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Laborer's Friend^ Advocate.



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Gkology — Progeess 17


Infamy of Aristocracy , 45

Immorality and Infamy of Aristocracy 59


" " " 87


" " " 114

" " " " 129


: 157


" " " 185


" " " " 212

" " " " 226

_. 268

'■ " " 308

History of the United States 322

" " " " " 336

" " " " 350

Banking 365

Banking and British Slavery 379

Tariff and Railroad Schools 393

Tariff 407

Degradation of Aristocracy 421

Infamy of Black Republican Aristocracy 435

Black Republican Tactics 450

Infamy of Black Republicakism 464

Government as the People 479

Progress, Centennial, Philadelphia 493

Progress, Cektennial 507

Progress to 1880 520

Politics 538

Right and Wrong 552

" 566




XXXVII. Dynamite 579

XXXVIII. The Right to The Use of the Earth 593

XXXIX. Railroad Taxes 607

XL. Nebula 620

X LI. Polttfcs 633

XLII. " 647

XLIII. Iniquity OF Black Republicanism 661

X LI V. War and its Cost 676

XLV. Whisky Ring 690

XLVI. The Knave has a Hard Life 704

XLVII. Politics 717

XL\TII, Rights 731

XLIX. Telegraphy .744

L. No. of Men in the Armies and Navies of the World in

Peace 758

LI. Railroads 771

LII. " 785

LIII. " 799

LIV. Tariff 813

LV. Slavery of Barbarians..... 828

LVI. Slavery ....841

LVII. Land Pirates 855

LVIII. Morality 868

LIX. National Education 882

LX. Capitalization of Labor 895

LXI, Robbery 909

LXII. Summary 918


The following pages, no doubt, will be relentlessly-
criticised, as it is written expressly for the people,
especially the workingnien, that is, the farmers, me-
chanics, laborers, and necessary traders and useful men-
tal workers, and in open hostility to drones, and use-
less and wasteful, and idle and unnecessary aristocracy,
that is living on the vitals of the people, and giving no
good in return. We are often grieved to pen the in-
famy and diabolical acts of the venomous aristocracy.
But we write for the good of the people ; and whether
it is for weal or woe of ourselves, the truth must be
spoken, and we appeal to the workingmen to be wise
as the seven virgins, and as circumspect as seers, and
examine conscientiously, and judge with all the wis-
dom that they are capable of, and act with prudence
and discretion. This is the most momentous consid-
eration of any other subject. Workingmen, your lib-
erty or slavery will be the result. It makes us un-
happy to see a few drones taking away the living of
the hard-working men, and to see the four millions of
barbarians robbing their neighbors and themselves,
and giving it over to a pack of predacians, and they
making slaves of those four millions egregious fools
and knaves. To appeal to the two millions of Repub-
licans to have sense and reason, and they cannot help
but see that they are the worst-sold people the world
ever produced. The four millions we have no hope
for; they are bound with party fetters so that they can-
not reason, have no sense, have no care for their coun-
try, are perfect barbarians, and can do nothing but
what their masters tell them to do ; and those masters
will rob the people of all their property, as they have
about four-fifths of it now. These four millions of
barbarian slaves and serfs are the greatest fools the
world ever saw. We do not care about the style we


write, but little. We take no pains with style, we
put on no airs grammatical, we do not correct gram-
matical errors unless they grate on the ordinary ear.
All we care for is the plan and the facts, and to have
the workingmen understand it, and almost everyone
can understand it. It is the workingmen alone we
write for, and we intend to watch their interest, and
let them know when and how they are robbed. And
we cannot help what ABC says ; we are paddling our
own canoe to benefit the workingman, and the inde-
pendent press we will not ask any favors of, only that
they shall tell the triLt/i ; and that is too much to ask,
we fear we will not get it.


