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Portrait and biographical record of Guernsey County, Ohio, containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county, together with biographies and portraits of all the p online

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Online LibraryHenry James LeePortrait and biographical record of Guernsey County, Ohio, containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county, together with biographies and portraits of all the p → online text (page 64 of 83)
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dom of Zarbruch, Germany, and for seven years
was a soldier under Napoleon. He was a miner by
occupation, and died in his native village .-ibout
1848, aged seventy-three years. To himself and
wife, Louisa, were born eight children: Louis, who
died in Illinois; Peter, also deceased; Conrad,'
whose demise occurred in Germany, as did also
that of Nicholas; John, who died in Stark County,
this state; Christian; and Jacob.

Christian Klein, the father of our subject, was
born March 8, 1812, in the village of Burchach,
Zarbruch,' Germany, and served for three years in
the army. He was a mine engineer and draftsman
while in his native land, but determined to come

to America, which he did, the voyage to this coun-
try taking thirty-two days. Proceeding westward
from New York City, he located at Clinton, Sum-
mit County, Ohio, and for eight years engaged in
mining, at the end of which time he bought forty-
one acres of land three miles north of Massillon,
this starte. He died March 14, 1881, in the faith
of the Lutheran Church, to which he had adhered
from boyhood. Until 1861 he was a Democrat,
but then changed his allegiance to the Republican
party. Of his thirteen children, two died in child-
hood, and the others are: Lewis J., J. J., George
R. (of Massillon), Christian C, Conrad R., I'led-
erick C, Henry F., Dorothea Ries, Sophia D., Cath-
erine M. Rohr and Louisa J. Beaty. The mother
of these children bore the maiden name of Cather-
ine Wagner. She was born in 1818, and died in
September, 1875. She was one of the seven chil-
dren of Rudolph Wagner, a farmer. The others
of the fnmily were: Henry, Nicholas, Lewis, Ru-
dolph, Mary, Huber and Dorothea Klein.

The birthplace of Jacob J. Klein was in the same
village in Germany as that of his father and grand-
father before him. Tlie date of the event was Oc-
tober 24. 1842. When old enough, he was set to
work in the mines, but also attended the German
schools for three years. After reaching the United
States he pursued his studies in the district school
for about forty days, and this is the extent of his
educational advantages. When twentj'-two years
of age he began to "paddle his own canoe," ob-
taining work near Massillon, Ohio. In Jul3', 1880,
he was made First Assistant Mining Inspector of
Ohio, being appointed by Governor Foster, and
occupied the position for two years. In August,
1883, lie was offered his present place, and has con-
tinued to give full satisfaction to his superiors.

Mr. Klein been twice married, his first union
being with Mary J. Maloney, October 31, 1864.
Mrs. Klein was a daughter of John and Elizabeth
(Parker) Malone^', natives of Northumberland
County, England. In 1837 they came to the
United States and settled on a farm in Stark Coun-
ty, where they passed their remaining years. In
early life the^y were members of the Church of
England, but later became identified with tiie
Christian Church. Of the six children whom they


reared, two were sons and four daughters. Seven
children came to grace the union of Jacob and
Mary Klein, and all but one of the number arc still
living, namely: Ilenrj' R., Lewis J., James W.-
Homer L., Clara B. and Alice F. The faithful wife
and devoted mother was called to her final rest
December 24. 1887, when within three days of her
thirty-eighth birthday. The present wife of our
subject IS Mary, daugliter of George and Elizabeth
(Wilson) Walter.

Religiously Mr. Klein is a member of the Re-
formed Church, and fraternally he is identified
with the Masonic society. He is a self-made man,
as when be commenced his business career he was
entirely without capital, and after his first mar-
riage he had only *1 with which to set up house-

' #P вАҐ .

JOHN A. THOMPSON is a noteworthy farmer
and citizen of Guernsey County, who by in-
defatigable industry, perseverance and good
common-sense raised himself fiom poverty
to aflauence, and to-day is one of the substantial
residents of this community. His splendid estate
is located in Monroe Township, and is one of the
best improved for many miles around.

Mr. Thompson was the sixth in order of birth of
the parental family, and was born on the old home-
stead, April 26, 1838. He was reared on
and has continued to make it his home ever since.
William Thompson, our subject's father, a n.a-
tive of Ireland, having been born in County Ty-
rone, February 5, 1791. His parents emigrated to
the United States when he was a child of two
years, and at once settled in Fayette County,
Pa., where William was reared on their farm. On
the outbreak of the War of 1812. he served in its
ranks as a brave soldier, and throughout his entire
life was interested and took an active part in the
welfare of his country.

In the year 1S25 William Thompson made the
journey to Ohio, and purchasing land in Monroe
Township, made improvements on the same, and

lived thereon in a single state for some time, when
he returned to Penns3'lvania and was united in
marriage with .Sarah Ansley. In 1826 he came
with his bride to their new home, and there lived
in a quiet way until his decease, when advanced in

The mother of our subject was born in Beaver
County, Pa., April 25, 1799, and was the daughter
of Scotch parents. Her death occurred July 14,
1878, while her husband survived her two years,
dying Marcii 9, 1880. Their family included
seven children. Of these, James, born January 5,
1828, died December 27, 1862; Mary J., born Oc-
tober 29, 1829, married John Cherry, and departed
this life June 12, 1891; Nancy was born December
13, 1831, and became the wife of Hamilton Pol-
lock, dying in February, 1858; Margaret, born
January 9, 1834, died November 5, 1855; Eliza-
beth, born February 26. 1836, died October 16,
1857; John A. is our subject; and William H.,
born June 24, 1841, is now living on a farm in
Muskingum County. The latter enlisted asa mem-
ber of Company H, Sixty-fifth Oiiio Infantry, dur-
ing the late war, and participated in many of the
hard-fought engagements of that period. He mar-
ried Mary J. Lec^ on his return from the army.
She died July 7, 1878, and he was afterward
united in marriage with Margaret 'Moore.

The original of this sketch obtained a good edu-
cation in the schools taught in the district, and re-
mained with his parents for two years after reach-
ing his majority. He was n)arried, September 19,
1861, to Miss Mary A. Neel, their union resulting
in the birth of the following-named children:
Leona, who died aged twenty-six years; Ansley N.,
who married Ida M. George; U. D., married to Col-
oma Campbell; Sallie K., who died when three years
old; John M., living with his father; and Mattie
M., deceased. The mother of these children de-
parted this life March 6, 1886, and the lady to
whom Mr. Thompson was married June 12, 1890,
was Martha A. Boyd.

Our subject is one of the wide-awake, progressive
agriculturists of Monroe Township and uses the
latest improvements in the way of machinerj- in
the cultivation of his land. He has been veiy
successful in his chosen occupation, and derives a



handsome income from the raising of grain and
stock. He has at all times taken a very active
part in politics, on numerous occasions represent-
ing tlie Republican party at county conventions.
In 1888 he was elected County Commissioner
and on the expiration of his term, so well did
he discharge the duties of the office, he was re-
elected by a large majority. He is a prominent
member of the United Presbyterian Church, hav-
ing been connected with this denomination for
many years. By his honorable and upright career
Mr. Thompson has won many friends and has the
high regard of all with whom he has been brought
in contact.

^^ OLOMON H. SlIROYER, a well known ag-

Online LibraryHenry James LeePortrait and biographical record of Guernsey County, Ohio, containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county, together with biographies and portraits of all the p → online text (page 64 of 83)