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1839, m. 20 Sept., 1865, Frances Elizabeth, dau. of
Major Henry Keane, 25th and 87th Kegts., of
Corbally, Co. Down, and d. 30 Dec, 1897, leaving by
her, who d. 17 July, 1906, an only child : —

Frances Adelina Ward, m. 2 June, 1897, Hume
Robertson, Secretary Provincial Bank, son of
William Blakeman Robertson, and has issue.

1. Eric Hume Robertson, h. 10 May, 1898.

2. Algar Ronald Ward Robertson, 6. 8 Sept.,


1. Vera Adeline Frances Robertson.

2. Rhona Noreen Helena Robertson.

(2.) Espine Ward, Staff Surgeon in the army, m. Mary,

dau. of Thomas Picton Reede, of Dublin, and d.

leaving a son : —

'* Espine Montgomery Picton Ward, late Lieut.

2nd Batt. the Prince of Wales' Leinster Regt.,

h. 11 Jan., 1879, m. 9 March, 1904, Lucie

Johanna, dau. of the late P. O'Flanagan, of

Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and of Mrs. J.

Wood, of Pretoria.

4. Harriet Nixon, d. 9 Dec, 1825.

VI. Thomas Nixon, of Dunbar House, Enniskillen, m. 13 Oct., 1802,

Jemima, dau. of George Alcock, aforesaid, Lord Mayor of

Dublin, 1786, and d. 14 Oct., 1814, having had by her, who

d. 15 Jan., 1847, three sons and three daus. : —

1. Alexander Nixon (Rev.) B.A., T.C.D., of Knockballymore,

Co. Fermanagh, and Heathfield, Co. Donegal, J.P., Cos.

Fermanagh and Donegal, h. 1804, m. 1st, 13 March, 1828,

Mary Anne, only dau. of Roger Sheehy Keating, by

Frances Aylmer, his wife, and by her, who d. 1 Jan., 1857,

had issue : —

(1.) Thomas Nixon, d. abroad.

(1.) Frances Maria Nixon, m. 1 July, 1869, Bernard George
Shaw, D.I., R.I.C., only son of George Nathaniel
Shaw, of Cork, and d. 26 Jan., 1871, leaving a dau. : —
Frances Maria Eva Shaw.


Tte Rev. Alexander Nixon m. 2nd, 25 Feb., 1858, Anne
Catherine, dau. of the Rev. Thomas Harpur, M.A., Rector
of Maryborough, and afterwards of Templeshambo,
diocese of Ferns, and d. 25 March, 1882, hax-ing had
further issue : —

(2.) Harpur ColviU John Nixon (Rev.) B.A.,T.C.D., 1881,
M.A., 1889, of Heathfield, now of Denman Island,
British Columbia, 6. 5 Dec, 1858, m. 1888, Marie,
dau. of Arthur Pennamen Louis, of Douamenez,
Finnisterre, France, and has issue : —
i. Harpur Cyril Nixon, 6. 1888.
ii. James Nixon, 6. 1889.
iii. Louis Hamilton Nixon, 6. 11 Dec, 1891.
iv. Frank Alexander Nixon, 6. 23 June, 1895.
V. Thomas Marie Nixon, 6. 26 Dec, 1896.
vi. John Nixon, h. 19 Oct., 1904.
(2.) Hannah Frances Nixon.
(3.) Jemina Nixon.
2. George Alcock Nixon, M.D., Glasgow, 1834, of Enniskillen,
m. 1st 15 June, 1832, his cousin Anna Maria, dau. of
Major Alexander Nixon-Montgomery, of Bessmount Park,
Co. Monaghan (see p. 80) and by her, who d. 7 April, 1842,
had issue : —

(1.) Thomas Nixon, d. 3 Aug., 1859.
(2.) George Nixon, h. 23 July, 1839, d. young.
(1.) EUza Nixon, m. 26 July, 1859, John Harpur, of New
Park, Queen's Co., son of the Rev. Thomas Harpur,
Rector of Maryborough, and had issue : —
i. Thomas George Montgomery Harpur (Rev.)
B.A., Incumbent of Timahoe, diocese of
Leighhn, h. 18 April, 1861, m. 27 April, 1897,
Kathleen, dau. of Robert Wilson, of Kenagh,
Co. Longford, and has : —
1. Ernest Ian Wilson Harpur, 6. 31 May, 1899.

