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Second Edition.



S r r., SA1ST ^


L. N. FOWLER & Co.,
7, Imperial Arcade, Ludgate Circus, E. C.

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4 d (California

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01 FT OF


Books by Henry Harrison Brown.

SUGGESTION, 64 pp., paper, 25c.

pp., paper, 25c.

paper, 25c.

These are three epoch-making books. They have
received highest commendation from the greatest
thinkers of today, and from the many who have
already bought and studied them. They are thought
stimulators and point the way to health, happiness
and success.

Others in Preparation.

Lessons are prepared, viz: Suggestion, 25
Lessons; Psychometry, 12 Lessons; Art of
Living, 25 Lessons.

NOW, A Journal of Affirmation; the Latest Ev-
olution of the New Thought. $1.00 a year.

"NOW" COMPANY, Publishers,
1437 Market Street, SAN FRANCISCO, CAL.



Six Soul Culture Essays.








Author of "How to Control Fate through Suggestion," "Not
Hypnotism, but Suggestion," and Editor of NOW.

The Soul looketh steadily forward, creating a world be-
fore her, leaving worlds behind her. The web of events
is the flowing robe in which she is clothed. Emerson.

The potential of Life is Immortality and that without
pain, sorrow, disease, or death. Henry Harrison Brown.

Price, 25 Cents.





L. N. FOWLER & Co.,
7, Imperial Arcade, Ludgate Circus, E. C.


What to me is Perception, to you is History.

The Century between us will shape into the sense-life of

the race that which now has form only in Thought.

In that eternal world where we are one, I greet you.

You understand.

Copyrighted, 1902, by Henry Harrison Brown.





These essays are TRUTH to me. They wrote
themselves. I was but the instrument through
which thought crystallized. They -welled up from
a full heart and were moist with tears of joy.
When the significance of the Greatest of all human
discoveries dawned upon me, like Saul of Tarsus,
I was stricken with the magnitude of the Percep-
tion and for several days lived as one in a trance.
The sub-conscious life was the only reality. I lived
that which I have here written.
When the Thought crystallized into the title of
this book, like the Greek of old I cried, "Eureka,"
and paced my room in rapture. I clairvoyantly
perceived the wonderful possibilities that lay^ in
the Discovery. Like a mighty spiritual wind,
such as the old Hebrew seers felt when they proph-
esied, was this perception of fulfillment.
"The hour now is when men shall no more worship
God either in temple or on mount, but shall know
themselves almighty and deathless," was the Voice
within me.

I saw man as Conscious King of himself, and "I
AM POWER" was the Affirmation then realized.
In this spirit was the first essay written. Day by
day, since that September morning, have I entered
more and more into the Realization of the Vision
then vouchsafed me. Each succeeding essay has
only increased the responsibility which I, as Henry
Harrison Brown, have felt, as the instrument for
that "which has been from all eternity," as it finds

Q ^ *~<
y ?j .


expression in and through me. I am possessed
with the desire and purpose to keep my personal-
ity behind the curtain and to have Truth for which
I stand recognized by the world. This desire is
now overruled by this same Perception and Power,
and I must say this much that the centuries to
come may find it as History. I must also add:
Truth and I are one!

Since Truth is eternal, this book is eternal. The
paper on which it is written may perish but the
Thought vibrations, never. This generation may
pass from sight but MAN will live forever. This
generation may have individuals who realize Truth
and never die. Generations to come will all so
realize and earth will be redeemed from the results
of undeveloped human powers. The Potential of
Life is IMMORTALITY, and that without pain,
sorrow, disease or death.

I know of 110 other attempt in literature to demon-
strate from the position of modern science the
Unity of Soul and matter under the thought of a
Present Immortality. It being a fact that
that the thought of these essays is in
accord with that of advanced thinkers along
many lines, I have prefaced each one with numer-
ous quotations. Limited in my library advantages,
I have given what I found. But finding so many
in my limited range of authorities, what must there
be to him who has the range of the large libraries
denied, by location, to me?

