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Monaghan, whose dau.: —
Mary Anne Swanzy, m. Oct., 1801, Thomas White, of White
Hall, Co. Cavan, {Walker's Hibernian Magazine).

I. Margaret Swanzy (Margaret Swanz}^, of Cordally, parish of
Clones, m.j licence bond 7 May, 1764, Robert James, of Mount
Lewis, Co. Monaghan).

The third son ;

JAMES SWANZY, of Ballyhaise, Co. Cavan, 2nd Capt. Ballyhaise
Infantry 2 Aug., 1798,§ obtained the lands of Begiskey, in that county
under the will of his friend Mathew Nixon, (see p. 83), brother of Mrs.
Henry Swanzy, dated 11 Dec, 1799. By his wife, Miss Drope, he had
issue : —

I. John Swanzy, 2nd Lieut. Ballyhaise Infantry, Nov., 1796.
II. SAMUEL, of whom immediately.

I. Rose Anne Swanzy, m. John Veitch, of Roseville, Co Cavan,
Cornet 28th Light Dragoons 11 March, 1801, on the Irish
half-pay, eldest son of Charles Veitch, of Gartinardress, Co.
Cavan. He d. s.p., will dated 18 Aug., 1840, proved 6 March,

II. Margaret Swanzy, b. 1794, d. unm.

III. Elizabeth Swanzy, b. 1796, d. unm. at Cavan, 22 Dec, 1875.

* Exchequer Bill, 26 May, ITSI, Swanzy v. McMahon.
t Chancery Bill, 5 Jan., 1791, Kinsley v. Swanzy.
% Registry of Deeds, 339, 136, lands of Ballagh, Co. Monaghan.
§ Samuel Swanzy, Esq., was appointed 2nd Lieut. Ballyhaise Infantry 6 Sept.,
1798 {Dublin Gazette). His identity has not been established.


The younger vson : —

SAMUEL SWANZY, of Cavan, solicitor, Clerk of the Crown for
Co. Cavan, h. 1790, m. 11 Aug., 1812, Anna Maria, eldest dau. of the
Rev. James Young, Vicar of Timolin, Co. Kildare, (brother of John
Young, of Philpotstown, Co. Meath), by Jane, dau. of Patrick Smyth,
He d. 15 Sept., 1859, having had nine children : —

I. Samuel Swanzy, 6. 1819, d. s.p.

II. John Smyth Swanzy, bapt. 16 Dec, 1821, d. s.p.

III. Henry Wildman Swanzy, d. s.p.

IV. James Wildman Swanzy, B.A., T.C.D., Barrister-at-law,

entered Gray's Inn, London, 6 June, 1853, aged 22, d. s.p.
2 Dec, 1890.

I. Anna Maria Swanzy, d. unm. 22 Jan., 1873.

II. Jane Smyth Swanzy, d. unm. April, 1901.

III. Margaret Swanzy, d. unm. 12 Jan., 1900.

IV. Rose Anne Swanzy, m. 29 May, 1868, her cousin, Patrick Smyth

Sheridan Hassard, only son of Richard Major Hassard, of
Drutamon House, Co. Cavan, by Jane Henrietta, dau. of the
Rev. James Young. He d. 17 June, 1873. She d. s.p. 28
Nov., 1896.

V. Alicia Swanzy, d. unm. 7 May, 1861.

Note. — The name " Swanzy " possibly occurs in Ireland early in the
seventeenth century, where, " Richard Swansee and Margaret Drinkile,"
were married in St. John's Church, Dublin, 18 Nov., 1628.

Edward Swansey entered his pedigree at the visitation of Lancashire in
1613, by Richard St. George, Norroy, (Harleian MS., 1437, fo., 45b., see
Chetham Society, Vol. 82, p. 48). The earliest ancestor there given is
William, who m. Elena, dau. of Robert Chorley, and had a son Robert,
who w. Christiana, dau. of John Cutts, and had three children, (1),
HUGH. (2), William (father by Anna, dau. of Thomas Hill, of
Ribchester, of Robert, and Joanna, wife of Roger Brownlow) and (1)
Elizabeth, m. John Clayton. The elder son, Hugh Swansey, m.
Elena, dau. of Ralph Chernock, and had a son Robert, who m. Anna
dau. of Edward Hilton, of Holt, and was father (proved by indenture
2 Edward VI.) a son, Edward Swansey, m. Cicely, dau. of James
Browne, and had (1) Edward Swansey. (2) Henry Swansey. (3)
Silvester Swansey. (4) Philip Swansey. (1) Dorothy Swansey. (2)
Elizabeth Swansey. (3) Mary Swansey. The eldest son, Edward
Swansey, mentioned above, m. Mary, dau. of John Risley, of Risley,
Derbyshire, and had in 1613, three children, Hugh Swansey, h. 1606,
Hannibal Swansey, and Susan Swansey.

