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surname of Eckersall, in accordance with the will
of F. S. Eckersall, (see p. 143), 6. 29 Sept., 1869, m.
15 Dec, 1904, Florence Eleanor, 2nd dau. of Sanford
George Treweeke Scobell, of The Down House,
Redmarley, Worcestershire, by Edith, dau. of Capt.
Palairet, of the Grange, Bradford-on-Avon, Wilts.,
and has issue : —

i. George Montague Nixon-Eckersall, b. 20 Feb.,

i. Clara Laura Edith Nixon-Eckersall.

(2.) Edward Atcherley Eckersall Nixon, Lieut. R.N.,
6. 12 July, 1878.

(3.) Wyndham Henry Eckersall Nixon, d. 1 Jan., 1884,
in his 3rd vear.


(1.) Stella Frances Eliza Nixon, m. 1 Sept., 1897,
Casaubon William Frend, of Poulagannive, Hirr,
2nd son oi Lieut.-Colonel William Casaubon Frend,
73rd Regt., of Rootiagh, Co. Limerick, by Harriett
Georgiana, dau. of Capt. Garvey, R.N., of Thomvale,
King's Co., and has issiie : —

i. Stella Constantia Harriett Casaubon Frend.

ii. Clara Casaubon Frend.

(2.) Constantia Agnes Nixon, m. 25 June, 1895, her cousin,
the Rev. Arthur Eckersall Wynne. M.A., Vicar of
Rottingdean, Sussex, ;>rd son of the Right Rev.
Frederick Richards Wynne, D.D., Bishop of Killaloe,
by Theodosia Susan, dau. of the Rev. John Darley,
F.T.C.D., and has :—
i. Edward Eckeraall Wynne, b. 26 May, 1901.
i. Ruth Mary Wynne.

(3.) Winifred Elizabeth Armstrong Nixon, w. 23 Oct.,
1906, Stephen Harvey Morres, Lieut. R.N., son of
the Rev. Robert Morres.

1. Harriet Osborne Nixon, m. 22 Nov., 1853, the Hon. Edward

Sydney Stopford, 2nd son of James, 4th Earl of Courtown,
by Lady Charlotte Montagu-Douglas-Scott, dau. of
Charles, 4th Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry, K.T.
She d. s. p. 12 Dec, 1893, and her husband d. 2 April,

2. Clara Mary NLxon, m. 12 Nov., 1861, Frederick Stirling

Eckersall, Lieut. 29th Regt., and d. his widow 5 July,

3. Lucy Nixon, d. 1 Oct., 1853, aged 19.

4. Frances Stella Nixon, m. 20 Oct., 1863, Capt. W>Tine

Charles de Cerjat, 2nd Royal Surrey Militia, son of Lieut.-
Colonel Charles Sigismond de Cerjat, 1st Royal Dragoon^,
and d. 27 Nov., 1872, having had :—
(1.) Edward Wynne Charles de Cerjat, Lieut. West India

Regt., 6. 2 Aug., 1864, d. 6 Sept., 1893.
(2.) Robert de Cerjat, b. 25 March, 1868.
(3 ) Frederic Maximilian de Cerjat, Trianon, Orange

River Colony, b. 29 Oct., 1870, t«. 1898, Agatha

(1.) Lucy Esther de Cerjat.
I. Elizabeth Nixon, m. July, 1803. Thomas Goold. Master m
Chancer^^. M.P., son of John Goold, by Mary, dau. of \ alentme


Quin, of Rosbrien, Co. Limerick. She d. 30 May, 1854,
and Master Goold d. 16 July, 1846, having had three sons and
three daus. : —

1. Francis Goold, of Rosbrien, Dromadda, and Athea, Co.

Limerick, High Sheriff of that Co., 1848, drowned in
Sligo Bay, 31 Aug., 1848.

