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announcement in Dublin Gazette, 24 June, 1864. Capt. Cart-
wright-Enery sold his commission 1867.

The Ballyconnell estate has been sold to the Roe family.


The dau. of Frances Nixon, and Tolm Enery, of Bawnboy (p. 1:J0)
was : —

ANNE ENERY, w. settlements dated 17 Sept., 1743, Cosby Nesbitt,
of Lismore, Co. Cavan, M.P. Cavan borough, 1750-67, High Sheriff Co.
Cavan 1764, J.P. Co. Cavan, '.) Nov., 1745, son of Thomas Nesbitt, of
Lismore, M.P. Cavan borough 1715-5(3, High Sheriff 1720, by .lane, dau.
and heii- of Colonel Arnold Cosby, of Lismore, High Sheriff Co. Cavan
1718. Pue's Occurrences for Sept. 24, 1743, announces : — " This Week
Miss Enery was married at her Father's, John Euery, Esqr's Seat, at
Bawnboy in the County of Cavan to Cosby Nesbitt of Lismore, in the
said County, Esq., a Gentleman of 1200/. per ann. real estate, and of an
unblemished Character. And she is a beautiful young Lady of fine
Accomplishments and 7000/. Fortune." Cosby Nesbitt's will, dated 28
Nov., 1777, was proved 27 July, 1791. His wife, who was a legatee of
the Rev. Adam Nixon, Vicar of Clontibret, in 1767, as " Mrs. Ann
Nesbit, my Niece of Lismore," was buried at Kilmore, 8 June, 1775,
she had at least nine children : —

I. THOMAS, of whom presently.

II. John Nesbitt, M.P. for Winchelsea, (jratton, and Bodmin, mer-
chant of London, a well-known collector of pictures, including,
it is said, the " Blue Boy " by Gainsborough.* He d. at
his house in Bolton Street, London, 15 March, 1817, aged 71.
Gents' Mag.

III. Arnold Nesbitt (Rev.), D.D., Vicar of Denn, Co. Cavan, and

Prebendary of Ballysonan, diocese of Kildare (faculty 19 May,
1795), Chaplain to the Prince Regent, J.P. Co. Cavan, 23 May,
1794, bapt. at Kilmore, Co. Cavan, 4 March, 1754, d. unm. 30
Jan., 1822.

IV. Cosby Nesbitt, (a legatee of his grandfather John Enery), buried

at Kilmore, 16 April, 1768.
V. Robert Nesbitt, bapt. at Kilmore, 28 April, 1755.
I. Mary Nesbitt, m. Wilham Moore, of TuUyvin, Co. Cavan, High
Sheriff 1780. She d. 27 March, 1833.
II. Jane Nesbitt, m. James Young, of Lahard, Co. Cavan, High
Sheriff 1767, and had, with a dau. Anne Young, bapt. at Kil-
more, 4 April, 1773, a son : —

Cosby Young, of Lahard, High Sheriff Co. Cavan, 1816, J.P.

* The authority for this, as well as for the descendants of Lieut.-Gen. Alex.
Nesbitt and several other points, is the History of the Family of Nishet or Nesbitt in
Scotland and Ireland, from memoranda by Alexander Nesbitt of Lismore, completed
by his widow Cecilia, June, 1898, privately printed by Andrew Iredale, 13 Ihe
Strand, Torquay.


28 March, 1815, m. Sibella, dau. of Fleming*, of

Belleville, Co. Cavan, and ''. will dated Nov., 1823,

proved Nov., 1825, lea\'ing two daus. : —

(1.) Mary Anne Young, m. 1848, the Eight Rev. George

Richard Mackarness, D.D., Bishop of Argyll and the

Isles, and d. 1873, leaving by him, who d. 20 April,

1883, a son :—

George Evelyn Mackarness, of Lahard, 6. 11 April,
1851, m. July, 1877, Marie Sidney, only dau. of
John Graham-Campbell, of Shirvan, Argyll-
shire, J. P., D.L., by Jessie, dau. of Charles
Saunders, of Fulwood Park, Liverpool, and d. IQ
Nov., 1896, leaving by her, who d. 9 May,
1890, issue :—

1. John Evelyn Mackarness, b. 28 Aug., 1878.

2. Ronald George Campbell Mackarness, b. 27

May, 1882.

