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(1.) Harianne Erskine, m. 2 Jan., 1889, the Rev. James
Jackson Sherrard, B.D., Vicar of Rynagh, Banagher,
King's Co., youngest son of the Rev. William
Sherrard, B.A., Rector of Castlelyons, Co. Cork,
and Rural Dean, by Hatilda Barker, dau. of John
Jackson of Liverpool, and widow of Agmondisham
Vesey Colclough, of Newtownbarry, Co. Wexford.
Issue : —


i. Henry Erskine Sherrard, b. 22 Oct. 1889.
ii. James Francis Sherrard, 6. 2 Feb., 1891.
i. Helen Elizabeth Sherrard.

1. Amie Erskine, m. 17 Jan., 1825, her cousin Thomas Biddall

Swanzy, of Newry, eldest son of James Swanzy, Governor
of Anamaboe, Gold Coast, and d. 12 Feb., 1885, aged 84,
leaving issue, see p. 103.

2. Elizabeth Erskine, m. 26 March, 1828, the Very Rev. James

CoUios, D.D., Dean of Killala, and Chaplaiu to the Lord
Lieutenant of Ireland, formerly Vicar of Deno, Co. Cavan,
son of Francis Collins, and d. 5 Aug., 1879, having had by
him, who d. 19 June, 1868, five sons and five daus. : —
(1.) Robert Erskine CoUms, d. 23 March, 1840.
(2.) James Francis Collins, of Kylemore, South Inver-
cargill. New Zealand, m. 6 July, 1859, bis cousin,
Anna Maria, dau. of the Rev. William Prior Moore,
by Anna, dau. of the Rev. William Grattan, by Anna
Selina, dau. of Humphrey Nixon, of Nixon Lodge,
(by Anne, sister of the Right Hon. Sir John Stewart,
Bart.), brother of Mrs. Swanzy, see pp. 92 and 99.
Issue : —

i. James Francis Collins, b. 21 Jan., 1862, w. 29
June, 1895, Katie, dau. of George Tracy
Stephens, of the Survey OfSce, Wellington,
New Zealand, and has a son : —

Raymond James George Collins, b. 8 Aug.,
ii. William Frederick Collins, b. April, 1865.
iii. Edward Erskine Collins, b. 9 Feb., 1867, ?«. 15
Dec. 1898, Laura, dau. of A. T. Begg, and has
had issue : —

1. LyaU CoUins, 6. 18 Oct., 1900, d. 6 Sep.,


2. Alexis Noel CoUins, b. 28 Sept., 1902.
1. Constance Collins.

iv. Herbert Ruthven Collins, b. June, 1872.
V. Ernest CoUins, b. 28 Feb., 1879.
i. Selina Jane Collins,
ii. Clara Frances Collins.

iii. Constance Grattan CoUins, d. 22 Sept., 1894.
(3.) Josiah Erskine CoUins, Lieut.-Colonel, retired, late the
Hampshire Regt., formerly Ceyion Rifles and 87th


Koyal Irish Fusiliers, served in the Burmese Ex-
pedition, 1885-7, in command of several expeditions
against the enemy, near Mandalay, mentioned in
despatches, London Gazette 22nd June, 1886, (medal
with clasp, brevet of Lieut.-Col.), h. 26 July, 1836, m.
1 March, 1872, Carina Eliza, eldest dau. of Major
Edward Frederick Tranchell, Ceylon Kifles, Acting
Inspector-General of Police at Ceylon, and by her
who d. 1874, has had issue : —

i. James Edward Collius, F.R.C.P., L.R.C.S.,
formerly Lieut. 3rd Volunteer Batt. West Kent
Regt., h. 3 March, 1873.

i. Ethel Elizabeth Collins, d. young, 3 Oct., 1875.

(4.) William Erskine Collins, d. 3 March, 1862.

(5.) John Henry Collins.

(1.) Mary Anne Collins, d. 28 Jan., 1831.

(2.) Araminta Collins, d. 8 Feb., 1831.

(3.) Elizabeth Collins, d. 8 May, 1835.

(4.) Jane Collins, d. in Italy, 2 May, 1907.

