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Avelreagh, and Harrymount, Co. Monaghan, and d. 4 Feb.,
1822, having had ten children, for whom and their descendants,
see pp. 99-127.
II. Frances Nixon, who lived from 1765 with her sister Mrs. Swanzy**
until 1822. She d. uwm. at Maytone, Co. Armagh, the
residence of her niece, Mrs. Mather, and was buried in the
Swanzy vault at Clontibret, 22 Oct., 1830, aged 80. Will
dated 11 Feb., 1822.
III. Barbara Nixon, m. 8 Dec, 1778, Isaiah Corry, of Ballytrain,
Co. Monaghan, uncle of Colonel Thomas Charles Stewart
Corry, of Rockcorry Castle, M.P. for Co. Monaghau, and son
of the Rev. John Corry, J.P., of Fairfield, Rockcorry, Co.
Monaghan. Mr. Corry's will, dated 16 Dec. 1811, was proved
28 April, 1820, executors his nephews James Swanzy and
Henry Swanzy, also Arthur Irwin and Barbara Corry. Mrs.

* Chancery Bill, 12 June, 1772, Nixon v. Mee.
t Exchequer Bill, 6 March, 1807, King v. Swanzy.
% Exchequer Bill, 14 Feb., 1784, Nixon v. Hearne.
§ House of Lords' Journals, 1817, p. I82a, Hamilton v. Swanzy.
11 Chancery Bill, 27 May, 1791, Adam Nixon v. Rev. Charles Meares.
^ Chancery Bill, 29 July, 1775, Swanzy v. Fetherston.

** Exchequer Bill 30 Jan., 1779, Henry Swanzy and Anne his wife, v. Humphrey
Nixon, of Nixon Lodge, and Alexander Nixon, of Nixon Hall.


Corry, who was his second wife, d. June, 1826, having
had one son and nine daus., viz. : —

1. Mathew Nixon Corry, sometime of Rockcorry, and of

Armagh, m. 31 Aug., 1826, Maria, dau. of Major Thomas
Baylis, Deputy Assistant Adjutant General at Dublin,
She d. 1845.
1.' Maria Corry, m. 1st in April, 1805, William Cuming, of
Rockfield, Co. Down, who d. before 1809,| and 2nd,
Patrick Reynolds. She d. s. p. 10 June, 1812.

2. Barbara Corry, m. Robert Campbell, and had : —

(1.) William Cuming Campbell.
(1.) Maria Campbell, d. young.

3. Prudentia Corry, m. James Shannon.

4. Georgina Corry.

5. Sophia Corry, d. 3 April, 1815, in her 21st year,

6. Emilia Corry, m. 25 May, 1818, Burton Tandy, of Morning-

ton House, Co. Meath, and d. May, 1861, having had four
sons and five daus. : —

(1.) Burton Tandy, b. 18 June, 1824, killed in the
American war, 1861, unm.

(2.) John Siree Tandy, b. 11 March, 1829, d. unm., 1852.

(3.) Isaiah Stewart Corry Tandy, of Mornington House,
and of Kilnahoura, Ballyhooly, Co. Cork, b. 27 Feb.,
1831, m. 1862 Jane Charlotte, 3rd dau. of Capt.
Richard Gethin Creagh Coote, 54th Regt., son of Major
Eyre Coote, 27th Regt., who was nephew of General
Sir Eyre Coote, K.B., Commander in Chief in India.
Mr. Tandy d. 26 Sept., 1876, and his wife d. 29 Jan.,
1892, having had issue : —

i. Richard Gethin Siree Tandy, b. 23 June, 1865,
d. 11 Oct., 1883.
ii. Aubrey Belmore Corry Tandy, 6. 8 June, 1868,

(?. 23 March, 1884.
iii, Isaiah Stewart Corry Tandy, b. 23 Aug., 1869,
m. 30 Jan., 1900, Ada, eldest dau. of
Frederick D. Davies, and has : —
1. Frederick Stewart Corry Tandy, 6. 30 Dec,

1. Noel Tandy.

2, Florence Tandy.