It mav not be amiss to give the intended definition,
according to Webster, of a few words, that some saw-
ney may consider unfit to be used in that place, such
as Abaddon, Apollyon, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Belial,
Davy Jones, Pluto, the Deuce, are evil spirits. Infer-
nal, suitable to the spirits of Tartarus, which relates to
the lower spirits (infernal, like evil spirits); stygian,
the same; liar, thief, villain, scoundrel, pandemonium,
are well known; the last word is the council hall of evil
spirits. Some nice aristocrats will find fault that we
use some hard epithets about the aristocrats, and one
shallow-])ate said we had no right to say anything
against the black Republicans. We are the advocate
of the workingman, and we consider that the aristo-
cratic thieves are indicted and jmt on trial, and we are
the advocate, and introduce the testimony, which is
history, both ancient and modern, and government
statistics, often their own make, or taken by govern-
ment officers; aiul if the records show that they lied,
clieated, swindled, swore falsely, charged exorbitant
prices, robbed, stole, stole land, were criminals, male-


factors, felons, scoundrels, infernal, and brutes, rep-
tiles, scamps, villains, we cannot do justice to ourselves
and our clients, workingmen, and truth and veracity,
only by calling them by their proper names, and all
the forementioned crimes and misdemeanors they
have committed, and we are in duty bound to expose
them, and tell the truth, and we shall prove all those
crimes and misdemeanors against them ; and to make
the indictment short, we say there is no crime' that
we are acquainted with but what they (the aristocracy
and the black Republicans) have been guilty of, and
we own up that we have not the gift of speech so we
can do them justice, in their iniquity and depravity,
and wickedness and robbing, and stealing, and we do
not think that Webster has words that will convey
the tartarean nefariousnessof the demons ; so we will
go straight to work and show by history what they
have done in the world, and we will find no hard task
to prove them guilty of high crimes and misdemean-
ors. And, reader, you no doubt do want us to give
evidence sufficient amply to prove their guilt ; and
you find no fault if we make grave charges and prove
them, or give history that proves iniquity unparalleled
without making the grave charges.

We shall define a few more words: Workingmen
are those who do manual physical labor, and are the
most useful men of society, and merchants, and all in-
telligent men who do important mental labor. Dem-
ocrats are those who are in favor of equal rights and
privileges, and are opposed to class legislation, are in
favor of honest government, equal and exact justice to
all men, opposed to laws that have a tendency to ac
cumulate the property of the country in a few men's
hands, are opposed to lying, cheating, robbing, steal-
ing in politics, and are honest men in every thing.
These are true democrats, and are a shining light and
example to the world. They are a benefit to the whole
of mankind. They want no special privilege for them-
selves, and strenuously oppose giving any others the
same; and they are, as H. Spencer says, the elevated


class of politicians, and they will redeem the world
from the lying, aristocratic, Black Republican Codfish
Aristocracy, whose sole occupation in the world has
been to lie, cheat, steal, rob, and oppress and enslave
their own race. We say shame on the Black Repub-
lican Aristocratic Brutes. And every honest man will
say amen. These Black Republicans, four millions
strong, are more imbued with party spirit than the
Barbarians of feudal times ; they did not have the ad-
vantages these barbarian fools have; these have the
advantages of schools and civilization, and yet they
have not so much reason and sense as a blind dog pup,
no conscience, no soul, all party, perfect serfs and slaves,
fools and knaves, lie and cheat, and rob and steal for
their masters, with more zeal than the negro slaves of
the South had for their masters. All their masters have
to do is to give the word of command, and they are
unhesitatingly obeyed. Their masters say we steal,
and if we are turned out those put in will do the same ;
the four million fools will say (so they will). Their
masters say there is no honest man, the four million
serfs echo (there is no honest man). Their masters say
we are going back into barbarism ; the four million
slaves say (we are going back into barbarism). Their
masters say the democrats and workingmen are not fit
to run the government ; the four million of insane imps
will answer (certainly they are not). Their masters
say we are for high wages for the workingman ; the
silly gulls will say (so you are). The black scamps
will steal fixe millions of dollars a day, and the fools
will say to the Democrats, (you may be glad to get
off with that). The fanatic Black Republican will say
aristocracy has always stolen from the people, and still
he votes the tartarean black ticket every time. The
silly gudgeon will say he is not a good man and citi-
zen who ujjholds corporations taking over thirty-seven
per cent, out of the hard earnings of the people, and
he is sure to vote the infernal Black RejDublican ticket
the first opportunity, and they take as high as one-
hundred ]jer cent, out of the {)eoj)lc in many cases. We