(5.) Araminta Erskine Collins, d. 5 June, 1840.

3. Araminta Erskine, d. Nov., 1821, aged 15.

4. Sarah Jane Erskine, m. 29 April, 1835, Peter Quinn, of The

Agency, Drumbanagher, Co. Armagh, M.P. for Newry,

1859-65, J.P. Cos. Armagh and Down, youngest son of

John Quinn of Newry, and of Drum, Co. Monaghan, by

Mary, dau. of the Rev. William Campbell, D.D., Vicar of

Newry, brother of the Rev. Thomas Campbell, LL.D.,

J.P., Chancellor of Clogher, the friend of Johnson and

BoswelL* She d. 5 Jan. 1889, and Mr. Quinn d. 5 Oct.,

1894, having had four sons and three daus. : —

(1.) John Quinn, late Bengal Civil Service, Commissioner

of Lucknow, h. 8 June, 1839, m. 4 March, 1886, May

Margaret, second dau. of Alexander John Lawrence,

CLE., son of Lieut, -General Sir George St. Patrick

Lawrence, K.C.S.L, C.B., brother of John, 1st Lord

Lawrence, Viceroy of India, and of Sir Henry

Lawrence, (see also p. 144).

(2.) Charles Campbell Quinn, late Bengal Civil Service,

Commissioner Bhaugulpore Division, B.A., T.C.D., 6.

31 Oct., 1841, m. 28 March, 1881, Eleanor Blanche,

dau. of Charles John Henty, of Calcutta, by Emily,

dau. of Elias Hunt, R.E., and has issue : —

* See Dr. Campbell's life in the Dictionary of National Biography.


i. John Peter Campbell Quinn, 6. 27 Aug., 18'J6.
i. Stella Blanche Campbell Quinn.
ii. Sylvia Marion Campbell Quinn.
iii. Sybil Florence Campbell Quinn.
(3.) James Campbell Quinn, (Rev.), Curate of Evesham,
Dorsetshire, formerly Curate of Kilshannig, Co.
Cork, b. Aug., 1845, d. unm. 17 April, 1880.
(4.) Robert Erskme Quinn, B.A., T.C.D., h. 24 July, 1847,
m. 6 Jan., 1874, Annie Martin, dau. of George Hali-
day, of Liverpool, by Matilda, dau. of John Martin,
J.P., of Shrigley, Co. Down, and Killoskehane Castle,
Co. Tipperary, and d. 6 Oct., 1906, having had by her
who d. 27 April, 1876, issue :—

i. Mary Beatrice Quinn, m. 19 Dec, 1907, Thomas
Gillman Moorhead, M.D., F.R.C.P.I., 2nd son
of William Robert Moorhead, M.D., of Bray,
by Amelia Davis Gillman, of Oakmount, Co.
Cork, only dau. of James Herbert Gillman,
J.P., of Oakmount.
ii. Edith Jane Quinn, d. in infancy, 3 July, 1876.
(1.) Marion Campbell Quinn.

(2.) Elizabeth Anne Quinn, d. unm. 20 April, 1879.
(3.) Florence Jane Quinn, m. 23 June, 1879, the Rev.
Thomas Benjamin Willson, M.A., Rector of Christ-
church, Shooter's Hill, diocese of Rochester, only son
of Thomas Edkins Willson, M.A., of Dublin,
by Maria, second dau. of Thomas Willans, of Susan
Vale, Co. Dublin, and has issue : —

i. Thomas Olaf Willson, B.A., Keble College,

Oxford, 1901, M.A., 1905, h. 29 July, 1880.
ii. Maurice Frank Campbell Willson, h. 21 Nov.,
III. Margaret Swanzy, m. Joseph Mather, of Maytone, Co. Armagh,
2nd son of William Mather, of Twyford, Derbyshire, by his
wife, dau, of Josiah Holmes, of Twyford, by his wife. Miss
Kirkman, of Ingress Park, Kent. She was buried at Clontibret,
3 May, 1834, and her husband was buried there 27 June, 1836,
having had three sons and three daus. : —

1. William Holmes Mather, bapt. 4 March, 1804, d. unm. at

Cape Coast Castle, West Africa, 30 July, 1824.