There is no record that any persons of the name in Ireland are
descended from this English family of Swansey, but it is a curious fact
that a copy of Seneca's Morals, L'Estrange's edition, London, Miles
Flesher, 1684, with the names " Jan Risley," and " Elizabeth Swanzy,"
written on the last page in faded writing, has been for generations
in the possession of the family of Swanzy of Avelreagh.



Erskine op Cavan.

Owing to the loss of family papers, which were destroyed on the
death of the late Mr. Erskine, of Cavan, in 1883, it is at present impossible
to prove the parentage of the two brothers, Robert and Archibald
Ersldne, from whom the Ersldnes of Cavan and Ne^vry, and Colonel
Archibald James Erskine, respectively descend, (see p. 190). The
family tradition is that they were connected with the Moutrays of
Co, Tyrone, who derive their Favour Royal estate from the marriage
of their ancestor, John Moutray, with Anne, dan. of the Rev. Archibald
Erskine, who was son of Sir James Erskine, M.P. for Co. Tyrone.
1634. Some colour is given to this tradition by the fact that Robert
Erskine, of Cavan, in 1769 gave the name Moutray to his second son.
The compiler is indebted to Mr Erskine West, who has given much
time to investigating the history of the Irish Ersldnes, for directing
Ms attention to the deeds of 1718 and 1721, mentioned below, on record
at the Registry of Deeds, Dublin ; they prove the existence of a family
of Erskine, at Ballynany, Co. Tyrone, holding their land under the
Moutrays, and themselves occupying a good position, and connected
by maiTiage with the important family of Richardson of Drum. It
may be that the ancestor of the Cavan Ersldnes was of this family.

The first occiirrence of the name in Co. Tyrone appears to be in
1622, when Sir James Erskine acquired from Lord Ridgway the lands
of Portclare, Ballykirger, and BaUymakell. His descent was as
follows * : —

JOHN ERSKINE, 5th Lord Erskine, de jure 20th Earl of Mar, m.
Lady Margaret Campbell, dau. of Archibald, 2nd Earl of Argyll, and d.
1552, leaving, with other issue, a son : —

SIR ALEXANDER ERSKINE, of Gogar, Governor of Edinburgh
Castle, Vice-chamberlain of Scotland 1580, m. Margaret, dau. of George,
Lord Home, and had with other issue : —

I. Thomas Erskine, 1st Earl of Kellie, K.G., created Viscount
Fentoun 18 May, 1606, and Earl of Kellie 12 March, 1619,
with remainder eventually to his heirs male whatsoever. His
own male line expired with his descendant, Methven, 10th Earl,
in 1829.


This latter, who was the eleventh son by birth, but third son by the
death of his brothers without issue,t was : —

at the coronation of James I., and a Privy Councillor, M.P. for Co.
Tyrone, 1634, obtained in 1622 large estates in Co. Tyrone, which in

* Lodge's Peerage, 1906.

•j- Funeral Entry, Sir James Erskine, Ulster's Office.


1630 were created the Manor of Favour Royal. He m. Mary, dau. of
Adam Erskine, Abbot and Commendator of Cambus Kenneth, Scotland,
and was buried at St. Michan's, Dublin, 8 March, 1636-7. A long
account of him will be found in Lord Belmore's Parliamentary Memoirs
of Fermanagh and Tyrone, pp. 161-7. He had, according to his
Funeral Entry in Ulster's office, four sons, and one dau. : —

I. Henry Erskine, d.s.p.

II. John Erskine, d.s.p.

III. ARCHIBALD, of whom presently.

IV. James Erskine, a Colonel, and M.P. for Augher 1634. It is not

known whether he left issue, but G. E. C. [Com.'plet.e Peerage,
IV., 338, " Kellie ") says, in reference to the death of the
10th Earl of Kellie in 1829, and the accession of the Earl of
Mar to the title : — " The extinction of many male branches
that were nearer to the first Earl of Kellie seems to have been
taken as proved on very slender evidence ; more especially
that of the issue of Sir James Erskine of Tullibody (a yr. br. of
the said Earl) who d. in Ireland in 1636, leaving several sons,"
Admon. of the goods of James Erskine, late of Augher, Co.
Tyrone, Esq., deceased, intestate, was granted 19 Jan., 1675,
to Sir William Gore, Bart., the principal creditor.

