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Portrait and biographical record of Guernsey County, Ohio, containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county, together with biographies and portraits of all the p online

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Online LibraryHenry James LeePortrait and biographical record of Guernsey County, Ohio, containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county, together with biographies and portraits of all the p → online text (page 39 of 83)
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his dear old mother, up in the eighties, was getting
along; and occasionally would speak of his wife,
but he said lie had no fears for her, for she was a
careful manager, and his children were obedient,
so he did not worry.

On the 4th of February Philip Shafer arrived
home, and was warmly greeted by all his house-
hold, but two days less than a month later he had
crossed the river we all must cross. He was a man
who was seldom sick, and boasted on his trip that he
had not needed a doctor for anything serious for
years. A month ago, and his life spread before
him a beautiful plain, the farther end of which he
could not see. He had health, wife, children,
and a competence that "onld sullicc through his
natural life, no matter hovv long drawn out; yet
his eyes are now closed forever, and the aged
mother, whom he cx()ectod to meet on that far-
ther shore, will now find him waiting for her.

The following preamble and resolutions were un-
animously ado|)ted at a special meeting of the
Board of Education of Canal Dover, held March
3, 1894:

•'WiiKUEAS, It has blessed the Supreme Architect
of the Universe to remove from our midst ouv
late member, Philip Shafer, and

"WiiKUKAS, The intimate relations held by our
deceased associate with the members of this board

render it proper that we should place on record
our appreciation of his services as a member, and
his merits as a man; therefore, be it

^'■Resolved, That while we bow with humble sub-
mission to the will of the Most High, we do not
mourn the less for our associate, who has been
called from his labor to rest,

'•Resolufd, That in the death of Philip Shafer
this hoard has lost an associate who has been an
active and zealous member, ever devoted to the
welfare and jjrosperity of our public schools, wise
and upright in counsel, an honest and conscien-
tious man, whose virtues endeared him not only to
his associates of the board, but to all of his fellow-

''Resolvpcl, That the board tender its heartfelt
symi)alhy to the family and friends Of the de-
ceased in this their sad affliction. And be it

''Resolved, That these resolutions be entered
upon the minutes of the board, and that a copy be
sent to the family of the deceased."

Resolutions were also adopted by the Board of
Directors of the First National Bank, at a meeting
held March 7, 1894.


AJIUEL PATTERSON, one of the old and

honored inhabitants of Guernsey County,
has long been numbered among her pros-
perous agriculturists. In 1857 he bought out the
other heirs to his father's old homestead and took
possession of the farm, where he has since resided.
In 1867 the old residence built by his father was
destroyed by fire, entailing a loss of 82,000 in
household effects, and the family barely escaped
with their lives. The following year our subject
biiill a comfortable home, and also erected barns
and other outbuildings. He keeps nothing but
blooded and high-grade cattle on his farm, and for
a time made a specialty of raising Shorthorn cattle
and thoroughbred siieep. Of the latter he has fre-


quently had a Itock nunihcMing upwards of lluee
hundred, and lias obtained as high as^l per pound
for wool.

Tiie birth of Sainuol Patterson occurred Septem-
ber 7, 181G, in Greene County, Pa. His parents
were Mark and Annie (McGregor) Patterson, tlie
former a native of County termanagii, and llie lat-
ter of County Cavan, Ijeland. They were married
in Greene County, Pa., and there all their children
were born. When well along in years, about 1832,
the parents removed to Guernsey County, and set-
tled on section 23, range 2, township 1, on a farm
of one hundred and sixty-six acres, of which about
twenty acres were cleared. 'I'hcy wcie the [larents
of the following childicn: Kchecca. wlio l)ecanie
the wife of Eiias ( ;. Congor. uf Iowa; Catherine,
who married Bemini Conger; Aillc, wlio died in
childhood; Thomas, who married Alar-arcL Hop-
kins; John, who wedded Pollv Albin; Sainuol, the
subject of this sketch; Elizabeth, who l)ecaine the
wife of Moses Gaughenhaugli; iSanc\', twin sister
of Elizabeth; Mary and Mark. The latter are
unmarried, and are residents of Appanoose C( unly,
Iowa. The father of this family depailed this life
October 15, 1841, aged seventy-seven year>, and
his wife was called to her final rest November 1,
1853, when in l;er sixty-ninth year.