I have only carried their principles and their deduc-
tions farther and have done this through the scien-
tific spirit and method, basing all my deductions
upon observed phenomena. If my position is
false, the physics of the world is also false.
The phenomena of Telepathy, Levitation, and
Clairvoyance are as familiar tome as that of chem-
istry to the professors of that science. I have been


healed by Thought. I heal by Thought. I send
and receive messages by the wireless telegraphy
of Mind. By this method I am in communication
with those individualities with whom I can estab-
lish sympathetic vibration, whether they are in
the sphere we call the sense-life or in that we call
spirit-life, for these spheres are one to the unfolded

By means of my Psychometric faculties I read the
inner life of man or rock, and know only Soul, as
the maker and builder of all external life. Know-
ing this from over thirty years' experience, I were
false to Self, to Truth, to my fellowman did I not
write that which I know, that it may be a stimu-
lant to others, helping them to realize that they
are not body, but Mind, and are deathless. I can
only affirm: that which I am, all men are. The cen-
tury that now is will see all this phenomena the
common life of the advanced races. Telepathy is
the promise of that unfoldment of latent power
which means for earth the fulfillment of all that
poet, priest, and seer have foreseen. Feeling this,
I have only let Truth have its way through me.
It has clothed itself in the best robes of language
it lound in the storehouses of my brain.
Written first for the columns of my little journal,
NOW, these essays, perhaps, have the crudities of
the haste of newspaper preparation, but better so
than that I take the fire of inspiration from them
by the cooling process of criticism. So, oblivious
of critic, I put them forth in this form for those
\vho can feel the Truth in them. I thus awaken
those vibrations in the Thought ocean, in which
all humanity is engulfed, which will find other
brains fitted by special training for their manifes-
tion along similar and co-ordinate lines.
Thus this little book, the child of my inspiration
and love, is set a Bethel-stone to mark the begin-


ning of this Psychic Era that ushers in the Millen-
nial dawn of Perfect Manhood.
In the Faith that Love and Truth will soon lead
Man to this victory, I am


"NOW" Office, San Francisco, April, 1902.

Ring, bells, in unreal d steeples,
The joy of unborn peoples.
Sound trumpets far off blown,
Your triumph is my own.

Parcel and part of all,
I keep the festival;
Fore-reach the good to be,
And share the victory.




An Explanation and a Prophecy*

Recently, at my class, we tried an experiment, old
to me, and yet then and there it burst upon my
comprehension that in this experiment lay Power.
Later, I saw that this discovery of Power was
man's greatest discovery; that more lay in it for
the good of the race than in any previous discov-
ery. This revelation grows upon me, and no surer
has any scientist been of the worth of his discovery
than I am of this. Here is the experiment:

Five persons were concerned in it. One sat on a stool. Two
stood at the side of the person at the knees, two behind the
shoulders, all breathed in unison, and all raised their hands
together, palms pressing together, all except index fingers clos-
ed. As their hands came up the fourth time, the fingers were
placed under arms and knees and the person was lifted without
any sense of weight. This was also done with a person lying
down, and with a table. With a friend, I have lifted a heavy
stone thus. I am sure that a few persons, by practice in breath-
ing and moving in unison can in this way practically annihilate,
In any given case, the law of gravity.

I call attention to this experiment because I am
sure that it means more for the welfare and develop-
ment of the race than Franklin's discovery, with his kite,
of the identity of lightning with the electricity in
the Lyden jar, means more than the discovery of
the North pole will mean, more than the inven-
tion of the spinning jenny, the invention of the
steam engine or the electric motor; than the dis-
covery of ether, or the marvels of modern surgery
have meant in civilization. This is a tremendous


claim. But from years of study of the significance
of certain allied mental and psychical phenomena,
I am free to make the claim and to prophesy that
may be that in it we have a key to a lost art, that
of the Egyptians in transporting their huge stones
and the silent building of Solomon's Temple. I can
no more tell what it has for the future than Watts,
when he toyed with steam and found it force,
could foresee the engine of today; or the chemist
who first found that there was explosive power in
nitre, charcoal and sulphur,could foresee the use of
it in modern battleship; or he who first found pow-
er in electricity could foresee the present wireless
telegraphy. POWER is what a man is seeking.
Found, it is to be applied. The first is Discovery;
the next is Invention. These two make human