* Chancery Bill, 27 Jan., 1813, M'Clean v. Corry.


i. Elizabeth Jane Corry Tandy, m. 19 July, 1889,
Robert Edward Bullen, son of Edward
Harnett Bullen, of Ballythomas, Co. Cork,
by Theodosia Isabella, dau. of Capt. Richard
Gethin Creagh Coote, see p. 85. He d. 15
March, 1904, leaving issue : —

1. Gerald Bullen.

2. Robert Bullen.
1. Marjorie Bullen.

ii. Kathleen Marion Corry Tandy, m. 26 April,
1902, Henry F. Chidley, B.A., Solicitor, of
iii. Alice Maud Corry Tandy.

iv. Mary Emily Corry Tandy, m. 7 Nov., 1900,

Charles Cranswick, of Bridlington, Yorkshire,

3rd son of William Cranswick, of Field House,


(4). Richard Sydney Tandy, b. 16 Dec, 18.34, d. aged 7.

(1). Sophia Tandy, m. 1st., 16 Aug., 18.39, Thomas Monck
Cobbe, 2nd son of General George Cobbe, R.H.A.,
who was grandson of Colonel Thomas Cobbe, M.P.,
of Newbridge, Co. Dublin, by Lady Elizabeth
Beresford, dau. of Marcus, 1st Earl of T}Tone, and
sister of George, 1st Marquis of Waterford. She m.
2nd Bimey, and d. s. p.

(2). Eliza Tandy, d. 1822, aged 2.

(3). Emily Tandy, m. 1st Moorhead, and 2nd John


(4). Catherine Corry Tandy, d. 1853.

(5). Alicia Cooper Tandy, m. John Brennan.

7. JuUa Corry, m. 18 Sept., 1826, John Siree, of Gloucester

St., Dubhn.

8. Harriet Corry.

9. Catherine Corry.

The eldest son of the Rev. Andrew Nixon and Marianne French,
(p. 83), was : —

HUMPHREY NIXON, of Nixon Lodge, Belturbet, Co. Cavan, and
Drummarriet, Co. Fermanagh, High Sheriff of Co. Cavan, 1777, and Co.
Fermanagh, 1784, J.P. Co. Cavan 4 July, 1767, Lieut. 51st Regt.,
half pay, 1763, educated by Dr. Gouldsbury, entered Trinity College,
Dublin, 9 Oct., 1757, aged 18, but did not graduate, m. at Ballymena,
8 Aug., 1781, Anne, sister of the Right Hon. Sir John Stewart, Bart.,
of Ballygawley, Co. Tyrone, M.P. for Augher, 1794-98, Bangor 1798,


and Co. Tyrone in five Parliaments from 1801 to 1826, Attorney-
General for Ireland, and eldest dau. of the Rev. Hugh Stewart, Rector
of Termonmaguiik, diocese of Armagh, by Sarah, dau. of the Rev.
Andrew Hamilton, D.D., of Donagheady, Co. Tyrone, by his wife,
dau. and heiress of Sir William Conyngham, Bart., Humphrey Nixon*
d. 12 June, 1810, and was buried at Belturbet, having had two sons and
six daus., viz. : —

I. Humphrey Stewart Nixon, of Nixon Lodge, High Sheriff Co.
Fermanagh 1809, J.P. Co. Cavan 25 March, 1814, Capt.
Fermanagh Militia 31 July, 1808, h. 8 Aug., 1787, m. at
Moneyglass, 11 June, 1807, Britannia, fourth dau. of Colonel
Thomas Morris-Jones, of Moneyglass, Co. Antrim, High
Sheriff Co. Armagh, 1779, J.P. Co. Antrim, (by Letitia,
only dau. of Charles Hamilton, of Mountjoy and Belcoo, Co.
Fermanagh) son of Thomas Morris-Jones, of Moneyglass,
(by Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Robert Cope, of Loughgall, Co.
Armagh, M.P. Co. Armagh, by Elizabeth, only dau. of Sir
WilUam Fownes, Bart., of Woodstock, Co. Kilkenny, Lord
Mayor of Dublin, 1708) only son of William Morris-Jones, of
Moneyglass, the famous " Bumper Sciuire Jones " of Dawson's
song. Capt. Nixon sold Nixon Lodge, f and went to Australia.
He had by her, who had d. about 1840, seven sons and four
daus. : —

1. Humphrey Robert Nixon, of Millview, Belturbet, h. 1809,

m. 1 Nov., 1837, Maria, sister of Sir Hew Crawfurd-
PoUok, Bart., of Pollok Castle, Renfrewshire, and dau.
of Capt. Hew Crawfurd, of Balgray House, same Co.
Mr. Nixon d. s. p. 11 April, 1853, and his widow d. 13
May, 1869.