2. Frederick Falkiner Goold (Van.) Archdeacon of Raphoe,

and Rector of Raymochy, Co. Donegal, of Rosbrien,
Ballygeale, Dromadda, and Athea, B.A., T.C.D., 1831 ;
M.A., 1853 ; h. May, 1808, m. 16 June, 1830, Caroline,
sister of Theresa, Countess of Eglinton, and dau. of
Charles Newcomen, of Clonahard, Co. Longford, by the
Hon. Catherine Newcomen, sister and co-heir of Thomas,
2nd and last Viscount Newcomen. The Archdeacon d.
29 Jan., 1877, and his wife d. 20 Jan., 1892, having had
one son and five daus. : —
(1.) Thomas Francis Goold, 6. 2 May, 1837, d. 23 May,

(1.) Augusta Mary Goold, d. 11 June, 1893.

(2.) Caroline Mary Goold, m. 30 June, 1864, her cousin,
Brinsley de Courcy Nixon (see p. 150), and d. s. p.,
10 May, 1875.

(3) Emily Marianne Goold, m. 1869 Henry Le Poer
Wynne, Bengal Civil Service, eldest son of General
George Wynne, R.E., by Anne, dau. of Sir Daniel
Toler Osborne, 12th Bart., by Lady Harriet Le Poer
Trench, dau. of William, 1st Earl of Clancarty, and
d. 21 Dec, 1898, having had by him, who d. 1874,
an only dau. : —

Anne Ehzabeth Le Poer Wynne, of Rosbrien,
m. 13 Aug., 1904, Alexander Waldemar
Lawrence, only surviving son of Sir Henry
Waldemar Lawrence, 3rd Bart, (by Emily
Mary, dau. of Sir George Burdett L' Estrange),
younger son of Brigadier Sir Henry Mont-
gomery Lawrence, K.C.B., Icilled in the defence
of Lucknow, July, 1857. Issue : —

1. Henry Eustace Waldemar Lawrence, b.

10 July, 1905.

2. John Waldemar Lawrence, 6. 27 May,

(4.) Elizabeth Jessie Goold, d. 18 June, 1862.

(5.) Frances Frederika Dorothea Goold, of Ballygeale,


Co. Limerick, m. 17 Dec, 1873, the Rev. Hamilton
Stuart Verschoyle, M.A., of Castle-Shanaghan, Co.
Donegal, eldest son of the Right Rev. Hamilton
Verschoyle, D.D., Bishop of Kilmore, by Catherine
Margaret, dau. of the Very Rev. Thomas Hawkins,
Dean of Cloufert, and had an only son : —

Hamilton Frederick Stuart Goold- Verschoyle,
of Dromadda and Athea House, Co. Limerick,
B.A., New College, Oxford, assuined by Royal
Licence, 14 March, 1900, the additional
surname and arms of Goold, h. 6 Oct., 1874,
m. 30 Aug., 1900, Sibyl Mary, younger dau.
of Colonel Frederick Augustus Le Mesurier,
C.B., R.E., by Louisa Anne, dau. of John
Denis Browne, M.P., of Mount Browne, Co.
Mayo, grandson of Peter, 1st Earl of Altamont,
and nephew of John Denis, 1st Marquis of
Sligo, K.P. Issue :—

1. Hamilton Neil Stuart Goold- Verschoyle, h.
19 Dec, 1904.

1. Eileen Mary Goold- Verschoyle.

2. Sheila Dorothea Goold- Verschoyle.

3. Wyudham Goold, M.P., Co. Limerick, 1850-54, d. unm.
27 Nov., 1854.

1. Emily Mary Goold, m. 19 Jan., 1831, the Rev. John Geoi^e
Wynne, Rector of Lorum, Co. Carlow, 2nd son of the
Rev. Henry Wynne, Rector of Killucan, (by Katherine,
dau. of John Eckersall, of Claverton House, near Bath,
by Catherine, dau. of Samuel Wathen, M.D.), 3rd son of
the Right Hon. Owen Wynne, M.P., of Hazlewood, Co.
Sligo. She d. 15 Aug., 1874, and her husband d. 1854,
having had issue : —

(1.) Wyndham Henry Wynne, of Corris House, Bagenals-
town, Co. Carlow, and Glendalough Lodge, Rathdrura,
Co. Wicklow, J.P., h. 8 Aug., 1840, m. 5 July, 1893,
his cousin, Sophia Sarah, dau. of George Wynne. 2nd
Dragoons, (Scots Greya), by Clara, dau. of the Rev.
Henry Wynne.
(1.) Emily Rebecca Wynne.
(2.) Clara Frances Wynne.
(3.) Fanny Stella Wynne.

