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Chateaubriand, Viscomte de;
biographical note on, VII, 182;
in an American forest, 182.

Chaucer, Geoffrey;
biographical note on, III, 17;
on acquiring and using riches, 17.

Chesterfield, Lord;
biographical note on, IV, 66;
articles by - on good manners, dress and the world, 66;
of attentions to ladies, 71.

biographical note on, II, 8;
articles by - the blessings of old age, 8;
on the death of his daughter Tullia, 34;
of brave and elevated spirits, 37;
of Scipio's death and of friendship, 43.

Clarendon, Lord;
biographical note on, III, 144;
on Charles I, 144.

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor;
biographical note on, V, 70;
articles by - does fortune favor fools? 70;
the destiny of the United States, 76.

Comines, Philipe de;
biographical note on, VII, 46;
the character of Louis XI, 46.

Cooper, James Fenimore;
biographical note on, IX, 170;
articles by - his father's arrival at Otsego Lake, 170;
running the gantlet, 178;
Leather-stocking's farewell, 185.

Cowley, Abraham;
biographical note on, III, 156;
articles by - of obscurity, 156;
of procrastination, 159.

Cowper, William;
biographical note on, IV, 217;
articles by - on keeping one's self employed, 217;
Johnson's treatment of Milton, 219;
the publication of his books, 221.

Curtis, George William;
biographical note on, X, 183;
our cousin the curate, 183.

Dana, Charles A.;
biographical note on, X, 146;
Greeley as a man of genius, 146.

Dana, Richard Henry (the younger);
biographical note on, X, 93;
a fierce gale under a clear sky, 93.

D'Angoulême, Marguerite;
biographical note on, VII, 53;
of husbands who are unfaithful, 53.

Dante Alighieri;
biographical note on, VIII, 152;
articles by - that long descent makes no man noble, 152;
of Beatrice and her death, 157.

Darwin, Charles;
biographical note on, VI, 47;
articles by - on variations in mammals, birds and fishes, 47;
on the genesis of his great book, 51.

Daudet, Alphonse;
biographical note on, VIII, 55;
articles by - a great man's widow, 55;
his first dress coat, 61.

Defoe, Daniel;
biographical note on, III, 201;
the shipwreck of Crusoe, 201;
the rescue of Man Friday, 204;
the time of the great plague, 211.

De Quincey, Thomas;
biographical note on, V, 115;
articles by - dreams of an opium eater, 115;
Joan of Arc, 123;
Charles Lamb, 128.

Descartes, René;
biographical note on, VII, 107;
of material things and of the existence of God, 107.

Dickens, Charles;
biographical note on, VI, 86;
articles by - Sydney Carton's death, 86;
Bob Sawyer's party, 88;
Dick Swiveler and the Marchioness, 97;
a happy return of the day, 105.

Dryden, John;
biographical note on, III, 181;
of Elizabethan dramatists, 181.

Dumas, Alexander;
biographical note on, VII, 241;
the shoulder, the belt and the handkerchief, 241.

Edwards, Jonathan;
biographical note on, IX, 44;
on liberty and moral agencies, 44.

Eliot, George;
biographical note on, VI, 167;
the Hall Farm, 167.

Emerson, Ralph Waldo;
biographical note on, IX, 223;
articles by - Thoreau's broken task, 223;
the intellectual honesty of Montaigne, 229;
his visit to Carlyle at Craigenputtock, 231.

biographical note on, I, 223;
articles by - on freedom, 223;
on friendship, 229;
the philosopher and the crowd, 235.

Erasmus, Desiderius;
biographical note on, VIII, 209;
specimens of his wit and wisdom, 209.

Fielding, Henry;
biographical note on, IV, 75;
articles by - Tom the hero enters the stage, 75;
Partridge sees Garrick at the play, 83;
Mr. Adams in a political light, 89.

Flaubert, Gustave;
biographical note on, VIII, 22;
Yonville and its people, 22.

Fox, George;
biographical note on, III, 161;
an interview with Oliver Cromwell, 161.