1. Kathleen Violet Harpur.

2. Edith Elizabeth Armstrong Nixon Harpur.
i. Anna Harpur, m. 27 July, 1893, Alexander

Francis Boyle, J.P., of Belmont House, Queen's
Co., and has had issue : —

1. Ivan Alexander Boyle, 6. 30 April, 1895, d.

5 June, 1896.

2. Dermot Alexander Boyle, h. 2 Oct., 1904.

3. Brian James Harpur Boyle, h. 17 April, 1906.
1. Sylvia Boyle.

Dr. Geoi^e Alcock Nixon, m. 2nd, at Gretna Green, 11 Nov.,


and at the Cathedral, Manchester, 27 Nov., 1847, Frances
Willoughby, eldest dau. of Sir Thomas Charles Yates,
by Maria Isabella, youngest dau. of Sir William Richardson,
Bart., of Augher Castle, Co. Tyrone. He d. 21 May, 1853,
aged 48, and his widow d. 20 July, 1867. They had
further issue : —

(3.) Charles Alexander Newburgh Nixon, B.A., T.C.D., h.
1851, m. 3 Sept. 1874, Martha Plunkenette, 4th dau.
of Thomas Howard Wisdom, of Dublin, and d. 7 April,
1875. She w. 2nd, 17 Sept., 1877, Alexander William
Brett, R.N.
(4.) George Michael Nixon, M.B., Surgeon-Major Indian
Medical Service, h. 16 Feb., 1852, m. 12 Oct., 1878,
Adelaide, 3rd dau. of Edward Fetherstonhaugh, of
Blackrock, Co. DubUn, by Elizabeth Dorothea, dau.
of Wilham Curtis, of Annaghmore, King's Co., (see
also p. 126). He d. 17 Aug., 1896, leaving issue : —
i. Charles Howard Fetherstonhaugh Nixon, Lieut.
5th Gurkha Rifles, Indian Army, h. 14 Aug.,
ii. Brian George Michael Frederick Nixon, 2nd
Lieut. 1st Batt. Queen's Royal West Surrey
Regt., 6. 5 June, 1886.
i. Marjorie Adelaide Eileen Nixon, m. 2 March,
1907, Cecil Roy Millar. Lieut. Royal Army
Medical Corps, 3rd son of Richard Chaytor
Millar, of Foxrock, Co. DubUn.

3. Thomas Nixon, of Dunbar House, Capt. Fermanagh
Militia, J.P., Co. Fermanagh, 11 March, 1835, m. 9 Dec,
1840, his first cousin, Juliana Mary Anne, widow of John
BoveU, of Demerara, and eldest dau. of George Alcock, of
Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin. She d. 6 April, 1860,
and Capt. Nixon d. at Frescati, Blackrock, 28 Feb., 1862.

1. Maria Nixon, d. 23 Feb., 1826, aged 16.

2. Jemima Nixon, d. Aug., 1811.

3. Jemima Georgina Mary Nixon, d. in infancy, July, 1813.

VTT. Robert Nixon, C.B., Lieut. -Colonel in the army, 30 May, 1811,
Major 28th Regt., 15 Dec, 1804, served in Egypt, the Penin-
sula, and Waterloo, wounded at Waterloo 18 June, 1815,
gazetted C.B. for services, 4 June, 1815, re-gazetted C.B.
for services at Waterloo on the 22nd of the same month,
awarded the 4th Class of the Order of St. Wladimir by the
Emperor of Russia (Wellington's despatches, 21 Aug., 1815)
retired from the service 1816, d. unm., 26 Aug., 1826, intestate,


liis niece Anna Nixon, of Nixon Hall, afterwards Mrs. Netter-
ville Blake, being his heiress at law.

VIII. James Nixon, of Rosskean, Co. Fermanagh, appointed J. P.,
Co. Fermanagh. 14 Feb., 1812, d. 8 Nov., 1816, leaving no
lawful issue.