2. Thomas Nixon, drowned while bathing in Drumlane Lake,

15 June, 1846.

3. Henry Nixon, d. in the West Indies.

4. George Nixon, bapt. at Drumlane, 9 July, 1820.

5. William Nixon, b. 29 April, 1823, d. young.

6. William Nixon, b. 16 Nov., 1824, went to Australia.

7. Robert Nixon, d. in Adelaide about 1902.

^ The following inscription is in Drumlane Churchyard. " Erected to the
memory of Owen Rourke, who departed this life Dec. 29, 1788, Aged 43 years.
This monument was erected by Humphrey Nixon, Esq., his late master, in
cTatitude for his most imexampled fidelity." {Journal of the Society for the Preserva-
rtoji of the Memorial of the Dead, Vol. IV.. p. 198.)

I The advertisement of sale appeared in The Dublin Evening Post, 16 June, 1846.
The property extended over 428 statute acres, comprising the lands of Upper
Ardens. Lower Ardens, Gartbrattain and Artonagh. Roimd Nixon Lodge, on the
lands of Artonagh, was much ornamental planting consisting of upwards of 30,000
registered trees.

1. Letitia Nixon, m. Feb., 1833 Major James Baillie, J. P., of

Carrig Hill, Belturbet, 38tli Regt., and Royal South
Down Militia, who d. 12 June, 1857, aged 83.

2. Anna Nixon, bapt. 1816, d. in DubUn, 11 Dec, 1831.

3. Britannia Nixon, bapt. 1 Aug., 1817. m. her first cousin,

Charles Henry Crookshank, son of the Rev. Charles Henry
Crookshank, Rector of TyhoUand, Co. Monaghan (by
Harriet, 7th dau. of Colonel Thomas Morris-Jones, of
Moneyglass), 4th son of the Hon. Alexander Crookshank,
M.P. for Belfast, one of the Judges of the Court of Common
Pleas in Ireland. Mr. Crookshank d. at Penwortham,
near Adelaide, South Australia, 1867, and his widow
d. s. p. about 1896.

4. Helen Nixon, bapt. 31 Jan., 1819.

II. Henry Stewart Nixon, Lieut. 10th Regt., 15 March, 1810, Lieut,
in army, 15 Sept., 1808, half pay 25 June, 1816, d. Feb., 1840.

I. Sarah Nixon, m. Jan., 1805, Nicholas ElHs, of Lisnaroe, Clones,
son of Hercules Ellis, by Frances, dau. of Nicholas Coddington,
of Oldbridge, Co. Meath, by Mary, dau. of Henry Tenison,
M.P. for Monaghan, eldest son of the Most Rev. Richard
Tenison, D.D., Bishop of Meath. They had two sons and five
daus. : —

1. Hercules Ellis, of HoUycourt, Blackrock, Barrister-at-law,

author of The Songs of Ireland (Dublin, 1849) d. 28 Aug.,

2. Thomas Ellis.

1. Anna Ellis.

2. Frances Ellis, m. 1830, Edward Kellett, son of Robert

Kellett, of Waterstown, Co. Meath, and went to
AustraUa, where she d. having had issue : —

(1.) Robert Kellett, d.
(2.) Edward Kellett.
(3.) William Kellett.
(4.) James Kellett.

(1.) Mary Kellett, m. Mr. Beit, and was killed in a
carriage accident.

(2.) Sarah Kellett, /«. 1st Mr. Beit, and 2nd Mr. Cruise,
and had a son, by her first marriage.

(3.) Frances Kellett, m. Mr. Woodward, and had two
sons and a dau.

(4.) Fredsweda Kellett, m. Mr. Cruise, brother of lier
sister's husband, and had twin sons.