(4.) Alice Catherine Wynne, m. 15 March, 1870, her
cousin, Albert Augustus Wynne, of Tigroney, Ovoca,


and Glendalough. Cottage, Rathdrum, J.P., 3rd son
of the Rev. Henry Wynne, Rector of Ardcolm. Co.
Wexford, by Marianne, dau. of Solomon Richards, of
Roebuck, Co. Dublin, and has issue :—

i. John Brian Wynne, h. 28 July, 1876.

ii. Charles Wyndham Wynne, b. 29 May, 1895.

i. Emily Adelaide Wynne.

ii. Winifred Frances Wynne.

iii. Alice Clara Veronica Wynne.

Caroline Susan Goold, m. 2 April, 1830, Sir Robert Gore-
Booth, 4th Bart., of Lissadell, Co. Sligo, Lord Lieutenant
andCustosRotulorum, Co. Sligo, M.P. Co. Sligo, 1850-76,
who d. 21 Dec, 1876, and d. 16 Jan., 1855, having had two
sons and four daus. : —

(L) Robert Newcomen Gore- Booth, Lieut. 4th Light
Dragoons, b. 1831, m. 6 Sept., 1860, Mary, younger
dau. of Rowland Eyles Egerton-Warburton, of War-
burton Hall and Arley Hall, Cheshire, by Mary, dau.
of Sir Richard Brooke, Bart., of Norton Priory,
Cheshire. He d.s.p., v.f., 29 Oct., 1861 , and his widow
m. 2nd, 4 Nov., 1865, John Ussher.

(2.) Sir Henry William Gore-Booth, 5th Bart., of Lissa-
dell, J.P., D.L., High Sherifi Co. Sligo, 1872, 6. July,
1843, m. 29 April, 1867, Georgina Mary, only dau. of
Colonel Charles John Hill, by Lady Frances Charlotte
Arabella Lumley, sister of Richard George, 9th Earl
of Scarbrough, and dau. of Frederick Lumley-
Savile, by Charlotte Mary, dau. of the Right Rev.
George de la Poer Beresford, D.D., Bishop of Kilmore.
Sir Henry Gore- Booth d. 13 Jan., 1900, having had
issue : —

i. Sir Josslyn Augustus Richard Gore- Booth, 6th
Bart., of Lissadell, High Sheriff Co. Sligo,
1904, late Lieut. Royal Munster Fusiliers,
b. 25 Feb., 1869, m. 12 June, 1907, Mary, dau.
of the Rev. Savile Richard William L'Estrange-
Malone, Rector of Dalton Holme, Yorkshire,
by Frances Mary Foljambe, sister of Cecil
George Savile, 1st Earl of Liverpool.

ii. Mordaunt Gore-Booth, b. 5 Dec, 1878, m. 31
Jan., 1906, Evelyn Mary, elder dau. of Robert
Stanley Scholfield, of Sandhall, Howden,
Yorks., by Ada Elizabeth, dau. of the Rev.


Thomas Bradley Paget, Canon of York, by
Sophia, dau. of Sir Edmund Beckett, Bart.,
M.P., and sister of Edmund, Ist Lord Grim-

i. Constance Georgina Gore-Booth, m. 29 Sept.
1900, M. Casimir Joseph Duniri de Markievicz,
of Zyvolavaka, Poland, and has :—
Moeve Alys de Markievicz.

ii. Eva Selina Gore-Booth.

iii. Mabel Olive Gore-Booth, m. 1 Dec, 1900,
Charles Percival Foster, late Lieut. 2nd
Dragoons (Eoyal Scots Greys), son of John
Foster, of Coombe Park, Oxfordshire, J. P.,
D.L., and has issue : —

1. John Mordaunt Foster.

1. Moira Foster.

(1.) Caroline S. Gore-Booth, d. 17 Nov., 1833.