2. Henry Swanzy Mather, m. Miss Moore, of New Orleans, aud

d. leaving an only child : —

Henry Mather, of New Orleans, a minor, in I860.*

* See Burke's Heraldic Illustrations, 1850, where Mrs. Joseph Mather's father
is erroneously described as Andrew Swanzy, of Neivry, instead of Henry Swanzy,
of Avekeagh.


3. Joseph Mather, of New Orleans, d.s.p.

1. Anne Mather, m. 9 July, 1835, Miles William Atkinson, 2nd

son of William Atkinson, of Glenanne, Co. Armagh, Capt.

Portadown Yeomanry, by Anne, dau. of Joseph Cham-

ney, of Ballyrahine, Co. Wicklow. She d. 13 June, 1880,

having had by him, who d. 25 March, 1880, three sons and

four daus. : —

(1.) WilUam Miles Atkinson, of Warrenpoint, Co. Down,
b. 25 Sept., 1837.

(2.) Joseph Henry Atkinson, of Calcutta, b. 4 July, 1840,
m. 22 Feb., 1871, Elizabeth Mary, dau. of Charles
Vincent M'Carthy, C.E., and had issue : —

i. Gerald Atkinson, b. 4 Feb., 1873, d. 12 Feb.,

ii. Wilham Atkinson, b. 5 March, 1874, m. 23 Feb.,
1901, Mabel Onslow, 2nd dau. of Horace
Mackay, of Melbourne.

iii. Charles Vincent McCarthy Atkinson. Asst. Supt.
Madras Police, b. 2 Nov., 1879, m. 19 Dec, 1905,
May, youngest dau. of Peter W. Soutter,

iv. Joseph Henry Atkinson, late 2nd Lieut. R.F.A.,
6. 5 May, 1885.

V. Edward Dawson Atkinson, 6. 10 Nov., 1891.

i. Phoebe McCarthy Atkinson, m. 29 March, 1901,
Henry Herbert Reynolds, and has : —
Joseph Herbert McCarthy Reynolds, b. 20
Jan., 1904.
ii. Annie Geraldine Atkinson.

iii. Mary Laragh McCarthy Atkinson, m. 2 March,
1907, Dudley J. Parsons, and d. 10 Oct., 1907.

iv. Margaret Mather Atkinson, m. 17 Aug., 1907,
David Clarke Patterson, Indian Civil Service.

(3.) Gerald Atkinson, b. (> May, 1844, d.s.p. at Calcutta,

9 Oct., 1874.
(1.) Margaret AtkinsoD, d. young.
(2.) Margaret Mather Atkinson.
(3.) Anne Chaniney Atkinson.
(4.) Marianne Erskine Atkinson.

2. Catheripe Holme? Mather, m. 12 Dec, 1844, George Synnot,

of Fernside, near Geelong, Victoria, son of Capt. Walter
Synnot, 89th Regt. (by his second wife, Elizabeth, dau. of


George Houston), son of Sir Walter Synnot, of Bally-
moyer, Co. Armagh. Sh.- d. \?> Feb., 1881, having had by
him, who d. 1 July, 1871, with four others, who d. young,
two sons and two daus. : —

(1.) Walter Seton Synnot, h. 24 May, 1847, m. 23 March,
1872, Lucy Emily Nixon, dau. of William Lucas, and
d. 20 Aug., 1907, leaving by her, who d. 5 Feb.,
1905, one dau. :

Anna Lucas Synnot.

(2.) George Nugent Synnot, 6. 29 Oct., 1848.