3. Maria Ellis.

4. Eliza Rebecca Ellis.

5. Harriet Ellis, d. 12 Feb., 1899.

II. MarianiK^ Nixon, m. 1st, in June, 1804, Thomas Morris-Jones-
Hamilton, Capt. Antrim Militia, 2nd son of Colonel Thomas
Morris-Jones. He d. s. p., v. p., from a fall from his horse,
12 Oct., 1807, and she m. 2nd at Ahoghill, 10 Dec, 1811,
Edward Hudson, of Loughbrickland, Co. Down, and
Gardiner's Place, Dublin, son of the Rev. Edward Hudson,
Rector of Portglenone, Co. Antrim. By her 2nd husband,
who d. 1 Nov., 1817, and was buried at Loughbrickland, she
had, at her death, 11 Jan., 1867, two sons and two daus. : —
! . Edward Hudson, of Trentham, Leopardstown, Co. Dublin,
Solicitor, m. 12 July, 1853, his cousin, Emily Eleanor,
3rd dau. of the Rev. WilUam Grattan, by Anna Selina,
dau. of Humphrey Nixon, of Nixon Lodge, and d. 30
Sept., 1896, having had by her, who d. 30 Oct., 1894,
issue : —

(1.) Edward Hudson, d. in Australia.
(2.) "William Herbert Hudson,
(l.) Anne Hudson.

(2.) Mary Florence Hudson, rn. 28 Oct., 1890, the Rev.
Francis Henry John Dopping, M.A., of Erne Head,
Co. Longford, Vicar of Columbkill, only son of Robert
Dopping, of Erne Head, by Frances, dau. of Robert
Jessop, of Mount Jessop, Co. Longford. She d.
Nov., 1894, and her husband d. 14 May, 1907,
leaving : —
i. Dorothy Dopping.
ii. Veda Dopping.
(3.) Violet Emily Hudson, m. 30 April, 1889, her
kinsman, Richard Hassard, of Glenville, Co. Water-
ford, younger son of Michael Dobbyn Hassard, M.P.
for Waterford, 1856-66, by Anne, dau. of Sir Francis
John Hassard, Barrister-at-law, (see p. 67). He
d. s. p. 4 Nov., 1892.
(4.) Adela Louise Hudson, m. 23 Dec, 1904, William
Paulle Edwards Whitford, son of John Whitford,
of Penzance, Cornwall, and has a dau.
2. Humphrey Hudson, M.D., Assistant Surgeon, Bombay Army,

H.E.I.C.S., d. 27 May, 1845.
1. Letitia Hudson, m. 5 March, 1844, Philip Emmanuel


Brabazon, Surgeon, Co. Down Infirmary, eldest son of
Charles Brabazon, of Neillstown, Co. Dublin, and d. his
widow 23 June, 1900.
2. Maria Elizabeth Hudson, w. 20 June, 1844, her cousin John
Thomas Hamill-Stewart, of Ballyatwood, Co. Down,
grandson of the Rev. Henry Stewart, D.D., Rector of
Loughgilly, Co. Armagh, who was brother of the Right
Hon. Sir John Stewart, Bart., and of Mrs. Humphrey
Nixon (see p. 86). Mr. Haraill-Stewart d. 10 June,
1866, and his widow d. 4 Dec, 1904, having had six
children : —

(1.) John Donald Hamill-Stewart, C.M.G. (1881), Lieut.-
Colonel 11th Hussars, of Ballyatwood, Vice-Consul
at Anatolio, b. 15 Oct., 1845, murdered on the Nile,
Sept., 1884.
(2.) Henry Edward Hamill-Stewart, m. .3 Sept., 1896,
Geraldine Mary, elder dau. of the Rev. Robert Keith
Arbuthnot, Vicar of St. James', Ratcliff, London,
3rd son of Sir Robert Keith Arbuthnot, Bart., by
Anne, dau. of Field-Marshal Sir John Forster
Fitzgerald, G.C.B., and has a son : —

Donald Henry Hamill-Stewart, b. 6 Aug., 1900.

(3.) Hans Mark Hamill-Stewart, B.A., Barrister at law,
b. 1853.

