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These were : —

I. James Nixon Macartney, Major 7th Dragoon Guards, Capt. 9th
Lancers, 6. 14 Feb., 1802, m. 17 March, 1829, Catherine
Colquet, dau. of John Smith, of London, and d. at Torrington,
North Devon, 3 Dec, 1865, having had, with another son and
two daus., who d. in infancy, two sons and three daus. : —

1. James Nixon Gooch Macartney, Lieut. 57th Regt., h. April,

1836, was present at the Redan and fall of Sebastopol,
d. at Malta, 7 Dec, 1856.

2. Arthur Sutherland Macartney, Lieut.-Colonel R.A., retired,

of Salterns, Torrington, entered R. A., Dec, 1855, Com-
mandant Oxford Military College, 1880-93, h. 12 March,
1838, m. 5 July, 1864, Amelia Jane, youngest dau. of
John Sloley, of Torrington, and has issue : —
(1.) John Nixon Herbert Macartney, h. 18 April, 1865, m. 3
Nov., 1897, Margaret, only child of James McKeand,
of Douglas, Manitoba, Canada, and has : —
i. Arthur Sutherland Macartney, h. 18 Feb., 1902.
ii. Ronald David Macartney, h. 14 June, 1904.
i. Amelia Dorothy Macartney,
ii. Ellen Rhoda Macartney.
(2.) Arthur Belton Macartney, h. 5 March, 1867, m. 12
Nov., 1897, Ethel Errington, 2nd dau. of Richard
Loveland Loveland, Q.C., D.L., Deputy Chairman of


the County of London Sessions, by Maria Elizabetli
Oddie,5th dau. of the Rev. Phihp Henry Nind, M.A.,
Vicar of Woodcote-cum-Soutbstoke, Oxfordshire,
and has : —

Belton Charles Douglas Macartney, b. at
Johannesburg, 25 Dec, 1898.

(3.) James Hugh Macartney, b. 30 Nov., 1873.

(4.) Walter Crealock Macartney, 6. 7 April, 1876.

(1.) Ellen Katharine Macartney, m. 7 April, 1904, Arthur
Edward Hardcastle Herschel, of Mayfield, Bearodin,
near Glasgow, younger son of Sir William James
Herschel, Bart., of Oxford, and has : —
Eileen Dorothea Herschel.

1. Rhoda Macartney, of Tavistock, Devon.

2. Clara AmeUa Frances Macartney, d.

3. Jane Letitia .Macartney, m. 1866, Thomas Wyld Haverfield,

R.N., and had issue : —

(1.) Arthur Gilbert Haverfield, d. in infancy.

(2.) Henry Wyld Haverfield, (Rev.) B.A. Selwyn Coll.,
Cambridge, 1903, Cuddesden College, 1904, Curate of
St. Peter's, Plymouth, d. 8 Nov., 1905.

(1.) Clara Rhoda Haverfield.

(2.) Katherine Gertrude Haverfield.

II. John Lennox Macartney, of DubUn, m. 23 Sept., 1835, Letitia
Mary, yoimgest dau. of Robert Johnston, Q.C., of Maghera-
mena Castle, Co. Fermanagh, by Letitia, dau. of Sir William
Richardson, Bart., of Augher Castle, Co. Tyrone. He d. 7
March, 1861, ha^'ing had issue : —

1. Robert John Macartney, 6. Nov., 1836, d. 17 Sept., 1840.

2. James Macartney.

1. Letitia Anne Macartney, w. 25 March, 1856, Francis Edward
Hassard, Royal Lancashire Regt.

I. Frances Macartney, d. unm.

One of the sons of the Rev. Eccles Nixon (p. 52), and brother of Sir
Eccles was : —

JOSEPH NIXON, of Stafford Street, Dublin, entered apprentice
to the Goldsmiths' Company, 1743,"' m. Aug., 1757, Anne, dau. of

* " 1743, Joseph Nixon, son of the Rev. Eccles Nixon, Co. Tyrone." See the
List of Apprentices to the Goldsmiths' Company of Dublin, 1653-1752, edited by
H. F. Berry, Journal of the Cork Historical and Archceological Society, 1902, p. 48.


Alderman Walker of Dublin, and had issue, with others : —

I. Eccles Nixon, bapt. at St. Andrews, Dublin, 19 June, 1763,

probably the Eccles Nixon buried there 14 Dec, 1765.