Foxe, John;
biographical note on, III, 45;
on the death of Anne Boleyn, 45.

Franklin, Benjamin;
biographical note on, IX, 51;
articles by - his first entry into Philadelphia, 51;
warnings Braddock did not heed, 55;
how to draw lightning from the clouds, 59;
the way to wealth, 61;
a dialog with the gout, 68;
a proposal to Madame Helvetius, 76.

Freeman, Edward A.;
biographical note on, VI, 214;
the death of William the Conqueror, 214.

Froissart, Jean;
biographical note on, VII, 39;
the battle of Crécy, 39.

Froude, James Anthony;
biographical note on, VI, 122;
articles by - of history as a science, 122;
the character of Henry VIII, 132;
Cæsar's mission, 136.

Fuller, Margaret;
biographical note on, X, 52;
articles by - her visit to George Sand, 52;
two glimpses of Carlyle, 54.

Fuller, Thomas;
biographical note on, III, 149;
on the qualities of the good school-master, 149.

Gautier, Theophile;
biographical note on, VIII, 14;
Pharaoh's entry into Thebes, 14.

Gibbon, Edward;
biographical note on, IV, 226;
articles by - the romance of his youth, 226;
the inception and completion of his "Decline and Fall," 229;
the fall of Zenobia, 230;
Alaric's entry into Rome, 237;
the death of Hosein, 242;
the causes of the destruction of the city of Rome, 246.

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von;
biographical note on, VIII, 95;
articles by - on first reading Shakespeare, 95;
the coronation of Joseph II, 99.

Goldsmith, Oliver;
biographical note on, IV, 177;
articles by - the ambitions of the vicar's family, 177;
sagacity in insects, 182;
a Chinaman's view of London, 188.

Gray, Thomas;
biographical note on, IV, 141;
articles by - Warwick Castle, 141;
to his friend Mason on the death of Mason's mother, 143;
on his own writings, 144;
his friendship for Bonstetten, 146.

Greeley, Horace;
biographical note on, X, 58;
the fatality of self-seeking in editors and authors, 58.

Green, John Richard;
biographical note on, VI, 242;
on George Washington, 242.

Grote, George;
biographical note on, V, 165;
articles by - the mutilation of the Hermæ, 165;
if Alexander had lived, 172.

Guizot, François;
biographical note on, VII, 189;
Shakespeare as an example of civilization, 189.

Hamilton, Alexander;
biographical note on, IX, 123;
articles by - of the failure of the Confederation, 123;
his reasons for not declining Burr's challenge, 129.

Harrison, Frederick;
biographical note on, VI, 230;
the great books of the world, 230.

Harte, Bret;
biographical note on, X, 224;
articles by - Peggy Moffat's inheritance, 224;
John Chinaman, 236;
M'liss goes to school, 240.

Hawthorne, Nathaniel;
biographical note on, IX, 235;
articles by - occupants of an old manse, 235;
Arthur Dimmesdale on the scaffold, 242;
of life at Brook Farm, 248;
the death of Judge Pyncheon, 252.

Hay, John;
biographical note on, X, 211;
Lincoln's early fame, 211.

Hazlitt, William;
biographical note on, V, 111;
on Hamlet, 111.

Heine, Heinrich;
biographical note on, VIII, 139;
reminiscences of Napoleon, 139.

biographical note on, I, 3;
articles by - Solon's words of wisdom to Croesus, 3;
Babylon and its capture by Cyrus, 9;
the pyramid of Cheops, 18;
the story of Periander's son, 20.

Holmes, Oliver Wendell;
biographical note on, X, 31;
articles by - of doctors, lawyers and ministers, 31;
of the genius of Emerson, 36;
the house in which the professor lived, 42;
of women who put on airs, 49.

Howell, James;
biographical note on, III, 106;
articles by - the Bucentaur in Venice, 106;
the city of Rome in 1621, 109.

Howells, William Dean;
biographical note on, X, 207;
to Albany by the night boat, 207.

Hugo, Victor;
biographical note on, VII, 228;
articles by - the Battle of Waterloo, 228;
the beginnings and expansions of Paris, 235.