(2.) Emily Frances Graham Gore-Booth, m. 26 June,
1860, Major Charles Bradstreet Wynne, J.P., of
Clogherevagh, Co. Sligo, late 90th Light Infantry and
Sligo Rifles, 2nd son of Owen Wynne, of Ardaghowen,
Co. Sligo, son of William Wynne, Barrister-at-law, by
Eleanor, dau. of Sir William Bradstreet, Bart. Major
Wynne d. 1890, having had : —

i. Graham Owen Robert Wynne, of Clogherevagh,
Capt. late 18th Royal Irish Regt., b. 22 July,
1862, m. 7 July, 1897, the Hon. Maud Anna
Morris, dau. of Michael, 1st Lord Killanin,
and has : —
1. Sydney Michael Wynne, b. 12 May, 1898.

1. Brigid Wvnne.

2. Gundred Mary Wynne.

ii. Henry Edward Wynne, of Lakeview, Co.
Leitrim, J.P., 6. 7 May, 1865, m. April, 1898.
Emily Anna Phillippa, dau. of Lieut. -Colonel
Francis Stewart Mansfield, of Castle Wray,
Co. Donegal, J.P., D.L., by Anna Phillippa,
dau. of George Simon Harcourt, M.P., of
Ankerwycke, Bucks,, and has :—

1. Gerard Wynne, b. 16 March, 1899.

2. Ronald Wynne, b. 28 Aug., 1900.

i. Caroline Susan Augusta Wynne, d. April, 1902

K -3


(3.) Augusta Elizabeth Gore-Booth, d. 13 March, 1906.

(4) Fanny Stella Anne Gore-Booth, m. 1 Nov., 1870, Owen
'Wynne, of Hazlewood, Co. Sligo, J.P., D.L., son of
the Right Hon. John Aithur Wynne, of Hazlewood,
M.P. for Sligo 1820-32, by Lady Anne Wandesforde-
Butler, dau. of James, 1st Marquis of Ormonde, K.P.
Mrs. Wynne d. 1 March, 1887, having had issue : —

i. Muriel Caroline Louisa Wynne, m. 22 June, 1892,
Philip Dudley Perceval, son of Alexander
Perceval, of Temple House, Co. Sligo, and has
a dau. : —
Dorothy Sophie Perceval.

ii. Evelyn Mary Wynne, m. 24 July, 1901, Henry
George L'Estrange, youngest son of Chris-
topher Carleton L'Estrange, of Kevinsfort,
Co. Sligo, and has :—

1. Stella Muriel L'Estrange.

2. Ehzabeth Charlotte L'Estrange.
iii. Madehne Mary Wynne.

iv. Dorothy Adelaide Wynne.

3. Augusta Charlotte Goold, m. 13 Aug., 1836, her cousin,

\ Edwin Richard, 3rd Earl of Dunraven and Mountearl,

K.P., Lord Lieutenant and Gustos Rotulorum Co.

Limerick, who d. 6 Oct., 1871. Lady Dunraven d. 22

Nov., 1866, having had one son and five daus. : —

(1.) Windham Thomas Wyndham-Quin, 4th Earl of

Dunraven and Mountearl, K.P., Lord Lieutenant and

Gustos Rotulorum Co. Limerick, of Adare Manor, Co.

Limerick, and Dunraven Castle, Glamorganshire, late

• Jjieut. First Life Guards, Hon. Colonel 3rd Co. of

London Imp. Yeo., Glamorgan R.G.A., and 5th

Batt. Royal Munster Fus., b. 12 Feb., 1841, m.

29 April, 1869, Florence Ehzabeth, 2nd daughter

of Lord Charles Lennox Kerr, son of William, 6th

Marquis of Lothian, K.T., by Lady Harriet Scott.

dau. of Henry, 3rd Duke of Buccleuch, K.G., K.T.,

and has had issue : —

i. Lady Florence Enid Wyndham-Quin, d. 1 July,


ii. Lady Rachel Charlotte Wyndham-Quin, m. 28
Oct., 1897, Desmond FitzJohn Lloyd Fitz-
Gerald, The Knight of Gliu, of Glin Castle, Co.
Limerick, High Sheriff that Co., 1904,


Capt. South of Ireland Imp. Yeo., and 4. .V>
Jan., 1901, leaving a son :—

Desmond Windham Otho Fitz(Jeiald. 6. 20
Jan.. 1901.

iii. Lady Aileen Mary Wvndhain-Quiji.

