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Portrait and biographical record of Guernsey County, Ohio, containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county, together with biographies and portraits of all the p online

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Online LibraryHenry James LeePortrait and biographical record of Guernsey County, Ohio, containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county, together with biographies and portraits of all the p → online text (page 50 of 83)
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natives of Countj' Tyrone, Ireland, and were mar-
ried in the Emerald Isle. They set sail for tlie
United States some time between tlic years 1800
and 1805, and after a stormy voyage of six weeks
arrived on the shores of the New World. Pro-
ceeding direct to this county, they entered a farm
in the timber, and after living tliereon for about
six years sold out to Arcliie McDonald, and entered
another tract of land. On this place tiiey lived un-
til the father's death, which occurred about 1823.
Some sixteen years later the mother sold her share
to Nathan Hutchinson, who also bouglil out the
other heirs. Investing a part of the (jroceeds in
sixty acres about two miles north of Cambridge,
Mrs. Brown dwelt thereon for live ^•ears, at the end

of which time she broke up housekeeping and went
to live with her eldest son, Under whose roof she
died December 4, 1849. Of her seven children,
Samuel lived in this county all his life; Andrew
was a blacksmith, whose last years were passed in
Muskingum County; Robert, also a blacksmith by
trade, and formerly a resident of this county, was
killed by being thrown from a horse; William,
a tanner, lived and died in this hpd in a lastefnl manner, suited
to the demands of liis patrons, and his tables are
always si)read \vit_h the •j;oui\ tilings of the season.
His rates arc very reasonable, and he is an atten-
tive and courteous host.


JOHN LA ni'K IS a descendant of one of the
sterlini,' pioneer families of (uiernsej' Coun-
ty, lie is an enterprising and iirogressivc
agriculturist of \Yills Township, and took
charge of the old homestead of his forefatliers in
1889. His farm is in a high state of cultivation,
and is kept up in such a manner that it plainly
shows the thrift and constant attention of the
owner. The buildings are substantial, and the
farm house is convenient and commodious.

The name La Rue is plainly of French origin,
and members of the family bearing the same left
the sunny shores of France and settled in America
before the War of the Revolution. One of these,
Jabez La Rue, was a soldier in the Colonial army,
as was also his 3'oung son, James, during the last
year of that memorable struggle. This son was
born Apiil 22, 17.j8, and married Elizabeth Jordan,
a native of Loudoun County, Va., born March 18,
1770. In 1806 the young coufjle removed to Hel-
mont County, and two >ears later to this county.
They settled on the northeast quarter of section 8,
range l,in Richland Township. At the same time
Stephen Ballard, Reason Hammond, William JNIc-
Connel and a IMr. Welsh settled with their fami-
lies on adjoining quarter-sections. They had no
other near neighbors, and their advent into this
locality followed closely uiion the departure of
the red men from the West.

To James La Rue and wife were born li\e
daughters and live sons, namely: Sarali, May 24,

17'.il: Charity V... A)n\\ 15, 1790; William R., Sep-
tembir 2ii, 17;I7; Pamelia, July 2G, 1790; John,
IVbru.iiy ('.. ISOl; Margaret, October 29, 1802;
James October 20, 1801; Laban, October 18, 1806;
David, January 2;i, 1812; and Elizabeth, July 7,
181 :i. 'I'hey were all natives of Loudoun County,
^'.•l. Laban and his sisters, Pamelia and Margaret,
iiiheiilcd the old homestead.

.Tohii La Rue, grandfather of our subject, re-
ceived a limited education in the old-time log
schoolliousc. He experienced all the hardships
incident to pioneer life, and liel|)ed to clear sev-
eral farms. He married Rebecca Ballard, by whom
he had twelve children, named as follows: James,
Stephen, Hamilton, Laban, Robert, John S., Sam-
uel R., Mary M., Mrs. Elizabeth Moss, Judson, Eli
J., and Richard, who died at the age of five years.
Several of these sons were successful school

Samuel R. La Rue, the uncle of our subject, was
born in AVills Township, on the old homestead,
February 15, 1812. After mastering the rudi-
ments of an education in the old log schoolhouse
still standing near iiis late residence, he went to
Wisconsin, where he made an enviable reputation as
a school te.acher, commanding higher pay than any
others in his profc^ssion in that locality. When
the war broke (Hit he enlisted in a Wisconsin regi-
ment, and served for three years. During his
army life he sustained lasting injury, and never
fully recovered his former health. Becoming in-
terested in the culture of bees, he met with unex-
[lected success in this unusual line of work, and
had almost a inonoi)oly of the business. Return-
ing to his old homo in Ohio, he brought with him
soiiif Italian bees, and inaugurated the hone}' in-
dusty, which had previouslj' been a failure in this
county. He was cut down while in the midst of
his usefulness, January 21, 1888. His faithful
coiiii)anion and heliirnate along life's journey bore
the maiden name of Sonora Aduddell.

