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Portrait and biographical record of Guernsey County, Ohio, containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county, together with biographies and portraits of all the p online

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Online LibraryHenry James LeePortrait and biographical record of Guernsey County, Ohio, containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county, together with biographies and portraits of all the p → online text (page 32 of 83)
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sciiools of Cambridge. Afterward, entering Musk-
ingum College, he pursued a course of study, and
\\as graduated from that institution in 1879. He
read law two years with Messrs. Taylor & Ander-
son, and was admitted to the law departmental
Ann Arbor, Mich., where he completed the speci-
fied course, graduating in 1882. lie at once re-
turned to Guernsey County, and was admitted to
the Bar the same year, on the recommendation of
Hon. T. M. Coolev, since which time he has been

actively engaged in the practice of his profession
in the city of Cambridge, with marked ability and

On the 20th of October, 1886, Mr. Scott married
Jennie L. l\IcCartney. Three children have come
to bless their home, two sons and a daughter,
namely: Robert Ellsworth, Byron and Gerlinda.
The parents are members of the United Presby-
terian Church, and enjoy the friendship of a large
circle of acquaintances. Politically Mr. Scott is
afliliated with the Democratic party.

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Cyrus Parkinson Beatty Sarchet.

was born in the house foimerly owned by
his yi-anr] father, Thomas, tiiis structure
liaving been the third one erected in Cambridge,
and, with the exception of tlirec ^ears in his early
manhood, his entire life lias been S[icnt in this vi-
cinity. He is llie elde>t son of Moses and Martlia
(Bichard) Sarchet, and was born Novenibor 17,
1828. His ancestors were Frencli Huguenots, who
at an early day took up tlieir residence on the
Island of Guernsey. Tlie original spelling of tlie
name, it is supposed, was Suchet, tlie Frem-li form
of which would be De Sarclia, and some of the
family have taken that name.

About 1670 one Thomas Sarchet, a zealous
Catholic, obtained a French Bible, which he per-
sisted in reading against the protests of his |iarents
and the parish priest, and at length he was obliged
to flee from his home to the Island of Jersey, and
from there to Guernsey. Tiie Bible is still :i
precious relic owned by one of his descendants.
He married and had one son, and this son married
and had two sons, Thomas and Peter, who liecame
the heads of the two families in Guernsey of their
name. The live sons of Tliomas all cmigiated to
Guernsey' County, Ohio. Tlioiiia- Saichi-l, ihejia-
ternal grandfutiier of our subject, was boin in
1770, and married Anne Bicliaid, by whom he had
six children: Thomas, David, Peter B., INIoses,
Nancy and Rachel, all born on the Isle of Guern-
sey. They set sail for America in 1806, and pro-
ceeded overland from Baltimore to Ohio. Arriv-

ing in Cambridge on the 14th of August, they
found the town was just being laid out, and after
some consultation they decided to locate here. The
father bought a lot, which is now on the corner of
Seventh Street and Wheeling Avenue, and at once
began the construction of a hewed-log house, a
part of which is still standing. Within its walls
he resided until his death, which occurred April
21. 1837, and there his wife also died about twelve
years later. His children all lived to be fourscore
years of age or over.
1 Moses Sarchet, the father of the gentleman whose
I name heads this sketch, was born April 17, 1803,
j and died in this city September 10, 1890. At the
' age of sixteen lie entered the office of his brother-
in-law, C. P. Beatty, as Assistant Clerk of the
! Court of Guernsey Count}', and held the office
' until his marriage, which took place in March,
I 1827, when he removed to his farm four miles
north of here. For a long period he was engaged
in the manufacture of salt, at the old Sarchet Salt
j Works, four miles north of this place. This salt
well was the first one bored in thecount}-, it being
j constructed as early as 181.5, and kept in active
I use until 1840. After the death of Mr. Beatty,
j he returned to fill his unexpiied term, and from
September, 1828, to September, 1842, was Clerk of
j the Supreme and Common Pleas Court of the
1 county, during which time he was also Township
Clerk, County School Examiner, and Overseer of
the Township Poor. In 1847 he was the Whig
candidate for Representative, but was defeated.