I. Anne Erskine, m. Robert Moutray, and had issue John Moutray,
see below.

The third son : —

THE REV. ARCHIBALD ERSKINE, of Favour Royal, Rector
of Errigal Keerogue, 1633, and other benefices in the diocese of Clogher,
m. 1st Beatrice, dau. of James Spottiswoode, Bishop of Clogher, and
2nd, Lettice, dau. of Sir Paul Gore, Bart, M.P. for Ballyshannon 1613.
Mr. Erskine's property was eventually divided between his two daus.
Admon. of his estate granted 8 Oct., 1662, to Maria Richardson, his dau.,
regranted to Anne Moutray his dau., 22 June, 1663. He had by his
second wife : —

1. Thomas Erskine, d.s.p.*

I. Anne Erskine, m. her cousin, John Moutray, of Aughamoyles,
Co. Tyrone, and had a son : —

James Moutray, High Sheriff Co. Tyrone, 1682, M.P. for
Augher, 1692-5, ancestor of the family of Moutray of
Favour Royal.
II. Mary Erskine, m. 1st Simon Erskine,t and 2nd William Richard-

* British Museum, Add MSS. No. 23094, folio 22, Betham's Genealogical Collns.

I Ditto. Ensign Symon Askin was one of the 1649 ofiicers, as was Lieut. David
Askin (roll ii, membranes 111 and 112). Capt. James Erskine was also one of the
1649 officers, (roll ii, membrane 40) and was entitled to £2076 2s. 9|d., which in
1066-7 was vested in Arthur Forbes, Esq., and Capt. Thomas Stuart, apparently
as trustees. Among the forfeiting Proprietors in 1057, Co. T3Tone, Barony of
Clogher, were James Eskin, a Scotch Protestant and " a besiedger of Derry,"
;ind Anne Eskin, widow of Archibald Edminson. William Areskin was appointed
Quarter Master to Lord Berkeley's Troop of Horse 25 Aug., 1663, (Orwowrfe MSS.,
Vol. I, p. 281) disbanded 1672, and dead before 29 Aug., 1677. Lieut. William
Ariskin, will dated 19 Nov., 1676, proved in the Irish Perog. Court 2 Jan., 1676-7,
mentions his wife Elizabeth and his niece, Martha Cary, otherwise Parker. In
the north of Ireland the name Erskine is frequently pronounced Askin, Arskin
or Esken by the peasantry. The compiler has to tluuik Mr. Erskine West for
the facts given in this note. ,


son,* by which marriage the Augher estate of the Er«kines
went to the family of Richardson-Bunbury, Barts.
No further male descendants of Sir James Erskine are known.

On 18 June, 1661, admon of the goods of one James Erskine, late
of Castlewray, Co. Donegal, Esq., dec. intest., was granted to Elizabeth,
his widow.

At the end of the 17th and the beginning of the 18th centuries
a family of Erskine was living on the Moutray property.

JOHN ERSKINE, of Ballynany, Co. Tyrone,"gentlemari, on 6 Fob.,
1718-9, took a lease of the lands of Ballynany, in the parish of Errigal
Keerogue, from James Moutray, of Aughamoyles, Co. Tyrone, Esq.f
John Erskine and his wife Mary were still living 6 Nov., 1721. He had
at least three sons : —

I. JAMES, of whom pi^sently.

II. John Erskine, living 1721. J

III. Alexander Erskine, living 1721.

The eldest son : —

JAMES ERSKINE, of Ballynany, w. 20 Nov., 1718, Margaret, dau.
of Alexander Richardson, § of Drum, Co. Tyrone, Gent. A postnuptial
settlement II of the lands of Ballynany was made 6 Nov., 1721, (not
registered till 24 May, 1727).