The discoverer of power is the world's benefactor.
To apply this is Progress. Every new discovery
of power marks an epoch in human history. Fire,
wind, water, steed, steam, caloric, electricity, have
each marked great epochs of civilization. Of all the
past discoveries, the greatest was that of fire.
Through fire, man has been enabled to conquer the
world of external vibrations, known as the world
of matter. Imagine a world where fire should be
unknown. Suppose the secret of fire was lost to-
day beyond recovery. What death and desolation
would follow. Fire was the beginning of human
development. From it, all our science, art, and
religion have sprung. Fire is Power. Up to that
time, savage man had known only the power of
his own brawn. Club and stone were the instru-
ments through which Power within made itself
manifest. Ages have passed. Power has been de-


veloped; Power has been controlled; Power has
been discovered; Power has been harnessed.
Through the mastery and application of Power,
man has conquered all the Without. He has used
external Power. Is there other Power? What is
the Power that has thus found, developed, and
harnessed, this external Power? Where does it
dwell? It is the Power IN man. It is the Power
of Ideas. This is recognized. Ideas rule the world.
But that they are any kin to these external forces
has scarcely been conceived, much less believed, un-
til the last century. The greatest gift that the
nineteenth century gave the twentieth, was the
demonstration that Thought is aFoimofEnergy.
This is the greatest gift of all the centuries. It is
Man's Greatest Discovery and marks the beginning
of the Psychic Era: the Dawn of the Millennium.
Today it is known, among thinkers and investiga-
tors, that Thought is Power. It is THE Power
that controls all other Power.
This is the greatest discovery, that of fire comes
next. This is destined to make as great an ad-
vance in human progress as fire made in the ages
past. Thought will be consciously used as Power.
Its possibilities are unlimited. No imagination
can picture what man and his world will be after
a century, ten centuries, of the conscious use of
Thought. Thought is as tamable as lightning, as
easily controlled as steam, and as unerring as

Let me quote from one of the great books of the
last century upon the other great discovery of that
century, Prof. E. L. Youmans' work upon "The
Conservation and Correlation of Force, ' ' published
in 1864. In speaking of the law of Conservation
of Force, Prof. Youmans says:
Thus the law characterized by Farady as the highest in phys-


ical science which our faculties enable us to perceive, has a far
more extended sway; it might well be proclaimed the highest
law of all sciences; the most far-reaching principle that adven-
turous reason has discovered in the Universe. Its stupendous
reach spans all orders of existence. Not only does it govern
the movements of the heavenly bodies, but it presides over the
genesis of constellation; not only does it control those radiant
floods of power that fill eternal spaces, bathing, illumining,
and vivifying, our planet, but it rules the actions and relations
of men and regulates the march of terrestrial affairs. Nor is its
domain limited to physical phenomena; it prevails equally in
the world of mind, controlling all the faculties and processes of
thought and feeling. Star and nerve tissue are parts of the
same system stella and nervous forces are correlated. Nay,
more! Sensation awakens thought and kindles emotion, so
this wondrous dynamic chain binds into living Unity the realms
of matter and mind through limitless amplitudes of space.

Thus early did a far-reaching scientist perceive the
fact that has since been demonstrated: that the
realm of Life is one and that it is all Force. Tel-
epathy has verified this statement. It is the link
connecting the hitherto divided parts of life, called
matter and mind, into one, and making of Nature
a Unity. No fact in all the history of human life is
more potent than this. Telepathy is the missing
link in science. Mind and Matter are by it weo,
never to be divorced, and henceforth we shall deal
with Mind as we have with matter, and with
thought as we have with electricity. We shall
learn the power, the laws, of thought, and shall
harness it to Human Will and Desire. Thought
as Force means the Redemption of the world from
all old conditions. Almighty Power lies in thought,
and, unlike all other power, it cannot be monop-

It is open alike to all men. Its only limit is human
ignorance. As the Without has been made to serve
man's will through knowledge, so now will the
Within become subject to him. The mighty realm
of Mind will become the theatre of human activity
and all its power be consciously used to bless.