3. George Fleming Mackarness, b. 29 Nov.,

4. Charles Edward Bonham Mackarness, 6. 17
July, 1888.

1. Kathleen Mary Mackarness, m. 20 Sept.,
1904, Gerard Ainslie Kempthorne, Lieut.
R.A.M.C, son of the Rev. Philip Henry
Kempthorne, M.A., Rector of Wyck
Risington, Gloucestershire, and has a
dau. : —

Joan Ainslie Kempthorne.

2. Jessie Alethea Mackarness, m. 14 Sept.,

1904, her cousin, the Hon. Geoffrey Duke
Coleridge, only son of Bernard John Sey-
mour, 2nd Lord Coleridge, by Mary Ale-
thea, dau. of the Right Rev. John Fielder
Mackarness, D.D., Bishop of Oxford, and
has issue : — t ^

Richard Duke Coleridge, b. 24 Sept.,

* This family was long settled in Co. Cavan. Thomas Fleming was app. J. P.
Co. Cavan, 28 Nov., 1699, Thomas Fleming junior. High Sheriff, 1704, and
Thomas Fleming, J.P., 10 Nov., 1707. Thomas Fleming, of Belleville, by
Frances, his wife, had at least two sons, Arthiu" Fleming, of Belleville, J.P., 22
Nov., 1751, will proved 1766, and James Fleming, eventually of Belleville, J. P..
13 Oct., 1766, High Sheriff 1770, m. Jane, 9th dau. of William Blacker, of Carrick
Blacker, Co. Armagh, and d. (will dated, 20 June, 1793, proved 18 July, 1805),
having had (1) Thomas Francis Cecil, d. before June, 1793 ; (2) Ai'thur ; (3) James ;
(4) Edward ; (1) Ann, m. William Faris, of Machin, Co. Cavan; (2) Frances, m.
Thomas Fleming ; (3) Harriet ; (4) Matilda ; (5) Jane. Thomas Fleming of Cavan,
was High Sheriff 1771, and Thomas Fleming, of Castle Cosby, High Sheriff, 1794.


(2.) Jane Young, m. May, 1858, the Rev. Heui) Meyuell,
Hon. Canon of Cumbrae, youngest sou of Godfrey
Meyuell, of Meynell Langley, Derbyshire, J. P., D.L..
and d. 1892. Canon Meynell d. Nov., 1903.

III. Anna Nesbitt, buried at Kilmore, 19 Aug.. 1769.
IV. Elizabeth Nesbitt, d. young.
The eldest son : —

THOMAS NESBITT, of Lisniore, Colonel in the army (Cornet in
Yorke's Regt.,Oct., 1761), M.P. Cavan borough, 1768-99, J.P. Co. Cavan,
High Sherifi 1769, m. Feb., 1768, Louisa, youngest dau. of John Daniel
De Gennes, Colonel of Read's Dragoons, of Portarlington, and of Dinant,
Brittany, " an amiable young Lady, with 30,000/. for fortune," [The
Public Gazetteer). Colonel Nesbitt, whose family had represented
Cavan in Parliament consecutively for 84 years,d!. Dec, 1820, having had
by his wife, who was buried at Kilmore, 16 Jan., ISO.'i, five pons and a
dau. : —

I. Cosby Nesbitt, of Lismore, J. P., D.L., Co. Cavan, High Sheriff
1798, Major Cavan Militia, B.A., T.C.D. 1790, entered Lincoln's
Inns, London. 23 Sept., 1789, app. J.P. 28 Nov., 1809, h. 20
Nov. 1769, m. Elizabeth Hancox, and d.s.f. 19 July, 1837.