I. Catherine Nixon, m. Jan. 1785, her cousin, Richard Hudson, of
Dublin, elder son of Edward Hudson, by Frances, 4th dau. of
Richard Hassard, of Garden Hill, Co. Dublin. They had seven
sons and five daus., for whose descendants, Hudsons and
Carsons, see The Family of Hassard, by the Rev. H. B. Swanzy,
1903, pp. 41-45.

II. Elizabeth Nixon, in. 18 Jan., 1794, John Curry, Barrister-at-law,
of Londonderry, son of Samuel Curry, and by him, who d.
18 Jan., 1834, had at her death, June, 1855, in her 85th year,
three sons and five daus. : —

1. John Montgomery Curry (Rev.) B.A.,T.C.D., m. Emily

Middleton, of St. Heliers, Jersey, and had one dau. : —
Wilhelmina Curry, m. H. Cary, son of the Rev.
Radcliffe Joseph Cary, Rector of Desertegny, Co.
Donegal, son of the Rev. Anthony Grayson Cary, and
had one child.

2. Alexander Curry, B.A., T.C.D., Barrister-at-law, b. 24 June,

1802, m. 28 March, 1844, Caroline, dau. and co-heiress
of Tristram Cary, of White Castle, Co. Donegal and The
Casino, Derry, by Henrietta Sophia, 2nd dau. of Lieut.-
Colonel Henry John Kearney, of White Waltham, Berks,
eldest son of the Rev. John Kearney, D.D., by Henrietta,
dau. of the Rev. the Hon. Henry Brydges, D.D., brother
of James Brydges, 1st Duke of Chandos. Mr. Curry d.
27 Dec, 1859, leaving four sons and two daus. : —

(1.) John Brydges Curry, 6. 17 Jan., 1845.
(2.) Henry John Kearney Curry, 6. 5 July, 1850,
d. unm., Jan., 1872.

(3.) Alexander Curry, b. 21 April, 1854, d. unm.

(4.) Tristram Curry, h. 10 May, 1857, m. Frances Philippa,
dau. of Thomas Bedingfeld, and had issue : —

i. Alexander Curry, b. Oct., 1886.

i. Evelyn Grayson Curry, m. 15 April, 1903, Lieut.
Charles White, R.N., son of the Rev. James
White, Vicar of St. Peter's, Paddiiigton,
London, and has : —

Kathleen Hawtrey White.


ii. Hilda Boys Curry, m. 18 Dec, 1905, Pereiva
T. Nicholls, Surgeon R.N., 2nd son of H. J.

Nicholls, of Coed Celyn, Dolgelly, North

Wales, and has : —

Evelyn Grayson Bedingfeld Nicholls.
iii. OUve Curry,
iv. Blanche Curry.

(1.) Henrietta Curry.

(2.) Frances Elizabeth Curry, m. 30 April, 1868, Com-
mander George Herbert Blake, R.N., son of George
Blake, of Bramerton Hall, Norfolk, and by him.
who d. 4 March, 1907, had issue : —

i. Herbert Arthur Blake, 6. 1 June, 1869, d. 17 Aug.,

ii. Tristram Kennedy Blake, 6. 3 Nov., 1877.
iii. Sydney Alexander Blake, 6. 27 Nov., 1880, d. 20

April, 1901.
i. Georgina Alexa idra Blake, m. 24 Nov., 1897,

William James Reid, M.D., son of Capt. Reid,

95th Regt.
ii. Caroline Cary Blake, m. 1 July, 1903, Claude

Edward Vance, son of Capt. Eustace John

Vance, 13th Hussars, son of Thomas Vance,

J.P., of Blackrock House, Co. Dublin, and

has : —

Caroline Eveljni Leigh Vance,
iii. Florence Mabel Blake,
iv. Rosalie Eileen Margarite Blake,
v. Frances Marie Helen Blake.
3. George Curry, d. unm.

1. Ann Curry, d. unm.

2. Elizabeth Curry, d. unm.

3. Margaret Curry, d. unm.

4. Rebecca Jane Curry, d. unm.

5. Mary Curry, m. her cousin William Curry, son of Joseph

Curry, and had issue : —

(1.) Joseph Curry.