(1.) Mary Jane Cumberland Synnot, m. 10 .June, 1862,
David Boswell Reid, Brigade-Surgeon-Lieut.-Colonel
Victorian (Australian) Military Forces, eldest son of
David Boswell Reid, M.D., F.R.C.P.E., 2nd son of Dr.
Peter Reid, of Edinburgh, by Christian, eldest dau.
of Hugo Arnot, the 9th Arnot of Balcormo, a well-
known historical ^vriter.* She d. 4 Jan., 1874, having
had issue : —

i. Da\'id Boswell Reid, d. young.

ii. George Synnot Reid, h. 25 Jan., 1870, d. 21
Jan., 1871.

iii. Hugo Boswell Reid, b. 20 Jan., 1871, m. 26 April,
1899, Ellen Mary, only dau. of Wilham Manson
Gebbie, and has issue : —

1. Mary Synnot Reid.

2. Ellen Seton Reid.

i. Mary Elizabeth Reid, m. William Abraham, and
has issue : —

1. William Ross Abraham, h. 6 April, 1886.

2. Arthui- Boswell Reid Abraham, 6. 25 June,

3. George Synnot Abraham, 6. 1 Dec, 1889.

1. Mary Kathleen Abraham.

2. Norah Inglis Synnot Abraham.

ii, Catherine Isabelle Seton Reid, m. 1 Jan., 1894,
Harvey du Cros, 4th son of Harvey du Croe,
M.P. for Hastings, 1906.

iii. Dot Synnot Reid, m. 21 May, 1892, Frank Mark
Rodney Carter, Lieut. R.N.,2nd son of Colonel

• See Diiaumary of Nationcd Biography, also Brief Notices of the families of
Arnot, Reid, Bottwell, S^on, etc., by a Kinsman, Bombay, 1899.


John William Carter, Bengal Infantry, who
was son of Benjamin Carter, Post Capt. R.N.,
nephew of the famous Elizabeth Carter, trans-
lator of Epictetus. Issue : —

Seton Rodney Carter, h. 4 May, 1895.

(2.) Catherine Sjmnot, m. 26 Aug., 1873, Travers Adam-
son, B.A., Barrister-at-law, son of Travers Adam-
son, of Carn Park, Co. Westmeath, by Fanny
Jane, dau. of Wilham Curtis, of Annaghmore,
King's Co. and by him, who d. 4 April, 1897,
has issue : —

i. Mary Synnot Travers Adamson.

ii. Catherine Fanny Travers Adamson.

iii. Janet Adelaide Travers Adamson.

Mary Jane Mather, m. 1st, as his third wife, 8 April, 1836,
Capt. Walter Synnot, 89th Regt., of Ballintate, Co.
Armagh, 2nd son of Sir Walter Synnot, of Ballymoyer,
Co. Armagh, High Sherifi,Co. Armagh, 1783, by Jane,* 2nd
dau. of John Seton, of Camberwell, Surrey. Capt. Synnot
d. 31 Dec, 1851, leaving no issue by this marriage, and
she m. 2nd, Charles Macarthur, second son of Hannibal
Hawkins Macarthur, of the Vineyard, Paramatta, N.S.W.,
Member of Parliament in Australia, by Anna Maria, dau.
of Capt. Philip Gidley King, R.N., Governor of New South
Wales. She d. 1889, having had by her second husband,
who d. 13 Dec, 1871, two children : —

(1.) Charles Walter William Macarthur, m. 8 Nov., 1881,
Minna Catherine Eliza, eldest dau. of the Rev. Septi-
mus Hungerford, Incumbent of St. Thomas's, Enfield,
Sydney, son of Capt. Emmanuel Hungerford, South
Cork Militia. Mr. Macarthur d.s.f. and his widow
m. 2nd, 24 Oct., 1894, Francis William Hales, son of
the Ven. Francis Hales, Archdeacon of Launceston,

(1.) Agnes Barbara Mary Macarthur, m. GifEard Hamilton
King, and had a son : —

GifEard Hamilton Macarthur King, h. 15 Jan.,

* Lady Synnot's sisters were Isabella, m. 1763, Sir Thomas Cayley, Bart., of
Brompton, Yorkshire ; Elizabeth, m. 1762, Robert Berry, (by whom she had
Agnes and Mary Berry, the friends and correspondents of Horace Walpole), and
Margaret, m. Andrew Seton. See Burke's Peerage, note to " Seton of Abercorn,
Bart.," and Journal and Correspondence of Mi as Berry, edited by Lady Theresa
Lewis, London. 1865, Vol. I., pp. 2 and 8.