(1.) Lady Caroline Adelaide Wyndhani-Quin, d. 2 July,

(2.) Lady Augusta Emily Wyndham-Quia, )/i. 4 March,

1867, Colonel Sir Arthur Pendarves Vivian, K.C.B.,
M.P., of Gleiiafon, Glamorganshire, brother of Henry,
1st Lord Swansea, and d 11 Feb., 1877, leaving four
children : —

i. Henry Wyndham Vivian, 6. 4 Feb., 18(58, m. 19
Jan., 1899, Lady Maude Clements, third dau.
of Robert Bermingham, 4th Earl of Leitriin.
by Lady Winifred Coke, dau. of ThomaH
William, Ist Earl of Leicester, K.G. He d. 17
Nov., 1901, leaving a dau. : —

Audrey Emily Vivian.

ii. George William Vivian, Commander R.N., b. 10

June,' 1869.
i. Caroline Mabel Vivian, m. 21 June, 1904, Capt.
the Hon. James Ulysses Graham Raymond
Colborne, S. Staffordshire Regt., .'ird son of
James, 2nd Lord Seaton, by the Hon. Char-
lotte de Burgh, dau. and co-heir of Ulysses,
last Lord Downes.

ii. Clarice Gertrude Vivian.

(3.) Lady Mary Frances Wyndham-Quin, m. 12 Aug.,

1868, the Right Hon. Arthur Hugh Smith-Barry,
P.C, M.P., of Marbury Hall, Cheshire and Fota
Island, Co. Cork, subsequently created Lord Barry-
more, and d. 21 Sept., 1884, leaving an only dau. :—

Hon. Geraldine Smith-Barry, m. 18 July, 1893.
Henry Burleigh Letham Overend, who i. 12
May, 1904.
(4.) Lady Edith Wyndham-Quin, d. 10 April, 1885.
(5.) Lady Emily Anna Wyndham-Quin.
II. Catherine Anne Nixon, d. 13 Sept., 1873, aged over 90.
III. Frances Stella Nixon, m. 17 Jan., 1820, Sir Stephen Edward May,
Knt., M.P. for Belfast 1814-16, and by him. who d. 29 Oct.,
1845, had issue : —


1. Edward May, d. unm. 20 Nov., 1845.

2. Stephen May, d. unm. 20 June, 1858.

3. Arthur May, d. unm. 9 June, 1901.

4. Humphrey May, d. unm. 11 Nov., 1861.

1. Emily Mary May, d. at Lissadell, 1 Jan., 1857.

The third son of the Rev. Brinsley Nixon (p. 141), was : —

HORATIO STOPFORD NIXON, Capt. R.N., m. 3 May, 1824,
Charlotte, sister of John Fergus, of Strathore, Fifeshire, M.P. Kirk-
caldy 1835-7, and Fifeshire 1847-59, and 3rd dau. of Walter Fergus, of
Strathore, by Charlotte Whyte, his wife. Capt. Nixon d. 14 Dec., 1838,
and his widow d. 8 March, 1853, leaving an only child : —

BRINSLEY DE COURCY NIXON, of Seafield, Westward Ho !
North Devon, and 27 Collingham Gardens, South Kensington, S.W.,
formerly Lieut. Fife Artillery, h. 5 May, 1825, m. 1st, 30 June, 1864, his
cousin Caroline Mary, dau. of the Ven. Frederick Falkiner Goold, M.A.,
Archdeacon of Raphoe (see p. 144). She d. s.p. 10 May, 1875, and Mr.
Nixon m. 2nd, 6 Oct., 1878, Frances Evelyn, youngest dau. of Thomas
Inglis Hampton, of Worcester Park, Surrey, and d. 18 April, 1903,
leaving by his second marriage two sons and two daus. : —

I. FERGUS BRINSLEY, of whom presently.

II. Brinsley Hampton Nixon, of Seafield, Devon, B.A., Trin. Coll.,
Cambridge, 1906, b. 7 June, 1884, m. 18 Dec, 1906, EUzabeth,
eldest dau. of Arthur David Hughes, and grand-dau. of John
Hughes, founder of the New Russian Company, and has twin
daus. : —