All this lies in that simple experiment. What is
the power that lifts the person? It is that which
lifts our feet and hands; which is subject to our
will in all our conduct: THOUGHT. It is the
first demonstration we have that Thought is
not only Force to move through space without
visible conductors, but that* Thought is also Force
to lift ponderable bodies. We fill up with Thought
by unison in breathing and movement. The same
thought fills the five persons as five lamps are fill-
ed from one dynamo. Thought fills us. We use it
as we will and it lifts the man. This simple state-
ment is more eloquent than all rhetoric can be. I
cannot think of the greatness of the fact without
tears. It means more than all other facts to the
race. Thought is force that can be made to affect
ponderable matter. " Chalk marks don't draw-
cars!" said a railroad man. Chalk marks will
draw cars, when thought is put into them to do
so. This is the Prophecy: Thought will in the
future become subject to conscious control. We
shall yet intelligently do all that the Hindoos are
now credited with doing.

Life is subject to will. Thought is a maniiestation
of Infinite Life. Thought is Infinite. . We know it
is Power. It is one with all other forms of power.
Its source is limitless. It will flow through us in
any required amount. We can direct it to any de-
sired end. This is demonstrated by telepathy; by
bodily renovation; by the building of body to will.
Thought will be used to control all the lesser forms
of force; to direct fire, water, wind, wave, light,
electricity and gravity. The fire will cease to burn
at command. " The wind and the -wave obey him."
Plant and animal life will come at his thought to
him willing servants. Dream! Illusion! Rhapsody!
all this may be called. It is only the calm reason-
ing from present scientific knowledge. Let it stand


for future generations to verify. The time is now
for us to begin this dominion of Mind over Nature.
Beginning with our own body, we will progress
until even the largest of our environments is sub-
ject to our will.

Would you win? Begin now to control SELF-
manifestations by controlling Thought, and by
recognizing that it does the work. As you have
used in the past other power, now use this. NEVER


you are not ready until, like the engine on the
track, you are filled with Power. The hasty, the
worried, the fearful, the irritable, the impatient,
the doubtful, the fault-finding, are all like the en-
gine that has punctures in the boilers, or has no
fire. They are not ready. Get ready by first filling
up with Thought. As in the experiment, breathe
and think. Consider what to do; think of it; and
breathe slowly, with this concentrated thought.
All calm, patient, concentrated persons do this.
All happy, healthful and successful persons do this.
It is the secret of their success. Before they move
to do, they let the Thought fill them possess them.
The Suggestion and the Affirmation must have
time and opportunity to fill the organism with its
power. This done, then this Power,this Thought,
does the work. Think and breathe before you act!
This is the Law of Power.

This is the conquering force in man that will give
him dominion over all things. Its scientific dem-
onstration is in the simple experiment given above.
I challenge the world upon this. Try it. Learn
that by concentration, Thought -will, through the
individual, accomplish any Desire. Emerson said
this long ago, but we have just learned it: "From
within or from behind, a Light shines through man
upon things. The man is nothing, but the Light
is All."


The Missing Link*

The Power that manifests throughout the Universe distinguish-
ed as material, is the same Power which in ourselves \vells up
under the form of Consciousness. Herbert Spencer, in "Princi-
ples of Sociology."