know that it is hard to believe snch infernal infatua-
tion, but we tell you positively that we know it to be
the case. Every sensible and honest man will say, O
fool of fools. The Black Republicans will import la-
borers from Europe, and hire them for sixty cents a
day, when there is millions of Americans idle in the
country, and the Blacks do not find a word of fault. Any
thing the Black Republican imps do or say is 2S\right
to the egregious simpletons, four million strong. If
the Black scamps should steal the whole country, it
would be all rip-ht to the foolish four million strong,
who vote the Black ticket, right or wrong. So by the
four million serfs and slaves we mean those Barbar-
ians who have no virtue or conscience, but 2fo with
the Black infernals, if they carry the country to per-
dition ; and we have interviewed many and there is all
of four million of them, and they are the backbone of
the Black Republicans, We will ask you if ever you
have heard a Black Republican find any fault with the
Black infernals. We say you have not. They do not
find fault, and they do not know any more about the
swindling in politics than a three days' old dog pup,
and they will not be informed. It is a pity, and we
are sorry. They are the greatest fools we ever knew.
They compose about, or a little more, than two-thirds
of the Black Republican party. They are the de-
structives who make paupers, starve women and chil-
dren, bring misery and woe in the country, destroy
civilization, rob the workingman of his labor. They
live on the fruits of the toil of the workingman, always
have. But the worst of the matter is that out of the six
millions of the Black Republican Codfish Aristocracy,
only one million get any of the stolen money; the five
millions stand by the rack, fodder or no fodder. We
will prove the amount that the Black infernals stole
from the people. Then there are about two millions,
rather less, of Republicans who have souls, have a con-
science, have virtue, sufficient to leave the Black infer-
nals when they find that they are voting to injure the
country. They elected C/i^z^^/ioi/^^m 1884. They are


the only hope for the countrv. If all were as the four
niillions of Demons, we would certainly go to Davy
Jones. Some of them will buy our book and some will
profit by it, but they are besieged and lied to by the
four million strong ; they have dragons watching them
who do' nothing but attend to politics. It pays to steal
five millions a day, and the Hydras are continually on
the alert. If one of the four milliion serfs and slaves,
thieves and knaves, buys our book, it will be only to lie
about it, and run it down ; and if you find any one run-
ning down our book you will know that he is one of
the four million serfs and liars, and slaves, fools, cheats
thieves and knaves. The great error of the Republi-
cans is that they have anything to do in politics with
those infamous, flagitious, degraded, lying, stealing,
cheating, robbing, unfeeling, unconscious, infernal, four
million Black Republican Codfish Aristocracy. We
appeal to them to examine our book. Do not find fault
with the epithets we apply to the lying thieves. We
are the advocate of the workingman, are defending the
workingman, and prosecuting the four million thieves
for stealing 40 billions in 24 years, and we have to call
them by their proper names. Read the book and you
will be satisfied that we have proved the charges set
forth in this introduction. So you can plainly perceive
that tliis is a trial of the Black Republican Codfish Aris-
tocracy, four million strong for stealing forty billions
.of dollars from the workingmen in twenty-four years,
and five millions daily now. And the book gives the
evidence from history. And we being the advocate
we would not be doing our duty if we left a stone un-
turned in the prosecution, and we shall endeavor to
do our (hay to the best of our ability; and reader, be
patient, and watch every charge, and see if they are
all proved.