Humboldt, Alexander von;
biographical note on, VIII, 130;
an essay on man, 130.

Hume, David;
biographical note on, IV, 110;
articles by - on the character of Queen Elizabeth, 110;
the defeat of the Armada, 113;
the first principles of government, 118.

Huxley, Thomas Henry;
biographical note on, VI, 219;
a piece of chalk, 219.

Ibsen, Henrik;
biographical note on, VIII, 245;
the thought child, 245.

Irving, Washington;
biographical note on, IX, 147;
articles by - the last of the Dutch governors of New York, 147;
the awakening of Rip Van Winkle, 151;
at Abbotsford with Scott, 161.

James, Henry;
biographical note on, X, 246;
articles by - among the Malvern Hills, 246;
Turgeneff's world, 252.

Jefferson, Thomas;
biographical note on, IX, 98;
articles by - when the Bastile fell, 98;
the futility of disputes, 106;
of blacks and whites in the South, 108;
his account of Logan's famous speech, 114.

Johnson, Samuel;
biographical note on, IV, 94;
articles by - on publishing his "Dictionary," 94;
Pope and Dryden compared, 97;
his letter to Chesterfield on the completion of his "Dictionary," 101;
on the advantage of living in a garret, 104.

Joinville, Jean de;
biographical note on, VII, 27;
Greek fire in battle described, 27.

Jonson, Ben;
biographical note on, III, 87;
of Shakespeare and other wits, 87.

Kempis, Thomas à;
biographical note on VII, 16;
of eternal life and of striving for it, 16.

Kinglake, Alexander W.;
biographical note on, VI, 42;
articles by - on mocking at the Sphinx, 42;
on the beginnings of the Crimean war 44.

Knox, John;
biographical note on, III, 36;
his account of his interview with Mary Queen of Scots, 36.

Lamartine, Alphonse de;
biographical note on, VII, 195;
of Mirabeau's origin and place in history, 195.

Lamb, Charles;
biographical note on, V, 93;
articles by - dream children, 93;
poor relations, 99;
the origin of roast pig, 102;
that we should rise with the lark, 107.

Landor, Walter Savage;
biographical note on, V, 87;
articles by - the death of Hofer, 87;
Napoleon and Pericles, 91.

La Rochefoucauld, Duc de;
biographical note on, VII, 112;
selections from the "Maxims," 112.

Le Sage, Alain René;
biographical note on, VII, 129;
articles by - in the service of Dr. Sangrado, 129;
as an archbishop's favorite, 135.

Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim;
biographical note on, VIII, 86;
articles by - poetry and painting compared, 86;
of suffering in restraint, 89.

biographical note on, II, 105;
articles by - Horatius Cocles at the bridge, 105;
Hannibal's crossing of the Alps, 108;
Hannibal and Scipio at Zama, 117.

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth;
biographical note on, X, 3;
musings in Père Lachaise, 3.

Lowell, James Russell;
biographical note on, X, 125;
articles by - the poet as prophet, 125;
the first of the moderns, 129;
of faults found in Shakespeare, 133;
Americans as successors of the Dutch, 138.

biographical note on, I, 237;
articles by - a descent to the unknown, 237;
among the philosophers, 243;
of liars and lying, 253.

Luther, Martin;
biographical note on, VIII, 79;
some of his table talk and sayings, 79.

Lytton, Edward Bulwer;
biographical note on, VI, 21;
his description of the descent of Vesuvius on Pompeii, 21.

Macaulay, Lord;
biographical note on, V, 233;
articles by - Puritan and Royalist, 233;
Cromwell's army, 238;
the opening of the trial of Warren Hastings, 242;
the gift of Athens to man, 248;
the pathos of Byron's life, 251.

Machiavelli, Niccolo;
biographical note on, VIII, 178;
ought princes to keep their promises, 178.

Malory, Sir Thomas;
biographical note on, III, 26;
article by - on the finding of a sword for Arthur, 26.