II. JOHN, of whom presently.

III. William Nesbitt, bapt. at Kilmore, 5 June, 1777, m. Mary, dau.

of Capt. Samuel, R.N., and d.s.f. Jan., 1821.

IV. Alexander Nesbitt, Lieut.-General in the army, 23 Nov., 1841,

Lieut. -Colonel 21 Dec, 1809, Deputy Quarter Master Gen. to
the troops in the Isle of France, h. 8 Dec, 1778,* bapt. at
Kilmore 29 Jan., 1779, m. at St. George's, Hanover Sq.,
London, 1 June, 1805, Jane Gregory Blake, of Audley St.,
London, and d. at Geneva, 4 May, 1849, having had issue :—

1. Cosby Lewis Nesbitt, Lieut. -Colonel in the army 26 July,
1844, entered 60th Foot 27 March, 1824, served through
the Kaffir war 1851-3, h. 1 April, 1806, drowned in fording
the Keiskamma River, Cape of Good Hope, 1 Oct., 1853.

1. Louisa Katharine Nesbitt, m. Paul P. Savoy e, Capt. Horse
Artillery, French army,t and d. 1872, leaving two daus. :—
(1.) Pauline Savoye, m. M. Eugene Scherer.
(2.) Marie Savoye, m. M. Masson.

* History of the Family of Nisbet or Nesbitt, p. 63.
t Ibid.


2. Katharine Sophia Neebitt, m. Andre Bohn, Capt. Foot
Artillery, French Army, and d. 1894, having had issue ~

(1.) Albert Bohn, m. Anna de Vives.

(1.) Jeanne Bohn. m. Eudolph de Turkheim.

(2.) Amalia Bohn, d. before her mother.

3. Maria Nesbitt, m. M. Edmund Scherer, Senator in the
French Chamber, &nd d. 1883, having had, with three sons,
who d. before her, two daus. : —

(1.) Louisa Scherer, m. M. Lucien de la, Rive.

(2.) Jeanne Scherer.

V. Thomas Nesbitt, E.I.C.S., bapt. at Kilmore, 2 March, 1781, tn.
Anne Davis, and left issue : —

1. Thomas Nesbitt, m. Harriet Dobel, and had issue. His 4th

son Allen Nesbitt succeeded to the Castlerahan estate,
which was entailed in the male Hne, in 1886.

2. John Albert Nesbitt, of Fort Hill, Co. Cavan, J.P., Capt.

Cavan Militia, b. 1811, d. 31 Dec, 1886.

1. Louisa Nesbitt, m. 15 Dec, 1849, her cousin, Colonel
Samuel Moore.

I. Frances Nesbitt, m. 1809, Samuel Moore, of Moyne Hall, Co.

Cavan, and by him, who d. 1848, had a son : —

Samuel Moore, of Moyne Hall, Colonel Cavan Militia, J.P.,
and Treasurer Co. Cavan, 6. 1814, m. 15 Dec, 1849, his
cousin Louisa, dau. of Thomas Nesbitt, and d. 14 April,
1885, leaving by her, who d. 17 Aug., 1871, an only dau.: —

Frances Moore, m. 6 Feb., 1883, Capt. Ernest Edward
Cator Nevile, York and Lancaster Regt., 2nd son of
John Pate Nevile, of Skelbroke Park, Yorkshire,
and by him, who d. 16 Feb., 1894, had issue : —

i. Louisa Mary Nevile.
ii. Violet Constance Nevile.
iii. Frances Muriel Nevile.
The second son of Colonel Thomas Nesbitt, M.P., was : —
JOHN NESBITT, of Lismore, J.P., D.L., High Sheriff Co. Cavan
1840, bapt. at Kilmore, 20 Jan., 1776, succeeded eventually to Lismore,
m. Elizabeth, dau. of John Tatam, of Moulton, Lincolnshire, and d. 1
Jan., 1853, having had issue : —

I. Cosby Thomas Nesbitt, of Lismore, J. P., D.L., B.A. Brasenose
Coll., Oxford, 1837, M.A., 1840, Barrister-at-law, 6. 30 Aug.,
1814, d. unm. at Algiers, 30 April, 1856.