Samuel Patterson passed his boyhood in his native
state, and after coming to Ohio assisted in clear-
ing his father's new farm. For his wife he chose
Elizabeth, daughter of .Jason and Hannah (Triies-
dell) Payne, the former a native of County Fer-
managh. Ireland, and the latter of New .Jersey.
Mrs. Patterson was born Juno 24, 1827, and her
marriage to our subject took place December 20,
1843. The young couple went to housekceiiing
in Morgan County, on the homestead belonging to
the wife's father, reluming again to Guernsey
County in 1857, where they have since continuous-
ly resided.

The following children were born to Mr. and
Mrs. Samuel Patterson: Ilannali, who died in 186G;
Ailie, who became the wife of Asbury Webstei-, and
has two children, Nellie, and Ida, Mrs. (ieorge W.
Newton; Rebecca, who is the wife of Mark Patter-
son; Mary E., who married Samuel Finley, and has
six living children: Edith, John, Elizabeth K., Sam-

uel C, Ivy May and Nellie; Ann, who was called
to her final rest in February, 1870; Samuel, whose
first wife was Charity Tetrick. by whom he had
five children: Willie, Olive, JJlanche, Percy and
Nanny, and whose present wife was formerly Se-
linda West; Margaret, who is Mrs. Eli .McLaiighliii,'
and the mother of six children: Maud, Robert,
Mark, Zora 15.. tJolilie E. and Elizabeth; Thomas,
whose wife, Annie E. Broom, has boine him one
son, James Carl; Noble G., who wedded Eva Frame,
and now resides in Hutchinson, Kan., where he
has a large real-estate and loan business, and whose
family comprises three childien: (5eorge N., Gil-
bert anil a baby; Emma Alice, who became the wife
of Homer Brokaw, by whom she has had three chil-
dren, nauK.'ly: Herman, Rebecca Grace and How-
lird; Melvin, a graduate of the Ada (Ohio) College,
and a teacher of natural sciences in the public
schools of Hutchinson, Kan.; and Stephen, who
died in infancy. In politics Mr. Patterson is a
Republican, and religiously he and his wife are
Wesleyan Methodists.

though this gentleman is still quite a
young man, he has become well known as
a successful miller, pursuing his calling after the
most approved methods, and in the management
of his business is meeting with success. His mill
is located at Kimbolton, near which place Mr. l\Ic-
Cullough was born on Christmas D.a}-, 1859. He
is the son of David and Annie (McMillen) Mc-
Cullough, the former of whom was a native of
Jefferson Township, this county, and his birth oc-
curred February 4, 1816. His parents were known
by the name of John and Mary J. ( Whitehill) Mc-
Cullough, and were born in Pennsylvania. Tliey
made their advent into Guernsey County at an
early day, and, being pleased with the future which
it promised, remained the baL'ince of their lives.
Mrs. Annie McCiillougli was born in Washing-
ton County, Pa., September 18, 1816, and was the



daughter of Thomas and Annie McMillen, also na-
tives of that state, whence they emigrated to this
county wlien Miss Annie was quite young, andlike
most of those who located in Ohio, made this sec-
tion their permanent residence.

The parents of our subject were united in mar-
riage in Guernsey County in the year 1K3G, and
to them was born a family of twelve children,
evenly divided as to sex, and of whom we note
the following: .lohn W. is a farmer of Liberty
Township; Elizabeth is now the wife of John
Milligan, also a farmer of this township; Sarah
J. married Thomas McGee, and makes her home
on a nice farm in this locality; Nancy is now
Mrs. David Leeper, tlie owner of a good property
in Liberty Township; Mary JM. married Laf.ayelte
Miller, and is a resident of Kimbolt

Online LibraryHenry James LeePortrait and biographical record of Guernsey County, Ohio, containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county, together with biographies and portraits of all the p → online text (page 39 of 83)