Mandeville, Sir John;
biographical note on, III, 8;
articles by - the route from England to Constantinople, 8;
at the court of the great Chan, 11.

Marcus Aurelius;
biographical note on, II, 248;
his debt to others, 248.

Mather, Cotton;
biographical note on, IX, 33;
in praise of John Eliot, 33.

Maupassant, Guy de;
biographical note on, VIII, 69;
Madame Jeanne's last days, 69.

Merivale, Charles;
biographical note on, VI, 37;
on the personality of Augustus, 37.

Milton, John;
biographical note on, III, 121;
articles by - on his own literary ambitions, 121;
a complete education defined, 126;
on reading in his youth, 129;
in defense of books, 131;
a noble and puissant nation, 135;
of fugitive and cloistered virtue, 141.

Montagu, Lady Mary Wortley;
biographical note on, IV, 58;
articles by - on happiness in the matrimonial state, 58;
inoculation for the smallpox, 63.

Montaigne, Michel de;
biographical note on, VII, 90;
articles by - a word to his readers, 90;
of society and solitude, 92;
of his own library, 94;
that the soul discharges her passions among false objects where
true ones are wanting, 99;
that men are not to judge of our happiness until after death, 102.

Montesquieu, Baron de;
biographical note on, VII, 150;
articles by - of the causes which destroyed Rome, 150;
of the relation of laws to different human beings, 156.

More, Sir Thomas;
biographical note on, III, 29;
on life in Utopia, 29.

Morley, John;
biographical note on, VI, 244;
on Voltaire as an author and man of action, 244.

Morris, Gouverneur;
biographical note on, IX, 117;
articles by - the opening of the French States-General, 117;
the execution of Louis XVI, 120.

Motley, John Lothrop;
biographical note on, X, 68;
articles by - Charles V and Phillip II in Brussels, 63;
the arrival of the Spanish Armada, 74;
"The Spanish Fury," 84.

Musset, Alfred de;
biographical note on, VIII, 8;
Titian's son after a night at play, 8.

Newman, John Henry;
biographical note on, VI, 3;
articles by - on the beginnings of tractarianism, 3;
on his submission to the Catholic Church, 7;
of Athens as a true university, 13.

Paine, Thomas;
biographical note on, IX, 94;
in favor of the separation of the colonies from Great Britain, 94.

Parkman, Francis;
biographical note on, X, 157;
articles by - Champlain's battle with the Iroquois, 157;
the death of LaSalle, 161;
the coming of Frontenae to Canada, 167;
the death of Isaac Jogues, 171;
why New France failed, 176;
the return of the Coureurs-de-Bois, 179.

Parton, James;
biographical note on, X, 150;
Aaron Burr and Madame Jumel, 150.

Pascal, Blaise;
biographical note on, VII, 118;
of the prevalence of self-love, 118.

Pepys, Samuel;
biographical note on, III, 185;
on various doings of Mr. and Mrs. Pepys, 185;
of England without Cromwell, 191.

Petrarch, Francis;
biographical note on, VIII, 162;
of good and evil fortune, 162.

biographical note on, I, 95;
articles by - the image of the cave, 95;
of good and evil, 103;
Socrates in praise of love, 108;
the praise of Socrates by Alcibiades, 121;
the refusal of Socrates to escape from prison, 133;
the death of Socrates, 143.

Pliny, the Elder;
biographical note on, II, 162;
articles by - the qualities of the dog, 162;
three great artists of Greece, 165.

Pliny, the younger;
biographical note on, II, 218;
articles by - the Christians in his province, 218;
to Tacitus on the eruption of Vesuvius, 222.

biographical note on, I, 190;
articles by - Demosthenes and Cicero compared, 190;
the assassination of Cæsar, 197;
Cleopatra's barge, 207;
the death of Antony and Cleopatra, 211.

Poe, Edgar Allan;
biographical note on, X, 11;
articles by - the cask of Amontillado, 11;
of Hawthorne and the short story, 19;
of Willis, Bryant, Halleck and Macaulay, 25.