James Erskine's will, dated 8 June, 1738, was proved in the diocese
of Armagh, 26 Feb., 1739-40. He mentions his children Heniy, John,
Margaret, Elizabeth, Catherine, Lettice, Isabel, and Jean, and his
brother the Rev. John Erskine.

It is possible that to this family of Erskine, of Ballynany belonged

* William Richardson, according to Inquisitions on Rev. Arch. Erskine's
property. Lord Belmore {Pari. Mem. of Fermanagh and Tyrone, p. 251) states
that she married Archibald Richardson, M.P. for Augher, 1692-5. He was probably
her son, named after his grandfather, Archibald Erskine.

t Registry of Deeds, Vol. 34, p. 270, No. 21546.

X This 2nd son was the Rev. John Erskine, of Clondehorka, diocese of Raphoe,
who was ordained before 2 Sept., 1736, when he obtained the lands of Mullough
from Richard Babington, (Registry of Deeds). He lived at Cloonbeg, Co. Donegal,
and made his will 5 April, 1767, desires to be buried beside his wife in the Church
of Clondehorka, and mentions his son Alexander Erskine, and his daus., Isabella
Stewart, Elizabeth Erskine, Angel Erskine, and Mary Sweny. The executory
were Andrew Knox, of Prehen, Esq., Charles Stewart of Homhead, Esq., and
William Hunter, of Massinass, Co. Donegal. The Rev. John Erskine d. Oct., 1767,
aged 77 [Pue's Occ. Oct. 20-24). His will was not proved in the diocese of Raphoe
till 12 Sept., 1785. Angel Erskine was witness to the will of George Babington,
of Derry, 12 Oct., 1784. The Rev. J. H. Steele, of Holy Trinity, Crom, Co.
Fermanagh, who has compiled a Babington pedigree, thinks it probable that John
Erskine m. a dau. of Richard Babington, of Mullough, Co. Derry.

§ " Alexander Richardson, of Drom, Gent.," was among the inhabitants of
Co. Tyrone who fled from Ireland during the Revolution, and were attainted by
James II. in 1689. David Richardson was High Sheriii Co. Tyrone, 1743. David
Richardson, of Drum, Co. Tyrone, Esq. d. (will dated 21 Aug., 1795, proved 1
Feb., 1797) having had by Margaret, his wife, two sons and five daus.: — (1) WiUiam
of Drum, High Sheriff 1799, m. Isabella Brady, and had an eldest son David.
(2) Benjamin, inherited Manor Richardson, Co. Tyrone, from his father. (1)
Jane, m. Charles Colhoun, and d. before Aug., 1795. (2) Elizabeth, m. Wilham
Oliver. (3) Margaret, m. James Richardson, of Bloomhall, Co. Tyrone. (4) Anne,
m. Joseph Curry, of Derry. (5) Letitia. Henry James Stuart-Richardson. 5th
Earl of Castlestuart, is now of Drum Manor, Cookstown, Co. Tyrone.

il Registry of Deeds, Vol. 54, p. 50, No. 34834.


the father of Robert Erskine, of Cavan, and Archibald Erskine,
who were members of a family of at least five sons, * of whom
three fell fighting for their country, one in the South Seas under
General Wentworth, another with Wolfe at the siege of Quebec in 1759,
and another at Minden, in Prussia, in the same year. (Statement of
Archibald Erskine in his application for admis< ion to the Royal Hospital
in 1794). It is not certain which of the remaining two brothers was
the elder. They were : —

I. ROBERT, of whom presently, p. 194.


ARCHIBALD ERSKINE, Ensign in Lord LlandafE's Regt., and
Paymaster for many years of the 3rd Horse, (afterwards the 6th
Dragoon Guards) served for 43 years, 1751-94, and took part in the
German war. On 17 Dec, 1794, being "from Age and Infirmities
(being greatly Afflicted with the Gout and Rheumatism), Rendered
Incapable of further service," he applied for admission as a decayed
officer to the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Dublin, and was elected in
place of Capt. Hans Hamilton, deceased. In his application for admission
he urged as one of his qualifications, " that the family of Memorialist
were Constantly Devoted to his Majesty," and mentioned his three
brothers killed in action, see above. (" Capt. Arch. Erskine " was
Agent for Hospitals, Army Medical Board, Dublin, in 1808. Dublin
Mmanach that year.) He d. at the Royal Hospital, 16 Jan., 1811.
He m. Jane Paget,t and had, with two daus., who both d. unm., a son
and a dau., \dz. : —