IV. Anne Swanzy, m. at Clontibret, 1 Feb., 1809, John Wilson of
Newry, who d. 6 April, 1828, and d. 22 Mar(.h, 1845, having
had issue : —

1. James Swanzy Wilson, 6. 17 Jan., 1818, d. unm. in America
18 Sept., 1865.

1. Anne Elizabeth Wilson, m. 8 May, 1844, her cousin, Archi-

bald Erskine, M.D., (see p. 1 19), and d. 4 June, I'sQl.

2. Catherine Wilson, d. unm. 10 Sept., 1898, aged 84.

3. Marianne Wilson, d. unm. 24 Feb., 1904, aged 88.

4. Emily Wilson, m. 9 Nov., 1886, her cousin James Francis

Erskine, J.P., and d. 13 Dec, 1906, aged 86.

5. Frances Lucas Swanzy Wilson, d. unm. 2 Aug., 1852.



Enery of Bawnboy and Ballyconnell and Nesbitt and Burrowes


The dau. of Thomas Nixon, of Kingstown, Co. Fermanagh (p. 67), was :

FRANCES NIXON, m. before 1705, John Enery, of Bawnboy, Co.
Cavan, High Sherifi, Co. Fermanagh, 1727, and Co. Cavan, 1738, J.P.,
Co. Cavan, 24 Sept., 1715, and Co. Fermanagh, 14 Jan., 1723, eldest
son of Patrick Enery, of CuUohill, Co. Fermanagh.* John Enery d. in
Grafton Street, Dublin, Nov., 1756 (will dated 22 Nov., proved in
Prerog. Court, 2 Dec, 1756, executors, the Rev. Adam Nixon, George
Nixon, of Mullymesker (Nixon Hall), Richard Hassard, of Garden Hill,
and the Rev. William Enery.) By Frances Nixon his wife he had three
SODS, and one dau. (Mrs. Nesbitt), viz. : —

I. THOMAS, of whom presently.

II. William Enery (Rev.) D.D., Rector of Killeshandra, Co. Cavan
(inducted, 20 Aug., 1729), 6. 1706, educated at Carrickmacross,
entered T.C.D., 16 AprO, 1721, aged 15, B.A. 1726, M.A. 1729,
B.D. and D.D. 1753, J.P., Co. Cavan, 3 Nov., 1730, and Co.
Fermanagh, 27 Feb., 1758-9, m. settlements dated 29 and 30
Dec, 1732, Dorothy, 2nd dau. of the Rev. John Dennis, D.D.,
F.T.C.D., of Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh,! Rector of
Cleenish, diocese of Clogher. She d. 30 May, 1776, will
dated 11 Dec, 1775, proved 11 July, 1776. Dr. Enery d.
in Dominick Street, Dublin, 20 Feb., 1764. " 'Tis said his
Death was occasioned by his putting on a damp pair of
Breeches." {Freeman's Journal, 21 Feb., 1764). He left four
daus. : —

1. Frances Enery, m. 20 Dec, 1753, the Rev. Robert Pringle,
M.A., of Caledon, Co. Tyrone, and Madden, Co. Armagh,

* For further particulars of the Enery family, see Some Account of the Family
of Hassard, by the Rev. H. B. Swanzy, 1903, p. 102.
t Exchequer Bill, 28 April, 1779, Dixon v. Enery.


eldest son of John Pringle,* of Caledon, and hy him, who

d. intest., admon. granted in diocese of Armagh to his

widow, 23 Feb., 1779, had three sons and one dau. :—

(1.) John Pringle, of Caledon, J.P., Cos. Tyrone, Armagh,

and Monaghan (appointed to last 21 May, 1800)

High Sherifi, Co. Armagh, 1793, served in 51st Regt.,

m. settlements, 23 Nov., 1793, Elizabeth Bannerman.

and d. 21 July, 1824, in his 70th year (obituary notice

Enniskillen Chronicle, 29 July, 1824) cod. to will

30 March, proved 10 Aug., 1824, having had, with

two daus. Maria and Frances Elizabeth, a son : —

Henry Pringle, of Caledon, and afterwards of
Bedlondell, near Conway, North Wales, m.
Meriel Elizabeth, 7th dau. of Bodychan
Sparrow, son of Henry Sparrow, of Red
Hill, High Sheriff of Anglesey, 1773. He
d. s. f. 4 April, 1834, and she m. 2nd, 1835,
Horatio Clarence Carey, son of Colonel
Carey, R.A.
(2.) William Pringle, in. Ehzabeth Lavender, and was
living 1824.