II. Robert Nixon, bapt. there 25 Feb., 1767.
III. GEORGE ECCLES, of whom presently.

I. Mary Nixon, bapt. 26 April, 1760, buried 31 Aug., 1761.
II. Ann Nixon, bapt. 17 Aug., 1761.

III. Mary Jane Nixon, bapt. at St. Andrew's 26 Nov., 1769, m. at
St. Mary's, Dublin, 1 May, 1796, Drehncourt Young, of DubUn,
and had issue, of whom were : —
1. Eccles Young, d. intest. admon., 1840.

1. Anne Young, d. 29 Oct., 1831, in her 23rd year.

2. Rebecca Henrietta Young, m. 17 Dec, 1842, her coiisin,
George Eccles Nixon, Surgeon Indian Army, see p. 63.

The youngest son : —

GEORGE ECCLES NIXON, Capt., 25th Regt., entered the army in
1795 as Ensign 25th Regt., then (in August) under orders for
Gibraltar.* m. Oct., 1797, Abigail, dau. of John Clements, and sister
of Lieut.-Colonel Henry Clements, 16th and 71st Regts., A.D.C. to Sir
John Moore. He had by her, who d. 5 July, 1857, in her 82nd year,
four sons and one dau. : —

I. John Clements Nixon, d. young, killed by a blow from a

II. ROBERT LAW DRELINCOURT, of whom presently.
III. James Lennox Nixon, of Clontarf, Co. DubUn, m. Sarah, dau.
of John Scott, and d. 10 April, 1876, having by her, who d.
13 April, 1890, had issue :—

1. Henry Scott Nixon, b. 21 June, 1838, m. 25 Aug., 1884,

Frances Elizabeth, youngest dau. of the Rev. John

Elliott Lyon, M.A., of Rockbrook House, Queen's Co.,

and d. 13 Oct., 1907, having had issue : —

(1.) George Eccles Nixon, b. 29 July, 1885.

(2.) Henry Scott Nixon, b. 22 May, 1889.

(3.) Arthur William Lennox Nixon, b. 4 Feb., 1891.

(1.) Mary BaDey Nixon, d. 19 March, 1900.

(2.) Lilah Eveleen Nixon.

(3.) Kathleen Frances Maud Nixon.

2. James Lennox Nixon, m. May, 1867, Mary Jane, dau. of

John Allison, and went to New York. He had seven
sons, of whom were : —

(1.) Charles Nixon.

* Letter from George Eccles Nixon to his father, from Plymouth Sound, 2 Aug.,


(2.) James Nixon.

(3.) Henry Scott Nixon.

3. George Eccles Nixon, d. unm., 12 July, 1870.

1. Sarah Maria Nixon, (^. 1855.

2. Eliza Anne Nixon, w. 14 Oct., Alexander Tyndall, 1863,

Bank of Ireland, youngest son of Samuel Wilkinson
Tyndall, J.P., Divisional Magistrate, City of Dublin, and
by him, who d. l\ March, 1904, had, at her death, 20
Oct., 1891, issue :—

(1.) George Alexander Tyndall, 6. 10 March, 1870, m. 17

May, 1905. Alice dau. of Charles M'Gowan.
(2.) Wiiham Scott Tyndall, d. unm.

(1.) Rachel Annie Tyndall, m. John Antonio, and d.

leaving a dau. : —

Lilah Rachel Olga Antonio, dec.
(2.) Mary Elizabeth Tyndall, d.
(3.) Sarah Jane Tyndall, m. 11 Aug., 1897, George

Leopold Caird.
(4.) Abigail Alice Tyndall, w. 21 Dec, 1904, William


3. Abigail Nixon, m. 13 Sept., 1866, James Kildahl, Royal

Bank, Dublin, son of James Kildahl, M.A., and by him,

who d. 31 Jan., 1897, had issue : —

(1.) James Alexander Kildahl, 6. 31 Aug., 1868, d. 25

Sept., 1896.
(1.) Lilah Evelyn Kildahl, m. 8 Aug, 1895, Robert Dunlop,

D.I., R.I.C., son of Major Dunlop, and had : —
Mary Tempe Dunlop.
(2.) Mary Tempe Kildahl, m. 17 July, 1896, William James

Dilworth, M.A., and had : —
i. Robert Kildahl Dilworth, h. 28 Sept., 1897.
i. Grace Evelyn Dilworth.
(3.) Helena Abigail Kildahl, m. 6 May, 1896, William