In 1848 lie was appointcrt Resident Engineer of
tlie National Road, and held the office for tiiree
3eais. In 1851, when the Central Ohio Railroad
was being projected, he was active in the move-
ment for having it pass through this city, being
tiie largest stockholder here and a contractor On
its construction. This contract he oomplcte(1, but
a failure of the company crippled him rnianci:il!y
during the remainder of his life. When the W-.u
of tlie Rebellion came on, he was ap|)(iintcd a
member of the Military Commission of this coun-
ty, and was also a Draft Commissioner during the
war. For twelve years he was Justice of the Peace,
and during tliis period was also Township Trustee,
was two terms Mayor of Cambridge, and was Mas-
ter Commissioner of this county. In. religious
faith he was a devout Methodist. To himself and
wife were born five sons and three daughters.

The early years of our subject were passed in an
uneventful manner, his time being given to farm-
ing and to attendance at the district schools of the
period. For a short time he also went to what was
known as the Cambridge Academy. For a few
years he was a clerk in local stores, but in 18.55, in
company with his father, began publishing the
Guernsey Times, with which he was connected for
some years. About forty years of his life were
given to industrious tilling of the fields and
management of tlie farm, and during this time he
held a number of otlices, in which he gave both
time and labor for the public good, without reward
or the hope thereof. No one, perhaps, in the his-
tory of the county has given as much time to the
histor3' of men and events connected with its
growth and development, or has given as much to
ansveering general and statistical inquiries relat-
ing both to state and national affairs. During the
war Mr. Sarchet performed much provost duty,
looking after soldiers who were away on furloughs,
and was appointed as an Enrolling Officer. In
186.3 Governor Todd commissioned him Caiitiiin,
and instructed him to organize the militia of this
county into three regiments. After he had effected
this, he was elected Colonel of the Fii^t Regiment,
a title by which he has since been known. He
look an active i)art in the .John Morgan raid, was
at Chillicothe, and later at Eagleport, where he

crossed the Muskingum River and followed the
enemy until the latter were captured near Saline-
ville, Ohio. For many years Mr. Sarchet was con-
nected with the Guernsey County Agricultural
Society, and is now President of the Farmers' In-
stitute of tills county. In politics he has been suc-
I cessively a Whig, Republican and Democrat.
j The residence of our subject being just outside
[ the corporate limits of Cambridge, to which he
walks to and fro each day, he has for the Iftst
twenty years covered a distance of twelve hundred
miles yearly. A ready writer, lie has contributed
much to the literature of this region. Atone time
he wrote a history of the "Cambridge of Fifty
Years Ago," which was published in several num-
bers of the Jeffersimiaii. On political questions he
coirtributed a liistoiy of the Whig campaign of
1840 in this county, and of the thirty-three Whigs
of the County Central Committee. His article on
the subject of the Morgan raid was very interest-
ing, and pertained to the events of eight days and
nights in the saddle, during which he passed
through the counties of Morgan, Noble, Guernsey ,
Harrison, Belmont, Jefferson and Columbiana.

April 24, 1855, our subject married Margaret M.,
daughter of Andrew Moore. Their surviving chil-
dren are Andrew M.; Inez L., wife of Cyrus F.
Wilson; and Martha Blanche. Frank M., the eld-
est child, is deceased. Mr. Sarchet is now Secre-
tary of the Guernsey County Soldiers' Relief Com-
mission, a benevolent organization. Religiously
he is a member of the Methodist Church of Cam-
bridge, and Treasurer of the congregation.

T~^ DWARD (). liLACKHURN, President of
r C) the

Online LibraryHenry James LeePortrait and biographical record of Guernsey County, Ohio, containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county, together with biographies and portraits of all the p → online text (page 32 of 83)