I. James Erskine, C.B., Colonel in the army, 12 Aug., 1819, Lieut.-
Col. 48th Regt., 20 June, 1811, Lieutenant-Governor of New
South Wales, 1817-23, A.D.C. to the King, (George III.), 25
Julv, 1808, Lieut. 22nd Regt., 31 Dec, 1791 : Capt. 16 Nov.,
1794. Major (brevet) 15 Dec. 1803, Major, 48th Regt., 14 Feb.,
1805, Lieut.-Col. (brevet) 25 July, 1810, C.B., 14 June, 1815.
He was slightly wounded at the Douro, near Oporto, 1808,
and was severely wounded at Badajoz, (medal, mentioned
in Wellington's despatches from the camp before Badajoz,
18 July, 1812). Colonel Erskine m. 1st, Miss Jones, and 2nd,
Sarah, sister of Anne, Marchioness of Winchester, and dau.
of John Andrews, of Shotley Hall, Northumberland. J He
made his will 13 Sept., 1822, at Sydney, New South Wales,
and mentioned his property named Erskine Park, in that
colony. He d. 7 June, 1825, having had by his second wife,
who d. at We>^nouth, 15 May, 1860, aged 86, four sons and
three daus. : —

1. Archibald Erskine, Lieut.-Colonel 45th Regt., 14 April,
1846, w. 31 March, 1846, Augusta Pratt, 3rd dau. of the
Hon. Sir William Oldnall-Russell, D.C.L., Chief Justice
of Bengal, by Louisa Maria, elder dau. of John Lloyd-
Williams, of Gwernant Park, Cardiganshire, and Aldor-
brook Hall, Carmarthenshire, by Martha Louisa, second
dau. of Morley Pendred-Saunders, of Saunders Grove,

* Tradition states that tliere were sevcu sons, all in the army. James Erskine
was Ensign in 10th Foot 27th May, 1758, in Ireland. James Arskin, Lieut. 103rd
Foot, disbanded 1783.

t Information from the late General Erskine.

J Surtees' History of Dvrhiim, iv., 145.


Liircl Liuiiliitf'.s Regiincnt.
Fivin a Mitlidturc hi the jiu-i'^v^sioii of ILixs Surah E/ski/n; Vt'rijiiunilti.


Lieutenaiit-Guvernoi- of Xew South Wales.
From a Miniature in the jMSses&ion uf Minn Marian Erskinc, Chelsea.

To face p. 190.


Co. WickloWj by Lady Martha Stratford, dau. of John,
1st Earl of Aldborough. Colonel Erskine d. at the Cape
of Good Hope, 18 July, 1848, and his widow ni. 2nd,
13 Feb., 1851, the Rev. Charles Compton Domvile,
Rector of Nettleton, Wilts, nephew of Sir Compton
Domvile, Bart., M.P., of Santry Court, Co. Dublin.
She d. 25 April, 1890, and Mr. Domvile d. 16 May, 1898.

2. James Andrews Erskine, Lieut. 48th Regt., killed in action,

m the expedition against the Rajah of Coorg, Madras,
April. 1834.

3. John Erskine, Capt. 17th Regt., m. at Cheltenham, 27 Nov.,

1845, Lucy, youngest dau. of the Very Rev. Joseph
Palmer, M.A., Dean of Cashel, brother of Mary,
Marchioness of Thomond, and nephew of Sir Joshua
Reynolds. Capt. Erskine d. 11 Jan., 1855, and his
widow d. 24 April. 1860.

4. George Erskine, General in the army, and Colonel suc-

cessivelv of the Argvll and Sutherland Highlanders
(1888-95), and the 33rd West Riding Regt. (1895-7),
h. 24 Feb., 1815, Ensign 33rd Regt., 17 Aug., 1832,
Lieut.-Colonel, 26 Oct., 1855, Colonel, 12 Aug., 1860,
Major-General 6 March, 1868, Lieut.-General, 1 Oct.,
1877, General, 1 July, 1881, served with the 33rd Regt.
in the Eastern Campaign of 1854-5, including the Battle
of lukerman and the Siege of Sebastopol. He commanded
the piquets of the Light Division, 14 Oct., 1854, when they
repulsed the enemy's attack; (mentioned in despatches,
medal with two clasps, brevet of Lieut.-Col., 5th Class
of the Medjidie, and Turkish medal). General Erskine
m. 18 Aug., 1855, Frances Ellen, third dau. of John
Slater, J.P., of Carlisle, and d. 7 Oct., 1897. leaving by
her, who d. 19 March, 1894, two children : —