The next class of Politicians we shall describe is the
Black Democrats. They are half Blooded Democrats
mixed with the bad blood of the four million liars and
tliieves, and they therefore have many of the sayings
of the Black infernal scamps, such as there is no hon-


est man, and all politicians will steal, and that there is
no difference in the parties, and all is fair in politics;
and by the last expression you will know the Black
Democrat, and any fool and novice knows that he lies
when he says so, and he also can be told by saying
there is no aristocracy in this country, a phrase he swal-
lowed from the lying aristocracy. He, the Black imp
of a Democrat, is on good terms with the four million
Black Republicans, liars and thieves; he is a fair weath-
er Democrat, he is opposed to any reforms ; in a trying
time and in an important election, he votes the tarta-
rean Black Republican ticket ; he is a mongrel, he can-
not be trusted in an emergency. In sunshine and un-
important times he is all right and often boisterous.
But when the infernal Black Republican Hydras and
fou ■ million liars and thieves have a fat job to carry
through, which they often have, they can positively
count on him ; he is sure meat for them, he is always
looking for filthy lucre, he is on the watch for soap,
he wants something that chinks. The diabolicate
Black infernals, four million strong, give him a wink, a
nod of the head, and hold the right hand behind them,
and he knows what is in the wind, and he is sure to
count on the Black Republican side ; he will deceive
his democratic friends by giving them a bogus ticket,
and he is so practiced in disguise that he is very sel-
dom caught, and the infernal, Erebus-deserving Black
Republican villains employ him to bribe and corrupt
his democratic friends. He is, in fine, a slipper}'-, un-
scrupulous, greasy, unprincipled, degraded wire pull-
er, and the community would be better off with his
absence. But he is a natural poisonous reptile, and
he is a damage to his race. You will perceive he is
much like the Black Republican Codfish Erebus-de-
serving aristocracy ; he is not yet fledged in demo-
cracy. He has the tricks and crimes of the stygian
Black Republican Scamps. The Black Anacondas
have him catalogued as to be counted when really
wanted. Those conversant with the inside of politics
know him, and you will know him by the above ex-


pressions given. We think there is more than a mil-
lion of those Half Blooded Barbarians in the United
States. They are no benefit, but a damage to the
honest people of the country. But they have evolved
a long way ahead of the lying, cheating, robbing, steal-
ing Black Codfish Aristocracy, and in time they or
their posterity will be democrats. But you must not
think of the Black Republicans ever being for an hon-
est, liberal Government. We say again they are the
descendants of the Feudalists, and are an ignorant,
vile, degraded horde of lying, cheating, stealing, rob-
bing Barbarians, incapable of progress, and are a pack
of serfs and slaves, implicitly obeying a lying, stealing,
robbing, ignorant, degraded, infamous aristocracy, who
laid the plans and put up the job to steal, and engineer-
ed the villainous scheme to steal the 40 billions of dol-
lars from the workimg men in 24 years, and are now
stealing five millions a day from the people. The
Black Republican party are the greatest thieves that
ever existed on the earth, and they are the most per-
fectly organized of any band of thieves that ever plied
their occupation in this world They are composed of
about six millions of voters, one million head thieves
who put up the jobs and take nearly all the money ;
but it costs much for expenses buying votes, and the
more it costs the more they steal, and they give the
three millions who do the dirty work a few crumbs
that fall from the aristocrat's tables. And then there is
from one to two millions of republicans, who are evol-
ving slowly into democrats, and they assist the demo-
crats to form honest Government, and are a benefit
to the Country, and they are mostly working men.

The one million thieves were the part of the Black
Rejjublicans who laid the conspiracy to cheat S. J.

Tilden out of the Presidency, and the three million
high binders done the dirty work. These four millions
Black Republican Codfish Aristocracy are like the
law of the Medes and Persians, which alters not.

We rlid not define the word Aristocrat, that is the
political aristocrat, that is the only one we have any-


thing to say about. He is an enemy to his race, and
a disgrace to his species. He does any vile and de-
graded work that brings him a Hving A political
aristocrat is one who is in favor of government in
the hands of a few, and the people be serfs and slaves ;
and they manage to get all the property that is made
and do not work.