Its stupendous span reaches all orders of existence. * * * It rule*
the actions and relations of men. Prof. E. L. Youmans, on the
"Law of Conservation and Correlation of Energy."
Thought and feeling themselves, which can neither be weighed
nor measured, do not admit of being resolved into modes of
motion." John Fiske, in "Through Nature to God."
The immortality of our thoughts and actions is a corrolary of
the doctrine of the conservation of energy. Peter C. Austin,
Ph. D., of the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute.
Mind and matter appear to us as an irreducible quality.
Editorial Review in Popular Science Monthly.
That mind and nature must at last be the same, that physical
laws and mental laws must be identical, is essentially involved
in what has been said as to the relations between matter, force
and movement. Buchner, in "Force and Matter."
That one body can act upon another at a distance through a
vacuum without the mediation of anything else, by and through
which their activity and force may be conveyed, is to me so
great an absurdity that I believe that no man who has a ca-
pacity for thinking can ever fall into. Newton, in "Principia."
The gulf which separates * * * the organic from the inorganic
bodies, is not closed up, and none of our hypotheses help us to
bridge the gulf. Prof. Chon, of Breslan, at a meeting of Ger-
man physicians.

These extracts not only show that there is to
science and philosophy a ' 'missing link," but they
also demonstrate that the scientists recognize this
and the necessity of supplying it. There is not
uniformity among them. The principle of Unity


compels Spencer and some others to affirm, with
Youmans, the unity of the Law. Fiske recognizes
the Law, but illogically denies that thought and
feeling come under it.

But among those who see the necessity, the logical
fact of unity and the universality of the Law, it is
at best with them not a fact, but merely an opin-
ion. No proof do they have except that which
should be the most convincing Perception. This
"Gulf" is non-existant.

The fact of this missing link illustrates the
limits and the ignorance of science upon this most
important subject. In regard to Thought, the in-
vestigators are today where scientists were one
hundred years ago in regard to special creation.
They lack facts upon which to rest the feeling of
truth. For all truth begins in feeling. "Thoughts,"
says Edward Carpenter, "are dying feelings." All
truth is self-evident. Men are obliged to reason
themselves into errors. Truth is perceived by the
Soul is felt is self-evident. All men feel Unity.
They feel that Law is universal. Because they do
not have the necessary facts, they reason from
those they have and build up fine, but erroneous,

So builded the man who demonstrated, by reason,
that steamships could not cross the ocean, and the
reverend who, in my boyhood's hearing, reasoned
that chloroform could not be possible,because God
intended man to suffer pain. In biology, the "miss-
ing links" are the dividing lines man has made be-
tween the species. Were all the facts in evidence,
there would be no species. There would be one
unbroken line of development. So here, when all
the facts that are at man's disposal shall be allow-
ed to testify, there will be no missing links in Life,
no break in Law. There will be one unbroken line
of evolution from protoplasm to Love, one chain



from God to rock, and from rock to God again.
Lizzie Doten has expressed this beautifully:

God of the granite and the rose,

Soul of the sparrow and the bee!
The mighty tide of Being flows

Through all its channels, Lord, from Thee!
It springs to life in grass and flowers,

Through every grade of Being runs,
Till from creation's radiant towers,

Its glory flames in stars and suns.

God of the granite and the rose,

Soul of the sparrow and the bee!
The mighty tide of Being flows

Through all its channels back to Thee!
Thus round and round the current runs,

A mighty sea without a shore,
Till men and angels, stars and suns,

Unite to praise thee ever more!

Is this truth or is it mere poetry? Is it feeling or
is it reason? I cannot conceive of a person who
will not feel that it is Truth. Can you not reason
it so? Spencer, Buchner, and others, have so rea-
soned. But can you prove it? Can it be proven?
What will this proof mean? What will the discov-
ery of this link between granite and Soul mean to
the race? Where in the list of human achievements
will it rank when found?

It will mean, first of all, the abolishing of Death
from human thought. It will mean the demon-
stration of Life forever. It will demonstrate all
the hopes of the race to be facts. It will demon-
strate as realities, all the desires of the race for
continued communication with loved ones who
have not died, but who have changed environment.
It will mean the demonstration of infinite faculties
in Man, and an infinite Life in which to develop
them. It will demonstrate that Man is not yet
born; that birth is before him; that all these eons
he has been gestating in this womb of flesh, await-
ing birth. Now he will soon be born and, when


born, will not need undertaker, grave nor sorrow.
All this past life of man has been filled with

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