(2.) William Curry, of Buncrana, Co. Donegal, d.
unm. 5 Sept., 1858.

(1.) Elizabeth Wilhelmina Nixon Curry, d. unm., 7 Sept.,

III. Mary Nixon, m. deed dated 14 July, 1804, Denis O'Donoughoe,
and d. s. p.


IV. Anne Nixon.

V. Jane Nixon, m. 1804,Richard Power, of Rosskean, Co. Fermanagh,
and d. 2 Dec, 1839, aged ()3, having had issue : —

1. William Power.

2. Alexander Power, of Rosskean, d. 1846.
1. Mary Power, m. John Tegarty.

The second son of Alexander Nixon, of Nixon Hall, by Mary
Montgomery his wife (see p. 68) was : —

Tyholland, Co. Monaghan, J.P., High Sheriff, Co. Monaghan, 1790,
Major Monaghan MiUtia, h. 1762, educated by the Rev. C. Meares
(see p. 141), entered Trinity College, Dublin, (as Nixon) 5 July, 1779,
aged 17, did not graduate, succeeded to Bessmount under the will
of his maternal grandfather, and assumed the additional name of
Montgomery. He m. at St. Ann's, Dublin, 18 Aug., 1807, Eliza, dau.
of Arthur Stanley, of Dawson St., DubUn. She d. 8 May, 1827.
Major Nixon-Montgomery d. 1 April, 1837, having had eleven children,
who bore the name of Montgomery only. They were : —

I. ALEXANDER, of whom presently.

II. Arthur Henry Montgomery, of Crieve House, Co, Monaghan, h.
9 April, 1810, m. 29 April, 1851, Henrietta Frances, eldest
dau. of the Rev. Francis Chamley, Vicar of Wicklow, and
d. 2 Dec, 1859, having had issue : —

1. Alexander Nixon Montgomery (Rev.) of Carnaveagh, Co.

Monaghan, Rector of Aughnamullen in that Co., B.A,,
T.C.D., h. 5 Oct., 1852, m. 1 Aug., 1895, Mary Elizabeth,
only dau. of Thomas Hanna, of Dublin, by Rhoda Mary,
dau. of Leonard Dobbin, of Armagh, by Mary, 4th dau.
of the Rev. George Miller, D.D., F.T.C.D., Rector of
Derryvoland, Co. Fermanagh. Issue : —

Arthur Henry Montgomery, h. 17 April, 1897.

2. Francis Chamley Montgomery, D.S.O., Lieut. Roberts'

Horse, h. 25 June, 1855, served in the South African War,
d. 18 March, 1901, of wounds received iu action on the
previous day near Lichtenburg, Transvaal, South Africa.

1. Madeline Montgomery.

III. Robert Montgomery, h. 29 Nov., 1811, d. 5 July, 1845.

IV. George Montgomery, M.D., of Dubhn, h. 15 Dec, 1814, m.

11 Aug., 1842, Elizabeth, 3rd dau. of George Arbuthnot Holmes,
of Moorock, King's Co., eldest son of Richard Holmes, of
Prospect, King's Co., by Anne, dau., of John Arbuthnot, of
Rockfleet, Co. Mayo, and sister of the Right Hon. Charles
Arbuthnot, P.C., M.P., the Right Rev. Alexander Arbuthnot,


D.D., Bishop of Killaloe, Lieut. -General Sir Robert Arbuthnot,
K.C.B., and Lieut. -General Sir Thomas Arbuthnot, K.C.B.
Dr. Montgomery d. 4 Nov. 1869, and his widow d. 21 Dec,
1894, having had one son and three daus. : —

1. Alexander Nixon Montgomery, F.R.C.P.I., of Dublin,
h. 1 May, 1847, wi. 15 Sept., 1885, Anna Sophia, 3rd dau.
of Benjamin Samuel Adams, of Shinan House, Co. Cavan,
by his first wife, Georgina Charlotte, dau. of the Rev.
George Hickson, Vicar of Magheracloone, diocese of
Clogher, and has had issue : —

(1.) George Alexander Nixon Montgomery, h. 19 Nov.,
1886, d. 13 July, 1887.