* John Pringle, of Caledon, was agent to the Hamilton and Orrery families, see
mention of his family in The Orrery Papers, 1903, Vol. II., pp. 214, 226, 266, 269,
287. He d. 1742, will dat. 26 Nov., 1741, proved 4 May, 1742, leaving by Sarah
his wife, who d. at Caledon, Feb., 1777, '' a lady of distinguished merit, aod most
universally lamented," ( Walker^s Hibernian Magazine), five sons and two daus. : —
I. Robert Pringle (Rev.) h. about 1725, entered T.C.D., 14 June, 1742, B.A.,

1746 ; M.A., 1749, m. Frances Enery, and had issue, see above.

II. Henrv Pringle, Major-General 51st Regt., 20 Nov., 1782, m. at St. Mary's,

Dublin, 2 May, 1767, Mary, eldest dau. of the Rev. William Godley, D.D.,

Prebendary of Mullaghbrack, Co. Armagh, and d. at Caledon, 1800

(cod. to will dat. 16 July, 1799, proved 19 March, 1800), leaving a son and

two daus. : —

1. Sir WUham Henry Pringle, Q.C.B., Lieut.-General in the army. Colonel

of the 64th Regt., M.P. for Liskeard 1820-26,and 1826-30, commanded

a brigade at the battles of Salamanca, the Pyrenees and Nivelle.

He received the thanks of the House of Commons in person after

the Battle of Salamanca, on 10 Feb., 1813, and two votes of thanks

on 24 June, 1814, for the Battles of the Pyrenees, Orthes and Nivelle.

{Annual Register, 1841). He m. at the Earl of Chatham's, 20 May,

1806, Harriet Hester, only dau. of the Hon. Edward James Ehot,

M.P., a Lord of the Treasury, (by Lady Harriot Pitt, dau. of

William, 1st Earl of Chatham) brother of Jolm, 1st Earl of St.

Germans, and son of Edward, 1st Lord Eliot. Sir William Pringle

d. suddenly 23 Dec, 1840. and Lady Pringle d. 5 Oct., 1842. leavmg

issue. Their 2nd dau., Anne Ehzabeth, d. 10 Sept., 1865, aged 57.

1. Caroline Pringle, to. settlements 5 Aug., 1797, Robert St. George. 2nd

son of Sir Richard St. George, Bart., of Woodsgift, Co. Kilkenny,
M.P., for Athlone. He d. a. p. 1840.

2. Elizabeth Pringle. n j *

III. WilUam Pringle, of Caledon, the " Billy " of the Orrery Papers, will dat.

10 May, proved 7 Jime, 1799. ^ , t^_- i

IV. .John Pringle. V. Bovle Pringle. I- Anne Prmgle.
II. Sarah Pringle, one of whom to. 20 5Iay, 1750, the Rev. George Bannerman.

of Armagh, and had a son, b. 15 Oct., 1751. r /^ i j

For an amusing anecdote of the father of the first John Prmgle, of Caledon, aee
Burdy'B L\fe of Skelton.


(3.) Robert Pringle, Lieut. -Colonel Slst Regt.. 1 Sept.,
1795, Major, 15 March, 1793, local rank Colonel in
Portugal, r,0 Nov., 1796, living 1824.

(1.) Dorothy Pringle. ni. John Henry, of Killoon, Co.
2. Dorothy Enery, m. at St. Mary's, Dublin, 16 Dec, 1769,

the Rev. Samuel Morris, M.A., of Glebe Lodge, Co.

Tyrone, whose will, dated 19 Nov , 1802, was proved

14 May, 1804, and had issue : —

(1.) John Morris, entered T.C.D., 1786, did not graduate.