The birth of the father of our subject occurred
on the farm his father purchased in 1821, and
which is now our subject's by inheritance. The
date of J. S. La line's birth was April 25, 1840.
ill early life lie engaged in farming, but after his
marriage he followed the carpenter's trade in vari-


OU8 places in Ohio until 1880. He is now living
at Lakeview, Ohio. August 14, 1862, he raarried
Ann Linn, daughter of Jolin and Rebecca (^car-
borough) Linn, of Noble County, and of the seven
children born of this union our subject is the eld-
est. The others are as follows: Richard 8.; Maggie,
wife of Henry Shaffer; Nannie, Zua, Vinnie and

John La Rue, Jr., was born July 18, 1863, in
Noble County, this state, and accompanied his
father and the other members of the family in
tlieir frequent removals to and sojourns in various
towns of the state. When twelve years of age he
began working with his fatlier in the western part
of the state, and continued with him until his ma-
jority. For the past six years he has been engaged
in the cultivation of the old family homestead.

September 14, 1892, occurred the marriage of
our subject and Mrs. Laura, widow of Samuel R.
La Rue. She was left an orphan at an early age,
and is a daughter of William and Jane (Morrison)
Aduddell. Her paternal grandfather, George, was
a native of Ireland, and her grandfather, Andrew
Morrison, a native of Maryland, was a Captain in
the War of 1812. At an early day he emigrated
to Ohio, and kept hotel at Scnecaville for twen-
ty-two years. Mr. and Mrs. La Rue have one
child, John Paul byname. They are members of
the Baptist Church. In his political belief Mr. La
Rue is aProhibitionist.

1(5), .^^mh. ,(g'j

JAMES T. JOHNSON was appointed Postmas-
ter of Milnersville, Ohio, in 1885, and made a
most efficient and trustworthy servant. He
is quite a leader in the local ranks of the
Democracy, and for three terms has been Treasurer
of Monroe Township. Since 1881 lie has been in-
terested in the drug store formerly owned by his
brother, J. S., who died in October, 1883, Our

subject then took charge of tiie establishment, run-
ning the same for liis brother's widow until 1886,
when lie purchased the business wlrich he has since
conducted. He carries a full line of general mer-
chandise, groceries and drugs, and enjoys a full
siiare of the local patronage.

Born in Washington County-, Pa., March 23,
1845, our subject is a son of John and Rebecca
(Brownlee) Johnson. The former was also a na-
tive of Washington County, his birth having oc-
curred in 1801. His father, Robert, was a native
of Ireland, who at an early day settled in Washing-
ton County, and tiiere raarried. He was a skillful
mechanic and a successful farmer, being the owner
of an improved place of two hundred and forty
acres five miles west of the villnge of Washington.
His family numbered seven children, namely: John;
Nancy, Mrs. Patterson; Jane, Mrs. Bartley; Mc-
Clain; Martha, who married John Hammond, and
died near Cadiz, Ohio; Grizella, Mrs. David Mor-
row; William, who was a weallliy agriculturist, and
d)ed near Hickory, Pa.; and Robert, whose death
occurred on the old homestead in the Keystone

On arriving at man's estate John Johnson was
given a farm by his father, as was also his brother
William. On these farms the young men built cab-
ins and, leasing the liomcstead, returned to their
native state, afterward trading them off for a small
consideration. The town of Mansfield, Ohio, is
now situated on the site of these two farms.

The first wife of our subject's father was a Miss
Taggart, who lived but a short time after her mar-
riage. Mr. Johnson then married a Miss McClel-
land, by whom lie had four children. M;irgaret
became the wife of D. L. Huglies, and died^n 1885
at Cadiz, Ohio. Robert was a soldier in the late
war, belonging to the One Hundred and Twenty-
second Ohio Infantry,Army of the Potomac. Dur-
ing his service he was taken sick with the measles
and sent home, later being placed on detached
duty at Camp Dennison. He received his final dis-
charge at Columbus in 1865, and is now employed
in the railroad office at Trenton, Mo. Annie, Mis.
R. P. Smith, is a resident of Pittsburg, Pa. John,
who was a member of the One Hundred and Twen-
ty-second Regiment, with his brother was cap-


tured at the battle of Winchestev, and after being
held a prisoner for twenty-two days at Belle Isle
was paroled. May 4, 1864, lie was wounded in the
battle of the Wilderness and taken prisoner. After
being held captive at Millen, Ga., for two months,
he was confined in Anderson viile for live months
more, after which he was exchanged at Annapolis,
Md. Returning to bis oompany, he was present at
the surrender of Lee on Grand River at Washing-
ton, D. C, and was discharged at Columbus in 1865.
His death occurred in 1883, at Jlilnersville, Ohio.
The mother of these children having died when

Online LibraryHenry James LeePortrait and biographical record of Guernsey County, Ohio, containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county, together with biographies and portraits of all the p → online text (page 50 of 83)