(1.) Archibald James Erskine, Colonel (brevet) Armv-
Service Corps. 4 April, 1905, h. 14 Feb., 1858, m.
7 April, 1886, Ellen Blanche, second dau. of Colonel
John Draper, Army Service Corps, Asst. Adj. Gen,
at Gibraltar.

(1.) Sarah Ellen Erskine, m. 14 June, 1902, Samuel Ward.

1. Elizabeth Jane Erskine, d. unm. at Weymouth, 15 Jan.,


2. Araminta Erskine, d. unm. at Weymouth, 29 Aug., 1885,

aged 77.

3. Sarah Erskine, h. 3 Jan., 1811, Kving ia08.

Araminta Erskine, m. at Cavan, 18 May, 1816, Patterson O'Hara,
Lieut. 59th Regt., 2 Sept., 1812, half pay 25 March, 1816,
afterwards Cavan Militia, of York St., Dublin, and by him,
who served at Waterloo, and d. 25 Aug., 1850, had at her
death, 5 June, 1860, an only child : —

Jane O'Hara, w. 20 April, 1841, Robert Conway Hickson,
of Fermoyle, Co. Kerry, J.P., High Sheriff, Co. Kerry,
1855, and d. 10 March, 1889, having had by him, who
d. 4 Nov., 1878, issue : —


(1.) James Robert Conway Hickson, Lieut. R.A., b.
2 Jan., 1844, d. unm. at Madras, 30tli June, 1868.

(2.) Patterson O'Hara Hickson, of Fermoyle, J.P., Co.
Kerry, 6. 5 Oct., 1845, d. 28 Sept., 1879.

(3.) Robert Conway Hickson, 6. 17 Sept., 1847, d. 28
Feb., 1850.

(4.) George Archibald Erskine Hickson, of Fermoyle,
J.P., Co. Kerry, B.A.,T.C.D., C.E., 6. 21 Nov., 1854,
m. 26 Jan., 1884, Lina, youngest dau. of Mahony
Harte, of Rockfield, Co. Kerry, Barrister-at-law,
and has issue : —

i. Robert Conway Hickson, h. 26 Oct., 1884.
ii. George Lionel O'Hara Hickson, h. 6 March,
(1.) Araminta Theresa Hickson, m. 20 Sept., 1865,
John Coote Ovens, J.P., of Aughnagaddy House, and
KUlybegs, Co. Donegal, only son of the Rev. James
Montgomery Ovens, Rector of Inniskeel, Co. Donegal,
by Emily, dau. of the Rev. Joseph Welsh, Rector of
Killatee, same Co., and by him, who d. 29 May, 1894,
had (with John Coote, Emily, and Mary Charlotte,
who d. young) issue : —

i. James Hickson Ovens, Capt. Donegal Artillery,
Asst. Inspector Gold Coast Constabulary, rf.,
in Africa, 1892, aged 25.

ii. Robert Montgomery Ovens, Major 38th (1st Batt.
South Staffordshire) Regt., 6. 3 July, 1868,
served in Egypt, India and Burmah as Adjutant
of the (80th) 2nd Batt. S. Staffordshire Regt.,
and subsequently on the Staff in India as
Station Staff Officer, 1st Class Deputy-Asst.-
Adj.-Gen. for Musketry, Deputy-Asst.-Qr.-Mr.-
Gen. and Brigade-Major, and is at present
commanding the Depot S. Staffordshire Regt.
at Lichfield.

iii. Edward O'Hara Ovens, h. 18 July, 1875, d.
13 March, 1870.

iv. Lionel WilHam Van Ovens, R.N.R., h. Sept.,

i. Florence Araminta Ovens, d. 12 Oct., 1870.

ii. Leila Elinor Ovens, m. 26 April, 1897, the Rev.
Edmond Lombard, B.A., then Incumbent of
Glen Alia, Co. Donegal, son of the Rev.
John Lombard, Rector of Booterstown, Co.
Dublin, by Maria Jane, dau. of the Rev.
George Vaughan Hart, of Glen Alia House,
Co. Donegal.

