanzy, m. 1st, in Nov., 1785, Daniel Simpson, of
TullynamuUy, Co. Armagh, (who d. 1788, will dated 1 April,
proved 20 June), son of Samuel Simpson, and 2nd, 28 July,
1812, Dr. William Robinson, of Monaghan, who d. 12 Aug.
1830. She d. 1839, having had by her first marriage an only
son : —

Samuel Daniel Simpson, of Annemount, Keady, m. 28 Sept.,
1820, Jane, eldest dau. of James Kidd, and d. 15 Oct.,
1835, having had by her, who d. 10 April, 1879, issue : —

(1.) Daniel Simpson, 6. 16 July, 1821, d. unm.

(2.) James Simpson, h. 9 Sept., 1826, d. unm.

(3.) William Robinson Simpson, h. 24 June, 1838, d. 30
Jan., 1830.

(4.) Benjamin Kidd Simpson, h. 5 March, 1830, m. 16
March, 1853, Catherine Anne, dau. of Edward
Henesey, and had issue, who d.s.f.

(5.) Samuel Swanzy Simpson, b. 15 Nov., 1835, m.

Elizabeth, widow of Millan, and dau. of

Wentworth, and d.s.f., 18 March, 1895.

(1.) Ellen Simpson, d. 6 Dec, 1875.

(2.) Eliza Maria Simpson, d. 19 March, 1899.

(3.) AUcia Simpson, d. 27 Sept., 1833.

(4.) Maria Simpson, d. young.

* For the other Mount Swauzy, in Canada, see note, p. Ill


II. Marianne Swauzy, in. 1799, the Rev. Josiali Erskino, B.A.,
Rector of Knockbride, Co. Cavan, 181;M9, and Virar of Dcnn,
1812-13, eldest son of Robert Erskine, of Cavan, by Elizabeth,
dau. of Josiah Parr, of Cavan. (For account of the Erskine
family see Appendix X, p. TS7.) She d. 5 July, 1852, aged 74.
having had by him, who d. 1 Feb. 1819, five sons and four
daus. : —

1. Robert Erskine, of Erskine House, Cavan, J. P., Co. Cavan

High Sheriff Co. Cavan, 1872, Lieut. Royal African
Colonial Corps (Light Infantry), half pay 5 July, 1831, b.
at Drumlane, 1801, served in the Ashanti war of 1824
and was one of the two officers who were the sole survivors
of the defeat of Sir Charles M'Carthy's forces at Sicondee,
West Africa, 21 Jan., 1824. He was Bishop's Registrar
for Kilmore, and d. anm. 21 May, 188'>, aged 82.

2. Henry James Erskine, (Rev.), Vicar of Kildrumferton,

diocese of Kilmore, B.A., T.C.D., 1827, M.A. 1832, m.
1857. Anne Elliott, and d. 24 March, 1877, leaving a
dau. : —

Dora Maxwell Erskine, m. 10 March, 1886, E. A. Khund-
kar, Barrister-at-law, and has : —

i. Patrick Henry Erskine Khundkar, b. 17 March,

i. Miriam Khundkar.

3. Archibald Erskine, M.D., of Sandys Place, Newry, b. 1800.

»i. 8 May, 1844, his cousin Anne Elizabeth, eldest dau.
of John Wilson, of Newry, by Anne, youngest dau. of
Henry Swanzy, and Anne Nixon, his wife, (see p. 1 27). Dr.
Erskine d. 7 Nov., 1881, and his widow d. 4 June, 1891,
leaving issue : —

(1.) William Erskine, Barrister-at-law, Siz. and Sch.

T.C.D., B.A. (Senior Moderator) 1867, 6. 25 May,

1845, d. unm., 2 Feb., 1901.

(2.) John Wilson Erskine, B.A., M.B., T.C.D., b. 6 April,

1848, m. 1887, Frederica Mellon, and had issue ; —

i. Archibald William Frederick Erskine, b. 24

June, 1889.
i. Dorothy Marian Erskine.

(1.) Annie Erskine, m. 5 July, 1871, WilUam Brady, of
Johnstown, Co. Fermanagh, and Studley, Ros-
trevor, Co. Down, High Sheriff Co. Fermanagh, 1892,
son of John Brady, J.P., D.L., of Johnstown, High


Sheriff, Co. Fermanagh, 1865, and Co. Monaghan,

(2.) Marian Erskine.

(3.) Frances Erskine.

4. John Swanzy Erskine, d. unm.

5. James Francis Erskine, of the Yews, Newry, J.P, Cos.

Armagh and Down, h. 1816, m. 1st, 5 April, 1848, Eliza-
beth Jane, second dau. of John Hartley, of Ballyfallon,
Co. Meath (by Jane, dau. of John Kothwell, of Cannons-
town, Co. Meath, by Catherine, sister of Lieut. -General
Sir Jeffrey Prendergast), grandson of John Hartley, of
Ballyfallon, by Clementina, dau. of the Rev. Robert
Meares, son of Lewis Meares, of Heares Court, Co. West-
meath. Hrs. Erskine d. 6 July, 1883, and her husband m.
2nd, 9 Nov. 1886, his cousin Emily, dau. of John "Wilson,
(see p. 127). She d.s.f. 13 Dec, 1906. By his first
marriage he had issue at his death, 2 Feb., 1908 : —

(1.) John Francis Erskine, Lieut. R.H.A., 6. May, 1852,
d. unm. at Morar, Gwalior, India, 13 Aug., 1878.

(2.) Robert Erskine, of The Yews, Newry, C.P.S., 6. 17
Aug., 1856, m. 30 Nov., 1882, Anne Emily, youngest
dau. of the Rev. Thomas Francis Greene, M.A., of
Kilranalagh and Ballinroan, Co. Wicklow, (by Eliza-
beth, dau. of William Heighington, of Donard, same
Co.), son of Francis William Greene, of Kilranalagh,
High Sheriff Co. Wicklow, 1804, by Jane, dau. of
Thomas Browne, of Newgrove, Co. Clare, by Mary,
dau. of Nicholas Westby, of High Park, Co. Wicklow.
By her, who d. 2 Nov., 1891, Mr. Erskine had issue : —
i. James Francis Erskine, h. 8 Oct., 1883, d. 28
Oct., 1883.

ii. Robert Hartley Erskine, 6. 26 July, 1887.

i. Elizabeth Frances Erskine.

ii. Annie Heighington Erskine.

iii. Eva Hary Erskine.

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