(2.) Alexander Nixon Montgomery, h. 18 May, 1894.

(1.) Jeannie Holmes Montgomery.

(2.) Georgina Hickson Montgomery.

(3.) Anna Elizabeth Mary Montgomery.

1. Jeannie Holmes Montgomery, m. 17 Sept., 1873, as his

second wife, Benjamin Samuel Adams, of Shinan House,
J.P., High Sheriff, Co. Cavan, 1866, Lieut. 12th Regt.,
son of Capt. Charles James Adams, R.N., J. P., of Shinan
House, by Anne Jane, dau. of Capt. William Foster, of
Fosterstown, Co. Meath, and d. 13 June, 1876, having
had by him, who d. 3 June, 1899, issue : —
(1.) EUzabeth Montgomery Azalina Adams, d. 1876.
(2.) Jeannie Holmes Adams, d. 5 Jan., 1888.

2. Elizabeth Stanley Montgomery.

3. Mary Montgomery.

V. Handcock Montgomery, 6. 20 June, 1816, m. 23 May, 1838,

Alicia, sister of Elizabeth, Marchioness of Westmeath, and

dau. of David Verner, of Churchill, Co. Armagh, brother of

Sir William Verner, Bart. Mr. Montgomery d. 8 May, 1839,

leaving by his vdie> (who m. 2nd, 20 July, 1846, Langford

Kennedy, H.E.I.C.S., and d. 8 Aug., 1859) an only child :—

Alexander Nixon Montgomery, Capt., 7th Royal Fusiliers,

and Commandant I.N.N.C, J. P., Natal, of Ismont,

Mid-Ilow, Natal, author of The Natal Magistrate,

Hints about Egypt, and various pamphlets, b. 23 March,

1839, m. 4 Jan., 1861, Istere Alicia, 4th dau. of Solomon

Atrutel, of Gibraltar, of the race of the Sephardim,

and by her, who d. 14 June, 1900, has had five sons

and nine daus. : —

(1.) Roger Montgomery, 6. 3 June, 1863, rf. 19 Sept.. 1863.


(2.) John Willoughby Verner Montgomery, Capt. 0. C. D.
Squadron, Natal Carbineers in Natal Vol. Composite
Regt., served through the South African War
(mentioned in despatches, Queen's and King's
medals with six clasps) and in the Native Rebellion,
1906, (medal), h. 18 May, 1867.

(3.) Gabriel Charles Langford Montgomery, h. 30
March, 1874, d. 22 Aug., 1874.

(4.) Waldyve David Montgomery, h. 2 April, 1875, d. 19
July, 1875.

(5.) Quintin Hogg Montgomery, served throughout the
South African War in the Natal Carbineers and
Composite Regt. (Queen's and King's medals with
clasps), 6. 26 June, 1877, m. 1 Oct., 1903, Adelaide
Maud, 2nd dau. of John A. de Waal Berning, and
grand-dau. of F. S. Berning, Registrar of Deeds,
Colony of Natal, and has issue : —

i. Roger Quintin Montgomery, h. 5 May, 1906.
i. Dulcia Maud Montgomery.

(1.) Alethe Sylva Montgomery, m. 13 Dec, 1880, Leonard
Guise Wingfield-Stratford, of Powerscourt, Natal,
grandson of Lieut. -Colonel the Hon. John Wingfield-
Stratford, son of Richard Wingfield, 3rd Viscount
Powerscourt, by Lady Emilia Stratford, dau. of John
1st Earl of Aldborough. Issue : —

i. Mervyn Edward John Wingfield-Stratford,

6. 17 Sept., 1883.
i. Maud Frances Jane Wingfield-Stratford.
ii. Agnes Mary Wingfield-Stratford.
iii. Murielle Victoria Alethe Wingfield-Stratford.
iv. Hermione Wingfield-Stratford.
(2.) Blanche Lucia Montgomery, m. 8 April, 1891, Edward
Harry Hayes, of Hardington, Natal, 2nd son of
George Bevan Hayes, of Khpspruit, Natal, son of
the Rev. James Hayes, M.A., Vicar of Wybunbur}-,
Cheshire, and has a dau. : —
Virginia Lucia Hayes.
(3.) Dulcia Gabriella Montgomery, d. in infancy, 19