(I.) Dorothy Morris.

.3. Mary Enery, m. at St. Mary's, Dublin, 19 June, 1770,
Henry Dixon, of Kilkea, Co. Kildare.

4. Alicia Enery, m. 11 Dec, 1776, William Higginbotham of
Bolton, Co. Kildare,* son of John Higginbotham, of
Bolton, and d. before 9 Dec, 1780, date of her father-in-
law's will.
III. James Enery, d. 3U Aug., 1742. " Friday last, Mr. James Enery
son to John Enery, Esq., of Bawnboy, in the Co. Cavan, coming
home from the Assizes had the misfortune to fall from his
horse and was killed." {Pub's Occurrences^ 3 Sept.).

L Anne Enery, m. settlements dated 17 Sept., 1743, Cosby Nesbitt,
of Lismore, Co. Cavan, M.P., for Cavan, 1750-67, and had
issue, for whom, see pp. 133-137.

The eldest son : —

THOMAS ENERY, of Bawnboy, Counsellor at law, b. 1705,
educated at Carrickraacross, entered Trinity College, Dublin, 16 April,
1721, B.A., 1726 ; appointed J.P. Co. Cavan, 3 May, 1757, m. 26 July,
1735, Mary, aunt of John Holroyd, 1st Earl of Sheffield, and only dau.
of John Holroyd, of Dublin. " a Lady of fine accompHshments, Beauty,
and a considerable fortune." {Pub's Occurrences, 2 Aug., 1735). Mr
Enery d. on his passage from Ireland to Parkgate, Cheshire, 24
April, 1758, leaving three children.! : —

I. JOHN, his heir.

I. Frances Enery, ni. James Whitshed, M.P., for Cirencester in the
Parliaments of 1766, 1768, 1774, and 1780.

II. Sarah Enery, m. settlements, dated 24 Aug., 1767, John Gore,
Lieut., 12th Dragoons, and had : —

1. William Gore (Rev.), father of
Robert Johnston Gore. J

* Exchequer Bill, 28 April, 1779. Dixou v. Enery.

1 Chancery Bill. 3 Jan.. 1771. Gore v. Euery.

t Betham's Will Pedigrees, Ulster's Office, Vol. 12, p. f^S.


2. Thomas Enery Gore, d. 21 Oct., 1843, inscription in St.
George's Burial Ground, Dublin.

1. Maria Gore.

2. Frances Gore.
The son : —

JOHN ENERY, of Bawnboy, High SherifE Co. Cavan, 1759, Co.
Longford, 1760, and Co. Fermanagh, 1764, J.P. Co. Cavan, 14 Feb.,
1761, and Co. Fermanagh, 10 Feb., 1766, Major Irish Provincial Regt.
of Fusiliers, Feb., 1783, Colonel Cavan County Volunteers,* petitioned
the Irish House of Commons, 24 Jan., 1784, for leave to bring in a Bill
to enable him to sell his estates, or part of them, in Longford and Fer-
managh, to pay debts, and to vest his Cavan estate in trustees. Bill
passed 16 March, 1784, {Commons Journals). He m. 1 Oct., 1763,
Margaret, sister of Sir John Hamilton, Bart., M.P., and dau. of William
Hamilton, of Dunnemana, Co. Tyrone, M.P. for Strabane, (brother of
Mrs. Andrew Nixon, see p. 139) by Catherine, sister of George Leshe
Montgomery, M.P., of Ballyconnell, Co. Cavan, and dau. of the Rev.
George Leslie, D.D., Rector of Clones. Mr. Enery d., admon. 3 Nov.,
1817, having had issue : —

I. JOHN, his heir.

I. Catherine Enery, d. unm., will dated 15 Nov., 1796, proved 4
March, 1797.

11. Mary Enery, m. 10 Sept., 1793, her cousin Adam Nixon, of The
Graan, Co. Fermanagh, 3rd son of Alexander Nixon, of Nixon
Hall, and had issue, see p. 69.