iii. Minnie Frances Ovens, m. 29 April, 1890,
Edmund Christopher Mansfield, of Ardrummon
House, Co. Donegal, J.P., High Sheriff. Co.
Donegal, 1906, fourth son of Francis Mans-


field, of Ardrummon, J.P,, D.L., by Mary, dau.
of Sir Samuel Hayes, Bart., of Drumboe
Castle, same Co. He d. 22 Feb., 1007, having
had issue : —

i. Edmund Francis Hayes Mansfield, 6. 11
Nov., 1891.

ii. James Alexander Mansfield, b. 21 Feb.,

iii. Richard George Henrv Mansfield, b. 24
Oct., 1894.

i. Muriel Mary Mansfield.

iv. Florence May Ovens, m. 1st, 7 Nov. 1893, John
Knox Mitchell, eldest son of J. K. Mitchell,
of Belfast, and had a dau. : —

Dorothy May Mitchell.

She m. 2nd, 29 May, li'OO, Major Robert
Laurence Ball Steele, Royal Inniskilling
Fusiliers, (retired), son of Robert Ball Steele,
of Rathbride, Co. Kildare, and has a son : —

Robert Montgomery Ball Steele, b. 7 Nov.,

(2.) Jane Sarah Victoria Hickson, m. 1st 15 Sept., 1870,
Robert John Fitzgerald Day, of Beaufort House, Co.
Kerry, J.P., Lieut. 75th Regt., son of the Rev.
John Robert Fitzgerald Day, M.A., of Beaufort, by
Lucy Jane, dau. of the Ven. William Thompson,
Archdeacon of Cork, Mr. Day d. 15 March, 1883,
having had issue : —

i. John Robert Conway Fitzgerald Day, b. 3 Nov.,


ii. Richard Francis O'Hara Fitzgerald Day, b.
3 Nov., 1881.

i. Maude Philippa Day.
She m. 2nd, 22 Oct. 1884, Ernest de Lautour, and
had further issue : —

iii. William Bertrand de Lautour, b. 18 Aug., 1885.
She m. 3rd, 5 July, 1905, Walter Proctor Ryland,
2nd son of Thomas Ryland, J.P., D.L., of the
Redlands, Erdington, Birmingham.

(3.) Theresa Georgina Adelaide Hickson, m. 16 Sept.,
1880, the Rev. Joseph Rogerson Edmond Cotter
Hodgins, M.A., Vicar of St. James', Birkdale, South-
port, and Hon. Canon of Liverpool, son of the Rev.
Edward Pringle Hodgins, D.D., by Margaret Anna,
dau. of the Rev. Joseph Rogerson Cotter, grandson of
Sir James Cotter, Bart., of Rockforest, Co. Cork, M.P.
for Askeaton, 1761-8. Issue : —

i. Edward Arthur Hodgins, &. May, 1885, d. Dec.

ii. Edmond Cotter Hodgins, b. 9 March, 1891.
i. Sydney Margaret O'Hara Hodgins.



ii. Violet Hodgins, d. Jan., 1884.
iii. Vera Mary Theresa Hodgins.
iv. Muriel Hodgins, d. Feb., 1893.

V. Mildred Josephine Hodgins.

(4.) Sarah Maria Norris Hickson, m. 26 April, 1881, Capt.
James Coulton, Royal Munster Fusiliers, son of James
Calthrop Coulton, of Kingsbridge, Devon, Surgeon,
and d. 28 March, 1896, having had issue : —

i. Avice Mary Coulton.

ii. Margery Conway Coulton.

The brother of Archibald Erskine (p. 190), was : —

EGBERT ERSKINE, of Cavan, m. 18 May, 1765, Elizabeth, eldest
dau. of Josiah Parr,* of Cavan, son of Bernard Parr. Josiah Parr, by
his will, dated 20 March, 1766, and proved 13 Dec, 1766, left to his
dau. Elizabeth, and his son-in-law, Robert Arskin, all his estate on
the south side of Cavan. Mr. Erskine d. 27 Feb., 1812, having had by
her, who d. 27 July, 1802, aged 65, four sons and two daus. : —

I. JOSIAH ERSKINE, (Rev.), educated at Cavan, under the Rev.

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