II. Alexander Nesbitt, of Lismore, J.P., D.L., High Sheriff, Co.


Cavan, 1862, b. 9 July, 1817, author of the History of
the Nesbitts, see p. 133, m. June, 1855, Cecilia, dau. of Capt.
Frederick Franks, R.N., and d.s.p. 21 June, 1886. She d.
6 Nov., 1900.

I. Frances Nesbitt.

II. MARY ANNE, of whom immediately.

The younger dau. : —

MARY ANNE NESBITT, m. 4 July, 1854, James Edward Burroweg,
2nd son of Major Thomas Burrowes, of Stradoue House, Co. Cavan, High
Sheriff, 1803, by Susan, dau. of the Rev. Henry Seward, of Badsey,
Worcestershire. Mrs. Burrowes d. 12 March, 1887, leaving by him, who
d. 1859, a son : —

THOMAS COSBY BURROWES, of Lismore House, Crossdoney, Co.
Cavan, J.P., D.L., High Sheriff Co. Cavan, 1888, b. 23 Oct., 1856, w. 15
April, 1885, the Hon. Anna Frances Maxwell, sister of Somerset Henry,
10th Lord Farnham, and younger dau, of the Hon. Richard Thomas
Maxwell, 7th son of Henry, 6th Lord Farnham, by Lady Anne Butler,
dau. of Henry Thomas, 2nd Earl of Carrick. Issue : —

I. Eleanor Mary Cosby Burrowes.

II. Rosamund Charlotte Cosby Burrowes.



The Brinsley Nixon Branch.

One of the sons of George Nixon, of Granshagh (p. 46) and brother of
the Rev. Adam Nixon, senior (p. 51) and of Thomas Nixon, of Kingstown,
Co. Fermanagh, was : —

THE REV. ANDREW NIXON, Prebendary of Errew, educated at
Enniskillen under Mr. Bennis, entered Trinity College, Dublin, 2 Nov.,
1695, aged 19, B.A., 1700 ; M.A., 1705 ; Curate of St. Bride's, Dublin,
1703-6, collated Prebendary of Errew, diocese of Killala, 12 Jan.,
1725-6 (Cotton's Fasti). He was also an army chaplain, for in the
House of Commons Journals, Ireland, vol. 4 and 5, (1727) p. 898,
appears, " An Account of what half -pay officers have died and been
provided for from Lady Day, 1725,to Lady Day, 1727, Chaplain Andrew
Nixon, £60 16s. 8d." The Rev. Andrew Nixon d. intestate, admon.
granted to his brother James Nixon of Dublin, 20 May, 1731. He was
then of Crossmolina, Co. Mayo, and was apparently * father of : —

ANDREW NIXON of Cavan, Barrack Master of Ballyshannon,
sometime clerk to his relative Cosby Nesbitt, M.P., of Lismore (son-in-
law to Frances Enery, otherwise Nixon, see p. 128) who was Collector of
Cavan.f Andrew Nixon was brother-in-law to Alexander Knox, of
Ballybofey, Co. Donegal (will dated 12 Nov., 1753, proved 2 Jan., 1756),
who, failing the issue of his own son William Knox, entailed the lease
of the freeholds of Rossduan and Lachien, parish of Mohill, Co. Leitrim,
on Andrew's four children, John, Brinsley, Elizabeth and Frances Nixon
in succession. Alexander Knox (who had issue, William of Ballybofey,
Nichola Sophia, wife of John Gregory, and Mary, who was in New
England in 1753) was second son of Alexander Knox, of Ballybofey,
sen., (will proved 15 Sept., 1742) whose eldest son William Knox was
ancestor of Colonel Charles Howe Cuff Knox, of Creagh, Co. Mayo, J.P.,
D.L. (See the pedigree in Burke's Landed Gentry, 1904, Knox of Creagh).