1. Elizabeth Nina Nixon.

2. Nancy Gladys Nixon.

I. Charlotte Evelyn Nixon.

II. Gladys Elizabeth Nixon, m. 10 Nov., 1903, the Hon. Hugh
Grosvenor, late Lieut. 14th Hussars, eldest son of Richard de
Aquila, 1st Lord Stalbridge, who was brother of Hugh Lupus,
1st Duke of Westminster, K.G., and younger son of Richard,
2nd Marquis of Westminster, K.G., and has a son : —

Hugh Raufe Grosvenor, 6. 17 Aug., 1904.

The elder son : —

FERGUS BRINSLEY NIXON, Capt. 6th Inniskilling Dragoons,
served in the South African War, 1901-2, on StafE, took part in the
operations in the Transvaal and Orange River Colony, June, 1901, to 30
May, 1902, for which he has a medal with five clasps. He was b. 16 Oct.,

Arms of HIGINBOTHAM, on record in Ulster'ti Office.

Eruiiue, on a cross engrailed gules, tive mullets i^ierced or, in the first and
fourth quarters a lion passant guardant azure. Crest — An arm
embowed vambraced, the hand grasping a sword all ppr. pierced
through a mullet or.

To face p. 151.




The eldest dau. of George Nixon, of Granshagh, Co. Fermanagh,
(p. 47), was :

ANNE NIXON, m. Thomas Higinbotham,* of TuUymaglowny,
Drung, Co. Cavan, Quarter-Master in the army of William III. He
made his will 22 July, 1731, with a codicil 7 May, 1736. It was proved.
1 Dec, 1737. Mr. Higinbotham, who in his early married hfe resided
at Lisduli, Co. Cavan, had by Anne Nixon, his wife, who d. between
1731 and 1736, five sons and two daus. : —

I. Ralph Higinbotham. t

II. George Higinbotham, living 1752, date of his uncle James
Nixon's will, dead 1762, date of his brother, Andrew's will.
'' There is a Clogher Marriage Licence, 12 Aug., 1712, between
George Higinbotham, of LisdufF, Co. Cavan, and Frances
Wilmott, of Clogher diocese. It is possible that both Ralph
and George left descendants.

III. Wilham Higinbotham.

IV. THOMAS (Rev.), of whom later, p. 157.

V. ANDREW, of whom immediately.

I. Elizabeth Higinbotham, m. Mark Brooke, and was living 1731
date of her father's will.

II. Anne Higinbotham, m. Kilmore licence, 11 Nov., 1713, Samuel
Seaman, of CulUntra, Co. Cavan, and was living 1752, date
of her uncle, James Nixon's will.

The youngest son : —

ANDREW HIGINBOTHAM, of Tullymaglowny (or Nutfield),
Co. Cavan, m. Mary, eldest dau. and coheiress of Thomas Higinbotham,
of DrumherifE, Co. Cavan, son of WiUiam Higinbotham. J Andrew

* The name has very frequently been spelled Higginbotham, but Thomas
Higinbotham in 1736 signed his name with one " g," and his descendants have
consistently adhered to this spelling. Where the different form is used it will
usuaUy be foimd to be the error of a clerk or copj^st.

t Probably the Ralph Higinbotham who m. 1729 Mary, widow of William Akie.
of Aughnamullen, Co. Monaghan, and dau. of — Dawson. (Excb. Bill. 30 Oct.
1733, Higinbotham v. Kerr).

t Exch. Bill, 1 Feb. 1766, Higinbotham v. Cochrane, states that Thomas
Higinbotham, of Drumheriff, the elder, (son of William) took a lease of that place
17 Dec. 1724 from Theophilus Clements, and d. 12 July, 1765, having had no sons,
but five daus.. Mary, m. Andrew Higinbotham ; Anne, m. Wilham Cochrane,
of Co. Monaghan ; Elizabeth, m. Henry Dawson, of Drumheriff ; Lydia, m. Hugh
Hamilton, of Carvitragh, Co. Monaghan ; and Catherine, m. John Forster, of Carack,
Co, Monaghan, and d. before 1765, leaving a dau. Jane Forster^