Polo, Marco;
biographical note on, VIII, 147;
a description of Japan, 147.

biographical note on, I, 171;
articles by - the battle of Cannæ, 171;
Hannibal's advance on Rome, 178;
the defense of Syracuse by Archimedes, 183.

Pope, Alexander;
biographical note on, IV, 41;
articles by - an ancient English country seat, 41;
his compliments to Lady Mary, 47;
how to make an epic poem, 52.

Prescott, William H.;
biographical note on, IX, 198;
articles by - the fate of Egmont and Hoorne, 198;
the genesis of "Don Quixote," 209.

biographical note on, II, 171;
articles by - on the orator as a good man, 171.

Rabelais, François;
biographical note on, VII, 58;
articles by - Gargantua and his childhood, 58;
Gargantua's education, 64;
of the founding of an ideal abbey, 74.

Raleigh, Sir Walter;
biographical note on, III, 49;
on the mutability of human affairs, 49.

Renan, Joseph Ernest;
biographical note on, VIII, 30;
the Roman empire in robust youth, 30.

Rousseau, Jean Jacques;
biographical note on, VII, 170;
articles by - of Christ and Socrates, 170;
of the management of children, 173.

Ruskin, John;
biographical note on, VI, 140;
articles by - of the history and sovereignty of Venice, 140;
St. Marks at Venice, 151;
of water, 159.

Saint-Simon, Duc de;
biographical note on, VII, 141;
articles by - the death of the Dauphin, 141;
the public watching the king and madame, 145.

biographical note on, II, 91;
articles by - the genesis of Catiline, 91;
the fate of the conspirators, 98.

Sand, George;
biographical note on, VII, 250;
Leila and the poet, 250.

Schiller, Friedrich von;
biographical note on, VIII, 107;
articles by - the battle of Lutzen, 107;
Philip II and the Netherlands, 117.

Schlegel, August Wilhelm von;
biographical note on, VIII, 124;
on Shakespeare's "Macbeth," 124.

Scott, Sir Walter;
biographical note on, V, 31;
articles by - the arrival of the master of Ravenswood, 31;
the death of Meg Merriles, 35;
a vision of Rob Roy, 40;
Queen Elizabeth and Amy Robsart at Kenilworth, 48;
the illness and death of Lady Scott, 62.

biographical note on, II, 128;
articles by - the wise man, 128;
consolation for the loss of friends, 134;
to Nero on clemency, 141;
the pilot, 149;
a happy life, 153.

Sévigné, Madame de;
biographical note on, VII, 123;
articles by - great news from Paris, 123;
an imposing funeral described, 125.

Sewall, Samuel;
biographical note on, IX, 19;
his account of how he courted Madame Winthrop, 19.

Shakespeare, William;
biographical note on, III, 82;
the speech of Brutus to his countrymen, 82;
Shylock in defense of his race, 83;
Hamlet to the players, 85.

Shelley, Percy Bysshe;
biographical note on, V, 151;
articles by - in defense of poetry, 151;
the baths of Caracalla, 155;
the ruins of Pompeii, 158.

Smith, Adam;
biographical note on, IV, 163;
articles by - of ambition misdirected, 163;
the advantages of a division of labor, 166.

Smith, John;
biographical note on, IX, 3;
his story of Pocahontas, 3.

Southey, Robert;
biographical note on, V, 80;
Nelson's death at Trafalgar, 80.

Spencer, Herbert;
biographical note on, VI, 173;
articles by - the origin of professional occupations, 173;
self-dependence and paternalism, 181;
the ornamental and the useful in education, 186;
reminiscences of his boyhood, 191;
a tribute to E. L. Youmans, 195;
why he never married, 197.

Staël, Madame de;
biographical note on, VII, 178;
of Napoleon Bonaparte, 178.

Steele, Sir Richard;
biographical note on, IV, 3;
articles by - of companions and flatterers, 3;
the story-teller and his art, 7;
Sir Roger and the widow, 10;
the Coverley family portraits, 16;
on certain symptoms of greatness, 21;
how to be happy tho married, 26.