(1.) Mary Frances Hamill-Stewart, m. 13 March, 1880,
Lieut.-Colonel Frederick Kevau Izod, 4th Batt.
Leinster Regt., fifth son of Lorenzo Nickson Izod, of
Chapel Izod, Co. Kilkenny, J.P., D.L., by Elizabeth
Catherine, dau. of Sir Henry Robert Carden, Bart.,
of Templemore Abbey, Co. Tipperary. Colonel
Izod d. 8 May, 1904, leaving issue : —

i. Kevan William Izod, Lieut. Loyal North
Lancashire Regt., 6. 11 Oct., 1885.

i. Lucia Elizabeth Izod.

ii. May Constance Izod.

(2.) Harriet Louisa Hamill-Stewart.

(3.) Ada Letitia Hamill-Stewart.

III. Anna Selina Nixon, w. 1808, the Rev. William Grattan, of
Sylvan Park, and Bensfort, Co. Meath, and Swanlinbar House,
Co. Cavan, son of William Grattan, of Sylvan Park, High
Sheriff, Co. Meath, 1778, son of Charles Grattan, F.T.C.D.
(who was one of " the seven Grattaus," Swift's friends, and
great uncle of the Right Hon. Henry Grattan, M.P.) by his

wife, Mary, sister of Benjamin Copeland, of Bensfort, High
Sheriff, Co. Meath, 1751 (see note, p. 29). She d. 9 March,
1870, and her husband d. March, 1844, having had three sons
and five daus. : —

1. William Grattan, d. at Sligo School, 6 Nov., 1825, in his

16th year.

2. Copeland Grattan.

3. Hmnphiey Grattan, ni. Sophia Biggs, who d. 30 June,

1887, and d. at Gowangardie, Victoria, 1907, aged 83,
having had a son : —
Wilham Grattan, w. and had issue.

1. Anna Grattan, m. 1 July, 1835, the Rev. William Prior
Moore, M.A., sometime Head Master of the Royal School,
Cavan, son of the Rev. John Moore, and d. 22 Oct., 1899,
in her 87th year, having had by him, who d. 9 Jan.,
1896, four sons and eight daus.: —
(1.) William Prior Moore m., and has issue.

(2.) Frederick Flood Moore, L.R.C.P. and L.M., L.R.C.I.,
Osea Island, Essex, m. 13 July, 1876, Harriett, 2nd
dau. of Major-General Richard Stewart Dobba,
Madras Army, son of the Rev. Richard Stewart
Dobbs, by Harriet, dau. of Alexander Macaulay, by
the Hon. Julia Acheson, dau. of Archibald. 1st
Viscount Gosford. Issue : —

i. Frederick Grattan Moore, Capt. Indian Army,
served in the Tirah Campaign 1897-8, (medal
with two clasps) and in China, 1900 (medal),
b. 26 April, 1877, m. 14 Oct., 1907, Marian
Charlotte Gertrude, youngest dau. of the
Very Rev. William Henry Stone, M.A., Dean
of Kilmore.

ii. Arthur Gordon Moore, b. 19 June, 1885, d. 10
Oct., 1903.

i. Lilian Harriett Moore.

ii. Winifred Ethel Moore.

(3.) Henry Grattan Moore (Rev.), B.D., T.C.D., Rector of
Christchurch, Wiimetka, Chicago, U.S.A., m. 13 Aug.,
1879, Elizabeth Avis, dau. of Thomas Wilkinson, of
Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, and has issue : —

i. Gerald Moore.

i. Kathleen M. Moore.

(4.) Edward Erskine Stone Moore, M.D., B.Ch., B.A.,
T.C.D., Resident Medical Officer Donegal Aaylum, b.


20 Oct., 1857, m. 5 June, 1890, Nichola Margaret
Jane, 2nd dau. of the Rev. Morgan Woodward Jellett,
LL.D., Canon of Christcliurch, and Rector of St.
Peter's, Dublin, son of Morgan Woodward Jellett, of
Moira, Co. Down, and Aughnacairney, Co. Tyrone,
eldest son of the Rev. Matthew Jellett, of Moira, and
nephew of the Rev. Franc Sadleir, D.D., Provost of
Trinity College, Dublin. Issue : —

i. Edward Morgan Jellett Moore, h. 22 Feb.,

i. Nina Joyce Moore.