An aristocrat is one in favor of government in the
hands of a few, and those who are in favor of such
government, and those who assist to maintain such a
government, although they are as poor as a church
mouse. So aristocracy, that is political aristocracy,
consists of a few who get the money, and their helpers,
who are parasites and miserable slaves. We detest
these aristocrats, all the rich who steal, and the poor
aristocrats who steal for the rich and get nothing for
themselves. All should be put down by the working
men and become extinct They should be served as
the honey bee serves the drones. They are of less
use than the drones ; they are of no use at all, but the
greatest damage that can be; they rob, steal, live in
idleness, and become weak and effeminate, and of no
account, and they make millions of paupers by steal-
ing through class laws.

Working man, it is Aristocracy against the People.
If the aristocracy prevails, then the people will be pau-
pers, serfs and slaves; and if the people prevail then
wages will be high. Just think of having five mil-
lions of dollars a day divided among the people, which
the aristocrats now are stealing every day. No won-
der they can build fine houses, have horses worth
^50,000, and carriages worth $10,000, and they did
not cost them a cent; they stole them from the peo-
ple, and the working man made it all with hard work
and laborious toil from four in the morning until
eight at night, sixteen hours a day, and the aristocrat
takes all but a little for the working man to keep
body and soul together, and his wife and children are
crying for bread.

Working man, stop this immense stealing, and you


will have everything in abundance, and it is an easy
matter to do. Read this book, and you will know
how to cure the greatest evil the world ever saw.
The infernal aristocracy and black republicanism,
they are the same. The four millions liars, thieves,
robbers, serfs and slaves, the codfish, tartarean, black
republican hydra that does nearly all the evil in the
world. Working man, you should despise, abominate
and detest him ; he is the cause of your poverty, pau-
perism, distress, misery, anguish and woe.

Why will you let the insidious reptile and poison-
ous cobra encumber the earth.? Strike for your lib-
erty, it is fast getting as it is in Europe ; strike for
your comfort ; strike to save the fruits of your labor ;
strike for bread for your wife and children. Read
the bills many times. Stop the brutes' stealing, let
them work for a living as you are doing.

All the charges made in this introduction we shall
prove, and give history to show that those pretenders
and liars have always robbed and enslaved the people;
that they have made war continually ; murdered and
assassinated each other, sacked, razed, plundered the cit-
ies, and in many cases left no traces that a city had ever
been there ; took cities and killed all the prisoners,
sometimes sold them into slavery, (which England
done about 200 years ago), how they butchered women
and children, built pyramids of human skulls, outraged
the tender sex, and every crime that can be named; and
we, as the advocate for the working man, shall have to
call the infernal barbarian brutes by their proper names
if we can ; but we are inadequate to the unpleasant
task, liut the truth must be told, about the tartarean
Gorgons and aristocratic reptiles ; and why are they
still suffered to steal five millions a day from the
people ? ihe Hook will prove the infamy and degra-
dation of aristocracy, so it will be an argument through-
out the whole from beginning to the end. Bnt we shall
have to prove that all vegetalDles, animals, and all pro-
gress came by degrees, and we will show that nature
continually improves all things, and animals and plants


are becoming extinct and new ones taking their place,
wiiich will prove that the expression that the hang
thieves haVe put in the mouths of their ductile, sequa-
cious and abject followers is not true, and a moment's
reflection by any sensible man will convince him that
it is a lie. It is as follows : " Aristocracy has always
ruled, and always will" The first part of the sen-
tence is true, {but the last part is a lie.) According to the
laws of nature they will become extinct, and the work-
ingmen will take all. The conflict this book shows is
between the workingmen and the vile and tartarean
aristocracy. And we notice that a writer on political
economy says that there is no conflict between capital
and labor. We are in doubt what to make of such
egregious folly. Capital has always ruled the world,
robbed and enslaved the workingman. Most of the
time he received no wages, but worked for board that
was worth five to six cents a day, and less. No, the
great conflict of the world has been between capital
and labor except zuars, and the coming conflict that
will darken all is between capital and labor. And la-
bor will conquer and aristocracy will go under, never
to come to lie and to rob the people any more, and
heaven protect the workingman. Our argument be-

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