July, 1865.
(4.) Grace Dorothea Montgomery, m. 16 Dec, 1891, Richard
Ne%dlle Wingfield-Stratford, of Wmgfield, Nalal,
6th son of John Wingfield-Stratford, J. P., D.L.,
of Addington Place, Ken^ by Jane, dau. of General


Sir John Wright Guise, Bart., G.C.B., of Elmore
Court, Gloucestershire and has : —

i. Esme John Richard Wingfield-Stratford, b. 12

Feb., 1897,
ii. Georgina Grace Ida Wingfield-Stratford.

(5.) Muriel Constance Montgomery, d. in infancy, 15
Oct., 1868.

(6 ) Istere Octavia Montgomery, m. 24 Feb. 1897,
Reginald Dewhurst, of Apsley, Natal, 3rd son of
Henry Dewhurst, of Fartown Hall, Huddersfield, and
Highfield, Eastbourne, and has a dau. : —
Istere Dewhurst.

(7.) Alexandra Rogeria Louisa Montgomery, m. 23 Feb.,
1905, Frank Foxton Beaumont, of Skirbeck, Ixopo,
Natal, only son of William Foxton Beaumont, of
Skirbeck, Weymouth, and had : —

William Alexander Beaumont, b. 30 March,
1906, d. 2 April, 1906.

(8.) Edith Lavinia Decima Montgomery.
(9.) Irene Sibyl Theresa Montgomery,

VI. Thomas Montgomery, b. 7 May, 1818, d. same day.
VII. Mark Anthony Montgomery, Ensign 67th Regt., 6. 9 Sept., 1823,
killed by a fall ffom his horse, 26 April, 1844.

I. Anna Maria Montgomery, b. 24 May, 1809, m. 15 June, 1832,
her cousin, George Alcock Nixon, M.D., and d. 7 April, 1842,
leaving issue, see p. 73.
II. Mary Montgomery, b. 13 Feb., 1813, ?«. 8 June, 1841, Robert
Adams, M.D., Surgeon in Ordinary to the Queen in Ireland,
and d. 29 May, 1851, having had by him, who d. 13 Jan., 1875,
two sons and three daus. : —

1. Robert Adams, Lieut. 98th Regt., d. 24 April, 1880.

2. Samuel Adams.

1. Mary Alicia Adams, w. 1st, 28 April, 1869, Capt. ThomavS
Coote, of Racconnell House, Co. Monaghan, J.P., D.L.,
High Sheriff, Co. Monaghan, 1869, son of Major Thomas
Coote, of Brandrum, same Co., J.P., D.L., and by him
who d. 18 Jan., 1880, had with other issue : —

(1.) Thomas Coote, h. 1870, w. and has issue.

She 7n. 2nd, 9 Sept., 1882, James Charles Wolfe, eldest son
of the Ven. John Charles Wolfe, D.D., Archdeacon of
Clogher and Rector of Clontibret, Co. Monaghan, and had
issue : —
(1.) John Charles Wolfe, b. 14 June, d. 26 Aug., 188^}.


(2.) James Charles Wolfe, b. 20 Oct., 1884.

(3.) Richard Straubenzie Wolfe, h. 7 Dec, 1886, d. 28

Sept., 1888.
(1.) Nora Dorothy Wolfe, (/. 11 Sept., 1888.
(2.) Eileen Wolfe.
Anna Charlotte Adams, m. 9 Dec, 1873, Edward Richardson,
of Poplar Vale, Co. Monaghan, J.P., D.L., High Sheriff,
1871, Lieut. 41st and 80th Regts., eldest son of Capt.
John Richardson, 40th and 83rd Regts., by Frances,
dau. of George Jacson, of Barton Hall. Lancashire, and
by him, who d. 9 July, 1883, had at her death, 19 March
1882, issue :—