(1.) Selina Elizabeth Moore, m. 24 Jan., 1872, the Right
Rev. Samuel Shone, D.D., Bishop of Kilmore, son of
Samuel Shone, of Galway, by Margaret, dau. of
William Tynte Austen, of The Grange, Fermoy,
Co. Cork. The Bishop of Kilmore resigned his see
in 1897, and d. s. f. 5 Oct., 1901.

(2.) Anna Maria Moore, m,. 6 July, 1859, her cousin
James Francis Collins, son of the Very Rev. James
Collins, D.D., Dean of Killala, by Elizabeth, dau. of
the Rev. Josiah Erskine, by Marianne, dau. of Henry
Swanzy, and Anne, his wife, dau. of the Rev. Andrew
Nixon, of Nixon Lodge. They have issue, for whom
see p. 121.

(3.) Harriett Louisa Moore.

(4.) Fanny Arabella Moore, m. 5 July, 1883, John
Cooke, M.A., and has issue : —

i. Henry Grattan Cooke, h. 1885, d. 1903.

i. Ivy Hilda Cooke.
(5.) Emily Eleanor Moore, m. 23 Oct., 1882, Alexander
Richmond Norton, Manager Ulster Bank, Dublin,
and had issue : —

i. Arthur William Richmond Norton, h. 1 July,

ii. Edward George Norton, h. 16 Jan., 1888.

i. Eleanor Maud Norton, d. 23 Jan., 1902.
ii. Dorothy Rose Norton, d. 8 Jan., 1897.

(6.) Charlotte Elizabeth Moore, m. 4 June, 1895, the
Rev. Thomas Boland, Incumbent of Achill, diocese of

(7.) Susan Helen Alexandrina Moore.

(8.) Sophia de Moleyns Moore, w. 16 Oct., 1878, Colone]


George Cadell Dobbs, Indian Army, youngest son o
Major-General Richard Stew^art Dobbs, and has
issue : —

i. Cecil Moore Dobbs, B.A., Jun. Mod., T.C.D.,

ii. Hugh Cathcart Dobbs, Lieut. Indian Army,
6. 9 Aug., 1884.
2. Mary Anne Grattan, m. 20 Feb., 1844, the Rev. Orange
Stirling Kellett, M.A., Incumbent of Toniregan, diocese
of Kilmore, and Rural Dean, 4th son of Robert Kellett,
of Waterstown, Co. Meath, by Mary Jane, dau. of James
Kellett, of Spandan, Co. Meath, and by him, who d.
12 Oct., 1897, aged 87, had at her death, 30 Oct., 1905,
one son and three daus. : —

(1.) Robert Guy Kellett, L.K.Q.C.P.I., L.R.C.S.I., b. 6
Nov., 1846, ni. 19 April, 1870, Anna Maria, 2nd dau.
of the Rev. James Morgan, Vicar of Talgarth,
Brecknockshire, and has issue : —

i. Orme Stirling James Kellett, 6. 8 July, 1873.
ii. Morgan Grattan Kellett, b. 29 Dec, 1881.
i. Ethel Marianne Kellett.
ii. Mabel Gwendoline Kellett.
iii. Violet Emily Kellett.
iv, Selina Florence Kellett.

(1.) Anna Selina Kellett, ni. 20 Feb., 1867, Surgeon-
Major Frederick Aston Oakes, 56th Pompadours,
and by him, who d. 31 May, 1879, had issue : —
i. Frederick Kellett Oakes, b. 4 July, 1873, d.

18 March, 1874.
ii. Henry Kellett Oakes, b. 8 Nov., 1874.
iii. Norman Aston Oakes, b. 7 Oct., 1876.
iv. Stirling Kellett Oakes, b. 14 March, 1878, d.

22 March, 1902.
v. Frederick Aston Oakes, b. 2 Jan., 1880, d.
30 Dec, 1894.
i. Marion Catherine Oakes, m. 13 Aug., 1904,
John Dashwood Evered, 3rd son of Capt. John
Guy Courtenay Evered, R.N., of Barford
Park, Somerset, 2nd son of Robert Guy
Evered, of Hill House, Somerset, J. P., D.L.
ii. Selina Mabel Oakes, m. 21 July, 1897, the Rev.
Tooke Johnson Luscombe, B.D., Curate in
charge of Glazeley, Herefordshire, elder son
of T. C. Luscombe, and has issue : —


1. Marion Catherine Luscombe.

2. Violet Mary Victoria Luscombe. "| .

3. Beryl Selina Victoria Luscombe. J
(2.) Mary Kellett.

(3.) Henrietta Matilda Kellett.