Hunter, and had : —

William Adams Hunter, h. 6 April, 1897.
(4.) Amelia Jane Kildahl, m. 7 Nov., 1897, William Coote.
(5.) Sarah Harriet Kildahl, d. 25 Sept., 1875.
(6). Alice Maud Mary Kildahl.
(7.) Isabella Rhoda Kildahl.
(8.) Florence Beatrice Kildahl.
,9.) Edith Constance May Kildahl, m. 21 June, 1907, the

Rev. Alexander Munro, B.A.

l\. George Eccles Nixon, Surgeon, 1st Bombay Lancers, afterwards
of the Horse Artillery, Turkish Contingent, tn. 17 Dec, 1842,


his cousin Rebecca Henrietta, dau. of Drelincourt Young
(see p. 62), and d. 13 Nov., 1858, leaving, by her, who d.
1 April, 1861, an only child : —

Rebecca Mary Anne Nixon, m. 2 April, 1873, John Irvine,
and d. 24 Sept., 1878, having had issue : —

(1.) Eccles Irvine, d.
(2.) A. Ernest Irvine.
(1.) Violet Olive Irvine.

I. Eliza Anne Nixon, m. 17 Jan., 1822, Richard Bempde Scott

Johnston, 2nd son of Alexander Johnston, Paymaster, 25th
The second son of Capt. George Eccles Nixon, (p. 62), was : —
Dubhn, 1823, M.A., and M.B., 1838, M.D., 1851, F.R.C.S.I., 1844, long
eminent in his profession in Dublin, h. 1801, m. 30 Aug., 1836, Emma
Fielding, dau. of Ambrose Leet, of Dublin, President of the Inland
Department of the General Post Office, by Jane Fielding, and d. 15
March, 1853, having had by her, who d. 21 June, 1870, issue : —

I. HENRY CLEMENTS, of whom presently.
II. Ambrose Leet Nixon, d. 8 Aug., 1853.

III. Robert Cramer Nixon, d. 19 May, 1870.

IV. George Eccles Priestley Nixon, M.D., Shrivenham, Berkshire, d.

unm., 8 Jan., 1900.
V. Frederick Fleming Nixon, 6. 17 Oct., 1840.
I. Jane Fielding Ould Nixon, d. 3 Oct., 1870.
II. Emma Leet Nixon, d. 12 July, 1853, aged 3.

The eldest son : —

HENRY CLEMENTS NIXON, L.R.C.S.I., 1859, L. M., Rot. Hosp.,
Dublin, 1859, L.R.C.P., Edinburgh, 1860, sometime Surgeon Cape
Mail Service, h. 21 July, 1837, m. 1 Aug., 1865, Elizabeth Frances
Laura, youngest child of John Louis Oustaigne, and d. 26 Jan., 1905,
having had by her, who d. 1 Aug., 1903, issue : —


II. Sydney Herbert Leet Nixon, h. 3 Nov., 1867, m. 6 Aug., 1898,

Lucy Adele, dau. of Isaac Pratt, and has issue : —

1. Noreen Adele Clements Nixon.

2. Geraldine Eccles Cotterell Nixon.

III. Robert Fielding Ould Nixon, h. 10 Oct., 1869, d. unm. at Chicago,

6 Jan., 1892.

IV. George Eccles Nixon, h. 19 May, 1874, m. 24 April, 1907, Kathleen

Melville, dau. of Alexander Doull.
I. Emma Elizabeth Nixon, m. 17 April, 1900, Henry Douglas


Dawson, and has issue : —

Ivan Drelincourt Dawson, h. 4 July, 1904.

The eldest son : —

1866, and is, as far as has been ascertained, representative in the male
line of the senior branch of the family of Nixon of Fermanagh



Nixon of Nixon Hall.

The third son of George Nixon of Granshagh (p. 46), was : —
THOMAS NIXON, of Kingstown, Co. Fermanagh, on roll for High
Sheriff, Co. Fermanagh, 1736, Quarter Master in the army of WilUam
III.,* who is described in the Betham-Phillips manuscript, 1718-19, as
" a forward man of considerable estimation in ye commonwealth, and
freehoulder in ye Barony of MageristafEanagh." He m. 1st, Lucy Percy,
said to be of the Northumberland family,t by whom he had issue. By
his second wife, Jane, J he seems to have had no issue, and he m. .3rd,

marriage articles § dated 16 Aug., 1735, Mary, widow of Borough,

sister-in-law of the Rev. William Finglas, M.A., of Erginah, Co. Tyrone,
dau. of — — Stogdell, and mother of Mary Borough, wife of Henry
Leslie, of Nutfield, Co. Fermanagh. Mrs. Nixon was buried at Aghavea,
Co. Fermanagh.! I Thomas Nixon's will, dated 6 Sept., 1738, was
proved 9 June, 1739, see Appendix L, p. 167. He had by his first wife
three sons, and three daus. : —