Higinbotham d. (will dated 22 June, 1762, proved, 4 April, 1763),
and his widow d. 1765 (will dated 7 Jan., proved 4 April), having had
three sons and four daus. : —

I. Thomas Higinbotham, of Farmley, Co. Dubhn, for thirty-six

years Treasury Cashier, m. at St. Andrew's, Dubhn, 12 Dec,
1761, his cousin, Mary, 2nd dau. of George Nixon, of Nixon
Hall, Co. Fermanagh, High Sheriff, 1743, and d. " near the
Phoenix Park," 10 Dec, 1795, having had issue : —
1. Robert Higinbotham, d. intest., admon., 31 Sept., 1801.*

1. Hannah Higinbotham, m. settlements, 5 Oct., 1793, her

first cousin, Capt. Andrew Nixon, of Belnaleck, Co.
Fermanagh, 4th son of Alexander Nixon, of Nixon Hall,
and d. 28 April, 1829, having had issue, for whom see p. 70.

2. Jane Higinbotham, m. 1796, the Rev. George Horan, and

d. at Bath, March, 1815, having had issue : —

(1.) Mary Horan, m. her cousin, David WilUam Thompson,
and had issue, see p. 158.

(2.) Geor^ina Jane Horan, m. 14 April, 1826, her cousin,
the Rev. Robert Wood Kyle, and had issue, see p. 160.

II. HENRY, of whom presently.

III. Andrew Higinbotham, of the Irish Treasury, m. Nov. 1787,
Mary, dau. of John Battersby, of LakejEield, Co. Meath, J.P.,
by Elizabeth Shields, and d. 1 Jan., 1810, having had issue : —

1. Henry Higinbotham.

2. Charles Coote Higinbotham.

3. John Higinbotham.

1. Sarah Higinbotham.

2. Anne Higinbotham.

3. Frances Higinbotham.

4. Catherine Higinbotham.
I. Anne Higinbotham.

II. Lydia Higinbotham.

III. Mary Higinbotham, m. McGuire, and had issue.f

IV. Catherine Higinbotham.

The youngest son : —

HENRY HIGINBOTHAM, of The Irish Treasury, m. Jane, widow
of James Dobbin, aunt of Sir Wilham Verner, Bart., and 3rd dau. of
David Verner, of Gillis, Co. Armagh, by Ehzabeth, only dau. of John

* Registered Pedigree, Ulster's OfiBce.

t Registered Pedigree of Higinbotham, Ulster's Office.


Crossle, of Armagh. He d. 5 Oct., 1789, having had by her, who d.
31 May, 1828, three sons and two daus. : —

I. THOMAS, of whom later, p. 154.

II. HENRY, of whom immediately.

III. Andrew Higinbothara, of the Irish Treasury, d. 8 July, 1854.

I. Mary Higinbotham.

II. Charlotte Higinbothara, rf. 21 May, 1845, aged 60.

The second son : —

HENRY HIGINBOTHAM, of Nutfield, and of Mountjoy Square,
Dublin, m. May, 1812, Sarah, dau. of Joseph Wilson, and d. at Exeter,
1851, having had by her, who d. 18 March, 1861, six sons and two daus. :-
I. Henry Higinbotham, of Nutfield, 6. 5 April, 1813, d. unm.

II. Joseph Wilson Higinbotham, (Rev.) B.A., T.C.D., ia37, 6. U
Feb., 1815, d. unm., 22 Oct., 1872.

III. Thomas Higinbotham, Engineer in Chief Victorian Railways,

1860-80, b. 22 Jan., 1819, d. umn., 5 Sept., 1880.

IV. William Higinbotham, b. 2 Dec, 1822.

V. Robert Higinbothara, (Rev.), B.A., T.C.D., 1847, M.A., 1857.
Curate of Derry Cathedral, b. 9 April, 1824, m. 1855, Josephine,
dau. of Colonel Jones, 12th Regt. He d. 1857 of typhus fever
contracted in the discharge of his duty. A mural tablet waa
erected to his memory in Derry Cathedral, with the following
epitaph byWilham Alexander, now Archbishop of Armagh : —

Down through our crowded lanes, and closer air,
friend, how beautiful thy footsteps were ;
When through the fever's waves of fire they trod,
A form was with thee hke the Son of God.
'Twas but one step for those victorious feet.
From their day's work unto the golden street ;
And they who watch'd that walk, so bright and brief,
Have mark'd this marble with their hope and grief.