* In Burke's Landed Oentry, 1863. article " Nixon of Fermanagh and Cavan."
Andrew Nixon, of Cavan is stated to have been son of the Rev. Andrew Nixon,
of Belturbet, (see p. 83), and from this source his descent has been deduced in all
recent genealogies. But William Nixon, of Mulladuff (p. 48) in a Chancery Bill,
20 Dec, 1760, states that the Rev. Andrew Nixon of Belturbet, was " a near
relation," both of William and of Andrew of Cavan. John Nixon, son of Andrew,
of Cavan, in his answer to this, denies that Andi-ew of Belturbet was a near
relation, evidently meaning uncle by tliat term, as the Rev. Adam Nixon, of
Clontibret, brother of Andrew of Belturbet, is described as " next friend " to the
fatherless children of Andrew of Cavan in an Exchequer Bill, dated 23 Dec, 1758.
Probably the compilers of Burke's pedigree of 1863 knew that Andrew of Cavan
was son of a Rev. Andrew Nixon, and confused the clerical uncle and nephew
of that name.

t Chancery Answer, 23 July, 1768, John Nixon, to Bill of 20 Dec, 1766.


Andrew Nixon m. Ist, Martha, dau. of John Kitchenham * and 2nd,
in Oct., 1754,t Mary, widow of David Crawford, of Bolfast.J siator of
William Hamilton, M.P., aunt of Sir John Stewart Hamilton, Bart,
M.P., and dau. of John Hamilton,§ of Dunnemana, Go. Tyrone. Ho d.

* The late Canon Eckersall Nixon had some handsome old silver which is piesiuaod
by the crest to have come from an old family of the name of Kitcheahaui
in Kent. (From a letter, dated 14 April, 189(), written by Canon Nixon
to Major-General J. Eccles Nixon, C.B.). .John Kitchenham of Portutana, Co.
Galway, d. intest. admon. bond diocese of Clogher to Helena his widow, 10 April
1723, having m. Helena, dau. of Hugh Gillmor, of Monaghan, merchant, whoso will'
dated, 13 Sept., 1714, was proved in the diocese of Clogher, 21 Feb., 1715.

t " Dublin, 5 November — Last Week was married Andrew Nixon, Esq., in the
county of Cavan, Barrack Master of Ballyshannon, to the Widow Crawford, of
Hamilton's Grove, a Lady of Distinguished Merit and a large Fortune." {Bdfojit
Newsletter, 8 Nov., 1754).

X Exchequer Bill, 25 May, 1759, Mary Nixon, otherwise Crawford, otherwise
Hamilton v. Ann Mervyn, the Rev. Adam Nixon, and others.

§ There were several connections between this family of Hamilton and the Nixous.
Playfair, in the Baronetage of Ireland, deduces the descent from : —

John Hamilton, of Duleter, Co. Tyrone, and jure uxoris of Manor Elliston,
who m. Sarah, dau. of Sir William Hamilton, of Manor ElUston, son of Sii"
Claud Hamilton, brother of James, 1st Earl of Abercorn, and son of Claud,
1st Lord Paisley. John and Sarah Hamilton had a son : —

John Hamilton, of Dunnemana, Co. Tyrone, prerog. will dated 24 May,
1741, unproved, had with another dau. wife of .John Haaiilton, of
Hamilton's Grove, Co. Antrim, at least one son and three daus. (order of
age uncertain) : —
1. William Hamilton, of Dunnemana, M.P.for Strabane,1727-«JO, and 1761-2,
m. deed dated 13 Sept., 1735, Catherine, dau. of the Rev. George
Leslie, D.D., and d. 30 July, 17

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