(1.) Edward John Richardson, of Poplar Vale, J.P., D.L.,
High Sheriff, 1902, Capt. 5th Batt. Royal Irish
Fusiliers, 6. 16 Sept., 1874.
(2.) Robert Adams Richardson, 6. 19 Dec, 1875, d. wim.

in South Africa, 26 July, 1899.
(3.) Charles Roger Richardson, h. 24 Feb., 1879.
(4.) George Clements Kirkwood Richardson, b. 31 Dec,

(1.) Frances Dorothy Richardson, d. young, 1877.
(2.) Mary Eleanor Richardson.
,. Jane Caroline Adams, m. 3 April, 1867, Colonel Frank
Edmund West, Madras Staff Corps, youngest son of John
Beatty West, Q.C.,M.P. for Dublin, 1841-2 (see also p. 114),
and by him, who d. 2 Oct., 1885, had at her death, 23
April, 1906, issue : —
(1.) Victor Robert Beatty West, Capt. 5th Batt. Royal

Irish Fusiliers, b. Aug., 1871.
(1.) Hilda Mary Caroline West, m. 28 Aug., 1889, Theodore
Dickson Browne, M.D., of Benburb, Co. Tyrone,
and has had issue : —
i. Francis William Henry Browne, h. 29 May,

1890, d. 8 Jan., 1906.
ii. Alexander Edward West Browne, b. 10 June,

1893, d. Sept., 1895.
iii. Theodore Victor Browne, b. 29 July, 1897.
i. Hilda Theodore Geraldine Mabel Browne.
(2.) Elma Jane Geraldine West.
(3.) Zelda Anne Frances West.
(4.) Sylvia Violet West.
(5.) Ethel Maude West.


III. Elizabeth Montgomery, h. 29 Dec, 1820, m. 23 May, 1845, James

Power, of Colehill House, Co. Longford, and has issue.

IV. Jane Caroline Montgomery, h. 14 Dec, 1824, d. 20 May, 1889.

The eldest son of Major Alexander Nixon-Montgomery (p. 77), was : —

ALEXANDER MONTGOMERY, of Kilquade House, Delgany, Co.
Wicklow, J.P., Co. Monaghan, High Sheriff, Co. Monaghan, 1832,
B.A.,T.C.D., h. 17 May, 1808, w. 8 Oct., 1846, Henrietta, dau. of Major
Randal Stafford, of Tully House, Co. Cavan, by Letitia, eldest dau.
of Colonel the Hon. Arthur Cole- Hamilton, of Beltrim, Co. Tyrone,
son of John, 1st Lord Mountflorence, and brother of William
Willoughby, 1st Earl of Enniskillen. Mr. Montgomery d. 25 June, 1881,
and his widow d. 5 Sept., 1894, having had a son : —

ALEXANDER MONTGOMERY, of Kilquade House, /;. 12 May,
1851, m. 4 April, 1873, Mary, dau. of Major William Lane, and great-
grand -dau. of Colonel George Lane, of Lanespark, Co. Tipperary, and
(L 27 Dec, 1878, ha\dng had issue : —

I. Alexander Montgomery, d. young, 6 June, 1877.


The younger son : —

1878, is the present representative, in the male line, of the Nixons
of Nixon Hall, descended from Thomas Nixon, of Kingstown, Co.
Fermanagh, 3rd son of George Nixon, of Granshagh.


Fro)n a 2Iiiii(ilun, dated 1761, hi pot-srssiim of the Fuv. T. Erxkiitc Swcinzij-


Daughter uf the Mev. Mathew Fieiich, and wife vt tlie
Mev. Aiuh'ew Nixon.

From (I Mittiittiii'c, dated 1701, /// iiosucnsioii ol tlic Itcc. '1. Ersld/ii i->ira/iZ[/.

Tu face ij. 83.


Nixon ob' Nixon Lodge. Swanzy of Avelreaoh.

