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Portrait and biographical record of Guernsey County, Ohio, containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county, together with biographies and portraits of all the p online

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Online LibraryHenry James LeePortrait and biographical record of Guernsey County, Ohio, containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county, together with biographies and portraits of all the p → online text (page 34 of 83)
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ty is the just ineed of the efforts of our sub-
ject, who is located in Liberty Township.
Here he has a highly productive tract of land, the
feililit}' of which been kept above par \)y a
wise rotation of crops and the use of the best fer-
tilizing agents. A first-class set of buildings has
been erected upon it and other improvements
made which stamp it as the home of one who be-
lieves in progress and enterprise.

Mr. Umstott is a native of this county, having
been boin in Wheeling Township, November 2,
ISoG. He is the son of Samuel and Harriet (For-
ney) Umstott, the former of whom was born in
A'irginia, June ,5, 1827. lie was the son of Samuel
and Mary (Chancy) Umstott, who emigrated from
their native IMaryland to Guernsey County when
Samuel was three years of age. They became
well-to-do, and in tiie locality in wliicli they resided
were held in respect for their upright man-
ner of living. Samuel Umstott, Sr., when deprived
of the com|)anioiishii) of his wife by death, re-
turned to Maryland and married Ruth Dawson,
who accompanied him on his journey to Ohio,
where she passed tlie remainder of her life. The
father of our subject died October 11, 1887. His
good wife was born in Coshocton County, in No-
vember, 1837, and now resides on the old home-
stead in Wheeling Township. She is the daughter
of Joseph and Susan (Miskiraen) Forney, natives.


respectively, of Guernsey and Cosliocton Countifs.
They made their homes in this county, engnged in
cultivating tlie soil, until they disposed of their
property' and removed to Goshen Township, Tus-
carawas County, where they became owners of a
good farm and resided until their decease.

The parunts of our subject were married in
Coshocton County, this state, and to them were
born five sons and three daughters, of whom we
make the following mention: George A., formerly
engaged in teaching school, is now farming in
Caldwell County, Mo.; ,]as|)er N. is the original of
this sketch; Charlotte is the wife of M. S. Ross, a
farmer of this county; Ik'll V. is living at home
wilii her mother; Joiin C. is also at home; I^IcCoy
L. is teaching school in Caldwell County, Mo.; and
Nellie and Samuel are at home, the former teach-
ing school. Samuel Umstott, Jr., in addition to
cultivating the soil followed his trade of car-
penter to some extent, lie refused at all times to
hold office, and was deserving of the respect con-
ferred upon as one of the most useful members of
the community.

At tlie age of twenty-four years our subject was
married and began in life for himself. The lady
on this occasion was ]\Iiss Hester Keast, a native
of Wheeling Township, this county, who was born
October 31, 1856. She was the dauglitcr of John
and Elizabeth (Threthewie) Keast, natives of Eng-
land, in which country they were married, but
emigrated to the United States in 1844. They at
once made their way to Coshocton County, and in
1856 moved to Guernsey County. In these counties
their family of ten children was reared. Of these
Maiy is the wife of Daniel Duseiiberry, a farmer of
this township; Martha is the wife of William Van
Sickle, also an agriculturist of this locality; Julia
married Peter Hamersley, who is engaged in farm-
ing in Coshocton County; Sarah became Mrs. John
Little, and lives on a farm in Wheeling Town-
ship, which region is now the home of Margaret,
Mrs. Robert Switzer; Hester is the wife of our
subject; Harriet married Samuel fiercer, editor of
the Indianapolis (lud.) Gazptle; Su>an became the
wife of Switzer, a farmer of Coshocton
County; John T. is a telegraph operator at Flush-
ing, Belmont County, this state; and Edward is de-

ceased. Tlie father of Mrs. Umstott departed this
life January 11, 1888, at the age of seventy-one
years. He was the son of Edward and Mary
Keast, also born in England, whence they came to
this county in 1856, making it their permanent
home. Elizabeth Keast, who was the daughter
of Jolin Threthewie, died in 1861. The grand-
mother lived and died in her native land, while
the grandfather of Mrs. Umstott departed this life
ill Australia. He had amassed an immense for-
tune, making as much as вЦ†?! 100,000 in three years
in England before going out to the colony.

The family of our subject and wife comprises two
son and two daughters, namely; Harriet M., John
A., Mary G. and Ereddio. Mr. Umstottcontinucd
to work his father's farm on shares after attain-
ing mature years until 1889. He then became
the possessor of ninelj' acres of fine land, on which
he has resided ever since and made it one of the
most jirodiictive tracts in the county.

Mr. Umstott is an active and efficient member
of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and he and
his good wife are highly esteemed b}- all who'
know them for their consistent and useful lives.
In politics the former is independent, not caring
to tie himself to any party, hut reserves the right
to vote for the man regardless of part}^ lines.

(!V^ ness world only

LOR. There is in the busi-
one kind of man who can
successfully combat the many disadvant-
ages anil trials that come boldly to the front, and
that is the man of superior intelligence and force
of character, and one who is the happy possessor
also of that energy that seems somehow to be the
magic wand that transforms a poor beginning into
a most flattering ending. To this class belongs
Samuel Naylor, a man who by strict integrity and
shrewdness of judgment has acquired a good start
in life. He is at present residing in Canal Dover,
where he is the proprietor of a finely stocked drug
store, and is by able management reaping a good
profit from this line of business.

A native of this state, our subject was born in
Stark County, March 27. 1844, and is the son of
William B. and Elizabeth (Cassaday) Naylor, na-
tives of New Jersey. They came with their re-
spective parents to this state, and were here mar-
ried and si)ent the leuiainder of their lives. Sam-
uel Cassaday. the father of Mrs. Naylor, was a
farmer by occupation, and. was the owner of the



land on wliicli is now located Llic city of Alliance.
This ])ro()crty was then in its oriu;in:il wildness,
and to linn is dne the credit of cleaiiiitr and cnlli-
vating it.

William I!. Naylor, althou-h occniued for many
years in farm puisuits, laui;lil scluxd for a time,
and traveled In the interestsota \vliale nu-
tion honse in C'anton.'uhio. His nnion with .Ml-^
Cassaday resulted in the birth ot live sons and lour
daughters, of whom six are now livinic- I'he oiiu-
inal of this sketch w;is the eldest of the household;
Joshua makes liis home in Salem, this slate; Sai'.ah
is the wife of Charles (ice, of Canlield, this state;
Ella married Thomas P. Ili.velv, and is a resident of
Canal Dover; Judson also lives in Canal Dover;
and Curtis S. is a resident of this place.

Samuel T. Naylor pursued his studies in the
common schools of Mahoning County, this slate,
and, being ambitious to acquire knowledge, made
the best of his oiiportunities, and is to-d.ay well
mformcd. During the progress of the late war, he
'enlisted, in 1H(;2, in the Union service, hut was re-
jected. Nothing discouraged, he again volun-
teered his services. tw(_i ye.ars later, and was mus-
tered in as a memlierof Company (:,()nc Hundred
and Fifty-lifUi Ohio Infantry. His regiment was
ordered into Virginia, and oursnlijcet particiiialed
in many of the hard-fouglil battles of pniod,
among them being that of liermuda Hun

Online LibraryHenry James LeePortrait and biographical record of Guernsey County, Ohio, containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county, together with biographies and portraits of all the p → online text (page 34 of 83)