Sterne, Laurence;
biographical note on, IV, 123;
articles by - the starling in captivity, 123;
to Moulines with Maria, 127;
the death of LeFevre, 129;
passages from the romance of my Uncle Toby and the widow, 131.

Stevenson, Robert Louis;
biographical note on, VI, 247;
articles by - Francis Villon's terrors, 247;
the lantern bearers, 251.

biographical note on, II, 231;
articles by - the last days of Augustus, 231;
the good deeds of Nero, 236;
the death of Nero, 241.

Swift, Jonathan;
biographical note on, III, 216;
on pretense in philosophers, 216;
on the hospitality of the vulgar, 221;
the art of lying in politics, 224;
a meditation upon a broomstick, 228;
Gulliver among the giants, 230.

biographical note on, II, 177;
articles by - from Republican to Imperial Rome, 177;
the funeral of Germanicus, 183;
the death of Seneca, 189;
the burning of Rome by order of Nero, 193;
the burning of the capitol at Rome, 202;
the siege of Cremona, 205;
Agricola, 212.

Taine, Hippolite Adolphe;
biographical note on, VIII, 38;
articles by - on Thackeray as a satirist, 38;
on the king's getting up for the day, 43.

Taylor, Jeremy;
biographical note on, III, 153;
on the benefits of adversity, 153.

Thackeray, William M.;
biographical note on, VI, 62;
articles by - the imperturbable Marlborough, 62;
the ball before the battle of Waterloo, 65;
the death of Colonel Newcome, 75;
London in the time of the first George, 80.

Thiers, Louis Adolph;
biographical note on, VII, 201;
the burning of Moscow, 201.

Thoreau, Henry David;
biographical note on, X, 99;
articles by - the building of his house at Walden Pond, 99;
how to make two small ends meet, 103;
on reading the ancient classics, 115;
of society and solitude, 120.

biographical note on, I, 25;
articles by - the Athenians and Spartans contrasted, 25;
the plague at Athens, 38;
the sailing of the Athenian fleet for Sicily, 45;
the completion of the Athenian defeat at Syracuse, 52.

Tocqueville, Alexis de;
biographical note on, VIII, 3;
on the tyranny of the American majority, 3.

Tolstoy, Count Leo;
biographical note on, VIII, 252;
Shakespeare not a great genius, 252.

Turgeneff, Ivan;
biographical note on, VIII, 239;
Bazarov's death, 239.

Vasari, Giorgio;
biographical note on, VIII, 192;
of Raphael and his early death, 192.

Vigny, Alfred de;
biographical note on, VII, 222;
Richelieu's way with his master, 222.

Ville-Hardouin, Geoffrey de;
biographical note on, VII, 23;
the sack of Constantinople, 23.

Voltaire, François Arouet;
biographical note on, VII, 160;
articles by - of Bacon's greatness, 160;
England's regard for men of letters, 164.

Walpole, Horace;
biographical note on, IV, 149;
articles by - on Hogarth, 149;
the war in America, 154;
the death of George II, 155.

Walton, Izaak;
biographical note on, III, 92;
articles by - the antiquity of angling, 92;
of the trout, 96;
the death of George Herbert, 101.

Ward, Artemus;
biographical note on, X, 191;
Forrest as Othello, 191.

Washington, George;
biographical note on, IX, 79;
articles by - to his wife on taking command of the army, 79;
of his army in Cambridge, 81;
to the Marquis de Chastellux on his marriage, 84.

White, Gilbert;
biographical note on, IV, 158;
on the chimney swallow, 158.

Wordsworth, William;
biographical note on, V, 23;
a poet defined, 23.

Wyclif, John;
biographical note on, III, 4;
a passage from his translation of the Bible, 14.

biographical note on, I, 68;
articles by - the character of Cyrus the younger, 68;
the Greek army in the snows of Armenia, 75;
the battle of Leuctra, 81;
the army of the Spartans, 84;
how to choose and manage saddle horses, 87.

Zola, Emile;
biographical note on, VIII, 48;
Napoleon III in time of war, 48.

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