VI. GEORGE, of whom presently.
I. Rosaima Higinbotham, d. Nov., 1869.

II. Jane Higinbotham.

The youngest son : —

GEORGE HIGINBOTHAM, Chief Justice of Victoria, 1886-92.
Puisne Judge 1880-86, Scholar, T.C.D., 1846, B.A., 1849, M.A., 1853,
b. 19 April, 1826, m. 30 Sept., 1854 Margaret, dau. of John Foreman.
After a very distinguished career, he d. 31 Dec, 1892. His Life, by his
son-in-law, E. E. Morris, was published by Hacmillan in 1895. Issue :—


I. George Higinbotham, h. i Dec, 1865.

II. Edward Higinbotham, Barrister-at-law, h. 10 Oct., 1869.

I. Edith Sarah Higinbotham, m. 7 Jan., 1878, Edward Ellis Morris,
M.A., Litt. D., son of John Carnac Morris. She d. 1896,
leaving by him, who d. 1 Jan., 1902, issue : —

1. Arthur Edward Morris, M.B., Melbourne, 6. 16 Nov., 1879.

1. Hilda Margaret Morris.

2. Gladys Edith Morris.

3. Cherry Morris.

II. Alice Mary Higinbotham, m. 19 Sept., 1893, FitzHugh Annesley
Lyon, R.N.R., Comm. P. and 0. Service, 3rd son of Lieut.-
Colonel W. C. Lyon, 92nd Highlanders, by Sophia Howell,
dau. of Thomas May, of St. Michael's Lodge, Stoke, and
has : —

1. FitzHugh Conway Lyon, h. 6 April, 1895.

2. Frank Annesley Lyon, 6. 31 March, 1901.

III. Maud Higinbotham, m. 9 April, 1895, the Rev. Charles Darby

Reade, M.A., J. P., London and Middlesex, and has : —

1. Charles Reveil Reade, h. 19 March, 1897.

2. Hugh Reveil Reade, 6. 3 April, 1901.

3. George Aitken Reveil Reade, h. 29 June, 1904.

4. Henry Reveil Reade, h. 6 April, 1906.

1. Maud Reveil Reade.

2. Elizabeth Reveil Reade.

IV. Ethel Higinbotham, d. 28 Dec, 1872.

We now return to the eldest son of Henry Higinbotham and Jane
Verner (p. 153) : —

THOMAS HIGINBOTHAM, of Mountjoy Square, Dublin, 2nd
Teller of the Exchequer, m. Sept., 1800, Jane, dau. of the Ven. Conway
Benning, LL.D., Archdeacon of Dromore, (see Appendix, p. 197), and
d. 12 Feb., 1826 (will proved 4 March) leaving two daus. : —
I. ANNE, of whom presently.

II. Jane Higinbotham, m. 1830, the Rev. Henry Martin, Rector
of Lame, Co. Antrim, and d. s.p. 1859.

The elder dau. : —

ANNE HIGINBOTHAM, m. 20 Dec, 1824, James Martin, of Ross,
Co. Galway, J.P., D.L., High Sheriff 1826, M.A., T.C.D., and had five
daus. • —

I. Mary Martin, m. 4 Jan., 1844. Thomas Barklie, of Inver, Larne,


Co. Antrim, who d. 21 Nov., 1894, and d. 27 March, 1902,
having had issue : —

1. Robert Martin Barklie, Colonel R.E., h. 30 Jan., 1846,
m. 9 March, 1894, Janet, dau. of Henry Ward, of Oatwick,
Essex, and d. s.p. 30 Aug., 1903.

1. Helen Montgomery Barklie, now of Inver.

II. EMILY ANNE, of whom presently.

III. Elizabeth Martin, m. 1860, WilUani Beauman Kennedy, of

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