The youngest son of Thomas Nixou, of Kingstown (see p. 66), was : —

THE REV. ANDREW NIXON, of Nixon Lodge (or Artonagh).
Drumlane, near Beiturbet, Co. Cavan, Vicar of Ahamplish, diocese of
Elphin, b. J 710, son of Thomas, " Leutenantis," educated at Enniskillen
under Dr. Adams, entered Trinity College, Dublin, 19 June, 1726, aged
16, B.A., 1730, m., prerogative marriage licence bond 10 March, 17-37,
Marianne, elder dau. and co-heiress of the Rev. Mathew French, B.A.,
Prebendary of Kilroot, Co. Antrim,* only son of Mathew French, of
Dublin, who was uncle of Humphrey French, M.P. for Dublin and
Lord Mayor of that city, " the Good Lord Mayor," and 2nd son of
Mathew French, of Beiturbet, High Sheriff, Co. Cavan, 1677, see Part
I., Family of French, p. 19. Mr. Nixon, who lived most of his life in
Beiturbet, acquired considerable landed property in Cos. Cavan and
Fermanagh, some of which was purchased with money left to him
by his brother, the Rev. Adam Nixon, in 1767. He d. at
Beiturbet, 6 Jan., 1774, and his successor, the Rev. Matthew
Browne, was collated to Ahamplish the same month, in room of
the Rev. Andrew Nixon, deceased. {The Public Gazetteer^ 1 Feb., 1774).
His will, dated 18 Dec, 1773, was proved in the Prerogative Court,
22 Jan., 1774. See Appendix IV. His widow, Marianne Nixon, d.
m Grafton St., Dublin, 15 March, 1775, and her will, dated 24 Nov.,
1774, was not proved till 28 Nov., 1777, by Alexander Nixon of Nixon
Hall, the nephew and executor. Their descendant, the Rev. T. Erskine
Swanzy, has miniatures of Andrew Nixon and his wife, dated 1761,
here reproduced. The Rev. Andrew Nixon had issue f (besides another
son Brinsley Nixon, d. intestate, admon. granted to his father, 15 April,
1765) four sons and three daus., viz. : —

I. HUMPHREY, of whom presently, p. 86.

II. Mathew Nixon, of Ballyhaise and Annagh, Co. Cavan, J.P., Co.
Cavan, 4 March, 1778, Ensign 61st Foot, (Gray's Regt.), 28
Feb., 1766, m., marriage licence bond 6 Dec, 1769, Elizabeth,

* Chancery Bill, 28 March, 1739, Tisdall v. Nixon, Fanning and French.

t Burke's Landed Oentry, 1863, vo\. II., p. 1086, states that the Rev. Andrew
Nixon had married before, and was father of Andrew, ancestor of the Brinsley
Nixons. This is disproved by a Chancery Bill. 20 Dec, 1766. Nixou v. Nixon, see
further, p. 138



dau. of Edward Reilly, of Tullyco, Co. Cavan, and widow of
Marshall Mee, eldest son of John Mee, of Butler's Bridge,
Co. Cavan.* Mr. Nixon d. s. p. I. 1 Jan., 1800,1 and was
buried at Beltuibet on the 3rd.

III. Adam Nixon, of Creeny, Co. Cavan, Ensign 53rd Foot, 20 Feb.,

1767, Cornet 13th Light Dragoons, 6 June, 1770, m. Rose,
dau. of Richard Phepoe, of Dublin,J and d. intestate 30 May,
1808, § admon. granted 19 Aug., 1808, having had two sons : — 1|

1. Richard Phepoe Nixon, Lieut. 19th Regt., 7 Aug., 1807, and

Adjutant of the Regt., b. about 1770, will dated at Point
de Galle, Ceylon, 22 May, 1810, in which he leaves his
property of Kilmore, Co. Cavan, to his cousin, James
Swanzy, of Austin Friars, Loudon (see p. 103). R. P.
Nixon d. before 7 Sept., 1810, but the will, of which
James Swanzy and Harry Swanzy were executors, was
not proved till 29 April, 1815.

2. Andrew Nixon, b. about 1771, must have d. before 19 Aug.,

1808, when R. P. Nixon was his father's only next of Idn.

IV. GEORGE, of Lurgan Lodge, Co. Cavan, High Sheriff, Co.

Fermanagh, 1785, for whose marriages and descendants,
see p. 96.
I. ANNE, m. settlements ^ 10 Oct., 1765, Henry Swanzy, of

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