I. Adam Nixon (Rev.), M.A., Vicar of Clontibret, Co. Monaghan,
collated 29 Dec, 1741, formerly Curate of Clones, b. at
Kingstown Co. Fermanagh, son of Thomas, generosi entered
Trinity College, Dublin, 1 Feb., 1713-4, Scholar, 1716,
B.A., 1718, M.A., 1721. The Rev. Adam Nixon built the
present glebe house of Clontibret in 1742.^ He inherited and
acquired considerable property m Co. Fermanagh, which
descended to his nephew, Alexander Nixon, of Nixon Hall.
Mr. Nixon never married, but his niece, afterwards Mrs.
Swanzy, lived with him (for an incident in connection with this,
see p. 99). His will, codicil, dated 29 May, 1767, was proved
4 Dec, 1767, see Appendix III., p. 170.

* The Matriculation entry, T.C.D., of his son Andrew, describes Thomas Nixon
as "Leutenantis."

t Burke's Landed Gentry, 1863, is responsible for this statement.

X Exchequer Bill, 5 Aug., 1736, Thoma.s Nixon v. Adam and Andrew Nixon.

§ Registiy of Deeds, book 79| p. 435.

II There is a stone there with this inscription: "Here lyeth Mary Nixon; her
sister Dorothea Finglass ; her grandchild Penelope, daughter of Henry Leslie, esq. ,
of Nutfield" (History of Two Ulster Manors, by the Earl of Beloiore, 2nd ed.,190."^,
p. 4.35). Pwe'.'! Occur rtnces announces the marriage, on 24th Sept., 1755, of "Henry
Lesly, of Nutfield, in the County of Eermanagh, Gent., to Miss Mary Borrough
of St. Andrew's" Thomas Nixon left £5 to his wife's daughter, Miss Mary
Borrogh. Borough Leslie of Nutfield, d. 23 Feb., 1815, aged 18, and was
buried in the Oliver vault, Co. Limerick, inscription at Aghavea. The Rev. Wm
Finglas m. at St. Bride's, Dublin, 17 Aug., 1719, Dorothy Stogdell. He held the
College living of Cappagh, Co. Tyrone, 1730-50.

IT The details connected with this are noted at length in Clogher Grant Book,
No. ,'5, pp. 156-166 (Public Record Office, Dublin).


II. GEORGE, of whom immediately.

III. ANDREW (Rev.) of Nixon Lodge, ancestor of that branch, and
of the Swanzy and Corry families, see Chapter VI., p. 83.

I. FRANCES, m. John Enery, of Bawnboy, Co. Cavan, J.P., High
Sheriff, Co. Fermanagh, 1727, and Co. Cavan, 1738, and had
issue, see Chapter VII., p. 128.

II. Margaret Nixon, m. Clogher marriage licence 20 July, 1717,
Francis Young, of Killeshandra parish, Co. Cavan, and was
still living in 1752, date of her uncle James Nixon's will. She
had issue* : —

1. Thomas Young.

2. Richard Young.

III. Nixon, m. James Little.f and had a dau. : —

Jane Little, m. 1733, Richard Hassard, of Garden Hill, Co.
Fermanagh, and had numerous descendants, including
the Hassards of Garden Hill and of Waterford ; Sir
Francis Hassard, Sir John Hassard, K.C.B.. the
families of MacMahon, and Grogan, Baronets ; the
late General Sir Richard Stewart, K.C.B., the families
of Story, McMaster, Carson, Hudson, etc., for whom
see The Family of Hassard by the Rev. H. B. Swanzy,
Dublin, 1903, pp. 29-58.