3. Emily Eleanor Grattan, m. 12 July, 1853, her cousin

Edward Hudson, and bad issue, see p. 89.

4. Elizabeth Grattan, m. 24 May, 1876, Richard Marshal

Sadleir, son of James Sadleir, J. P., of Breckville House,
Co. Tipperary. She d. 22 Sept., 1899.

5. Arabella Grattan, d. unm. 25 Aug., 1849.

IV. Catherine Nixon, m. 1st her cousin. George Nixon, of Nixon
Hall, Co. Fermanagh, High Sheriff 1804, who d. 11 Oct., 1818,
having had issue (see p. 69), and 2nd 1822, Charles Ovenden,
M.D., of Enniskillen, and d. \\ Nov., 1839, having had by her
second marriage two sons : —

1. Humphrey Ovenden, killed by a shooting accident at

Rossfad, Co. Fermanagh, unm.

2. Henry Walter Ovenden, British Consul at Baltimore, d.

unm. 1863.
V. Elizabeth Nixon, buried at Belturbet, 20 July, 1820, aged 28.
VI. Emily Nixon, m. at Drumlane, 26 June, 1815, the Rev. Charles
Lyons-Montgomery, M.A., Rector of Innismagrath, diocese
of Kilmore, J.P., Co. Cavan, younger son of Hugh Lyons-
Montgomery, of Belhavel, Co. Leitrim, by the Hon, Catherine
Hamilton, eldest dau. of Richard, 4th Viscount Boyne. He d.
1859, having had issue : —
1. Hugh Lyons-Montgomery, w. 11 June, 1856, Henrietta

Constance, youngest dau. of the Rev. Henry Lucas St.

George, Rector of Dromore, Co. Tyrone, second son

of the Rev. Howard St. George, D.D., of Kilrush, Co.

Kilkenny, by Mary, dau. of Edward Lucas, of Castle

Shane, Co. Monaghan, M.P. Co. Monaghan, 1761-5,

High Sheriff, 1752. Issue :—

(1.) Henry Lucas St. George Lyons-Montgomery, h. 2
Nov., 1859. d. unm.., 2 Jan., 1887.

(1.) Emily Laura Lyons-Montgomery, m. 7 Sept., 1898,
her cousin, William Stewart Archdall, son of Capt.
Hugh Montgomery Archdall, 52nd Regt., (by
Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Hugh Stewart, Bart., of Bally-
gawley) grandson of Colonel Mervyn Archdall, of
(•astle Archdall, Co. Fermanagh, M.P., for that Co.
in seven Parliaments from 1761 to 1802. Issue : —

i. Mary Vera Archdall.


ii. Charlotte Josephine Archdall.
iii. Katharine Elicia Sky Archdall.

2. Charle? Nixon Lyons -Montgomery, b. 1825, d. 10 May, 1843.

3. Humphrey Lyons-Montgomery, Lieut. Cavan Militia, after-

wards twenty-three years in the Victoria Mounted Police
b. 1830, m. 15 Dec, 1884, Eliza Ann, dau. of John Walsh,
of Co. Sligo, and d. 26 Nov., 1905, leaving issue : —
(1.) Lambert Lyons -Montgomery, b. 21 April, 1886.
(2.) Robert Victor Lyons-Montgomery, b. 6 July, 1893.

4. Henry Lyons-Montgomery, d. at Ballyshannon, 27 Oct.


1. Anna Lyons-Montgomery, bapt. at Drumlane, 21 March,

1816, d. 27 Sept., 1896.