The son : —

JOHN ENERY, of Bawnboy and Ballyconnell, High Sheriff Co.
Cavan, 1796, and Co. Kilkenny, 1800,t Lieut. -Colonel Kilkenny MiUtia,
Lieut. 14th Light Dragoons, 30 Sept., 1785, Lieut, in the army 20 Nov.,
1782, was defendant in the trial for the Cavan estates in 1841. He
obtained the Ballyconnell property in right of his mother, and was heir-
at-law and sole executor of his cousin, Sir John Charles Hamilton, Bart.,
who d. Nov., 1818. As such he petitioned the House of Lords, 25 June,
1819. Colonel Enery m. Feb., 17§8, Sarah Ainsworth, eldest dau. of
Anthony Blunt, of Kilkenny, and d. 19 Sept., 1842, having had, with
other issue : —

* M'Nevin's History of the Volunteers of 1782. •, ,oaa ,o*,„»j ♦«

t Colonel Enery, while High Sheriff, Co. Kilkenny, on 19 April, 1800, refnsed to

convene the freeholders of the county to petition the King against the_ Union on

the ground that the measure had aheady been passed by both i^ouses of Parliamjat.

(Burtchaell's Genenlogical Memoirs of Members of ParluimciU for KrlUnny. p. im).

He was Mayor pf Kilkenny, 1802-3, „


I. John Enery, Capt. 5th Regt., Capt. Kilkenny Militia, 29 May,

1810, m. Anne Long, and by her, who d. 28 March, 1857, had a
son : —

Albert Edward Enery, of The Ark, Kilkenny, d. 19 May,
1854, aged 27.

II. WILLIAM HAMILTON, of whom presently.

I. Margaret Eachel Enery, m. Major Arthur Helsham, Kilkenny
Militia, eldest son of John Helsham, of Leggetsrath, Co. Kil-
kenny, by Mary, only child of John Blunt, of Archersgrove,
same Co. She d. 11 Feb., 1866, and her husband d. 11 May,
1861, having had issue : —

1. Arthur Enery Helsham, m. 1 May, 1844, Margaret Tennison,

dau. of Cochrane, of The Isle of Man, and d. 6 Oct.,

1868, leaving by her, who d. 18 Feb., 1888, issue :—
(1.) Walter Arthur Smart Helsham, 6. Jan., 1845, d. untn.

3 Feb., 1871.
(2.) Edward Helsham, of Leggetsrath, 6. 14 March, 1852,
in. 17 Aug., 1890, Frances Maude, eldest dau. of John
Molloy, of Dublin, and had : —

Clara Maude Tennison Helsham.
(1.) Clara Tennison Helsham, m. Adair.

2. Edward Helsham, of Leggetsrath, b. 8 July, 1821, m. 6 May,

1857, Louisa Caroline, dau. of Abraham N. Devonsher, and
d.s.p. 19 Aug., 1889. She d. 1880.
II. Sarah Ainsworth Enery, m. 3 Aug., 1826, Colonel Robert William
Story, R.A., 3rd son of the Rev. Joseph Story, of Bingfield, Co.
Cavan, who was son of the Ven. Joseph Story, Archdeacon of
Kilmore, only son of the Right Rev. Joseph Story, Bishop of
Kilmore. She d. 9 Dec, 1829, having had one son : —
Robert John Story, d. young.

The second son : —

WILLIAM HAMILTON ENERY, of Ballyconnell House, D.L., Co.
Cavan, High Sheriff Co. Cavan, 1843, J.P. Cos. Cavan and Fermanagh,
31 May, 1833, Cornet 2nd Dragoon Guards, 3rd Aug., 1815, b. 19 Sept.,
1793, m. 9 Feb., 1839, Isabella Alicia, dau. of Brook Taylor Ottley, of
Delaford, Co, Dublin, son of Richard Ottley, by Sarah Elizabeth, dau.
of Sir WilUam Young, Bart., oi Delaford, Bucks, and d. 1854, leaving by
her, who d. I April, 18G9, a dau. : —

Constance Isabella Enery, m. 1864, Capt. Stuart Durance Davies
Cartwright-Enery, 15th Hussars, who assumed the latter name,

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