The second son :—

GEORGE NIXON, of Nixon Hall (or Mullymesker) Cleenish, near
Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh, High Sheriff, Co. Fermanagh, 1743,
appointed J.P. that county 23 May, 1737. He purchased Mullymesker,
originally the seat of the Hassards, from Mr. Cole, Lord Enniskillen's
ancestor, and called it Nixon Hall, a name which was apparently not
in general use till his son's time. George Nixon m., settlements, 16 June,
1720,J Catherine, third dau. of Alexander Acheson, of Tonnyheague,
Co. Fermanagh, High Sherifi for that county, 1703, Capt. in Col.
Abraham Creighton's Regt., of Foot, and d. April, 1757, " to the in-
expressible grief of his afflicted Family, being a tender Husband, and
indulgent Parent ; in him the Poor have lost their best Friend and his
Acquaintances a most agreeable and sincere companion." {Dublin

* The Rev. Adam Nixon, in his will, mentions " my niece Harkness." She
may have been a dan. of Mrs. Young. There was already a Harkness and Young
marriage, for there is a Clogher marriage licence, 20 Oct., 1720, between Thomas
Harkness of the diocese of Armagh, and Slary Young of the parish of Aughnamullen.

t Burke's Landed Gentry, and Short's History of the Hassards state that Richard
Hassard married Jane, dau. of J. Little. The Rev. Adam Nixon in his will mentions
" Jane Hazard my niece of Garden Hill," and she is also mentioned by her grandfather,
Thomas Nixon, in his will, 1738. If Burke's and Short's pedigree be correct, she
must have been Jane Little, but no other proof has been discovered of a Nixon
and Little marriage.

J Abstract of Title. Mullymesker (Nixon Hall) Estate. Incumbered Estates Court
14 Jan.. 1856,


Gazette, April 30 to May 2, 1757). He had by his wife, who survived
him, five children : —

I, Thomas Nixon, killed by a fall from his horse in his father's
II. ALEXANDER, of whom presently.

I. Catherine Nixon, m. — Barton.
II. Mary Nixon, m. at St. Andrew's, Dublin, 12 Dec, 1761, her cousin
Thomas Higinbotham, of Farmley, Co. Dubhn, son of Andrew
Higinbotham, of Nutfield, Co. Cavan, and had issue, see p. 152.

III. Jane Nixon, w., settlements dated 22 March, 1765, Robert Hassard,
of Skea, Co. Fermanagh, J.P., and had issue, for a full account
of whom see The Family of Hassard, by the Rev. H. B.
Swanzy, pp. 87-95. She was ancestress of the families of
Hassard of Desertcreat, and of Skea, Irvine of Killadeas,
Hemsworth of Abbeville, and Peacocke, Archbishop of Dublin.

The second son : —

ALEXANDER NIXON, of Nixon Hall, High Sheriff, Co. Fermanagh,
1761 and Co. Monaghan, 1775, appointed J.P., Co. Fermanagh, 4 Aug.,
1758, Capt. Irish Fusiliers Provincial Regt. of Foot, Feb., 1783, h. about
1726, entered Trinity College, Dublin, 27 Sept., 1743, aged 17, Scholar,
1746 ; B.A., 1748. He was executor to the wills of his uncle, the Rev.
Adam Nixon, and his aunt, the widow of the Rev. Andrew Nixon, and
was guardian to her two unmarried daughters, Frances and Barbara
(afterwards Mrs. Corry). He m., settlements dated 20 June, 1758,
Mary, eldest dau. of Alexander Montgomery, of Bessmount Park, Co.
Monaghan (by Elizabeth, 3rd dau. of Henry Richardson, of Bally-
kinler, Co. Down *) son of Robert Montgomery, of Anarea, Co. Monaghan,
brother of Alexander Montgomery of Ballyleck, same Co. He made
his will 5 March, 1776. It was proved 21 April, 1791, in the Pre-
rogative Court. He did not leave as much to his son Alexander as to
the others, as he was being pro\ided for by his grandfather Montgomery,
and asked his friend Mervyn Archdall, of Castle Archdall, to be guardian
to his children. He had eight sons, and five daus. : —

I. George Nixon, of Nixon Hall, High Sheriff, Co. Fermanagh, 1804,
Barrister at law, Hilary Term, 1785, Lieut. Irish Fusiliers
Provincial Regt. of Foot, Feb., 1783, h. about 1761, educated
at Enniskillen under Mr. Noble, entered Trinity College, DubUn,
7 July, 1777, aged 16, Scholar, 1780 ; B.A., 1782 ; m. his
cousin, Catherine, dau. of Humphrey Nixon, of Nixon Lodge
(see p. 94) (by Anne, sister of the Right Hon. Sir John Stewart,
Bart.) son of the Rev. Andrew Nixon, by Marianne, dau. of the

* Lodge MS8.. Britinh Museum, Vol. VI., No. 23098. j.. 3.






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