2. Sophia Lyons -Montgomery, bapt. 1 Aug., 1817, d. 28 Aug.,


3. Catherine Lyons-Montgomery, bapt. 17 Jan., 1819.

4. Emily Lyons-Montgomery w. 19 Feb., 1844, John O'Donnell,

of Larkfield, Co. Leitrim, son of Con O'Donnell, of Lark-
field, by Mary, sister of The 0' Conor Don. She d. Aug.
1902, having had by him, who d. 1874, 2 sons and 5 daus. : —
(1.) Hugh O'DonneU, d. 1888.
(2.) John O'Donnell, of Larkfield, b. 1860.
(1.) Emily M. O'Donnell, m. 29 Aug., 1893, James Thomas
Hammick, Barrister-at-law, of Heene, Sussex,
son of John George Hammick, of Boxlands, Surrey,
J.P., D.L. He d. 1897.

(2.) Mary Constance O'Donnell.

(3.) Kate Frances O'Donnell, m. 3 Oct., 1878, Abraham

M'Cartney, Manager Ulster Bank, Monaghan, and

has issue : —

i. David O'Donnell M'Caitney, b. 25 Aug., 1879.
ii. Walter St. John Fulton M'Cartney, b. 11 June, 1885.
iii. Hugh Neil M'Cartney, b. 24 Feb., 1887.
iv. John Charles M'Cartney, b. 2 April, 1895.
i. Alice Caroline M'Cartney.
ii. Emily Elizabeth M'Cartney.
(4.) Maude O'Donnell.
(5.) Alice Caroline O'Donnell, d. Sept., 1878.
i. Elizabeth Lyons-Montgomery, m. 27 Dec, 1858, the Rev.
Julius Stirke Heam, B.A., Curate of Manorhamilton,
son of the Rev. William Edward Hearn, M.A., Vicar of
Kildrumferton, Co. Cavan. He d. 10 Aug., 1868.


The youngest sou of the Rev. Andrew Nixon, of Nixon Lodge, by
Marianne, dau. of the Rev. Mathew French (p. 83), was : —

GEORGE NIXON, of Lurgan Lodge, Virginia, Co. Cavan, and the
Graan, Co. Fermanagh, High Sheriff, Co. Fermanagh, 1785, J.P., Cos.
Cavan and Fermanagh, 11 July, 1781, matriculated at Glasgow
University, 1772,* M.A., 1774, m. lst,t at St. Mary's, Dublin, 14 April,
1774, Elinor, youngest dau. of Robert Beatty, of Cooluarty, Co. Long-
ford, by Anne, dau. of Peter Metge, of Navan, Co. Meath { and aunt
of Peter Metge, Baron of the Exchequer, M.P. for Boyle. She d. at
Spring Park, Co. Longford,^ May, 1779, and George Nixxon m. 2nd, at
Enniskillen, 23 Aug., 1779^^ Elizabeth, only dau. of James Johnston,
of Enniskillen,! I by Jane, dau. of the Rev. William Haire, of Derryinch,^'
Co. Fermanagh. Hed. " at his seat near Virginia," April, 1805, having
had by his second wife, seven sons and three daus. : —

I. Andrew Nixon, of Lurgan Lodge, Barrister-at-law, J.P,, Co.
Cavan, 27 April, 1805, J.P., Co. Meath, entered Trinity College,
Dublin, 5 Nov., 1798, aged 16, but did not graduate, entered
Gray's Inn, London, 19 May, 1808, aged 25, w. 1802, Frances
Matilda, youngest dau. of the Rev. Charles Hare, D.D.,
F.T.C.D., Rector of Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, and niece of
James Hare, M.P. for Knaresborough, and by her, who d.
28 Sept., 1867, had issue :—

1. Charles Nixon, went to America.

2. Andrew Nixon, of Lurgan Lodge, and afterwards of

Dublin, J.P., Co. Cavan, 6 Feb., 1845, d. 24 Aug., 187G,
admon. granted to Mrs. Burrows, his sister.

1. Eliza Nixon, d. unm., 19 June, 1883.

2. Georgina Nixon, m. 20 May, 1852, the Rev. Thomas


3. Jane Nixon, Mrs. Burrows.

II. George Nixon, living 12 Dec, 1795, probably d. young.

III. French Nixon, living 12 Dec, 1795, probably d. young.

IV. JAMES, of whom presently.

V. William Nixon, of BallyjamesdufE, Co. Cavan, will dated 12 Feb.,

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